Ruthven 'Wolf' Galand
*sigh* Stood up again...






Slayer Master


Brother (Technically first cousin)




Chaotic Good

Wanna get a drink?

You bet!

Ruthven Galand is a 37 year old human Slayer Master from Varrock. He is known for nearly always having a smile on his face and being extremely annoying.


Ruthven is roughly 5, 8 tall. He has long brown hair which he keeps tidy. He usually wears brown or dark red clothes accompanied by a set of Hard leather armour, if out slaying. He usually wears a fancy looking cloak as well, changing every 1 or 2 weeks. He also carries either 1 or 2 rapiers with him which he uses as his weapon. He also tends to wear his Amulet of Glory as well. Underneath his clothes the torso and legs of Ruthven are covered in numerous small scars as a result of a shrapnel bomb setting off in front of him. His chest also features 3 long scars that looks like it was made by a creatures claw. Ruthven says his eyes are emerald, but they're actually green.


Ruthven's is usually very friendly and tries to be friends with most people he meets, he loves social events and also nights out with friends. One thing that puts people off is Ruthven's obsession about talking about and bigging up his own acheivments, tending to ignore people whilst he talks about himself. No matter the situation he always tries to have a smile on his face. He cares hugely for his 'brother' and would risk his life in order to save him.


Ruthven is quick, very quick. He can run exceedingly fast and is able to swing his swords at great speed, his reflexes aren't up to the same speed however and he often crashes into things whilst running. He is skilled with rapiers, long swords and shortswords and often weilds 2 at a time. He's also adept at lockpicking and hunting. He is often trusting and loves to help people out. He is also capable of basic street magic and can also shuffle cards extremely well.


Great beginnings

On a warm evening of the year 133, Serenity Williams, a young proud woman from Varrock was lying on a bed screaming her head off. She wasn't fat, which is what her mother said, she was pregnant. The father was a merchant named Ruthven Galand (Not the Ruthven Galand this story is about, this is about a different Ruthven Galand), he was known for having guards investigating where his goods came from. Ruthven was holding Serenity's hand, as she shouted in pain he squeazed his hand, leaving scars that would never heal, well thats what Ruthven thought as he grinded his teeth in pain as well. Suddenly there was a soft squelch followed by a crying sound. The nurse held in her hand a baby, it lay in her arms crying. Ruthven managed to pull free of Serenity's grip, nearly tearing off his hand in the process, and took the baby from the nurse. "God it's ugly." Ruthven thought to himself. He showed it to Serenity, who was breathing quickly. "What a beautiful little boy." she said. "Exactly what I was thinking." Ruthven replied.

The baby looked at Serenity, it stopped crying and smiled. Serenity smiled back. "He reminds me of you." she said. "Let's call him Ruthven Jr." she said. Ruthven bounced him up and down. "Thats not gonna be confusing at all." he thought. "Its perfect." he said to Serenity. "Little junior." he said smiling back at the baby. Ruthven Jr smiled back, Ruthven looked back to Serenity but she had passed out suddenly. Ruthven tried to shake her awake but nothing happened. The next few minutes was like a scene from a tragedy, Ruthven unable to wake Serenity, the nurse trying to help, a doctor called in, however little Ruthven Jr was oblivous to it all and just kept smiling.

It was 2 hours later, a tired and ragged Ruthven was holding his child. The nurse walked out of the door and came towards him slowly. "That's never good." Ruthven thought to himself. The nurse had a solemn look on her face. "The good news is she's alive. Unfortunately she's in a critical condition and has fallen into a coma.". Ruthven swore out loudly, then he realized he still had the baby within earshot, then he realized that he didn't really care what the baby heard. "Will she be okay?" he asked. "We've got a team of specialists that should be able to keep her alive, however we have no idea when or if she'll wake up." Ruthven sighed. "Do all you can." he said. "We will, unfortunately theres the matter of the costs..." the nurse tried to say calmly, knowing this is usually the point when distressed husbands go bananas. Ruthven swore loudly again. He brought out a large sack of coins. "How long will this do for?" he asked. The nurse counted it over. "A few weeks, we'll try our best." Ruthven looked down at his son, at least he could keep him alive.

Ruthven checked through his belongings, his wares were too few and cheap. He wouldn't be able to afford the treatment for much longer. He opened a chest in the corner, it contained a Rapier and a set of robes. Ruthven realised where he could get some money, it was risky but the payout could be great. Ruthven Jr had fallen asleep in a pile of half burnt wizard robes, Ruthven realised he would have to take his son with him. He couldn't afford a nanny. It would help him grow up quicker, he was sure he could persuade Romani somehow to look after him. He wrapped Ruthven up in a set of the robes from the chest and put the other set on. He sold everything, including the house, apart from his cart and the chest. He left some cash at the hospital, brought a couple of ice boxes from a local slayer master, then filling it with huge pieces of steak from the butchers. Then he set off for his destination. Morytania.

As they crossed the river Salve, Ruthven pulled the robes over his son. They were specially designed to almost completly nullify their scent, however he would still have to be careful. Ruthven drew the rapier closer towards him, as he pulled the cart over rougher and rougher ground. Eventually he reached Canifis. As Ruthven passed through he tried his hardest to make himself not look suspicous, or even worse, delicous. He stopped at a nearby store where he knocked on the door. A gruff looking man answered the door. He looked at Ruthven. "What are you doing back here?" he asked. Ruthven hesistated before pointing at his cart. "I've brought dinner." he replied. "Then bring it all in quickly." he said, closing the door to unbolt it.

"Thanks Rathven." Ruthven said, as the 2 of them helped carry the supplies in. Ruthven kept his son close to him, away from Rathven. He didn't want his son being that werewolf's dinner. They entered the store, the shelves were filled with old weaponry and armour on one side, and on the other side empty boxes that use to contain food. Romani, Rathven's daughter, and the lady who had given him the robes entered in. "Ruthven, what are you doing here?" she asked. "He brought food." Rathven said, before Ruthven had a chance to speak. "What are these things?" Rathven asked Ruthven, pointing towards the white boxes. "They're ice boxes, using magicy hoo hah they can keep meat fresh, thats what dinner is kept in."

Later that night, after dinner, Ruthven sat down at the table to discuss business. Rathven and Romani sat on the other side. "That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard." Rathven roared. "Its not stupid, think about it. I get meat from west of the Salve, where it taste better and is cheaper, bring it over here and sell it, use the money to buy some antiques and interesting looking stuff, take it back over the salve and then sell that. It'll make us a huge profit." Ruthven was saying, getting excited. "But that stuff is junk, who'd want it." Rathven said, pointing towards his dusty collection of old swords, books and pieces from monsters. "Collectors on my side of the river pay huge sums for stuff like that." Ruthven replied. Rathven growled, it seemed farfetch'd to him.

Romani calmed Rathven down. "Father remember, were running low on food as it is. The only times we sell this stuff is for fuel for fires." Romani said, she went over to investigate Ruthven's ice boxes. Rathven sighed then looked back to Ruthven. "What do you want in return then, why do you need us?" Rathven said. Ruthven was taken aback by the question but answered anyway. "Well, I'd need to know when to come to avoid the Vyres, you'd be better at selling the meat and also --" Ruthven was interrupted by a cough, coming from the pile of rags on the shop counter. Ruthvens heart skipped a beat as Romani uncovered the robes. She pulled the baby out and held it in her arms, looking confused at the sight. "What is this Ruthven?" Romani asked.

"Its my son..." Ruthven said in a quiet voice. "I also need you to do another massive favour, look after him for me." he said. Rathven looked like he would go ballistic, however Romani looked at him, causing him to calm down. "Ruthven, we can't, I'd love to help you but..." Romani started to say, she looked down at Ruthven Jr, he smiled at her. She suddenly had a brilliant idea. "Fine." she said. Rathven stood up off his chair. "What are you thinking Roma?" he said. "Just wait a minute.." she replied. "However you'll look after my son." she said. Ruthven wasn't expecting this. "You mean Ruffven, but I..."

A child stepped down the stairs, he said something in a language Ruthven couldn't understand, Romani replied in the same language. Ruthven knew they were speaking Canic. Ruffven walked up to Ruthven, he looked about 10 years old, but Ruthven knew he was older than 20. [Hello.] Ruthven said to Ruffven. It was the only word he could say in the language. Ruffven didn't reply.

Romani sighed. "He's a runt, he'll be taken by the Vyre's soon if he doesn't start growing quicker. Take him with you, teach him to speak the common tongue and build him up." Romani looked solemn. Rathven had given up arguing and went upstairs. "Of course." Ruthven replied. "Where are you leaving?" she asked. "A few days time. Is the basement room still available." he asked. Romani nodded. "Get some rest, I'll look after the boy." she said. Ruthven went down to the basement, there was a door which lead into an old stone tunnel. On the floor was an old blanket which Ruthven lay on. He thought about what Serenity would say if she found out about this. He missed her so.

Great time in Canifis

As the years past the system Ruthven Sr had designed was working fine. Rathven's opinion on the plan changed as soon as he found himself eating every night. Ruthven Jr was looked after by Romani, whilst Ruthven Sr travelled back and forth over the Salve. Ruffven tagged along, helping out with lifting boxes and such. He had been given a mace by a combat instructor and was taught how to weild it. Life was hard for Ruthven Sr, but he was able to keep Serenity's treatment going, along with netting a neat little profit. Ruthven Jr after about 3 years, was old enough to travel with his father and Ruffven.

Whilst his father dealt with the business stuff, Ruthven and Ruffven spent time practicing their swordfighting skills. Ruffven would usually defeat Ruthven in most practice fights, as he was older and stronger. On his 5th birthday Ruthven was given his fathers Silvthril Rapier, Ruffven was also given a Silvthril mace which had been made in Varrock. When Ruthven was 8, he actually beat Ruffven for the first time. Instead of sulking Ruffven immediatly challenged him to a rematch, Ruthven learnt to take on Ruffven by being faster than him, a skill he continued to improve for the rest of his life.

In Canifis the 2 of them snuck out one day and practiced at the slayer tower, taking down crawling hands. The 2 of them grew to like the idea of slaying monsters for a living, they practiced there every moment they could get. They even persuaded the local slayer master to give them a contract. At the age of 13 Ruthven was given an offhand variant of his current rapier. He also gave Ruffven a shield. It was suppose to be the time for Ruffven's bloodening, but he was maturing slowly due to his birth defect. The 2 of them were also given some money to buy some slayer equipment, so they brought some earmuff's and went to fight the banshee's.

At 16 Ruthven was fighting alongside Ruffven when they were suddenly ambushed by a group of mages dressed in red. The 2 of them tried to fight them, but they wern't used to fighting mage opponents and were quickly defeated, suddenly Ruffven roared and turned into a snarling beast. The mages surprised, were unable to stop him as he ripped them apart. Ruthven recovered as well and quickly took down one of the mages who was charging a spell, killiing him. It was the first time Ruthven had killed another human, he shook the feeling off and went to congratulate Ruffven, who suddenly turned round and attacked Ruthven. Ruthven fell backwards against the wall his shirt ripped and 3 deep scratches bleeding heavily on his chest. Ruffven suddenly came to his senses, and suddenly looked seriously at Ruthven's wounds, Ruthven looked at them, then he looked to Ruthven and smiled. They both exited the tower before both of them passed out at the steps, fortunately Rathven and Ruthven Sr had come looking for them.

Ruthven woke up in bed, Ruffven was sitting in a chair opposite, human looking again, and staring worryingly at Ruthven. Ruthven looked down at his chest, the 3 wounds had stopped bleeding but he knew they would leave scars. Ruffven tried to apologize but Ruthven just smiled and said "heh, your enemies don't stand a chance.", Ruffven sighed before suddenly bursting out laughing. Ruthven laughed as well. But he thought about what had happened. The next few months passed quickly, Ruthven healed, Ruffven had his bloodening which Ruthven's father wouldn't let Ruthven watch, however Ruthven snuck out and watched anyway. The next time they went to Varrock Ruthven introduced himself to a local slayer master, he said goodbye to his dad and Ruffven and decided to become a slayer in Misthalin.

Great Beast Slaying

Ruthven spent a lot of his time slaying and helping folk out with quests. A year after he first joined Ruthven was walking back from lumbridge having just completed another assignment, suddenly he heard a scream coming from the river. Ruthven rushed over to see a lady being assaulted by a group of 5 goblins. She was running away clutching a picnic basket, Ruthven rushed into action and ran straight towards the goblins. As they saw him, the goblins stopped. "Leave that pretty lady alone and run off, or I'll run my blades through each and everyone of you." he said, before quickly turning round giving the lady a smile, before turning back. The goblins laughed at him. Ruthven turned to face the lady. "Excuse me, I'll just be 10 seconds.".

Ruthven spun both blades in his hands and kicked off towards the goblins. Within a second one of them had already pierced 1 of the goblins chest. Before the others could react he then pulled out the blade and rushed towards 2 of them, thrusting a blade in each. One of the goblins swung his axe at Ruthven, but he pulled out his blades and parried it. He then spun round the goblin appearing behind it and stabbing him in the back, the final goblin ran away, but Ruthven chased after him, he caught him up and stabbed the goblin in the back of the head. Ruthven wiped the blood off the blades onto the grass, spun them in his hands and sheathed them. He turned and smiled to the lady. "How long was that?". The lady was initially shocked but smiled back.

"How can I ever repay you?" she asked. Ruthven smiled and shook his head. "I need no reward, my reward is the satisfaction in knowing those brutes didn't harm a pretty flower like you." he said. "No, I must reward you, meet me by the willow tree over there." she said. She walked over slowly, disappearing behind the tree. Ruthven waited a moment before smiling and heading towards the tree. Behind the tree Ruthven saw something he had only ever heard about, the ducks nearby saw it too. The grass was crushed underneath them as they engaged in their activity. Afterwards Ruthven rested against the tree, the smile had been wiped off his face. The lady did her top lace up and picked up her basket. "Consider yourself lucky kid, normally that would cost you." she said before heading off. Ruthven stayed sitting down, staring at the ducks.

The next day he met Ruffven and his father in Varrock. "Ruffven!" he said as he greeted him. Ruffven nodded silently. Ruthven's father took him aside, he explained that Serenity had passed away. Ruthven looked glum, he didn't know what to say. He never really knew his mum, Romani had taken care of him as a child. His father looked up to him. "Look, I know you never really knew your mother, but she was a good woman. I hope you know that.", Ruthven spent the rest of the day with his dad and brother, Ruffven and Ruthven practiced fighting at the combat training centre, whilst his father was sorting out the funeral.

The slayer master came in while they were training. "I met your father, I heard about what happened." he said. Ruthven nodded and went back to striking the dummy. "Anyway I've got a colleague in Taverly, he needs help with a task, and he needs someone who know's how to skin reptillian creatures, think you can help." Ruthven smiled "Snakes are reptiles right?" he asked. The slayer master nodded. "Alright sure, I'll head out tomorrow." Ruthven replied. Ruffven came over. "That guy told me off for destroying one of the dummies, can I spar with you?" he asked Ruthven. Ruthven smiled. "Sure, you better be prepared to lose. Best 2 out of 3." This time the slayer master smiled. "This I have to see."

Ruthven and Ruffven stood facing each other, a small crowd gathered round them. Ruthven spun both rapiers in his hands. "Ready?" he asked. Ruffven nodded. Ruthven suddenly burst forward quickly attempting to get the round over quickly, Ruffven however, knew this strategy and at the last second brought up his shield and charged straight at Ruthven. He crashed into it falling to the floor, as Ruthven regained his senses, Ruffven brought his mace down on Ruthven, he stopped it a few inches from his head. "Round 1 to me." he said. There was a small applause from the crowd. Ruffven held out a hand and Ruthven grabbed it, Ruffven pulled him upright. "You were lucky, the sun was in my eyes." he said, laughing to himself. Ruthven walked away to his starting position and took off his cloak and hat, throwing them into the crowd, the hat hitting a trainer in the eye.

The second round started, this time Ruthven got himself into a defensive position and walked slowly towards Ruffven. Ruffven was also in a defensive position, they walked round each other in a circle for a few seconds. "Come on, make the first move." Ruthven said. Ruffven shook his head. "You first." he replied, bashing his mace against his shield in a taunting fashion, this was the opening Ruthven was looking for. He spun the blades in his hands and rushed forwards. Ruffven surprised, chose to quickly cover behind the shield. Ruthven let one blade strike the shield before running to the back of Ruffven. Ruffven, surprised, didn't turn quick enough and Ruthven pointed the blade an inch from the back of Ruffven's neck. Ruffven sighed and lowered his shield and weapons. "Round 2 to me I think." There was another small cheer from the crowd, Ruthven threw one of his blades in the air, before catching it as it fell to the ground. Ruthven was expecting another cheer, but he didn't get one. "Come on, Round 3." Ruffven said.

Round 3 started, Ruthven decided to head into a defensive position again but Ruffven suddenly went on the offensive, he swung his mace towards Ruthven quickly. Ruthven dodged it and ran round to get at Ruffven's back again, but he had to turn away as Ruffven attempted a backhand with his shield. Ruthven stopped suddenly and then quickly rushed towards Ruffven as he got up. Ruffven brought the shield up to defend himself as Ruthven sent a flurry of blows towards him. One of Ruthven's blows got through scratching Ruffven's face, he bashed his sheild upwards to knock the blades away, he then launched a kick at Ruthven which knocked him to the ground. As Ruthven recovered, Ruffven brought his mace down on Ruthven, he quickly moved out the way deflecting the mace with one of his rapiers, and then thrusting the other one towards Ruffven's chest. Ruffven stopped suddenly and looked down at the rapier. He sighed. There was another cheer from the crowd. Ruffven picked Ruthven up from the ground. Ruthven smiled. "Better luck next ti--" he said before noticing Ruffven's cut, a small trickle of black liquid trickled down Ruffven's cheek.

The slayer master walked over towards them, fortunately they'd rehearsed for this eventuality. "Hey Ruff, can you sign this for me." Ruthven said, bringout a vial of ink and some parchment. "Sure." Ruffven replied. Ruthven took the cork off the vial and walked over to Ruffven and pretended to trip, throwing ink over Ruffven's top. "Oops.." Ruthven said, smiling. The slayer master walked over tutting. "You always were a clutz out of combat Ruthven, look you even got it on his face." Ruthven nodded, Ruffven walked out. "Anyway, your father gave me this, its tickets to some voyage somewhere, its good to get new experiences." He handed Ruthven an envelope. Ruthven smiled and thanked him.

Later he said goodbye to Ruffven and his dad and headed to Taverly.

Great Crondis

(For the story told from Crondis's point of view, click here.)

Ruthven arrived in Taverly, he had never been before and was enjoying the sights. Then he saw her, a beautiful lady, selling flowers at a stall. Ruthven was waiting for this chance, he had practiced with himself back in Varrock. He rushed towards her, bumping into a mage as he went up to the stall. "Hey" he said, smiling and brushing his hair away from his face. "I'm a fortune teller." and he made a set of cards appear in his right hand, he had practiced moving the cards to his hands for the past week. "Pick a card and it will show you our future...". The lady looked nervous but she reached over and picked a card. She smelt of Spring by the River Lum. She looked at it and read it. She turned it around as she spoke. "The Lovers..." she'd said, eyeing Ruthven suspicously. "There is both love and joy in coming to understand one another." Ruthven said, reaching over the stall. "Care to understand with me over drinks.". Ruthven smiled, it was all going perfectly to plan. The woman shook her head and threw the card at Ruthven. "I'm married." she said. Ruthven grabbed her hand. "But you can't argue with the cards, how about a small understanding now and we can work on some more later." he said. The woman took her hand away from him and slapped him hard across the head, Ruthven realised he had overstayed his welcome and walked away, his face red and his hat crooked. "Dammit, why do I always get the lesbians." Ruthven said to himself.

Ruthven got directions and arrived at the Slayer masters location. He noticed the slayer master and waved. He walked on over to the man next to him, keen to introduce himself and make friends. He suddenly recognised him from the market, that would save time on the introductions. "Oh it's you!" he said smiling, trying to see if the wizard remembered him. "Hello, I'm Ruthven Galand, Slayer extraordinare." He said, he suddenly thought he sounded boastful so he quickly added. "Well soon to be." However that made him sound inexperienced so he added. "Won't take long." He finally just smiled, waiting for a response, he didn't get one. It was getting awkward.

The slayer master broke the silence. "Yes this is Misthali merchant's son, you heard of the Galands?" he said. Ruthven didn't realise his father was that well known. "Ruthven Galand Sr, is known for selling rare antiques at discounts noone else can acheive. His son's taken an interest in slaying and he persuaded us to take him on." Ruthven sighed, he made it out like he was a novice. The master turned to face him. "What happened to your face, boy?" he said. Ruthven tried to think of a heroic sounding story. "Goblins, but it was no trouble." he said, smiling. The mage tugged on the Slayer master's sleeve and they went to have a chat, Ruthven decided to inspect his partner for the assignment.

He wore wizard robes from the tower, tightened up and reinforced with leather, he carried a wooden stick on his back that Ruthven assumed was a staff. He was fairly well built for a mage, having the physique of a warrior, he looked like he should be swinging a maul, not a staff. His hair was... was.... Ruthven stopped examining him and noticed a female Slayer to the left of him packing a bag. Ruthven didn't need to waste time examining her, so he went over to assist her, as any gentleman would. He came over, when the girl saw him, shook her head and walked off, with her bag in tow. Ruthven sighed and walked back over to the master. "...Look, think of him as a student and you as the teacher." the master said. Ruthven walked over and smiled. "Yeah, teach me everything you know." he said to the mage, smiling. The mage didn't smile back.

Ruthven and the mage got some supplies off the table, which included food, water and a flask of antifire potion. Ruthven was given some tools he was familiar with, so he could skin the reptile. Ruthven decided to have a quick look at the contract for the first time. His heart skipped a beat, they had to kill and skin a dragon. He wondered why they had been given antifire. He was actually going to kill a dragon, this would be amazing. The 2 of them set off towards the Taverly dungeons.

Ruthven told the mage all about himself, he told him about his adventures in the slayer tower, all the women he had saved from near death, all about his fantastic hair. The mage was so amazed by Ruthven's stories he didn't interrupt once, at least thats what Ruthven believed. However deep down he knew the mage didn't respect him, and that it was his dad's money that got him here, he'd show him. After trawling through the dungeon they eventually came to a room full of skeletons. The mage carried his staff in his hands and the of them slowly walked to the other side of the room. Most of the skeletons ignored them, knowing they were likely skilled. However 3 of them suddenly attacked the mage, Ruthven unsheathed his swords whilst the mage parried the blows with his staff. The mage backed off and Ruthven knew this was the moment to show off his skills. He rushed towards the skeletons.

Ruthven decided to just use 1 sword and kept his left arm and sword behind his back. He glided it gently through the air, waiting for one of the skeletons to make the first move. Suddenly one of them brought down his sword on Ruthven, Ruthven quickly rushed forward, he slashed through the arm of the skeleton before spinning round and slashing through the ribcage, he stopped suddenly as soon as the skeleton started to fall apart. He smiled at the other 2 as the bones crashed in a pile on the floor. Before they could react he brought out both swords, he ran towards them, one of them held out their sword to defend themself, Ruthven slashed through the blade, which broke as it was rusted and old and then through the ribcage of the other skeleton. The 3rd skeleton skulked back off away from them. Ruthven span both swords in his hands before sheathing them, he turned to see the mages expression. It looked like the face Ruffven had when he was offered some bread that one time. Ruthven smiled. "Your meant to be protecting 'me' not the other way around." he said jokingly. "Did you think because my fathers rich that I'm not skilled." Ruthven smiled at him hoping for a response, he didn't get one. The mage carried on into the tunnels, Ruthven followed him, smiling to himself.

As they walked they eventually came to a gate, it was old but not as rusted as most of the metal in the cave. The mage brought out a key, which was probably for the door. Ruthven suddenly saw a blackened bag, it looked like it still had some stuff in, he rushed forwards and barged past the mage, a sudden light caught Ruthvens eye. He saw the key fly through the air, it bounced against the wall, before falling through a crack in the floor. Ruthven turned to the mage, who was shaking, he looked up at Ruthven and opened his mouth.

A lot of words, most of them loud, several of them expletives, Ruthven wasn't really paying attention, he was amazed that he managed to get the mage to talk and just listened to the sound of his voice. Eventually after a few minutes the mage stopped, he bent over and caught his breath. "Thats some voice you've got there." Ruthven said, smiling, trying to lighten the mood, the mage simply faced him, his face full of red. "You shouldn't shout so loud though, you'll attract the drag--" Ruthven never finished the last word, he didn't know what happened. He heard a crack and suddenly a great force pushed him backwards, blood was rushing down his face, his nose hurt like hell. He looked up at the mage who had a fist stuck out in front of him, slightly splattered with blood. The mage had just broken his nose.

Ruthven bent over clutching his nose, trying to stop the blood going everywhere, the mage simply huffed and swore quietly at a wall. Ruthven grabbed some bandages from his bag and wrapped them around his nose, after about 10 minutes everything was quiet. The mage turned round with a scowl on his face. "Your a real piece of work, you know that." he said. Ruthven put on a determined look, he pulled out a lockpick from his sleeve, he'd learnt a few tricks in varrock the past few years, he fiddle with the lock mechanism for about 30 seconds then pulled the lockpick out, kicking the door open. Ruthven turned round with a smile on his face and he held out his hand. "My name is Ruthven Galand, monster slayer since 5, master swordsman and also a piece of work." The mage scowled before shaking his hand. "Crondis Armen." he said. "Crondis" Ruthven thought to himself, thats his name. Strange name. The mage continued. "Master mage, slayer, summoner and I've got a dragon to kill." he said, with a determined look. Ruthven pulled his hand away quickly. "What are we standing about for then, lets go!". They both ventured past the gate, deeper into the tunnel.

Eventually they ended up in a room filled with lava, the heat made the room very warm, Ruthven was sweating, but Crondis seemed fine. They stopped for a second, they saw a blue scaled creature in front of them, it was a dragon. Ruthven had only seen pictures of them before, but it looked cuter and smaller than the pictures described. "That must be what were after." Crondis said. Ruthven shook his head. "Too small, its just a baby.". As if on queue a roar echoed through the cave, the baby dragon scampered off into the darkness further ahead, a much larger and less cute dragon approached. It looked much more terrifying in person. It spotted them and roared again. They both quickly took a swig of antifire, Ruthven nearly drunk the whole potion. He had never seen a mage in combat before, now he could see the stories he'd heard about them in person. "Quick summon a demon to kill it." Ruthven said. Crondis gave him a funny look. "What?" he replied. "Quickly" Ruthven said. "Thats not what wizards do, do you know anything about magic?" he replied. "Of course I do, you must not be advance enough. Boil his insides then --" Ruthven was about to finish but a large ball of fire suddenly headed towards them.

Ruthven dodged out the way quickly, and unsheathed his swords. He spun them around in his hands. Before the dragon could launch more fire at them he ran forward with incredible speed and stabbed both swords into the dragons shoulder, or shoulder equivalent, or whatever its called, the name wasn't the point, as soon as the swords entered the dragon roared again, Ruthven pulled out his swords only to be met by the jaws of the dragon coming straight for him. He was quick though and sidestepped out the way and without thinking climbed onto its back, he repeatedly stabbed the dragons back, while it roared and shook, but Ruthven kept balance and continues to stab. He looked to Crondis, who was charging a spell, and smiled. "Look! It can't get me when I'm on its back." he shouted to Crondis. Suddenly the dragon backed into a cliff and Ruthven was crushed between the rock and the dragons back. As the dragon moved away from the wall, Ruthven slid off, his body aching everywhere. As he looked up he saw the dragon standing over him, then suddenly a giant ball of earth smacking into the Dragons head. As the dragon recovered from the blast he jumped up and stabbed it in the throat, the dragon roared one last time before collapsing to the ground. Ruthven cheered. "We did it." then suddenly he stopped, he heard a noise behind him, he turned round and there were 3 dragons staring at him.

Ruthven turned to ran before a giant insect buzzed past him and slashed one of the dragons on the face, the dragon snapped at it, but the insect kept on slashing at the dragons, distracting them and leading them away from the 2 of them. Ruthven was mesmorised by the scene but suddenly Crondis appeared from behind him. "Quick we need the dragons corpse, help me drag it over there where they won't find us." he said. Ruthven nodded and grabbed one of the back legs, he pulled with all his strength, it was really heavy but with the help of Crondis they managed to move it, they kept pulling it back the way they came until they came to a small incline in the wall. They decided that was far enough and dropped it on to the floor, Ruthven, exhausted, also dropped to the floor.

Ruthven caught his breath whilst Crondis started a fire. He finally stood up and took the set of tools out of the bag. "You ever skinned a dragon before?" Crondis asked. Ruthven shrugged. "Can't be that different from skinning a snake?" He'd learnt to skin animal whilst out hunting with Ruffven, one day they came across a large snake which Ruthven carefully skinned, it was the only reptile Ruthven had ever skinned. "I didn't know there were snakes in Varrock" Crondis replied. Ruthven pretended he was concentrating and started to work. It took 1 ½ hours before it was finished. It wasn't the best job, some of the hide got wasted and the part around the tail was tricky but he'd done an ok job. Ruthven covered the hide in salt before handing it to Crondis. Ruthven then thought he could make a bit of money on the side from this. He carefully removed the head (Which he'd left the hide on for) and bones from the corpse and bagged them, leaving only a smelly pile of Dragon flesh on the floor. Ruthven cut some off for Crondis, Crondis cooked his on the fire but Ruthven was too hungry to wait so he ate it raw, it tasted like really terrible chicken.

They set off again after the meal, incase the smell attracted the dragons towards them. Ruthven was starting to like Crondis. "You should get out more" he said. "What do you mean?" Crondis asked. "Do you really think being a slayer is that interesting, it gets repetetive after a while, you should consider some questing, be like one of the famous heroes like Robert the Strong, Dionyssus or Xenia." Ruthven replied. He remembered having this conversation with Ruffven the day he left, he didn't agree with him. Crondis shook his head. "Slayings more stable, I'm more likely to survive, plus theres more work." he argued. Ruthven felt in his pocket for the letter he'd been given. "Here, go on an adventure before disapproving, its a voyage to the eastern isles, don't really fancy it myself." he said, handing over the ticket. Crondis accepted it with a "Thanks" but he didn't say anything else.

Back on the surface they handed over the hide and accepted their pay. Ruthven smiled and said goodbye to Crondis. He hoped he'd have a better time in the eastern isles than he would have. Ruthven headed into the market where he managed to sell the head and bones to an antiques dealer, with the spare change he brought a warm, stylish coat and stayed at a local inn. Tomorrow he was going to conquer the mountain.

Great Scott's

Ruthven succesfully climbed over the mountain over into Kandarin, hoping to find greater adventure. After a few years he found himself on a task given to him by a noble. He'd was on his way back from Relleka with a preserved Aquanite's head in his bag, he returned to the noble and handed him back the head. "Ah good, this will complete the collection." the noble said, admiring his new trophy. Ruthven smiled back at him. "It was nothing sir." he said. The noble scoffed. "Call me Scott." he said. Ruthven nodded. "Sure thing.... Scott." he replied. A silence filled the air only broken by the sound of a ticking grandfather clock. "......." *cough* Ruthven said, holding his hand out in front of him., motioning for some kind of reward. Scott shuffled awkwardly, "Ah... yes. Of course...." he paced around a bit before suddenly stopping. "I'm brilliant!" he said to himself quietly before heading towards Ruthven. Ruthven was still waiting for his cash reward, he didn't like how this was playing out.

"You know Ruthven, our little arrangements have brought us closer together, like a.... well like a family." Scott said, smiling. Ruthven smiled back awkwardly. "sssuuuurrreeee........." Ruthven said, nodding slowly. "Yes, like a family. Which is why I want you to marry my daughter." Scott replied. Ruthven perked up at the word daughter. Suddenly, just like that a young girl entered. She had long curled brown hair, Emerald eyes and a smile that could captivate Bandos. However Ruthven didn't notice this at first, as he was too busy looking at the ravine a few inches down. It was very deep. "Father." she said, she spoke with a noble tongue, a strong kandarinian accent, with a slight west ardougnean flavour. "You didn't happen to buy the latest novel about modern questing heroes did you?" she said. Ruthven liked the term 'Modern Questing Hero', if you added dashingly handsome in the middle somewhere, it would describe him perfectly. "Oh, is that an Aquanite? I heard they were really tough to kill, only some sort of Slaying Master could kill one" she said. Ruthven took his hat off, quickly grabbed some flowers from a nearby vase and stepped towards her. "Greetings." he said, looking deep into her eyes, giving a soft smile, she gave one back in return. A moments silence passed before he spoke again. "I'm Ruthven Galand, handsome, wealthy, intelligent, charming, handsome slayer master and modern questing hero, and you are simply the most bootiful girl I've ever met." he said slowly, uttering each word with a single breath. He presented her the flowers, which she grabbed in her arms, he then went to kiss her on the hand, but she grabbed his face and pulled it upwards to meet her's. "Yes! I will marry you Ruthven Galand." Then she leapt forward with a speed not even Ruthven could manage and put her lips around his lips. Ruthven fell backwards, saved from falling by the table with the recently empty vase.

"We'll have the wedding in 2 day's time. Scott, why don't you introduce yourself to Ruthven and show him your room." Scott said. "Scott?" Ruthven thought to himselves as he felt a foreign presence in his mouth. Scott walked out quickly, leaving Ruthven still trying hard to keep his balance. Another few minutes passed, and Ruthven's face was slowly going purple as he was struggling to breath, he couldn't push her off him. However eventually she relinquished her grip on him. Ruthven bent over, trying to catch his breath. He looked in a nearby mirror, he looked a mess, also his shirt had gotten stained with Turoth Blood. However he saw the girl in the mirror, she looked even more dazzling than before. "Come on husband, walk with me to my room." she said, with a commanding voice. Ruthven felt his legs moving by themselves to follow her.

She pushed open doors as she walked, leading Ruthven through elegant rooms, though Ruthven paid no attention as he just followed the shaking round pair leading him through the estate. "Here's what you need to know about me." she said, stroking her hair slightly as she turned a corner. "My name is Scotty van Olthus Deremire Norvcov II, I've been married 3 times before, 2 had nasty accident's, 1 killed himself, I want a man who gives it when I want it, I don't take no for an answer, your going to marry me and love me forever and never leave my sight." she said, her voice raising slightly at the last few word. "Sure" Ruthven replied. She carried on with her speech as they passed another set of luxurious door's and outside onto a balcony. "My husband doesn't smoke, wants Children, worships Saradomin, defends my honour, gets me gifts every month and is expected to dance exceedingly well. I'm also not looking for a dagger in the pocket, I'm a broadsword kind of girl." she said, and she did a roar like a Kyatt. "Sure..." Ruthven replied.

Scotty pushed through a final set of door's where they entered the most fabulous room in the whole house. Everything was gold trimmed, right down to the pillows. A large bed lay in the centre of the room, with an equally large mirror on the ceiling. There looked like there were more window's in the wall's than bricks, each one offering an amazing view, except the South East one which was just average. In the corner there was a shrine with a small Saradomin symbol that had the top point dyed red. Above it were 3 big pictures of men, each of them looked heroic and dashing. A large bottle of wine lay on a side table which Scotty began to pour into Glasses whose shape reminded Ruthven of her. "You arrived late so it's 10 hour's till Breakfast." she said, downing the wine in one. She poured herself another. Ruthven shrugged. "What are we going to do for 10 hours?" he asked, his stomach rumbling slightly. Ruthven looked around and then looked back at Scotty who had drunk another 2 glassful's of wine. "Some Hero you are." she said. She pulled a long rope hanging down and curtains suddenly covered all the window's and 2 large Brazier's appeared from out of the walls. She pushed Ruthven down onto a chair.

Before Ruthven knew what was happening, he had had his weapon's and equipment thrown in  corner, his scabbards hung across the neighbouring chair. Then his Left boot disappeared, followed by right. Then with a sudden force Ruthven's eye's met with Scotty's, she forced his jacket off, followed by the other shirt, then his trousers. He was left only in his silk undergarment's. She stopped at that point and walked over to his scabbard. She pulled out one of the rapiers and used it with such precision to cut her own dress off, it fell to the floor in pieces. She walked towards Ruthven brandishing his rapier, the only thing she wore was her necklace. "Lets see a Heroe's body then." she said and she sliced quickly up the undergarments. It split into two pieces, Ruthven looked down to see if anything important had been damaged but there wasn't a single cut on there. She noticed the deep claw mark scar on his chest. "I love a man with a scar, or 3." she said, grabbing him and pushing him onto the bed. Ruthven was excited, but deep down he was scared. His smile actually faded as her body soared through the air towards him.

The sheet's were lying crumpled on the bed, the pillows were all over the place. Ruthven sat up, breathing slowly. He'd thought he'd handled that quite well. He looked outside to see a full moon shining down on them through the window. Ruthven stretched and his leg touched something furry. Ruthven turned round quickly and saw piercing red eyes staring at him. Scotty had been replaced with a large Werewolf, it growled at him and ripped the covers off. Ruthven found himself paralyzed with fear. A large claw ripped open his chest, he could see his blood pouring out everywhere and staining the mattress. "I love a man with a scar." the werewolf growled. Ruthven thought he heard Ruffven say, "Quick Ruth, get out of there, get away from her". The pool of black continued to erupt out of his chest and the werewolf jumped on top of him, running its claw down him. "Your going to love me forever and never leave my sight... never.... never...." it kept saying, before it's jaw's lunged forward and ripped Ruthven's throat out.

Ruthven jolted upwards, he looked round, then he looked at Scotty. She wasn't a snarling beast anymore (well...) and then he looked at himself. All his organ's appeared to be inside his body, he must have been dreaming. "What a day!" he said to himself as he removed the sheets and got out of bed. He found his trousers and began to put them on, starting with the left leg as always. He examined his sudden wife to be, even asleep she looked divine, Ruthven preferred her not covered in fur and trying to kill him. A thought entered his head, a little voice that reminded him of the speech she had said earlier. 'married 3 times before' , 'don't take no for an answer', '2 had nasty accident's, one killed himself', 'broadsword kind of girl'.... Now that he wasn't making love he could concentrate clearly. He remembered a shrine and 3 pictures and he saw it in the corner. It was dimly lit by a small candelabra in the centre, but he could still clearly see the pictures. On the shrine he saw fragment's of paper, book's, paintings, rings and even a... surely not. "A cape of legends..." he said to himself quietly. She definitely a fan of not just heroes but legends. "That cape looked so dashing on him." a voice behind him said. Ruthven quickly turned round and reached down for his rapier, but all he brandished was air, his weapon's were still lying on a table on the other side of the room. He saw Scotty standing there, sheet's draped across her entire body hiding the precious cargo that lay within.

She smiled drunkedly, she wobbled slightly as she walked towards him, but boy did she wobble in style. "That's him on the left" she said pointing to one of the paintings. The man looked every bit the stereotypical legend's guild member, shining armour, stylish blond hair, the proud white cape hanging from his shoulders. "He rescued me from an idiot bandit, it was love at first sight, we were married 5 days later. *sigh* but he wanted to continue adventuring, 'help the less fortunate', yeah and think of all the pretty women he'd meet along the way, I couldn't allow that, I made him stay, had to tie him up in the end, gave evidence to the Guild on the basis of corruption and they dishonored him, no more quests for him. He didn't at all look that dashing whilst tied up, he called me names, he was rude and offensive to me, he had to love me, I loved him and wanted him, he told me he didn't love me... That hurt... almost as much as the mace that bludgeoned his head... accidentally of course, father made sure everyone knew it was an accident, bandit raid gone wrong." She chuckled to herself, Ruthven had to force a smile on himself to not seem rude.

She took a step closer and stared intently at the man in the middle painting, he too had shining grey armour with a golden set of wings emblazoned on the front, he had the face of a lone knight. "I was lonely, I took it out on father but it didn't help, he suggested I hang by the guild again and find a new husband. Unfortunately I took a wrong turn, I ended up much further away then expected, but he was there. My guardian. was there however, he saw me and I saw him, love blossomed. I invited him for a drink, he was adamant but I forced him to give in the end. During the drink I asked him to marry me, he got annoyed, said Armadyl's duty forbid it and he had to protect blah blah blah. Fortunately I'd learnt from mistakes and forced a sip of love potion down his gullet, the potion cost the job's of half our staff but it was worth it. We got married in a local village and headed home, after a day, once the initial sex was over he grew strange, halfway through his painting he got up and lead me to a chapel, the potion had worn off. He was angry, he mentioned justice and Armadyll, I got a nearby Holy symbol and told him to leave his stupid religion behind, he walked out on me, he got to the door's when he stopped suddenly, must've been something to do with that Holy Symbol sticking out the back of his head, accidental of course." She chuckled again, Ruthven was unresponsive.

"The knight who came next, former adventurer he saw the corpse and went to have me arrested, father bribed him, eventually he became the next victim of the potion. We were married 2 hours later, the paint on the 2nd painting hadn't even dried yet. I had to make sure he had a constant supply of potion, I kept on giving, and giving, and giving.... He didn't want to recieve, he almost seemed oblivious to my rack, he was depressed, we were kissing on the balcony when he suddenly jumped up, and over... His broken corpse damaged the tile floor below as well, But it doesn't matter now. Your my 4th, and it 'is' spelt four-ever."

Ruthven was backing away slowly, his smile had been removed. He had to escape and get out of here. "Where are you going honey?" she said slowly as she climbed back into bed. "It's still a few hours until morninggggg *yawn*" she said before slowly falling asleep against the pillow. Ruthven took the chance, got his clothes and armour on and disappeared down the hall. As he turned the corner he came across his new father in law to be. "Going somewhere?" he asked suspicously. Ruthven shifted nervously. "No. I was just... looking for a snack, havn't eaten since yesterday morning." he said, bringing his smile back convincingly. "Oh, I thought you were leaving, if you 'were' planning on leaving however, I'd have to inform you that if my daughter doesn't get married tomorrow, the whole of Kandarin will be looking for you. Have a good wedding then." he said, imitating Ruthven's smile before walking off. Ruthven gave him the finger while he wasn't looking.

The next morning guest's were arriving, Ruthven avoided them, he could hear gossip such as "Whose the unlucky guy this time?" and "I give him a week", Ruthven didn't like his chances. He considered running back to morytania, though he shuddered at the thought. As he was pondering a knight approached him with the shiniest armour Ruthven had ever seen, it blinded him as he came close. He drew a sword and came at him, his swordplay was clumsy and Ruthven could see this, he drew his own sword and parried the blow before disarminging him with a quick maneuvere. The knight swore as the blade fell to the ground. Ruthven held the blade to his neck and beckoned him into a empty corridor. "Who are you?" Ruthven said sternly. "I'm Sir P---, wait thats not important. Your marrying my wife, she should be marrying me not you?" he said, whimpering slightly. Ruthven pointed the blade closer. "And you planned to kill me and take my place?" he asked. "No.. No. Just frighten you a little, look I'm a nobel's son and high ranked in the military, what do you want, name it, gold, someone killed, fame..." the knight carried on. Ruthven suddenly had an idea. "Your father's a nobel right, so he can give Champion Guild reccomendations?" he asked. "Yes... Yes. He had signed me on to be his champion... but I guess he won't mind if I hand you this reccomendation." the knight said, there was a signed reccomendation for the champion's Guild, this was a lot easier than expected. "She's all yours. Best luck to the both of you." Ruthven said before running off to find Scott.

Ruthven bumped into Scott outside. Scott huffed and said "Not running away are w--" he began but was intterupted. "Look, Scott I want your word that no harm will come to me, or that guards will be sent after me if the wedding doesn't take place." Ruthven said quickly. Scott looked bewildered and said "Of course. What do you take me for. You have my word. This wedding better take place." he said sternly, before wandering off, as soon as he had disappeared behind a wall Ruthven was off. He ran and ran straight for Asgarnia, back at the manor he could hear bells, the marriage had gone ahead. He was safe. A few days later as he reached Taverly he kissed the ground, he was back in Asgarnia, he just had to ask for directions to the Guild.

Great Champion

Ruthven jumped over the last stone and reached dry land. He had just crossed the famous stepping stones over the river Lum, he was feeling proud of himself. He hadn't heard anything from Ardougne and was praying for good news. As he took a step on to try land he heard a cry, he had barely turned round to check what it was when something sped past him in front of his eyes, as he turned he saw a goblin, the end of a bolt sticking out of its head, it then collapsed on to the ground. Ruthven turned round to see where the shot had came from.

He looked up and saw a man sitting in a tree, he was wearing dark leather armour, covered with straps that each held various throwing weapons ranging from knives to axes, a book in his left hand, a crossbow in his right, the crossbow appeared to be made of a white wood, Ruthven couldn't tell. Then he saw the man, his hair was long and wild, it appeared to be light brown with streaks of dark brown in it, his face was fair in colour, and he sported a stylish hat, Ruthven liked the look of the hat. The man spoke, he spoke with a strong burthorpian dialect, his voice contained a passion that most adventurers had, one that Ruthvens voice contained a lot of. "Damn Goblin tried to mug you." he said. "Did he?" Ruthven shouted up at him. He then inspected the body and pulled out the bolt, it was in there tight. Ruthven walked up to the tree and called up again. "You want your bolt back?" he asked. The man nodded and stood up on the branch, he then jumped up and front flipped through the air before landing on his feet. He grabbed the bolt off him. "Thanks. His story ended on an unclimactic sentence." he said with a smile, Ruthven smiled back at him.

"I take it your headed to the guild?" the man asked. Ruthven nodded. "How'd you know?" he replied. "Your crossing the stones, its quicker to get to Varrock via the north and Lumbridge via the south. Plus your attire suggests your an adventurer or slayer." he said. "Your correct, I'm Ruthven Galand, adv--" Ruthven started to say but was suddenly interrupted. "Son of the merchant Ruthven Galand, accomplished slayer and seasoned traveller, I came across your name in an article or two." he said. Ruthven was dismayed at the man's knowledge. "Well you leave me at a disadvantage." he said. The man flicked the hair out of his eyes. "Jacob, Jacob Southmage." he said, he held his hand out to shake. Ruthven accepted the gesture. Afterwards Jacob got his book out and started to read from it, whilst walking in the direction of the guild. "You coming?" he asked. Ruthven smiled and followed, he was an interesting character to be sure.

As they walked east towards the guild Ruthven talked constantly about his adventures whilst Jacob continued to read his book whilst walking. Strangely Ruthven actually got tired of talking about himself and became interested in what Jacob was reading. "What's that your reading then?" Ruthven asked. "Book." Jacob replied. "I see... What's it called?" Ruthven asked. "Major archaeological finds of the 5th age." "Ahhhh...." Ruthven's expertise in that area was farely limited, the discussion was followed by a long period of silence. "Not much of a talker, are you?" Ruthven joked. "Not really. My small talk isn't that developed." Jacob replied. "That one liner after you killed the goblin was pretty good, suited you." Jacob chuckled. "Sentences like that just come out by themselves, anyway it livens up a boring story doesn't it." he said. Ruthven laughed this time.

They eventually arrived at the famed building, Ruthven thought back on it all. He and Ruffven saw it for the first time, they watched men in fancy suits of armour walk in and out, and listened to the praise that came from within. "One day Ruff. That'll be me and you celebrating in there." The younger Ruthven said smiling. "I expect its human only" Ruffven said solemnly. Ruthven chuckled. "Nonsense, why wouldn't they accept you, your probably twice as strong as anyone who walked out of there." Ruffven sighed. "What's the matter with you, you talk like everything is all right, they'd mark me down as a monster and have me killed." he said. Ruthven grabbed him and made them face each other. "They'd have to get through me first, your just moping cause your hungry, look, theres some champion chickens out in the garden, come on mr gwumpy wolf." Ruthven said before heading over the guild. Ruffven walked briskly after him. "You don't remember what I said would happen if you called me that again?" he growled. "You'd have to catch me first, and we both know I'm the fastest." Ruthven said chuckling before running over to the guild. Ruffven slowly began to smile and chuckle as well. "When I catch you and prove you wrong your dead meat." he shouted after Ruthven whilst running towards him.

"I should've come here with you Ruffven, then I'd prove you wrong once and for all." Ruthven said as he neared the door. "What was that?" Jacob asked, putting his book away. "Nothing. Well thanks for the company, you heading to Varrock?" Ruthven asked. "What, and leave you alone to face the perils and monsters." Jacob said, pulling out a letter from his pocket. He then knocked at the door of the guild. A man in fancy clothes and a beard answered, Jacob handed him the letter. "Ah, Mr Southmage, heard about your exploits, hope you perform as well as your last client said you did." the man said. Jacob shook his hand and headed inside. Ruthven now realised he wasn't on his own, he'd preffered working in teams anyway. Ruthven stepped forward and gave the man his reccomendation. The man hummed slightly as he read it. "So you were reccomended by Miss Scott's new husband, its a shame about what happened isn't it." Ruthven looked confused. "Sorry?" he said. "Your client, he was killed by a group of bandits a few days ago, I'd feel sorry for her now, 4 husbands dead." Ruthven sighed with relief but then felt concerned. "Does this affect anything?" Ruthven asked. "Well, under these circumstances we might find it suspicous, but your father has helped us out on a few occasions, I'm sure we can let this slide Mr Galand." Ruthven thanked him and shook his hand and went to join Jacob.

Jacob was reading his book whilst Ruthven talked about his adventures while they waited for the Guildmaster to finish his business. "You know I didn't always work on my own, there was this mage I did an assignment with, what's his name... began with a C, anyway one thing lead to another and we we were in this room, lava spewing and erupting everywhere, there were 5 dragons coming after us, I had to dodge out the way of the fireballs and then I had to jump onto one of their backs." Ruthven's story was intterupted by a sudden knock on the door. The man answered the door and was handed another reccomendation. "Ok mr Armen, your joined by 2 other participants as well, just inside." he said. The door opened and Ruthven thought to himself. "This can't be a coincidence." Walking in through the door was a familiar face, his face was a bit worn and his hair had suddenly turned grey but Ruthven recognised him, the man he had slain a dragon with, it was... "Crayos! What a coincidence, how was Wushanko?" Crayos sighed, "I spent 9 months trapped in a boat under the sea, and my names Charron... not Crayos."

