Rosaline Haines

Vital statistics
Title Sorceress
Age 37
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Weight 52 kg
Faction V
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Status In Burthorpe

Rosaline Eloise Haines is a soi-disant heroine with questionable loyalties and few scruples, whose colorful past draws both ire and distrust in equal measure. Her actions and general defiance of the status quo throughout life has led to a troubled existence and no small amount of suffering.

Born in Varrock, Rosaline could never escape the sense of oppression throughout her youth. She ran away from home but found that even a life on the open road could be just as difficult to accept as one lived serving in a nobleman's court. That all changed when a chaos monk found and taught her the teachings of Zamorak.

Prior to the assassination of Guthix, Rosaline began serving the Mahjarrat Ptolemos as his second-in-command. The sorcerer sought too much, however, and was met with failure time and again. His defeat was inevitable.

With her master powerless, Rosaline began working with the Godless. She rose through the ranks to become one of the order's most prominent leaders. Her recalcitrance and suspect behavior led to the death of her superior and an appearance before a court-martial.

Ultimately, Rosaline was found guilty and given a death sentence, but was able to escape the order and began a low-key campaign against them to fulfill her own ambitions. The Battle for Tuska was the culmination of her efforts and saw a hollow victory for both Rosaline and the Godless.

In a dramatic turn of events Rosaline returned to the order to face justice for her past actions. Confessing to her crimes, she was once again found guilty and slain on the spot. But there was no rest to be found in the afterlife; her belief and determination kept her tied to the land of the living as a wandering spirit seeking further avenues to greater power.

Such an avenue became available in the wake of her death. By manipulating the Godless into executing her, Rosaline began down a path of spiritual enlightenment in order to merge her essence with the Spirit Plane, where she remained, consolidating her power while preparing for the future.

Rosaline made her grand return in West Ardougne following the discovery of her activities in the Spirit Plane by the Godless. She worked tirelessly providing relief aid, boons and blessings, and healing in the name of rebirth. Scores of believers and followers gathered together to worship her as a vessel of Chontal, an emerging spirit thought to be the reincarnation of Guthix, the late god of balance.

Chontal's influence among the hungry and destitute grew as promises were made; once such was the making of a world without hardship or suffering that would be theirs. This promise came true with Elysium, a strange and peculiar realm that was ruled by belief than science. However, the unveiling of this world marked a turning point for Rosaline Haines. The curse she had received in her campaign against the Godless returned in strength and ultimately resulted in her death.

Yet even death itself couldn't contain the soul of Rosaline Haines. Concerned third parties sought to return her to the realm of the living and did just that. Reborn in the image of a cat, her days were spent exploring a new world and writing poems about what she saw. It was a simple life, one she was content with, but found trouble fully accepting. Ultimately, when given an opportunity to become human again, Rosaline couldn't refuse. She worked with her sworn enemy, Mephiles Sol, and together they both found a measure of peace.

Her previous beliefs now shaken, Rosaline returned to Gielinor in the hopes of atoning for past sins. She joined the Wizards' Tower as an apprentice where she aspired to do good, becoming a fully fledged wizard in a matter of weeks and was even recommended by the archmage to serve in the fledgling Misthalin administration. Her tenure as Court Mage in the Royal Court of King James II was cut short, however, by the rise of an unknowable entity that left her too distressed to perform her duties adequately.

As Seren began to call across the lands, Rosaline made for Burthorpe to hear what the goddess had to say. The council and its aftermath left her unimpressed and frustrated to no end. She quickly found herself embroiled with an invading force of aviansie, vampyres, and golems led by Siirshak, a powerful dragonkin from beyond Gielinor. He and his allies made their purpose known: the complete destruction of Gielinor and the elder gods. Initially torn between supporting him and fighting him, Rosaline eventually partook in an assault against of the dragonkin's strongholds, destroying it but learning just how formidable the threat they faced was.

Rosaline, sensing an opportunity to learn more about Siirshak and his army, feigns loyalty to the dragonkin and vows to turn the human kingdoms to his cause.

