Sennis Grey.

Born on the 150th year of the Fifth Age on a cold Wintumber Morning, Sennis Grey was

named so by his father, Reynard Grey - King of Camelot - and a mother he would never know. 

He was always destined to take the throne, one day. Not like rebels or nobles who grew up on the streets and earned their place in battle. Power was Sennis' birthright, and shortly after his sixteenth birthday, it was prematurely bestowed upon him.

And so, Sennis' story began.

Early Life

18th of Wintumber, 150, 5th Age

It was several hours past midnight.

Snow fell silently outside, sending the cold to sneak into the stone walls of Camelot Castle, and the wind howled and shrieked outside with nearly no intervals. Winter was leaving it's mark on Camelot. Within the halls of the Castle, fires and torches warded off the cold the best they could, but the guards, nobles and other staff members of the Castle still went around in their thickest coats, and rarely left a fireplace. 

Even at that ungodly hour, fires burned all throughout the Castle for the sake of heat rather than light, and the maple logs left a smokey smell hanging in the air. But several fires burned in the King and Queen's quarters, and ladies in waiting and noblemen alike gathered around the Grey's maroon, four-posted beg, all in their thick winter cloaks despite the blazing fires.

While the rest of the castle was lonely and quiet, this room was filled with quiet yet joyous voices, nobles in high-collared tunics smirking with a twinkle in their eyes, and guardsmen peeking over the door for a look at the commotion. 

"It's a boy! It's a boy!" They called, servants clad in a silky black garb running around to rouse all the other inhabiants of the castle to tell them the news. Sleepy eyed and wool-headed, more people made their way to the King's chamber - a room they had hardly ever seen.

The boy was laid out of the bed with a portion of the thick, winter blanket put on him. He was like any child - wailing, flailing, and chubby. Reynard stood by the bedside, dark-rimmed eyes from exhaustion, while the Queen lay in the bed at her child's side, her face flushed and hair matted with sweat.

"What will you call him, your Majesty?" One of the nobles asked - a man with a face like a ferret, fawning over the child like he was the father. 

Reynard didn't respond at first - he looked up to the Queen, and they exchanged a knowing glance before nodding with a tight smile. "His name ... will be Sennis."

158, 5th Age

Sennis was nobly born through and through. While he had an army of servants to take care of him, his mother would always be nearby, ensuring the healthy growth of her little prince. He was well fed, well dressed, and well looked after.

He was taught to read young, as young as the age of five. Sennis wasn't the most intellectual five year old, but he learned all the same. When his mother grew too frustrated with teaching someone so young, there was always someone else willing to stop in and keep teaching the young boy.

Sennis was eight when he finally stepped into Page training. It was tradition for the King of Camelot to also hold a Knight's title and skill, and if Sennis would one day be King, then he would one day be a Knight, too. Pages throughout Camelot all travelled to the Castle where they were assigned to a Lord to act as their personal servant.

This way, they were thought good manners and how proper nobles should behave, since only nobles ever managed to become one of the esteemed Knights of the Table. Sennis himself was assigned to one of Reynard's financial managers. Sennis found the job rather boring; he would bring the lord wine and water when he requested it, cleaned his quarters and the likes.

When he wasn't serving, Sennis would often mull around in the Castle's ever growing library, a collection of books that had been started by Merlin. Having taking up the skill to read at a young age, he enhanced the skill in that library, pouring over the tomes of old tales for hours on end.

And all the while, his pagehood continued.

166, 5th Age

The year 166 was the year that Sennis was meant to become a Squire, to be assigned to one of the Knights and to learn their ways by serving them and accompanying them into battle. However, Sennis would never quite reach squirehood.

Nothing lasts forever, and Reynard's reign of King was no exception. Sennis' father abdicated the throne for reasons he never did share with the public, or with anyone. The entire Kingdom fell into the arms of the sixteen year old boy, Sennis Grey.

Reynard left without word to travel the world, and it left most of his court in shock. Reynard had left them with a young, inexperienced boy to lead. Of course, Sennis was destined to lead one day, but most certainly not this soon.

So, one morning Sennis woke up with an entire Kingdom at his disposal.

He had plenty of lords and nobles to help and aid him, or manipulate him, but the one Sennis valued most dearly in that period when he first ascended was his father's steward, Joseph la Roche. It was his advice and counsel that taught Sennis how to manage the Kingdom and show him the do's and don't's.

167, 5th Age

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