Ruthven scratched the back of his head and smiled. "Yeah, of course its Charron, how could I forget you?" he said. Charron went to go chat with Jacob for a bit so that gave Ruthven a chance to look round. Outside the window he could see the chickens roaming in the garden, the South Varrock wall could also be seen. Ruthven started to day dream. "Ha!" Ruthven said, reaching the wall first. "Told you I'd *pant* win." Ruffven arrived 3 seconds later, for once he was actually smiling. "Yeah sure, but make it long distance and we both know I'd win." he said. Ruthven nudged him. "You just keep telling yourself that, your just jealous you were beat by a human." he said, sitting down on the wall. Ruffven sat down next to him. "Ruth, do you really think of me as one of your family?" he asked. Ruthven laughed slightly. "Of course, your my brother, as well as my best friend." he replied. Suddenly Ruthven's face went serious. "Why? You don't think of me as food do you?". Ruthven knew his 'serious' face always got a smile out of Ruffven, once again it was proven to be true. "Only for the first few years." Ruffven said, jokingly. Ruthven laughed. "Brothers..." Ruffven said under his breath. Suddenly a door behind them burst open and a man shouted 'Oy!' through the door.

"Oy!" Charron said, jabbing at Ruthven with his staff. Ruthven turned around quickly. "What?" he replied, unaware of what was going on. "We're heading to Ghost Town." Charron said, looking annoyed already. "Right, I was just... never mind." Ruthven replied awkwardly. Charron grunted and walked out the door, Jacob walked up to Ruthven and grabbed his arm. "Come on, adventure awaits." he said. All 3 of them walked out the door and headed North.

'Great'er Demons

Ruthven walked in front, he talked constantly, he told stories about his adventures, amazing slayer assignments and how excited he was that he was actually going to be a champion. Charron appeared to just ignore him, but Jacob started discussion's on each of the story's Ruthven told but eventually got tired of it as the stories got more and more eccentric. "I'm just saying..." Jacob started, holding his hand against his head, "That the chances of you finding a castle, composed entirely of cheese, is severely unlikely, probably impossible." Ruthven spun round on his heels to meet this argument, it was one of Ruthven's most exciting adventures, it 'had' happened in his dreams, but it was still a great adventure. "Look, me and Duke Cheddar are good friends, I'll show you it one day." he said with a smile. Charron huffed from the back whilst Jacob sighed and just pushed the hair out of his face. Ruthven ignored their almost silent remarks as he stepped forward into Ghost Town, they were petitioning to change the name apparently, Ghost Town did seem like a bit of a tourism killer.

"Oziach's house is the lonely one to the north west." Jacob said. They all walked up to the house, the word lonely did seem appropriate, there were no neighbours at all. Ruthven, as the most charismatic, decided he would be the one to knock. *Knock* *Knock* *Tap* *Tap* *Knock* Ruthven's own signature knock. A oldish man answered the door,  the midday sun reflected on his rune armour right into Ruthven's eyes. He showed an aura of Wisdom, but he also had an expression that he didn't want his position. "Oh great, another lot. Well, just show yourself in, don't give a damn about my feelings." he said with an expression that didn't bother to hide his annoyance. "Ah Charron, you'll get on well with him." Ruthven said quietly as he walked in. Jacob and an annoyed Charron followed in afterwards.

Old trophy's adorned the walls, dragon heads, old swords and set's of armour. A pile of paper's littered a table in the corner. Oziach turned round and placed his head in his hands, he sighed then grabbed a quill and some papyrus. "Right you 3 are?" he said. "Ruthven Galand! Adventurer extraordinaire!" he said, forming a pose that he'd seen in a few heroic paintings. Oziach seemed uninterested. "Is that 2 l's in Galand?" he said. Ruthven sighed. "No, just 1." he said, smiling ferociously in Oziach's direction in order to get some sort of reaction. Oziach looked up from his paperwork and faced Ruthven, Ruthven promptly moved behind Charron. "And you, Ranger?" he asked. Jacob coughed. "Jacob Johnathon Peterson Brian Southmage." he said. You could hear Oziach's annoyance from a mile away. After a long period of silence he spoke up again. "Right and the mage?". Charron said "Charron Armen." There was a slight groan of what might have been approval once. "Right then? How about you just do me a favour and give up?" Oziach said.

"What?" Charron said, shocked. Ruthven's smile disappeared from his face. "But our story's only just begun, why?" Jacob said. Oziach slammed the paperwork on the floor. "Lets start with you Jacob. You might think its 'cool' that everything you say references literature, but it isn't, it makes you sound like a mentally deranged goblin!" Jacob was taken aback by this sudden attack at the way he spoke. "And you Charron. Mages don't make good champions. Arrav, Camorra, Radimus, none of them were mages. Thats because they're self obsessed and have no skill in combat situations outside the tower!" Oziach shouted even louder. He turned to face Ruthven, whilst Jacob had to hold Charron back to stop him from attacking Oziach. "And you, rich boy Galand. Yes I know your dad, you don't have the experience, you just think wealth will get you what you want, well welcome to the real world, you'll die out there." Ruthven simply smiled and looked down jokingly. "And that damn awful smile, I see why they say ignorance is bliss." Oziach followed up with. Ruthven turned and faced him, he thought again about what he had said to Ruffven that time before, if Ruffven had tried to join the guild there'd be a beast ripping Oziach to shreds, that probably wouldn't have happened but the thought gave Ruthven some satisfaction. "Your not here to judge on looks, your here to judge on skill. You want this over and done with just give us a damn quest, shut your f***ing mouth and you can wait here until we come back. Then you can look us in the eye and apologize, you washed up b****rd!" Ruthven shouted back at Oziach, meeting his gaze, his hand wrapped around his sword's in case it went wrong. "Fine! Take this damn quest and get out of my house. And remember, the guild's not gonna exhaust its supplie's looking for your remains." Oziach responded, grabbing a scroll, forcing it in Ruthven's hands and shoving all 3 of them out the door, slamming it behind them.

All 3 of them looked at each other. "I wasn't going to say anything but he forget about Dionyssius." Jacob said quietly. Ruthven burst out laughing, shortly followed by Jacob, Charron tried to resist but he couldn't help it. "Heh.. thanks Ruthven." Charron said. Ruthven smiled cheerfully at him. "I learnt from the best, but fortunately I didn't have to break his nose." Charron smiled back. "Well..." Jacob started to say. "Seems were working together on this quest, beats working alone. So what is it?" Ruthven got it out and started to read, it was  long and boring so he gave it to Jacob. "Some strange activity has been noted at the wilderness pond, mysterious illnesses, strange fauna and flora, suspected demonic involvement. Were to investigate and stop any further activity." he said. Ruthven groaned, he'd hoped to stop an army of undead, or help escort a group of young women through a forest, not some pond investigation. Jacob explained that the wilderness pond was the source of the river Lum, so any activity there could affect half of Misthalin, he also explained the quickest and safest way to get there would be using a canoe to travel upstream through the underground cavern's the river flowed through. The 3 of them went to the river and were lucky enough to find someone selling a canoe big enough for all 3 of them, Ruthven begrudgingly paid for it and all 3 of them boarded. As there were only 2 paddles Ruthven suggested since he paid for it that Jacob and Charron should row, after an argument they both accepted. Ruthven took a sip of the water from the river, it quenched his thirst and he suddenly felt tired. Ruthven laid back in the canoe and put his hat over his eyes and started to sleep.

"Come on Ruff, I think I saw a banshee go upstairs." Ruthven said to his brother. Ruffven rested his swung his mace, back and forth, as he followed Ruthven up the stairs. "I'm not feeling that well Ruth, maybe we should rest for a bit." Ruffven replied. "Nonsense." Ruthven said. "Your a werewolf, I've never heard of a werewolf feeling 'under the weather'. Your probably just hungry again." Ruthven replied, with a smile as he turned the corner into the next room. "What?" Ruffven replied, he'd forgotten to take his earmuff's off from the last fight. He quickly slipped them onto his neck. "I just feel weird, and I can't get the smell of blood out of my system." Ruthven attempted to console him by trying to speak Canic. "[You'll never amount to Alpha if your that weak, now quickly, the prey's scent is getting stronger]" he said, coughing slightly, the growling noises always gave him a ticklish throat. Ruffven sighed. [Your Howl is Weak, Pup!] he replied. "Well, I'm sorry if I havn't had 30 years to practice, you [*Canic insult that has no common tongue equivalent*]" As Ruthven turned the next corner, he too, could smell blood, then he saw it, a group of mages in red robes stood around a human corpse, it was rotting and probably belonged to the adventurer that had passed through the other week. Ruffven turned round the corner as well and he saw them, and they saw him.

Ruthven, hoping to get a head start, rushed forward and took a lunge at one of the mages, the swords's passed into the back of one of the mages, Ruthven had never actually attacked another human before, his nerves getting the better of him he quickly pulled them out only to be punched in the side of the head. Ruthven stumble backward, but a mace swung through the air and landed with a loud crunch as it smashed into the knee's of 1 of the mages. The mage let out a curse in a language Ruthven couldn't understand, but the other mages had prepared. A ball of rock suddenly appeared and smashed into Ruthven, sending him against the back wall. Ruffven meanwhile blocked a spell with his shield before smashing his mace into the skull of another mage. The mage fell to the floor,his skull cracked open and blood gushing onto the cold stone floor. Ruthven silently cheered as he tried to get up, Ruffven could handle himself. However Ruffven was frozen, he was just staring at the mage he'd just killed, he didn't even react as a mage sent a large gust of wind at Ruffven knocking him against the side wall, he dropped his mace and shield and fell to the ground, Ruthven tried to get to him but was still struggling to get up, but then he noticed there was something wrong with Ruffven, he was shaking violently and trying to get up, Ruthven saw his eyes, they were yellow and animalistic. Ruffven was changing.

The mages wern't looking at Ruffven, they were looking at their recently dead colleague, 1 of them was searching the corpse, but Ruthven watched Ruffven intently. He had never actually seen a werewolf transform before, he'd heard it, the howls during one of their hunts, but never actually seen one, but there in front of him his brother was turning. Ruffven looked like he was in pain, dark brown fur was slowly growing out of his skin and covering his entire body, there was a soft ping as the straps on his armour became undone and the armour slid onto the ground. Ruthven watched closely, his brother's jaw extending, his clothes ripping to be replaced with a furry hide, his hands replaced with claws. Ruthven couldn't see how that 'thing' had been inside Ruffven, it looked like the beast's in his nightmare's, it stood over the rag's of Ruffven's clothes like it was a beast who had just ripped him to shreds. A soft growl emanated from the beast, he lifted his head into the air and howled. One of the mages turned around to check the source of the noise, all he saw was a claw heading towards his throat.

As the mage fell to the ground, the other mages realised the danger of the situation. They all began to charge spell's but Ruffven was already moving on to his next target, Ruthven watched him rip apart another mage when he saw a mage behind Ruffven charging a very large and powerful looking spell. A burst of energy running through him, Ruthven got up grabbed his swords, jumped up and thrusted them through the skull of the mage, falling on top of him as they both fell to the floor, it had only taken him a second. Ruthven stared at his swords, he'd just killed a man, he was always told the first kill was an important one, Uncle Rathven always boasted about his first kill, he told it every week, but this kill didn't feel that important to Ruthven, he didn't feel Guilty, or any remorse, he didn't feel happy or sad or angry, he didn't feel anything. He pulled out the blades, blood soaking them, Ruffven wiped the blood off, on the dead mages cloak. Ruthven looked up from his own first kill to back at Ruffven. He was standing, holding the mage by the throat, he brought the mage up to his face, howled, then proceeded to rip out his throat. Ruthven felt a little bit sick but he didn't want to seem that he couldn't handle blod and gore in front of Ruffven, then he'd be tormented about it for years, he simply smiled and walked up to Ruffven and put his hand on his shoulder, he may have been covered in fur, but he was still his brother. "You could have left some for--" Ruthven started to say but something happened. It all seemed to happen in slow motion, a head turned round and faced him, it was beast like, blood dripped from its jaws and red eye's met his gaze, suddenly a claw shot out and hit Ruthven in the chest, digging in deep, they then proceeded up the chest, ripping open the skin as it left the chest further up. "--meeee......" Ruthven said before falling down onto his knee, he then fell against the wall. Ruthven chucked weakly. "ow....." he said softly. "[Brother..]" Ruffven said, coming to his senses. "[Brother...]" Ruthven replied before staring at his wound. He'd heard a rumour that if you got scratched by a werewolf you became one, as he looked closely at his wound, he noticed the blood gushing out was starting to look more like ink. The ink life blood flowed all over Ruthven, it covered his entire body. Ruthven struggled against it before it eventually covered his eye's. He felt the ground give way and then felt himself fall. "Wait a minute." he said spitting blood, or whatever it was, out of his mouth. "This isn't how it went, I'm dreaming." he said again out loud, he didn't know why he was speaking out loud. He pinched himself. Nothing happened. Suddenly he could hear voices. "Why'd he have to drink water from a source were suppose to investigate." a voice that sounded like Charron's said. "Here, I've made a potion, this should keep the pages turning." A voice that sounded like Jacob's said. Ruthven realised the error of drinking from the river. He felt his throat clench, they'd obviously just forced the liquid down him. Suddenly he could hear a voice that sounded like Ruffven's "You need to defeat the source of all evil." it said. Suddenly Ruthven hit the ground, he wiped the liquid off his eye's and he saw where he was. It was just outside Scott's Mansion. The moon shone down on him and Ruffven's voice spoke to him again. "Remember you control the law's of this place." it said. Ruthven ran through everything that was happening. "Okay, I'm trapped in a dream, I must kill the source of all evil, source of all..... Scotty!. I knew it! I don't have any weapon's and its heavily guarded, but I control the laws of this place. That mean's I could just teleport to her right now. But what would be the fun in that. hmmm. I know." he said.

Ruthven suddenly jolted awake. "[Brother!]" he cried. He noticed Jacob and Charron looking down at him. "You idiot!" Charron shouted at him. "I know, I shouldn't have drunk the water, thank you for saving me, yada yada. Now come on we don't have time to argue about whose been stupid." he said, jumping up from the floor and onto land. They were in the wilderness, Ruthven had never been before, but it looked just like it had been described to him. Jacob grabbed some of the fauna growing around the pond. "This fungi helped cure you, it only grow's near magically altered water. Fortunately the spell's only affecting the area by the source, as soon as it flow's down stream it dissipates, unfortunately it probably means whoever did this want's to extend the reach of the damage." Jacob said. Ruthven silently thanked him for not making sense and then noticed some track's leading from the pond to a small crevice in the ground. Ruffven had taught him to recognise behaviour from people's track's, whatever left them wasn't human, and had been walking round the pond and studying it. Ruthven pointed to the crevice and ran towards it.

A rope was already dangling down into the crevice. "Convenient." Ruthven said. "I think you should go first Ruthven." Charron said. Ruthven put his hand on Charron's shoulder. "Awww, finally admitting I'm the better combatant." he replied. Charron pushed the hand off. "No, you shout loudest, that way we'll know if its dangerous down there." he said with a huff. Ruthven smiled, and slid down the rope. He dropped to the floor and suddenly found himself facing 2 demon's in the middle of a ritual. Ruthven gave them a cheeky wave, one of them responded by charging a spell. "Guy's, we've got company!" Ruthven shouted up. A ball of fire was now heading straight for Ruthven, he easily dodged out the way but it hit the wall behind him, there was a sudden tremor and Charron fell to the ground.

The demon was already charging another spell, this time aiming at Charron. Ruthven knew he couldn't stop the demon in time but he tried anyway. As he was running towards the demon, an axe appeared out of nowhere and drove itself into the head of the demon. The spell was released, completely missing its target, so Ruthven took the chance. Both rapier's into the chest of the demon. "Didn't like that, did you?" Ruthven thought to himself. The demon swiped at him but Ruthven was quick, pulled the swords out and ducked. "Slash, Slash, Dodge left, Slash, Dodge Right, Duck, Stab." the word's ringing through his mind as he succesfully dodged and counter attacked each demon's attempts. Unfortunately Ruthven had forgotten about the other demon, only remembering about him after he was smacked away and soaring through the air. His landing was poor and he rolled and slid through the dirt, messing up his cape in the process. Ruthven looked up, the demon that had knocked him was charging a spell of some kind, but he wasn't aiming at them. The other demon was in pain, a bolt had just hit him in the eye. Ruthven got up and charged at him, however a spell hit the demon in the chest, it screamed and stepped backwards. Ruthven was about to finish it off, when it exploded, showering Ruthven in gut's and bit's of hide. "Urghhh..." Ruthven thought to himself. Suddenly the cave shook, over at the wall where the 2nd demon had cast the spell, a Revenant Demon had burst out. The second demon went over to the revenant and spoke in a tongue Ruthven couldn't understand, the revenant responded by firing a powerful spell at the demon, the demon promtply exploded. It then turned its attention to the 3 human's.

A bolt struck the revenant on the skull but it bounced off, causing 'some' blunt force from the hit but not much. The revenant responded by shooting a spell at Jacob and Charron. Ruthven took the chance while it was distracted and charged at it. He stabbed the revenant and quickly pulled it out again. "slash, dodge left, slash slash, dodg--" Ruthven went through the process in his head again but was caught off guard by the revenant and was knocked to the side. Ruthven kept his footing this time and watched as Jacob sent a flurry of knives at the demon, one after the other. They all impacted the chest, causing the revenant to roar and send another spell, this time at Jacob who rolled out the way. The demon then fired a spell at Charron, Ruthven watched in horror as the spell flew toward's his friend, there was a sudden flash of light and standing where Charron was, was a Horned Bull like creature with a Giant axe, that appeared to be made of Mithril. It let out a sound that sounded like *Baroo!* and the creature charged at the revenant. Ruthven saw the revenant charging the spell, but Ruthven reacted quickly and slashed at the ghostly arms that were casting the spell before running back again. The revenant flinched, as Ruthven hoped, and the Bull creature charged into the revenant, knocking it into a nearby wall. The creature stepped back in time for a fire spell to hit the revenant head on. As the revenant screamed a bolt hit the side of it's head and pierced the helmet. The creature then brought it's axe down on the revenant, it cut through it's 'neck' and faded into ghostly essence. Ruthven threw both rapier's in the air, spun on the spot then caught them again. His signature victory pose he'd worked on. "We did it!" Ruthven shouted out loud.

The creature muttered something and Charron let out a laugh. Jacob was twirling a knife in his hand's as he walked around collecting his bolt's and other ammo, laughing to himself. Ruthven was laughing as well. Jacob had gone to the ritual circle in the middle and inspected it. "Charron do you wanna gi' me a hand with this?" he said, taking out various equipment from his bag. Charron went to help Jacob, while Ruthven investigated a small glistening light shining through a crack in the wall. "I think there's some loot behind this wall, I don't know how to get past though." Ruthven shouted to the other two. Suddenly a large fist punched the wall, and suddenly it gave way, the bull creature looked at him and muttered something. "Charron what's he saying?" he asked. "He's a minotaur, and he said 'Your welcome, no horns". Ruthven thanked the minotaur for it's 'generosity' and headed into the new hole. He brought out the loot and placed it on the floor near Charron. "The ritual's been disturbed and broken now." Charron said. Ruthven showed them the loot, which consisted of a few old relics, some dusty tomes and a set of robes. Ruthven took the relics, Jacob took the tomes and Charron took the robe's. They then departed for Ghost Town.

Ruthven knocked loudly on Oziach's door. "What!" an angry oziach shouted as he opened the door. Ruthven met his gaze. "You owe me and my friends an apology!" he said. Oziach grunted. "I owe you a certificate!" he said, and went inside to get 3 certificates. "You can't charm them all Ruth." Charron said with a shake of the head. Oziach stepped out and shoved a scroll into Ruthven's hand, then Charron, then Jacob. "Congratulation on completing your quest's yada yada yada, we hereby name you 3 Champions of Gielinor." Ruthven tapped him on top of the shoulder "And our apology?" he said with a smile. Oziach gave him a rude gesture and slammed the door behind him. As they walked back Ruthven gave a kid a few coins to throw a rock through Oziachs window. As they heard a *crash* behind them, the 3 laughed as they made their way back to the Champions Guild.

Great Hero's

2 year's past, Ruthven, Jacob and Charron had formed a questing team and had spent their time solving problems, killing monsters and completing quests. Their time together was nearing an end though. The 3 of them sat in a bar overlooking the sea, Ruthven stared at his 'grog' and decided to go sober this time. He faced Charron. "Your really going back to Wushanko?" he asked Charron. Charron nodded. "I have business there, I might not be back for a year or two though." he said, facing down at the ground. Jacob nudged him slightly. "Of course we'll see you again, remember to bring me back a book or five." he said. Ruthven laughed. "Oh, and get me a cape as well." he said. Charron looked at both of them with a serious face. "This isn't a shopping trip!" he said aggresively, but he soon laughed it off. Charron grabbed his things and began to walk towards the boat. He turned round. "Well.... bye." he said, nodding before turning and heading off. Ruthven and Jacob waved Charron off as the ship left the harbour. "It's just a short intermission." Jacob said. "Hopefully." Ruthven added. They then both turned round and got back to their drinks.

Time passed. "Come on, why don't we go meet my brother near Paterdomus." Ruthven said. "You and your brother actually like each other?" Jacob replied. "Yeah were the best of friends, he tries to push me away but I reckon deep down he'd hate to live in a world without me". Ruthven replied, looking slightly tearful as he drunk his grog. "You never talk about him though, to me it's a blank chapter in your story." Jacob said. Ruthven sighed. "Let me fill you in, Ruffven is... well different to me and you, its that difference that sometimes causes a rift between us..." A silence passed, Ruthven sighed. "You see my brother is a --" Ruthven started to say but 1 of his rarely seen emotional speeches was interuppted by a courier. "You two, are you either Galand, Armen or Southmage." he said. "That's us, we'll take Armen's as well." Jacob said. The man handed him the letter's and skedaddled. Jacob handed Ruthven his and placed Charron's on the bar. Ruthven ripped his open and read the note inside. It was full of long boring text, after a few paragraph's Ruthven put his down and waited for Jacob to finish his, Jacob had already finished. "Sooo?" Ruthven went. "Oh, we've been invited to take part in the Heroes Guild entrance exam." Jacob said, a smile creeping up his face. Ruthven let out a cheer, then he noted Charron's letter. "It's a shame about Charron." he said. They both left the bar and headed straight for Taverly.

They arrived at the great door's of the Heros guild and were greeted by a woman in shining armour. "Greetings! Welcome to the heros guild. I'm Achiettes." she said. "Hello, I'm Jacob, and this is---" Jacob started to say but Ruthven butted in. She looked divine, and much nicer than Oziach. "Hello. That's Jacob, and I'm Ruthven Galand, Champion, Master Slayer, Great kisser, Master Slayer and great respecter of Hero's." Ruthven said, giving a smile. Behind him, Jacob has his head in his hand's. Achiettes's opened a scroll she was holding in her hand. "Ah yes, you two. Is Charron Armen not with you?" she said. "He's currently writing a different chapter for his story." Jacob said. "Ah I see, well then I guess you two will be taking this task on. Same as always, gather 3 items for my collec-- I mean the Guild." she said, brushing her hair aside. "So what do you want? Wine, Flowers, a nice meal at a little restaraunt I know?" Ruthven said, turning so that his cape fluttered in the wind. Jacob was struggling to breathe through his hands. "Oh nothing like that, I need a Troll General's Hammer, the Tail of a Jadinko and a Rocktail." she said, smiling as she read the things off the list. Ruthven's mouth opened in shock. "Where's Rocktail?" he asked. "Where do I find Jadinko's?" Jacob followed up with. "You have 6 month's, good luck!" she said, and she went back inside. A moment passed. "I liked Oziach better." Jacob said.

"Where do we find these things?" Ruthven asked Jacob, hoping that his extensive knowledge covered these areas. "Troll General's hammer, we can either steal one from the Prince, or get one ourselves at Trollheim." Jacob said. "To the Palace! Wait.... no, better go to Trollheim." Ruthven said, proud that his intelligence solved the crisis. "As for the other 2...." Jacob shrugged. "We'll start with Trollheim then.... where's that?" Ruthven asked. "It's about 2 day's hike through the mountains" Jacob said. "2 day's!" Ruthven said, with a shocked expression. "Noone said this would be a short Story." Jacob retaliated. Ruthven sulked for a bit before speaking up again. "Well, its evening now, where's the nearest Inn?" Ruthven asked, looking around. "Inn? Why go there, I've got a much better setting." Jacob said, heading north towards Burthorpe. Ruthven had no idea what he was talking about.

"Here we are." Jacob said. They were standing outside a shop, a sign hung outside with the name 'John's Smithy'. "This is a Smithy." Ruthven said. "It's also my home." Jacob replied. Jacob stepped inside and Ruthven followed. "Mum, Dad, I'm back." Jacob shouted. All along the wall's hung a variety of weapon's and armours, as well as a few ranged supplies. "Jacob is that you?" an old voice from the back room shouted. A man stepped in, he wore what looked like old adventuring garment's, slightly ripped at the leg's, he looked about 50, his hair was cut short and was dark Black. "Jacob, my boy." the man said. "Grandpa!" Jacob replied, and hugged the man. Ruthven put down the short sword he was examining and went over. "This is my partner, Ruthven" Jacob said. Ruthven held out his hand to shake. "Pleased to make your acquaintance sir." Ruthven said. The old man grasped Ruthven's hand. "Sir indeed, my name's Centauri" he said.

Jacob discussed his adventure's, Ruthven dropping in epic combat moment's from time to time. They got onto their current quest. "So old man, you know where we can find any of those items?" Ruthven asked. "With age comes Wisdom Youth, Jadinko's are found at the Jade Vine, South East Karamja, I believe Jacob's know's roughly where it is. Rocktail's are a type of fish, I'd head to the Dwarven Village and ask about them there." he said. "Thanks for the info." Jacob said. Centauri nodded. "Tonight, Jacob, you can sleep in your parent's room as it's currently empty, Ruthven can sleep in your old room." he said. Ruthven thanked him and decided to have an early night. He hated hiking.

It was certainly Jacob's room, there were book's everywhere. Ruthven nearly tripped over as he walked towards the bed. A painting of a Bird and a Dragon dancing in the sky hung above the bed, Ruthven thought it looked quite nice. He got undressed and jumped into bed, it reminded Ruthven of home, sitting in his own bed. Memories came flooding back, before he fell onto the pillow, asleep.

Ruthven woke up, he was back at home, in the basement, but his chest was hurting like hell. He was greeted by a tall well built man, resting against a wall, it was Rathven, Ruffven's Grandfather. He sighed. "Your lucky to be alive." he said. He walked up to Ruthven and sat on a small table next to his bed. Ruthven felt he was being told off. "Very few young pup's can control themselve's during their first feasting. Your lucky Ruffven got a hold of his senses." Rathven said. Ruthven smiled. "Ruff would never hurt me on purpose." he said. Rathven shook his head. "You seen your chest, he almost reached your heart, your certainly scarred for life." he said. Ruthven looked under the sheet's on his bed, his entire chest was covered in bandages. "How's Ruff?" he asked. Rathven shook his head again. "You shouldn't worry about him, if he'd suffered a wound like that it would have healed by now. Anyway he's fine, his injuries wern't as severe as we feared, and his regeneration's starting to kick in. He's just a bit shaken by the whole thing, most first timer's are." Rathven said. "Where is he?" Ruthven asked. "Your father's with him, he knew the day would come, we'll probably have the bloodening soon. Your father shouldn't worry, It's good for Ruffven." Rathven said. "I have every right to worry" a voice from behind said. It was his father.

Ruthven's dad walked in and rested against the spot where Rathven was resting. "Both my son's come back from that tower, 1 with 3 long holes in his chest, the other covered in fur, but still walking with a limp." his father said. "He's not your son." Rathven said. "He's not your's either." father retaliated. "He's still my blood" Rathven said, raising his voice. "And he's also mine." his father said. "I'm not having this stupid argument again." father said, silencing Rathven. A moment passed, Ruthven shuffled in his bed as he tried to stay awake. "I know he need's to mature, I know that's best for him. I just don't know if that's what he wants. He tries hard not to show it, but he enjoy's his time over the river. Maturing will make it more difficult to cross, if he want's to carry on at all." father said. Rathven stood up and walked over to father, Rathven dominated him in height. He sighed. "Look talk to your 'human' son, he's just had a hard night" Rathven said. Ruthven looked to his father and shook his head. "He's fine, he never gets depressed so I never need to console him. But I do need to talk to you about certain 'arrangements' for the bloodening, a specific resource that's needed." father said, he eyed Ruthven then decided to take the conversation upstairs. Ruthven fell back onto the back of the bed, he accidentally banged his head. Ruthven swore quietly. Shortly afterward's Ruffven came down the stair's, he had some old clothes on and a blanket wrapped round him. "Hey." Ruffven said.

Ruffven sat down on the bed next to Ruthven. "You ok?" Ruthven asked. Ruffven shook his head. "I should be the one asking you that." Ruffven said. Ruthven pulled the sheet's off his bed to reveal the bandages. "What, this. Its nothing really, just a scratch." Ruthven said smiling. Ruffven looked down at it. "Well, you know... Sorry." he said, in a quiet voice. Ruthven chuckled. "Don't, I'll get my revenge one day." he said. Ruffven let out a small smile and then eventually a chuckle. "Your so infuriating." Ruffven said. "I should have killed you." he added. Ruthven laughed loudly. "I'd like to see you try." Ruthven said. Ruffven laughed this time. "I hospitalized you by accident, imagine what would happen if I actually tried." Ruffven said. Ruthven rolled his eyes. "Pfft, I let you have that free hit. I guess I did owe you with all the time's I've beaten you." Ruthven said, bursting out in laughter along with Ruffven. Ruffven punched him on the arm jokingly. "Ow!" Ruthven replied.

"So what's it like?" Ruthven asked. "I don't know how to explain it." Ruffven replied. "It was like... all the way through the tower my head was hurting, it felt like an argument between my 2.... 'personalities'. Anyway we got to the guy's, everything was going smoothly, until they managed to dispatch us with ease... Well 'you' with ease, it took a bit of effort for me." Ruffven said smiling at his own joke. "time slowed, I suddenly felt an urge to kill them, to rip them to shred's, to take their heart's and..... well you get the idea. Suddenly I realised I had the power to make that happen, and it sort've went on from there. I became a predator, all I could think about was killing. When the smell of blood came it was like an urge to want more, as I chewed their flesh and the blood flowed down my throat, it was like the sweetest wine, I just wanted to rip every single human in the... and thats sort of it." Ruffven finished saying, drooling and slightly embarassed. "Wow.." Ruthven said. "I actually meant what's it like to have a tail?" Ruthven said smiling at Ruffven in a joking fashion. Ruffven smiled back and punched Ruthven in the arm again. "Ow!" Ruthven exclaimed.

Ruthven woke up to find Centauri staring at him. "Is there something your looking for?" asked Ruthven. Centauri entered the room. "Jacob always did have strange friends, and theres something about you?" Centauri asked. Ruthven sat up in his bed. "Our good looks considered strange round here?" Ruthven asked with a smile. Centauri shook his head. "No, nothing like that. Just your accent, its West Morytanian?" Centauri said. Ruthven suddenly grew curious about what he was trying to imply. "My family spent a lot of time at Paterdomus." Ruthven replied. "Oh, then why are your rapier's made of Silvthrill?" Centauri asked. "I got a great deal on them from a former mercenary." Ruthven replied, trying to avoid the truth. "And the fact you speak Canic in your sleep." Centauri followed up with. "I do not --" Ruthven started to say but realised that this was probably a trick. "--- know who Canic is?" Ruthven said. Centauri produced a strange sound that sounded suspicous and walked out. Ruthven decided to forget about this and get dressed.

After breakfast Ruthven met up with Jacob outside. Centauri waved them off, eyeing Ruthven suspicously. Ruthven smiled and waved back, and he followed Jacob who proceeded to lead him towards the mountain. Once they were out of range Ruthven walked up to Jacob. "I don't think your grandpa likes me." Ruthven said. Jacob sighed. "He's being crazy again." Jacob replied. "He thought you were a werewolf." Jacob said shaking his head. Ruthven laughed. "I wish I was, then I could actually beat Charron in an arm wrestle." Ruthven replied smiling. Jacob laughed. "But your character would be completely different." he replied. Ruthven nodded. A few hours later they were nearing Trollheim, they laid down on top of a cliff, overlooking some kind of Troll marketplace. "So what does a general look like?" Ruthven asked. At that exact moment a very large troll appeared out of a nearby cave, he then proceeded to throw a smaller troll down the mountainside. He then proceeded to make a lot of noise and disappear back into the cave. "Thats the General." Jacob said. Ruthven sighed.

They both decided to wait until it was dark before proceeding, as soon as it was dark they both snuck into the cave. Jacobs dark clothes helped him to blend in with the dark background, Ruthven on the other hand, didn't bring any dark clothes with him, so he had to use his speed to get past. Eventually they found a room that was decorated with various skulls of creatures. Jacob theorized that this was where the general lived. A loud snore emanated from the room. Inside they saw a large troll asleep on the floor, clutching his hammer in his arms, Jacob and Ruthven carefully snuck up to it. Jacob slowly bent over the troll, jumping at every sudden movement. Ruthven found this was taking too long so he slit the trolls throat. It spluttered a bit and then stopped snoring. Jacob gave Ruthven a look like he was about to kill him. Ruthven shrugged and picked up the hammer, it weighed a ton and was the heaviest thing Ruthven had ever carried, so he handed it to Jacob. "You shouldn't have done that." Jacob said, who quickly drunk a strength potion to help with the weight. "Whats the worst thing that could happen?" Ruthven said. Suddenly Ruthven heard a voice from out in the hall. "Hey, he stop snoring. Go check he ok." a voice said. Jacob and Ruthven both decided this was the time to run.

"Stop Hooman!" a voice shouted behind them. Ruthven didn't check to see who it was, Jacob was slowly lagging behind and the trolls were catching up. They ran through a maze of tunnels and Jacob was getting worn out. Ruthven saw a room with a sign that said "Warnin Roc. No go in". Ruthven shrugged and lead Jacob into the room. They heard a large crowd of trolls run down the other corridor. Jacob fell to his knees panting. After 5 minutes Jacob got up. "You idiot!" he shouted. "We escaped didn't we?" Ruthven said. Jacob took a swig of a purple potion and another swig of strength potion. "What did that sign say?" Jacob asked. Ruthven shrugged. "Something about a rock." he said. "A rock?" Jacob replied. Ruthven laughed. "I know, why are they scared of a rock..." he said chuckling. The chuckling was interrupted by a loud screech. Ruthven and Jacob both looked to where the sound had come from, they saw the shadowy figure of what looked like a bird. Suddenly the shadow kept getting bigger until Ruthven saw it, it was a giant bird, about the size of small house. "What is that thing?" Ruthven asked Jacob. Jacob sighed. "That's a Roc." he replied.

The Roc let out a large screech. It flew into the air and circled round. "Quick get back in the cave!" Jacob shouted. Ruthven turned to head back into the cave but there was suddenly a large gust of wind, Ruthven barely managed to stand up, and several rocks fell down the mountain side. Some of the rocks fell down in front of the entrance to the caves. They were trapped. Ruthven looked up at the Roc, it was flying high in the air, Ruthven couldn't even reach it. Ruthven was panicking when suddenly a bolt hit the bird in the throat. Jacob had the hammer resting on the floor, his crossbow in his hands. He was already reloading. The Roc let out another screech as it circled round them. "What should I do?" Ruthven asked Jacob. Jacob sighed, he handed Ruthven the crossbow and 10 bolts. "You know how to use this right?" he asked Ruthven. Ruthven nodded, thought in reality he didn't. Another large gust of wind hit both of them and Ruthven was knocked to the ground, whereas Jacob lent into the wind to avoid being knocked over. Ruthven stood up and pointed the crossbow at the bird, it was heavy and hard to keep still. Jacob threw an axe at the bird and it struck it on the chest. Ruthven fired the crossbow, there was a sharp recoil and the bolt soared a few feet below the target. He heard Jacob shout something that was presumebly an insult, when suddenly the Roc divebombed Jacob, who only just managed to dodge out the way. The bird repeatedly tried to divebomb Jacob, whilst Jacob repeatedly threw Axes at it, and when he ran out, throwing knives. The bird has an assortment of these sticking in its feathered chest. Ruthven has spent this time trying to figure out how to reload the crossbow, eventually he managed but was surprised at the amount of force needed to load it. Suddenly Jacob found himself at the edge of a cliff, the hammer by his feet and a Roc staring down at him. It let out a screech, it was now or never. Ruthven had to hit the bird to save Jacob, he pointed the crossbow at the bird and fired, the bolt soared through the air, and continued to soar until it hit a rock 50 ft off target. Ruthven swore. The bird divebombed Jacob, Ruthven quickly placed the crossbow on his back, which fortunately he had a spare strap for, brought out his swords and charged towards Jacob. Jacob meanwhile picked up the hammer and held it in front of him to protect himself, the Roc ended up grabbing the hammer and lifting Jacob off the ground. Just as it was about to fly off with Jacob, Ruthven was right behind it. He was running, until eventually he came to the cliff edge. He tried to risk it, he jumped off the cliff. He soared through the air, the Roc right in front of him, and he stabbed the bird in the back with both swords. It let out a screech and flew South, carrying Ruthven and Jacob with it.

The bird shook wildly to get Ruthven off, fortunately the rapiers were in there pretty deep. Jacob used this chance to climb up onto the Rocs talons and  grab hold of them. Ruthven meanwhile held on for dear life, he quickly realised the weight of him and Jacob couldn't keep it flying for much longer. The Roc knew this as well, it tried to shake them off, but they both held on. It was flying at high speed, slowly getting closer to the ground. Eventually they were outside Trollheim with the bird still flying lower and lower, eventually it was really close the ground, suddenly Jacob saw it was about to crush into a pillar of rock, and he quickly jumped off and rolled onto the ground, with only a second to spare. Ruthven used this second to notice the giant pillar of rock, swear and brace for the impact. The Roc unable to steer away, crashed into the pillar. There was a sickening crack as the sound of its bones breaking vibrated through Ruthven's skull. Fortunately the Roc's feathered body cushioned the impact for Ruthven, until the Roc started to fall to the ground. Fortunately it landed on its side and Ruthven was knocked off, letting go of the rapiers that were still in the Roc's back. Ruthven hurt everywhere, he slowly got up from the ground to see the Roc staring down at him, one of it's eyes had a axe lodged in it, and the whole front of its body was a mass of blood and feathers. It let out a screach and prepared to bring down its beak on him. Ruthven closed his eyes and waited for the blow, he suddenly heard a thud and a crack. He opened his eyes. The troll hammer was lodged in the skull of the bird, it let out a final pathetic screach before collapsing on the ground. Jacob appeared and picked Ruthven up off the ground, his sleeve of his armour had been ripped off, and the side of his face was cut open. Ruthven smiled at him. "I can't believe we killed that thing." he said. Jacob didn't smile back, he turned Ruthven round, grabbed back his crossbow and put it on his own back. Then he smiled.

Jacob spent 10 minutes patching up, his and Ruthvens various injuries. They then stood up and examined the corpse. "You know, the stuff from this bird is probably worth a fortune." Ruthven said. "well lets read through this page as quickly as possible." Jacob replied. He looked through his bag, one of the vials had smashed in the crash and liquid was dripping down all of Jacobs supplies, eventually Jacob pulled out a kind of tap, and a large phial. "Its a Haemophial, my mums family makes them, keeps blood fresh for up to 10 years." Jacob said. "Its always useful to get the blood of certain creatures as they could be useful for potions." Jacob then proceeded to fill the phial to the brim with the Roc's blood, it was a deep dark red. Ruthven proceeded to removed the head, carefully and with precision. It would certainly look fierce on anyones wall, despite having an axe in its eye. Jacob cut off its wings and Talon, he then helped Ruthven to skin it. All that was left was a big pile of flesh, Jacob and Ruthven ate some while they rested. It tasted like chicken. Ruthven was annoyed and was glad to take a swig of strength potion to help carry the load. It was nightful by the time they arrived back at the smithy, this time only Hyacinth was in, and was surprised at the sudden amount of avian body parts in the smithy.

"You know any Taxidermists gramps?" Jacob asked. Hyacinth nodded. "I can have him round tomorrow, I can get the local tanner round to appraise this hide as well." Jacob sneakily took a few feathers from the hide and took them to his room. "I'll look after the hammer for ya." Hyacinth said. "I suppose ya want 50% of the cash made.". Ruthven shook his head. "I don't really need it, besides Jacob did most of the work to kill it." Ruthven said with a smile. Ruthven and Jacob stayed for the night, and the next morning they decided to split up, with Jacob heading for Karamja and Ruthven would head for the Dwarven Village.

Great.... Fishing, what fun

But Ruthven didn't go to the Dwarven Village, he went to Varrock. He realised he didn't have any fishing equipment at all, he was more of a trapper than a fisherman himself. He went into Varrock and spent about 2 hours looking for fishing supplies and managed to find a retired fisherman on the east side of town. Decked out with a new rod, net and bait, he left the shop and promptly tripped over the net he was carrying and cut his arm on the ground. Ruthven ignored it and headed off to the village. He asked the first dwarf he met, who said that there was a lift down to a ravine with an underground river. Ruthven thanked him and headed down into the ravine.

Despite the amount of veins Ruthven could see in the cavern, there were few miners. Most of them had guards with them, Ruthven thought nothing of it and headed towards the sound of flowing water. Ruthven looked deep into the river, the water where he was sitting was crystal clear, Ruthven looked down into it, hoping to find the fish, but was surprised to find nothing but Rock's in the water. Ruthven sighed, he set up his pole and rested against a rock. A hour passed, Ruthven was bored out of his mind, slowly tapping his fingers against the rock. Suddenly the rod pulled, Ruthven taken by surprise, quickly grabbed hold of it and pulled. The catch was strong, and it was pulling him closer to the water. Ruthven looked in the water, all he could see were rocks still, then he looked closer and saw his hook was caught on a moving rock, it was a fish, a Rocktail. Ruthven cheered silently as he pulled the rod, trying to get it out the water. He positioned his feet behind the rocks to stop himself being pulled forward and slowly got out his rapier. He positioned it above the fish and stabbed it downwards. Unfortunately, physics works differently under water, and the rapier struck harmlessly off the fish. Ruthven lost his grip on the rod and the fish got away. Ruthven tried to follow it, but it disguised itself amonst the rocks on the floor, Ruthven swore, and then repeatedly kicked the rock he was sitting on in frustration, his foot hurt like hell. Then the rock kicked him back.

Ruthven got up and saw a giant rock creature where the harmless rock had once been, and it suddenly launched a punch at Ruthven, who quickly dodged out of harms way, unfortunately his rod snapped in half under the rock creatures foot. Ruthven swore even louder, brought out both swords and launched a barrage of slashing attacks at the creature, all of them bounced off harmlessly. Ruthven stepped back to avoid an attack and suddenly found himself out of breath. The creature stepped towards him, suddenly there was a loud thud followed by the sound of a crack and the creature lurched forward unexpectedly, Ruthven got out the way and turned to see a bright mace hanging in the air, then he saw an arm, covered by a dusty brown sleeve, then he saw a roughworn set of leather armour, and above that he saw a familiar face. "You humans are completly helpless aren't you." Ruffven said, chuckling to himself.

"Ruff!" Ruthven shouted, Ruthven would have ran over to hug him, if it wasn't for the giant stone fist heading towards him. Ruthven quickly stepped to the side, out of the way, he saw a few small cracks on the back of its 'neck'. "Distract him!" Ruffven shouted. Ruthven obliged and struck against the huge arms of the creature, it turned its back on Ruffven and made its way towards Ruthven. Suddenly there was another cracking sound and the creature stumbled again. Ruthven jumped up and got a slash on its 'face', the sudden facial attack made the creature focus its anger on Ruthven, it charged towards him and Ruthven dodged, letting the creature crash into a nearby wall. Ruffven then ran up to it and swung the mace down, it hit the cracks with a loud thud, the creature slowly collapsed to the ground, parts of it flaking off onto the ground and water. Ruthven cheered, then turned round and hugged Ruffven, who awkwardly accepted the gift.

"Ruthven, let go of me..." Ruffven said, as less blood was getting to his legs. "I havn't seen you in years! I'm not letting go again." Ruthven said, his voice filled with joy. Ruffven sighed. "I thought you might have forgotten about me, having so much fun over here." Ruffven said quietly. "Brother, the most memorable moments of my life have been with you." Ruthven said.  ["I'll never forget."] he added in Canic. "Brother..." Ruffven said, his voice solemn. "Anyway, I've got this huge scar on my chest to help me remember you." Ruthven said chuckling. Ruffven slowly started to laugh.

"What are you doing here?" Ruthven asked. "I was in town, then I noticed your blood on the floor, I followed your scent here." Ruffven said. Ruthven smiled. "Awww, you worried about me." he said. Ruffven shook his head quickly. "No.. it's just... I'd hate to tell father his only son had died." he replied awkwardly. "What are you doing down a hole anyway?" Ruffven asked. "I'm trying to get a stupid fish that looks like a stupid rock?" Ruthven replied. Ruffven crossed his arms. "Why?" "So I can get into the Heroes Guild!" Ruthven said loudly, he suddenly saw a strange look on Ruffvens face. "Thats the one above Champion isn't it?" Ruffven asked. "Yeah." Ruthven replied. "So you became a champion, on your own?" Ruffven said. It suddenly hit Ruthven, he'd always told Ruffven how he'd join the guild, but with his brother at his side. "Ruffven I..." Ruthven started to say. "I know you always have so much fun across the river. Slowly forgetting about life on the other side." Ruffven said, judgingly. Ruthven looked up to meet his gaze. "Ruff, your my brother, I've spent the last few years wishing you were with me, its depressed me so much being on a quest and thinking 'Ruffven could solve this' or 'my brother would know what to do'. I'm sorry I havn't been there for you. Therefore after this quest, I'm coming back. Back home. With you. Everyone over here is moody and miserable here anyway. All the actions on the East side. Just let me catch this damn fish!" Ruthven said emphasizing the last bit. Ruffven nodded. "Fine." he said. There was a sudden splashing sound, Ruthven turned to see the Rocktail, nibbling at the broken off pieces of the rock creature, it was Ruthvens chance.

Ruthven dived at the fish, the fish distracted, and not quick enough to get out the way was caught in Ruthvens hands. The fish was the length of Ruthvens arm, and it squirmed and wriggled about trying to break free. Ruthven struggled and managed to bring it onto the land, but it still struggled furiously. Ruthven was dragged back into the water by the fish, determined not to be beaten a second time, Ruthven pulled back furiously. Eventualy he felt himself being pulled out the river, he realised Ruffven was helping him. Ruffven grabbed the fish off of him and smashed its head against a rock, twice. The fish stopped moving. "Where did you learn to do that?" Ruthven asked, astonished. Ruffven shrugged. "I thought it was obvious." he said.

Ruthven placed the fish in the Icebox and with a lot of effort managed to close the lid. He and Ruffven both climbed out of the mines and shook hands. "Keep a mead warm for me. Brother." he said. Ruthven left and headed straight for Taverly. He ended up coming face to face with Jacob outside the Toad and Chicken. Jacob was holding the Troll Generals hammer and a strange viney reptilian thing. In his other hand he also held a viney spear like weapon as well. "Did you get the fish?" Jacob asked. Ruthven nodded. "Lead the way." Ruthven said. They both ventured to the Heroes Guild and met with Achiettes. She congratulated them and took the objects off of them, as well as Jacob's spear. "But the sagaie wasn't part of the contents" he said. Achiettes ignored him. "Right lets do this." she said. She inducted both of them into the Heroes Guild and presented them with Amulets of Glory. Jacob and Ruthven both celebrated that night.

Great Return

"Look Jacob... You see I have this brother..." Ruthven said to himself in the mirror. He smiled at himself, it looked awkward so he stopped. 2 days ago he had joined the Heroes Guild, his first quest was to deal with a Dark Beast someone had brought as a pet. Then the owner moaned that his property had got damaged, the past 2 nights he'd dreamt about his life back in Morytania. A sudden knock, a womans voice. Ruthven quickly gave his hair a brush down, smiled and walked to the door. It opened, Achiettes usually didn't wait. "Galand, you said you went to Morytania once right?" she said. "Yeah... sort of." he said. She handed him a note, it was a contract. "Your a lifesaver. Finally someone with experience, your to report to the entrance of the Silvarea pass. Your going to escort a group of monks to Paterdomus, they might need you for some other stuff as well." she said. A plan formed in Ruthvens head. "How about I stay there, you can send me the contracts via Paterdomus." he said. He smiled. She smiled back.

Jacob wasn't there. He was off in Kandarin somewhere. Ruthven began to write a note for him. He got as far as "Dear Jakob". He screwed up the paper and threw it in the corner. He hated goodbyes. He decided to leave straight away, he didn't look back.

He met up with the monks. They must've said "Praise Saradomin" 1007 times. The pass was uneventful, but boring. Ruthven had a headache as he entered the chapel. "Praise Saradomin" a monk said. 1008. "Is there anything we can get you?" he said. Ruthven shook his head. "No, is there anything else you need?" he asked. "Not at the moment" he replied. Ruthven smiled. "Then I'm getting a drink, I'll head back to check in on you in 2 days." he said. Ruthven turned to leave. "But that's madness. Those are Zamoraks foul lands. No god can protect you out there." he said. Ruthven smiled. "You don't know how badly I need that drink." he said. Ruthven crossed the bridge over the river, he was back home.

As he made his way into Canifis he drew his cloak around him and tilted his hat across his face. He'd taken the precautions he'd been taught as a kid. His clothes were smoked and prepared so that his scent was minimal. He walked into the bar, he tried to attract as little attention as possible. Roavar was still there. "Moonlight Mead." he said, placing a few gold coins on the counter. The sound of the mead flowing into the glass was all Ruthven could hear. Ruthven took the glass and took a sip, it tasted just as horrible as before. He took another sip. Somebody joined him at the bar, sitting down next to him. He spoke in Canic. ["Who are you?"] he asked. ["I'm just here to drink."] Ruthven replied. The voice growled. ["You don't belong here."] it replied. Ruthven turned and smiled. ["Belonging never stopped you, brother."] he replied. Ruffven huffed. "I didn't think you'd come." he said. Ruthven punched him softly. "I was gonna stay, but you kept whining on the other side." he said. Ruffven punched him back, but not softly.

