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Sakhr is a shaman and member of the Get Fresh Crew.


Sakhr hails from the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. One day, an adventurer clad in mithril armor came. He went passed them into the cold depths of the cavern, throwing an explosive at a nearby wall. Sakhr followed, wondering what was going on. The adventurer had blown a hole through the wall, leading into a hidden room. Sakhr noticed many different things inside, most noticably two ice giants. The adventurer charged at the giants, shattering one's leg. The giant fell to the ground, and he then swung his warhammer into its face with a two-handed swing. The other giant managed to hit the adventurer with its mace, sending him flying back. He slammed against the wall, slowly looking up. The giant kicked the adventurer's head, sending him into the wall again and knocking him unconcious.

The ice giant rose its mace as Sakhr decided that the room must be worth fighting for and threw their spear at it. The spear impaled the giant, though this caused it to turn around and approach them. Sakhr ran to the adventurer, evading the giant and taking the adventurer's shield, throwing it at the giant's face. It stumbled back as they took the adventurer's warhammer and ran forward, swinging into the giant's leg and causing it to fall. They leaped at the giant's head, shattering it and ending the fight.

Sakhr then searched the room, finding a chest full of golden coins, several books, numerous strange objects that confused them and ornate suits of armor lining the walls. Sakhr took the adventurer's armor, and after realizing it didn't fit, they removed most of the plates trying to get it to do so. Now with a warhammer, square shield, medium helmet, and chainmail, Sakhr felt that they were ready to leave their home and see the land above. They left, taking the coins, some of the books and the mithril plates with them in a sack.

Sakhr, carrying the heavy sack, barely made it up the ladder. They headed past Port Sarim and approached the walls of Falador. They saw a hole in the ground, which they entered the city through. Shortly after, a guard saw Sakhr and yelled at them, calling them a monster. They were attacked by the guard, who they easily fought off. Moving forward, they saw many more guards. Deciding the city was not safe, they turned and saw a crumbled wall. Sakhr quickly left the city, venturing north.

Sakhr eventually stumbled upon a group of Bandosians in the woods led by an ourg named Gorbuk. They were told that Gorbuk was the Chosen Commander, destined to lead Bandosians to victory over the world. Sakhr was amazed by their luck, deciding that it must have been the will of Bandos.

Battalion Days

Braving the Batmen

After the conquest of Goblin Village, Sakhr made themself at home. The next morning, though, they were awakened by the loud yell of "MORNING!" from Muzgutt. Sakhr, believing the morning to be "attacking their ears with loud noise" began to hate morning. Muzgutt, who loved the morning, wanted to find where it came from. Noticing that the morning seemed to come from the east, Muzgutt convinced some battalion members (of particular note being Yokrad, Sakhr and a warrior named Spike) to search for the morning with him. Sakhr agreed so that once the morning was found, they could smash it.

The group ventured east in search of the morning, eventually coming across a massive wall. Muzgutt created a portal allowing them to cross, bringing them closer. The sky became dark as they approached the swamps of Morytania. After crossing the river salve, the band of Bandosians stopped at the Hair of the Dog for a drink, confusing the local werewolves. They passed through the swamps and came across the Barrows, discovering their crypts. After being attacked by the vengeful spirits, they fled, though Sakhr questioned why they left. Spike decided to stay behind and they passed through Burgh de Rott.

The battalion noticed a "batman" along the way, startled by the strange creature. They made their way into Meiyerditch using a crude boat made at the docks. Another batman noticed Muzgutt, asking why he was so fat. Muzgutt answered with a question, asking why the batman was so ugly. The batman attacked Muzgutt, but he defended himself with fire magic. The fire had no effect, so Muzgutt grabbed the batman by the head and threw it away. They quickly fled the scene, climbing onto the walls and nearing Castle Drakan. Several batmen noticed them, surrounding the battalion. Muzgutt quickly teleported them back to the village, ending their trip to Morytania.

New Warriors

Sakhr and a troll named Billy Goat were sent to recruit goblins at the Plain of Mud. Sakhr and Billy were stopped by a goblin, asking why they were there. Sakhr explained that they were recruiting goblins for the Chosen Commander, but the goblin didn't believe them. Bill angered the goblin, causing it to throw a rock at him. The rock bounced off of his head, and Bill threw a rock back at the goblin, causing it to fall into a fire and die.

The two encountered another goblin, who called Sakhr's name stupid. They replied by saying the goblin's face was stupid, which confused the goblin, wondering how Sakhr knew his name. They claimed to be smart in reply, causing the goblin to attack, shouting "thinkers must die!" The goblin was swiftly knocked out.