Storyline Overview

Rosaline was born to a declining merchant family in Varrock and was expected to become a lady-in-waiting for the betterment of her family, as was her duty after all. Instead of accepting it, she grew up resenting the life her parents wanted her to have.

Years later, after becoming fed up with how everyone but her brother choosing how she lived her life, Rosaline ran away from it all. She found and joined a traveling troupe and spent the next few years performing with them until her relationship with one of the entertainers came to an abrupt end. Her spirit failing and heart broken, Rosaline spent the next few months in sullen silence until discovering and joining an emerging order of neo-Zamorakian monks.

Many years later, Rosaline, a devout chaos monk by then, met Ptolemos when he appeared out of nowhere and seized control of the order. She quickly became enamored by the self-proclaimed emissary and worked tirelessly to become his first follower, even going so far as to mount a rescue mission to save him from Arachnea. Rosaline's attempt failed spectacularly; she barely escaped with her life. Once Ptolemos was released, however, Rosaline approached and revealed the information she'd gathered during his captivity. Impressed, Ptolemos granted her wish.

Rosaline played several roles under Ptolemos' service, such as being his eyes in ears in some circles of Zamorakian worshipers via infiltration and subterfuge. She also conducted the bulk of his dialogues between his fellow Mahjarrat on occasion. By the time Ptolemos' plot to make Mahjarratbane came into fruition, Rosaline had coordinated and mediated much of her master's disputes, most of which she considered asinine and boring. Shortly thereafter, though, she was caught and tortured by Azulra, a former ally of her master, before being slain as a sacrificial offering to in a resurrection of Domino, one of Azulra's minions. She found no rest in death, however, as her soul became lost in the Underworld. Her soul was eventually found and dragged back to life by Ptolemos, who made her the undead commander of his forces.

As excruciating as her revival was, Rosaline's renewed existence was even worse; one of perpetual torment. Her soul, bound in her dead but restored body, strained against its mortal trappings. Nevertheless, she resumed her duties under Ptolemos, turning her agony into a fuel from which to serve him better. She began to travel abroad under her master's orders, searching for capable individuals to make up the backbone of his army. Her travels took her across much of the known world, during which she met influential figures such as Sacheverell Lessard and Lothar aus Ronasil, and many more who would become key members of the soldiers aligned to Ptolemos. But as she worked, so did the enemies of her master. Minor clashes later culminated in an assault led by Arachnea, Domino, and Yurlungur, during which Ptolemos was thought killed in an explosion that rocked the very earth around them.

Caught in the blast, Rosaline was initially believed dead as well, but resurfaced with the surviving forces of Ptolemos' army. Refusing to believe Ptolemos was dead, she sought to rebuild what they had lost. She founded the Hand of Ptolemos and led it single-handedly for a time. But without her master's presence, Rosaline's body slowly decayed, and with it, her hope for his return. By the time she'd all but given up, Ptolemos miraculously appeared, and, with a renewed sense of purpose, Rosaline willingly assumed her role as his subordinate, happy to serve him once more.

Upon discovering a mysterious portal opening in Lumbridge, Ptolemos had Rosaline lead the Hand of Ptolemos' forces in their evaluation of the gateway. She, in turn, left Lothar aus Ronasil in charge of reconnaissance while she coordinated the military's preparation, making it ready for a forced march to Lumbridge. When Zamorak and Saradomin appeared and engaged in battle, she led her forces to enlist in Zamorak's army but was waylaid outside Misthalin when Magus Concendo deceived her into believing Zamorakian soldiers assaulted her own. Despite this apparent act, Rosaline disregarded the threat and decided to split her forces evenly between both Zamorak and Saradomin. In her haste and lack of fore-sight, she single-handedly brought about the near annihilation of the order's forces.

Caught in a pitched battle between Zamorakian and Saradominists soldiers, Rosaline was injured grievously and forced to retire to the Forinthry Ossuary. She left full command of both forces in Lothar's hands, having some respect for the grizzled veteran. This decision marked the turn of events that would lead to her loss of influence over the Hand of Ptolemos, and eventually, its end.