"Is mum ok?" Ruthven asked. Ruffven nodded. "She'll want to see you again, she's a lot less stressed now." he said. The conversation carried on for a few minutes, when a voice behind him grabbed his attention. Ruthven turned around, a fairly large man with brown hair and ragged clothes stood in front of him. "You two's Galands aren't ya?" he said. Ruthven shrugged. "And?" he said. "Your blood is filth, especially this poor excuse." he said, pointing at Ruffven. Ruthven stood up, but Ruffven grabbed his arm. Ruthven smiled. "You talk bad of my family, 'you' are one to talk. You look like a drunken mess." Ruthven said. The man walked up to Ruthven and stared down at him. "You insult me with your words, and your blood. I'd kill you now, but your not worth it." he said. Ruthven chuckled. "You mean you can't afford it." he said. It had sounded better in his head. The man stepped forward, his chest was only an inch away. "Your death will be a satisfying one." he said. Ruthven shook his head. "Only satisfying, come on then. Outside." Ruthven replied. The man turned around and walked outside. Ruffven stood up and shook Ruthven. "What are you doing!?!" he said. Ruthven pulled himself away from Ruffven. "I'm sorry brother, but he offended our family, and you. I'll be fine." he said, and gave Ruffven a smile. He opened up his bag, he took out 2 bottles. The last time he saw Jacob he was given these, he took a sip out of both of them and put them back in his bag. He smiled to Ruffven and walked through the door.

The haze from the swamp faded away to reveal the man. The man carried no weapons, but Ruthven knew he didn't need them. The street was mostly clear except for a few locals, likely hoping to see a good fight. Ruffven grabbed Ruthven by the shoulder and nodded to him. Ruthven nodded and smiled back. Ruthven walked towards the man, he was roughly twenty paces away, ideal insult shouting distance. "It's not too late to apologize." Ruthven said. The man laughed, as did some of the crowd. "There are better last words to choose from." the man said. Suddenly the man bent over to the floor, the shape of a monster coming into light. Ruthven brought out his swords, this would be a good test for him. Deep animal like eyes stared at him, trying to scare him. Ruthven was of the opinion that much scarier things had stared at him before, probably ranking this 5th or 6th on his top 10 list, behind the look Jacob gave him when he accidentally dropped his 1st edition copy of Flora and Fauna of Asgarnia into a brewing vat. The beast charged.

To Ruthven, the charge seemed slower than it should've been. This was probably an effect of the potions as well as the enchantment on his Amulet of Glory. He quickly dodged to the left of the incoming beast and watched it charge past him. It slid along the ground as it attempted a sudden stop, Ruthven was quicker than the beast had anticipated. Ruthven smiled at it and waved the sword in the beasts general direction. The werewolf swiped at Ruthven, he quickly ducked, then followed with a stab to the beasts leg. Ruthven saw the creature wince slightly as he pulled the sword out. Black blood stained the once clean and shiny blade. The beast swiped at Ruthven again, Ruthven dodged out the way and landed several slashes against the beast. The fight continued this way for about 10 minutes, the beasts attacks getting more desperate as Ruthven managed to dodge every attack. Ruthvens blades were almost completely black now. The werewolf was slowly getting tired, it made a mistake and left Ruthven a chance to counter attack. He rushed with both swords, slashing and stabbing at the knees, quickly dodging the swipes and then launching a flurry of blows against the beasts chest and then attempting a sharp kick to knock it over. The beast fell, its fur stained with its own blood. Ruthven nodded towards the broken figure that was once a mighty hunter. "Look out" a sudden loud voice said behind Ruthven. Ruthven began to turn round and suddenly saw another werewolf charging towards him, Ruthven quickly positioned his swords to make a sort of bracing position. Ruthven fell backwards on to the ground, the 2nd beast on top of him. Instinctively Ruthven covered his throat with his arms only to have his right arm caught in the jaws of the beast. It hurt like hell, Ruthven knew when the smell of blood came, the fight would be much tougher.

Suddenly there was a flash of silvthril and a crack as a mace hit the creature right in the side of the head, releasing Ruthvens arm from it's grip. It was Ruffven! He walked over and pulled Ruthven up off the ground. "Thanks." Ruthven said. Then he looked at his arm, it looked perfectly normal. Then he looked at the arm that had been chewed up. His sleeve wasn't originally red, but it now. There were dark patches and ripped red pieces of fabric. Suddenly the pain hit Ruthven. He swore, loudly and repeatedly. Ruthven sheathed his right blade and faced the beast who had ruined his new shirt. The right side of its face was dark with blood but it still managed to run towards Ruthven, the 1st werewolf also ran at him. Ruffven rammed into the 2nd wolf, Ruthven ducked out the way of way of the incoming beast and proceeded to make a flurry of blows to the beast, already weakened by the earlier attacks in took each hit and eventually collapsed to the floor. Ruthven saw his brother deliver a swift blow to the kneecaps of the other wolf. Both of the beasts now lay on the floor bleeding heavily, if they were human the wounds would probably be fatal. Ruthven nodded to his brother and walked away to avoid any further confrontations. Suddenly there was a soft murmur and the sound of someone clapping. Ruthven turned round to see a pale woman clapping slowly.

Ruffven suddenly knelt on the ground towards the woman, Ruthven had a rough idea who it was so he knelt as well. She walked over, her shadow seemed to have a mind of its own, twisting and turning in strange directions. She stopped right in front of them. Ruthven looked up. She looked like she was in her mid 40's, though it was probably more like mid 4000's. Her hair was dark and her ears were slightly pointed, as she smiled at him Ruthven noticed the fangs. He gulped. "You two. You may get up." she said. They both stood up, Ruthven noted the fear in his brothers eyes, something he rarely ever saw. "You, what is your name?" she asked, pointing at Ruffven. "...Ruffven Galand" he said. She turned away from him to face Ruthven. Ruthven smiled at her, she grinned back at him, Ruthven regretted that. "And you... human" she said. "Ruthven Galand, mam." Ruthven said. She looked down to Ruthvens arm, the one that was bleeding, Ruthven gulped. "You should really get that fixed, who knows what kind of creatures will come after you." she said. Ruthven was about to grab some bandages from his bag when he was stopped. "Allow me." she said. Suddenly her palm grew red and Ruthvens arm erupted in pain, it felt like someone was scraping his arm out with a rusty spoon. After a few moments, the pain subsided, but it still hurt. Ruthven looked at his arm, it had healed but the skin around it was extremely pale. The woman smacked her lips together. Ruthven made an awkward smile. "Errr... Thanks." he said. "I should be thanking you. I haven't had a meal like that in near 50 years." Ruthven suddenly felt light headed.

The woman, who Ruthven was 60% sure was a vyre, eyed them up further. "Why are you here?" she asked. "I'm on assignment for the Heroes Guild, across the river. I'm to stay over here to receive my assignments." he said. "And why would someone accept that?" she said. Ruthven looked to his brother. "Family ties" he replied. "Ah, Family is one of the most important things" she said. She looked behind her to see 2 bruised and battered men being carried away. "And how did those 2 end up in that condition?" she asked. "Friendly disagreement" he replied. "This disagreement?" "He insulted my family and claimed I didn't belong here." She smiled. "Then I believe I can pay you back for that entertainment back there" she said.

Ruthven gulped. She beckoned over an older looking villager, who slowly walked over. "Yes madam?" he said. "How does someone gain citizenship to this place?" she asked. "well... err.... no one has really immigrated to this village before. But I suppose the initiation rite for the pups would count." he said, stuttering slightly. "The bloodening, correct?" she replied. "Yes madam. The young pups kill a human and consume their flesh. Devoting their life to Zamorak as a result" the man said stammering slightly. Ruffven grabbed Ruthvens arm. The vyre smiled. Ruthven suddenly felt ill. "I want this man to take part in the bloodening." she said. "But madam... He's human." the man said, looking at Ruthven. "You never said they couldn't be, and once he's completed the initiation he's a citizen, correct." she said, adamant. The man sighed quietly. "Yes madam. May I take my leave" he said. "You may" she replied. The man walked away with a quick pace. "You will meet me tomorrow at the site to the west of here" she said. "I will see you then" she followed with. The woman walked further into the village. Ruthven looked to his brother, Ruffven looked back at him. They both walked back home, quietly.

Great Bloodening

"What were you thinking!" Ruthvens father said, shouting at Ruthven. Ruthven shook his head. "What, and tell the Vyre no?" Ruthven replied. They were back at the house, everyone in the family was sat around a table. Romani grabbed his fathers hand. "Ruth, he's right. He had no choice." she said. His father put his head in his hands and faced the table. "I know... but he's still human... and my son... I'm going to bed." he said, leaving the table and heading upstairs. Romani turned to follow him. "You'll be ok Ruthven" she said. She then disappeared upstairs as well. Rathven brought out a set of old iron claws, Ruthven had seen some similar ones up at Burthorpe. "The rituals claws only" he said. "Try not to throw up" he said, before turning and leaving. Ruthven turned to his brother. He gave him a smile. Ruffven shook his head.

"So.... any tips?" Ruthven asked. Ruffven sighed. "The smell of blood and the sound of painful screams probably won't attract you. Unlike me, you don't have an alternate personality who can ignore that, so your going to have to ignore it yourself." Ruffven said. "Right..." Ruthven replied. "And the flesh eating part?" he asked. "Breathe in before consuming." Ruffven said. The awkward conversation carried on for about a hour until both of them went to bed. Ruthven had trouble sleeping, it was all too much for him to take in. After 2 hours of deep thought, he eventually got to sleep.

It was the next day and the sun was just rising, except it was Morytania so the only way you knew this is because everywhere became slightly brighter. Rathven was slowly teaching Ruthven the various methods of killing someone with a set of claws. "Just keep that angle when striking, that way it doesn't get stuck." he said, like a proud father teaching his son the family arts. "He's fine pops." Ruffven said, who was resting against a tree watching. Rathven growled. "Fine. Ok then, Ruth what would you like to know, try not to ask a stupid question." he said. Ruthven felt insulted. "Come on, how could any question I ask now be stupid." he said. Ruffven sighed loudly. Rathven shook his head, the words 'If you lose your tail are you scarred in human form' still ringing in his mind from yesterday. "Go on then." he said. Ruthven thought for a bit. "So after this do I end up possessed by Zamorak?" he said. The sighing continued.

10 minutes later, the vampyre arrived. Followed behind her was an old man, he was probably only 30 but living in Meiyerditch does that to you. He wore ragged clothes and had the expression of someone who had given up hope. Ruthven tried not to analyze further in case it stopped him later. "I've brought the meal." she said, pushing the man onto the ground. "Everyone apart from Ruthven, should stand upwind from the meal, in case the urge becomes too much." Rathven said. The woman smiled. "Surely you don't think I'd forget about something like that, I'd have thought you'd have known seeing as you didn't detect him coming." she said, with a grin. Rathven huffed and started to recite the standard bloodening hoo hah. Ruthven wasn't really paying attention, just staring at his reflection in the base of the claws. He looked up Rathven had stopped talking, he nodded to Ruthven. Ruthven understood, he stared at the unfortunate victim, it was probably for the best, he'd have only of died of malnutrition or blood lose back there. That's what he told himself as the claws rushed forward and pierced the mans body.

3 seconds. 4 seconds. 5 seconds. The claws exited the body and the man collapsed to the ground. Rathven began to talk, but Ruthven continued to ignore him. He knew Ruffven was watching him, he had no idea what he was thinking. He could also tell the Vyre was watching and enjoying his mental torment. Ruthven stared at his gauntlet, a dark liquid was running down the claws and slowly dripping off onto the floor. Ruthven looked at his reflection, he was still himself. Suddenly a different face stared back at him. Ruthven silently gasped, blinked and the face had gone. He didn't get a good look at it but it looked familiar. He took off his claws and dropped them to the ground. Then he looked up at Rathven, Rathven pointed his head towards the body, this was the part Ruthven was dreading. He moved closer to the corpse, found a part that was ripped open, he closed his eyed and went to bite something, he didn't know what part of the man he was eating but it was soft and chewy. Blood was dripping into his throat, he swallowed. It tasted like beef gone off in his opinion, Ruthven opened his eyes. He coughed, then continued to cough, he was choking, he saw Ruffven run up to him before he passed out.

Ruthven found himself falling, farther and farther down, before landing with a soft thud. He was in what looked like Mort Myre, it seemed familiar. In fact everything seemed familiar. Suddenly he spied a hooded man in ragged clothes standing a distance away. He too seemed familiar. "Hey!" Ruthven shouted at him, but with no response. Ruthven ran up to him. He stood a few feet behind the man. Before he could speak the man spoke first, the voice sounded like Ruffvens but deeper and with a growling, angry tone. Ruthven didn't realize it but the voice was one he was familiar with, but it didn't belong to Ruffven. "...the beast within..." the man said. "Huh?" Ruthven replied. "Do you know the difference between human and werewolf? Both have monsters inside them, but you can't see a humans, only his actions. Would the hatred of werewolves be so if humans could see the monsters inside other people." the man was saying. Ruthven shook his head. "What are you..." he tried to say but was interrupted. "Most are trapped and caged inside peoples hearts, but they cannot be destroyed. They escape through sorrow, violence, anger, confusion. Or in your case acceptance." he said. "What do you mean acceptance?" Ruthven replied. "Why did that man have to die?" he asked Ruthven. "Because I had no choice, that vampyre would probably have done something..." he started. "Is that the only reason? Ever since you were weak and little you wanted to get along with your brother, but how could you. You were from 2 different worlds, but you tried your best. He spoke little English so you tried to learn Canic, he preferred meat raw, so then you did too. Still he tries to push you away. And you know why, because your human." Ruthven grinded his teeth.

"Who do you think you are!?!" Ruthven demanded. The hooded man was still facing away from him, no matter which angle Ruthven looked at his from. The man chuckled. "Why are you asking me this, Who do you think I am?" he replied. Ruthven thought a bit, then suddenly he had a brilliant idea. "Your Zamorak!" he said. The hooded man laughed, maybe it wasn't so brilliant after all. "The chaos lord wouldn't waste his time on you, you hold no position of power, no edge for him. What use is a human who pledged allegiance to him, people do it every day. I'm someone closer to home." he said. "Are you a spirit?" Ruthven asked. "No..." he replied. Ruthven shrugged, "Give me a hint?" he asked. The hooded man chuckled. "You recognize me, the last time we met you sought me out, cursed river water sent you outside the house of your greatest fear. But I am always with you, and always will be." he said. Suddenly it hit Ruthven. A few years ago he was stuck in a dream again, he remembered calling for power to take down Dream Scotty, he remembered fighting through to the bedroom, then he looked into a mirror. The face that stared back at him was the one that stared back at him in the gauntlet, and it was the one that was staring at him now. "You're MY monster, you're part of me." he said, hoping he was right this time. The hooded man was now staring at him, suddenly the hood and tattered coat disappeared. The 'man' smiled.

It sort of looked like a twisted version of a Werewolf. The 'man' now appeared a foot taller despite being hunched, his skin was black with rough patches of dark grey fur showing on his back, it looked like the rest of it had been pulled out. There were also 3 distinct claw marks in his chest, the marks reflected no light at all. The top part of a pair of tattered leggings was the only clothing he was wearing, except for part of a cloak which hung round its neck. Then Ruthven looked up, he saw the face that had stared back at him before. Black eyes, crooked sharp teeth that hung out from his mouth, dark black saliva drooling out. The face was also heavily scarred, with scratches and bruises covering most of the right side. The beast smiled. Ruthven nearly had a heart attack after that. "Your human, so you can still freely cross the Salve, but that's not to say you weren't affected by this. I suppose I can show you what I mean." Suddenly Ruthven started having a painful headache, he could hear shouting, it wouldn't stop, it kept getting louder and the headache was getting worse. Slowly the pain was turning to anger.

Back in the real world, Ruffven was fiercely shaking Ruthven, shouting his name in his ear. Rathven stood by unsure of what to do. The vyre simply stood there, watching, intrigued. She knew something the rest of them didn't, the scent of the fresh kill would only not reach them, the scent was busy following the wind, into the swamp. Something smelt it and was coming. Ruffven heard rustling in the bushes about 50ft away, he turned to look and saw them. Ravenous, Vampyres driven insane from hunger, and they had stumble upon a fresh kill and an unconscious body. Ruffven swore. He tried to get Ruthven to wake up, the Ravenous were closing in. Suddenly Ruthven opened his eyes, but they weren't green, they were dark and black. He jumped up, knocking Ruffven out the way. He took out his rapiers and ran straight towards the Ravenous.

Everything was a blur to Ruthven, all he knew was that something was attacking and he needed to stop it. The enemy appeared to have poor reflexes, so Ruthven took advantage of this. A few aggressive blows brought the first one down, he suddenly turned round, then brought the head off of the second one. He turned around he saw another enemy, he rushed towards it. This one was much quicker, it dodged and weaved around every attack, he saw the creature begin to charge a spell. Ruthven slashed towards the claw charging it, it moved away but he then turned the rapier around to stab it in the arm. He was about to pull it out when the spell hit him and he fell against a tree.

The world was no longer a blur, but Ruthvens head hurt. Suddenly he felt sick, and proceeded to throw up into the grass. Ruthven looked up and saw some yellow beast like eyes staring down at him. He was about to try another slice but he realized it was Ruffven, who had nearly transformed but didn't. "Urghhhh......" Ruthven said. "You ok?" Ruffven asked. Ruthven tried to smile back as a response, but instead ended up groaning in pain again. "What happened?" he asked. Ruffven looked at him worryingly. "Well, you did the bloodening, successfully, but you started to choke, Rathven thinks it was a bone that went the wrong way." he said. Ruthven felt even more sick. "And then?" he asked. "Well, you passed out and wouldn't wake up. You started to groan a bit and then the Ravenous came. You shot up and killed the 2 of them. Then you turned around and..." Ruffven carried off on the end of the sentence. Ruthven thought about it and thought he had attacked 3 Ravenous, then he shuddered. He looked towards the woman. She was clutching her arm and seething. Ruthven gulped.

It took 3 minutes before Ruthven managed to get up, with help. The woman slowly approached them. "You gave me a feeling I haven't felt in a long time. I didn't like it." she said. Ruthven thought about smiling then thought against it. "I think I'll take my leave now, I might have some tasks a 'hero' could do. Perhaps." she said, before wondering off. Ruthven didn't like the sound of where this was going. Rathven walked over to congratulate Ruthven. "I can't believe you managed to take out both those ravenous that quickly. Also errr... sorry for making you go through that." he said. Ruthven brushed back his hair and smiled. "Its fine, I probably won't make a habit of it though." he said. The 3 of them walked back home.

Great Adventures

The Farm Raid

3 days after the incident, Ruthven was contacted by the Heroes Guild again via Paterdomus. It was business as usual, killing a monster here and retrieving an artifact there. But Ruffven was with him most of the time. 2 months later and a strange request came to Ruthven. It had gone through the Heroes Guild Channels but was signed 'C', this wasn't unusual but the request was. "Bandits freeing our cattle. Meet at Hair of the Dog for more info." Ruthven showed it to Ruffven who confirmed that he didn't know of any farms in Morytania. They headed into the inn where Roavar told them a 'special guest' had booked a private room upstairs. The 2 of them headed up, suspicious. They knocked on the door where a woman's voice replied. "Enter" it said. Ruthven opened the door slowly, his hand on his blade. His eyes suddenly drew upon the source of the voice. "Are you always this suspicious around contracts?" she asked. It was the vyre from 2 months ago, back again.

"Come, sit." she said pointing to two chairs opposite hers. "What do you want?" Ruthven asked as he sat down. She smiled. "No small talk, straight to the point, you'd do well in the Ghettoes." she said. Ruthven looked towards his brother who simply gave him an expression that said 'Be careful'. The woman coughed. "As you know from the contract we have a problem with bandits stealing our cattle?" she said. Ruthven looked confused. "Cattle?" he asked. "Humans, a few werewolves too, I thought it was obvious." she said. Ruthven tried to hide his shocked expression, Ruffven intervened though. "I thought they were all kept in Meiyerditch?" he said. She shook her head. "The main populace is, but keeping the major food supply in one place is a bad idea, suppose a plague started up in the walls then all the humans die, the farms are simply precautions against this, amongst other things..." she said. "So I'm guessing these bandits are the Myreque then." Ruffven responded. Ruthven had heard of the Myreque but assumed they were simply a made up group to provide the humans with hope. She scowled at the sound of the name, but only for a moment. "We have sources, and we believe the Myreque are unaware of this particular farm, also they seemed more well equipped. Somebody gave this group the locations and is supplying them with equipment, I have my own theory that the supplier might be someone close to my family." she said. "Family?" Ruthven asked. "This isn't 20 questions, I'd rather not discuss politics and just discuss the task at hand." she said. "But why us?" Ruthven asked. She smiled. "A reason beneficial to both of us. Don't you trust me?" she said. Ruthven swung back in his chair. "We don't even know you name?" he said. "Cerinţă, now back to the quest in hand." she said.

"I believe you'll face about 15 men, equipped in Steel Chain armour and with Silver weapons. They are disorganized though so you should have no trouble." Cerinţă said. "Where is the place?" Ruthven asked. She shook her head. "Classified, you'll arrive through alternative means?" she said. "Huh?" Ruthven replied. Suddenly she grabbed him and Ruffven out of their seats, the world around them was turning dark and black. Suddenly Ruthven felt his feet lift off the ground. Then it all started going light again and they had appeared outside, in a place unfamiliar to Ruthven. He turned to Ruffven, who was clutching his stomach. "Ruff?" he asked. Ruffven then proceeded to run towards some bushes and throw up. He later came back moaning and saying to himself "Never again."

They were at the farm, but it didn't look like any farm Ruthven knew. A 10ft stone wall separated them from the outside, poorly built houses made from wood covered most of the area, but a large building in the centre stood out. Ruthven thought it might've been the guest house. Cerinţă left them and proceeded to disappear towards the large building. Ruthven and Ruffven wandered around a bit, trying to ignore the 'cattle' who stared at them with wide eyes. "Better them than us." Ruffven said. Ruthven didn't like what he saw but he knew better than to argue. 10 minutes later Ruffven stopped suddenly and looked over towards a run down part of the wall. Ruthven nodded towards the spot and both of them proceeded to rush to the wall. Once they were about 20ft away, there was a large explosion, the wall shook and proceeded to collapse, forming a hill of rubble. As the dust cleared a man in shining steel plate armour appeared, a silvery blue coloured sword at his side. He spied Ruthven and Ruffven and walked over. "Who are you?" he asked. Ruthven smiled. "Were the guards." he replied. The man gave them a stern look through his visor. "HE never mentioned you, why are you working for them?" he shouted. Ruffven gave him an inquisitive look in return. "We could ask you the same question?" he said. The man ignored him. "TOGETHER MEN!" he shouted, suddenly a crowd of steel clad men were running towards them. Ruffven quickly made the first move by swinging his mace into the mans chest plate, sending him toppling over to the ground.

2 of the men decided to retaliate against Ruffven, Ruthven ran towards them and easily managed to parry both blows. He then dodged a 2nd blow and stabbed 1 of the men in the chest, quickly pulling away to dodge yet another incoming attack. Ruthven now had about 4 people attacking him, Ruffven was busy dealing with the 5 who were attacking him. Ruthven was almost surrounded and could only manage to parry each of the attacks. A few of the men had broken off from the battle and had gone to look for the residents of the 'farm'. Ruthven couldn't stop them, he quickly tried a quick flurry of blows against all 4, he managed to disarm 1 and strike 2. Ruthven knocked the 4th out the way and struck a blow to the chest of the disarmed man. He looked over to Ruffven, who now had 7 people on him, they were continuously attacking his shield, Ruthven saw his mace on the floor and started to worry. A sudden sword coming towards him got his attention and he managed to dodge the blow and push the man against another one. He looked over to Ruffven, all he could see was the shield. But suddenly the shield charged towards the 7 men knocking 6 of them to the ground. The shield dropped and Ruthven saw that his brother had changed form. He saw him charge towards the final man standing before 3 men got his attention. A sudden scream and the sound of flesh being ripped apart filled the air, Ruthven hoped it might scare some of them off, but they seemed even more determined to help, unfortunately for Ruthven the 'cattle' were starting to feel the same way. 3 of the residents broke away from the group that was leaving the farm. 2 of them charged towards Ruffven, grabbing hold of him tight. The other 1 Ruthven didn't pay much attention to, until he tackled him to the ground. Ruthven kicked him off, but the 3 men were already above him. Ruthven tried hard to parry the blows, but it was incredibly difficult lying down, one of the men kicked him in the head, and Ruthven saw his brother, being forced down by about 4 people. He couldn't let it end like this. He saw in the corner of his eye a sword coming down towards him.

Suddenly time appeared to stop, Ruthvens head started to hurt and his eyes started blurring. A sudden anger built up in him, he couldn't let them get away with this. The men's reflexes, whilst slow before, were even slower now. He found a burst of strength and managed to jump up and slitting the mans throat, before knocking him down to the ground. He was now facing 2 men, they only had a second to look. Ruthven stabbed one twice in the chest before moving on to the next one, who receive a slash against the throat. Then he saw his brother, the great beast outnumbered now looked helpless. He had to stop them. He rushed forward and his eyesight blurred even more, his head aching immensely. The next thing he knew he was holding up a man by the throat with one hand and stabbing him with the other. Suddenly the man he was holding became very heavy and he had to drop him. He looked towards the gate for any survivors, there were 12 men lying dead on the ground, he presumed the rest had been carried off. The residents looked hopeless now, the small groups moving away from the scene that had occurred. 2 of them were being carried away, another was limping. Ruthven turned towards Ruffven, who was still changed. He gave him a smile, Ruffven growled in return. "What?" he asked. "I thought 2 months ago I was imagining it, you moved unnaturally fast." Ruthven scratched his head. "I'm sure it was just your imag--" Ruthven started to say before a loud coughing interrupted him.

It was the man in the steel plate armour, he hadn't gotten up since the battle started, but he was now crawling away. Ruthven walked up to him. "Where do you think your going?" Ruthven asked, placing his foot on his back. The man coughed and spat some blood out. "Your a traitor to the Human race, my men all brave, some had families to go back to. You and that demon can go rot in *urghh*" he said, suddenly responding to a sharp kick by Ruthven. Ruthven slowly undid the straps on the chestplate. "He's not a demon! Anyway this is a nice set of armour, but I don't believe these are sold around here. Where'd you get it?" he said. The man chose to respond with an expletive, Ruthven pulled off his armour sharply, more grunts of pain followed. The smell of blood suddenly hit Ruthven, however the man didn't have to worry about Ruthven noticing the scent. Ruffven walked up to the body and stared down at the man. "I haven't tried FRESH human in years." he said. Ruthven took note of this. "I doubt you want to see your organs chewed up in front of you. So perhaps you'll tell us some information." he said slyly. The man whimpered slightly. "Look someone helped us break out of *cough* here before. They gave us the equipment to help *Cough* break everyone else out of the farm. *Cough* *Cough* We would have succeeded were it not for *Cough* *Cough* *Cough*, remember don't trust urk..." he said, suddenly finding himself being carried by Cerinţă. She smiled. "Good to see you left one alive, I'll be back in a few minutes, just have to deal with our new guest." she said, before carrying him off to the large building. The man was screaming and shouting for help but to no avail. Ruthven looked away. Ruffven growled softly. "I won't if you don't want me to, but..." Ruffven started to say, before going quiet. Ruthven knew what he meant. "I don't care, as long as its not me its fine..." he said, looking into the distance and thinking. The only sound that could be heard was flesh being torn apart.

The Dinner

A month later a private letter arrived at the house, it bared the familiar signature of Cerinţă. Ruthven opened it, it simply said "Hair of the Dog. 6pm, come alone." Ruffven offered to come with him despite it, but Ruthven smiled, claiming he could handle it himself. Ruthven arrived and was directed to the private room. As he walked through the door he suddenly felt faint and the next thing he knew, he was sitting at a table, a small piece of meat on a plate in front of him. Opposite him was Cerinţă. "Glad to see your awake. Have a bite to eat." she said. The room finally stopped spinning. "What about you?" he asked. She chuckled. "You already gave me one." she said. Ruthvens neck started tingling all of a sudden. Ruthven tried not to notice and cautiously ate his meal, whilst Cerinţă watched intently.

An empty plate and a glass of wine was now on the table, Cerinţă had a glass of wine too, well it looked like wine. "What did you want me here for?" he asked. She tutted. "You don't trust me." she said. Ruthven smiled, the wine was making her look almost human. "Would you trust yourself?" he asked. She crossed her arms. "I'm gathering information, you might become important soon. Well, slightly more useful then you are now." she explained. She held up 3 fingers. "3 Questions, you just answer 3 of my questions." she said. Something deep down in Ruthven, possibly his mercantile instincts told him to propose an offer. "Only if you answer 3 of mine." he said. She chuckled. "Few people would be foolish enough to make a deal with one of us. Very well." she said. "But you answer my questions first." Ruthven nodded.

"Your two friends, across the river. Tell me about them?" she asked. Ruthven had no idea how she knew about them, he might ask her about it later. "Ones a ranger, smart, reads a lot. The others a mage, grumpy, old, but strong in muscles and in mind." he said. She didn't appear satisfied with the answer. "Perhaps you'd tell me why your not with them now." she said. Ruthven sensed he shouldn't argue. "The mage left to go explore a group of islands to the far east, I left the ranger back at the Heroes Guild." he said. Something he had said obviously satisfied her.

"Why did you come here?" she asked. Ruthven looked out of the window overlooking the village. "My brother." he said. She nodded. "Do you wish you weren't a human?" she asked. Ruthven gave a strange look. He thought about it, being a dragon could be cool, but he thought being human would still be better. Suddenly he realized why she asked him. "Sometimes." he replied. She didn't like the answer but she didn't argue. "Your 3 questions." she said, lying back in her chair.

Ruthven didn't actually have any questions planned, so he said the first one that popped into his head. "So... what have you done with your life?" he asked. She stared back at him like she was just asked a stupid question. "You do know how old I've lived, it would take about 5 thick tomes to cover everything I've done." she said. Ruthven smiled. "That doesn't answer my question." he said. She chuckled. "I suppose it doesn't. My mother and father were both mages at Senntisten. An accident made me an orphan, I grow up alone and like the idiot I was, wonder into the wrong part of town. I suppose the next few thousand years consisted of blood sucking, book reading and recently politics." she said. "Those were very short tomes." Ruthven added. She ignored him. "Next question." she demanded. Ruthven gulped and asked him the question gnawing at the back of his mind. "Did you use some kind of magic on me at the bloodening?" he asked. She looked surprised but chuckled. "Yes." she said. Ruthven wasn't satisfied with the answer but knew she would try to avoid answering any questions about it. "Do you mean any harm to me, my family or my friends?" he asked. She gave a straight expression. "I don't MEAN harm on you or them, but some harm might come about in the process." she said. And with that, she got up, waved and walked out the door. Ruthven still had more questions, but he knew they had to wait.

The Unexpected Arrival

4 years in Morytania just flew by, well technically almost every day was a nightmare trying to survive, what with all the monsters trying to eat him, Vyres trying to make him a slave and a father that kept making him do chores. But Ruthven survived, his only casualty being a few grey hairs and a mountain of torn clothing. Ruthven was thinking about all this at home when suddenly his brother caught his attention. "Ruth, there's a man with a lizard head outside asking for you." Ruffven said. Business as usual. "Its probably some nut job from the Guild." Ruthven replied. "Anyway I wouldn't worry, he probably won't even find us." he smiled confidently. There was a knock at the front door. His grin disappeared. As the door opened Ruthven moved to the next room and eavesdropped. "Can I help?" a woman's voice spoke, it was Romani's. "Yes I'm looking for Ruthven Galand?" the man asked. "Who is it Roma?" another voice asked. It was dad. "I don't know, some guy with a lizard head?" she replied. There was a cough. "I thought you'd stopped drinking at noon?" his father replied. There was the sound of footsteps. "Errr... yes?" he asked. "I'm looking for Ruthven Galand." The mans voice asked. "Yes?" his father replied. There was a sound of sighing. "Unless people age quicker over here, I'm looking for a different Ruthven Galand." he said. Ruthven knew he wasn't able to avoid this any longer. He walked through the door and saw the man, he did indeed have a lizard head. "Yes, that's me." he said. The man was wearing some dusty travelling clothes with a thin leather chestplate and a silver dagger at his side. The man then reached up to his head and then removed it. It turned out it was a mask. There was a human face behind it, age worn, very dark grey, Ruthven recognized him. It was Jacobs... relative or maybe his neighbor.

Ruthven suddenly found himself in bed with a splitting headache, a neatly packed bag and a sheet of papyrus with writing on was placed next to him. He decided to read it. It read "Pick up Charron, Aminishi, Maxwell Raines Residence. Return with him to party at Burthorpe." It took a while for the words to sink in, apparently he was going to pick up Charron and take him to a party. Charron! Party! What had happened last night. Romani came in unexpectedly. "Looks like your awake pup, at least I knew my limits when it came to mead." she said. "Urghhh.... What happened?" he replied. "You, your brother and that Mr. Southmage went to the inn, you got masterfully wasted and lost in spectacular fashion in a duel against him. Your suppose to be heading to a place called Burthorpe for someone called Jacob's 30th birthday." she said. Ruthven couldn't recall any of this. "If you want to make it in time you'll be leaving now." she said. Ruthven suddenly found himself getting dressed and being pushed outside. He waved goodbye to everyone and then set off out of town. Then he tried his hardest to recall what had just happened.

He crossed the river and began to enter Paterdomus. "So which direction are we headed?" Ruffven asked. "We head west till we reach Asgarnia, then were taking the South west road to Port Sarim." he said, tired. He stopped suddenly. "Ruff, what are you doing here?" he asked, shocked he hadn't noticed him earlier. "You asked me to come." he replied. Ruthven shook his head, the movement made the ache worse. "I don't remember that." he said. "You said that if you were going to make a questing team out of the 4 of us, you'd need to introduce me first." he said. Urghhh. "Questing Team?" "Yeah, so you could do more difficult missions in Morytania." "4 of us?" "You, me and 2 guys called Jacob and Charron." It sounded like a plan Ruthven would say, he decided to just role with it and discussed this topic with Ruffven as they headed for Varrock.

Great Reunion

"What do you mean you don't sail to Aminishi!?!" Ruthven asked the 4th captain he had seen today. "You not heard of the monsters, the many lives lost at sea. There was an expedition to there a few months ago, all they found was the captains hat." the sailor said. "Fine!" Ruthven said, storming away from the ship. They had spent 3 hours looking for a way to get to Aminishi, no one would risk their ships. The Sarim Port was busy, it took Ruthven a while to find his brother in the crowd. "No luck?" Ruff asked. Ruthven shook his head. They were about to give up when a rather short man ran up them. "Greetings. I understand your looking for passage to the Eastern lands." he said. Ruthven looked down, there was a rather strange looking gnome looking up at him. "I'm Professor Shizzle Wizzle, were testing an experimental gnome machine that should hopefully--" the professor dragged on. "Yeah yeah, how much?" Ruthven asked. The gnome pondered for about 5 seconds, then Ruthven decided he couldn't wait. He threw a bag of coins into the gnomes arms, it was probably twice as much as the gnome was going to say but Ruthven wanted to hurry. "Which ship?" he asked. "Err.... well... um... that one." he said pointing to an old worn ship, the figurehead caught Ruthvens attention for a few seconds before he snapped out of it and ran aboard with Ruffven. The ship set sail, thanks to Ruthvens efforts, ½ hour earlier than scheduled. The ship was on its way.

The ocean was calm, there was barely any movement on deck. The sky was now lit up with stars, Ruthven and Ruffven were lying on the deck looking up at the sky. "Its amazing, the view, its so clear and the moon is so bright and full." Ruffven said. Ruthven smiled. "Your not gonna start howling at it are you?" he said. Ruffven chuckled. "So whats this Charron like?" Ruffven asked. Ruthven tried to remember. "Old, he was going grey at my age, Strong... for a mage..., solitary..., Grumpy, miserable, I'm struggling to remember why we were friends in the first place?" Ruthven said. "Is he good in a fight?" Ruffven asked. Ruthven nodded. "I hate to admit it but he was probably the best out of us 3, he'd certainly give you a good thrashing." Ruthven said. Ruffven growled. "We'll see about that." The ship rocked gently back and forth, but only for a few more minutes.

"Aminishi inbound!" a voice shouted from above. Ruthven jumped out of his hammock, he was about to see Charron again. He rushed onto the deck, he was going so fast he ended up tripping over something. He looked and saw it was Ruffven. A strange moan was emanating from him. "Ruff were almost there." he said. The moan sprung back into action as Ruffven stood up. "All I can smell is fish, I can taste fish, I can hear fish, by the flames!" he said, promptly rushing over to the side of the ship. The sound of his upchucking didn't damper Ruthvens mood. Prof Shizzle-Wizzle even dropped by. "Ah Mr Galand, the navigator knew the place you mentioned and we'll be docking there, whilst we recalibrate the machine. I'm surprised you managed you sleep through that monster fight, the ship must've been at a 80 degree angle at one point." he said. Ruthven thanked him for the info and headed to the bow of the ship, at least he thought it was the bow, it might be the Stern. The anchor was dropped, the ship slowed into port and Ruthven jumped onto the woodwork below.

He looked up at the 'Raines Estate' It was huge, mostly made out of some tubey plant and some kind of Red Wood. It appeared to still be under construction, there was a Greenhouse an outdoor larder, an observatory. Ruthven decided to see what sort of person lived in a house like this. He walked up to the door and gave it a knock. There was the sound of someone walking and then the door swung open partially. There was an eastern boy, about 18/19 Ruthven thought, he had black hair done in the eastern style and he wore some Green Eastern robes. "Yes?" he said. Ruthven looked at his note, then back up at the boy. "Yes, Is this the residence of Mr.... Rhines." Ruthven said, following up with a smile. The boy at the door sighed. "Raines, yes it is. What do you want?" he said. 'Success' Ruthven thought. "I'm looking for someone, fairly tall... mage, bossy, rude, names Charron... Ermond" Ruthven said, struggling to recall Charrons last name. The boy shook his head. "Noone with that name lives here." he said. Ruthven didn't have time for this. "Look son, I've travelled a long way, my brother's extremely ill, I'm just looking for Charron so we..." Ruthvens speech suddenly paused when he noticed what looked like a large grey blade sticking out of the boys back. "My word, what happened to your back! That looks Painful... Urghhh!" Ruthven said, before receiving a swift punch in the guy, he bent over in pain. "Ruthven!?!" a familiar voice said. Ruthven looked up. It was Charron, he looked older than Ruthven remembered, he also appeared to be wearing a crocodile. "Hey Charron. Long time no see!" he said with a smile.

"You know this *******!" the boy asked Charron. Ruthven got up and smiled. "You never told him about me! After everything we went through!" Ruthven exclaimed. He gave a bow to the boy. "Ruthven Galand, Hero, at your service.". Charron gave him a look of disbelief. "Hero?" he asked. Ruthven nodded. "Yeah, what did you expect. Me and Jake made Hero few years ago. That's why I'm here, you see Jacob is..." Ruthven never finished the sentence, standing behind Charron was a large grey creature with a large jaw. "Holy crap! Its a Daggermouth, behind you Charron!" he said, drawing his rapiers. The dagganoth bared its teeth at him before looking up to Charron. "Is he the annoying one from your stories?" it said. Ruthven's heart couldn't take much more. "By the gods, it talks. What do you mean annoying one, I can't believe you told him about me, actually the truth is I was..." Ruthven went on, treating the creature like one of his fan girls, and by fan girl he meant a girl who happened to walk past him. "What do you want!" Charron shouted. "Its Jake, we need to head to Burthorpe." Ruthven said. "Burthorpe?" "Yeah, you know the town north of Taverly." "But what happened?" "I'll explain on the way, quickly hurry" Ruthven said. He decided to wait for Charron by the docks.

Ruthven found his brother lying down face first in the sand. He kicked the body, there was another moan. It slowly turned around, Ruffven gave him a dirty look. "Come on, we have to go." Ruthven said. "Just leave me here." Ruffven replied. "I promised mum I wouldn't" "Then don't tell her." "Come on Ruff get up, I'll buy you a beer." Ruthven knew Ruffvens weakness. "10" Ruthven smiled. "Fine, now get up." Ruthven turned round to greet Charron, he was being followed by that creature again. "Hey Charron, you see there's this no pet rule on the ship and *oof*" Ruthven was punched in the gut a second time, he fell to the floor and the world turned black.

Great Party

The sea had calmed down enough for Ruffven not to be sick, Charron was asleep, resting against a crate, cuddled up to that daggermouth. Ruffven was staring at them. "Whats that creature?" he asked. Ruthven tilted his head. "That's Charron." he said. "No the grey skinned one." Ruffven said, annoyed. "Its a Daggermouth, I believe he's called Dagger. They're known for slaughtering hundreds of sailors, being merciless killers and hating humans for as long as time has moved forward." he said. Ruffven tilted his head. "Then why is he with Charron?" he asked. "No idea, maybe cause they're very similar, you might get on well with it." he said. Ruffven chuckled. "Charron doesn't look as tough as you made him out to be." Ruffven said arrogantly. Ruthven chuckled. "Challenge him to a fight and you'll see what I mean." Ruthven said. Ruffven rolled his eyes nonchalantly.

They arrived in Port Sarim the next day, Ruthven was wondering around looking for where Ruffven was gone. "Damn it Ruff!" he said to himself. They only had 2 days to make it to Burthorpe. Charron was sulking as he rested against the hand rail with his Daggermouth. "I'm still not happy with all this..." he said, crossing his arms. Ruthven nudged Charron and smiled. "You should be happy, a chance to see the old gang, look how you've changed in 4 years, imagine what Jacobs like. It'll be like a holiday." Charron sighed. "You know I was 2 hours into my holiday when you knocked at the door." Charron said scowling. Suddenly something splashed in the water behind them. Ruthven sighed. "Tell that pet of yours to keep it down." Ruthven said. Charron huffed. "He's not my pet, you can't have a dagganoth as a pet. He's my partner." Charron said. Something about that struck Ruthven as hilarious and he started laughing. Suddenly a large force struck the back of his head and he fell over. Someone had fired a water spell at him... Ruthven knew better than to get involved. Ruffven chose that moment to walk over. "Ruthven, why are you soaking wet?" he said. "Because I'm hot..." Ruthven replied. He stood up, trying not to attract any more attention. Ruffven was carrying a keg and a long box. "Where'd you get those?" Ruthven asked. "Dad delivered them, this ones yours." he said, handing him the rectangular box. Ruthven opened it and saw a sword he recognized. He remembered getting it from Scotty's room all those years ago. The Ace of Diamond, it was shining steel with a rectangular base and a red tip. If you pointed it at a foe it looked exactly like the Ace of Diamonds card. There was a note on the sword. It read 'For Jacob, From your good buddy Ruthven', It must've been the present Ruthven chose for Jacob. "What did you get him Ruff?" Ruthven asked. Ruffven gave him a peculiar look. "What do you think?" he said. Charron sighed. "Ruthven all my money is in chimes..." Charron said. Ruthven decided to just hand what was left of his money to Charron. He ended up returning with a large box of books. Ruthven smiled. "Jacobs gonna love that. Where's the change?". Charron smiled, which he rarely chose to. "Oh but I havn't seen Jacob in AGES, I had to get him some good quality works." he said. Ruthven continued to smile, barely.

They decided to camp at the forest near the SW corner of the walled city. Ruthven had chosen to take first watch, Ruffven knew he was lousy at staying awake so he stayed up with him. "So... did you tell them about me?" Ruffven asked. Ruthven smiled. "Course I did." he said. "Like what?" "err... they know you exist" "anything else?" "They know about the time we stole the chickens from the champions guild." "Anything Biological?" "Don't be nasty!" Ruthven exclaimed. Ruffven looked down at the ground. "You know what I mean..." Ruthven looked uneasy. "Well they never really asked..." "But they asked 'have you ever stolen any chickens before?'" "Look what difference does it make, I mean Charron has that monster as a friend, so to them it wouldn't matter whether you were human or not." A sudden voice behind him spoke. "I have a name." it went. Ruthven turned around, it was that CREATURE again. "What do you want?" Ruthven said. The creature looked around. "Nothing, just curious." it said. "About?" Ruthven asked. "You." it said. Ruthven chuckled. "What about me?" he asked. "Like how da-- ... Charron could be friends with you?" "I was actually wondering that too." Ruffven said, joining in. Ruthven smiled and looked up at the stars. "You know the story right? I know Charron told you. I think its because..." Ruthven trailed off. He never really thought about it, Why was anyone friends with him, he'd always assumed he was extremely likeable. Ruthven simply chuckled. "I don't know. But the fact is he liked me enough to come with us, despite all the moaning and the timing." He smiled. "You know, Dagganoth have a word for people like you, who are just so annoying that we want to rip them apart on the spot." Ruthven looked annoyed. "What?" he asked. "Human." it replied. Ruffven smiled. Ruthven chose to ignore that and head back to his tent. At least in his dreams people respected him.

The next day they arrived in Burthorpe. Ruthven was freezing, he'd forgotten to bring any winter clothing with him. At least he had the satisfaction that with a lack of fur, Ruffven was also unprepared. Charron, despite only wearing 1 layer, didn't seem affected. He and that creature seemed accustomed to the weather. "So where are we headed?" Charron asked. "Jacobs house, his family own a Smithy around here somewhere." Ruthven said. They eventually wandered into a street that had 3 blacksmiths. "Which one is it?" Charron asked. Ruthven looked at all 3 'John, Simon and Brian' Ruthven was hoping one would say South... whatever Jacobs surname was. "Look we'll start at John, that was Jacobs middle name." he said, trying to sound intelligent. "So was Brian..." Charron muttered. As they entered John's Smithy they encountered a man with a big black beard and slightly balding. "Can I help you?" he asked. Ruthven smiled. "Yes, were Jacobs friends." Ruthven said. "Oh, I'm just finishing these trims, Jaks! Jake's friends are here!" he said. Suddenly a woman walked down the stairs, immediately grabbing his attention. She had long blond hair and blue eyes and an amazing smile. Dressed in white, pure as snow. "Oh Welcome!" she said. Then promptly kissing Ruthven twice on both cheeks. Ruthvens went still, it had been so long since a girl had kissed him. He almost fainted. She kissed everyone but Ruthven didn't really pay attention. He saw her lips move, the words "I love you." seemed to come out. "Huh?" Ruthven said. "I said were setting up the party downstairs, Jacobs expected to arrive soon." she said, shoving everyone downstairs. "Wow is that a dagganoth, I thought they never left Kandarin." she said excitedly. Ruthven left Charron and 'Jaks' talking about the creature. Ruffven followed, nervously examining the place.

Ruthven and Ruffven chatted for a bit, Charron came to join them, but Dagger wasn't with him. "Where's Daggers?" Ruthven asked. Charron sighed. "Jacob's mum is with him, you know what her job is?" Charron said. Ruthven shrugged. "Wasn't it something medical, like a nurse?" he asked. Charron shook his head. "She's a dangerous creature veterinarian, she travels round helping heal the dangerous pets of the rich and stupid." Ruthven shook his head in disbelief. Charron nodded. "She's examining Dagger now, never had a chance to examine a live one." he said. At that moment, 'Dagger' walked slowly down the stairs and up to Charron. It simply stared straight ahead, Charron tried waving his hand in front of its face but to no avail. "Is he ok?" Ruffven asked. Charron rubbed his head. "He'll be fine." he said. Suddenly the sound of the front door opening could be heard. Ruthven thought it might be Jacob but 2 old men came down instead. Ruthven recognized them as Centauri and Jacobs other grandparent. "Jacobs coming. Everyone quieten down." Centauri shouted. As the 2 of them rushed downstairs. 20 seconds passed. The front door opened. "Mum! Dad! I'm home!" Jacob shouted. Ruthven recognized the voice, he wanted to see the surprise on his face. "Hey son." Jacobs dad said. "Could you help your mother downstairs quickly" "sure." Jacob said. *Step* *Step* *Step* Ruthven could see his foot. *Step* Step* "Surprise!" shouted Jaks, this was followed by a few late murmurs of 'prise...' "What's going on?" Jacob asked. Jaks jumped up and down in excitement. "Happy Birthday Jakey, look we even invited your friends." Jacob turned to look at Ruthven. He hadn't changed much except his hair had gone darker. Ruthven smiled at him, Jacob walked over to greet him. "Happy Birthday Jac-- *Oof*" Ruthven exclaimed, suddenly punched in the gut by Jacob.

Jacob talked to Charron, whilst Ruthven writhed in agony. He slowly got up. "Urghh.. what was that for?" he asked whilst clutching his stomach. "Abandoning me so you could get a vacation back home!" Jacob shouted. Jacob chose to ignore Ruthven for the time being. "Huh, has mum been bringing home patients again?" Jacob said, noting the Daggermouth. Charron was smiling for once, probably brought on by Ruthven being in pain. "No, he's mine. This is Dagger." Charron said. Jacob bent down and said "Hello Dagger.", there was no response. "Is he ok?" Jacob asked. "I think your mum did something to him." Charron said. Jacob smiled as if he understood something. He turned to face Ruffven. "Do I know you?" Jacob asked. "I'm Ruthvens brother, Ruffven." Jacob looked suspicious. "Your not anything like your brother are you?" Jacob asked. Ruffven shook his head. "Then your welcome at this party, help yourself to some food or whatever." Jacob said. He and Charron went off to speak with Centauri. Ruthven looked towards Ruffven, he was acting shy. "So, what do you think of Jacob?" Ruffven shrugged. "He seems friendly enough, though I can't see how he's any good in a fight either." Ruffven said. Before Ruthven could respond, Ruffven had headed off to get something to eat. Ruthven was left alone with the Daggermouth.

Time passed, eventually Jacob forgave Ruthven and the two of them got talking again. Ruthven was enjoying it, however he could see Ruffven sitting near the creature and talking to it. It was nice to see Ruffven wasn't completely alone, but it could have been better if he actually talked to some human companions. Whenever the conversation turned to Ruthvens 'vacation' he would try to avoid mentioning Ruffven. He presented his sword to Jacob, Jacobs reaction wasn't what he was expecting but Ruthven smiled anyway. His dad got Jacob an awesome shield, it looked like an 'X' and it could be rotated. Ruthven's heart skipped a beat though when he saw Jacob try the Mead from Ruthvens keg, he knew at once it was Moonlight Mead, which Jacob probably knew where it came from. Jacob tried it, he didn't seem to recognize it, but he enjoyed it. Ruthven couldn't believe it. Eventually the party died down, Jacobs parents and his grandparent went upstairs, leaving Jacob, Charron, Ruthven, Ruffven, Centauri and the Daggermouth downstairs.