After making their way to the entrance, they were stopped again by two goblin guards. Again, Sakhr explained that they were recruiting goblins for the Chosen Commander. The guards brought them to one of the goblin priests, and Sakhr explained yet again that they were recruiting for the Chosen Commander. The priest brought Sakhr to the altar, getting the goblins' attention. Sakhr gave the goblins a speech, finally recruiting them to Gorbuk's battalion.

First Course

After being sent with Muzgutt to locate resources, the two visited a strange temple, coming across a man in armor and green robes. The man spoke to Sakhr, asking what they were doing. Sakhr told him that they were looking for "courses" for the Chosen Commander. The man was confused by this, but then dirt and rocks started falling from the ceiling. Sakhr thought the courses were falling from the "cave sky" but the man thought it was a giant mole. More fell, until a giant ant dug through and landed on the ground, which Sakhr thought was a "sky lobster." The sky lobster glared at them, but then a ball of energy appeared from the floor. The sky lobster investigated, but the ball exploded and caused the ground to collapse, sending them all to the area below.

Sakhr woke up later in a cave with Muzgutt and a huge warrior in red armor who kicked Sakhr's possessions back to them. Sakhr thanked him, but was attacked. They blocked the attack, which heavily damaged their shield. Sakhr swung at the warrior, but wasn't able to harm him. After dodging attacks from the warrior and failing to wake up Muzgutt, an axe contained within a magic barrier appeared. The warrior slowly walked to the axe, and Sakhr threw a rock at the barrier. The rock bounced off, so they prodded the barrier with another rock and were blown away. The warrior struck the barrier several times, failing to get through it.

The sky lobster started firing magic attacks at the barrier, causing the warrior to question Sakhr. He asked who came with them. After Sakhr informed the warrior that they entered the cave alone, he told them to look for the lobster, so Sakhr left and taunted the warrior's sluggishness along the way. They found it, then after being rushed back by the warrior, told him that they had found the lobster. The warrior told Sakhr to smash it, but then the lobster destroyed the barrier with three powerful spells.

The warrior tried to get to the axe before the others, but was too slow. He kicked away the ant and threw his mace at Sakhr, who threw their shield at the mace. It tore through the shield, so Sakhr deflected the mace with a swing of their hammer and charged to the axe, grabbing it. The axe filled Sakhr with magical power, and they attacked the warrior with the new weapon. The axe cut through his armor, shocking the warrior. He blocked the rest of Sakhr's attacks until they absorbed the last of the axe's power, causing it to vanish. They borrowed Muzgutt's staff, attacking him with earth blasts until he was knocked out.

Muzgutt woke up and Sakhr quickly dropped his staff on the unconcious warrior, then they noticed a large ore deposit next to them. They headed back to the village to report to Gorbuk.

Delving into the Dungeon

Sakhr, Yokrad, and Muzgutt were sent to an underground area to explore. After making their way into an open area, they were attacked. Sakhr threw their shield at an enemy, then an archer taunted them, saying they were defenseless. Sakhr threw their weapon in response, causing the archer to take said mace to the face.

They continued, entering a storeroom. A spirit appeared, threatening them. A strange, intelligent and arrogant sounding voice came from Muzgutt, arguing with the spirit. The spirit trapped Sakhr in a small hole and fought Muzgutt. Sakhr escaped by climbing up a chain, then searched for a way to attack the spirit. Sakhr found orbs containing spells, throwing one at the spirit. The orb made the spirit more powerful, though the next orb binded it in place. Sakhr threw another orb at Muzgutt, giving him the orbs power. Muzgutt used the spell, though it had no visible effect. The spirit was released and deflected Sakhr's last orb, sending a massive spell at Muzgutt. The spell Muzgutt used deflected the attack, sending it back at the spirit, causing it to vanish. A strange spear and scroll fell from the ceiling, Sakhr taking the spear and Muzgutt learning a new spell from the scroll.

After leaving the room, they were stopped by a massive skeletal brute. After normal attacks barely affected it, Muzgutt grabbed Sakhr and threw them at the brute, Sakhr holding their shield in front of themself and crashing into it. After a few more attacks, the brute was defeated and they made their way to the end of the underground area.

The spirit was waiting for them there. Sakhr used their spear to attack the spirit, which was imbued with powerful electric magic. The spirit was struck by lightning while Muzgutt prepared another spell. Said spell was a vortex intended to suck up the spirit, but it was immune. A white blob appeared on Muzgutt's head, and the voice scolded him.

