Sabrina Shah


Al Kharid










Bust: 134 cm

Waist: 63 cm

Hip: 86 cm

Sabrina (سابرينا Sabrinah), renowned as the Treasure of Al Kharid, is the persistent, bachelorette daughter of the great Emir Shah, the former ruler of Al Kharid before his untimely death at the hands of Ambassador Jabari. Prior to her father's demise, Sabrina was to act as the escort of Ali Mirza, her brother, during his crowning ceremony, though the latter was ultimately kidnapped by the mysterious crime lord known as Lady Keli. With the death of her father, Sabrina's future was left in the hands of Ambassador Jabari, who is currently searching all of Geilinor for an able lifetime partner for Sabrina, in the hopes of getting her married and sent away, though in return expects a form of cash reward, as many are already requesting her hand in marriage.

A woman whose arrival brought upon all the joy in the world for Al Kharid, she has since evolved into the exquisite empress of the city, leading to her additional moniker as The Beauty of the Desert. Foreseen as an important part of the Shah family legacy, Sabrina was tutored by the world's greatest scholars, or so they self proclaimed, in order to obtain access to the great Al Kharid palace. Majority of her free time was spent studying from text books, and as a result, Sabrina is fluent in a vast array of languages, as well as both extremely knowledgeable and efficient in Alchemy, though in return possesses no combatical skills what so ever, her muscle memory so naive, she cannot lift so much as a war spear without putting herself within harm's reach.

In current day, she possesses a multitude of skills and abilities to ensure her success as a formidable housewife, and patiently awaits the decision of Jabari to unite with her prince charming.

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