"I thought I'd give you my presents for you now Jacob." Centauri said. He presented the lizard mask which Ruthven recognized. "This is a Jadinko Horus Mask, it goes to the ultimate killer of Mutated Jadinko's." he said. Jacob thanked him and decided to put it on. Jacob grunted and clutched the back of his head for a few moments before standing up straight again. Jacob looked up, the mask looked remarkably lifelike, then it blinked. Ruthven jumped at the sight of the mask coming to life. "What isss it?" Jacob asked, Ruthven noticed his s's were slurring as the mask moved its lips when Jacob talked. "The mask... its A-Alive!" Ruthven said. Centauri chuckled. This is a Horus mask, they were created by a spectacular mage and craftsmen, they replicate the movements of your face to match the movement of the mask. However it only works on the people who have actually learnt to kill the beasts effectively." Centauri said. Ruthven was amazed by it. "It must be worth a fortune!" Ruthven exclaimed. Centauri shook his head. "Only to the right person, anyone who hasn't trained for it will find it useless." he explained. Charron stared at it intently. "And that's not all. Here." Centauri handed Jacob a letter. Jacob opened it and read it. He looked up at Centauri who started smiling. "Well! What does it say?" Ruthven asked, curious. "Itsss from the guild. Itsss an invite to do the Legendsss Guild Entrance Exam." Jacob said, his lizard face smiling. Ruthven couldn't believe it. First he was annoyed that Jacob had been inducted before him, but then he was excited. "That's amazing!" Ruthven shouted. "Its Incredible." Charron said, astonished. "We can head off tomorrow, us 4!" Ruthven exclaimed. "4?" Jacob asked. "Well Charrons got to come obviously..." Ruthven said. "Oh your brothersss coming, that's fine." Jacob said. "Is it though?" Centauri asked.

"Look this may come as a shock to you Jacob but Ruffven is..." Centauri started to explain. "A werewolf." Jacob said. Ruthven gulped. Ruffven looked slightly awkward. However Charron still seemed confused. "Wait... how could you possibly know that?" Charron asked. Jacob looked proud as he got to show his reasoning. "Hisss sssize, awkwardnesss around people, hisss age, the mead and the fact Ruthven repeatedly mentioned they were from Canifisss. It wasss quite likely he wasss one." Jacob explained. Ruffven huffed. "So why didn't you have a problem with it?" Ruffven asked. Jacob shrugged. "Ssshould I?" he asked. Ruffven was about to open his mouth but Ruthven shushed him. "Well seeing as you already knew, I guess its fine for you 4 to go together." Centauri said. Ruthven cheered silently. The 3 of them were back together again and going on another quest, but this time he had Ruffven with him as well.

Great Legends

Ruffven threw up over the side once again, it seems he was incredibly seasick. Ruthven walked over to him "You okay brother?" he asked. Ruffven groaned. "I can't take this anymore..." Ruffven moaned. Ruthven smiled. "You could always go back to Morytania?" Ruthven suggested. Ruffven sucked it up, then promptly threw it all back up again over the side. They were on a boat, Port Sarim to Ardougne, the winter weather had stopped any chance of them crossing the mountain. They were slowly pulling into port, Charron was resting against the mast of the ship, looking miserable as always, his Daggermouth had suffered alcohol poisoning at the party, Jacobs mum was looking after him for the time being. Jacob was sitting on the deck reading a book whilst wearing a black hood pulled almost the whole way over his face, unfortunately the mask Jacob received wasn't coming off, so he was wearing that hood to avoid suspicion. The boat pulled into port and Ruffven was relieved to finally reach stationary land.

It was about 2 hours of walking until they reached the Legends guild, Jacob went inside while Ruthven and the others waited outside the gates. Ruthven was reading the nearby plaque of all the guild members to see if he recognized one. "Hey Ruff, check this out. I found Xenia." Ruthven said. "I can't remember if Camorra was in the guild or not..." Ruthven said, showing his knowledge of famous female adventurers. Charron smirked, he was in a good mood for once. "Trust you to pick out all the women." Charron said. Ruthven smiled in response and continued to read the plaque. "Hey, at the top. Its Radimmus." Ruffven pointed out. Ruthven finished looking and looked around, he could see the top of a nearby manor, he gulped, it was Scotty's manor. Fortunately Jacob came out of the gate just then. Ruthven turned to him. "So?" he asked. Jacob read the note he got. "Basssically I'm to find an entrance to the marsssshland in SssE Kharidia, draw a map of the area, and receive a gift of friendship from the localsss." Jacob said. Ruthven smiled. "Great I always wanted to visit the Kharidian." he said excitedly. Jacob shook his head. "I'm afraid I'm not allowed help from any membersss of any of the quesssting guild, sorry guys." Jacob said with morose. Ruthven felt bad that he couldn't help his friend become a legend. "I've got an idea, how about we all head to the Kharidian anyway, while Jacob completes his quest we can do some exploring of our own." Ruthven suggested. Everyone agreed with him, for once. "But wait, I don't want to go on that boat again." Ruffven exclaimed, shivering at the thought of the experience. Charron smiled. "Not to worry, I think I can cast a spell to teleport us all there." Charron said, immediately bringing his staff out and preparing the spell. Ruffven shook his head repeatedly, but it was too late, Charron teleported all 4 of them. There was a flash of purple and they had arrived in Al Kharid. Ruffven threw up again.

They were surrounded by people everywhere, it took them a few seconds to find each other. Charron wiped his forehead, "At least that's the drama over." he said. Suddenly a voice nearby shouted "Thief!" and a young Kharidian man barged into them, Ruthven saw an older gentleman pointing in the young mans direction. Ruthvens instincts kicked in. "Come on, lets catch him." Ruthven said. Jacob and Ruffven nodded and ran on ahead, Charron sighed and started to follow, then Ruthven ran after him too. Ruthvens quick running pace meant he had nearly caught up to the man after a few seconds, however the man managed to jump onto a stall and onto a nearby roof. Ruthven quickly stopped, climbing wasn't his strong point. Jacob ran past next and walked up to a wall next to it, he motioned to Ruffven who picked Jacob up and threw him up onto the roof, Ruffven then noticed a nearby ladder and quickly hoisted himself up. Ruthven didn't know what to do, then he spotted the theif on the roof, he decided to chase after him on the ground. Ruthven didn't have a good view of the man, so after a minute he lost him. Suddenly there was a shout above him, then a thud as the theif fell on top of him. Ruthven was dazed, when he came to, Charron was next to him grabbing a hold of the theif. Jacob, Ruffven, a guard and the old man from before arrived.

"Thank goodness." the old man said, "these artifacts were 1 of a kind. How could I ever repay you." he said. Ruthven thought about asking for one of the artefacts but Jacob butted in. "Itsss no matter, were jussst explorersss looking for adventure." he said. Ruthven rolled his eyes. The old man smiled. "Well then there is something I can offer you, as you head south pass Shanty Pass, turn left, to the west. A days travelling will help you reach the Dominion tower, I'd recommend a visit if your adventurers. Thanks again." the old man said, shortly trotting away afterwards. Ruthvens eyes looked up. "Well I guess that settles it, me and Charron will go visit this tower." Ruthven said. Ruffven looked confused. "You forgot me..." he said. Ruthven smiled. "That's because you'll go with Jacob." Ruthven said. Ruffven and Jacob looked at each other, then back to Ruthven. "But I only met him 3 days ago." Ruffven protested. Ruthven smiled again. "Well this will give you a chance to get to know each other, anyway, that chase showed that you 2 make a good team." Ruthven said. Jacob looked to Ruffven. "Fine by me I guesss." he said. Ruffven nodded. "Ok." Jacob pointed to the south. "Lets get some supplies over at Shanty's and we can split up there, we'll meet up again in Al Kharid in 2 weeks." Jacob suggested. They all agreed and headed south.

The Dominion Tower

TBC, for the Story from Charrons point of view click here To see how Jacob and Ruffven got on click here

Great Quests

The Formation

Ruthven sat in his chair, his cup half full of moonlight mead, he was reluctant to finish it off. Jacob was showing off his new legends cape, casually turning around every time he walked past Ruthven. Charron and Ruffven were there too, discussing what both parties had gotten up to during the trip to the Kharidian. Finally Charrons 'pet' Daggermouth was by Charrons side, avoiding the alcohol. Ruthven finally got out of his chair. "Ok, were here to celebrate Jacob's amazing new position in the Legends Guild, but also to discuss the future." he said with a smile. Everyone looked at him, Ruthven had briefly discussed this idea with them but he would now put it into action. "During my time here I found out that very few adventurers actually come here, which leaves a lot of quests open, quests with good pay. Which is why I once again suggest we reform our questing group, and base it here in Morytania." he said, hoping no one would object. "Do we all agree to this." Ruthven asked. The room was quiet. "If I'm going to be stuck here I may as well help you out, otherwise you'd all be dead within a week." Ruffven said lifting his glass. Jacob brushed his cape aside, making sure Ruthven saw. "And here I though my story was coming to an end. Sure lets make this a good one." Jacob said. Charron sighed. "Well it will draw less attention to Dagger" Charron said. 'Dagger' looked up. "If Charron's in, I'm in." it said. Ruthven was reluctant to let that 'creature' in but he figured no one would mind, except him.

"Okay then. I've thought about this a lot and decided our name should be---" Ruthven started to say. "How about just 'The 4 Questers'? Its a short and sweet title" Jacob interrupted. Ruffven nodded. The Dagganoth spoke up. "But there's 5 of us?" it said. "Yes but we don't want to go advertising to the guild we have a dagganoth." Jacob responded. Charron sighed. "Look Dagger, unofficially we'll be the 5 questers but to avoid suspicion we'll be called the 4 questers." Charron said. Dagger reluctantly agreed. Ruthven also reluctantly agreed, he wanted to go with Super Morytania Squad. "Right next order of business is where in the world we'll be living." Ruthven said. Ruffven stood up. "I have an idea, when we were expanding the basement we came across those tunnels, we can make a base in there." he said. Ruthven smiled. "Exactly what I was going to suggest." he said. It was definitely better than his idea of camping.

"Finally we come to nicknames." Ruthven said. Jacob looked at him funnily. "Why would we need nicknames?" he asked. "Well, safety really. Its to stop people from knowing who we really are so they can't track us and our families. Plus they sound cool, right Raptor?" Ruthven said with a smile. "Raptor!" Jacob exclaimed. He paused for a bit. "Its a good title, I'll agree if we call Charron Croc." Raptor said. "What!?!" Charron exclaimed. "I think its good, you and Caedis are alike." Dagger said. Croc wasn't happy, but he didn't argue back. "I'll be Wolf." Ruthven said. Raptor gave him that funny look again. "Why are you wolf and not Ruffven?" Raptor said with confusion. "Ah ah ah, don't you always say 'Don't judge a book by its cover', it'll help quench any rumours of a werewolf in our group." Wolf said with a smile. "If were doing animals, I'll be Talon." Ruffven said. There was a slight pause. "You know, like a Talon beast." Talon said. Everybody appeared to be happy. "Right then, a toast. To the 4 questers and to many happy years of saving damsels, kicking monster butt and searching for treasure." Everyone raised their glasses, Wolf smiled.

The Meeting

Ruthven was bored. It seemed there wasn't much demand at the moment for Morytanian heroes. It had been 28 days since the questing group was formed, most of this was spent making the tunnels underneath the shop habitable. Charron had made sure that all the tunnels had supports in case of cave ins, he wasn't a fan of caves. The caves were split into 1 big area with 6 hallways extending outwards into smaller areas. There was some excitement when they were excavating the sixth of these tunnels when they found it opened up into a bloodveld lair. Charron helped take most of them out then dagger dived down into the water to finish off the remaining ones. The room later became Charron's quarters as it was the widest and the water source was good for Dagger.

Jacob had somehow managed to acquire the next largest room which he promptly filled with bookcases, Ruffven wanted to stay in his own room above ground but Ruthven persuaded him that the room down here would be more private and would be safer in case of an emergency. Ruffven reluctantly accepted, Ruthven took the room next to his. The other 2 small rooms would be storage with the centre working as a meeting room. The project was going smoothly with only ¼ of the time spent arguing, Ruthven wondered if they should have become builders instead. One day they fitting the floor in when Romani came down with a letter.

"Looks like you got a job offer." she said. "Thanks mum." Ruthven said, taking the letter off her and reading it. "Were wanted to be... bodyguards." Ruthven said. Charron looked up from the floor he was fitting. "Work is Work, who is it?" he asked. Ruthven gulped when he saw the name at the bottom. "Eeerrrr... a woman called Cerinţă..." he said. Ruffven stood up and grabbed the letter off of Ruthven. "Zamorak damn her." he said. Jacob also stopped working. "Whose Cerinţă?" he asked, is that Ruthvens maniac girlfriend?" he asked. Ruthven shot him a glare, that girl was the only person he feared more than Cerinţă. "Actually she's a vampyre." Ruthven replied. Charron shrugged. "Look, I'm getting tired of fixing up this place, if we do a good job we might get more work." He sighed then looked determined. "Anyway how hard could it be?"

Cerinţă chuckled. "Oh you 4 are perfect, I'll be meeting up with a certain individual, you can just stand over there." she said, pointing to the back wall. They were on the upper level of the Hair of the Dog Inn, Cerinţă didn't seem to ask much despite never even meeting 2 of them before. "So who is this individual?" Ruthven asked. Cerinţă turned and smiled at him. "He is a threat to our house, my task is to somehow stop his maniacal plans and persuade him to our side. The fact that I brought bodyguards shows how confident I am with this plan." she said, her smile disappearing slightly towards the end. 10 minutes past. The door burst open, a man with black and red robes, black hair and a dark scowl walked through the door. "Your really expecting us to meet in this hovel, they should all be chained up and hooked to the machine. I already had to deal with a stupid child who didn't know better." he said, standing against his chair but not sitting at it. Cerinţă didn't look like she was enjoying it but she pulled a brave face. "Ah welcome Julius, I'm sorry if the location is not in your best interest but--" "Cut the crap Cerinţă, I don't care for your pleasantries so just answer my questions." Julius interrupted. "Who are those meat sacks behind you?" he asked. Cerinţă scowled back, but held it back and smiled. "If one were to deal with a superior opponent, then having men at your back would level the playing field." she said. Julius stared at Ruthven and the others, he suddenly burst out laughing. "I've got to give you credit for trying Cerinţă." He suddenly stopped laughing. "Let me show you how its done." he said. He snapped his fingers, the dark wall on the other side of the room suddenly became lighter, it revealed 4 dark figures. Ruthven gulped. Julius grinned. "Its getting a bit crowded wouldn't you agree." He said, motioning towards a side room. Cerinţă smiled and walked into the room with Julius. The door closed. Ruthven looked towards the 4 figures against the wall, they were still hidden from the light. One of them stepped forward. "Now, how about we get to know each other."

The light revealed who or what it was that was talking to them. It was a man he was roughly 7ft tall, wore dark robes and carried a long ebony staff. However his face looked like a skull, it unnerved Ruthven to look at it. "Hmmm, lets inspect these idiots who chose to side against us." he said. He walked past Ruthven, not even looking at him. He continued to walk down until he reached Jacob. He stopped and stared at him. "Well, you seem the most intelligent, why did you even come here, what did you expect to do here, do you even know what your doing?" Jacob didn't answer. "Heh, your smart enough to know I'm right. Why don't you run back across the river whilst you still can?" he said. Jacob smiled. "I like to think I know a bit about the story I'm in, and especially you. Lets see, Mahjarrat if I'm not mistaken, and working for a vampyre too, must be a huge step down, hiding from the others, I notice your not rejuvenated, scared you'll lose I assume. Is that enough info." Jacob said quickly, with a smug look on his face. The look transferred to the rest of them, Ruthven thought he heard one of the other figures laughing as well. The 'mahjarrat' lost his smug grin, he was silent for a few moments then he chuckled. "Hmmm, I guess you do know your stuff, apart from one thing." he said, he then quickly stabbed Jacob in the leg with the bottom of his staff, Jacob winced. "When to shut up." he said, he raised his staff again but a voice stopped him. "Calm down Grohiik, they're not our enemies. Yet." he said.

A man walked forward, he looked fairly normal if you didn't count the glowing yellow eyes, the tattered robes hanging off him and the green glow coming off him. Grohiik, as the mahjarrat appeared to be known as, eyed him with hatred. "Of course... Jorek." he said, backing off towards the window. 'Jorek' turned to face Charron. "I'm sorry about him, he gets a bit touchy." he inspected Charron. "Hmmm, interesting armour, most people use bear or wolf fur but you went for it didn't you." he said. Charron huffed. Jorek didn't care. "Your a mage huh, well I remember when we use to..." he paused. He stared at Dagger. "Oh. Its one of those. Well isn't that just..." he was shaking as he spoke. "Dagganoth." Dagger said. Jorek snapped. "I know what the f*** you are! I know as your kind ripped by family apart, dragged my friends down into the deep, and as you tore out my organs to try and.. and..... Arghhh!" he pulled out his sword and raised it into the air, Charron reached up and grabbed Joreks wrist. He met Joreks gaze of hatred. Jorek obviously found Charrons strength surprising, he pulled away quickly. Another of the figures burst out into laughter. "Shut the f*** up Scar!" Jorek shouted.

Out stepped 'Scar', Ruthven knew instantly what it was as he and Ruffven had beaten them before. It was a gargoyle, but this one had a blue tint surrounding it, its breath was cold as the stone it was made of. "Oh, this is great this is great. We've got a know it all and a Dagganoth lover, what about you big guy, whats your story?" he said, resting his claw on Ruffvens shoulder. Ruffven looked towards the gargoyle, they were roughly the same height." Ruffven stared at the gargoyles arm, than back to the gargoyle. "Take that hand off or I break it off." he said. The gargoyle laughed. "Oh that's good, real scary. hahaha. It'll be fun breaking you in two." he said, forcefully removing his arm from Ruffven. Ruffven growled. Another voice growled. The last figure. Orthrus He stepped forward, the light didn't show the 4th mans face, there was a dark hood that covered most of his face, ripped dark clothes, the loosest description you could have of boots and a ripped dark cloak. Ruthven thought he recognized the cloak but couldn't picture where. He stepped forward. The steps slowed, he carried no weapon but he felt like the most powerful. He turned to face Ruthven. "Theres no reason for us to be killing each other... for now." he said. He looked up at Ruthven, Ruthven saw 2 piercing emerald eyes. "Why work for a man like that?" Ruthven asked. The hooded man spoke softly. "Some want power, some owe a debt, some want recognition, but you know their kind. No matter the reason you can't say no." he said. Ruthven knew what he meant. "We may be neutral today buy we both know what will happen in there." Ruthven said. The stranger nodded. "To be honest, I've been waiting a while to have a reason to challenge you Ruthven." he said. Ruthven coughed. "You know me?" he asked. The stranger nodded. "I've known you for a long time, and I'll enjoy ripping you apart." Those words struck a blow to Ruthven, but he smiled. "You'll have to catch me first." he said. The stranger smiled, Ruthven could only tell by looking at the eyes. "The fun is in the chase." The insults could have been flying for the next hour but it was interrupted.

Julius walked out the door slowly. "I'm sorry you weren't satisfied with my terms Cerinţă" Julius said. Cerinţă scowled. "You know exactly where you can stick your terms" she said. Julius chuckled. "I'm sure the house will be most pleased with your efforts?" Julius said. Cerinţă looked like she was ready to tear his throat out. "You can't stay enemies with the house for long Julius." she said. Julius laughed again. "If their all like you I have nothing to worry about." he said. Cerinţă scowled. "Come on guards, I've tortured you long enough, lets get out of this forsaken place." The 4 guards met the eyes of each of them one last time, before they slowly left to follow Julius. The stranger slammed the door behind them. Cerinţă picked up a chair and smashed it against the floor, 2 of the legs broke off. She dropped it down. "I need a drink" she said. Ruthven covered his neck, but Jacob quickly pulled out a vial of blood, a shot glass and a bottle of vodka. "Bloodka okay?" Jacob said, as he began to pour it. Ruthven knew Jacob prepared for most things but wouldn't have guessed about that. Cerinţă smiled weakly. "Make mine a double."

One Octuple later and Cerinţă seemed to be feeling better. "What am I going to do, thousands of years of experience are nothing against him. My one chance to get him and..." she said, slurring her words slightly. "Mind if we ask you a few questions?" Ruthven asked. "Sure, only thing the house thinks I'm good for... what would they know the... the..." she nodded off slightly. She woke up with a fright. "Who is Julius?" Ruthven asked. Cerinţă scowled at the mention of the name, crushing the shot glass in her hand into shards. "He's some stuck up renegade Vampyre, the Drakens would have his throat if they knew what he was doing, unfortunately he's got information, harmful information against the house. He practices spells out of that damn book, our cattle go missing for his damn expewiments.. experiments." she wobbled slightly at the end. "What of the guards he has?" Ruffven asked. She chuckled. "You saw Grohiik, the disgrace Mahj, he sought protection so he wouldn't be sacrificed at some ritual, Julius was happy to oblige. Jorek, he's Julius's own personal Wight, even let him keep his old personality, damn fremmenik sense of loyalty won't let us bribe him. During the zamorakian take over against Hallowvale he was a man who was just looking for a fight. Julius promised him he could fight for eternity. Scarmiglion, or Scar to his friends. None of the other gargoyles took him seriously, unfortunately he's not just protected by his stone skin. Finally there's Orthrus. You know, what's his names dad. He's stealthy and hangs to the shadows, he could be in our halls and we wouldn't sense him. Now enough with the questions." she said flailing her non existant shot glass around.

She threw a sack onto the table, it was full of gold and gemstones. "Your payment, your the only guys I can trust. I need you to help me kill the bas****.... bas.... buh. zzzzzzz" she passed out on the table. Jacob shook the bottle. "Triple Strength." he said. Ruthven didn't know what to think, in the space of 1 hour they'd acquired 5 enemies. "I doubt that's the last we'll see of them." Ruthven said. The rest of them nodded and headed back to the base.

The Smoking Shack

He felt so weak, he couldn't even remember his name. He'd been bled dry from the vyre scum, but he knew no one would save him. Suddenly he saw a building with smoke coming from the chimney, smoke, that meant fire. A nice warm fire would be the best thing ever. He slowly got up and walked towards it. He stepped inside, no one saw him again.

Jacob was chuckling to himself, they'd actually received a job from a comedy writer who wanted 3 crawling hands, in return he'd given them a copy of his new book. Ruthven complained of being robbed but Jacob didn't care, it was actually a pretty good book. Ruthven was still giving him the evil eye for accepting it, but why would he complain, his family was rich. It had been a few weeks since the meeting incident, they had gotten a few more jobs by then. The pay was good too, Ruthven was right when he said people pay a lot for jobs over here.

Ruffven knocked on the door to Jacobs room. "Come in." he said. Ruffven came in with his usual expression. "Still reading that book?" Ruffven asked. Jacob nodded. "I actually just started, I'm not really into fiction myself." Jacob said. Ruffven tilted his head slightly. "Well we've got something else you can read." Ruffven said, handing Jacob a letter. It appeared to be from that vyre woman, they were wanted for another task. Jacob sighed, he stood up and went to get equipped. Everything was Silvthril now, it was Ruthvens recommendation. Silvthril knives, Silvthril bolts, fortunately it was light. Jacob put on his armour, the leather rubbed against him but it was quite comfortable, he packed a few supplies, potions, and some blood and vodka just incase.

The 4 of them met up in the bar again, suddenly the room turned black. There was a slight dizzying feeling and they saw themselves in a grey stone room. Ruffven saw an old pot and ran up to it, he promptly threw up in it. "Poor guy." Jacob thought. Cerinţă was there at the other side of the room, she appeared to be in a slightly better mood than last time. "Welcome all of you, I told you last time we could use some more help." she said. She pointed out of a window. "Welcome to the farm." she said. Jacob looked out the window, it was bleak, poorly built houses lined the streets, there were a few pale humans walking around, one caught Jacobs gaze, Jacob turned his attention else where. The site sickened Jacob, but he knew he couldn't do a thing, it would put his friends in danger, and give them a fate worse than death. "Notice the amount of buildings, compare it to the cattle you see. There's a big difference. I'm sure you can guess what we assume is the cause." She said. Jacob knew, Julius. Ruthven looked like he didn't have a clue though. "Now this normally wouldn't be a problem as its usually those myreque, but this time its different, Julius would recognize us coming and retreat immediately, you on the other hand will be a curiosity, and such he'll want to see you in action." she said. Jacob agreed this was a good plan, especially with Ruffven on their side. "Sure we'll get that done for you." Ruthven said. Cerinţă nodded. "You will be reimbursed for your efforts." she said. She showed them out, the 4 of them found themselves in the courtyard of the place, they were in the centre of a farm with roughly 5 miles to cover, great.

Ruthven smiled. "Well go on Ruffven, lead the way." Ruthven said. Ruffven stared at him looking irate. "You do know how this works right, there's a lot of scents and this is a humans natural habitat, everywhere will smell the same." he said. Ruthven shook his head. "Very well, lets try the dagganoth." Ruthven suggested. Dagger growled. Charron interpreted it. "Your an idiot." Ruthven shrugged. Jacob remembered reading a book about tracking once. He considered footprints, but those were everywhere. He couldn't see any thing or hear anything. "Maybe we should just walk around and see if there's anything odd." Jacob suggested. Ruthven nodded. "Well we should go into groups then." Ruthven said. Jacob thought about it. "What should we do if we see anything?" Jacob asked. "We can send a signal, I can send a fire spell in the air as a flare." Charron said. "I'll go with Ruff, he can howl if we find anything, Jacob can send a flaming arrow up." Ruthven said. Jacob slapped his forehead. "I use a CROSSbow, I don't have any flammable cloth either." Ruthven smiled. "Bring Dagger with you then, he can send a blast of water in the air." Ruthven suggested. "The first part of that idea is fine, Charron can use him summoning skill to locate him, and Ruffven can detect him. If I cut my hand the scent should be able to reach Ruff who will know something's up." Jacob said. Charron nodded. "You okay with this Dagger." Charron asked. Dagger nodded. The 5 of them split into 3 groups, Jacob walked side by side with Dagger.

Jacob was tense, he was alone with a creature known for their atrocities against humanity, in a farm owned by a creatures known for their atrocities against humanity which is located in a country known for its atrocities against humanity. Other than that this was a good detection test, he could show up Ruffven and his nose. "What are we looking for?" Dagger asked. The dagganoth talking to him always put him off. "Well, what are humans attracted to?" Jacob asked. "It was always fish or scary looking monsters in my case." Dagger said. Jacob chuckled. "Unfortunately were probably dealing with some more intelligent --" Jacob paused. He saw something that grabbed his attention, a chimney had smoke coming out of it, there was probably a nice warm fire, He could really do with a nice rest in front of the... "Yes?" Dagger asked. "Fire, that chimney." Jacob said. "What about it?" Dagger said. "Its warm, its nice, its attracting, I mean in this cold dark place anyone would see it and head towards it." He said. "I guess." Dagger replied. "Ah.". Jacob quickly cut his hand, instead of waiting Jacob ran towards the smoke, Dagger followed. Jacob came up to the house, he kicked open the door, the darkness up the room was immediately lifted. There was a set of stairs leading down, Jacob ran down quickly. He slammed his side against the door, loaded his crossbow and pointed it forward. It was the most heinous thing he'd ever seen. A figure Jacob recognized as Grohiik the mahjarrat was standing in the centre of the room. "Oh good you've arrived." he said.

The room had men and women strapped to vertical tables, tubing entering their body sucking out their blood, the blood collected into a series of bottles at the other side of the room. And in the middle of the room, the source of the smoke, bodies piled up in a fire, obviously drained of blood. Jacob pulled up his Coif to stop breathing the fumes. "Oh good job, your as intelligent as they say, its a shame your brains going to waste". Grohiik said. Jacob pulled the trigger, a bolt flew out of the stock towards Grohiik, but he stepped to the right just in time, the bolt bounced off against the wall behind. "Pity and I thought we could have a chat." Grohiik said. Jacob had already loaded another bolt. "Your story ends now Grohiik." Jacob shouted. "Oh I've got plenty of material left." he said. Grohiik spun his staff, smoke was gathering around the staff. Grohiik fired a ball of smoke at Jacob. Jacob narrowly dodged it but heard the effect it had on the brickwork. Jacob fired a bolt, but Grohiik managed to bat it out the way with his staff.

"You cannot win, the smoke that gives me my power will choke you." Grohiik said. The smoke was hurting his eyes, suddenly he saw Dagger, he was standing by the door, growling at Grohiik. Jacob got his attention and pointed at the fire. Jacob quickly grabbed an throwing axe and threw it, Grohiik saw it fly past him. "The smoke hurting your aim." Grohiik said. The axe hit one of the supports for the heavy tubes, the tube swung downwards and bashed into Grohiik, tossing him onto the fire. Grohiik yelled. Dagger fired a water spell at the fire, extinguishing it. The smoke slowly dissipated, the smell of burnt wet Mahjarrat filling the air. Charron, Ruthven and Ruffven quickly ran down the stairs. Jacob stood over Grohiik. "The Vyres will decide your punishment, we'll be taking you in." Jacob said. Grohiik chuckled, he winced through his scorched hood. "You should have left me to burn." he said. He bashed his staff against the floor and smoke surrounded him. He dissipated into the air, teleporting to safety. Jacob swore, he rarely swore. "What is this place?" Ruthven asked. Jacob looked around. "I imagine this is a battery farm for humans, I don't think the Vyres normally go for it as the blood doesn't run as smooth." Charron looked around, the people were looking scared and sick. "Lets just report back, I'm sure the Vyres will know what to do with this place." he said.

Cerinţă clapped. "Hmmmph, I can't believe the guards let something like this go unnoticed. Thank you for stopping that excuse for a mahjarrat." Ruthven nodded. "The pleasures all ours." She ignored him, turning to Jacob. "Raptor, correct." She passed him a book. "Your reward, I'll have you know this book is older than me, so make sure to take care of it." she said. Jacob nodded. "Now let me just teleport you back." she said. Ruffven's eyes opened wide, he shook his head repeatedly but it was too late, they were teleported. Ruffven upon arrival was sick again.

Jacob read through the book he'd been given, it would certainly be a challenge. First of all it was written in runic script, then it was written in code, and when all that was translated it would be written in the Ancient Tongue. He wondered if she had actually read it before. He went to grab some papyrus, on top of the pile was the picture of that woman, the one who felt so familiar yet so far away, underneath it some word Jacob couldn't fine anywhere else. He lifted it up and took out several sheets from underneath it. He started to translate it, in 5 minutes he'd thought he'd figured out the first word. 'Once'. Only several thousand to go.

Meanwhile Grohiik was sitting on a stone chair drinking some wine. That infernal gargoyle wouldn't stop laughing. Orthrus came over to him. "So what do you think of Raptor?" he asked. Grohiik didn't care to discuss his failure with him. Orthrus nodded. "I see." he said. Julius had finally finished thinking and looked toward Grohiik. "You may have failed to get the ideal target, but we've got enough. Of course, those 4 still live." he said, a glass of blood swirling in his hand. Grohiik turned away from him, every word he spoke all he heard was failure. Jorek stood forward. "Chief, let me fight. I can get rid of those 4 for you." he insisted. Orthrus chuckled. "Honestly, have you seen them. 3 humans and a werewolf. We shouldn't really waste our efforts on them, and continue with our sabotage on the house and that Cerinţă." he said. Julius dismissed him. "I'm afraid Cerinţă thinks that with those 'guards' of hers she can win back the affection of the house. They are our her trump card, the one stopping her folding." Julius said, it had been a while since he'd used a card reference. "I'm afraid Jorek, in your current state, you have trouble against just 1 of them." Jorek clenched what was left of his teeth. "Though, we could give you a little advantage." Julius tapped his claws against the top of his book. Scar started to laugh.

The Bloodied Beast

The cage rattled across the bridge, the beast inside had been magically disabled and lay there in a doze. The cage stopped, a man stepped out from behind it and walked forward. A figure came to meet the man, there were no words just silence. A sack was given to the man, the man examined it, he was satisfied. He walked back across the bridge. The man stopped halfway, he clutched his heart. He coughed, he spluttered. Eventually he fell to the floor silent. The figure went up to the sack, it was an ingenious use of the poison, he threw it over the side into the river, along with the body. He slowly began to push the cage and the beast in it towards the east.

Charron was lying down in bed, he enjoyed this time of day, when he was still dreaming. In his dreams anything he wanted was possible, he was a god in his own little universe. His universe wasn't what most would expect, it was simple, it was a grey dull coastline, there was a mountain and a cave or two but not much else. But Charron enjoyed it, Dagger did too, so did Caedis, but he was no longer with them. Charron sat on the coastline, looking outwards. He often imagined what the afterlife looked like, he wouldn't mind living here, as long as he was with Dagger. Dagger was next to him too. "What are you thinking about now Charron?" Dagger asked. Charron looked towards him, "Its nothing." Charron said. In truth it wasn't nothing, Charron had been affected by a ritual caused by his father. His father was also responsible for putting Dagger through 30 years of torture, many innocent lives had been lost because of the ritual, though it had brought about the death of 2 of the biggest warlords in Wushanko. Charron started out thinking it wasn't all bad.

Charron was wrong. The anger Charrons father had while casting the ritual had impregnated in Charrons mind, it was an evil manifestation that only sought destruction, without a way to bring forth the destruction it decided to cause havoc with Charrons mind. The ritual required 2 souls in order to work, the 2nd soul belonged to a crocodile, who was named Caedis, an ancient word for blood. Caedis inherited massive amounts of power, It being shown in his size, which was 12ft long, Charron could have kept a happy life of ignorance if he hadn't met Caedis that fateful day, unfortunately he did. Their minds linked by the ritual, Charron slowly began to go mad. However he met Charad and Max, who had tried to cure him. Unfortunately that's when Charrons true power was released, he became a monster. Part Human, Part Crocodile. But there was also another soul buried deep inside him.

Charron didn't know what his father was thinking, before he was born he took part in a fremmenik raid on Waterbirth. It was one of the more successful raids, they'd reached the Sentinels with only 1 casualty. Sentinels were the elite dagganoth, they came just under the kings in the hierarchy. Dagger was one of them, he fought bravely against the fremmenik but he was outnumbered. His partner was killed first, Dagger was left bleeding on the cave floor. Charrons father stayed back from the fremmenik to examine Dagger. Dagger knew he had failed, all he could do was watch as this human looked over him, he asked for Charrons father to finish him off. But his father wasn't so kind, using an ancient spell he trapped Daggers soul and his blood within a special container. When the ritual started, it went badly, Charrons father rejected the spell, but it didn't work like that, the effects transferred to his first born son, Charron. Dagger was trapped in Charrons mind, as sociable animals Dagganoth can't survive on their own, but Dagger couldn't die. When Charron finally met Dagger his mind had gone into a sort of defence mechanism, he perceived himself as a lost child. Charron saw the child, he abandoned everything even his life just to take care of the child. It was Charrons mind so he simply made himself into a dagganoth, he took Dagger under his wing and they set out on a journey to find 'mother' through Charrons mindscape, of course Charron didn't want to find 'mother', so none was created. They simply explore the same land over and over again. Charron eventually gave up everything human about him, even his memories.

On the outside Charron was dying, so Caedis had chosen to intervene. When he found Charron he found a creature just as broken as Dagger. Caedis managed to snap Charron out of it, he also managed to snap Dagger out of his delusion. However as Charron and Caedis returned to the real world, Dagger couldn't, because his body was just a pile of chewed up bones. Charron was determined to help Dagger, he returned to the west to try get a slayer task out to Waterbirth, however he found he had to get through the Champions Guild first. Charron became a champion and on a mission near Relleka, he snuck into the Waterbirth caves and stole a hatchling. Dagger's soul was used to replace the soul already in the body. There were complications, the fact Dagger was mature for his age, the use of the body in a ritual and the distance from the rest of his tribe left him with slow growth. Dagger's physical age was now 6, his mental age about 50 something, though his former life as a Sentinel meant he was more prepared tactics wise.

Dagger often asked why Charron looked after him and didn't kill him, Charron claimed that it was because he felt Dagger was a part of him. The real reason he kept to himself. And it was all this that Charron was thinking about as he stared out to sea. Dagger nudged him. "Charron, you seem distracted." Dagger said. Charron shook his head. "I'm fine." he said. Dagger nudged him again. "Come on, while your still dreaming, lets see if we can find any fishing boats." he said, rushing towards the water. Charron reluctantly followed him, he don't why he let himself do it, and more importantly why he's encouraging Dagger to do it. He figured it was probably Daggers fault to begin with. He forgot about it and swam after Dagger.

  • Knock* *Knock* Charron woke up, someone was knocking at the door, and right when he was getting to the goo... bad bit... Charron got up, he walked towards the door and opened it. Ruthven was on the other side. He smiled. Charron instantly gained a bad mood. "Wake up sleepy head, you can't spend your life in your dreams." Ruthven said. Charron scowled. Ruthven grinned at him. "You'll like this, you got a package from Wushanko." Ruthven said. Charron stopped scowling, he became curious. "Now give me a smile and I'll give it to you." Ruthven said. Charron simply reached forward, grabbed it and slammed the door behind him. Dagger gave a yawn and jumped out of the pool. "Did Max and Charad send us something?" Dagger asked. Charron unwrapped it, there was a small device and a letter. The letter simply said, hold in your hands for 10 seconds. Charron looked around for the device and found Dagger holding it between his 2 claws. Charron panicked. "Put it down, you don't know what it does." Charron said. Dagger ignored him. Suddenly the device beeped and flickered. "Hello, Max, I think its working." a voice said. It was Charad.

"I might be able to get a picture up." Charad said. Suddenly the device turned white and a silhouette began to form. "Oh Charrons transformed again Max!" Charad said. "I'm Dagger." Dagger replied. "Ooops sorry about that Dagger, is Charron there?" Charad asked. Charron bent down next to Dagger. "Wow, what is this thing?" Charron said. Max rushed up next to Charad, he still looked exactly the same. "Shhh, be careful. The tower was helping put together some communication orbs to help communicate, one of their prototypes went missing, so be careful what you say around them." Charron nodded. "Hows Caedis?" he asked. "He's snoozing, he's getting old I fear." Charad said. "Balderdash! When I was his age I could do cartwheels." Max said. "How'd your paper go max?" Dagger asked, Charron had forgotten about it. "It's finished, but I doubt the tower wants to read it, they'll say it goes against their principals yada yada yada... You don't miss becoming that thing do you?" Max said. "Of course we do" Dagger replied. Charron looked towards him. "We?" he asked. "Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it." Dagger said. Charron looked sheepish. "Anyway, we thought you might be missing us, so we've got this as a sort of long range communicator, its a work in progress so bare with--------" The voice suddenly stopped and the device went dark.

Charron got changed into an old set of robes and went upstairs, followed closely by Dagger. Everyone was already up, Jacob was still reading his present from the vyre, along with 2 other books he was reading simultaneously. "Seriously, Jacob you've been at that for a month, do you even know what its about?" Ruthven asked. Jacob wrote some words down. "I believe its a encyclopedia, or a big guide of some kind, it appears to be from the 2nd age though. Its a lot of pages but I'll get to the climax eventually." Jacob said. Ruthven rolled his eyes. Ruffven was sorting through job offers, Charron recently took a job of capturing an abberant spectre alive, it was quite a challenge but the client was influential. Ruffven came to a small letter, he stopped and stared at it, giving it an unnatural amount of attention. Charron looked up from his breakfast. "What is it?" he asked. Ruffven breathed out. "Its her again, she wants to meet us." Ruffven said. Everyone put down their things, Charron stood up. "Right, I'll get equipped, I want to spend as little time as possible on this." Charron said. He went downstairs, he opened the cupboard, the snarling head of a crocodile stared back at him, Ruthven grabbed it and put his arm through its mouth, he grabbed his staff, he grabbed some runes, he checked himself in the mirror. He saw something stare back at him, he blinked, only his reflection stared back at him. He went back upstairs, he found Dagger eating the rest of his breakfast.

The 4 of them sat in the inn, as usual, across them stood Cerinţă, she looked slightly anxious. "No need to sit down this will be brief." she said. The 4 of them nodded. "Julius is planning something, but we don't know what. However we got some info from one of the Juvi's that the top floor of the building you call 'The Slayers Tower' is barren, as in theres no monsters there." she said. Ruthven rubbed his chin. "That is strange." he said. Cerinţă nodded in return. "I assume you know what the house is asking of you." she asked. Ruffven nodded. "We'll walk over there now." he said, finally glad he wouldn't be teleported. Cerinţă smiled. "Nonsense I've got a spell ready for you." she said. Ruffven shook his head furiously but it was too late, there was another blue and suddenly Charron found himself on top of the tower with the others, Ruffven ran over to the side and threw up, giving the ghoul below a huge surprise. Charron looked around, everything seemed normal. Suddenly a voice in his head said 'Quickly to your left'. Charron did as he was told as a giant glowing sword came slicing through the air, catching Charrons arm slightly. It was Jorek, he nodded. "Nice dodge." he said.

Charron clutched the wound, he felt like it was going numb. Jorek was feeling perkier. Charron began to charge a fire spell behind his back. "Now this sword is good, helps steal your enemies energy, made of pure silver too and blessed by the Elders. I can absorb all your energy leaving you an empty shell." he said, laughing to himself. Charron scowled. "Absorb this!" he shouted, sending a large ball of fire towards Jorek. The spell took him by surprise and he was pushed back almost 20ft, Jorek slowly bent over exhausted. Ruthven and the others had joined him now. "Its over Jorek! What's Julius planning?" he asked. A voice behind him spoke. "I'll show you." It was Julius.

Ruthven span the staff round to hit him but he had already moved out the way, he was now in front of them. "That was a nice bit of magic, let me show you some of mine." he said. Julius moved his hand and a wave of dark energy hit all of them, they felt like they couldn't move. "Hmmph. Well Jorek, you were unable to fulfill your part of the bargain." Julius said. Jorek got his composure back. "No my Lord." he said. "Then we go with plan B." Julius imposed. Jorek nodded. "As you wish my Lord." he said. Julius waved his hands again, it unveiled a ritual circle and an animal tied down to the floor. Jacob whose eyesight was the best gasped. "That's impossible!" he exclaimed. Charron couldn't see what it was, he could just see Julius laughing and setting things up, the processes he was using reminded him of something. "Its a Skeletal Wyvern!" Jacob shouted. The rest of them looked confused. "A wyverns similar to a dragon, but with its forearms used as wings instead of legs. It can also freeze its enemies and its breath does massive amounts of damage." Charron couldn't believe it, he recognized what was going on, it was 'the' ritual, the Dimexius Ritual.

"We need to get to them quickly" Charron shouted. All 4 of them understood, Ruthven smiled. "Lets see what this Julius is made of." he said. Ruthven rushed on ahead, followed quickly by Ruffven and Jacob. Charron tried to keep up. Ruthven neared Julius, he made his first thrust, but Julius moved out the way faster than Ruthven could move. "Hmmph, have it your way." Julius said, he suddenly changed into a black skinned bat like creature, with claws and wings. Ruthven quickly turned round and tried again, swiping with both swords, Julius effortlessly dodged them and grabbed Ruthven by the throat, Ruffven however was closing in, Julius seemed to know Ruffven was there, turning to throw his brother at him, the 2 fell on top of each other. Jacob fired a bolt, but Julius dodged that as well, Charron released a fire spell, Jacob released a throwing axe, Julius dodged both again. He suddenly lifted a hand into the air, 2 dark shadows trailed along the ground towards Jacob and Charron. When they reached their targets, they burst violently. Jacob dodged out the way but was caught by the blast and fell to the floor, Charron braced the impact but also got knocked down. Julius laughed. "You humans are pathetic." he said. He began to fly into the air, Jacob threw another axe, Charron fired another fire spell. Julius was dodged out the way, but landed near Dagger who grabbed hold of his foot in his jaw, it caused him no pain but he was momentarily unable to move, just as Ruthven was rushing up behind him. Julius quickly kicked Dagger off whilst Ruthven was about a few inches away, Julius dodged but one of Ruthvens slashes caught him. There was a sound of ripping fabric and a grunt. Julius flew over towards Jorek and the Wyvern. "Why must I do all the work, lets see you deal with this." Julius exclaimed. He raised 1 hand in the air chanting a spell, with the other he grabbed Joreks sword. The sword began to turn red. The 4 of them rushed to try stop Julius but it was too late, Julius swung the sword, it went through Jorek and then carried on until it buried itself in the Wyverns spine. There was a roar and a sudden flash of red, everyone was knocked down except Charron and Julius.

There was blood surrounding the ritual circle, it flowed over the wyvern who was roaring and turning into red wisps, it then flowed over to Jorek, it flowed into the wound created by the sword, Jorek shouted and fell to the floor. Charron gulped. Jorek was shaking on the ground, his usual green glow was turning red, suddenly the sound of leathers ripping apart. There was a creaking of metal, a sudden snap as a breast plate fell to the ground. The helmet broke apart in pieces, what was left of Jorek was this red bloody form. Suddenly bones shot out of it forming a skeletal structure around the form, blood flowed from the form to cover the bones, slowly this was replaced with a dark red leathery substance, this slowly formed around the whole form, it began to look like a giant red Wyvern, there was a roar. Jorek was replaced with this, this monster.

It stretched maybe 15 foot into the air, it appeared to dominate everything on the rooftop. Wings extended from its arms which slowly flapped back and forth, behind it was a single tail dotted with bones sticking out of it that formed spikes, finally the head, the eyes were green and glowing, the head was very similar to a dragons but its jaw was all crooked, fangs erupting from all over the place, the creature bent over on the ground, breathing deeply. "MUST..." it said. Julius laughed. "Now THAT is a guard. Jorek kill those fools." 'Jorek' stayed bent over on the ground. "MUST...KILL..." it said, blood dripping out its mouth as it spoke. "Jorek, kill them. Grohiik stole all this blood so you could have this power. I order you to kill them!" Julius shouted. "JOREK... MY BEING IS NOT JOREK, JOREKS POWER IS MINE." Julius scowled. "You answer to me Jorek!" he shouted. 'Jorek' turned to face Julius. "JOREK IS NO MORE, I AM IN CONTROL, I AM DIAHARA. THE WORLD MUST KNOW OUR PAIN, OUR SUFFERING. SUFFER FOR US. BLEED FOR US. DIE FOR US!" 'Jorek' said. It roared and a large red spell shout out its mouth, Julius, almost surprised, just managed to dodge to the side, the spell hit a statue that fell to pieces upon contact. Julius scowled. "All will bow to me! Diahara, Jorek, you will kill those fools, when I return I expect them to be dead." Julius said, promptly teleporting away. Diahara turned to face the questers. "THE NIGHT CREATURE FLEES FROM SUFFERING, NO CREATURE ESCAPES DEATH. YOU 5 WILL FACE SUFFERING IN HIS STEAD. DEATH COMES TO ALL, SO ACCEPT IT WITH DIGNITY." Diahara said. Charron looked to everyone. There faces were all pale and sweating, a bad smell was emanating from Ruthven. The 4 of them stood perfectly still. "YOU CANNOT RESIST DEATH, EMBRACE IT, SHARE YOUR POWER SO THAT OTHERS MAY--" Diahara began to speak again when a water spell hit him in the head. Dagger was growling. Charron looked to him and suddenly his fear disappeared. He was determined to stop this. "We can do it, when have we ever given up?" Charron asked them. Ruthven nodded and drew both his swords, Ruffven nodded and banged his shield, Jacob nodded and loaded his crossbow, this would be the toughest fight yet.

Jacob fired the bolt, it hit Diahara in the eye. Diahara roared, Jacob lead it over to the other part of the roof. Ruthven and Ruffven snuck round behind it, Charron nodded to Dagger and both of them began charging spells. Jacob quickly turned round and threw a throwing knife into the beasts other eye. Jacob pumped the air as he successfully blinded it. Charron noticed that Diahara still followed Jacob, Charron realized it must have Haemoception, that meant Ruthven and Ruffven weren't safe. Ruthven jumped out and repeatedly slashed at the legs of the beast. The beast slowed and eventually fell to the floor. Ruffven swung as hard as he could straight against the beasts back. There was a sharp snap. Ruthven repeatedly slashed at the back as well. "Look out!" Charron shouted, noticing something the other 2 hadn't. Ruffven noticed it and pushed Ruthven out the way, holding out his shield and bracing. The beasts tail slammed into the shield, Ruffven was knocked back a few feet, the Shield now had a dent in it. Charron and Dagger released their spells firing them at the beasts neck. They landed with a crack and a splash, however Diahara turned to face them. "YOU MAY SLOW DEATH BUT IT WILL STILL REACH YOU" it shouted. The creature appeared to not have regeneration but it had huge defence. Charron tried to remember everything he could about the ritual, what were the creatures weak to, silver. Pure Silver that was blessed. Charron suddenly remembered. Joreks sword.

"Ruthven use the sword!" Charron shouted towards him. Ruthven nodded and picked up the sword, it was heavy and he appeared to struggle with it, but Ruffven was busy defending himself. Ruthven lifted it into the air, then ducked suddenly as the tail came towards him. The sword flew over to the edge of the tower. Charron was closest so he ran up to get it, Ruthven, Jacob and Ruffven managed to escape and meet up, they were about to all meet up when Diahara roared. Charron couldn't move, he looked down to the ground, a red sludge was holding him in place, the same had happened to the others. Diahara turned to face Charron and walked towards him. There was a loud stomp with every step he took. Finally they were right next to each other. Diahara stared at him. "YOUR BLOOD, GREAT POWER LIES WITHIN, IT WILL BE USEFUL FOR US." it said. Charron shook his head. "Face this Great Power." Charron said. He swung the sword at the beast, it was a poor blow but it didn't matter, the sword seemed to cut through the beast like butter. Diahara screamed. Blood leaked profusely out of the wound. Charron slashed and stabbed several times more. He and Dagger were covered in the beasts blood. The beast screamed and screamed. "NO, NOT NOW, IT IS NOT COMPLETE!" it said, it toppled over the side of the Slayer tower, there was the sound of a large thud.

"You did it Charron, that was some good swordplay." Ruthven said. "Were another chapter down in the fight against Julius." Jacob said. Charron nodded. "That was close." he said. Charron looked at the sword, it was glowing red instead of green now, Charron placed it on his back. Ruthven stared at his rapier, there was a black stain at the top. "I didn't hit you, did I Ruff?" Ruthven asked. Ruffven shook his head. "I'm afraid Julius won't like that." Ruffven said. Ruthven smiled. Ruffven looked towards Charron and had to cover his nose. "Charron, you need to wash, that blood will likely attract every creature here for 20 miles. Charron nodded. "Good thing I helped create this teleport spell for us." Charron said. Before Ruffven could protest, Charron had already gotten the runes and teleported them.

