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Real World Date: 14 September 2019.

Standard Gielinorian Date: 7 Ire of Phyrrys, Year 7, Sixth Age.

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Mephiles (Pronounced Meh-fuh-liss) is an extraordinarily powerful wight and self-proclaimed “God of the Unliving”.

Born as Talkur, he was killed during the Early Fremennik Daemonheim campaigns, only to be converted into a wight known as Mephiles, in the service of Necromancer Fer ‘Ireth and his order, Immortues. Breaking free from his servitude across the last century of the Fifth Age, Mephiles uses the new art of Divination on the Well of Life to augment himself and his spellcasting abilities to extraordinary lengths.

In desperation to prevent Fer’s scheme of ‘destroying death itself’, which had already obliterated his soul’s ability to pass into the afterlife, Mephiles' declared a new paradigm of the order and enacted a Dark Schism between the two, culminating in a vicious battle on Freneskae that resulted in Fer's apparent demise and his regeneration into a simulacrum body.

Having returned to Gielnior in the wake of Tuska, Mephiles found himself in conflict with the Godless Faction and its associates as he attempted to establish a twisted dogma across the western world. However, this would eventually fail as his addition to the well's side-effects consumed him, seeing Mephiles sent into self-exile.

As Duchess of Sarim, it is my royal decree that all criminals at sea, commanding or serving (or intending to serve) upon a seaworthy ship, shall be granted safe harbor and trade within the Port of Sarim. All crimes, no matter how heinous, shall be forgiven and all past slights overlooked on grounds that,

I: Chiefly, they take an oath to their God that they shall repent and repeat none of their crimes while within the hallowed borders of Asgarnia. For the sake of their immortal souls, the Duchess will grant them mercy.

II: Any who would continue to captain their vessel officially announce their intent to serve as privateers of the Asgarnian Navy.

–-Ashley Gremoire, on Asgarnian independence.

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