After an intense battle, Sakhr managed to use all of the remaining power in the spear, appearing as a cloud above them. The cloud flew over the spirit, unleashing a devastating beam of electric energy, causing the spirit to scream in agony. The spirit teleported out of the beam, and was finally defeated. The spirit taunted Sakhr, telling them the spear was the only reason they won before vanishing a final time. The three returned to the village.

Run and Seek

After a slave game between a goblin and a mage ended in the goblin being kicked through a portal, Yokrad, Sakhr and Muzgutt ran through the portal, chasing after the goblin. They were stopped by a strange voice, which then took the form of a small girl. Yokrad told Sakhr to kill the girl, but it was too fast for them to hit. Another strange voice entered Sakhr's head, telling them that they should run away. After Sakhr refused, the voice tried speaking to Yokrad, who also refused.

The girl was revealed to actually be an elder demon, attacking Yokrad. The demon flung Yokrad away while the voice, being impressed by the battalion's bravery, revealed itself to be the Mahjarrat Thane Krios. He mocked the demon, then summoned a zombie to attack. Sakhr attacked the demon from behind while the zombie distracted it. After defeating the demon, they found the goblin. Yokrad told Sakhr to kill the goblin, but after Sakhr destroyed its wooden shield, Thane walked in and spoke to the goblin. He eventually recruited the goblin and teleported away with it, leaving the battalion to their usual business.

Bad Dreams

While an average day in the village passed by, the Mahjarrat Ptolemos appeared in the village. He was attacked and retreated, but managed to steal wyvern hide from the battalion. Sakhr believed him to be an annoying dark mage that appeared in their dreams, and decided to track down and defeat him.

Later, Sakhr found this opportunity when Yokrad's pendant randomly brought himself and Sakhr to Yu'biusk, where Ptolemos sensed a disturbance. He appeared to investigate in the guise of an ourg spirit, but Yokrad's pendant revealed his true form. Sakhr was eager to attack, and tried to engage Ptolemos at their first chance, which was Yokrad's pendant telling them to fight. Yokrad scolded Sakhr and told them to stand down. Ptolemos then told Yokrad he wanted to buy goblins from him, and they settled on a price. Ptolemos tried to teleport back to get money for the trade, but was unable to. Yokrad suggested going through the nearby portal, which exploded as Ptolemos tried to enter it.

As soon as this happened, Sakhr readied a spell while Yokrad as possessed by his pendant. Ptolemos realized it was Bandos himself controlling Yokrad during the proceeding fight. Ptolemos put some distance between himself and Yokrad, so Bandos summoned the goblin priests that were recently buried by a certain adventurer. They were of little use as Ptolemos opened a crevice in the ground, sending the priests to the depthes of Yu'biusk. Ptolemos transformed into a fiery bird, which Yokrad struck with his mace. Sakhr saw an ant crawling on his mace, pointing it out to Yokrad. He smashed his mace into the ground and flung off the ant.

As Yokrad grew in size, Ptolemos saw no other option at this point besides taking his pendant. He eventually took the pendant from Yokrad and threw it into the distance. Yokrad was returned to normal but continued to fight, while Sakhr rushed to the pendant. Taking it and putting it on, they cast an enhanced spell with its magic and blasted Ptolemos into the poisonous sea. He emerged and was attacked once more by Yokrad while Sakhr prepared their finishing blow, sending another enhanced spell which sent Ptolemos back into the sea once more. They watched for any sign of life, but only a bubble of air returned. Yokrad took the pendant and generated another portal, the two leaving through it. Afterwards, a battered ant climbed out of the water. He left the plane to recover from the battle.

Sneak Attack

Sakhr was on guard duty in the village, when it began to rain. They continued patrolling, when a familiar voice was heard. The red warrior Sakhr defeated a year ago yelled, before appearing in front of them. He cast a spell at Sakhr, but they blocked it with their shield. Sakhr cast a spell of their own in retaliation, but the warrior jumped over it and landed behind Sakhr. They turned around, and the warrior attacked them with a strange red spell. Sakhr channeled their energy, casting a green spell which blasted the warrior into the wall. He laughed at Sakhr, saying their power wasn't enough to harm a god. In reply, Sakhr stated "Big High War God strong, other gods weak."

The warrior took off his helmet, telling Sakhr they were too weak to fight him and to search for power, then face him again. Sakhr asked where they'd find him, and the warrior replied saying they'd know once they had the power. He told Sakhr he'd show mercy this time, causing a goblin to attack shouting "Merciful must die!" before being killed by a spell. Sakhr then set out to find the power needed to confront the warrior.

