Selkie maiden

Selkies are a semi-aquatic race of seals with the ability to transform into human by removing their seal skin.

Due to their nature, Selkies are commonly believed to be a myth or mistaken for mermaids.

They are found in the Lunar Sea near any coastlines or around the Central Sea and Cathar Bay.


In their natural form, Selkies resemble seals in every manner asides from heightened intelligence. They possess the same speed, skill and abilities common to a seal including an adapted biology to hold their breath for an extended period of time (up to 2 hours recorded limits). Their body is also designed to combat the cold with blubber and their sleek fur and can sustain itself deep under the sea without succumbing to the effects of pressure sickness.

By removing their seal skin, Selkies can shift into human form. This allows them to pose on land as humans when necessary. Albeit requiring their seal pelt transform back into a seal and return to the sea. All human Selkies have dark hair and brown eyes of a seal and are considered attractive to human standards.

Personality and Culture

Selkies are cursed with longing. At sea they long to remove their skin and explore the land. But upon land they long to return to the sea. As Selkies are a bridge between the sea and land, they almost never leave the shoreline unless necessary as the further a Selkie moves from the sea, the stronger that longing becomes.

Selkies are a curious and gentle race, generally benign. Given their seal pelt is their link to the sea and their ability to shift back into a seal, Selkies are never far without it. To take away a selkie's pelt is to have dominion over it.

Selkies live in pods on isolated islands and beaches. Family is a powerful thing to a Selkie and they revere it greatly, doing all they can to ensure their family is as happy as can be.

Due to the isolation of Selkies, most don't tend to blend in with human society and have a natural fear of them, due to the stories told of their pelts being stolen and Selkies unable to return to the sea. As a result, their knowledge of human culture and customs leaves something to be desired.


Beyond the expected traits of a seal and a human, Selkies are blessed with a cross of abilities in both forms. Selkies can peer into ones heart (a look into their soul, so to speak) to determine ones intentions or how well and benign one is as a person. If you are cruel and malice, they can tell.

Selkies all possess a beautiful singing voice. Though it holds no mystical power, their voices are said to be comparable to those of Sirens, albeit without the compelling nature.


  • Selkies are mythological beings found in Celtic culture across Scottish, Faroese, Icelandic and Irish folklore. Seals able to take human form, they are said to have originated in the Orkney islands at the north of Scotland.
  • Selkies are an open custom race. Similar to mermaids and Sirens, if anyone feels the desire to create one, feel free!
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