Charron was sat in the pool with Dagger, he was using the device again. "Diahara. He sounds dangerous. Next time you might not be so lucky." Max said. "Okay, I'll talk with Caedis about it, we'll try to avoid mentioning this to Charad." Max said. Charron thanked him and the device turned dark. Charron took a dive underwater, the pool extended for about 50 m, its source appeared to be a river, probably the Salve, the water exited through a hole at the bottom of the cavern. Charron went for a swim, he had been practicing diving for the past few years. It proved hard work without gills. He could manage 3 minutes 13 seconds. Dagger swam past, Charron waved, Dagger nodded. Today was full of surprises, but Charron was happy that this would be the last he'd see of that ritual.

Meanwhile back at Julius's base, Julius was performing various magics on a screaming bloody form. In the other room Orthrus could hear the screams. "I can't believe that monster was hiding in Jorek." he said. Scar laughed. "HaHAHAHA! Oh, even with Lord Julius's help he fails." Scar said. Grohiik looked up from the floor. "You think your so tough, they're stronger than they look." he said. Orthrus chuckled. "Yet it took only 1 of them to defeat you." he said. Scar laughed. Julius walked in, he was tired and looked drained. "I'll have to continue on this for a short time, possibly a month or two." Julius said. Grohiik looked towards Julius. "Why'd you go through all the effort to save him." he asked. Julius turned his head towards the mahjarrat. "I saw his power first hand, if we can teach him to control it I'll be almost unstoppable. The same wouldn't be said for you. Orthrus, Scarmiglion. Which one of you wants to try their luck." Orthrus shrugged, but Scar stuck his hands up and burst into laughter. "Ha HA HA!!!!!!!" the voice echoed throughout the room, Orthrus looked towards Julius, he noticed his shirt had a tear in it, Julius saw him taking note of it and stared at him, Orthrus looked away.

Hail and Brimstone

The man was drinking in the bar, his continued depression against losing to that human a few years ago still weighed heavy in his mind. If that vampyre hadn't showed up when she did he could have come back from it and won. Now she had the human in her pocket, he couldn't even get his revenge now. He asked for another drink, a man in a long coat handed him one. He drunk it in one gulp, he hadn't noticed the man who handed him his drink had a stone claw for a hand, and also the drink was glowing and bright blue. He felt cold all of a sudden, all his insides were going numb, he rushed out the door, then suddenly lost control of his legs, he was paralyzed, no one noticed him until the morning 3 hours later. His body and the look of horror were preserved in ice for all to see, there was numerous gossip about who the Vyres would strike next, a few juvinates came to take the body away. There was huge tension in the air, the man in the coat laughed, he walked into the swamp to formulate the next step of the plan.

Ruffven had heard about the incident through a customer at the shop, it had been a month since they had taken down that wyvern, but every week a similar event had occurred. There had been a woman and a boy also murdered, the vyres had gotten bored and behaved this way before, but never this frequently. He was lying in his room, thinking. He got up, shook his head and went to his bookshelf. 'Bookshelf' was optimistic, it mostly contained trophy's from beasts and random junk Ruthven had given him, there was one book however, 'Slayers guide to monsters'. Jacob had gotten him it on the return journey from the desert. He'd only skimmed it, a few articles, Banshees, Bloodveld, Kurask, Jadinkos. He turned to the werewolf article. There was an illustration of a wolf like beast, standing over a pile of dead bodies feasting on the insides. Ruffven noted that the wounds on the bodies didn't match up with where a proper one would strike. He looked at the part that said 'how to spot a werewolf'. The first part mentioned that they never carried weapons. Ruffven chuckled. Suddenly his door opened.

His Grandpa, Rathven stepped in, his father was a human, which made Ruffven 1/8th human, it was also how he was related to Ruthven. Despite being distant cousins, Ruthven always insisted they were brothers. Ruthven didn't even seem to care he was a werewolf, even after he permanently scarred him, the fact that he aged slower than him, and when he feasted on human flesh. Ruffven knew he didn't have to do it but he did just to see Ruthven distance himself from him, but he never did. He wasn't even listening to what Grandpa was saying. "Are you not listening, what are you doing? Are you reading?" he said. Ruffven shrugged. "So?" he replied. His grandpa raised his voice. "You don't see any of our kind reading, its not useful." his grandpa said. Ruffven sighed, his grandpa had been at the mead again. "Don't sigh at me, I was going to ask if you wanted to join me on the hunt." Rathven said. Ruffven shook his head. "We've already got plenty of food, we don't need to hunt." Those words seemed to strike him. "When was the last time you hunted, you tracked something, why are you so human!" Ruffven put his book down and stood up to face him. "What do you mean?" he demanded. Rathven shook his head. "That man, ever since he came you've become more human, you hear what the others say about us. Even at your bloodening you stalled for 10 minutes, wincing at the sight of that childs blood. Zamorak would've been appalled." he said. Ruthven threw a punch at him, Rathven released a slight 'oof!' but nothing else. "Just leave me alone, if your looking for company go ask Ruthven!" he shouted. Rathven shouted back "At least HIS bloodening went off without any problems!" He slammed the door behind him.

Ruffven was mad, the memories of his bloodening came back to him. His bloodening had been overdue because of certain problems, he hadn't learnt to transform yet, until that day at the slayers tower. The bloodening started the next day. Ruthven had wanted to come, but none of them would let him, Ruffven said he didn't want him, but he really wanted his support. Mum looked after him whilst his grandpa, and Ruthvens dad. The elder had gone through with it, Ruthvens sacrifice was a child, only about 8 years old, Ruffven hated that he could remember what he looked like in great detail. "You shouldn't notice details of your opponent, they're a big piece of flesh with weapons and armour" Rathven told him on the way there. Ruffven remembered trying to transform, but it wouldn't work. The elder looked bored and displeased he could hear grandpa and 'dad' arguing. "You can still leave if its too much for you." grandpa said. "When I came here I knew I had to be prepared to face horrors far greater than this." dad replied. "Its not a horror, you should have pride." "I know, and its good to know he's actually growing up." "Pah, look at him why won't he transform." "You can't rush these things." "This is embarrassing, just like yesterday." "What sort of family are you, you need to be supportive." "Your kind wouldn't know, you've poisoned him with your human ways" "You'd rather have had him die, your half human yourself" Rathven growled. "To live here you need to abandon that part of you, why is he such a disappointment, why is he embarrassing us, 'He's no Werewolf'" Rathven said.

Those last 3 words had been carved into his mind, something clicked inside his head then. All he wanted to do was show him, show his power, he remembered the shrieks, the ripping of the flesh, the smell which encouraged him, and the taste. He happily 'wolfed' it all down. Then there was barely anything left, just a ripped carcass and some bones. Rathven was actually proud of him, until Ruffven noticed the aftermath, he had winced. Rathven had seen it and walked off. It had felt like Zamorak had blessed him, the same couldn't be said for Rathven. Dad had walked him home. He explained that Rathven was really proud and became embarrassed that he would see him. Ruffven knew it wasn't true. His grandpa had kept a distance away from the family until Ruthvens bloodening. He prayed to Zamorak so that Rathven could see what he truly was like." Then he fell down into his bed and moaned into the pillow.

Ruffven stayed in his room for about a hour, before heading upstairs as he got hungry. Mum was there to greet him though, as were the others. "Hey pup, uncles away so were low on food, You can have some Snail or wait till your grandpa comes back." she said. Ruffven cringed at the thought of Snail, apparently it wasn't a good year for farmers on the other side so they had little food here. Ruffven decided to have some snail, reluctantly. He sat down with everyone, there faces all in disgust at the food they were eating. Ruthven smiled at him. "Come on its good for you, I caught them fresh this morning." he said. Ruffven huffed. "So why aren't you eating yours." he said. Ruthven scratched his head awkwardly. "Errr... I'm admiring its... shape." he said. Ruffven fell back into his chair with a sigh. Charron had just finished his snail, he looked as green as his armour. "Urghh. Any of you want to go fishing with me and Dagger?" he asked. Ruthven let out a loud groan. Charron scowled at him, he went over to help Romani whilst moaning about everyone. Jacob pushed away his half eaten snail. "Maybe we could join Rathven on the hunt, we could try get some snake meat." he suggested. Ruffven pushed away his snail. "Why do we have to wait for him? Lets go on one ourselves." he said, speaking slightly louder than he meant to. Ruthven smiled. "Yeah, I haven't been on a hunt for 2 years." Ruthven said with a smile. Jacob smiled. "Well its settled, we'll go hunting whilst Dagger and Charron fish." Jacob said. "Fine, see if I care!" a voice shouted from the kitchen. The 3 of them left Charron and headed outside.

The 3 of them talked a bit as they proceeded to head towards the Swamp. Near the edge of town they were still talking. "You remembered your Sickle right Ruthven?" Jacob asked. Ruthven was silent. Jacob's face fell into his hands. As they were heading out they saw an older man talking to what looked like the vyre woman. "Please, the townsfolk are riled enough as it is. These cruel tricks of yours are riling the townsfolk." he said. She rolled her eyes. "Look, I have no idea what your talking about, and who are you to be telling us what we can or can't do." she said. "But But I Didn't..." he replied, shaking slightly. "I don't care, go!" she said. The man walked off, muttering under his breath. She noticed them. "Hmmph, the nerve of them. As if we'd damage the blood production by that much." she said. Ruffven crossed his arms. "But who else would do it?" he said. She gave him a cold icy stare. "We didn't do it, to think you would even suggest..." she stopped suddenly. "Bloods been spilled." she said. Ruffven noticed it too, the smell of blood, werewolf blood, outside the swamp. He suddenly remembered grandpa was out there. Without thinking he ran towards the smell, following the scent.

Ruffven arrived at the scene of an attack, 2 werewolves, transformed, were lying on the ground, both impaled with multiple shards of ice. One of them was still alive, but dying. Ruffven ran up to him. "*cough* your Rathvens boy aren't you. *cough* *Hack* You won't stand a chance weak blood." he said. Ruffven found himself raising his fist, but Jacob grabbed it. "What are you doing! He's injured, leave this to me and defend if anything happens." Jacob said. Jacob had already started getting supplies out. "*Cough* leave me human. *Cough* Just finish me off." he said. Jacob ignored him. "Why should I? You can be saved, just keep talking." Jacob said. The werewolf laughed. Ruffven bent down to face him. "What happened?" he asked. The werewolf looked at him. "We were attacked, by a stone demon. Our claws and teeth were useless, he took us down, but he took your grandpa awArghh!!" he said. Jacob had just pulled out the largest of the icicles. "Keep him talking." Jacob reminded him. "F*** you Human." the werewolf said. "Where'd he go?" Ruffven asked. The werewolf laughed. "And you call yourself a werewolf, track your enemy, I didn't see him anywArghhh!!!" he said. Jacob had pulled out the last icicle and was beginning to apply potions and bandages to the wounds. Ruffven walked away from the werewolf. "I'm going for Grandpa." he said. Ruthven stood beside him. "I'll go too." he said. Ruffven shook his head. "You need to defend Ja-- Raptor." Remembering to use his nickname in front of the werewolf. "I'll be fine on my own, I won't need help." Ruthven nodded reluctantly. Ruffven noticed some tracks and started to follow them.

The tracks stopped, Ruffven was struggling to figure out where the trail headed. He remembered Rathvens advice. "You need to remain calm, think like your enemy." he said. Ruffven didn't know his enemy, but he knew his grandpa. He knew he'd try leave a trail. He looked, then he saw some claw marks on a tree, they looked recent and had a splash of blood on it. Ruffven followed in that direction. Suddenly he reached a clearing. He saw his grandpa, he then saw the murderer. It was that gargoyle Julius had with him. It was Scar. He was laughing.

"Lookie, you found us. Just in time too, you were about to miss the show." Scar said. Ruffven stepped towards him, with anger on his face. Scar moved behind Rathven and grabbed him by the throat. Ruffven stopped. "Ha heh hah, one more step and he'll be dead". he said. Ruffven growled. "Heh, why bother, stupid wolves, your claws can't hurt me, you can't slice through stone." he said. Rathven coughed. Ruffven stepped forward. "Forget about me, kill that Bas****!" he shouted. The gargoyle laughed. "How rude, you need to be taught a lesson." he said. The gargoyle clawed at Rathvens chest, black blood spraying over his armour. Then he did it again, and again, laughing louder and louder each time. Finally he shoved a huge ice spike into Rathvens chest. He laughed, but he then regretted it. Ruffven had been running towards him, not with claws, but with a mace. It impacted with his skull, cracking it and chipping pieces off.

Scar turned to fly off, Ruffven grabbed him and pulled him down. He smashed the mace into him repeatedly, Scar fell onto his back. Ruffven smashed at the joints where his wings met his back, he repeatedly cracked them. Scar had stopped laughing and was now screaming. Ruffven wasn't done, he pulled at the wings with all his strength, they came off with a loud snap, followed by a long scream. The force to pull them off had allowed Scar a chance to escape. He had been charging a spell, as Ruffven ran up to strike another blow, he vanished, teleporting out of sight. Ruffven hit the ground. He noticed that he had actually transformed during the fight. Broken pieces of clothing lay around him, he had a desire to kill, to rip that gargoyle head off and to crush it into dust in his hands. He noticed a Talon beast heading towards Rathven. He ran up to it, it hadn't noticed him. He ripped off its spines then tore off its head. He howled as if to warn anything else that approached him. "{Ruffven, I'm sorry...}" a voice said behind him in Canic.

Ruffven was so intent on killing he had forgotten about his own grandfather. "{Paps, I'll get you back home, Jacob can fix you up.}" he said. Rathven coughed. {"I was wrong, your a fine werewolf, but your also a strong human. I hated being part human. The way you destroyed that bast*** with that mace, it made me realize there are things you can achieve that I never could.}" Rathven said. Warm tears flowed out of Ruffvens beast like eyes. {"Paps, don't go. You can still make it."} Ruffven said. Rathven growled. {"You embarrass our species when you behave like that, how can I go if you keep doing that."} he said. Ruffven cried even more. {"Tell Roma, your mother. She has my permission. Tell your cous--, your brother. To stop being such an idiot. Zamorak watch over you."} Rathven said. Rathven pulled out the icicle in him, blood drenched the ground as it constantly flowed out of it. He placed his claw on to Ruffvens chest, Ruffven did the same with Rathvens chest. {"Grind him into dust Ruff, Urghh. I know this sounds human but, I love you. Watch over your mother." Rathven said. His claw fell from Ruffvens chest and he stopped speaking. Ruffven howled towards the sky in sadness.

His mace and Shield attached to his back, Ruffven picked up his grandpa. Still transformed he walked forward. He passed by Ruthven, his usual happy exterior had disappeared. He was speechless, he simply walked with Ruffven. By the time they reached Canifis, Ruffven was beginning to tire, he had already transformed back. He opened the door. Jacob, Charron, Dad and Mum were there, they had a worried look when he came in, when they saw the body their expressions dropped. Ruthven suddenly burst into tears and put his head against the table, Jacob was also sobbing slightly into his gloves. Charron simply stared down at the table. His mum took it hardest. She broke down in tears shouting no repeatedly. She fell to the floor banging it repeatedly, she slowly began to transform the floor was starting to show cracks in it, she attacked a beam, then the furniture. She turned to attack dad, but stopped and simply collapsed into him, he offered her any kind words he could think of, but he to was crying.

Rathven was buried at a small field north of the village. Apparently he had killed 14 humans here the day after his own bloodening. It was his proudest moment after watching his daughter born, and secretly watching his boys both pass their bloodening. Ruthven sr had offered to spend as much as possible, but Romani insisted on a simple tombstone. It featured a zamorakian design with a wolf head at the top. It read "Rathven Galand, a werewolf born different but overcame it. His family loved him as a Werewolf, and a Human." It was a quiet service, only 1 person joined other than them, the werewolf Jacob had saved, despite his reluctance.

It had been a week since his death, Ruffven was lying in his bed. His dreams the past week all involved killing that gargoyle, it occupied most of his thoughts. The gargoyles wings lay in the corner, Ruffven considered getting rid of them, but he wanted a reminder. They still had a weird blue glow and Ruffven swore he could hear them moving about at night. He went to grab his book, he started to read it, he suddenly remembered the conversation he had had a week ago. He threw it against the wall. Ruthven knocked on the door and entered. "Hey Ruff." he said awkwardly. "You want to go on a hunt?" he said. Ruffven sighed. "Okay then." Ruthven said, closing the door. He thought about the day again, he suddenly realized he shouldn't be moping, he should be training to get revenge. And tracking was as useful a skill as any. He rushed out the door to join Ruthven and the others.

"Useless!" Julius said. "If you didn't pull that stunt then the hounds would've revolted against the house." he said. Scar was in the corner, he looked like a statue that had found at the digsite. "He he, but at least I managed to cause a blow to the questers, now they might think twice." he said. Orthrus chuckled. "I think the opposite is true, I think they'll now be trying to actually get revenge, if so we could be in danger." he said. Scar stopped laughing. Julius moved towards Orthrus. "Your the only one who hasn't failed me whelp, you will try to kill the questers any way possible, and if you require any magical demises you only need to ask." Julius said. Orthrus smiled. "I do have an idea, it involves 'that' spell." he said. Julius scowled, but then a smiled formed. "Very well, I trust you'll succeed where the others have failed." Julius said. Orthrus smiled, he had never let his prey escape him. In the corner Scar sulked, his wings had been the source, if any of the questers discovered that, he would be in trouble. He laughed to himself quietly.

Shadows of the Mind

Jacob was tossing and turning in his bed, sweat flowing down his brow. Charron next door was also doing the same, Dagger was staying awake keeping an eye on him. Ruffven was growling in his sleep moving about, grabbing his pillow and slowly pulling it apart, Ruthven was grinding his teeth. In his mind he saw his 'monster' again, it tormented him, shadows were swarming around him. He and everybody else woke up in a cold sweat at the exact same time.

Ruthven stretched and took his night cap off, he decided to open the door and walk for a bit. It seemed the others were there too. Jacob looked towards him. "You too?" he asked. Ruthven nodded. Charron shook his head. "3 days in a row, what can it mean?" Charron asked himself. Ruffven hummed disapprovingly. Dad walked down at that moment, he had bags under his eyes. "Still can't sleep?" he asked. The 4 of them all shook their heads. "How's mum doing?" Ruthven asked. His dad shook his head. "I think she might be back on the drink, I'm trying to comfort her but she's still in mourning." he said. Ruthven looked to the ground reluctantly, she had been like this for 2 weeks now. Dad rubbed his chin. "You know, there use to be a rumour that Vyres could manipulate your dreams, maybe you could ask that one for some nice dreams for a change." he said, smiling slightly. He turned around. "We could really use some happy times." he said. Ruthven thought it was a good idea, he smiled, perhaps she'd actually reward them with... he realized everyone was staring at him. Ruthven suddenly got what they were thinking.

The next day, they found Cerinţă at her usual room in the Hair of the Dog inn. She listened to their problems about recurring nightmares and asked if Julius was likely to blame. She nodded. "I'm afraid he gained access to a certain spell a while back, we had used it before but we know better than to use it continuously." she said. Ruthven smiled, they were getting somewhere. "So how do we stop him?" Jacob asked. Cerinţă thought for a bit. "This would require some work, if I do this for you I want your word that when the time comes, you will all assist me in putting an end to Julius. All 4 of them nodded. She smiled. "I'll see what I can do then." she said, walking out of the door.

The next night was the same again, more nightmares. But they were much worse than before, nobody dared talk about what they had seen inside their heads. The next morning, everyone tired and grumpy, marched back over to the bar, as they entered the room all 4 of them suddenly found themselves teleported. "Surprise!" Cerinţă said. Ruffven ran towards some bushes and threw up. She smiled. Ruthven looked at where they were, they appeared to be south of Mort Myre, at least Ruthven thought so because he could see it to the North, there was an old crumbling fortress near the bottom. "What is that place?" Jacob asked. "Its one of the old fortresses during the take over of Hallowvale, very few remain in actuality. I believe the person your looking for is in there." she said, pointing towards the fortress gate. Ruthven nodded and thanked her, they all walked through the gate. It was dark, Ruffven was at front because he had the best night vision. Eventually they came to a room, inside was a strange glyph on the ground, in the centre was a hooded figure Ruthven recognized as Orthrus. He smiled. "I guess this is the part where we settle this." he said.

Jacob noticed the glyph and looked confused. "How did you do that, werewolves can't use magic." he said. Orthrus smiled and wagged his finger. "Who said I was the one that put it there?" he said. Ruthven stepped forward. "Are you going to surrender?" he asked. Orthrus shook his head. "I'm afraid I would be disobeying Julius's orders if I did that." he said. Ruthven smiled, shook his head and pulled out both rapiers. "I'm almost sorry it has to come to this." he said. Everyone else equipped themselves. Orthrus smiled. "So am I." he said. He stepped off of the glyph and the room went dark, Ruthven suddenly found himself overcome, he heard everyone collapse, he too fell to the floor. "Lets see what kind of monsters lurk inside you?" Orthrus said.

Ruthven fell through the world, he was falling. He saw the swamp below. His eyes turned black and he smiled.

Dagger was nudging Charron trying to get him to wake up. He couldn't wake him. He could feel he was having a nightmare, Dagger was desperate, he concentrated and eventually he passed out too. Dagger found himself underwater, back on the familiar coasts of Relleka. He swam up and out of the water. He saw Charron. He called to him. Charron didn't answer. Dagger walked up to him. "Its so sad." he said. He turned around, Dagger saw that his eyes were dark red. "Charron whats the matter with you?" Dagger asked. "Shut up! Its that stupid ritual! I have to suffer because of something my father did!" Charron shouted. Dagger looked confused. "What are you talking about!" he shouted. "Shut up! I can't have a son, or even a daughter! That stupid ritual made me sterile! I can't pass on anything to anyone, the one reason we exist for is to give life!" he shouted. Dagger was stunned. Charron was slowly emanating a red aura. "Then I met Caedis, my understanding grew. As did my power." he said. Charron suddenly and violently turned into a half man half crocodile. Dagger was speechless. "Then the dagganoth, the little lost dagganoth. I should've killed him then, he would just be a nuisance." Charron said, it a dark growling voice. "Why would you..." Dagger said, hurt. Charron shouted something and he suddenly became the dagganoth monster. His voice grew even more fearsome. "Then I gained his power, the only reason I looked after him was for the power he gave me, I could take on anyone, anything. Then I met Diahara." he said. Dagger was feeling teary after what Charron was saying. "He spoke to me, his words made sense. What point is there to life when you can't give it in return, in fact there was too much life. Why should we be creating life, its much better to take it, that's why I was given this power, I MUST KILL. MUST DESTROY. ALL SHOULD PERISH!" Charron shouted his voice speaking like 2 voices at once, it sounded almost like that beast from the top of the slayer tower. Charron bashed the ground. There was a flash of red as the aura dissipated.

Dagger looked. Charron was even bigger, his skin was dark red, his claws sharper and dripping with blood. He now had a set of wings similar to a dragons attached to his back, he also had 2 heads. Dagger had never known that this was inside Charron. The 2 heads spoke simultaneously, one with Daggers voice, one with Diahara's. "I WILL DESTROY YOUR SOUL! IT IS WORTHLESS, I ONLY NEED THE SHELL ANYWAY!" it said. Dagger was fighting back tears. "You mean that all this time, you didn't care for me, you only cared for the power I gave you..." Dagger said. The Dagganoth head laughed. "WHAT OTHER REASON COULD THERE BE, YOU WERE IN A HUMAN WORLD, THE ENEMY OF HUMANS, YOU WERE WORTHLESS, EVEN YOUR MOTHER THOUGHT SO, YOU COULDN'T EVEN PROTECT THE OTHER SENTINEL, YOU LET THE WHOLE COLONY DOWN, NOONE WANTS YOU!" it said. Something reacted inside Dagger, all his sadness, loneliness he had felt over the years was slowly building into anger. He hated humans, he thought Charron was different but he was just like the rest of them, Selfish, Uncaring, to think he ever trusted him, his long buried instinct to kill humanity burst forth, Dagger had forgotten himself, now he would show the world what he was truly capable of. This was Charrons dream, but it was also Daggers, he remembered seeing Ruffven transform, the fact he had that much power buried in him, Dagger wanted to be able to do that, but this was his dream, so he could do whatever he liked.

Dagger roared, he slammed the ground, it cracked under his strength. He grew bigger, the spines on his back grew longer and sharper, spikes erupted out of his body, he was still growing. He had imagined Ruffven and had become the Dagganoth equivalent, he stood on all 4 limbs, each one ending with long sharp claws, his tail had grown, the spines growing outwards along it in all directions. He slammed the ground again, the earth shook tremendously with his power. Dagger was fuming, he looked down at the monster he once called his friend. It was large, but he was larger, Dagger thought this wouldn't be enough, his eyes turned red he grew more monstrous, he wanted to end Charron as painfully as possible. The heads on Charron were still hurling abuse at his. Dagger dove downwards into him and tore him to shreds.

Dagger breathed deeply. He couldn't believe it, he had killed Charron. His only friend left in the world and he had killed him. Pieces of him littered the ground, his claws and his face. Dagger slowly felt himself returning to himself. He was back to himself again. But was it worth it. Suddenly a red figure appeared at the side. "Sure I loved the power, but I loved Dagger more. I didn't know he was the cause of my power. All I saw was a child who needed help. I gave up my life for him. Had I spent a month longer refusing to accept the truth I would've drowned. The real reason I loved him wasn't the power, it was because I wanted a son so badly. I didn't see Dagger as a Dagganoth, I saw him as a child, one I could teach, help, play with and eventually he would return the favour. I couldn't tell him though, what would he think." the figure said. It had Charrons voice, eventually there was a red glow and Charron appeared. Charron turned to face Dagger. "Dagger, I'm so sorry, somewhere deep down that thing lives in me but I..." Charron said, unable to say the right words. Dagger was crying, he ran towards Charron and hugged him. "Dagger I'm so sorry..." Charron said again. Dagger growled. "Shut up!" he said. He continued to keep a hold of Charron, Charron hugged him too.

A few minutes passed and Dagger regained his composure. The 2 of them were back to arguing with each other again. "You mean the fact I gave you your own body meant nothing!" Charron shouted. "I wasn't thinking straight, and you weren't exactly mentioning that when we talked." Dagger responded. "Did that 2 headed red thing even look remotely like me!" Charron shouted back. "Ruffven doesn't look like himself when he transforms!" he responded. The 2 stopped talking. Charron realized what had happened. "It seems, Orthrus forced us to face the part of our selves we hate, theoretically we'd be stuck in our nightmares forever until we died. Which means everyone else is in danger too. Charron said. Dagger shook. "If that's what was inside you, whats inside the others?" Dagger asked. Charron shrugged. "I believe we can create a link to everyone else seeing as we all passed out at the same time. We need to form a team with the others, but whose more stable, Ruffven, Jacob or Ruthven?" Charron wondered. Dagger had a thought. "Well, we've seen Ruffvens 'monster' before countless times, so surely he can be defeated the easiest." Dagger said. Charron nodded. Ruffven in his wolf form wouldn't be that difficult. Charron imagined a doorway, it was black with a red wolf head emblazoned on the front. "Lets go." Charron said.

They were on the second floor of the slayers tower, Charron easily recognized the place. However something seemed different, it felt cold. "Why would Ruffven bring us here?" Dagger asked. Charron shrugged. They walked through a doorway into the hall, Ruffven stood in the middle surrounded by men in red robes who appeared to have been ripped apart. Resting against a pillar Charron saw Ruthven, he was smiling, even though his chest was leaking blood all over the floor. A cool wind blew and Ruthven looked frozen in time. Charron looked round, the hallway had grown, it seemed to spread hundreds of metres in each direction, he turned around and saw the door he had just walked through had also moved away. Charron pulled out his staff. Ruffven was looking down at the ground with his back turned. Next to him lay the body of Rathven and 2 stone wings, that appeared to glow with a pale blue light. Ruffven sighed.

"Grandad was right, I'm not fit to be a werewolf." he said. Charron remained silent. "Zamorak wasted his power on me, I fight with a mace not my claws like everyone else, when I accidentally attacked Ruthven I was scared, were not meant to get scared, even during the bloodening I delayed and winced. Why am I human, If I was more like one of us Grandad might still be alive, dad might not have abandoned mum, Ruthven might actually leave me alone." he said. Charron watched, keeping a tighter hold on his staff. "I need to serve Zamorak better, I should be out there, destroying the filthy saradominists who poisoned our river. But I can't do it as a human." he said. Charron nodded to Dagger. "Get ready." he told Dagger. "But as a werewolf I'm weaker, fortunately Jacob lent me that book, Demons, the generals who decimated entire citys, one of them could freeze the blood of their enemy with their gaze, imagine that, the power I'd have. ZAMORAK LET ME AID YOU!" Ruffven shouted. He turned around, his eyes were pure white. Charron swore when he heard Jacob had lent him a book about demons. The stone wings at the side of Ruffven glowed white, they floated into the air and attatched themselves to Ruffvens back. Ruffven started to laugh, then he burst into laughter as he began to glow white. His voice turned more menacing.

Ruffven continued to laugh more and more as the transformation occurred. Charron watched as some terrifying blue and white demon began to form. He grew larger, his wings burst out of the stone to form more leathery types, his feet turned into hooves which stomped at the ground. His face became demonic and monstrous, with horns and jagged teeth sticking out of his jaw. His mace slowly grew larger and lighter in colour. He now stood at twice the height Charron did. "ZAMORAK HAS GIVEN ME HIS STRENGTH, I WILL TEAR DOWN THAT CHAPEL THAT MOCKS US, I WILL SHOW EVERYONE THAT I AM HIS CHAMPION!" Ruffven shouted. Charron gulped. Dagger looked to him "Why can't we do that here?" Dagger asked. "This is Ruffvens mind, he has know knowledge of us ever turning into monsters like that, so we can't change how he perceives us. But that doesn't mean we can't melt him down." Charron said. Charron spun his staff round and sure enough a large fireball that would normally take a while to charge appeared instantly. Ruffven fell back as the fireball hit him square in the chest. Dagger looked at Charron pleadingly. "I can't do that..." Dagger said. Charron shrugged. "You've got to make him believe you can." Charron said. Dagger suddenly came up with something. "YOU MEAN IF I EAT A FIRE RUNE I CAN BREATHE FIRE!" Dagger shouted. Charron sighed at his subtlety. Charron nodded. He handed Dagger a bag of fire runes that he conveniently had already. Dagger pulled one out and ate one, suddenly a large ball of fire shot out of Daggers mouth and collided with Ruffven. This was easier than Charron had thought it would be. Suddenly Ruffven roared. A blizzard covered the area, the whole ground was now covered with snow, Charron found himself stuck to the ground. Dagger did too. Ruffven started to laugh maniacally he walked towards them dragging his mace along the snow. "DAGGER QUICKLY SWALLOW ALL THE FIRE RUNES, YOU CAN CREATE A HUGE BLAST THAT CAN DESTROY ANY DEMON!" Charron shouted. Dagger nodded and swallowed the bag whole. Charron saw Ruffvens face grow determined, he was running towards them, he lifted the mace into the air and brought it down.

There was a flash, the fireball crashed into Ruffven, suddenly everything was on fire, except for Dagger and Charron. Ruffvens laughter turned to screams, he fell backwards, dropping the mace which smashed into pieces against the floor. The dimensions of the room returned to normal, unfortunately for Ruffven who crashed into the wall, his wings smashing into pieces as the force impacted, then he fell to the floor. He shouted and then exploded in a mass of guts and flesh. Charron shook Daggers claw. "We did it, we just have to wait for --" Charron was interrupted by a white mound of snow appearing from the ground. "I'd always wanted to ditch the human side of me, Grandpa had done so when he found out he was half human. I was 7 times more werewolf then human but I still feared it. I met Ruthven and the others, at first I thought they were trying to make me human so I pushed them away, but Ruthven smiled no matter what, he still insisted we make a questing team, even when I'd almost killed him. I know longer want to strive to be Werewolf or Human, I'm both, though being a demon would be nice." he said. Ruffven appeared out of the mound of snow. He looked towards Charron and Dagger. He scratched his head embarrassingly.

Charron and Dagger had told him what had happened, they appeared to leave out what happened between them, this annoyed Ruffven. "So I had to embarrass myself by revealing I wanted to purge the world of Saradominists and you won't tell me what happened in your mind?" Ruffven said. Charron scratched his beard. "I don't think that's important right now." Charron said. Ruffven grew annoyed, he imagined 2 walls of ice slowly moving together to crush Charron, of course it did happen. Charron was panicking hugely. "I became a 2 headed monster who wanted to destroy life all together!" Charron said quickly, cradling in a ball as the walls closed in. Ruffven chuckled as he willed the walls away, Dagger chuckled with him. Charron gained his composure back, "I will get my revenge for this!" he said. Ruffven willed a door to appear. It was white with a black feather and book on it. "Must be Jacobs, this should be easy he's the weakest out of all of us." Ruffven said. He heard Dagger whisper "Isn't that the reason we picked Ruffvens door first?" Ruffven growled, he imagined a swarm of barbarians coming to attack.

The 3 of them stepped through the door, Charron was now laughing at Dagger. "Your face was priceless." he said, laughing for once. "Shut up!" Dagger replied. Ruffven smiled to himself. He didn't know where they were, it looked like they were in the sky. Books of varying shapes and sizes floated past, pages of information appeared and disappeared. Ruffven spied a page, it read. "Ruthven was such an idiot again, he actually thought Dragon Metal was made from ground dragons..." Ruffven chuckled to himself, he remembered that day. Charron read a page out loud. "I guess Charron must be going through a lot of stress, I mean to be at his age and have hair as grey as Daggers..." he stopped reading. "Now I have to get revenge on 2 people." Charron said. "Is revenge always the answer?" a voice said. They turned round, it was Jacob. Ruffven grabbed his mace. "Quick before he transforms." he said. Jacob had his back to them, but he could still sense what was going on. "Yes that's right, you'd kill me. Take away life as quick as that. Those 4, how can they call themselves decent after all those people they've killed." Jacob said. Ruffven grew mad. "What are you talking about, those were our enemies, they tried to kill us first." Ruffven shouted. Jacob placed his hand against his face. "Really, why would you kill them, I assume your talking about Kharidia, you mean when I stunned the other guy and disabled him, you proceed to crush the skulls in of the other 2." Jacob said. Ruffven began to shout but Jacob continued. "And don't think I didn't see you actually feasting on the remains, same with the Scabarite in the cave." Jacob said. Ruffven put his Mace down and ground his teeth. Charron turned to him. "You did that while human, I can't believe that." Charron said. Jacob moved his hand away and shook his head. "Hmmm, you say that, but its in his nature, same with Dagger, they can't change how they're born. However I know Ruthvens had to eat human, shame he talks in his sleep and mentioned the bloodening." Jacob said. Ruffven can't believe Jacob knew that, now Charron and Dagger did it. Charron stared at him. "Why do you look so disgusted Charron, we know the monster inside you can't help ripping humans apart and feasting on them." Jacob said. Charron looked so shocked he dropped his staff. "How the f*** could you have known about that!" Charron shouted. Jacob laughed. "I didn't, but it seems your expression now has proved it." Jacob said. Ruffven stared at Charron. He looked ashamed and embarrassed, Ruffven realized he was more alike to Charron then he thought. Ruffven growled. "Whats the point to all this, making us look stupid, like monsters, when your suppose to be the monster here!" Ruffven shouted. "Just shut up and transform so we can get this over with." Ruffven said. Jacob laughed. "You know, out of everyone on our team, I've been jealous of you the most Ruffven, you could always hide your deeds through that other self. When I saw you in the caverns that day, the way you could simply will a way to turn into a killing machine, the way your muscles grew, the way your fearful eyes pierced the darkness, the roughness of your fur as you held me tight." Jacob said, getting louder. Ruffven definitely wasn't expecting this, he wasn't sure what he heard, he decided to ignore it, he grabbed his mace ready.

Jacob chuckled. "Now I can kill without feeling guilty, and kill with EFFICIENCE!" Jacob said. He turned around, what Ruffven had thought was Jacobs hair was actually feathers, he was essentially staring at a Werebird or something. "IT CERTAINLY IS QUITE A RUSH, NOW I KNOW HOW EVERYONE ELSE FEELS, THIS FEELS AMAZING!" he said. Jacob fell to the floor, words from different pages of the books flowed into him, Jacobs eyes turned a piercing dark brown, his clothes fell apart 2 giants wings bursting from the seams at the back, his skin turning dark and feathers erupting out of his body, his hands and feet became talons and claws, he rose into the air. "NOW I'M THE SMARTEST AND THE MOST POWERFUL! NOW WHY DON'T YOU DIE WITH DIGNITY!" Jacob said. A cloud of various words trailed and blew about behind him like smoke rising out of a fire. Ruffven spun his mace, he was gonna knock this bird out of the sky. Charron span his staff, confident he was going to shoot a huge blast of air at the bird. Charron released a spell immediately, a tiny wisp of air shot up towards Jacob, he took a deep breath in and sucked it in. Charron cursed. "Jacobs smart, he knows you have to charge spells to do more damage." Charron said. Ruffven just found that out now, he realized they had just called him stupid again. He was going to take his anger out on that bird.

Jacob dove straight down towards Ruffven, Ruffven held out his shield to defend and heard the talons scraping along the shield. Charron fired a slightly larger air spell at Jacob, he spectacularly dodged out the way. Dagger fired several water spells at him but Jacob dodged them all. Jacob knew what he was doing, he could easily evade and dodge their attacks until they ran out of steam. Ruffven cursed, he had been taught how to take down a superior foe before. He tried to recall how he'd been beaten by Charron, whilst deflecting incoming attacks. He remembered that Charron had beaten him by shouting out facts that were believable, but Jacob wasn't one to get fooled easily. Maybe there was something Jacob didn't know much about, something they could use to their advantage. He remembered how shocked Charron had been when Jacob mentioned those words. How Charron had been a monster. Perhaps that was it. "Charron, Jacob knows you were a monster, remember?" Ruffven said. Charrons eyes lit up. "Let me show you the power of a real monster Jacob!" Charron said. Charron became bathed in a red light.

When the red light faded Charron was revealed, he looked exactly like Dagger, including size. Dagger had trouble attacking Jacob in the first place. "Hey I'm much bigger than this when I transform?" Charron said, expecting to grow any second. Ruffven was expecting it too, it didn't come. Jacob laughed. "I'm afraid I can't trust what you say to be true, I only know you were like a dagganoth, so of course its obvious you'd look like that." Jacob said. Charron growled. Ruffven growled too. That didn't work, but maybe there was something else they could use, maybe there was something Jacob exaggerated. Ruffven suddenly had an idea, but he shuddered what would happen. Ruffven threw his mace and shield to the floor and fell to the floor, he willed himself to transform and it came suddenly.

Ruffvens theory was right, Jacob had exaggerated it, though he wasn't happy with how he looked. He was larger, stronger, had sharper claws, but it felt dirty to Ruffven. Jacob stopped unexpectedly in the sky. Ruffven hoped this would work. He jumped up towards Jacob, he found himself rolling high up in the air, he sliced his claws out, Jacob fell to the ground. Ruffven fell on top of him and sliced his wings off with one swipe. He then grabbed Jacobs neck and tore out his throat. The bird stopped moving and slowly dissolved into various letters and words. Charron and Dagger were staring at him with their mouths open. "We never mention this, ever!" he said. The 2 of them nodded, their mouths still open. Ruffven decided to have a look through the pages for any more embarrassing secrets of Jacobs.

One page caught his attention, it was ripped out of another book, at least that's what it looked like. There was a drawing on it, there was a picture of Jacob, proposing to some dragon humanoid. "Charron, what's this?" Ruffven asked. Charron came over, he was still a dagganoth so Ruffven had to bend down to show it to him. "Strange, its a Dragonkin I think. All I know about them is through the Robert the Strong stories. But why is Jacob proposing to it." Charron wondered. Ruffven gulped. "You don't think Jacob is... I mean he has a ..." he said. Charron didn't know how to respond to that. "If we find one of his making out with Dagger I'm getting him help." Charron said. Suddenly it dawned on them. They had been reading through Jacobs innermost thoughts for almost ½ hour, Jacobs true feelings still hadn't shown themselves. "Isn't it weird how Jacobs true feelings haven't appeared yet?" Ruffven asked. Suddenly there was the sound of sobbing, then all 3 of them fell out of the sky. They were falling down into an island Ruffven didn't recognize, in the centre there was a large flower and several large vines surrounding it. Suddenly the vines were much much closer, they slammed through the ground and into an underground cabin. Ruffven realized he was still alive, then he saw Jacob, he had his Lizard mask on and was facing away from him.

"I don't want to be alone." Jacob said. Ruffven was confused, this Jacob was completely different to the last one. "Until I joined the Champions Guild, I hated slaying, I was on my own. Even now I feel distanced from the others, I'm the odd one out, do I really belong." Jacob said. Ruffven suddenly felt terrible about searching through all Jacobs secrets like that. "But I had friends, we completed the quests, it was great. Then Charron left, then Ruthven left. I was on my own, for years. I hated it, why had they left me. But I spent time with the Jadinko's, they were never alone. They always worked together to survive, but the mutated ones would always try wreck their society. So I killed 1, then 10, then 3040 but they were still coming. Nobody wanted me except the Jadinkos, the Jade vine would look after me..." Jacob said. Ruffven thought Jacob had gone insane. Suddenly a vine came down from above and latched itself to Jacob, Jacob turned around. "Your right, more intruders. Jade vine I need YOUR POWER!" Jacob said, his voice suddenly going darker. Vines extended all over Jacob, they tore through his clothes buried themselves under his skin, suddenly the vine started growing bigger, as did Jacob, some sort of substance was flowing into him, hands became claws, Jacobs skin changed colour to purple, Jacob burst free from the vine. He looked like a Jadinko Male but slightly bigger, He stared at the 3 of them and growled. Ruffven suddenly felt different, he looked at himself. He had turned into a Jadinko like thing as well, but there were boils and pieces of rotting vine hanging off him, Jacob must see them as Mutated Jadinkos, Charron and Dagger were the same. Jacob ran up to a vine and picked a black fruit, he ate it in one, the plumage on him turned black and suddenly Jacobs skin changed to match the background. Ruffven lost sight of him.

Ruffven heard a 'ssssss' behind him, he turned round but there was nothing there. Ruffven turned to Charron. "I've never been to the Jade vine, I know nothing about Jadinko's." Suddenly Charron found himself pulled down to the ground, an outline of Jacob emerged from on top of Charron, Dagger Charged and bit into Jacobs shoulder. Jacob let out a cry and shook him off. Instead of blood, Jacob appeared to be bleeding some sort of green liquid. Jacob let out a growl again. Ruffven could see he was looking for another black fruit, Ruffven tried to think. He suddenly remembered he had read the Jadinko article the other day. "Be careful, mutated Jadinkos can control the vine to help it." Ruffven though he remembered seeing. He saw a vine above Jacob, he envisioned it wrapping itself around Jacobs legs. It did so, Jacob tripped, the red fruit he was about to eat fell towards Ruffven, Ruffven ate it. It tasted fiery, he suddenly felt himself becoming stronger. He took this chance, he jumped onto Jacob and kept tearing at any area that might contain a vital organ. Eventually Jacob stopped moving. He began to rot away into the soil.

Suddenly from next to the vines a plume of smoke appeared. "I guess this is where my true feelings come out, its true I once wanted to leave my life behind and start again, but then I met up with Ruthven, Charron and Ruffven, oh and also Dagger. It made me realize I always have friends, so I'm never truly alone. Also, I guess I've always felt weird seeing as I have 4 mass murderers for team mates, but its fine, I need to look at them for more than that, their not mass murderers, they have their own unique qualities. Also I was severely dehydrated and just had a concussion when Ruffven transformed for the first time." Jacob said. He appeared out of the smoke. He immediately walked over to Ruffven and punched him in the head, it hurt a lot more than Ruffven was expecting. "You mention any of this to Ruthven and I'll make you transform and pluck out all the hairs in your fur 1 by 1 and force feed them to you." Jacob said in a dark voice. Ruffven shivered. Jacob may not be a murderer, but he definitely was scary.

Only Ruthven was left, surely Ruthven the always happy guy didn't have any monsters lurking inside him.

From the Mind of Wolf

Whilst the others were battling themselves, Ruthven was standing in the middle of a clearing in Mort Myre. He looked down and saw darkness swirling around him at the bottom. Ruthven equipped his rapiers, he wasn't going to let his monster get the better of him. "Your going to fight yourself, go for it, it should be fun." Orthrus said. He suddenly appeared in front of Ruthven, him appearing there it suddenly dawned on him. "Wait, your my monster!?!" he said, confused and violent. Orthrus smiled. "Hmmph, your not here to face your monster, your here to have a chat." Orthrus said. Ruthven still pointed his swords at Orthrus. "Then start talking." he said with a sly smile. Orthrus chuckled in return. "Why should I start this off, your the one pointing the swords." Orthrus said. His lack of defence worried Ruthven but he didn't let it show. "Who are you, in relation to me?" Ruthven asked. Orthrus spun round on his heels. "You think of me as some dark part of your personality, I'm afraid that's not the case, that part was put together by you. As for my relation to you, I'm your uncle." he said.

Ruthven was dumbstruck. "That's impossible! Your a werewolf." Ruthven said. Orthrus smiled. "Coming from the man who labels Ruffven as his brother and Roma as his Mum." he said. Ruthven finally realized who he was. "Your Ruff's father?" Ruthven said. Orthrus shook his head. "Biologically speaking yes. But I don't consider him my son, and I doubt he'd consider me his father." he replied. The smile slowly disappeared from Ruthvens face. Orthrus chuckled. "Did you ever wonder why your completely different from your father?" Orthrus asked. Ruthven was taken aback. His father had his hair but other than that, he was completely different to him. Ruthven assumed he got his personality from his mother, but from what his father said she was nothing like him either. "But lots of parents aren't like their children." Ruthven said. Orthrus chuckled again. "How naïve, all children get half from mum, half from dad. Yet your nothing like either." he said. Orthrus took down his hood, Ruthven couldn't believe it, it was a face he'd seen countless times in the mirror. Orthrus looked just like him, right down to the emerald eyes. Orthrus smiled.

"But you've never met any of my parents." Ruthven exclaimed. Orthrus chuckled. "I didn't have to, they brought you here." he said. Ruthven had a strong headache. "But what does it mean?" Ruthven asked. Orthrus smiled. "Easy, I'm your father." Orthrus said. Ruthven laughed. "That's impossible, I'm human." Ruthven exclaimed. Orthrus smiled slyly. "Are you sure about that?" he asked. Ruthven was surprised. "I'm not human?" he asked. Orthrus laughed. "Of course your human, but did you notice your reaction, most people would be outraged at finding that out, you on the other hand, you were only surprised, but neutral about the whole thing." he said. Ruthven's head began to ache worse. "What does that have to do with anything?" he asked. "I'll tell you." Orthrus said. "And then you'll understand." he said.

"I didn't always work for Julius, I use to work for another. Cerinţă." he said. Ruthven didn't react, he was slowly piecing together what was happening. "You see, I met Roma at the inn whilst on leave, at least I thought it was leave. I wanted someone to talk to, it had been a while since I'd talked to another Lupine, and that night, I didn't worry, Werewolves have such a low fertility rate anyway. 9 months later I found out how wrong I was." he said. Ruthven hummed to himself. "Ruffven?" Ruthven said. Orthrus nodded. Cerinţă found out, I had let her down on a mission and she claimed as punishment my child will become another of my failures." "I didn't believe her till several years later. I spied Ruffven whilst on a mission, all the other cubs were maturing, some had even had their bloodening. He wasn't progressing, he didn't even look like me, then when he picked up that mace for the first time. He isn't my son, I was devastated and poured my sorrow into my work." he said. Ruthven felt sorry for Ruffven.

"Cerinţă likes to 'reward' those who do well for her, she told me she was giving me a second chance to raise a successor. I don't know what magic she used, but 4 years later she showed me something, I saw a boy playing with Ruffven, that was you, it was like looking in a mirror from the past, your behavior, your speed, your eyes. My father had the same eyes." Orthrus said. Ruthven was confused. "Wait, you mean Cerinţă..." he said. He remembered asking Cerinţă ages ago whether she had done anything to him, she had said she had, but Ruthven thought she meant at the bloodening, not throughout his whole life. Orthrus smiled. "Our partnership failed right after your bloodening, she feared I would try to intervene in your life, we argued. I left, my job as an information gatherer also meant I had quite a bit of information on Cerinţă and her house. Information Julius gladly accepted." Orthrus said. He smiled. Ruthven felt he understood everything apart from 1 thing. "Why did you choose Julius?" he asked. Orthrus scratched his head. "He had knowledge of the spells Cerinţă had used, as well as knowledge of a few she didn't know, one that would help me and you." he said. Ruthven scratched his head. Orthrus shushed him. "All you need to do is answer one question. Ruthven, my son, how would you like to become a werewolf?" he asked.

Back in Jacobs mind, Jacob, Ruffven and Charron were arguing. "I do not have a animal-humanoid fetish!" Jacob shouted. Ruffven chuckled. "Then why did I look like that!" Ruffven shouted back. Jacob huffed. "If you look in the book I lent you its the exact copy of the picture in there, also I was extremely dehydrated and had a concussion. I think I can be forgiven for something like that happening, I don't fancy you! I only fancy K...." Jacob said. The world flashed white. Jacob was looking confused. "And anyway, now is not the time, we have to rescue Ruthven. he said. The 4 of them nodded in agreement, Jacob willed a door. It was pure black. Charron scratched his head. "Is this really Ruthvens door?" he asked. Ruffven too sounded confused. "But Ruthvens always so happy." he said. Jacob sighed. "You two don't realize it, you never see Ruthven release stress so that means he builds it all up inside him, so Ruthvens mind might be more dangerous than all of ours." he said. Ruffven looked worried. "Lets go." he said. They all walked through the door.

They were in a clearing near Mort Myre. Jacob wasn't sure where it was, but he guessed the bloodening had occurred here. Jacob looked in front of him, he was surprised. Standing in front of them was Orthrus, he had turned away from them. "Orthrus, what have you done with Ruthven?" he asked. Orthrus chuckled. "He told everything, I learnt who I am. What I am." he said. He turned around, the hood was pulled over his face and he seemed shorter. "I hope your ready to die then." Ruffven said. Orthrus chuckled. "Oh I suppose your going to, all I have to do is this to show you for the failure you are." he said. Orthrus pulled off his hood, all 4 of them realized, it wasn't Orthrus talking to them it was Ruthven. His eyes were pure black though, he smiled, it didn't seem as comforting as before.

