The Ryder spellbook is characterized by using the Shadow Realm and manifest it into the physical world through blood magic and necromancy. One particularly distasteful spell used in the interrogation/torture of the Ryder's most hated enemies is Lynch.

Characteristics and Casting

The Necessary Training

Lynch was originally developed by the mahjarrat, Oliver Ryder, when he would punish disobedient followers. The spell itself uses the willpower of the caster's malice, channeling those energies to the victim, where it wreaks havoc on the body. Because these energies are often unstable, it requires both a master's concentration on his anger, while having a balanced mind enough to not kill the victim or himself.

The Process of Casting

Firstly, the caster must control his anger, concentrating on his emotions and causing a rush of magical energy that starts to cause psycological pain. Secondly, through the use of a blood rune, he will manifest the energy into a small bolt of energy, which transfers the mental anguish to his victim. If this is not done soon enough, the caster's mind could be overwhelmed by the pain induced to himself and could possibly die from a brain hemorraghe. Most humans lack the physical fortitude to cast it.

The Symptoms of the Spell

The victim will begin to experience a terrifying hallucination as his pain receptors send massive signals to the brain. He will start to feel his blood begin to boil within his body and feel his skin being torn asunder as if torn apart by a wild dog. The actual physical wounds of the victim are damaged areas of the brain, everything else is a conjuring of his imaginations. Prolonged exposure to the spell will eventually result in the victim having a stroke, as the brain can not process the amount of pain the nerve endings are trying to have processed and will eventually simply shut down.

The Price of Using the Spell

Aside from the risk of life, the caster must also make a number of other sacrifices. Firstly, the spell feeds off his own life's energy, meaning that extensive use of the spell will result in a shorter life span. His mental state also degrades, resulting in a loss of humanity and will eventually fall into a state of insanity. The last caster of the spell, Noctis Ryder, lost much of his sanity after using the spell only once even though he was the Ryder's Archmage, resulting in his suicide.

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