Missing in Action

Gorbuk arrived at the village, calling forth the Battlion. Sakhr, Yokrad, Andrew, a barbarian named Gonad Yaksplitter, an inventor named Rumblegut, and a human warrior with a halberd gathered in front of Gorbuk, ready for his speech. Gorbuk stated that it had been a week since he had been back, and that while he was gone he found a cave which he was interested in. Gorbuk sent the six to Trollheim to explore the cave.

Upon their arrival, they found many dead dwarves littering the ground. They ventured through the cave, a speeding minecart darting at them. Everyone got out of the way and Gonad dropped his rock, causing the cart to fly through the air and spraying its contents throughout the area. The dust cleared as a spear flied at Sakhr, but this was deflected by the human warrior. Sakhr thanked him and took their shield, the group charging in the direction of the attack. They ran over a bridge, which blew up near the end. Gonad leaped across while everyone else came to a screeching halt.

The H.A.M. member on the other side sent a minecart at Gonad, but he blocked it. Sakhr formed a stone platform to cross and the other five followed. Andrew started fighting the H.A.M. member and a few others joined in, while Sakhr and Gonad watched. They continued, encountering an armored H.A.M. member, challenging Yokrad. He accepted the challenge, stepping in to fight the cultist, while an explosion blocked the entrance to the member's area.

Ten H.A.M. members appeared, fighting the group. Sakhr impaled one with a spear of earth, Andrew slashed down a few, the human warrior attacked a few from a distance with his halberd and Gonad smashed the rest. They returned to Yokrad's challenge room, where Gonad started digging through the collapsed entrance. After Yokrad defeated the H.A.M. member, the group entered the room, heading into another.

A massive creature the size of a large troll appeared, swinging its mace at Gonad. He held off the large creature while Sakhr charged a spell. The human warrior joined in while Yokrad commented that the fight was stupid. Sakhr sent his spell into the ceiling, causing a large crevice to form. The crack grew, releasing dirt and rocks. The giant noticed and swung at Sakhr, but they deflected the attack with their staff, being thrown to the ground in the process.

As the giant prepared attack again, it was stabbed in the legs by Andrew. The ceiling opened, releasing a large boulder. The human warrior hit the giant in the head, causing it to stumble away. The boulder landed with an impact, sending Sakhr stumbling back. The giant stumbled and fell on its face, breaking a lamp which caught it on fire. Sakhr, after being asked by Andrew, put out the fire by smothering it with mud.

Yokrad left and Gorbuk appeared, commenting on the "drone." He asked how it fought, and then on other news of what happened. After being told of the H.A.M., he put Sakhr in charge and told them to make sure slaves repaired the bridge.

Sakhr noticed that Yokrad was gone, heading off to find him. They found him in the western side of the cave, facing the wall. Sakhr asked what he was doing. Yokrad called himself unworthy of being second in command, since a mere H.A.M. member was able to challenge him. Sakhr reminded him that he was still the Chosen Commander, but Yokrad wasn't sure anymore, believing Bandos had forsaken him. The two were then teleported away unexpectedly.

They arrived in the mountains of an unknown area, scouts noticing them as they arrived. Yokrad pointed out symbols on the ground next to them, believing it to be the work of Bandos. An old man appeared, telling Yokrad he was wrong. He claimed the symbols were of the elder gods, and that they were chosen to kill the young gods. Yokrad was convinced to follow the "elder gods" immediately, but Sakhr was unsure of this and questioned Yokrad, believing him to be brainwashed.

After Yokrad told Sakhr they wouldn't try to kill Bandos, they agreed to fight for the elder gods. Yokrad mentioned that they couldn't go back to the battalion. After Sakhr asked why, he stated that it was because Gorbuk was not the real Chosen Commander. Sakhr asked if they could at least go back to take their possessions, but the old man teleported them all into the area. Yokrad told Sakhr that they should get some rest and went to sleep. Sakhr, unsure of what was to come, barely managed to close their eyes. Sakhr's days in the battalion were over, and they were now expected to kill gods. What might happen in the days ahead? Sakhr fell asleep, awaiting sunrise.

More Treachery

The Armadyleans and Serenists rise up against us as well, do they forget who we are?!