"And I thought Jacobs mind was messed up." Charron said. Jacob suddenly found a knife in his hand cutting down Charrons arm, it served him right. "The smell of blood, the scent its irresistible to them, oh but I can't seem to stop myself. Let the best man win. You better GET READY!" Ruthven said, his voice going darker, shadows climbing out of the ground and covering him. Ruthven smiled one last time before the shadows took him over. Ruthven looked like a giant silhouette, he moved about as if no light at all came off him. However one thing that did show was his smile, usually comforting, against this dark background it looked like a phantom. He spun his swords round. Jacob was ready for this, Ruthven may be quick, but all 3 of them had beaten him in sparring matches before, this would be easy. Ruthven charged towards Charron, he was quick, very quick, almost impossibly quick. Charron only just managed to hold his staff up in defence but within a second Ruthven was already preparing a counter attack. Charron took a stab to the arm, he grunted. Dagger fired a spike at him, he dodged it and then rushed forward and kicked Dagger in the head. The blow took Dagger by surprise, as he fell over. Ruthven went to take him out then, but the bottom of Charrons staff suddenly hit him in the head. Ruthven stepped back from the blow but was otherwise unfazed, Charron ground his teeth. Ruffven stepped in with a swing of his mace, Ruthven dodged it and followed through with a double thrust. Ruffven fortunately had the advantage of a shield. There was a constant flurry of blows and sparks flew as Ruthven constantly attack and Ruffven defended, Jacob lined up his crossbow and fired at Ruthven. Ruthven suddenly turned round, and spun his sword, the bolt fell into 2 pieces away from Ruthven. Jacob couldn't believe it. Ruthven suddenly turned around again and kicked his foot upwards against the bottom of the shield, the shield moved up and Ruthven followed with a slash to the legs, Ruffven growled and moved his shield down, Ruthven suddenly punched Ruffven in his now unguarded face. Ruffven fell to the ground, his shield dropping on top of him.

Jacob thought of something, he motioned to Charron to fire a water spell at the floor, Charron understood. Jacob fired a bolt at Ruthven who sure enough, knocked it out of the air again. Charron fired the spell, Ruthven charged at Jacob, he slipped on the water on the floor, but he still pointed his swords in front, Jacob smiled at him. Jacob held out his buckler, the 2 blades landed neatly in the corners of the 'X' shaped shield. Jacob activated the mechanism, Jacob pulled, the buckler span and the limbs contracts, the 3 forces disarmed Ruthven, Jacob slammed his crossbow into Ruthvens head and quickly pulled out his Keris and stabbed him in the chest. He pulled out the Keris and kicked Ruthven to the ground. He then managed to catch the 2 blades before they hit the ground, he threw one to Charron just in case Ruthven got up again, this way he couldn't get both in 1 go. The shadows dissipated from Ruthven, who was now bent over on his knees facing the ground with his arms by his sides. He was laughing to himself.

Suddenly from behind, Orthrus appeared. Jacob quickly loaded his crossbow and pointed it at him, the others also got ready. He started to clap. "Raptor was it, that certainly was something wasn't it, your full of surprises." he said. Jacob blinked. "I'm just adding a twist to the story, I believe we've reached the end now." he said. Orthrus started to chuckle. He smiled. "Oh, that sounds fun, let me try." he cleared his throat. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave it on a cliff hanger, not before the climax though." he said. He smiled. "How was that?" he asked. Jacob pulled the trigger, Orthrus simply tilted his body to the left and the bolt passed into the void. "Now I make my exit, but wait what about Ruthven. I'm sure the monster isn't vanquished yet." he said, he turned around and vanished into the void. Jacob 'Arghhed'. Ruthven suddenly looked up to the sky. "Shadows of the night, I call to you, bring forth my monster, then I CAN RIP THEM APART!" Ruthven said. Ruthvens swords disappeared out of Jacob and Charrons hands, they appeared above Ruthven, they span around in the air then fell down towards him. They dissipated just before they reached him. Ruthven smiled.

Ruthvens skin turned dark grey, his ragged clothes became even more ragged as they ripped and fell apart. A liquid like black ink began drip out of him, Ruthven stood up. He had grown to almost 8ft, he slouched over as bones were heard to twist and creak. Claws and fangs shout out in a splash of the ink like substance. Jacob realized it was his blood. Ruthven roared towards the sky. "Orthrus had possessed him, we need to snap him out of it." Jacob shouted. Ruthven looked down at Jacob. "I UNDERSTAND NOW! WHY I AM LIKE I AM! AND WHAT I MUST DO." Ruthven said, his blood dripped from his jaw as he spoke. Ruthven smiled. Jacob pointed his crossbow at Ruthvens head and pulled the trigger, a bolt shot out and struck him in the forehead. Ruthven gasped and collapsed to the floor, "NO THE ANSWER, ALREADY MORE QUESTIONS RETURN." Ruthven said. He collapsed and fell on his front, and slowly dissipated into the air. Ruffven and Charron stared at Jacob in amazement. "How did you do that?" Ruffven asked. Jacob shrugged. "It was just a werewolf, wouldn't that have killed you as well." Jacob said. Ruffven felt like he had just been called an idiot.

"Okay, us 3. Make a promise." Jacob said. "Us four." Charron replied, pushing Dagger towards them. "We never talk about this again, not any of our secrets, not the monsters nothing." Jacob said coldly. "Especially not to Ruthven." Jacob reaffirmed. The 4 of them nodded. Ruthven appeared from the shadows. "I'm so confused." he said. That's all he said, suddenly they all woke up. They were back in the castle, there was no sign of Orthrus or the glyph anywhere. Ruthven scratched his head. "What happened?" Ruthven asked. Jacob got up groggily. "We managed to stop Orthrus from giving us nightmares, but he knocked us out and now he's escaped." Jacob said. Ruthven scratched his head. "You don't remember having any weird dreams right?" he asked. Charron shrugged. "What like hallucinogenic mirages or..." he asked. Ruthven yawned. "Never mind." he said, he couldn't deal with any long words.

The 4 of them couldn't find Cerinţă, Ruffven persuaded them not to let Charron teleport them and instead they wondered through the swamp. They were surprisingly close to Canifis, Ruthven wondered how he'd never heard of the fortress before today. The 4 of them had dinner, eel that Charron had caught the other day, and went into their rooms.

Charron thought about what had happened, Jacob and Ruffven now knew. Well apparently Jacob already knew about it, his slip up had accidentally confirmed it and let Ruffven know. He wondered if they'd see him differently. "Don't worry. Everyone thought you were scary before they found out." Dagger said. Charron laughed. He guessed it was probably true, everybody else would probably try to forget this day so tomorrow everyone would still feel the same way about everyone. Charron thought about how a part of him had agreed with Diahara and actually considered joining it. This gave Charron an idea, he got out the device and contacted Max.

Ruffven took a deep breath, on the table was the book Jacob had lent him. It was marked on the demons page, right there was a picture of the ice demon. He'd wondered where this idea came from, especially the ice part, in his opinion it wasn't one of the more useful magics, it could bind an enemy in place but he could still swing or fire at you. Ruffven suddenly stared at the wings in the corner. They had been in his dream as well, he walked over and touched them. They were ice cold, but an image flowed through his mind when he touched them. It was of Scar talking with some sort of ice demon. Ruffven considered putting them on to see if anything would happen, then he hit himself for being stupid again. They were just pieces of a statue, Ruffven went back to the lying on his bed. He continued to read the demon page though.

Jacob banged his head against a bookshelf repeatedly. That embarrassment brought on by being dehydrated that Jacob thought no one would know about. Jacob banged his head again. An image came about of a man proposing to a dragonkin. Jacob wondered where on earth that image came from, Ruffven said he had seen it as a crumpled up ripped out page of a book. For some reason Jacob had the feeling that this had happened before, and a snake had removed it from him. That was him proposing, but it wasn't to a dragonkin. It was someone that had something to do with them, an archaeologist, a scholar. Jacob tried to remember as he continued to bang his head against a book shelf.

Ruthven looked at himself in the mirror, in his reflection all he could see was Orthrus. When Orthrus had offered him the chance, Ruthven had agreed. He couldn't remember what happened after that, he simply remembered feeling powerful. He had questions that still needed answering, he couldn't trust Cerinţă. He could only trust his father. Orthrus.

Orthrus was sat in his chair, Grohiik sat opposite him looking bored, Jorek, now sort of cured, was next to him, he still had the shakes though, unfortunately Scar had healed, despite losing his wings he was still just as annoying. Julius walked in, quietly angry. "Can neither of you accomplish this task." he said. Orthrus shook his head. "Together they're a force to be reckoned with." he said. Grohiik coughed. "Perhaps If I try..." he started to say. Julius walked up to him and grabbed him by the throat with his claw. "I don't care what you think, none of you. I care what you do!" he said. Scar started to laugh at Grohiiks peril, Julius gave him a cold stare. "I thought on your own you would be a formidable force, but perhaps we should try their tactic. All 4 of you pick one of them, you will then get them to separate from the group and take them all down at once." he said. He let go of Grohiiks throat and he fell down into his chair gasping. All 4 of them already knew who they wanted revenge against. Orthrus looked at his fellow guards, either they'd be reveling in death and destruction, or this would be the last time he'd see them. Either way he was happy. He smiled to himself.

The 4 battles

"Runeversi!" Ruffven declared. Ruthven banged his head on the table, 5 times in a row. He swore he use to be good at this game. "Best 6 out of 11?" Ruthven asked. Ruffven laughed. "No thanks, now pay up." he said. Ruthven grumbled. He wrote on a note "IOU 1 keg of Slayer Respite - R Galand". Jacob, Charron and Dagger were reading in the corner. Charron was reading. 'The study of fungus and their potential in Herblaw', Jacob was reading 'Groucho the Greedy Goblin'. "I don't believe you've read this entire book." Charron protested. He had been reading it to Dagger who had fallen asleep 2 times in the space of 15 minutes. Jacob nodded. "Well perhaps I'd have given you an easier one if you let me read, 'that' book." Jacob said. Charron huffed. "I told you I don't have it." Charron replied. Jacob finished reading his book. "Okay I've now read Ruthvens entire library of books, that's 30 minutes of my life I won't get back." Jacob boasted. Ruthvens only other book was titled 'Capes and Cloaks: The Ultimate Style Guide', Jacob felt like he had lost a fair bit of brain power reading it. Ruthven was too busy banging his head against a table to listen.

"That smart mouthed prick is mine!" Grohiik claimed. Jorek sat back in his chair and scratched his beard. "I could swear, according to the combat triangle that puts you at a disadvantage." he said. Orthrus smiled. "I thought you wanted to take on the mage." Orthrus said. Jorek winced slightly at the mention of that Dagganoth loving... "Hmmph, my power makes it a pyramid, with me on top." he replied smugly. Scar started to laugh. "You mean the power that put you out of action for 2 months." he said. Jorek gritted his teeth. "Why don't you fly over here and say that? Oh wait..." he said. He laughed, Orthrus and Grohiik joined in. Scar grew mad. Julius walked in at that time. "I trust your all prepared?" he said, examining his guards. "1 human isn't a problem." Grohiik said, polishing his staff. Julius looked at him unconvinced. "At any rate, this will be your last chances, if you don't destroy them today, you better start making funeral arrangements." he said. "And because I still believe your going to fail, you'll each get some human sell-swords helping you. They're my best source of fresh blood so you'll be punished for each one that dies." The 4 of them nodded, they each wondered off to the battle sites.

Cerinţă summoned them to the inn. She smiled as she saw them. "This is it, Julius has become desperate. This will likely be the final battle, our house can deal with Julius afterwards." she said. Ruthven smiled. "So what is this job?" he asked. Cerinţă produced a letter. "Seems he appealing to your sense of honour, my 4 guards vs his 4 guards. Read the note, your destinations he wants you to visit are provided." The 4 of them looked at the list, some of them smiled, some worried, some thought about revenge, all 4 of them thought about all 3 at some point. They rushed back to the base to get ready.

Jacob opened his armour wardrobe, he equipped himself with plenty of ammunition, potions and a face mask. Charron looked towards his usual crocodile armour, he instead opted for his old adventuring robes. Somehow they had gotten tighter, Charron grabbed his old wooden staff as well as a few runes, then he grabbed the most important things, the device and Joreks sword, it was the only way he could win, he had to be ready. Ruffven grabbed his mace and shield, he looked at the wings, an idea popped into his head of tormenting the Gargoyle by wearing them a few weeks ago and Jacob had helped make some straps for them, it was a simple design, a rope could fold them inwards or make them fold outwards, if it was done correctly it could make him look like he was flying. He thought back to his granddad, he was going to torture that Gargoyle, making sure to drag him through the 7 furies of Zamorak. Ruthven looked at himself in the mirror, he got a comb and combed down any sticking up hairs. He was ready. They all set off.

Jacob, Charron and Ruthven had all been given places that were too far, so Cerinţă teleported them to their destination. Ruffven reveled in the fact his location was only a few miles north of Canifis. Jacob had arrived at the destination, it was an old temple dedicated to some old god. Jacob pressed himself against the wall, he turned his head slowly round the corner. He quickly rolled to the other wall. He walked slowly against the wall. If Grohiik was here, he'd rather end it quickly. He bent down behind a pile of rubble, he looked above it, there was Grohiik. Jacob had a perfect shot, he pulled out his crossbow and aimed it at his head. His finger was on the trigger. ... . Jacob hesitated, he was hopeless he couldn't even kill a mahjarrat. Suddenly Grohiik turned around, a ball of dark magic was suddenly heading towards Jacobs face.

Charron arrived on the South Coast. Over to the East he could see Mortton and in the distance the dark towers of Meiyerditch. Charron made sure to keep Dagger close. "I thought you said last time would be the 'last time'" Dagger said. Charron sighed. "Lets be honest, its a curse. We'll probably keep needing it for years." Charron said. Charron spied Jorek, he held no sword this time. Charron decided to bring out Joreks sword, Jorek spied him. "You think that will work again?" he said, with a sinister smile. Charron shrugged. "Its worked before." he replied. Jorek laughed. He beckoned his men to come forward, Charron was heavily outnumbered. "I guess Diahara's too powerful for you." Charron said. Jorek frowned. "He's a beast, and beasts need to learn their place. I believe he's learnt it now." Jorek said. He started to glow red.

Ruffven couldn't believe he'd never seen this place before. There was a cave along the north coast, by the old shipwreck, it didn't look like much, until you went inside. It was cold, Ruffven considered transforming just so he'd have a fur coat. There was ice on the walls, snow on the floor. It was impossible, this couldn't be here. It looked like an old laboratory, components were frozen to others, old books lay damp and unreadable on the floor. Suddenly a gargoyle appeared out of nowhere, Ruffven quickly brought down his mace against its head. It smashed to pieces. Ruffven looked at it more closely, it was an ice statue. There were several of them, Ruffven walked down examining them, Ruffven couldn't tell how old they looked, but they definitely looked old. They had the same symbols as the cover on Jacobs big book. Ruffven saw one that had common tongue written on it. It read. "Surprise.". Ruffven wasn't sure what to make of it, he looked up at the statue, it was the only one without wings, and they only one reaching out to grab him.

Ruthven had arrived back at the old fortress where he had met Orthrus, it seemed strange that Orthrus was attached to this place. Ruthven walked up the stairs. They were in a dark room, a few small torches helped light it up. Orthrus was standing in the centre. He smiled as Ruthven came up the stairs. "Seems like this'll be our last father-son reunion." Orthrus said. Ruthven smiled. "So you really are going to kill me, well try to kill me." he said. Orthrus chuckled. "You remember what I said when we first met, that still stands today." Orthrus said. Ruthven nodded. "Its not really a fair fight though." Ruthven said. Orthrus smiled. "I wouldn't say that, what sort of father would I be not letting my son die a fair death." Orthrus said. Ruthven chuckled. "Still a poor one." Ruthven replied. Orthrus nodded. 2 rounds, you defeat me in both, then my life is yours to take, I beat you in any of them, you'll be torn apart." he replied. Ruthven nodded. He tossed one of his rapiers to Orthrus. "I'm guessing I pick the first round." Ruthven replied. Orthrus caught it, he held in his hand, twirled it, then nodded. "Humans. Very well, I guess this will do. Oh and remember to keep your reflexes up." Orthrus said with a smile. He suddenly rushed forward and lunged.

Jacob rolled out the way of the blast. He grit his teeth as he hit his knee against a wall. Grohiik was chuckling to himself. "Not so smart are you, your one chance and you blew it. You won't get another like that." Grohiik replied. Jacob grabbed an axe and threw it towards Grohiik, he was too close to dodge but he managed to maneuver his staff so that the axe struck it instead. "This story's just getting started." Jacob replied. Grohiik tore out the axe and threw it to the ground. "I'm gonna enjoy watching you choke." he replied. Grohiik lunged forward with his staff, Jacob sidestepped out the way, brought out his Keris and stabbed Grohiik in the leg. He cursed, he grabbed Jacob and pointed his staff at him, he sent out a blast which propelled him across the room. Jacob managed to keep himself standing, but he hit a wall which disorientated him. Grohiik sent a small blast his way, Jacob held out his Buckler and span it. The effect seemed to create a smokescreen. Jacob grabbed his knives, he threw as many as he could, at all angles in front of him. Eventually he heard a shout from behind the smoke, 1 had hit its target, Jacob quickly loaded his crossbow and shot in the direction the shout came from. There was an "Arghh" coming from the smoke. Suddenly the smoke began to swirl, it charged towards Jacob.

Jorek was now transformed. Charron had forgotten how menacing it looked. Was this how people felt when they saw him. Jorek began to laugh. "Diahara has no control, I am in control of this power, no human or Dagganoth can stand up to me." he shouted. Charron smiled, he looked to Dagger and nodded, he gave him a quick hug. He activate the device. Caedis appeared right in front of him, having just been teleported. "Heh, you'll need more than that." Jorek replied. Charron looked down towards his old crocodile friend. "Its good to see you again, how's retirement?" Charron asked. Caedis grumbled. "Its certainly nice lying In the sun all day, but I do miss the old times." a voice in Charrons head said. Dagger fell on top of Caedis purposely. "Is the sword long enough?" Dagger asked. Charron didn't know he hoped so. Charron said the words of the spell out loud, the sword glowed red. Jorek looked at him with a look of shock. Charron smiled, he hoped this would work. He brought the sword through his back, then through his chest into Daggers back, then out his chest in Caedis' back. Each of them grunted in pain, but then all 3 glowed red. The wisps surrounded Charron and he felt the painful, familiar effect of the spell.

Scar grabbed Ruffven by the throat, lifting him into the air. His claw was cold, so cold that ice appeared to be forming around Ruffvens neck. Ruffven was stuck, he was finding it hard to concentrate. Suddenly there was a flash, Scar loosened his grip and Ruffven found more strength. He swung his mace at Scar, the force caused some cracks to appear in him and he dropped Ruffven. "What is he doing? ha ha ha" Scar said to himself, fleeing further into the caves. Ruffven scratched his head. That's exactly what he was wondering. Ruffven felt his neck, ice had formed around it making it hard to move, he tried ripping it off, as it came off it ripped parts of his skin off. Ruffven winced, it hadn't penetrated far though, so he wasn't bleeding, that didn't mean it didn't hurt though. Ruffven took off after Scar.

Ruthven parried the blow, Orthrus was clumsy but he was quick and strong. Ruthven sliced through the air where Orthrus had just been, he had moved and was now lunging towards Ruthven. Ruthven quickly dodged out the way. He decided to get on the offensive. He made a flurry of blows towards Orthrus. He hastily managed to block every attack Ruthven shot at him. Ruthven quickly turned around to Orthrus' side and tried a blow there, Orthrus was slow to defend. The blade fell out of his hand, Ruthven pointed the blade towards the werewolf's neck. He smiled. "Round 1 to me." Ruthven said, Orthrus smiled. "I must say that human combat is something else, its good to see you mastered it son." he said. Ruthven picked up his blades and sheathed them, "so what's the next weapon?" Ruthven asked. Ruthven suddenly saw something flying towards him, he caught it. It was a shining pair of Mithril Claws, it looked old and valuable, but it was well kept. Ruthven looked down at them and equipped them, he looked up at Orthrus, he had transformed. A wolfish grin appeared before him. Ruthven formed the position Rathven had taught him. Orthrus blinked. "{Your position is good.}" he said in Canic. Ruthven smiled. "{Yours is a little bit off centre.}" Ruthven replied. This took Orthrus by surprise. "{You don't know the pride I'm feeling right now. Again, Sorry.} Orthrus said, he charged towards Ruthven.

Jacob dodged out of the way but unfortunately the smoke followed him, it swirled around him, Jacob found himself unable to move. Jacob looked in front of him, Grohiik was clutching his arm, he saw him pull a bolt out and throw it to the floor. There was a sharp ting as it hit the ground. Grohiik strolled towards him, Jacob could do nothing but watch. "So Raptor, it seems I've clipped the birds wings. What a pity, it was interesting actually meeting someone on my intellectual level." he said full of pride. "I'll tell you if I ever experience the same thing. Jacob said. He smiled. Grohiik didn't, "Perhaps I was wrong after all." he said, he pointed the top of the staff towards Jacob and lunged.

The transformation was complete. Charron growled at Jorek, who was now speechless and shaking. "This can't be real, you can't have that... Why must you torture me, even as a monster you choose that form, it is insulting. I will tear you apart!" Jorek shouted. Joreks men went to attack Charron but Jorek shouted at them to stay back. "HE'S MINE!" he shouted. He launched a spell at Charron, Charron braced the impact, it hurt like hell, it left Charron with bloody arms, flesh hanging off. Jorek began to laugh. Charron roared towards the sky. The flesh started repairing itself, Jorek just stood there mesmerized. After about 10 seconds it was completely healed. Charron grinned an evil grin. He began to charge a large water spell. Jorek was grunting, like he had a huge headache. The water spell was released. It drove in to Jorek. Jorek shrieked. He hadn't expected to come into any serious pain while like this, his defence was strong though so it barely pierced. Jorek shouted back. "You'll have to better than that." he shouted. Charron was running towards him, Jorek tried to freeze him to the ground, but he had not let the spell charge long enough and it simply bounced off Charron. Charron grabbed him and dragged him down into the ocean. He swam far out, deep underwater. He clawed at Jorek, he bit into him, he tried his hardest to rip him apart. The sea was now dark red with his blood. Jorek managed to break out of it and head out of the sea, he flew up in the air, he then fell on to the coastline, bleeding heavily. Charron followed looking down on him.

"HA HA HA, I can't lose here! His power is mine, you cannot harm me." the voice echoed through the cave. The laughing seemed to vibrate the walls around him. Ruffven proceeded slowly down into the cave. There were no scents at all, he wasn't use to tracking stone, all he could do was rely on what he heard. Suddenly he heard a crack, he lifted his shield and ran to the side. A large stalag... a large icicle had almost crushed him. Ruffven had found himself going into a room off from the main hallway. He wouldn't have noticed the room if not for the icicle. He walked in, it was a circular room, a long faded and worn ritual circle lay in the middle, on all the walls were various mirrors, but upon closer inspection it appeared to be very reflective ice. Ruffven walked forward, he presumed that the glyph was nothing to worry about, it might have once looked scary but it now looked like a child had scribbled all over the floor. Ruffven noticed his reflection, he looked at himself in the ice, the tips of the wings were just visible above Ruffvens shoulder, Ruffven had barely noticed any additional weight on him, he pulled the cord that extended the wings and they opened out to his sides. He smiled. When he looked in the ice he saw Ruthven looking back at him. Ruffven rubbed his eyes. He stopped smiling, he was behaving exactly like Ruthven would, spending hours practicing in front of a mirror performing various poses. Ruffven laughed. He copied how Ruthven would act if he was here, he spun his mace round like Ruthven did with his rapier, it was heavy and awkward and didn't spin well. Ruffven decided to extend his wings and shout. "I am a demon, mortal! Tremble before me. Ha Ha Ha!" suddenly he felt really embarrassed, maybe he shouldn't have had that ale before setting out. Suddenly Ruffvens reflection replied. "Oh are you, you don't look like one pup." it said. The reflection suddenly turned into a demonic figure. Ruffven stepped backwards, as its claws scratched along the ice.

Fortunately the claws also acted as a shield, Ruthven formed them into a 'X' shape and blocked Orthrus swipe. Orthrus came round to his side and attacked him there, Ruthven managed to dodge, but Orthrus managed to scratch him in the shoulder. Ruthven winced. Orthrus smiled and sniffed the air. "{I'm afraid once a Werewolf smells your blood its over.}" Orthrus said. He made some sort of gesture, Ruthven noticed that there were 3 long claw marks across his chest, he watched Orthrus move his hand across the mark. Orthrus charged him again, even more aggressive than before.

Jacob was smiling because he read 3 books last night, 2 of Ruthvens and 1 entitled 'Disarming a 2h weapon'. Jacob crushed a few air runes and mind runes in his hand, the blow dissipated the smoke keeping him in place, he moved to the side and trapped the shaft of the staff within the workings of his shield. Jacob did as the book had instructed, the sharp pull, the disarming maneuver, a sharp kick away, Jacob then added a bit he thought would be useful, he spun the staff as hard as he could, and it slammed into the side of Grohiiks head. Jacob then picked up the vial, 'Nitroglycerin' it read, he threw it at Grohiik. There was a loud explosion and Grohiik fell to the floor, as Jacob suspected he was still alive, if not slightly deaf. Grohiik was fighting from collapsing.

Jorek was shouting at the ground, "I Can handle this!" he shouted. Charron walked over him. "My defence is too great for you, once your tired out, I'll make my move." he said. Charron growled. "I'm not talking to you." he said. "Diahara, you will never accomplish anything working with them. You will eventually be defeated. Join us and have even stronger power" Charron said. Jorek shrieked. "What are you doing..." his voice suddenly turned darker. "YOU, BEAST. YOUR ARGUMENT IS VALID, REMOVE ME FROM THIS FAILURE AT ONCE, THEN OUR DESTRUCTION WILL REIGN SUPREME." he shouted. Jorek came too. "No, No, you can't." he stammered. Charron already did. Charron clumsily grabbed the sword, said the words and pierced the sword into him and Jorek. They both started to glow red. Wisps appeared to flow from Jorek into Charron. There was a flash of red, and a naked Jorek was left lying on the grass. Charron pulled the sword out, the wound healed incredibly quickly. Charron felt sick, his eyes blurred red and black, images of hatred and destruction ran through his head. "THE POWER! SO MUCH POWER!" Charron shouted. He felt like his entire body was being pulled apart. There was a split in his skin on his right arm, blood flowed out, it stained his skin dark red. More splits appeared slowly turning his skin dark red, there were even more splits, Charron could feel his body expanding, his strength increasing. His skin slowly became thicker, his jaw line grew more dragon like, his fangs grew even longer and sharper. His tail thrashed around, it became much longer, and thicker and the spines along it arranged themselves to form a club shape. Finally a pair of reptilian wings shout out of his back, they folded themselves gently around his spines. Charron roared. It was a scream that paralyzed the men around Jorek. One of them charged, he thrust his sword into Charron, Charron felt a slight prick, like if he'd stepped on a nail. The man looked up at him, Charron was staring at him and drooling, his saliva was the darkest red. Charron couldn't help himself. He was now big enough to swallow the man whole, but he didn't want to. He wanted to savour the sounds of the mans screams, his flesh ripping apart his bones snapping as he chewed him up. Eventually the screaming stopped. Charron swallowed. He felt his energy levels restore. Charron roared. Jorek looked to his men. "Its either him or Julius." he shouted. This seemed to inspire the men, who all charged at him. No matter Charron would deal with them all, slowly 1 by 1.

"Is that you Scarmiglion. Come to gloat?" the demon in the ice asked. Ruffven shook his head. "No, I'm not that maniacal Gargoyle." he replied. The demons head pressed against the ice. "But you seem to have his wings on your back, what is your name pup?" it asked. Ruffven shook his head. "Tell me your name first demon?" Ruffven replied. The demons claw bashed into the ice, a few small cracks appeared. "You dare ask me my name! Fine then, what is it you want pup?" it asked. "A stone head, that will be later smashed into pieces." Ruffven replied. The demon smiled. "Then we share a common goal, but you will need my help. I admit, I am responsible for him, I attempted to give him my power, unfortunately it also made him smarter, smart enough to take the rest and trap me here. It is good your brought those wings, now proceed to the gallery, you will find him there." the demon said. Ruffven nodded and ran out of the room and to the largest room he could find. There in the middle stood Scar. He was laughing to himself, he wouldn't be laughing for much longer, Ruffven charged towards him and swung the mace. The mace contacted with Scar, there was a strange wooshing sound, Ruffvens hand started to burn the Mace swung back carrying Ruffven with it. Ruffven winced. There was a shining white aura around Scar. He laughed. "Here I am a god, you cannot harm me, your face though. HA HA HA". Ruffven growled, he picked up his shield and tried again.

Ruthven decided to make a run for it. His speed had saved him before, he ran around the edge of room, careful to stay away from Orthrus. This just seemed to make Orthrus more aggressive. Suddenly he ended up cornering himself. He turned round, Orthrus was closing in on him, he was running on all fours. Ruthven gave up, he waited for Orthrus to come towards him. However he quickly had a brilliant idea, Orthrus pounced, Ruthven pressed himself onto the ground and rolled out from under him, as well as getting a quick slash against Orthrus. Orthrus then proceeded to crash into the wall. He growled got up and turned to face Ruthven. Ruthven smiled and held u his claw, it had dyed black at the tip with Orthrus' blood. Ruthven pretend to sniff it. "{I'm afraid once a human smells your blood its all over.}" he said. Orthrus gave a evil chuckle, he charged once again towards Ruthven.

Jacob dragged him and tied him up against an old pillar. Grohiik was cursing. Jacob smiled "I think you'll find I'm actually smarter than you." Jacob said. Grohiik looked towards him. "Still not smart enough to kill me, trust me I will eventually find you and choke you with my own hands. As long as I live, which I shall, seeing as you will never have the courage to kill me." he replied sharply. Jacob smiled. He dropped the staff in front of Grohiik. "I'm sure Julius will be happy to help, I'm sure as soon as he finds you, he'll be so happy to see your still alive." Jacob said. Jacob started to walk away. Grohiik began to panic. "No... kill me coward! Face me and kill me! Please! Don't leave me for HIM." Grohiik started to beg. Suddenly he noticed his staff, if he could get his arm free he could almost reach it. Grohiik wasn't finished yet, not by a long shot.

10 minutes later Jorek couldn't take anymore. He decided to crawl in to the reeds, away from that beast. He had chosen to become a wight simply to avoid death and keep fighting. He didn't want to fight anymore. Death scared him, they wouldn't let him in the longhall, not after what he had done. He heard the beast take a step closer, Jorek kept still. He thought the beast might lose interest. He heard it come closer, and closer. He closed his eyes. Suddenly there was a growl, and the sound of footsteps moving away. Jorek breathed out. He was alive. He didn't care about Julius anymore, he was going to run away and... A voice inside his head spoke. "You cannot betray the master like that, he gave you an order and you must carry it out." it said. Jorek cursed. The force all wights have that prevent them from betraying their masters, Jorek had always had such loyalty he barely noticed it. Now the force was forcing him to stand up, walk towards the beast. Jorek realized he would die, even if the beast showed mercy Julius would still exact revenge on him. There were worse things than torture and Death. Jorek took a gulp, he would die fighting, just as he planned. He almost sobbed but stopped himself, he mustn't appear weak in front of the enemy. He walked up to the beast, it turned around to face him. It stared at him drooling on top of him. Jorek punched the beast, the beast didn't even notice. Jorek punched and punched again it was all he could do, eventually he was on his knees punching, then practically lying down and punching. The beast refused to let him die, it was entertained by this spectacle. Jorek couldn't punch anymore, he fell to the floor exhausted. The beast sighed, his entertainment had given up. Now was the matter of keeping the beast entertained. The beast looked at him with sorrow in his eyes. "Just kill me quickly." he said, he was sure the beast would rip him piece by piece now. The beast nodded. It raised its foot, Jorek laughed. He was always 2nd in command, always being stepped on. Even in death. The beast brought its foot down. There was silence.

3 more tries later Scar was still laughing, Ruffven was aching everywhere. "Come on, keep trying its so fun to watch HA HA" he began to shout. Ruffven thought about trying to fight defensively. He decided to taunt his opponent, he extended the wings out behind him. Scar stopped laughing. "Trying for a cheap laugh, you'll regret that." Scar said. Scar ran towards him, his claw glowed white, he charged forward. Ruffven blocked the strike, there was a flash at it struck the shield, Scar fell backwards. Ruffven looked below him, the demon appeared to be flowing through the floor around Scar. "Scarmiglion, I'm afraid you are not a god, I created you, and now I have the means to destroy you." it said. Scar laughed. "Fool, your power is mine, what can you do about it?" he replied. He started to laugh. The demon laughed next, Scar suddenly stopped, Ruffven felt compelled to laugh as well. "What are you laughing at? Stop it!" Scar shouted. Ruffven didn't know why he was laughing, he could feel his wings moving with a mind of their own, they broke the straps and planted themselves in Ruffvens back, he howled but it came out as laughter. Ice was forming all over his body, extending from his back and from the ground. Ruffven continued to laugh, he was scared but he couldn't stop. The ice covered his face, everything had gone dark. "Ha ha HA HA! HA!!!" Ruffven shouted.

Ruthven was trying his hardest to block all the incoming attacks Orthrus was throwing at him. There was a sharp screech everytime the claws came into contact with the metal. Ruthven tried a quick lunge, but this was the opportunity Orthrus was waiting for, he slammed into Ruthvens side. Ruthven skidded along the ground and banged his shoulders against a wall. Orthrus was now on top of him, he stared down at Ruthven through his deep yellow eyes. "{Farewell son, your so like me it almost feels like a piece of myself is dying}" he said. Ruthven smiled. Orthrus shook his head, he brought his claw for one last swipe across the chest, Ruthven raised his claws to try block it.

He got his arm out, it was still to far away, Grohiik pushed himself forward sharply, he managed to grab the Staff. He was relieved, until he heard the creaking behind him. The force had upset the balance of the already crumbling pillar, the pillar began to topple in the direction it had been pulled. Jacob heard a crash and turned around. The pillar had fallen on to the floor. Grohiik had still tried to get revenge, if he had been smarter he would've realized that was Jacobs plan after all. Jacob shrugged. Grohiik had got his comeuppance and he wasn't responsible, he felt no guilt whatsoever, he wondered how the others were doing as he headed home.

Charron lifted his foot up, there was an awful mess. Diahara was in his head, fuming that Charron had let Jorek go that quickly. Charron had only regained his senses while watching Jorek fight him. Jorek might be gone but Charron still had one more enemy to be rid of. Charron closed his eyes, the beast passed out. Charron was back in his mind, the usual coastline was there, sea, Dagger, Caedis, this time there was a giant reptilian thing staring at them. It was Diahara. He spoke with a voice full of rage. "YOU BETRAYED ME, YOU DID NOT MAKE HIM SUFFER. I WILL HAVE TO KILL YOU, THEN I CAN HAVE THE POWER, STARTING WITH THIS SWAMP, IT WILL BECOME A DESOLATE WASTELAND!" it shouted. Charron smiled. "This is my mind, not yours." Charron said. Thick heavy iron chains wrapped around Diahara, it roared in rage. The chains unfortunately didn't wrap around his mouth, numerous very detailed death threats were described to them. Dagger and Caedis helped lock it, they all had a key to the chains. "Now his influence will be spread over us 3, I think we should be fine as long as we don't get too mad. Also all 3 of us will need to be together. The 3 of them nodded to each other, Diahara still shouted. The world turned white. Charron woke up, he was lying naked in the grass staring up at the mist. He got up and went to search for his clothes. He found the device along with some loose runes, his old staff and a pile of rags. Charron knotted the rags into some temporary clothing. He used the device to teleport Caedis back, then he teleported him and Charron back. As he was leaving he looked at the crushed body of Jorek, he was just a slave to war, and he couldn't let go. Were the other guards just like that?

There was a light, Ruffven felt cold, but he felt good. Ruffven stared at Scar, he was in shock. Ruffven looked at his reflection, it looked like he was wearing a suit of armour made of ice, his mace and shield were now made of ice to. Ruffven faced him, he laughed. Scar ran towards him, he grabbed his throat, suddenly he howled out. His hand was covered in ice and it obviously hurt him. "No!" he shouted. Ruffven swung his mace into Scars chest. It cracked and sent him backwards. Ruffven walked forward and hit him again, and again. All Scar did was shout "No!" over and over again. Eventually his whole body was cracked, Ruffven brought down the tip of his kite shield onto to Scars neck, it cracked. He did it again, and again. Then he put the weapons down. He placed his foot on his chest, he grabbed Scar by his head. "No! No! No! NOOOO!" he shouted. Ruffven twisted and pulled and twisted and then made one last pull, the head snapped off. Scars look of horror frozen in stone, Ruffven decided to put it in his bag. The ice melted around him, the wings fell off onto the ground and disappeared into the ice, Ruffven looked around the demon had gone. Ruffven smiled to himself, he picked up his equipment and walked out. He couldn't wait to tell his brother he'd finally gotten revenge.

The claws helped a bit but not enough to stop the claws coming down, instead they got ended up removing Ruthvens shirt and armour, forcing the straps apart. Orthrus growled then he looked at Ruthvens chest. He was looking at Ruthvens 3 scars across his chest. Ruthven saw him chance, he punched forward, using all his strength into Orthrus skull. Orthrus fell back, Ruthven clawed at his legs, then lunged one of them into Orthrus' chest. Orthrus howled with pain. Ruthven pushed him against the floor and wall, the spot where he had just been, he held his claws just above Orthrus' neck. Orthrus smiled. "Kill me then." Orthrus said. "You have proven yourself worthy of being my son, more than worthy." he said. Ruthven nodded. "I have won round 2, that makes me the winner." Ruthven said. Ruthven got up off Orthrus and turned to walk away. Orthrus ran up, he limped slightly but he grabbed Ruthven. "What are you doing, you can't let me go." Orthrus said. Ruthven smiled. "Your life is as I see fit, we fought a honorable duel, I won. I have chosen to let you live." he said. Orthrus looked at him. "You need to kill me, I'm a danger to your friends, your family." he said. Ruthven shook his head. "I'd never forgive myself if I killed one of our family, you cannot make me. You'll have to kill me." Ruthven said. Orthrus growled, he raised his claw, then he held it there, then he placed it down. "At least talk with me, this is the only time I will be able to speak with my son. To give him advice. To tell bad jokes. To give advice with girls. Please just let me talk." he said. Ruthven nodded and sat down, Orthrus sat down next to him, he had begun to turn human again.

They talked for a bit, Ruthven talked about himself, his dreams, his friends, his maniac ex girlfriend, and that potato that formed a rude shape. Orthrus just listened, he nodded, he occasionally commented. Finally he asked a question. "That scar on your chest?" he asked. "My brother gave it to me the first day he transformed, I noticed you have a similar one." Orthrus looked down at his own scar. "My brother gave it to me." he said. Ruthven looked surprised. "You never wondered why I spend my years working for vyres, it started about 50 maybe 60 years ago. My brother was older, stronger and a bully. I hated him. I was a child at the time, he was practically grown up, he would occasionally find me and beat me, I had to learn to run faster than him, that was the only way I could escape, by being a coward or hiding. Then I finally transformed, the next day was the bloodening, It was a quick kill, a small child. It was suppose to be my proudest moment, but then my brother was there, he transformed walked over to me, claiming I was nothing, a child was the only thing I could kill. He had applied a poison to his claws, I don't know where he got it from but he slashed me across the chest. It burned like hell, nothing could have prepared me for it. My brother was standing over me, laughing at my pain. Then I decided my bloodening wasn't finished yet. I can barely remember what happened next, I jumped up at him, he was surprised, I kept slashing at him, he tried to push me off but I wouldn't listen. I remember the smell of his blood, the bloodening was still fresh in my mind, I buried my head into his carcass and ate the contents." Ruthven looked towards him, not uttering a word. "I was banished from the village, I was sent towards the vyres who would decide what to do with me, fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately I met 'her'..." he said. He looked down towards the ground. "They said my fur and skin turned dark after being soaked in my brothers blood." he sighed. He looked towards Ruthven. He tried to say something, but he couldn't get it out. Ruthven smiled. "I'll see ya later." he said. Ruthven walked away from Orthrus, Orthrus smiled and stayed down on the ground.

The 4 of them met back up in the bar, Ruffven had arrived first. He looked around, a hour passed and nobody had turned up. Ruffven was beginning to worry. Suddenly someone next to him said "3 moonlight meads." Ruffven turned round, it was Jacob. "What took you so long?" he asked Jacob. Jacob gave him a look. "You had a gargoyle! I had a mahjarrat. They're worth about 10 gargoyles." Jacob said. Ruffven scoffed. "This one was worth 10 mahjarrat." he replied. The drinks came and Jacob took a sip of one. Ruffven noted there were only 3. "You think one of us isn't coming back?" he asked. Jacob shook his head. "No, these are all mine, they can buy their own drinks." he replied. Ruffven smiled and took a sip of his own drink. 30 minutes passed, Jacob was beginning to worry when suddenly Dagger came running in. "Charrons not feeling well, so he asked me to get him a drink." Charron ran in wearing some old eastern robes. "Don't give him a drink!" he said from across the room. Jacob laughed. Charron joined them, he was tired and kept falling asleep at the bar. Jacob turned to Ruffven and started doing a mime of a Dagganoth. Ruffven nodded and sipped some more mead.

a hour later Ruthven arrived, he smiled, he was brandishing 2 claws that had stained with blood. "Look what I found!" he said. Jacob looked at it, "there is no way you beat a werewolf like that!" he exclaimed. Ruthven smiled. Ruffven was equally shocked. Charron snored. "Its all in the technique." Ruthven boasted. Jacob finished off his 3rd mead, then he too fell asleep on the bar. Ruthven smiled to his brother. "We did it. We've won." he said. Ruffven smiled back.

"They were all incompetent! All of them, they couldn't accomplish 1 little task." Julius shouted. He was meeting in a room, a person, possibly a man or a woman was sitting on a lavish chair, they had a shiny gauntlet and a dark black cane. "I'm afraid the blame rests on you, Julius. Unless you plan on rectifying this mistake, I'm afraid the deal is off." the person replied. Julius scowled. "You cannot tell 'me' what to do, screw your deal. I'm already powerful enough to challenge the house. You have nothing over me." Julius said. He smiled, grabbed the mans 2 bodyguards and teleported them all away. The person sighed. "General, keep an eye on Julius, tell me as soon as you find the whereabouts of the book." they said. The person took a sip of wine. Those 4 questers were a problem that needed dealing with.

The Bats Final Stand

Jacob was arguing with Ruthven. "I can't believe you said I'd do it." Jacob said in an angry whisper. Ruthven shrugged and smiled. "Come on, your the only person I know who can play the piano. And besides, you know what'll happen if you don't do it." Ruthven replied. Jacob sighed. Ruthven watched as Jacob walked over to the piano, he got out a red book and placed it in front of him, he gave Ruthven a rude gesture then proceeded to play. The crowds suspicions immediately disappeared once the music started. Today it was the Zamorakian festival they hold once a year. Ruthven had accidentally promised that he'd find someone to provide music. Ruthven treated it as the celebration for beating all Julius's guards. The villagers weren't hassling them either, probably because they were drunk.

He looked around, Charron was in the corner challenging a villager to an arm wrestle. Charron was actually doing pretty well despite his weakness as a human, they had pretty much been tied for the last 5 minutes. Ruffven was at the bar, chatting to some younger villagers. "then the Werewolves at the time were led by..." he was saying. He had finished the book on slayer monsters and had borrowed one of Jacobs books on Zamorakian history. Ruthven smiled, at the kids as he walked past. The kids shuffled away from him nervously, Ruthven frowned. Ruffven looked towards him. "I'm kind of busy right now bro, why don't you go get a drink." he said. "How are you brothers if he's human?" one of the kids asked. Ruffven smiled. "You see, he use to be a werewolf, but he was really bad so Zamorak turned him into a human." Ruffven said. The kids gasped, Ruthven walked away in a mood. He sat down at the bar, alone. Ruthven ordered some wine, he paid and sipped it slowly, at least Zamorak had good taste in wine. Dagger walked up to him. Ruthven looked down towards him. "Aren't you suppose to be with Charron?" he asked. Dagger was chuckling to himself. Ruthven stood up to face him. "What's so funny?" he asked. "Jacob asked me to give you something?" Dagger said, he chuckled again. Ruthven was cautious. "What did he want you to give me?" he asked. Dagger fired a blast of water at his leggings, right at the crotch area. The force of the blast stung, but now it had looked like he was incontinent. Several of the villagers pointed and laughed, there was a slight skip in the music as Jacob turned to watch, Charron turned to watch and was suddenly beaten in the arm wrestle. He didn't look happy. Ruthven grabbed his wine and disappeared upstairs before anything else happened.

Ruthven sat down at the table, he remembered it all like it was yesterday. The day he felt good, the day when a vyre asked him and his friends for help. He sipped his wine. He began to stare out the window, he wanted to speak to Orthrus again. "Ruthven." a voice said behind him. Ruthven turned around hopeful, but it turned out to be Cerinţă, she looked concerned. "Oh, here to celebrate as well." he said. She smiled and shook her head. "Religion and Politics don't mix well, I'm here on request of the house." she said. Ruthven took another sip. "Request?" he asked. She smiled. "Remember the deal we made, its time you held up our end of the bargain." she said. Ruthven shrugged. "I thought we stopped Julius." he asked. She shook her head. "You took out his pawns, but the king is still in play." she replied. Ruthven cursed. "Where is he?" Ruthven asked. Cerinţă pointed out the window, the slayer tower could be seen in the distance. Ruthven nodded. He quickly went downstairs.

Ruthven grabbed the rest of his friends and told them about what was happening. Charron nodded, "I'll head to the base and get out stuff." he said, quickly running out followed by Dagger. Ruffven growled. "This is it, the final battle." Ruffven said. Jacob gave a look of concern. "We need to be careful, Julius is a vyre, he'll be able to dodge most of our attacks, and will probably demist given the improbable circumstances we actually manage to defeat him." he said, looking towards Ruthven. Ruthven smiled. "We'll worry about that bridge when we get to it." he said. The others didn't seem convinced. The 3 of them turned to leave, suddenly someone grabbed Jacob. "Where do you think your going, whose going to play the music?" they said. Jacob brushed them off. "I'm afraid more important matters have come up." Jacob replied. The man gave a growl when suddenly Cerinţă appeared behind them. "These 3 are on assignment for me, Raptor is a key part of it." she said. The man scowled. "And what about our music!" he shouted. Cerinţă smiled. Ruthven gulped. She walked over to the piano and started to play, the tune was dark and sent shivers down Ruthvens spine, but nobody else seemed to mind. The 3 walked out, Charron rushed out carrying a load of equipment. Everyone got equipped, Charron had also brought 3 Silvthril stakes they had made in case of an emergency. Ruthven looked round for anything else. "Where's Dagger?" he asked. Charron shook his head. "He's tough, but against a vyre he won't be able to harm it. I can't put him at risk either." he said. Jacob smiled, he ran towards the base. He came back followed by Dagger, Dagger appeared more reflective then before, he appeared to be wearing some kind of Silvthril claws, he also had a Silvthril piece of equipment attached to his upper and lower jaws. Charron shook his head. "I don't care. I'm not letting Dagger go up against Julius, that's final." Dagger protested but Charron stared him down, Dagger reluctantly went back to the base. Jacob looked towards Charron with a look of anger, Charron returned the gaze. Ruthven broke them apart. "Come on lets go." he said.

The 4 of them rushed towards the tower, Julius was nowhere to be seen. "He's probably at the top floor." Jacob said. Ruthven sighed. "But there's so many stairs..." he complained. Ruffven pointed to the wall. "You could always climb." he suggested. Ruthven smiled. "I guess a few stairs won't kill me." he joked. They climbed floor by floor, the monsters were more aggressive than usual and they had to spend several minutes in each room trying to deal with them. As they reached the top floor, they encountered Julius, he held a book in one hand and was wearing a mask that made him look like an abyssal demon. Jacob gasped. "That's a Horus Slaying mask!" he shouted. Charron ground his teeth. "That's the Dimexius spellbook!" he shouted. Julius started to laugh. his voice changed pitch rapidly and randomly as he spoke through the mask. "Well, well. You certainly know your stuff, no wonder Cerinţă respected you so much." he said. Charron went to charge a spell but Jacob stopped him. "Don't! He'll just dodge it." he said. Julius clapped and laughed. "Listen to Raptor, in fact listen to me. I have a deal to make with you."

Julius began to pace. "When none of my guards returned it made me realize, that I underestimated humans. You must understand, its a very strange thing, imagine if a cow suddenly became the greatest hero in Gielinor. Cattle being a match for the toughest creatures." he exclaimed. Jacob seemed particularly affected by the speech. "Now I ask you, what is it you desire? Anything at all and its yours." he said. "And what would you want in return!" Ruthven shouted. Julius shrugged his shoulders. "There are 2 people I want dead, Cerinţă and someone else." he replied. Ruthven shook his head. "That can't be all?" he replied. Julius smiled. "Your right, you also get the opportunity of a lifetime, you get to work for me." he said. Ruthven laughed. "And why on Gielinor would we ever do that?" he asked. Julius gave a sly face. "Because I can give you anything you want." he replied.

He stared at Jacob. "How would you like access to the largest library in Gielinor, countless book's, from all ages, from countless civilizations, from other realms. All that could be yours." he said. Jacob chuckled. "You can't change the rhythm of the story that easily." he said. Julius tilted his head. "How about I tell you who that dragonkin is?" he replied. Jacob gasped. "I know all your dreams, your desires." he said. Ruthven looked to Jacob, surely he wasn't smart enough to deal with Julius, but Jacob was actually thinking about it. Julius looked to Charron. "And you, how would you like to be cured?" he replied. Ruthven looked to Charron, he didn't know he was sick. Charron was grinding his teeth and staring at the ground. Julius looked to Ruff. "I can give you the power you desire, I can also bring your grandpa back." he said, smiling. Ruffven growled but he was silent. "Ruff..." Ruthven said quietly. Julius turned towards Ruthven. "And what would you want? I know your deepest desire, and I can grant you that as well." he said. Ruthven gulped, he was glad Julius hadn't mentioned it. But was it really possible?

