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Serin McKenzie
Serin McKenzie
"All that I've seen in these few, short years. It makes me want to help the world become a better place."


Varrock, Misthalin








Chaotic Good

Religious Affiliation

GodlessThe Godless Symbol with Guthixian Guthix Symbol ideals


Adventurer, Hero



Physical Description

Coal-Black Hair, Hazel Eyes, 6'2", Slender muscled, Warriors Build.


Alive, on Gielinor



Serin "Ser" Callum McKenzie (Pronounced: Seh-rehnn Ceh-lum Mc-Kenz-ee) is a travelling young warrior and adventurer. The son of Frederic and Orena McKenzie, two members of Varrock's socioeconomic Elite, Serin was born into a life of privilege. As a young man, he showed a lot of promise with fighting, and eventually worked his way through many different areas. Growing up hearing of the life of Adventurers, Serin left on his own way at the age of fifteen, and has been abroad ever since. A Mercenary, both a lover and a fighter, Serin has found himself in many sticky situations involving those who wanted to murder him. Despite this, he is a (mostly) law-abiding citizen, with a tendency to drop over to the chaotic side. Fiercely loyal, and a staunch supporter of all he believes in, Serin is growing to be a force to be reckoned with, both in mind and in body.

Serin was created and role-played by Matt.


Born the son of Frederic McKenzie, an Elite member of the Void Knights, and his wife Orena, a young Noblewoman, Serin was brought up in privilege. With the resources to be able to begin his training with the sword and the bow at the age of five, under the tutelage of his own father, and some other members of the Void Knights and friends, Serin quickly excelled in what he was able to do. Though he was a quick and rational combatant, most other things he did were brash, and he put into danger the lives of his friends and enemies alike; this was much to the scorn of both parties.

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