–The old man

The next morning, Yokrad, Sakhr, Andrew, and some soldiers made their way to the spy camp, ready for a fight. Once they got close, they fired a trebuchet at the camp, hitting one of the houses. The soldiers rushed through Saradominists and ballista fire into the camp. It was soon overcome, alerting Armadylean and Serenist forces. Their armies charged at the camp, surprising the Bandosian forces. Yokrad put Andrew in charge of the artillery, while Sakhr volunteered to help with ammunition.

They began firing a trebuchet, cannons and ballistae at the opposing armies, who neared the camp. Sakhr loaded the trebuchet, while Andrew directed the attacks. The old man reappeared, telling Yokrad he found the mountain he was looking for. He then created a portal, which Yokrad, Sakhr and Andrew entered. Some soldiers followed, while the rest stayed behind to fight.


They arrived near the mountain, unsure of how to climb to the top. Yokrad eventually spotted a path, leading the other two up. They encountered a dead end, but Sakhr shaped the cliff into a stone staircase. At the top, they entered a small cave, finding a scepter on an altar. Yokrad told Sakhr to take the scepter, which they cautiously did. The mountain shook as the three were teleported out, appearing near a city. They witnessed massive creatures destroying the city, shocked by what they were seeing. The old man appeared again, Yokrad questioning what he had done. The old man stated that it wasn't him who did it, Yokrad was. He took his true form, a creature resembling a human-sized black demon. It flew away, leaving the three to wonder what to do next.

Timely Demise

Sakhr and Andrew came across a warrior in gold-trimmed armor near a city under attack by one of the creatures. After realizing they all had a common goal, they travelled to an island to stop the leader of the creatures from escaping its imprisonment. The warrior told Sakhr to cast water spells at a nearby plant, which started growing to a massive size. Minions of the black demon appeared and attacked them, but were fought off eventually. The plant burst open and released another massive creature, preventing the leader of the other creatures from escaping. The black demon was killed and the three returned to everyday life.

Yokrad killing the demon.

The Red Axe

Sakhr was sent with some goblins to aid a troll camp fighting against the Red Axe, where they organized some forces and sent a squad of goblins and trolls to attack a chaos dwarf encampment. The squad rushed through the caverns and crashed into the chaos dwarves, but they had time to prepare and fought off the squad. They moved ahead and found four large troll guards protecting a passage. Four hand cannoneers fired at the guards, but one of their cannons exploded and killed them. Colonel Eitri, the leader of the dwarves, attacked a troll's legs, but the troll planted his massive shield into the ground and hit the Colonel on the head with his club. The troll hid behind the shield and tried to grab the Eitri from behind it, but was attacked and quickly defeated.

Sakhr killing a chaos dwarf.

Later, the Colonel, a gnomish mage from Arposandra named Glawth, and the Red Axe forces invaded the troll cave and set up for battle. After finding out about this, Sakhr sent Andrew alongside the goblins and trolls. They charged into their enemies, fiercely fighting against them. Glawth used illusion magic to become invisible and powerful spells to defeat any enemies they hit, while Andrew strapped a goblin to his arm as a shield and fought the dwarves. The trolls destroyed their multicannons and attacked the cannoneers' tower, but the dwarves poured hot oil on them. Eventually, dwogres and a chaos giant appeared and massacred the Bandosian forces, leaving only Andrew.

Eitri decided to use Andrew in an experiment, having his men confiscate any metallic objects, runes or tablets from Andrew. They took him into their base and sent him into a machine along with a dwarf, combining the two and turning Andrew into a hybrid. His memories were removed and Andrew became a brainwashed minion of the Red Axe and follower of Zamorak.

The Sentinel

Yokrad and Sakhr were told that they may have finally located a piece of the Sentinel in the cold north. Once the two arrived, they began to search the area while the aviansie Jarren'tok scouted the area, happening to notice and observe them, but failed to realize who they were.

It didn't take long until they caused a dragonkin spirit, one of many who attack those who try to take the construct's pieces, to form an ice titan in front of them. It immediately attacked Yokrad and Sakhr with a sharp ice sword, though the two were able to defend against it. After wearing it down, a piece of the ice titan began to glow as it recovered, which the Bandosians found out was its vulnerability after attacking it and causing the piece to shatter. A weaker piece formed in its place while they continued to fight.

The titan eventually sent blinding light at them, which hurt Jarren'tok's eyes. Angered by this, he flew down and built up speed as he approached for his attack. The ice titan was struck down by a devastating slash, but quickly reformed.

It sent another slash at Sakhr, but they managed to destroy its sword, while it was continually worn down and had its vulnerability exploited. After defending against sharp icicles and avoiding a large, thrown pillar and some help from Jarren'tok, they managed to defeat it and the dragonkin spirit left after giving the two an angry glare.