"You want anything else, I can get it for you. Wealth, Power, Intelligence, even eternal life. All you have to do is work for me?" he said, an evil smile spreading across him. "No!" Jacob shouted. "I would never work for you, not after all the misery you've caused, not after all the needless lives that went to waste. I won't have you contributing towards my story!" Jacob said, equipping his crossbow. Charron slammed down his staff. "I don't care about being cured, if it hadn't been for the curse I would've never met my friends, I'd never be as happy as I am now." Charron said. Ruffven growled. "It would be an insult to gramps memory for me to work for the man who killed him, Zamorak will watch me strike you down!" he shouted. Ruthven smiled. "Well I guess if my friends won't accept then neither will I." he exclaimed. He drew both rapiers. Julius scowled. "You'll all regret this. I could have made you gods! I guess I will stand alone." he explained.

"Mage, you know of the book, but this is special. Its Samael's personal copy. This edition had some very good spells indeed." he said. He started to laugh. "This mask also gives me some good skills, such as this." he said. A noise erupted from the mask, it was ear splitting and horrifying, Ruthven felt like his brain was melting. Suddenly an abyssal demon appeared in front of him, it attacked but Ruthven quickly dodged, he lunged but the demon teleported, it reappeared at his side, and Ruthven only narrowly moved out the way. Ruthven and the others stepped back, 3 abyssal demons were facing them. Ruthven nodded to the others. They nodded back. Ruthven charged.

He tried to get all 3 but they all teleported, one appeared behind Ruthven. Ruthven stepped aside and then quickly spun and thrust his swords at it. It teleported right when Ruthven thrust and it reappeared to his side. Everytime it attacked Ruthven dodged, and everytime Ruthven attacked it teleported, they were essentially doing a weird duet. Ruthven had had enough, he decided to try a spinning move to hit all angles, but the demon teleported away from it, it tried to attack him again, but a bolt suddenly hit it in the head, it screeched and Ruthven saw it teleport to Jacob. Ruthven looked towards Ruffven who appeared to be struggling. Ruthven joined Ruffven to help and the demon was struggling to keep dodging, it teleported to the side of Ruffvens shield, Ruthven managed to kick the shield so it slammed into the demon, the demon was stunned and Ruffven managed to crush it with the mace, it let out a screech as it died.

Ruthven and Ruffven went to join Charron and Jacob. They were targeting both at the same time, switching their targets every so often, they had both gotten a few hits on the demons but they still came at them. One teleported behind Ruthven, and he fell as he got attacked. It was grabbing Ruthven with the tentacles in its mouth, Ruthven was starting to feel himself lose energy. A mace appeared and batted the demon out the way, it flew through the air and teleported mid flight, it had teleported to the other side of the tower, Ruthven watched as a throwing axe came out of nowhere and soared majestically until it hit its target, the corpse of the demon fell over the side of the tower. They turned to see Charron finishing off the last one with a fire spell. Ruthven smiled towards them all, then suddenly they felt themselves pulled to the ground. Julius was chuckling to himself.

"Good show, but I'm afraid there's more where that came from. I aim to unleash all the demons and monsters in the abyss into this world, I will have an army, and its all thanks to this mask and book." he said. Ruthven couldn't move. Ruthven watched as Julius edged closer, controlling a spell in his free hand, his full attention on the people he was torturing. So much so that Julius didn't noticed the Dagganoth charging towards him. Dagger jumped and clamped Julius' face in his jaws, Ruthven thought Dagger had ripped Julius' face off but it was just his mask, which fell off the tower and into the swamps below. The book was also knocked from his clutches, Ruthven felt the spell on him lessen. He got up and charged towards Julius, unfortunately Julius recovered and threw Dagger at Ruthven, Ruthven was knocked off his feet and fell to the ground. The dark liquid that stained Daggers equipment, stained his clothes. Julius had been hurt he smiled. Julius swore. "I'll kill you all, rip you to shreds, then raise you from the dead and do it again!" he shouted. He began to charge a spell when he suddenly wobbled and clutched one of the wounds Dagger had given him. "Whats happening...?" he said. Jacob got up. "Just some concentrated garlic serum, I'd hate to think what would happen if that got into your bloodstream." Jacob said. Julius shouted something in an ancient language. He transformed into the bat thing like before. "You think that will stop me, I'll show you!" he shouted.

Ruthven ran up to him, he sent a flurry of strikes at Julius, all of them he carefully and quickly dodged. He grabbed Ruthven by the wrist and pulled him to the ground. He then ducked as an incoming bolt shot past his head. He then let go when Ruffven came and swung his mace against him. He dodged that as well. Ruthven got up, he had an idea. "Everyone rush him!" he shouted. Julius tried to use that moment to take out Ruffven, but the sudden arrival of rapiers, jaws, bolts and fire going towards him forced him to stop and try to dodged every attack, he was struggling then suddenly a mace managed to hit him hard in the back. Julius yelled, he sent out a spell that knocked everyone back. Ruthven watched as Julius quickly went up to Dagger and clawed him, he then proceeded to hit him with a red spell that made Dagger shout. Ruthven got up and ran towards Julius to help. Ruthven dodged his attacks and landed a strike against his head which knocked him to the ground. He laughed and then proceeded to throw Dagger over the wall of the tower, Charron screamed "No!". Then Ruthven saw Jacob dive off the tower after him. "No!" Ruthven screamed. Julius laughed. "2 down, 3 to go."

The red spell appeared to have revitalized Julius, who immediately went on the offence. His strike were damaging and his spells more so. Ruthven told them to rush again but this time Julius flew into the air, he laughed as the 3 of them were unable to reach him. Charron fired several spells at Julius but he dodged each one. He began to charge his own spell. Suddenly an axe appeared out of nowhere and struck him in the back, followed by another, and another. Jacob was standing on the edge of the roof, suddenly out of axes. Julius was struggling to keep in the air. He turned to face Jacob to launch a spell at him, Ruffven held his shield up in the air and Ruthven understood. He jumped on top of the shield and Ruffven launched him into the air, Ruthven got his rapiers and stabbed them into Julius' legs. He ended up bringing him down to the ground. Julius knocked him off, he then received a fire blast in the chest, Ruthven also got hit by it and shouted out in pain. Julius shouted something at them and turned into mist.

"I'm afraid this is it, you cannot harm me now. All you can do is watch as I make my escape." he said. Ruthven saw Jacob carrying Dagger, he appeared to still be alive, Ruthven noticed that the rope that Jacob always had on him was hanging from his chest, that must've been how he survived. All 5 of them were hurt, tired and broken. Julius simply laughed. "Don't worry, once I'm back to full health, I'll make sure to come back to finish you off." he said. Suddenly there was a flash of red, Ruthven didn't know what happened but a demisted Julius had fallen to the ground. "That b****!" he shouted. "I can still finish you off." he said. Ruthven suddenly got a headache, his world was turning black, Orthrus' words flowed into his mind but he couldn't understand them. Ruthven stood up grabbed his rapiers and charged at Julius, Julius was dodging all the attacks but he seemed slower, Ruthven was able to make notes about where Julius was going, he struck him in the side, then again, then again. Finally he managed to stab Julius in the chest with both swords, then he passed out.

He woke up, Dagger had sent a load of water into his face. Ruthven spat it out. "Thanks..." he said to Dagger sarcastically. He got up, Julius appeared to be impaled to the ground with 3 stakes, he was still alive though. Cerinţă was there too. "Ah good, your awake." she said. Ruthven walked over, Julius was lying on the ground throwing out casual insults and threats. "You! Orthrus betrayed me! I will kill you when I get out of here!" he shouted. Cerinţă smiled. "Don't worry, the house will be here before he gets a chance to escape." she said. She looked to Ruthven. "I'd thank you, but in my current role that would be unwise. I'll just say your performance was to an acceptable standard, and to not think just because you beat Julius you can start on any other vampyres." she said. Ruthven smiled. "Your welcome." he said. She rolled her eyes. "Our business is done, provided you lot donate towards the tithes you shall not have any problems with our house. Now get out of here cattle, before I send you to the ghettoes." she said, teleporting them away. Ruffven started to panic.

Cerinţă looked down at him. HIM, the greatest vampyre being smirked at by that human helping b****, when he got out of here he would rip her and her cohorts apart. "Now sit tight Jules. The house will be here in a few minutes, I'll be right back. Be a good boy and don't try anything." she said. She teleported away. Julius swore, reduced to this. He could have ruled Darkmeyer with his intelligence and skill. Suddenly he heard someone laughing. "Samael! Come to gloat!" he said, to the hooded robed man in the corner. "Samael, I don't know who your talking about?" the man said. The voice was familiar. It was Grohiik! The pathetic excuse for a mahjarrat walked over to him and looked down at him. "Well, well. Julius. What have you gotten yourself into, beaten by 3 humans and a werewolf, your an embarrassment." he said. Julius spat at him. "Shut up and free me! Then you'll explain why you turned coward and didn't report back!" he said. Grohiik laughed, he would kill him where he stand. Grohiik began to walk away from him. He then came back a minute later. "Ah this is what I came for." he said. Julius looked up, Grohiik was holding his book, 'the' book. "You can have the book, just free me, I'll get you whatever you want." he said, he was begging for now but when he got out he'd be holding Grohiiks spine in his hands. Grohiik reached down and pulled out one of the stakes, Julius could finally move his arm, but it was still to weak to move. Grohiik spun the stake in his hands. "You know, you always looked down on me, now I'm looking down on you. And I hold your most valuable treasure." he said. Grohiik placed the tip of stake above Julius' heart. "What do you think your doing, when I get out of here I will..." Julius never finished the thread, Grohiik stomped on the stake, driving it into Julius' heart. Julius was shocked, all he could think about was how he'd been defeated by someone so weak. His world went dark.

The Daggers of Fate

Dagger sat in the base worrying. Jacob had fit some kind of armour on him that meant he would be able to harm Julius, whenever Dagger stared at the lantern, the light reflected off the armour and went into his eyes, he kept doing it accidentally so he decided to follow Charron in case he needed help anyway. Dagger was use to sneaking whenever Charron had to go through towns, he was pretty good at it now and reckoned he could follow Charron without him noticing. Dagger followed the trail towards the tower, there were dead monster bodies everywhere, Dagger curiously follow, he came up on to the roof, there he saw Charron and the others, tied down with magic, Julius laughing at them. Dagger couldn't bare it, he rushed at Julius and jumped up at him. Dagger felt the metal claws and jaws sink into Julius' flesh, a dark liquid filled Daggers mouth, it was awful but Dagger ignored it. He managed to tear at the Vampyres face as well, tossing what he thought was part of his face off the roof, but it wasn't. Suddenly Dagger was grabbed and thrown, he hit something and began to get delirious. Suddenly he was grabbed again, he felt his energy leaving him, he was becoming limp, suddenly he was thrown again, he was falling, falling, falling...

A memory was brought to the front of Dagger's mind, it was the battle against that werewolf. He had unleashed a spell that had knocked everyone out, Dagger remembered it hit him too. But it didn't affect him, why didn't it? he thought. He felt like he was no longer falling, Dagger slowly opened his eyes, mother was staring at him. Dagger panicked, and struggled. "Stop that, or your story will end here." she said. Dagger blinked, she sounded like Jacob. Dagger blinked again, it was Jacob, he was hanging off a rope over the tower. He smiled. "You ok?" Jacob asked. Dagger nodded. Jacob nodded back, "get on my shoulders while I climb up" he said. Dagger did as he was asked, he slipped and his claws ripped into Jacobs armour. Jacob expelled a lot of air very quickly. "I'm fine, keep going." he said. Dagger managed to get to a stable position and hung on as Jacob climbed up. Dagger could only see the ground, it made him slightly dizzy. "Dagger, can you pass me the axes at the back of my belt?" Jacob asked. Dagger nodded nervously, he managed to grab them in his jaws and pass them to Jacob. He heard Julius shout out in pain, he hoped, and then passed out. When he woke up they had won, Charron grabbed him and hugged him. Dagger was happy.

Dagger was special, he was one of, perhaps the only Dagganoth to successfully leave the colony. Dagger had tried his hardest to forget about his past before about 7 or 8 years ago. That's when he met Charron, the cause of the torture he had to put up with, but also his savior and friend. Overall Dagger didn't get on with humans, he still saw them as food, except for only a handful. There was Charad, who Dagger didn't know that well but got on. Jacob, intelligent and kind, but also deadly, Jacob was the one who healed all his injuries, Dagger liked him. There was Ruffven, Dagger found he got on well with him, especially as he was the only other non human in the group. Then there was Ruffvens brother, somehow... Dagger didn't really like him, he was always annoying, and reckless. Dagger felt like he could learn to get on well with humans, until one day.

Dagger was dreaming, he was on a grey rocky island in the middle of a cold northern sea. He tried looking around for Charron but he couldn’t be found. He felt alone. He’d had to spend almost 30 years on his own, with his species they normally didn’t last over a day on their own, 30 years had seriously damaged his psyche. ‘But’ he thought, ‘why am I alone now, this is my dream, I don’t have to be alone.’ A soothing voice spoke, coming from the ocean. “I’m afraid this is my dream now, Sentinel.” It said. Dagger ran. There was a sudden earthquake.

Dagger opened his eyes. Ruthven was violently shaking him back and forth. “Come on wake up Dagger! Wake up!” Dagger became mad. “Stop it!” he shouted, he then bit Ruthven’s arm. Ruthven let go with a sudden shout. “Dammit, I think I’m bleeding, I just got this shirt.” Ruthven said staring at the sudden stains appearing on his shirt. “What were you doing that for?!?” Dagger shouted. “You’ve got a guest” Ruthven said. He walked out clutching his arm. Dagger was confused, why would ‘he’ have a guest. He decided to see who it was. As Dagger walked up the stairs he passed Ruffven, who was quickly running down. “Ruth are you ok? I smelt blood.” He said. Ruthven started shouting something. His brother wasn’t very sympathetic.

He heard some voices, Jacob ran up the stairs past him. Dagger saw Jacob turn the corner and suddenly freeze. “Mum, what are you doing here?” Jacob said. Dagger turned the corner. It was her. She was wearing some white thin leather armour this time and carried a large backpack, she had numerous instruments of some kind, Dagger wasn’t sure what they were but he had seen Jacob with some before. “Hey Jake, just stopped by to say hello.” She said, walking up to Jacob and kissing him twice before hugging him. “Mum, this isn’t Yanille, this is Morytania. You can’t just ‘stop by’ here, it's dangerous. What if your story ended?” Jacob said, looking uncertain. She pulled away, “Don’t you pull that book reference thing of yours on me again, you know how I hate you doing that.” She said. Jacob clenched his teeth and stared at the ground. “Anyway I’ve been here before, but Centauri’s with me just in case.” She said. Jacob looked up. “Gramps is here!?!” he exclaimed. “He’s at the inn, boasting about his proud grandson.” She said with a smile. Jacob looked shocked. “Not for long.” He said, storming out of the door.

“Ah Dagger.” She said. She reached forward and kissed him twice, it always disarmed him when she did that. “Ergu guh gah” he replied. She smiled. “Right, I was just in Relleka, one of the aquanites had left the tunnels and hurt itself, when I thought I might get this for you.” She said. She walked over to a big white box, as she opened it there was a sound of glass rattling inside. She pulled out a large grey thing, Dagger immediately snapped out of his trance when he saw what it was. It was a Northern Fremmenik Shark, it was his 2nd favourite food in the world, he wasn’t allowed to eat the 1st anymore. “I hope it's fresh enough for you?” she said. Dagger tried to say a word he almost never said “Th-Th-Than” he stuttered. She smiled. “You don’t have to thank me.” She said. Dagger wanted to, but since she insisted he snatched the Shark away and began to gobble it greedily. How long had it been, about 40, 50 years ago he last had shark, it was delicious. He managed to eat it in the space of 2 minutes. He was full. He was actually slightly tired, suddenly he found himself closing his eyes.

He was dreaming again. He was swimming in the ocean, maybe he could find another shark. Suddenly he saw another group of Dagganoth, curious, he followed. He saw them step on to an island, Dagger watched them closely from behind. There was 5 of them, all Sentinels, attacking a man. Dagger looked closer, he recognised the man, it was Charron. He ran to try help but found himself stuck. “You must distance yourself from him, he is the enemy.” A voice said. Dagger closed his eyes, but he could still hear, he could still smell. “You cannot change what you are” it said. Dagger continued to keep them closed.

Jacqueline closely examined the body of Dagger. Something had bothered her 3 years ago when she last checked him. She remembered all the tests her mother taught her, one of the tests produced an unexpected result. She performed it again, the same result. There was something wrong with Dagger, he was ill. She remembered the story her mother, her mentor, had told her. It made her think back.

When Jaks was little she was revealed by the druids as having great potential as a summoner, she was put into training as a druidess, but she hated it. The only thing she ever summoned was a spirit wolf, she never summoned anything again. Her mother and father would keep arguing, eventually they split apart. Jaks mother saw the intense dislike of summoning, so she decided to train her as an apprentice. Jaks mother was a vet, she helped look after various different creatures, she trained Jaks all she could, until at the age of 12, she was good as she was. One day Jaks asked a question. “Have you ever treated a dragon?” she asked. Her mum had laughed, she asked why she would do such a thing. “But what if he’s injured, even if they’re a monster we should still help them.” Her mum looked to her, she explained she had that dream herself, but it all ended with her last job.

Her mother was Tam Parkens, a druidess who also had decided on the same idea her daughter had. One time a private collector had come, who had paid a vast fortune for a Dagganoth, paying loads to sever the connection so it could live alone. Tam had been asked to take a look at it, she found out it was dying and no medication could save it. But along with another man she theorized that the call of a Sentinel could help. The collector paid vast sums to organize a team of around 50 men, most of them local fremmeniks. It was an expedition tam never forgot.

The main chamber was almost covered with Dagganoth, just fighting through cost the group 12 men, 3 of whom deserted. The expedition continued, they lost more and more men, by the time they reached the Sentinels, there were 15 left. The 2 sentinels battled them, they were devastating, each one would heal the others wounds. The fremmenik left decided on a tactic to go all out on one. The other sentinel couldn’t heal it in time and it perished. The last sentinel was left alone, the fight became much easier, he was left bleeding to death whilst the Fremmenik continued with the Dagganoth. Tam stayed behind to try save the Dagganoth, but it was too late. The man, a mage, who had proposed the idea decided to end it's suffering. The Fremmenik had pinned the collectors Dagganoth down and Tam found it had worked. They were about to escape when 3 giant Dagganoth attacked them. What was left of the Fremmenik were killed by the giant monsters, except from 1 who had been killed by the Dagganoth they’d brought with them. Tam and the mage escaped, along with 8 of the Fremmenik who had deserted mid fight.

Tam learnt something that day and she told Jaks what it was. “Men will always try to take control of things they can’t handle”, “Never interact with a Dagganoth, they will always try to kill you.” And “I wasn’t ready to take on the position, I hadn’t prepared enough, but you can.” Jaks, with help from Tam, studied any book possible on the biology of creatures, the Slayer manuals provided the most interesting information. With it she built hypotheses on the biology of loads of creatures, big and small, but mostly big.

Her skill as a dangerous monster veterinarian became well known throughout the zoos and private collectors. The pay was decent as well, enough for Jaks to keep travelling and checking on the biology. Until she met John. John was a blacksmith who Jaks was fortunate enough to meet at the palace. John unlike the other men who loved her, didn’t want to try force her to stay at home. That was the only thing Jaks needed to here. They married 2 months later, and had 2 children Jacob and Joseph, named after 2 of Johns ancestors. The children grew up quickly, by the time they were 7 they were practically able to look after themselves, so Jaks continued on her journeys.

Right now as she examined Dagger, the story her mum had told her was coming back to her. Dagger had the symptoms she had described to her. Jaks was worried about telling Charron.

Dagger woke up from his nightmare, he wasn’t feeling very well and was unsure why he had suddenly fallen asleep. Jaks had called him and Charron to meet with her in the basement meeting room. She took a deep breath. “I’m afraid Dagger’s not well.” She said. Dagger felt confused. “I feel fine.” He said, actually he didn’t. Jaks shook her head. “I know you don’t feel well, in your body, and in your mind.” She said. Charron looked at him worryingly. Dagger simply faced the floor. Jaks continued. “He has an illness common with Dagganoth who are taken away from their group, usually it doesn’t progress like this unless some kind of magical interference has occurred.” She said. Dagger heard Charron grind his teeth. “There is a cure though, and I believe it's permanent.” She said. Charron looked up expectedly. “What is it?” he said, desperately. Jaks sighed. “He needs to hear the cry of a sentinel, a Dagganoth guard, back at waterbirth.” She said. Daggers heart sank as he saw Charrons face plummet.

“But… But… I can’t. The influence over there could turn him, the dagganoths could all attack us, they might even attack Dagger.” He said. Dagger could sense his worry, he also feared what could happen, not just to Charron, but to him too, he was essentially a traitor, a guard of the mother who abandoned his post to live and help humans, he was scared. Jaks nodded. “Those are all risks you’d have to take, I’m afraid Dagger will slowly die over the course of the next year and a half.” She said. Charron looked towards Dagger, Dagger thought he saw tears, then Charron faced Jaks. “Fine, but just me and Dagger go, the others don’t learn of this.” He said. Jaks shook her head. “I can abide your confidentiality, but I highly recommend getting help, the last expedition I know of, about 40 years ago, to the Sentinels had 50 men, of which only the 8 deserters survived. Dagger shuffled awkwardly, that was the day he had ‘died’. Charron shook his head. “Look, none of the others trust Dagger, I can’t risk them knowing.” He said. Jaks nodded. “Fine, but I’m coming with you.” She said. Charron shook his head repeatedly. “No way! Jacob would kill me! Plus they might kill you!” he said. Jaks scowled. “Why does everyone think I can’t handle myself? Anyway, whose gonna be there to check if he’s ok or not, let’s see your credentials?” she said. Charron reluctantly agreed. Charron and Dagger told everyone they were going on a solo mission, then the 2 of them, along with Jaks teleported to Camelot.

Dagger wore a cloak that made him look like a child from afar; fortunately no one took any notice of him. Dagger was starting to feel worse, the nightmares still occurred but more vivid than ever. He didn’t dare tell Charron in case it worried him. That night they camped by near the Slayer cave, Jaks had gone to sleep, Charron simply stared at the sky. “Do you miss home?” Charron asked him. Dagger looked down awkwardly. “Everyone does, don’t they. But just a little bit.” Dagger said. Charron nudged him. “Would you go back though?” Charron asked. Dagger shook his head. “I decided a long time ago, that I would never go back, everything I’d worked towards, all that time together would be wasted. Plus I let the whole colony down.” He said. Charron moved closer to him. “You know I’ll stick by you, no matter what you decide.” Charron said. Dagger felt conflicted, he decided to go to sleep.

He was in the sentinel chamber, Charron was next to him. A voice in his head said “A large group of humans are on their way.” Charron nodded to Dagger, Dagger nodded back. The humans came, Dagger got ready. There was a flash, they were overwhelming Charron, Dagger tried to heal him but to no avail. He fell to the ground, and then they turned his attention to him. Dagger closed his eyes. He woke up with a fright; Charron was there next to him. It was fine. Dagger couldn’t sleep anymore so he kept watch, he thought he saw eyes watching him but it was his imagination.

Charron and Jaks escorted him to water birth the next day. They had covered him in blankets and had spoken to a Fremmenik captain to take him there. The waves were rough, Dagger preferred to swim but around Waterbirth the sea would be too dangerous. They both arrived on the island. Dagger began to hear voices in his head; he tried to shut them out. Dagger pointed them out to an underwater entrance they could sneak through. Jaks placed the blankets in a waterproof bag and followed them underwater. They came out at the old entrance. Dagger suddenly though something was wrong, the voices had stopped and it was eerily quiet. Suddenly a large group of Dagganoth ran at them, Charron grabbed Dagger and ran with him down the tunnels, Jaks had gotten separated from them. They ran and ran until eventually they passed into a side tunnel and had lost them. Charron looked where he was, there were 2 giant Dagganoth staring at them, they had found the sentinels.

The sentinels spotted them and roared, Charron span his staff round and pointed it at them. Dagger could only watch, he found himself unable to do anything. Charron knew about the strategy to take them down and he gradually fired one spell at one, then the other whilst side stepping from spikes or bracing against water spells. However Charron was getting tired. Dagger saw one of the Sentinels charging a spell, it would kill Charron if it impacted. Dagger made a rash decision. He fired a spike at the neck of the Sentinel charging. It pierced the skin and the Sentinel turned to the side as a response, the spell fired and impacted against the other Sentinel who crashed against a wall. Several boulders then fell from the roof on top of him. Charron quickly ran forward towards the sentinel who’d been impaled and sent a large spell at him. The beast roared and then collapsed. Dagger looked down at the dead sentinel. He couldn’t believe what he had done, he had just turned traitor to his entire species. Also he realised that since both of them were dead, they couldn’t heal him, he began to fall into despair. Suddenly a boulder moved and the crushed sentinels head appeared out of the rubble, he was trapped but still alive. Dagger and Charron walked up to him. Charron bent down towards him. “Do you speak?” Charron asked. It growled at him. “Seems you could do something for my friend here, he’s not well and could use some ‘words of encouragement’ he said. The sentinel fired a water spell at Charron, which he expected and simply moved to the side. “So much for the nice treatment.” He said. Charron placed the tip of his staff into the sentinels head. The sentinel growled. “Your partners dead, you may as well face the facts, you simply…” Charron started to say but was interrupted by the Sentinel. “Shut it Human. You there, blood traitor.” It said. Dagger looked at him, the Sentinel growled. “You have abandoned Mother; you do not deserve her forgiveness, so you shall get none of mine. The fact you return here insults her.” Dagger simply stared at the ground. Charron dug the staff in a bit further, the Sentinel growled. “He didn’t betray you, I kidnapped him. Forced the connection to be severed, I simply watch and laugh as he sits in his cage tortured by the lack of her voice. And I will do the same to you, I’ll take you as far away as possible, you’ll be unable to hear her voice, you’ll slowly grow weak, begging for the sound of her voice, but I’ll make sure you stay alive the whole time, years, decades, and centuries without her.” Charron said. Dagger couldn’t believe what he said, he became frightened of Charron just by listening to it, and the Sentinel did as well. He growled at Charron then faced Dagger, he let out a roar. Dagger felt it, it was a good feeling, his wounds healing his strength returning, it reminded him of home. He looked to Charron, Charron was acting strangely, he brought out the device he’d acquired from Max, and he activated it. Caedis suddenly appeared, confused and restless. Charron then passed out. Caedis growled but passed out as well, Dagger walked up to them and he too passed out, a sweet soothing voice in his ear.

They were in Charrons mind, all 3 of them were standing on the beach. To the left of them was Diahara still chained up and furious. Suddenly in front of them stood a giant Dagganoth. Dagger recognised it, all Dagganoth recognise it from birth. It was Mother. She had a sweet soothing voice, to a Dagganoth. “Hmmm, what have we here, 1 human, 1 reptile and a Sentinel that had died long ago. And you all share the same blood.” She said. None of them said anything. “You cannot escape the call of the Dagganoth, not even you two.” She said to Charron and Caedis. Charron stepped forward, look we’ll take our leave now.” He said. Charron turned to leave and suddenly found himself in a cave with no entrances or exits.

“You 3 all share the blood, together you could be a force against all humans, to help submerge all lands under the oceans.” She said. She looked at them all, closely. “I do sense your reluctance, but fortunately that won’t be a problem, will it human.” She said. Charron grabbed hold of his head, he was shouting in pain, Dagger couldn’t move to help him, Charron slowly turned into a Dagganoth. He looked up at Mother. “No Mother.” He said. She smiled. Dagger was horrified; he couldn’t believe what was happening. She stared at Caedis. He growled and grunted, he slowly turned into a Dagganoth too. “The humans will pay, mother.” He said, Dagger was growing scared. Suddenly she turned to him, Charron and Caedis turned to him as well. Dagger felt the pressure on his head, he tried to fight it, but he was fighting a much superior force, however he fell to the floor and passed out. “Humph, his minds gone into lockdown, the traitor can resist all he likes, we don’t need him anyway.” She said. Charron and Caedis started to laugh, there was a bright red flash.

Jaks was currently holding herself up against the roof, it put a lot of strain on her back but she was managing okay. She had darted down a tunnel and immediately climbed up to get away from the Dagganoth. She had to stay there for ages, waiting for them to leave. They left, suddenly she heard a roar, at first she’d thought they’d succeeded, but the roar was more aggressive, it seemed to imply strength, and a thirst for blood. Jaks began to worry, she stepped down from the ceiling and hurried towards where the sound came from, fortunately all the Dagganoth had gone somewhere else, she entered the Sentinels chamber, it was exactly how her mother had described it. At the far end she saw the corpse of what she presumed was a Sentinel, she didn’t like seeing dead creatures, but she pushed on regardless. Suddenly she heard a roar from a pile of boulders, a growl sounded underneath them.

Jaks bent down, it was a badly wounded Sentinel, it looked like it was probably going to die unless she did something. She tried pushing the boulders but they wouldn’t move, the Sentinel still growled at her, she ignored him. She rummages through her bag until she found a strength potion, she gave it to the Dagganoth. It growled and suddenly pushed up, the boulders rolled off to the side. It went down on one knee and caught its breath. Jaks fixed up the wounds, a particularly nasty one in the chest area. She removed some of the broken and bent spines and rubbed a regeneration salve on the holes. It was still out of breath, but it managed to turn around quickly and meet Jaks gaze, she wasn’t scared. The injured creature simply breathes hot air in her face. “Through there, your friends, the traitors.” It said. Jaks nodded, quickly bandaged up his knee and went through the door.

The sentinel was still on one knee, he slowly found his strength recovering, he would probably be labelled a traitor for what he did, but it was the 2nd time he’d been saved by that human. He’d simply destroy anyone who challenged him.

Jaks wondered into the room, it was fairly large and in the centre stood a massive Dagganoth. It stared at her with bright red eyes and roared. She nodded. “Come on you two, we have to leave.” She said. Jacob had told her the other day, he knew something was up so warned her about Charron. A dark voice spoke. “We serve only the mother human, your foolishness will make this place your grave.” It said. It fired a spine at her, Jaks stood still, it passed her by a few inches to the left. She thought Dagger must be resisting. Suddenly a voice inside her head spoke. “Now is the time, use the skills you had held back on.” Jaks nodded to herself, she pulled out a pouch from her bag, none of the druids she had shown it to recognised it. It was her own creation, now she would see what it could do. She summoned it, the power coursing from her.

It summoned a white orb, it floated its way around the Dagganoth, it swiped at it but the orb dodged. Suddenly it grew larger and enveloped the Dagganoth, it roared and suddenly froze. The white orb disappeared, Jaks fell to the ground, tired.

Inside its head Dagger found himself alone resisting against all efforts Mother placed on him. He was trapped in a cave, a landslide blocked the entrance. Charron and Caedis were out of their mind, doing who knows what. Suddenly a light appeared. It was bright white and made Dagger feel calm. Suddenly it flashed. “I am Khoryu, I have been sent to free you and your friends from your prison.” It said. Dagger gasped, how?” he asked. Khoryu flashed. “I can change the minds of your friends and banish the Mother out of your head, but I won’t.” it said. Dagger growled. “Why not?” he questioned. “Because I am not about forcing, I am about improving. This is why you will do it.” It said. Dagger gasped and suddenly the light enveloped him.

Dagger expected to transform in to some kind of huge beast, but nothing happened. Dagger got mad, this was probably some kind of trick, nothing was happening. Eventually he calmed down. He began to worry about the others, he felt he had to do something. He smashed against the boulders blocking his path, nothing happened, he tried again still nothing. He put all his power into a final push, and still nothing happened. He fell to the ground, beaten and exhausted. “You have demonstrated your resolve, one does not take power without responsibility, so now the power will unlock within you.” A voice said. Dagger suddenly found he was full of energy, he was exuding a white aura, Dagger let out a roar, there was flash. The boulders fell apart. Dagger pushed himself out of cave.

Dagger ran along the coastline, he saw a trail of blood leading along. Then he saw Diahara still chained up. It growled at him, Charron growled back and there was another flash. Diahara was no longer growling, he was calm. “I can finally think, I thank you. For now I’ll assist but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to kill you.” He said. Dagger nodded, another flash, the chains around Diahara broke. He stretched his wings. Dagger rushed further along the coastline, he discovered Charron and Caedis, they now looked like Sentinels guarding a cave further up the coast. “You cannot resist the influence of your blood, traitor.” Charron said. “Support Mother while you can, she has forgiven you for your mistakes.” Caedis said. Dagger growled. Charron and Caedis charged. Dagger couldn’t bring himself to harm them. Suddenly the 2 of them froze in their spot, Diahara was behind him. “Go after the mother, I’ll be here getting payback.” It said. Dagger growled. “Kill them and you’ll be sorry.” He replied. Diahara growled back but nodded. Dagger rushed forward into the cave.

The mother was there, she seemed to be expecting him. “Ah, if it isn’t my former Sentinel. And here I was hoping you’d come to join me.” She said. Dagger growled. “I’m leaving, and I’m taking Charron and Caedis with me.” He replied. The mother tilted her head. “Ah but your friends like their new roles, why disappoint them. With your and their help, we can finally flood the human worlds and drive them to extinction, just as they tried to do with us. Why would you want to go there, you’ll be persecuted or locked up in a cage and kept as a pet.” She said. Dagger growled. “You don’t know them, they’re not like that.” She laughed. “I’m older than you can imagine and have seen countless humans. They are all like that.” She said. Dagger shook his head. “Shut up! I’ll trust them no matter what you say!” Dagger shouted. She nodded. “I know that to be true, so tell me this. Your human friend is considered old for his kind, so what happens when he became too ill to walk, what if he dies, what happens to you. You’ll be left alone again. Your life span will make you live alone for countless decades, centuries maybe, we won’t take you back. You’ll be alone. Forever or until you kill yourself.” Dagger shrieked. He’d known humans have shorter lifespans but it had never occurred to him, he could stay with Charrons friends, but Jacob and Ruthven were only 10 years younger than Charron, Ruffven could keep him for maybe another 80 years before he ends up taken for the tithes. After that he’d know no one, he’d be alone. Probably taken by a private collector, or bred as a war machine and kept locked up. Doubt filled his mind; suddenly a bright orb was released from Dagger. It was Khoryu.

“I am Khoryu. I am the divine being that represents Daggers will, his courage, his determination, his hope, his trust. Dagger, Charron will one day pass away. That fact cannot be denied. But forcing him to become a slave so you can stay with him forever is betraying his trust. You are no longer a Dagganoth, you are more. You are not confined to the walls of Waterbirth like the others. You take the path of other species, those who grow up and leave their past behind. Your experiences with Charron will help prepare you for what lays ahead, help you move on. You will learn enough so that you will be prepared no matter what obstacle you face. So goes the trials of all who turn from Child to Adult. You’ve learnt to trust humans so that in time they will trust you. You will never walk alone. Your present determines your future, will you let Charron be subject to your desires only.” Khoryu said. “Don’t listen to him, you’ll be forever alone, wandering for all time.” She said. Dagger ignored her. “I will save Charron.” He said. Khoryu flashed. Then I bestow to you my final gift to you, banish her from your mind and free your friends.” He said. Khoryu enveloped Dagger. Lightning clouds formed above him, the cave was melting away leaving them on a small island in a vast ocean. There was a flash and lightning struck Dagger.

Dagger felt more powerful, he hadn’t changes at all, but he could feel power running through him. “GET OUT!” he told Mother. Mother growled and tried to take over his mind again. Dagger could feel it but he was strong enough to not be affected. He roared and lightning struck down onto Mother, she grunted. Dagger rushed forward, with the power and speed of a lightning bolt he struck her in the gut. She fell to the ground. “You’ll be forever alo…” she started to say, but Dagger ignored her. “NOW GET OUT!” he shouted. From his jaws shot a massive stream of energy. Mother disintegrated before him. He knew she was still alive, her power hadn’t been affected, but her mind might’ve been, enough to make sure she forgot about him, and that all Dagganoth forgot about him, except 1. Dagger roared and Khoryu appeared before him once more. “Who are you?” Dagger asked. Khoryu flashed. “I am a divine being of many names and many forms, I seek to end the confusion and anger of those who fear what might come. It is you who chooses my name and form, you must surely remember.” He said. Dagger tried his hardest but he couldn’t. “Now I shall bring you 3 back, and remove the hold this Dark magic has on you, I cannot remove it, as all 4 of you still secretly long for it, and while that is true you will never be free of it.” He said. Dagger was about to ask another question, when there was a flash.

Dagger woke up on top of Caedis, with Charron on top of him. He cheered. Caedis and Charron were groaning, Dagger looked and saw Jaks. He was glad she was arrived, next to her was a bird that shone with bright radiance. “Horus before we dismiss you, I ask that you help us evacuate.” She said. The bird nodded. “As you wish.” It said. It spread it's wings and a feather fell out, it floated onto Caedis who was enveloped in light, he then disappeared. Jaks walked up to them. “Quickly I’ve got your stuff, the Dagganoth will be here soon.” She said. She nodded to Horus, he screeched. He flew towards them, Dagger closed his eyes. They felt themselves teleporting away. All that was left behind was a feather. The sentinel from the other room walked in, he saw the bird dissipate into the air. He saw the feather, he walked over and picked it up. He thought maybe she’d come back for it, he managed to stick in between 2 spines, he felt much better. He went to mourn the loss of his partner.

Jaks, Dagger and Charron arrived back at Ruthvens house. Jaks looked down at Dagger. “Congratulations, you’re now the first independent Dagganoth. Perhaps you’ll gain a following; a Dagganoth army that had independent thought would certainly be a sight to behold.” She said with a smile. Dagger looked up at her. “Khoryu?” he asked. She shook her head. “I’m afraid I don’t know who that is?” she said. Dagger was confused. “But you summoned it right?” he asked. Jaks shook her head. “I’m a medic, not a druid. It would take years of training just to summon 1 thing.” She said. Dagger looked down at the ground. “Look, I know about the ritual.” She said. Charron finally began to get up. “How?” he asked. “Jacob told me.” She said. “He did what! He promised not to say, when I see him I’m gonna…” Charron started to shout, furious. Suddenly the door opened. Jacob walked in followed by Ruthven and Ruffven. Jacob stopped, he stared at Charron his face going red. Dagger looked at Charron, he realised that of course Charrons armour got ripped, therefore he was lacking of clothes. Charron realised himself. “It's not what it looks like.” He said. Jacob ran at him. “I’m gonna rip you to shreds!” he shouted. Charron ran away, and seeing his only exit, dived out of an open window. Jacob dived out and ran after him. Ruthven was shocked, whereas Ruffven was laughing. Jaks eventually joined in. Dagger felt bad about Charron, that didn’t stop him laughing though.

“Don’t worry, Charads on his way to his uncles soon. If you send the armour over I’ll get him to repair it.” Max said, speaking from the device. Charron nodded. “Thanks, it's this button right?” Charron asked. Dagger watched Charron and Max talk over the device. He had wondered that night with Orthrus why he never witnessed his monster. He wondered if that was actually the real mother, or if it was a product of his imagination, was the whole trip his imagination, he certainly had a hard time believing it. Dagger rested and thought about Khoryu. A bright orb, lightning, where had Dagger seen it before. He suddenly remembered.

They were at the tearfall isles or something like that, Dagger loved it. It was their 2nd adventure after the whole factory destroying affair. No matter where he walked he got hydrated, it felt really good on his skin. However it started raining, Charron smiled to Dagger. He knew Dagger liked the rain so he never complained. Dagger sensed Charrons discomfort so they looked for a cave. They found one, however there was a bolt of lightning, it formed into a ball shape. It struck the tip of Charrons staff and he shook around violently. Dagger had laughed but then he panicked. He remember trying to save him, dragging him into the cave, trying to get a fire started, he couldn’t though. Charron eventually woke up on his own, watching Dagger try to hold a stick between his claws to make a fire. Charron smiled and walked over to him. “It’ll take more than the forces of nature to keep me and you apart.” He said. Dagger had sighed with relief. It was the first time Charron had seen him worry for him. There was a love heart carved into the side of the cave. Inside it said Kho + Ryu. It must have been the name of 2 lovers. Dagger used his claws to try write his own name. ‘DOGR’ it looked like, and that was if you squinted your eyes. Charron laughed at his poor writing skills, so Dagger shot a blast of water at him.

It was strange that it would use that memory, he thought there were countless more memorable moments he had with Charron. But maybe if he didn’t think it significant Charron did, maybe that’s why it chose that form. Jaks was staying for a few weeks along with Jacobs Grandfather. Dagger fell to sleep, he was completely tired. For once he didn’t have a nightmare, he let out a snore.

The Company Retreat

Ruthven was tired, everyone was. They had just gotten 10 missions in a row, all of them involved going to the far South of Morytania, they had to walk instead of teleport now. He thought that Ruffven might be happy with it, but he was just as tired as everyone else. Charron had to wear one of Ruffvens jackets into battle as his robes were still being repaired, it severely impacted on his skill in battle. At least Jaks and Centauri were here to help.

One day Centauri came in happily. “Look, at this, your pay from all those jobs. Do you know what this means.” He said. Ruthven looked up. It was a very large bag of coins. “So?” he asked. Everybody around him was lying back in their chairs. “It means that you can afford a vacation.” He said. Everybody stood up. The thought of a vacation never occurred to Ruthven, usually a period of no missions would come up so they would relax during that, but a vacation sounded really good. “Okay then, we’ll have to disguise Dagger, but I think we can pull it off. The question is where do we all go?” Charron asked. Jacob had an idea. “What about the beach's at Feldip hills. They also have some natural hot springs there, and I don’t think any of us have been that far before.” Jacob suggested. Ruffven shrugged. “My idea of relaxing isn’t lying on a bunch of sand.” He said. Jacob smiled. “It's also one of the largest hunting areas in Gielinor, most of the greatest trackers in the world trained there.” Jacob replied. Ruffven’s eyes lit up. “Fine, but we walk. That way we don’t have to teleport and take boats.” He said. Ruthven smiled. “Plus that means it lasts longer.” He said. Centauri smiled. “Well, I’ll contact the guilds, you get prepared.” He said.

Jacob got out a bag and began filling it with books. “Finally a holiday. A break from the dull passages of everyday.” He said. Charron smiled. “Just us 5, Dagger where’s the device?” he shouted. A thought occurred to Ruthven. “What do you mean 5?” he asked. Jacob looked at him. “You know the main Characters, Ranger, Old Wizard, Dagganoth, Werewolf and stupid.” He said. Ruthven smiled at Jacobs wit. “There’s someone else who deserves a break more than us. You know Ruffven, mum.” He said. Ruffven looked towards him, Romani had been depressed since Rathven had passed away. She had taken to drink and was on the verge of becoming suicidal. Ruthvens dad came down, apparently having heard everything. “Ruth, I know you care about her, but she’s never been across, it's tough on Ruffven even though he’s trained to do it. I can’t let her cross the river.” He said.

The day came, they were all packed and ready. It was strange to see Jacob out of his armour for once, but Centauri wouldn’t let him leave unless he took it off. Ruthvens dad met with them in the living room, Romani was with them, she looked sad to see them go. “Take care you guys, don’t worry about us. Centauri and Jacqueline will be here to help look after the place.” She said. Ruthven winked at Charron. Charron face palmed. Ruthven Sr looked at the bags, whose the 5th one for, does that Dagger have his own bag. He asked. Ruthven smiled. “No it's yours.” He replied. He shouted to Charron who sighed and teleported all of them, they arrived at a clearing South of Varrock. Ruthvens dad and Romani were with them. Ruffven ran off to throw up.

Ruthven smiled, proud of the plan he'd put together. His father on the other hand wasn't smiling. "Ruthven, what do you think your doing!" his dad shouted at him. Ruthven ran up and hugged his dad. "You suggested a vacation for us, but you and mum have been working just as hard." he said. Romani was looking around, dazed and confused. "You brought a were W-O-L-F across the Salve, what were you thinking!" his father shouted. Ruthven turned to his friends for support, but they had all wondered off. "But- but Ruff, he's been over here countless times." Ruthven argued. "What would you know about Ruffven coming here! He's use to it now, but when I first brought him over here, you do not want to know how lucky he was that he didn't get caught out. Roma's matured anyway, what do you think she's going to be like!" his dad argued. "Enough!" Romani exclaimed, stepping between them. "Your fathers right, Ruthven. This was incredibly stupid, even for you." she said sternly. Ruthven looked sad as he spoke to Romani. "But, I was worried about you, I just wanted you to be happy for once." Ruthven said. Romani growled, then stared Ruthven in the face. "Thanks for your concern, but I'm fine." she said. Ruthven smiled. "At least come with us for a few days, I promise the minute you ask, that we'll take you back." Ruthven said. Romani looked towards Ruthvens dad. He had wondered off into Varrock unexpectedly. Romani followed him.

Ruthven and the others were sat outside the blue moon, having a drink. "You ever heard of the Alfred's barcrawl Ruffven?" Jacob asked. "You go to all the biggest inns in Gielinor and sample their finest beverage, it actually has a 10% survival rate." Jacob carried on. The conversation drifted onwards, Ruthven wasn't really listening. Suddenly his dad and Romani came back. Ruthvens dad looked solemn, Romani was expressionless. "We've decided to join you for a bit, however we might leave suddenly depending on Roma's... personality." Ruthvens dad said. Ruthven smiled and hugged them both, they all stayed at the inn and had a good meal and a hot nights rest.

The 7 of them tried to avoid inns located in cities, they would usually stay at a local village they passed through. The journey was uneventful. They travelled west out of Varrock, along the mountain path, across white wolf mountain, south through Ardougne, then Yanille and finally through ogre country. The only real combat took place at an ogre camp, but despite neither of them being that well equipped they survived quite well. They learnt of a small clearing along the east coast of Feldip where the ogres rarely visited, they decided to set up camp there. Everybody was tired from travelling so many miles, so most of them collapsed.

The first day was great, Ruffven, Dagger and Jacob went hunting, whilst Ruthven and Charron went swimming. Ruthven repeatedly challenged Charron to races and found to his deep discomfort that Charron was much faster than him in the water. "How'd you keep beating me?" Ruthven asked. Charron smiled. "Its because you only know the doggy paddle." Charron explained. Charron dived underwater and Ruthven chased after him. Ruthvens dad and Romani spent the day talking to each other. That night Ruffven came back with a whole Kyatt on his back, Dagger came back with a few kebbits and Jacob also carried a few kebbits back with him. Ruthven smiled at the mass of food they would be cooking, except in the case of him, Ruffven and Romani who preferred it raw.

The next day Jacob stayed in his tent reading, Charron and Dagger went fishing, whilst Ruthven and Ruffven went exploring. "So, what do you think?" Ruthven asked. Ruffven smiled. "Jacob picked a great spot, theres so many chances to hunt, and to use all the different methods." Ruffven said, carrying on the conversation with several hunting strategies. Ruthven smiled, this vacation was turning out to be great, and Romani seemed to be enjoying herself more, she was spending a lot of time with his dad. "I'll race you to that tree over there." Ruthven said, eager to finally win at something for once. Ruffven nodded. "Sure. Lets go." he said, he then pushed Ruthven into a ditch and ran off, Ruthven swore and ran to catch up with him.

"That did not count!" Ruthven shouted. They were all back at camp sitting around a fire, Ruffven was boasting about his win over Ruthven, Ruthven protested over the fact he was pushed into a ditch 3 times during the race. Jacob laughed. "Come on, how about an archery contest." Jacob suggested. Ruthven smiled. "We all know whose gonna win, but this is a competition for 2nd." Ruthven said. He mimed firing a bow at Ruffven, Ruffven responded with a gesture. Jacob set up a few targets, he had brought 3 throwing axes with him on the trip so they decided to use them. Jacob went first, 'surprisingly' Jacob managed to hit the centre of all 3 targets. "Actually I think the one on the rights a few mm left of the exact centre." Jacob mentioned smugly. He somehow ended up with his face in the sand.

Ruthven went next, fortunately he'd practiced with Jacob before. He managed to hit the outer ring with one, and 3 rings in with the other two. Ruthven smiled. Charron went next, he threw the first axe, it missed the target completely, the 2nd one hit it but with the handle, it bounced to the ground, the last one managed to hit 2 rings in. Charron sighed and went to go look for the throwing axe he had lost. Ruthven smiled. "2nd place is in the bag." he mentioned to himself. Suddenly a spike shot out and hit the board just off centre, the same thing happened with the 2nd shot and hit the exact centre with the 3rd. Ruthven turned round, Dagger was giving him one of those evil grins. Jacob patted him on the head. "Good job Dagger, better luck next time, wolf." Jacob said. 'That doesn't count, he didn't use the axes" Ruthven said to himself. Charron handed the axes to Ruffven, Ruthven smiled, he was sure Ruffven had never held one before in his life. Ruffven threw one, it landed 2 rings in, the 2nd one was just off centre, the 3rd one he threw with so much force that the target broke in 2, but it had hit the centre. Ruffven smiled to a now seething Ruthven. "That's impossible, you've never thrown anything in your life!" Ruthven shouted. Ruffven shrugged. "You missed out on the bronze, tough luck." he said.

That night everybody went to bed, Ruthven stayed up practicing his throwing skills, he still couldn't get an axe to hit the centre. Out of the corner of his eye Ruthven saw his dad with Romani. He quickly moved to spy on them. "Ruthven, do you still miss her?" she asked. Ruthvens dad, looked to her and responded. "You never stop missing your loved ones. Do you miss your parents?" She looked up at the stars. "I hated my mum, she hated me. I watched as the vyres took her away, she looked back towards me, her eys didn't say I love you or be safe. Dad, he was there for me, my depression let him down. I still can't believe he's gone." she said, coughing towards the end. Ruthvens dad moved in closer to console her. "I hated myself for letting him down, and Ruffven too. If it weren't for you, I don't know what I'd do." she said. "If it weren't for you, me nor Ruthven would be alive." he replied. An awkward silence passed. Ruthven listened in closer. "Roma, without you nor the boys, my life would not have meaning." he said. "I love you." he added. Romani looked down towards the sand. "Ruthven, I... er.... stay with me." she said, she grabbed him and kissed him. Ruthven was slightly disturbed by watching his close relations kissing each other, he decided to head back to bed.

The next day, nothing really happened. The group just talked, it was a peaceful day and Ruthven decided to spend most of it in bed. That evening something unexpected happened, Ruthvens dad came running back with an unconscious Romani, both of them were badly bruised. Jacob rushed over quickly to try heal the injuries. "What happened!" Ruthven shouted, wandering over. His had shook his head. "Some trolls had attacked her, I found her in the middle of a camp." he said. Ruthven looked to Jacob. Jacob nodded. "Her wounds are severe but she'll live, had she been human I'd doubt it though." he replied. Ruthven sighed with relief. Ruthven and Ruffven stayed with Ruthvens dad until Romani woke up. The sun was just about to set, Romani woke up in a daze. "What were you doing mum?" Ruffven asked. She looked to the ground. "I don't deserve any of this." she said.

