The S.S. Specter

The S.S. Specter is a 60 gun "Third Rate" armored Frigate formerly of the Kandarin Navy. The ship's last known owners are House Cruor, who put it under the command of Atreyu Cruor.

Design and Construction

The S.S. Specter was ordered by the North Seas Navy in the Final years of the 5th Age. Originaly named the N.S.F. Jatizso, the ship was the second of 4 new "armored" warships. Concept of this ship began as a joint venture by Avery Enterprises,The North Seas Empire, and Jatizso Ship Building Company. The "Gunnar Class" was designed around the new Avery Enterprises Stream Engine. The thought being the stream drivin ship might be able to move the heavey armored ship that sails could not. The armor giving the ship superior defence against other warships od larger size. 


Interior look at the Specter.

The keel was laid in Jatizso Shipyards under the supervission of House Nin and Avery Enterprises. The ship took 8 months to finish and another 3 months to outfit and launch.

North Seas Empire/Kandarin Service

The ship was the second of her class to enter service. These ships lead the combined Jatizso/Neitiznot fleets against the Rovin Navy at the battle of Rellekka. The Jatizso with her sister ship, Miscellenia, ingaged the Rovin Carriers sinking one and heavely damaging the others. The Jatizso fleets suffered heavey losses. The Jatizso and Miscellania suffred only minor dmamge, proving their armor is indeed afective.

After the collapse of the North Seas Empire, the ships were returned to Avery Enterprises. The other 2 ships were finished on time and sent to Keldigram Docks to await purchases. Brock Avery added the 

The Specter

A painting of the K.S.S. Specter after entering the Kandarin Navy.

ships to the Kandarin Navy when he became King. They served through the reign of Brock and Vectis.

House Cruor

Eventually Atreyu Cruor was able to acquire the Jatizso which had been renamed the Specter. Atreyu readied the ship for a journey to the Wushinko Ilses, a voyage that few western ships have ever made. 

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