They continued to search, while Jarren'tok finally noticed the two were Bandosians. They managed to discover the piece: one of the Sentinel's hands, which surprised the two with its massive size. Jarren'tok quickly left to report this to his faction, while Yokrad used several orbs to teleport the hand away. After having found the piece they were looking for, they teleported back to their tower.

Jungle Rush

After an increase in Karamja's divine energy, Sakhr was sent with a caravan to find and harvest the wisps. They lead the caravan without running into much trouble, until a strange sound came from the darkness surrounding them. This sound continued until a horde of jungle demon spawnlings attacked, but eventually the diviners generated a blinding light to keep them at bay.

They moved on while the spawnlings stalked them from the darkness, managing to locate the energy. But once they arrived, vines and roots reached out to pull the Bandosians into the darkness. After they failed to catch Sakhr, a powerful jungle demon attacked. Sakhr evaded its attacks until it vanished, appearing above Sakhr and falling at them. Sakhr was familiar with short-distance teleports from his experience with Mahjarrat, and ran forward before turning around.

The wights of the Mahjarrat Kemses appeared and attacked the caravan, though they too were pulled into the darkness. Their leader demanded that Sakhr let them take the energy, so Sakhr informed them of the jungle demon. Said demon then continued to attack Sakhr and the wights' leader, causing them to run from its attacks.

Yokrad eventually got word that Sakhr was having trouble and came to help, while the demon continued to attack. Yokrad's pendant produced a magic shield to defend him, then they both fought the demon. Sakhr was finally able to go on the offensive. After damaging it, the creature drew in the nearby energy, healing itself.

Sakhr and Yokrad started drawing in power themselves, attacking the demon with blasts of divine energy. It was severely wounded and healed itself with the energy again, this time covering the wisps with shadow to keep Sakhr and Yokrad from using them. After they managed to nearly defeat it yet again, it tried to draw energy from the wisps, but Sakhr sent magic tumbleweeds to cover the wisps and prevent them from being used by the demon as well.

The demon then covered itself in stone armor as a last resort, but was still defeated and this time unable to recover. It died and turned into ashes, which Yokrad scattered. They then harvested the remaining energy and the caravan teleported back to their faction's camp. Before leaving the area, they stumbled upon another piece of the Sentinel, which was its other hand. The two stopped by a bar to have some Karamjan rum before finishing their trip.

The Last Sermon of Bandos

After Bandos' was killed by the artillery of Armadyl, the Chosen Battalion gathered at the place he died for his last sermon. Yokrad and Sakhr attended. After seeing a woman allowed to stand on Bandos' head and hearing an irreverent speech from Gorbuk, followed by him allowing Tuskans to claim "holy ground" in the middle of their territory, Sakhr lost their temper.

Yokrad stepped up to Gorbuk, announcing that he was a god and stated that Gorbuk was not the real Chosen Commander. Gorbuk began to mock him, and arguing quickly spread among the Bandosians. He then told Yokrad to prove he was a god, which he did. Yokrad sent a blast of divine magic at a nearby pillar, destroying it. Gorbuk was shocked and grabbed his mace, while a skirmish between the Chosen Battalion and Yokrad's splinter faction ensued.

Sakhr insulted Gorbuk, saying he was "no leader" and calling him "a weak liar." Gorbuk angrily turned his attention to Sakhr and attempted to crush them under his mace, which they swiftly evaded. Yokrad then attacked Gorbuk while an ogre of the Chosen Battalion, an emissary of Gromhold and a goblin guard attacked Sakhr.

Despite being attacked by three enemies at once, Sakhr managed to hold them off. They were eventually blinded by a dust spell, but fortunately, reinforcements arrived to support Yokrad. Eventually, he approached Sakhr, telling them that their business there was done. Yokrad teleported himself and Sakhr away from the site of Bandos' death while Gorbuk discussed the battle with the Tuskans, who bossed him around.

Sakhr's days of service in the Chosen Battalion are truly over, and now, a civil war has begun...

The Rise of Yokrad

Game Set

Due to their lack of soldiers, Yokrad needed something else to defeat Gorbuk. The Sentinel was just what they needed, so he set his sights on finding and assembling it.

He, along with Muzgutt and Sakhr, went to Feldip Hills in search of the next piece. Sakhr began to dowse for it using their new mace, greatly speeding up the search. After Sakhr complained about the jungle insects along the way, Muzgutt poured a gray potion on them. It smelled terrible, but killed the nearby insects.