Ruthven smiled at her. "What do you mean?" he asked. "I'm a failure, my mother could see that, and Ruffvens father could as well." she said. Ruthvens dad grabbed her and forced her to look at him. "Roma, you didn't go to that camp intentionally did you?" he asked. She growled and her eyes turned dark. Ruthvens dad was unnerved but didn't let go. "The whole world would be better off without me, my father might still be alive, and I couldn't avenge him either. I don't deserve anyone." she said. Ruthven tilted his head gently. "But mum..." he said. She growled again. "I'm not your mother! You had to go through a horrible childhood because of me, if it weren't for your father you and Ruffven would have died years ago." she said with anger. Tears began to flow down her face. "Romani, if it weren't for you neither of them would be alive, neither would I." his dad said. "I love you." he added. She shook her head. "No you don't!" she said. He nodded. "I do!" he replied. She growled. "No you don't!" she shouted. "I'll prove it!" he shouted back. He pulled a ring out of his pocket. "Marry me Roma!" he said. Everybody was silent.

"What?" she replied, confused. "Marry me." he repeated. Ruthven was stunned. "But... But what about Ruthvens mother?" she replied. Ruthvens dad faced the ground. "I never told anyone but, Serenity woke up from her coma 10 minutes before she passed away. "She told me to move on and find another girl who needs my help. I'd ignored her words, I'd betrayed her last wish. She knew I had spent almost 20 years of my life trying to save her, she didn't... when Rathven passed I saw the look she gave me right before she died in your eyes, its then I realized I'd loved you since I met you. Which is why I want you to marry me." he replied. Romani was speechless. "Go on!" Ruthven goaded. "Y-Yes. I love you too." she replied. She reached over and grabbed Ruthvens dad, Ruthven smiled. The area was perfect, the sun, the sea the weather. "Lets have it now!" Ruthven shouted. Charron shook his head. "Nobody here is certified to officiate the wedding." Charron explained. Jacob coughed. "I am." he replied. Ruthven looked astounded. "When did you become a priest?" he asked. Jacob smiled. "I learnt how to do it and received the right to while training herblore in Taverly, technically it was for Guthixan marriages, but I know the vows of the Zamorakian or Saradominist one." he said. Ruthvens dad looked towards Jacob. "Make it Zamorakian, we'll have it right now." he said.

Ruthven had nominated himself as his dads best man, Ruffven was to hand him over, Charron and Dagger had stood back to watch. Jacob started the vows, Ruthven didn't listen, he just watched his dad smile, and Romani smiling back, he hadn't seen her smile like that in ages. The ceremony reached its climax when they kissed, the sun had just disappeared and a beautiful night sky had appeared. Ruthven scratched his head, "Don't they usually crush a glass at weddings?" he asked. His dad turned to him. "Some do, I don't think this one does though." Ruffven suddenly lit up. "Be right back." he said. He'd rushed into his tent and then came back, he threw what appeared to be a stone head onto the floor, he handed Romani his mace. "You said you wanted to avenge gramps." he replied. Romani looked towards him. "You defeated his killer?" she said. Ruffven nodded. "This is all that remains, you can finish it off." he said. Romani shed a tear and brought the mace down repeatedly, there was now a pile of dust on the floor. A sudden gust of wind blew it into the sky, Ruthven looked up to follow it and there was the moon, full and bright. He smiled. "Hey Ruff, now were brothers no matter what you say." Ruthven said. Ruffvens expression changed dramatically.

Sins of the Fathers

Orthrus kept running through the swamps, they were chasing him. It was his own fault, he'd been careless. Cerinţă was still after him, apparently she believed he had taken Julius away from her. He wished he could've seen her face, an old fort blocked his path, the river cut around it meaning he was stuck, he turned around. Cerinţă chuckled, she was joined by 3 juvinates. "There's no escape

wolf. Orthrus smiled. "Oh you know me better then that sherry." he said. She bit her lip, he chuckled, she should have known about it. He quickly stepped backwards into the shade of the tower, he heard her shout and fired a spell towards him, he closed his eyes and the world slowed. He quickly travelled around the side of the tower, he disappeared far ahead, he could feel Cerinţă's anger even from this distance. He arrived at a path, there were people walking along the path. He quickly hid in the foliage, it was a man and woman, he smiled, perhaps he could get a quick meal out of this. He recognized the scent, it was Romani, he looked at her, he was walking with 'that' man, Ruthvens biological father. She was smiling, he noticed they both had rings on their fingers, he couldn't believe it, he saw Ruthven walking behind them, he saw his chance and he took it. He rushed forward, grabbed Ruthven by the mouth and rushed him off towards the other side of the path. He knocked Ruthven out, he looked towards the path, they hadn't noticed, he smiled.

Ruffven brought out the razor, he rinsed his face and carefully moved it along his chin. Hair fell onto the desk, Ruffven chuckled to himself, he always thought it ironic when he shaved, as he could simply grow more hair at a moments notice. As he chuckled, he slipped and cut himself, black liquid dripped onto his hands, he swore but left it alone, it would heal soon anyway. He didn't want to get any on the flannel, apparently blood is one of the hardest things to wash out of clothes, or so says Ruthven. He finished shaving the rest of his face, he gave it a quick rinse, in the mirror all he could see was a faint scar where he cut himself. In a hour it would probably be gone. He quickly washed the razor in the bucket then placed it in the corner. Suddenly Ruthvens dad, well actually he was technically his dad now as of last month, walked in. "Hey Ruff, you seen your brother?" he asked. Ruffven shrugged. "Nope, you tried the taxidermy?" he asked. Dad sighed. "He's not serious is he, she'll rip him to shreds. Well if you see him be sure to tell me." he said, with a worried look on his face. He walked off, Ruffven noted his quick stride out, Ruthven normally wondered off like this but something seemed different this time. He decided to check around the village.

Ruthven coughed and spluttered, a bucket of water had splashed all over his face. He shook his head and looked around, everything was a grey blur, however he knew he usually lived in a grey blur that was a shade lighter. Suddenly he saw himself looking down at him, was he in one of those places with the mirror on the ceiling. "Good your awake." his reflection said. Ruthven blinked. He was somewhere, there were lots of bricks and crumbling brickwork around. He deduced that he was probably in an old building of some kind. "Not for long." Ruthven replied groggily and decided to go back to sleep, his pillow was hard and soggy like a wet brick. It probably was a wet brick. He felt a sharp kick in the stomach, Ruthven felt the wind leave him. "Come on, I'll probably forget if you keep sleeping." his reflection replied. Ruthven groaned. He sat up, suddenly he recognised the reflection. It wasn't a reflection after all, it was Orthrus. "Orthrus?" Ruthven said, confused as always. He smiled. "At least your memories okay." he said.

"Why am I here?" Ruthven asked. Orthrus sighed, he tossed a snake carcass on the floor, it had deep claw marks running through it. "Eat up, before it rots." Orthrus said. Ruthven carefully pulled apart the flesh and feasted on the flesh inside. "I'm afraid Cerinţă is after you." he said. Ruthven pulled his face out of the poor tasting snake. "But I thought she liked me?" he said, with a soft smile. Orthrus shook his head with a quiet chuckle. "She believes you killed Julius." he said. Ruthven was confused. "But I thought she wanted him dead, anyway we left him alive." he said. Orthrus shook his head. "She wanted the house to finally see her worth, without proof she was shunned and the death was pinned on the myreque. As you were the last one to see him alive, the blame has fallen on you." he said. Ruthven suddenly gulped. "What about my family and friends?" he said with a panic. Orthrus smiled. "You know she's too scared to go up against all of you, especially after you defeated Julius, who was probably 3 times as powerful. She would attempt to take you and blame the whole thing on me, she's probably brainwashing your friends as we speak." he said. Ruthven sighed. "What do I do?" he asked Orthrus. Orthrus smiled. "I'll protect you, don't worry about it." he said. Ruthven felt calmer about everything as he saw Orthrus' comforting smile.

Orthrus was also smiling on the inside. He had no objections towards lying to Ruthven, it was better this way. If he was to proceed with the plan then he would need Ruthvens full cooperation. "Your going to want a change of clothing." he said, dragging out an old box from under some rubble. His son didn't seem to approve of the clothes, but he smiled anyway. It was simply an non-ripped version of his own clothes. He had been wearing the same outfit for almost 3 years now, he didn't even bother to take them off when he transformed, fortunately most of his clothing was loose and well made. His boots were the biggest problem, they were only held together with a few straps. His cloak was alright though, it was made from the shirt he'd been wearing when he killed his brother, you could hardly tell it use to be red, it was black all over, he believed it brought him luck. Ruthven had finished getting changed, he had disappeared behind a wall to do it though. He'd probably learn that privacy didn't matter soon. Ruthven was kitted out in a dark leather outfit with a slightly longer cloak than Orthrus'. Orthrus motioned for Ruthven to pull up his hood. "Where are we going?" Ruthven asked him. Orthrus smiled. "Were going on a little trip." he replied. Ruthven didn't reply back, the two of them set off into the marshy terrain.

Ruffven had found himself getting a drink as he searched the inn for Ruthven. He couldn't find him anywhere. "Upstairs." a voice whispered into his ear, Ruffven quickly turned around but he missed who had said it. He paid for the drink and went upstairs. He found the private room empty, suddenly he felt a presence behind him. "What do you want?" Ruffven asked. Cerinţă moved in front of him. "I'm looking for wolf." she said. Ruffven shrugged. "Why?" he asked. She scowled. "Don't play games with me, I know that mutt is coming after him." she said. Ruffven took a sip of his drink. "Mutt?" he asked. "Orthrus! That backstabbing flea bag." she replied. Ruffven felt concerned but he tried to hide it. "He's dead." he replied. She knocked the glass of mead from his hand, sending the contents against the floor. "If you see him, or this supposedly dead Orthrus. Be sure to contact me." she said calmly before walking out. Ruffven decided to rush back to his quarters, he knew Ruthven was in danger.

He rushed towards his room, he frantically grabbed his equipment and then left for Ruthvens last location. He was stopped by Jaks who had just finished packing up and was on her way back, Dagger was with her. "What's the hurry Talon?" she asked. "I think Ruth's in danger, I don't know what will happen." he said. Dagger nudged him. He simply stared at Ruffven. Ruffven nodded in appreciation, it was a silent good luck. Suddenly there was a flash, Ruffven felt his head suddenly ache. He thought he heard the words 'Dig or A', he staggered and clutched his head slightly. Jaks grabbed him. "What's wrong?" she asked. Apparently she hadn't noticed the flash. "I had a strong drink earlier." Ruffven replied. Jaks nodded. Ruffven rushed over to where he thought Ruthven was last seen.

"Keep a look out." Orthrus said, as he helped hoist Ruthven over the wall. Ruthven jumped over and carefully started to climb down. He recognised the familiar site of the 'farm'. "What'll you be doing?" Ruthven asked. Orthrus smiled. "Creating a few distractions, just stay here and take care of any guards should they arrive." he said. Ruthven nodded. Orthrus set off, he knew what he was after. He could smell it, a group of people. He walked over to the door, there was a gasp, he snarled.

Ruffven noticed the tracks, the crushed grass showed someone had been dragged then lifted up. There was a very light scent, but he recognised it as his brothers. He quickly followed it, the kidnapper appeared to be skilled at losing his trail, it was only through blind luck that there were still remnants to follow, Ruffven feared he might lose it, but as he saw the old fort in the distance, he knew he was on the right track.

Ruthven twirled the rapier in his hands, he kept to the shadows but was doing a poor job blending in, light constantly reflected off the blade and into the darkness. Orthrus came back, Ruthven noted something shiny put into Orthrus' pocket. "You got a fire starter?" Orthrus asked. Ruthven nodded and quickly followed Orthrus directions, they had a dim torch that produced a lot of smoke. Orthrus let the smoke cover his entire body before extinguishing it. Orthrus smiled. "To hide the scent." Orthrus said. 'The scent of what?' Ruthven thought to himself. They slowly clambered back over the wall, Ruthven noted the blood on Orthrus cloak.

Orthrus passed through the rushes into the clearing, soon it would be completed. There was an old stone platform on the floor, with old symbols scribbled along it. Ruthven looked towards him. "What's this?" Ruthven asked. Orthrus smiled. "Ruthven, I'm here to unleash your true potential." he said. Ruthven looked confused. "Potential..? I mean what particular potential do you mean?" he said. "To truly be my son, I can finally make you my son right now." he said. Ruthven gasped. "You mean, become a..." he started to say. Orthrus nodded. "You can start a new life, she won't recognize you, and you'll finally be like your... brother." he said. Ruthven sighed. Suddenly there was a rustling of reeds, Orthrus turned to see something coming towards him, he quickly dodged but ended up meeting some kind of metal wall, he fell backwards and bit his tongue in the process. He looked up. It was 'him'! "Ruff!?!" Ruthven shouted.

Ruffven growled. "You've got some explaining to do, brother." he said. Orthrus stood up, he spat out a dark glob of liquid. "Hmmph, impressive for a runt." Orthrus said. "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. I could've sworn you called me a runt." Ruffven replied. Orthrus chuckled. "A true werewolf doesn't cry after his bloodening and gets his grandfather killed!" Orthrus said. Ruffven swung his mace, Orthrus easily dodged and went for a punch to the gut, Ruffvens shield managed to block it, there was a crack as his knuckles contacted with the shield, Ruffven then bashed the shield into him sending him to the floor. Ruffven brought down his mace upon him, suddenly Ruthven appeared in front of him and deflected the mace. Ruffven growled. "What in Zamoraks name do you think your doing!?!" he growled. Ruthven shook his head. "You can't kill him." Ruthven said. "Yes I can!" he replied. Ruffven brought the mace back up. "He's your father!" Ruthven shouted. The mace stayed hanging in the air.

Ruthven couldn't believe he just said that. Orthrus stood up with a grunt and a smile. "You were bound to find out eventually, so what now?" he said. Ruffven was simply standing still, he turned to face Ruthven. "When? When did you find this out!?!" Ruffven demanded of Ruthven. Ruthven ground his teeth together awkwardly. Orthrus chuckled. "What's so funny!" Ruffven exclaimed. Orthrus removed his hood and stood next to Ruthven. Ruffven made no noise or expression, he simply noticed the similarity. "You see now, biologically you might be my son. But I'm afraid that my true son is Ruthven." he said. Ruffven snarled. "That doesn't make any sense..." he said, despite their looking so similar. "I'm afraid he has the blood of a werewolf stuck in the body of a human, seems you are the opposite. Your more human than lycan. Just like the human you call 'father'." he said with a snarl. A gold flash suddenly occurred.

Ruffven couldn't take what he was saying, they were all lies. He would prove it once and for all. He quickly charged Orthrus and started to transform. He was mid transformation when he crashed into him, he repeatedly slashed at him, pinning him down. He moved his jaws down for the final attack, but suddenly a hand went around his throat. He looked down to see black eyes staring back at him. "You look just like my brother. This is gonna feel great" he said. Orthrus was transformed, he towered over Ruffven. He slammed him against a tree, quickly. Ruffven slashed at him but Orthrus simply growled and threw him against the floor. Ruffven kicked out at him but Orthrus dodged. He then placed his claw against Ruffvens shoulders and a foot against his arm, he kicked out, there was a snap and Ruffven howled in pain. Orthrus made a sinister smile, watch Runt, as I take you from this world slowly, you could learn something, if only you survived." he said. He grabbed Ruffven around the neck with both claws, he held him in the air, Ruffven started to choke. Suddenly Ruthven came up and slashed at Orthrus' arms. "Stop fighting!" he shouted. Orthrus was distracted, Ruffven slashed at his face with his non broken arm. Orthrus yelped and let go. Ruffven and Orthrus struggled in a flurry of slashes and bites. Ruthven tried to pull them apart. A claw had broken free of the struggled and made its way across Ruthvens throat. Ruthven coughed then collapsed against the stone floor, blood seeping from his throat and the back of his head.

The 2 of them immediately stopped. Orthrus pushed Ruffven out of the way. "Ruthven!" he shouted. He ran toward the non moving body of Ruthven. "Zamorak no! Don't take him, please! Please!" he shouted towards the sky. If Zamorak was listening he wasn't very responsive. Ruffven walked up to the corpse of his brother, he wasn't sure who had swiped at his throat, a dark feeling rose up inside Ruffven. "No! Smile Ruthven! Just wake up and smile! I can't lose you, I'd be nothing without you. Please!" he shouted. Ruthven didn't smile, he just laid there staring up at the sky. Orthrus looked to him. "I did this all for him, I can't live without him. Kill me now, everything's my fault, just kill me. Kill me!" he shouted. There was a flash of gold.

A disorientated Ruthven, Ruffven and Orthrus stood facing each other. Ruthven smiled. "What happened?" he asked. Ruffven ran up and hugged him, Ruthven could feel warm tears flowing down his neck, he looked towards Orthrus. He was standing trying to look expressionless, but a drop of water had just fallen off his cheek. Ruffven let go of Ruthven, he then punched him hard in the arm. Ruthven let out a yelp. "What was that for!?!" he shouted. "For getting yourself killed!" Ruffven shouted waving his fist at Ruthven, he stopped and examined his arm, it wasn't broken. "Wait a minute, what just happened?" Ruffven asked. Suddenly a figure walked towards them, it looked just like Romani but with a gold aura about her. "Mum?" Ruffven and Ruthven said simultaneously. "Roma?" Orthrus said. She shook her head. "No, I am a being who is here to calm and heal. I have no name, but you may call me Digrah." she said. Nobody said a word.

"What happened?" Ruthven asked. "I showed you what would have happened had you continued." she said. Orthrus chuckled and shook his head. "That was one of the worst pains I ever had, you made me look weak." he said. She shook her head. "I am simply here to shed light." she said. "Orthrus lied to you Ruthven, many times." she said. Ruthven looked towards Orthrus with confusion. He smiled. "Cerinţă is not after you, she is after him. She believe 'he' killed Julius, that belief is unjustified and also untrue." she replied. Ruthven looked to him. "Why?" he asked. Orthrus chuckled. "Why should I tell you, Diggy here is probably gonna tell you anyway." he said. "He had bargained a deal with a man who would attempt to make you a werewolf, he was tired of being alone and longed for some company, but he didn't want to make you suffer, he wanted to increase your lifespan. He wanted a son." she said. Orthrus burst out laughing. "It seems so pitiful now doesn't it." he said. Ruffven shook his head. "No, it was always pitiful." he said. "But the ritual was a trap, the man betrayed Orthrus." she said. Orthrus' smile disappeared. "How can you know this!" he shouted. "You subconsciously recognize the ritual circle, there is a connection to Jorek, than a conversation with Julius." she replied. Orthrus growled and head butted his hands. "Arghhh! I'm so stupid! It would have made me a wight!" he shouted.

She carried on despite Orthrus' moans. "The only reason Orthrus does not want Ruffven as a son is he believes him to be more human than werewolf." she said. Ruffven growled. "We know that already." he said begrudgingly. "He wanted to help raise you until Cerinţă claimed she would make you weak as punishment for his failure." she replied. "What?" Ruffven said, looking towards Orthrus, he was looking embarrassed. "She lied though." she said. Orthrus looked towards Digrah. "What do you mean she lied, than why is Ruffven like that!" he said confused. "A lack of nutrition, poor education and a missing father role model." she said. Orthrus bit his lip. Ruffven sighed, it meant he couldn't blame his greater human qualities on genetics.

"Ruthven however does share part of him with Orthrus." she said. Orthrus nodded. "However Julius carried this out before Orthrus ever mentioned his family to him." she said. Ruthven smiled, unconvincingly. "Why would he do that?" Ruthven asked. She shook her head. "I cannot know, but the most likely scenario is that he wanted another Orthrus, possibly in the hopes of creating an army." she said. Ruffven shrugged. "What's so special about him?" he asked. Orthrus growled. "He's loyal, efficient and had been the results of numerous experiments." she said. Orthrus nodded. "You know that power where your speed increases so much you can actually strike a Vyre, that was his doing." he said. She nodded. "I have taught you nothing new, that you could not have worked out amongst yourselves." she said, there was a sudden flash.

She had gone, the 3 of them stood facing each other. Orthrus chuckled. "Go on, your safe now. My plan failed, go home before I change my mind and hunt you down." he said. Ruffven huffed. He turned around quickly, but he turned to Ruthven before he walked off. "Be home for dinner, its not my business what you do until then." he said. Ruthven smiled and nodded as Ruffven disappeared into the haze. Orthrus had turned around to leave, Ruthven caught up to him. "Quit sulking, come on. How about a race, if I win you give me that cape." he said. Orthrus chuckled. "You know its stained with your uncles blood." he said. Ruthven shrugged. "Did he get a lot of nosebleeds then?" Ruthven asked. Orthrus smiled.

"Hmmph" the figure said, examining the black device he had given the werewolf. There was a snapping sound as the gauntlet they were wearing crushed it. A woman with brown curled hair walked up. "Lord Samael, your orders." she asked. 'Samael' stood up from his throne, "General, I want you and the other 2 to start sending the operatives to kill those 4 questers." Samael said. She nodded and smiled, "as you wish my lord." she said. She walked off, she wouldn't let the operatives take his life away, that would be her job. She suspected he would be here, he may have changed his name but she would finally get revenge. Nobody leaves her and gets away with it.

Scott strikes again

Ruthven parried the blow and quickly lunged the rapier into the bandits chest. The corpses of 3 of the 5 strong group lay around them, Jacob was just finishing off his. He heard a crack as what he could only guess was Jacob's crossbow just went into the guys skull. He turned round, he realized he was pretty good at matching sounds to what happened. Jacob stood over the man, he was panting, blood dripping from his skull. He looked up at him. "The Lord will get his revenge on you yet, kill me now and get it over with. Jacob shook his head. "I don't kill people whose passages are pathetic as yours, your story continue for now." he replied. Suddenly the man became scared. "You can't, you must kill me!" he pleaded. Jacob sent a kick to his head, which bounced back and hit the floor. Ruthven smiled. "Nice kick." he said. Jacob bent down to pick up his used ammo. "My foot hurts though, his skull was really thick." he replied. Ruthven chuckled at what he assumed was a Jacob joke. "We better go meet up with the others." he replied. Jacob nodded and walked back to the bar with Ruthven.

"Generals! Who is this blithering idiot?" the figure shouted, slamming his gauntlet down against the arm of the chair. One of the women stepped forward. "This blithering idiot is one of 2 survivors against our latest attack on the 4 annoyances." she replied. The mans head had dried blood encrusted down the side of his face. "What division are you soldier?" the figure asked. "Beta my lord." the pathetic soldier replied. "Beta! Your our 2nd greatest group of soldiers and you couldn't take down not one of the 4 men!" the figure shouted. "But sir we were recon, there were only 5 of us against the two of them." he replied in a panic rush. "You outnumbered them by more than 2 to 1, where's the rest of your squad?" the figure said, scratching the surface of the wood once again. The man stuttered slightly. "My lord. The other survivor reported that the rest of the squad at their camp had been decimated." one of the generals replied. "And why is he not here telling me this himself!?!" the figure demanded. "He perished in transit, his Cadaver is ready for your use in the mortuary." she replied. "What a pity, as the dead can't be punished, this wretch will take his punishment for him then, as well as the rest of the squads." the figure said in a harsh tone. "But my lord--- please have mercy." he replied. The figure suddenly held out his gauntlet and smiled. "Mercy you say, I suppose I can keep you in this world a day longer, we'll just have to make the punishment a day long then." the figure replied. The man screamed and shouted before disappearing behind a door with one of the alpha squad. He stood to face his generals. "Is Alpha squad the only squad left?" the figure asked. The first general nodded. The figure sighed. "I didn't think it would come to this. General East, you will take control of ¼ of the troops and head to the silvarean hostel, Croc is your mark." the figure said. She nodded. "Understood." East said. "General South, you will take ½ of the squad, but bring the werewolf hunters, as well as the special equipment, you'll be dealing with Wolf." the figure said. She nodded. "Yes my Lord." South replied. The other general coughed. "My lord, if I might be so bold. I believe Wolf isn't the werewolf member of the group." she said. South began to laugh. "Honestly, I'm head of intelligence & Recon, I can assure you our reports say its Wolf, I mean the name says it all." she replied with a harsh laugh at the end. "West, do you have a disagreement with our head of intelligence?" the figure asked. West shook her head. "Then you will take the remaining ¼, you will head to site Zeta. Your mark is Talon." the figure said. West grunted. "Yes my Lord, as you command. But what about the 4th member of the group." she said. The figure stood up. "I don't trust anyone other than you 3 to get a job like this done, so I will take care of Raptor myself, a mercenary group owes me a favour anyway." the figure said. "General East will discuss the plan with you." they said, the figure slowly began to chuckle.

Ruthven was lying in his chair, pretending to be asleep. He was listening on the conversation the others were having. "Well, I finally finished it." Jacob said. "Finished what?" Ruffven replied. "That book the vyre gave me years ago, completely translated now." he said. "So what was this mystery book about?" Charron asked. "Taxing rates, economic assets and the implementation of currencies with in Sentisten." Jacob replied. Ruthven groaned, he felt something kick him. "So what was the taxing rates at, where was it? Stent-is-then?" Charron asked. Ruthven let out an even louder groan, he suddenly felt his chair give way and he fell to the floor. Romani came in just then. "You've got tasks, 4 of them." she said, placing them on the table. "Ruth what are you doing on the floor?" she asked. Ruthven smiled. "err... counting the tiles on the ceiling..." he said after a pause. "But there aren't any tiles on the ceiling." she replied confused. "To the untrained eye perhaps, but... err..." he said. She growled slightly. "Ruff give your brother a kick would you?" she asked as she made her way back upstairs. Ruthven felt the air leave him as his stomach took a blow.

He eventually got up and checked on the tasks with the others. "What have we got?" he asked. Jacob let out a sly smile. "They're all relatively simple, but they pay highly." he replied. Ruthven smiled back. "You know, I think were at the stage now where we can complete 4 tasks at once, 1 per person." he said. Ruffven hummed. "You sure about that?" he replied. Ruthven picked up 1 at random. "See this one just wants you to check out that old shack 2 miles south of here. We've been past it a dozen times, what could be easier?" he replied. Ruffven was persuaded to agree with him. Ruthven immediately grabbed the next one when he saw the words 'woman' and 'escort'. "Well I do know my way around the area." he said. Charron took a job clearing out an old house near silvaria and Jacob took one at the wilderness. Jacob and Charron left early so Ruthven and his brother hung back a bit. They got ready and went out to the village, Ruthven went north and Ruffven went south. "Bet you 20 gold I'll be finished first." Ruthven said. Ruffven rolled his eyes and walked off.

Ruthven walked to where the letter said to meet the girl. He noticed her. She appeared to be Kharidian in origin, dark skin, dark hair, dark brown eyes and two dark bre-- "Excuse me!" she said interrupting Ruthvens train of thought. "Yes, hello. I'm Wolf, I'll be your escort today" he said. She examined him carefully. "You don't look like what I was expecting." she replied, biting her lip. "Looks can be deceiving, for example if I walk closer I appear twice as handsome" he said. He didn't hear her sigh. "Come on then." she said, rushing off muttering to herself. Ruthven quickly followed her. "So, do you know the area well?" she asked, not bothering to wait up. Ruthven scratched his head and smiled. "I've lived here most of my life, so I like to think so." he replied. She smiled a bit. "So its true that everyone in that village isn't exactly human right?" she asked. Ruthven nodded and smiled. "You've done your research" he replied. She chuckled to herself. "I always do my research, and I'm almost always right." she said. She didn't say anything else to him for about 10 minutes, Canifis was just a speck in the haze of the swamp now. "Wait here, I've got something to show you." she said, suddenly stopping. Ruthven's imagination got carried away and he began smiling. She pulled out a strange dagger, it had 2 blades on it. She brought it towards Ruthven. "Nice dagger, very unique." he said. Her smile suddenly vanished. "You feeling ok?" she asked. Ruthven smiled. "Oh, now that your here I feel more than ok." he said. She swore and pulled out a adamantine scimitar on him. "Question, are you a werewolf?" she asked. Ruthven gave an awkward smile. "Depends, do you want me to be a werewolf?" he asked. She swore again and threw the dagger against the ground. "I can't believe I was outsmarted by an idiot like you!" she shouted. Ruthven looked around awkwardly, a group of men had appeared from nearby. "Ummm... I wasn't trying to outsmart you?" he said, hoping that would fix it. She got even angrier. "Why don't you just shut up whilst I run you through!" she shouted. She slashed the scimitar towards him.

Ruthven stepped backwards quickly, he felt the air cut in two as the scimitar missed him by an inch. He quickly pulled out his rapiers, a man behind him was already lunging towards him. Ruthven managed to quickly surprise him with his speed, managing to stab him in the chest, he collapsed but there were already 2 more to take his place. Ruthven quickly dodged attacks and counter attacked, the fighters were actually quite skilled for once, he found himself quickly overwhelmed but not before striking another 2 down. The woman was laughing. "This is easier than expected, we expected a werewolf to come and we get a human." she began to laugh. Ruthven was struggling, but not before he heard a shout from the back of the group. Ruthven looked and saw one of the soldiers on the ground and another being choked by a figure, the figure smiled. Ruthven recognised the smile. "Dad!" he shouted, he was glad he hadn't said that in front of his actual father. "Hmmph, even with 2 of them I still have 20 men at my command" she said. Orthrus smiled. "I could always do with a challenge." he said. There was a flash of darkness and a claw had already reached out and taken out 1 of the guards. "Werewolf!" a man shouted. The woman swore and bent down to try find the dagger she had thrown to the floor, Ruthven used the panic to his advantage, managing to take out 2 distracted guards at once. The danger of Orthrus worked as the perfect distraction, using all their defence against the greater threat meant they left their defence open against the weaker one. Finally after much fighting Ruthven lunged and stabbed the last man in the throat, he pulled it out and the man fell to the floor.

He turned round and saw that the woman was still left, she was smiling, Orthrus charged towards her but she feinted one way and managed to slice him with her Dagger. Orthrus tripped and fell over and Ruthven saw his chance, he lunged forwards, parried a blow, dodged a second and got a slice in. She swore and Ruthven felt the blunt end of the scimitar against his head, she brought it down against him but Ruthven feinted like she had done and stabbed her in the back, she choked shouted "No!" and fell to the ground. "Its a shame all that beauty went to waste right dad?" he said, Orthrus didn't respond, Ruthven quickly ran to check on him. He had reverted back to a human and was breathing in and out quickly. "The dagger..." Orthrus responded. Ruthven nodded and quickly brought the dagger towards Orthrus, he groaned in pain. "Throw it away!" he shouted, followed by another groan. Ruthven threw it as far as he could into a bush somewhere. "Saradomins curse you... idiot. Don't leave it near werewolfs, at least not ones you like." he said with a weak chuckle. Ruthven suddenly remembered about Ruffven, if his was a trap then Ruff's almost certainly was too. "Ruff's in trouble, I need to help!" he said, quickly rushing to the old shack. Orthrus shouted after him but he didn't hear what he said.

Ruffven had just arrived at the old shack, there was something different in the air, he could smell sweat, lots of it, behind and inside the shack, there was an army in there. Ruffven decided to creep round the back, sure enough there were 3 men talking silently to each. Ruffven was unsure how he would deal with them without making much noise, he had a thought but it was risky, he quickly placed the mace and shield down on the ground. Meanwhile the 3 men were playing a game with some runes, the man in the middle was uneasy, he could feel a warm wind from behind him. Suddenly there were 2 grunts as the men beside him were pulled back suddenly, the man quickly turned around, all he saw was a pair of red eyes and an open jaw, then it disappeared into darkness.

Ruffven was panting slightly, he had misjudged the position of his left claw and the human almost managed to call for help, he was just fortunate enough to double check the 3 of them. He had a quick meal to build up his energy then moved to the front of the shack, it had been refurbished and a tough looking door blocked his entrance, he could've knocked it down but it would take too much effort and make too much noise. He went with another risk, he knocked on the door twice then hid to the side. Sure enough another human answered it, he opened it. He was staying by the door, Ruffven couldn't risk pulling him out the way incase there were people behind him, fortunately the human stepped out Ruffven grabbed him quickly and slit his throat. The stench of blood was beginning to grow strong, it made Ruffven feel stronger but he knew if the humans detected it they'd investigate. He quickly went through the door, there was now a deep tunnel where the floor had once been, Ruffven went down to investigate.

Ruffven carefully sniffed around, there were too many footprints to discern where the rest of them were, the air was also heavy with sweat rendering his sense of smell useless. He quietly turned the corner, he saw another heavy door, but there was a split in the wood, Ruffven could see several humans gathered in a group facing the door. 3 were right on the other side, they were expecting him, the knock must've given it away. He made a silent prayer to Zamorak before charging in, the door wasn't barred at all so it opened up with little force, though it did hit someone standing by it, Ruffven quickly took out the one in front of him, then the one next to him, then the next one, but something wasn't right, Ruffven could smell they had been dead for hours, little blood left their body's as he scratched them. He felt someone sneak up behind him, he quickly turned around and gave the man a fatal wound to the chest, but he didn't noticed the woman next to him, who was in the process of bringing out a dagger towards him, Ruffven felt weak, he could feel his strength leaving him. He was slowly reverting back, he couldn't stop it. He threw up, then passed out.

Ruffven woke up, tied up against a support beam, he turned and saw his captor, a woman she was also joined by 2 other humans in strange robes. "Wakey wakey pup." she said in a mocking tone. Ruffven growled in response. "Don't worry, I'm sure Wolf will be back to help you soon." she added. She paced back and forth, Ruffven continued to growl, she had a dagger by her side, he recognised the design from Jacobs book. Wolfbane, 2 blades and blessed by Saradomin, he was like a child to her as long as she used it. "It'll be just like old times, how about a kiss for good luck." she said, she kissed him on the lips, Ruffven quickly bit into her bottom lip hard, she punched him out the way, a trickle of blood made its way into Ruffvens mouth, unfortunately the dagger took away the desired effect. She chuckled. "That must be that nasty Zamorak making you do that, don't worry we'll get him out of you." she said. Ruffven didn't understand what he meant, the 2 robed men surrounded him they chanted and produce strange artifacts, then they borrowed the Dagger from the woman, they plunged it into him, Ruffven screamed.

Ruthven kept running, he felt shattered but he couldn't let that stop him. He could see the shack in the distance, it was only a mile away, suddenly he thought he heard a scream, he quickened his pace. He kicked down the door into the shack, 2 men were on the otherside, they immediately got a sword through the throat each. He quickly followed the screams, they came from behind the door Ruthven kicked it down, there he saw something that frightened him. 2 robed men were stood performing who knows what on some poor beast tied up, it looked like a werewolf halfway through its transformation. The body was continuously contorting, strange spirits were trying to leave through his skin causing hideous shapes to be appearing throughout his body. The beast screamed once more, Ruthven realized it was Ruffven, without thinking Ruthven quickly stabbed the 2 robed men in the back, one collapsed to the floor the other onto Ruffvens lap, Ruffvens body was still contorting and he was still shouting in pain, Ruthven went to untie him when a blunt force suddenly hit the back of his head, Ruthven stumbled forward and turned round, it was a woman with 2 rapiers and long brown curled hair, she smiled. Ruthven gasped. "Scotty!?!" he said panicking.

"Oh, how long since I last heard that name. Remember me Ruthy the bride you abandoned to that Sir pratface. Bet you didn't think you'd see me again, but I've been waiting for this." she said. She clapped her hands together and a spark appeared, it lit an old piece of string, the string was then thrown at him, but it was the bomb attached to the string Ruthven had to watch out for. He quickly dodged and an explosion rocked the ceiling. "Now you'll see what happens to bride deserters." she said. Ruthven drew his blades and charged towards her, surprisingly she managed to block it, not only that but get a slash against Ruthven. His shirt ripped slightly as the sword passed through it. "3 highly skilled husbands and you didn't think they wouldn't teach me some of their moves." she said. Ruthven growled, she laughed. "Come at me wolfy!" she shouted."

Ruthven ran at her he let out a flurry of strike and stabs, she managed to either dodge or parry each one, suddenly Ruthven felt a punch to the gut, she then managed to disarm him and he was kicked to the ground. It wasn't just her skill he was also extremely tired after having ran for miles. She laughed. "You've had this coming for years." she said. Suddenly she was pushed away suddenly, dropping both her swords, Orthrus was behind her. "You leave my son alone!" he said. She laughed, Orthrus charged at her, she brought out the Dagger Orthrus was stabbed, then again, then finally again but she left the dagger inside. Orthrus smiled towards Ruffven and ran outside, the Dagger still protruding from his body. She chuckled. "Hmmm, that's your father. Now how about your friend here?" she said. She lit a fuse and place a largish bomb by Ruffvens feet, he was still too tired to move. Ruthven suddenly felt a burst of speed, the box had been fixed in place so he knew he couldn't move it, he quickly jumped in front of it, there was a soft explosion, but it sent out lots of pieces of metal they penetrated through Ruthvens armour and into his chest, Ruthven shouted in pain, before falling to the ground.

Ruffven felt the force of the explosion, pieces of metal had been blown all over the place, but very few pieces reach him, his vision was blurred but he could make out Ruthven, suddenly his insides were screaming, he realized that the dagger was moved away from his, he wanted to get out he tried to transform and pull at his bindings. The woman was walking out from behind a table, one of the metal pieces had reached her and there was now a stream of blood coming from her arm. Ruffven smelt it, it smelt so good, he pulled at his bindings once more and they broke off, snapping the support beam as well. Ruffven managed to transform but it was painful, he could just about make out the woman. He charged forward and grabbed her by the throat, she turned to him and said something but all he heard was mumbling he tightened his grip and she began to choke, then he dug his claws in and pulled them out, blood squirted out and she fell down coughing and wheezing, Ruffven kicked her in the gut, she coughed again. The cave suddenly began to shake, Ruffven quickly grabbed Ruthven and ran out, the cave behind him collapsed, he just managed to take Ruthven out, he placed him on the ground. He noticed Ruthven was bleeding heavily, but the shrapnel was sort of holding the blood in. He needed to take him home to a doctor. He noticed Orthrus as well, he was unconscious as well, Ruffven sighed and grabbed him as well. It was a long walk back to Canifis.

Ruthven coughed, he looked up, Ruffven was carrying him, he looked tired and worn out. "Ruffven" he said quietly. Ruffven ignored him and carried on walking. Ruthven smiled. "This is all my fault." he said. "No it isn't" he replied. Ruthven smiled. "Thanks..." he replied. Ruffven carried on walking, Ruthven closed his eyes. "Stay awake Ruth." Ruffven said. Ruthven opened his eyes. "Are we there yet?" he asked. "I'll drag you along the ground if you don't shut up." Ruffven responded. Ruthven smiled. They were silent for a few minutes. "Are we there yet now?" Ruthven said. "Were a mile away, we just follow the tra--" Ruffven said. "Ruffven!" a man voice shouted. Ruffven collapsed, Ruthven fell with him and his head collided with the ground. Everything went dark.

All good things

Ruthven woke up, he was back home lying in a bed. He pulled down the sheets, there were a dozen bandages where his chest had once been. He looked on the other beds he saw Ruffven, his face was worn out, and his hair had turned grey in places. Charron was also on a bed, Ruthven gulped, they had gone after Charron as well, he looked to the bed next to him there was another man in it. "Jacob?" he asked. The person in the bed turned round, it wasn't Jacob. "Your awake." he said. "Orthrus?" he asked, confused. "Your friends missing, likely dead." he said. Ruthven shook his dead. "He's alive, he's to stubborn to leave a book unfinished." he replied. Ruthven looked down towards the floor, there was a bucket fill with shards of metal. "What's this?" he asked. "Its what Jacqueline removed from you." a voice said walking down the stairs. It was Romani. "Mum?" he asked. She shook her head. "They found you, Ruff and this other man collapsed in the path. Jacqueline brought you back to good health." she said. Orthrus nodded. "Zamorak bless you." he said. Romani nodded. "You must have helped Ruthven in some way, any other werewolf would've killed him. We had to help." she said. Orthrus smiled. "Roma! Could you just assist me quickly?" a voice shouted from upstairs. "Sure." she shouted up before muttering under her breath. Orthrus sighed. "She's moved on." he said.

Jaks quickly came down afterwards. "Ruthven, you shouldn't be up!" she shouted. Ruthven smiled. "Nice to see you too." he replied. She smiled back. "It seems you two are becoming acquainted" she said motioning to Orthrus. Ruthven gulped. "What about Ruffven?" he asked. Jaks put on a serious face. "Don't worry he'll survive and be fit again in a few days." she said. She looked to the ground awkwardly. "What happened?" Ruthven asked. She sighed. "As you know werewolves are blessed by Zamorak, unfortunately it also gives them a weakness to Saradominist items and magic. I'm afraid someone used this weakness as a torture device, it was essentially a malice filled exorcism, wolfbane daggers, Saradominist magic's, Salve water. It was likely excruciatingly painful." she said. Ruthven choked. "But he's okay right?" he asked. She bit her lip. "His human side is unchanged, Its only a hypothesis but he might be unable to transform again." she said. "NO!" Orthrus shouted behind her. She quickly turned around. "Zamorak wouldn't let that happen, its a part of him that can't be taken away!" he shouted. She sighed. "The gods can't help him, none of them are here anymore, its why Paterdomus still stands, Zamorak can't help him." she replied. Orthrus growled, he clutched his side in a slight wince of pain. "A side effect of the dagger, you can't transform now, and are unlikely to for about 8 more hours." she replied noting his pain. "Ruffven is suffering from the same condition, but more severe, his may be gone for a month, years or permanently, I can't tell you, only time can." she said. Orthrus laid back in bed. "I'm gonna get some rest then." he replied, laying back against the pillow.

"Charron and Dagger?" he asked. She nodded. "They'll live, scarred for life but it could've been worse. Burns all over." she said. "Jacob?" he asked. She sighed. "No word, Centauri's out looking for him as we speak." she replied. Ruthven stopped asking, he knew it must be hard on her. She passed him a potion. "Drink it, it'll help fix up your organs." she replied. Ruthven drank it, it was horrible. She smiled weakly and picked up the bucket, she shook it and the sound of many metal pieces jangling together emanated. "You were lucky, a few inches higher and your heart and lungs would've been punctured, a few lower and..." she said, then pointing her finger towards the floor. Ruthven gulped. He suddenly felt tired. He fell back into his bed asleep.

Ruthven dreamt he was walking along a stone path through an enormous swamp, his cape battered against his heels as he walked. "So concludes the saga of the 4 questers." he said, the words began to carve themselves on to the path in front of him. "3 humans, 1 werewolf, 1 Dagganoth and countless others helped complete countless tasks and assignments. Raptor flew towards lands unknown, Croc faced the heat of the desert, Talon had his claws trimmed back and Wolf was left wondering from the pack. Never had the term Lone Wolf been more appropriate. But though this saga ends, new ones will begin. The dashing hero Wolf saving the day, granted affection by countless beautiful damsels in distress, rewarded for all his efforts..." he stopped suddenly. He stopped walking along the path and into the swamp. He saw a log and he sat on it. He began to sob into his hands.

2 weeks passed, Orthrus had left but Jaks was still around helping people up. Ruthven was finally well enough to start showing off his scars. When Ruthven took off his shirt you could see the 3 familiar claw marks, but there now several thin red lines scattered around his chest. Centauri returned to tell them Jacob was alive but mentally unstable, Ruthven was ambivalent, at least he thought he was, big words weren't his forte. Charron and Dagger left along with Jaks a week later, Charron said farewell and explained he might spend the next few years exploring. A week later Ruthven and Ruffven were both fully healed, part of Ruffvens hair had turned white following the incident.

They sat down in their base, the whole place seemed empty, Jacobs books lined the floor, there was a pile of runes scattered in the corner, Ruthven could hear the voices of his friends echoing through the place. "Cheer up Ruth" Ruffven said with a weak smile. Ruthven sighed. "Y'know I was really hoping we could carry on like this until me and Jacob became old men, Charron became an even older man and you became slightly older than you are now." he said. He sighed again. Ruffven smiled. "You need to cheer up. Give it a year or two, I'm sure the wounds will heal." he replied. Ruthven shook his head. "But what about your wounds!" he shouted. "Jaks said it could be permanent, you lost an important part of you because of me." he said. Ruffven punched him in the arm. "And how often did we even see that other side, about once a month sometimes 2 months. I'm just as good a killer, if not more so with a mace." he replied. Ruthven kicked a chair over, it clattered along the floor. Ruffven sighed. "I think you should go back over the river." he said, Ruthven stood facing the wall. "What, you mean after you guilt tripped me over to this side?" he replied. "A change of scenery will do you good." he replied. Ruthven turned and smiled. "Fine I'll leave, seeing as you don't want me here, no more Ruthven to kick around." he said. Ruffven chuckled. "But not yet, I'll wait until everything quietens down." he replied. However a few years later things started to heat up, but not on this side of the river.

Great Returns

Ruthven first found out about the Gods return when a traveler mentioned to him that a sign saying 'Will return in year 170' was inaccurate. Guthix' death lead to the gods return, which in turn lead to some big battle in Lumbridge which the villagers were getting excited about, despite not being there. However something else arrived with the gods, fear. Where there's fear, there's profit, as Ruthven soon found out. An old associate had contacted him and had proposed creating a new team of Slayer Masters. This would be due to the sudden influx of contracts and the need for independent fighters to deal with it, Ruthven originally declined but later accepted on the grounds he would be based in Varrock. The offer was accepted and Ruthven helped form the Slayers Coalition. He left Morytania the next day, but not before saying goodbye.

His dad gave him a huge hug. "A Slayer 'Master', I can't believe it. You do realize you get a ton of paperwork shoveled on you." he said. Ruthven groaned and smiled. Romani also gave him a hug. "I'm gonna miss not being able to yell as much as I used to." she said with a chuckle. Ruthven laughed as well. He met Ruffvens gaze, Ruffven offered his hand out to shake. Ruthven accepted it. "Try not to get yourself killed." he said. Ruthven smiled. "Since when did I start listening to you?" he responded. Ruffven hit him and gave him a short hug. The 2 smiled and laughed together. Ruthven said goodbye one more time before heading off to Paterdomus, he found out on the way there that Zamorakians had taken it over during his absence, a pang of guilt suddenly hit Ruthven. As he reached the water a figure approached him. "Orthrus?" Ruthven said. Orthrus stepped out of the shadows with a weak smile. "Your leaving?" he asked. Ruthven nodded. "You didn't hear, I'm now a Slayer Master." he replied, twirling his sword. Orthrus smiled. "Well, I won't say goodbye because I know you'll be back. Just remember, my offer still stands if you ever fancy it." he replied. Ruthven chuckled. "Maybe once you actually work for someone trustworthy." he replied. {"Live strong, show the prey no mercy!"} Orthrus responded in Canic. Orthrus sighed. "Those were the last words my father said to me, though its not the motto I use now." he said. Ruthven smiled, deciding to wait for the motto. "{A shadow's only as fast as its bearer.}" he said. Orthrus then promptly disappeared into the distance.

Ruthven smiled. He tried to think of a witty comeback but was unable to do so. Ruthven stepped forward onto the bridge, his cloak got tangled up in his legs and he fell over onto the hard stone. Ruthven stood up, his armour he had spent almost a hour cleaning was dirty and scuffed. Ruthven sighed. "Great..." he said with sarcasm.

Recent History

The Slayers Coalition

Ruthvens experience and his little bit of fame in the slaying community had nabbed him a job working as a Slayer master for a new group, The Slayers Coalition. He met up with Ardeshir Tiran, an associate who he'd met a few times before. Along with a few other slayers the group was created. Ruthven was assigned the Misthalin jobs, where he was to be based in Varrock. Ruthvens 'base' was a run down recently burgled house on the bad side of town. After some poorly done renovations, followed by an actual builder being paid to renovate it properly, the place became open for business.

Ruthven spent most of the day sorting equipment and contracts, few slayers ever showed up, few contracts did either. Ruthven was bored. He decided to place an ad in the paper to boost peoples awareness of the company.

OOC Origins and Trivia


  • Ruthven is the 3rd character created by the user magejake50. He started out as an unnamed patron of the Rising Sun, he was a womanizer, wore a black hat and carried a cane, he also performed street magic and pretended to be a fortune teller in order to get girls to go out with him. His only attempt with an actual female (An depressed Icyene) ended in failure. The character was later used as part of the history for the character Jacob Southmage, along with Charron Armen. Originally named Galandrion after the creator tried to think of the most noble sounding name possible, this was later changed to Ruthven Kaynis Galandrion III and eventually shortened to Ruthven Galand. His name comes from the name of the Varrock Guard of the same name in the book 'Return to Canifis' and was chosen because the creator was halfway through reading the book at the time.
  • After Ruthven was named his first concept was of a noble's son, who helped support the team through the wealth he gained. He also originally carried a shield and was trained as a fencer, often shouting 'en-garde' amongst other things whilst fighting. His personality was improved upon to be that of a team leader, his personality was decided so that 'You hate him, but you'd stick by him no matter what' this is further broadened upon by the lofty goal set for him. 'If during a rp he is not punched by another character trying to get him to shut up, then its a failure of a rp'
  • Ruthvens history didn't actually begin to take shape until Charron's development. His history coincided with the creation of magejake50's 4th character and 1st non human Ruffven. Ruffven's name was originally Rathven, and the character was supposed to be the Anti Garth (From the T.S Church Novels), a part human/ part werewolf who tries his hardest to get rid of his human side despite his life growing up. In order to bring out Ruffvens human side, it was decided they would be related and live together whilst growing up. His name was changed to Ruffven (A play on words of the onomatopoeia 'Ruff' and the name Ruthven) to improve on their relationship.
  • Ruthven is roleplayed now a days as a character who refuses to let anyone see him not smile, though avoids talking about his past as it brings up too many dark memories, though he sometimes will accidentally mention it and then go into a slight depression afterwards. Ruthven will joke that he's ready for an adventure any day but can't be forced to admit to himself he's thinking of retirement.


  • In case you hadn't noticed, all the chapters in Ruthvens history start with the word Great. There is no reasoning behind this.
  • In his first RP Ruthven claimed to be the Adventurer in order to get free drinks at a bar, he was then met by another man who also claimed to be the adventurer.
  • Ruthven has never worn the same cape more than once in any RP.
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