Returning to the temple, Rosaline discovered her master's lingering memory and the surviving piece of his prized Mahjarratbane. She learnt of Ptolemos' death through his shade and immediately swore vengeance, leaving to seek out and slay his murderer even as her master's decaying mind possessed her body and grew obsessive over it and the energy rifts appearing throughout the world.

Their quest for revenge took Rosaline across the world and into dangerous lands such as Morytania and the Wilderness. She and her master enlisted the aid of many allies and enemies alike before a clash with the dragonkin Lashual ended with its defeat and Ptolemos' apparent destruction. She fled the area before the other Mahjarrat present could so much as take a breath, fearing for her life and grieving for Ptolemos, while also venting her frustration towards the ineptness of those she felt responsible for his demise. She ultimately tried searching for him again, ignoring all the evidence suggesting he was gone from the world for good.

Returning to the Forinthry Ossuary, Rosaline discovered someone who might be able to help in her search: a druid named Steven Weaver. She had been the one to recruit him to the Hand of Ptolemos prior to her loss of power, and the two had a strained relationship. Despite their history and the sudden departure of their last encounter, Rosaline tracked him down and saved him from bandits before forcing him to help her discern what happened to Ptolemos. They returned to the rift where Ptolemos had fallen so Steven could use his skill in divination to interpret his fate. In a surprising twist, he successfully uncovered her master's whereabouts, only for them to be approached by a mysterious figure: Alorah Taredi, a half-Mahjarrat who claimed to be Ptolemos' daughter. She offered her aid in retrieving and safeguarding her father from his enemies.

Together, Rosaline and Alorah departed while Steven remained behind with the rift. They discovered Ptolemos living as Ptolemy Dean in the city of Varrock. Recognizing his face and fearing their enemies might find him as well, Rosaline went undercover as Rebecca Bloomington in order to stay close to him at all times. Through Alorah's encouragement, both he and Rosaline grew closer. As they did, Rosaline found herself questioning whether to go through with reawakening her master's memories or not. She found her answer a short time later when Alorah had her investigate the Hand of Ptolemos. Her adventure to the Forinthry Ossuary nearly ended with her execution, but luckily she was able to escape with her life with Steven's help. Soon after, she and Alorah were forced to kidnap Ptolemy and flee south. They encountered both allies and enemies while on the run. In the end, Alorah successfully guided them to Freneskae where she claimed Ptolemos would be restored to his senses.

Their journey through Freneskae was riddled with peril. Rosaline often had the role of providing for Ptolemy while Alorah kept them moving, fear of the dangers of the broken world finding them. By the time they reached the Sundered Sea, Ptolemos' original home, she came to the conclusion that she didn't want Ptolemos back after all. Unfortunately for her, Alorah forced the matter by having Rosaline stab Ptolemy with his Mahjarratbane. Angry and afraid for his life, Rosaline retaliated and attacked Alorah, sending them both over a cliff-edge. Rosaline caught the edge, refusing to aid Alorah as she clung for her life. It was then that Ptolemos regained his memories. Unable to save Alorah before she fell, he instead focused on reaching Rosaline. Afterwards, he recovered Alorah's body and led Rosaline to safety. However, lacking any means to return home, Rosaline had all but resigned herself to death when Yokrad and Drok appeared and rescued them, using their power to bring them safely to Gielinor.

Following their adventure on Freneskae, Ptolemos and Rosaline traveled through Asgarnia and came across Ronasil's Company, a band of former members of the Hand of Ptolemos, led by the dwarf Toby Almaard. They were allowed to stay with them for a time, but when news reached them that Varrock had been overtaken by vampyres, Rosaline immediately left to search for her brother, Richard. She found him alive and safe in Edgeville, although his partner, Don, was still missing, having been taken while working in the Lumberyard. Also during this time she found out she was alive once more. Rosaline briefly enlisted in the local resistance group to gain access to the city before allowing the vampyres to catch and take her to Meiyerditch. Once there, Rosaline found out that Don had been made a vampyre. She tried to put him out of his misery but failed, managing only to retrieve his wedding band from him.