Once they arrived at their destination, Sakhr's mace started to flash. Another dragonkin spirit appeared and animated a massive construct of stone and vegetation, which took a wyrmlike form. Yokrad attacked with a blast of divine magic, destroying a chunk of the wyrm, while Sakhr lit the vegetation on fire. Muzgutt moved away and began to focus on the ground, making a pool of lava underneath it.

The wyrm quickly reformed its missing part and burrowed into the ground, disrupting Muzgutt's work. It then rose up and attacked them with a tendril, though Sakhr managed to freeze it in place with an ice burst. Yokrad and Sakhr came up with a plan to lure it into the water, Sakhr going near it and attacking the wyrm again. It retaliated, causing Sakhr to dive into the water to avoid the attack.

Once Sakhr was in the water, the wyrm sent a massive stone disk at them, forcing Sakhr to burrow through the sand to avoid it. They then moved away as the wyrm approached. Sakhr went back onto the land and sent another ice burst at it, freezing the wyrm in the water. Yokrad and Muzgutt finished it off with a blast of divine magic and an explosive potion.

Yokrad unearthed the Sentinel piece: its head. They noticed it looked just like Bandos, but with all four eyes. Yokrad teleported it away, then the three decided to visit Gu'Tanoth while they were there.

Muzgutt stayed behind for a moment, while Yokrad and Sakhr walked into the city. They bought some chompy and a rock cake for Sakhr, who wondered if it was a real rock or not and decided to keep it as a souvenir. They went outside and cooked the chompy, eating it and started to discuss recent events. They noticed a nearby crystal tree, which confused them. Muzgutt returned, and Yokrad asked him if he had a house nearby. After Muzgutt took a moment to remember where it was, they decided to go there. Inside, the entire room was filled with bones.

Yokrad offered to get rid of them and Muzgutt agreed. After the bones were teleported away, the house was nearly empty. Muzgutt explained that the bones took too much room. Yokrad decided to stay and help with the house, so the three then went to sleep.

The Mighty Fall

One day, on Yu'biusk, shadows arrived on the outskirts of New Yok. The shadows waited for some time before making their way into the city, ambushing Yokrad's forces. Golems small and large joined the fight against the shadows as more attacked Yokrad's towers, which were swiftly destroyed by ogre shamans.

Yokrad's forces made short work of the shadows, but were unable to defeat their leader: Valrisandra. He defeated everything in his path as he made his way to the throne. In response, Yokrad sent his general. Sakhr used a cannon to fire themself at the enemy while contained in a boulder, emerging after the attack failed to hit. They raised stone bars to keep Valrisandra at bay and attacked with projectiles and spells, forcing his opponent to attack with a shadow barrage.

Though Sakhr was unharmed by the spell, it gave Dan the power to take control. Valrisandra easily convinced Dan to join his side. Rosaline made her appearance while riding a shadow griffin alongside even more shadows, while Yokrad's fallen soldiers returned as ghosts. The fighters clashed once again, Yokrad himself appearing on the griffin. He cleaved it in half, sending Rosaline plummeting.

Suddenly, she and Yokrad disappeared. Once they reappeared, Yokrad was dead and Rosaline seemed to have ascended to godhood. She left shortly after mentioning her intent to make Yokrad feel what it was like to be mortal. Sakhr was devastated by the apparent death of their best friend. Bitter, they plan for revenge.

Other Events

Everyday Nonsense

Sakhr randomly met up with Oof in the Rising Sun tavern, who was organizing a raid on Falador castle. Among the group was a man who highly resembled Alrekr and a gnome with a magical wooden strawberry named "Oofwyn." The Fremennik picked up a short man who insulted everyone in the bar and threw him over his shoulder, while Oof told Sakhr to follow him.

Once outside, they tried to break into Falador castle, but an aviansie insulted Oofwyn along the way. He insulted it back, so the aviansie picked Oofwyn up and flew away with him. The group chased after the aviansie until it dropped Oofwyn. Once it did, Oof challenged the aviansie to a duel, but it refused. The Fremennik then threw the man he was carrying at the aviansie, but he missed and the man splattered against the wall. Gonad, who had been watching this, told the Fremennik to come to him. The two picked up Oof, who then picked up Sakhr, while Oofwyn climbed onto Sakhr's head and took the role of a helmet. They then threw Oof into the air, who threw Sakhr, who flew at the aviansie at extremely high speed. It narrowly dodged them, but Oofwyn latched onto the aviansie and started pulling off its feathers and slashing its wings with a dagger.