Upon fleeing from Morytania, Rosaline returned to her brother and lied that Don was dead. She returned his wedding band to Richard and stayed a while to comfort her brother. She then left and made her way back to Ronasil's Company, where she discovered Ptolemos had fallen into a comatose state. She tried to care for him but quickly became overwhelmed and was forced to seek help from Alorah and Arachnea. They worked together to cast a ritual that separated her master's memories from his human body and into a receptacle, at the cost of his magic and most of his memories.

Rosaline realized she had to find her own way, without Ptolemos, for the first time in over a year. She placed Ptolemy under the care of an asylum and left to officially enlist in the Godless faction. She was present when Mark, their First Commander, returned. Eager to prove herself to them, Rosaline approached a stranger and tried to intimidate him into joining their faction. When the man turned out to be more than what he was letting on, other members took over and successfully recruited him. Chastened by her ineffectiveness and the teamwork of the others, she retired to her room in the inn.

Concerned with the looming prospect of motherhood, Rosaline receded from The Godless to come to terms with the unexpected discovery. She traveled to the Forinthry Ossuary after receiving a letter from Steven Weaver. In it he explained the temple had been destroyed. Making it to the temple, Rosaline made amends with him for the way she'd treated him in the past. She then entered the temple to confront Alorah Taredi, who announced that Rosaline was carrying twins. Afterwards, Alorah's attempts to convert Rosaline to her faith led to a vicious struggle between the two. Once the dust had settled, Alorah lay dead and Rosaline gone, fled to parts unknown.

Rosaline performing a demonic ritual.

In the time after her and Alorah's confrontation in the Forinthry Ossuary, Rosaline briefly studied demonology in the hopes of binding a demon to her will. She'd successfully managed to summon a few imps and implings when, believing herself strong enough, she decided to try and summon Gephis'vros, a lesser demon whom Rosaline had learn of during her time serving under Ptolemos. Her ritual did not go according to plan, however, and in the end she had to renegotiate the terms of their contract. Afterwards, Rosaline attended the one year anniversary of the Battle of Lumbridge's conclusion.

Once she'd left Lumbridge behind her, Rosaline encountered the hobgoblin, Fulgrash, near the ruins of a relic from the days of the Bird and the Beast. They battled, but ultimately Fulgrash was able to win and take her prisoner. He dragged her across most of Asgarnia, stopping momentarily to honor Bandos' fallen, before finally reaching Goblin Village where he had Rosaline placed among the slaves of the Chosen Battalion. She suffered under her Bandosian captors, and was even forced to fight in an invasion of Troll Country. Sometime later, during an attempt to rescue Temujin Greene, she was saved by Kirol Velare who brought her to a strange facility. Cigma, a gnome-elf half-breed there, agrees to have her treated if she consents to testing out a magical pair of gloves. She does so, and is then provided care for her wounds before being teleported to the town of Lumbridge.

By the time she escaped her bondage, Rosaline, nearing her due date, withdrew from public life, emerging only twice before giving birth to twins: once in Varrock, following her brother's death when a protest against the Church of Saradomin grew violent; and then in the Kharidian Desert, upon becoming concubine to Kudret Tezri: a lord of the Menaphite Empire and the rich but haughty governor of Misca, an isolated town known for its large date palm fields. Both he and Rosaline began to work together towards a partnership that would benefit themselves. With access to his funds, Rosaline set to restore her family's estate and its status in Misthalin while Gephis'vros worked closely with Kudret to produce and sell dangerous magical contraband.

Afterwards, Rosaline spent much of her free time caring for her children and researching a mysterious substance known as sacred clay. She obtained a sizable amount of the material via the "grey economy," and then plotted with Gephis'vros to restore Ptolemos. Unbeknownst to her though, Gephis'vros began spreading his lies, stating it as a ruse in which she planned to bind her former master to her will. Together, he and Rosaline successful brought together an army consisting of individuals from her past to confront Arachnea, who held the imprisoned Ptolemos and refused to release him into their custody.