The aviansie flew off and landed on the hairdresser's salon, followed by the group. They climbed onto the building and chased the two, Oofwyn losing his hat along the way. Eventually, they chased it to the roof of the general store and it fell to the ground, battered and barely able to move. They first decided to eat it, but then considered teaching it the ways of honor or keeping it as a pet (though Oof and Sakhr still wanted to eat it). A man approached them and stated he would buy them all a drink if they let it go, but they refused after some consideration. The Fremennik then tied the aviansie to his back and entered the tavern, while Oof, Oofwyn and Sakhr followed. Along the way, Oofwyn expressed his dismay over his lost hat. Sakhr offered him a new one, which he accepted. Sakhr gave him a tumbleweed vaguely resembling a hat. Inside, Sakhr asked if they should take the creature's equipment, which Oof agreed with. Sakhr took its helmet and spear, though they were unable to take anything else.

A warrior entered the bar and noticed the aviansie, telling them to release it or be arrested. After explaining themselves, he agreed that the aviansie should be dealt with, but still insisted that they had to give it to him. The Fremennik rushed out of the bar with the aviansie with Oof, Sakhr and the warrior in pursuit. Oof attacked the warrior as they chased the Fremennik, but was unable to hit him. After passing through the crumbled wall, Oof managed to get a hit and dazed him. They continued to find the Fremennik attempting to use the aviansie as a raft and inevitably sinking. The warrior dived in and rescued them, then left with the aviansie.

After a discussion, Oof ran after them and challenged the warrior to a duel. He declined, stating that Oof had no honor and left. They followed him to the city, where they fought the warrior regardless. An Armadylean appeared and attacked the Fremennik while dragonkin worshipper and knight in Saradominist armor watched the fight, the dragonkin worshipper charging a fire spell. A man in fancy clothes also appeared and attacked Sakhr, who blocked the man's sword and forced him to back away. The dragonkin worshipper stabbed him in the shoulder with his staff and fired his spell at the same time, causing the man extreme pain and his pipe to fall out of his mouth. The man, after being offered the choice to leave or be killed, fled.

Eventually, the fights ended in ties, and Oof offered the dragonkin worshipper a handshake. The dragonkin worshipper merely looked at the hand while Oof grinned at him. Eventually, the dragonkin worshipper put his staff in his other hand and shook Oof's hand, using magic in an attempt to burn it, though Oof's well-protected hand was nearly unaffected. The three then left the city and went to sleep, which was, as usual, the only normal part of their days.

Part-Time Bandit

While exploring the desert, Sakhr came across a small town. As they approached, the ground suddenly began to rumble. Believing there could be a strykewyrm beneath them, Sakhr climbed up on a nearby rock, watching the sand. A bandit emerged from the ground, dusted himself off, then noticed them. After a moment of silence, he asked what Sakhr was doing there. They explained that they were exploring the desert, but the man told Sakhr that they came to the wrong place and to drop their possessions.

Sakhr tried to turn this around on the man and said he should drop his possessions instead, causing the bandit to rush towards them and attempt to cut off their amulet. Sakhr sunk into the rock they were standing on, then burst out of the ground, sending a wave of sand at the bandit. He once again tried to cut off Sakhr's amulet, but they blocked his knife and kicked him away.

At this point, he complimented Sakhr's skills and asked if they were a mercenary. Sakhr informed him that they were the general of Yokrad's army. The man told them he never heard of Yokrad, then asked if they were for hire. Sakhr said yes, so the man lead them to the second floor of the camp's bar. There, he introduced himself as "Hawk" and told Sakhr that he purchased the second floor of the bar as a hideout because no one ever went there.

Hawk told them about his current situation; he was seperated from his partner and needed someone else to work for him. Sakhr offered to work for only 30 coins, surprising Hawk. After a conversation, the two prepared for their first day of work and went to sleep.


Sakhr is a master of geomancy who can effortlessly shape, divide and enchant minerals. They have a lesser degree of power over light and shadow. They are also a skilled diviner with the ability to dowse.



  • Ancient mace: One of five given to leaders of the Chosen Battalion.
  • Godstone mace: Crafted from a severed hand by Muzgutt.
  • Mithril armor: Looted from an adventurer then repaired and trimmed with a bronze kyzaj by a dwarven smith.
  • Soulstone and staff: Looted from a tavern-lurking Mahjarrat.
  • "The Facebody Warrior": The petrified remains of Yokrad's brother.
  • Yokrad: The Chosen Commander's petrified remains.


  • They have a brother named Garf.



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