On the day of their arranged battle, Rosaline was given a choice: either Ptolemos or her children, who had been kidnapped by Arachnea; what was not chosen would be destroyed. She chose the latter, and watched as the token containing Ptolemos' essence was crushed. In the wake of her decision, Rosaline ordered her allies to attack Arachnea. During the conflict, Rosaline and her children were consumed by the weapons she had bid Gephis'vros to create...or so it appeared. Both she and her children were survived through the use of one of Ptolemos' teleportation spells, although Rosaline suffered severe burns from contact with the magical fire.

Through the discovery of a letter mean for her, Rosaline learned of Gephis'vros' deception and began plotting how to take him down before his schemes were brought to fruition. She worked relentlessly, hiding from his attempts to uncover her, until successfully convincing his allies that it was all merely a trick to acquire their souls. They clashed, resulting in Gephis'vros' banishment and imprisonment in the Void, while Ptolemos was laid to rest, his resurrection nothing but an act of false pretenses and magical puppetry. Afterwards, Rosaline vowed to leave her past behind, and resumed contact with The Godless to aid their cause.

Prifddinas, city of the elves.

By working with The Godless, Rosaline aided in subduing of a massive kidnapping plot by the Order of Ascension and helped uncover lore about a race known as the airut, as well as their goddess, Tuska. She also supervised the last bit of construction on her family's old estate and made the journey to Prifddinas in order to fulfill Ptolemy's last wish.

Her past wouldn't be forgotten quite so easily, however; the Mahjarrat known as Kemses, believing Rosaline responsible for Ptolemos' death, harassed her until a final confrontation between the two ended with his defeat. Her victory was short-lived, though, as she and the world were made aware of an even larger threat headed their way...

Tuska was perhaps the largest and most immediate threat known to The Godless; as such, Rosaline tried putting aside her troubles to focus her attention on the mindless goddess. It wasn't meant to be, though, as assassination attempt left her nearly dead and crippled, while the remnants of Kemses' army harried her incessantly. Unable to actively participate against the battle against Tuska as much as she wanted to, Rosaline dealt with her personal affairs. She caught the attention of the god Yokrad, a former worshiper and soldier of Bandos, who became a foil to her actions, but also served as a wild card, helping her one instant and thwarting her the next.

Despite many obstacles and setbacks, Tuska was defeated. Rosaline celebrated by pointedly refusing to get involved with the newly discovered world of Mazcab and the goebies' plight. Instead, she returned to her children in Prifddinas, relieved but also restless: Her would-be assassin remained uncaught, their identity still a mystery. Worse, she found herself yearning for the thrill of adventure—a stark contrast to the wishes of her late lover and the complete opposite of what she thought she'd wanted. Rosaline left once more, investigating a lead to uncover a clue about the assassin's identity.

Using her past connections as a chaos monk, Rosaline infiltrated the Kinshra where she discovered a connection between her assassin and a branch of black knights who had served the Mahjarrat Lucien. However, tragedy struck when black knights raided her estate. In the ensuing chaos, the divine bomb she'd designed to use against Tuska was detonated and destroyed her estate, taking the lives of several black knights and mortally injuring Steven Weaver, although Yokrad was able to partially protect the druid through divine intervention. Afterwards, Rosaline and Yokrad met and spoke briefly, but the Kinshra soon took her away for interrogation after one of Kemses' soldiers accused her of being a godless spy.

Despite her best attempts, Rosaline's cover identity was blown when Yokrad appeared and rescued her against her wishes. She's taken to New Yok where she and Steven had a somber last talk before he died as a result of his wounds. After her own recovery, Rosaline returned to Ymgorffori to be with her family once again. Unbeknownst to her, Yokrad hired mercenary forces, who would later assault the town on his command. It eventually fell despite a staunch opposition from Rosaline and the town militia. She and many of the town's villagers were taken and enslaved. Rosaline, refusing to beg Yokrad for aid, continuously challenged her captors and was nearly executed for her actions. Yokrad saved her, however, and then confessed his involvement with the mercenaries' assault and as the true mastermind of the plot. Furious beyond words, Rosaline used magic to escape her prison and left Yokrad alone with the sour truth, revenge the only thing on her mind.

Soon after her disappearance, Rosaline approached one of Yokrad's war encampments and gave them an ultimatum: their unconditional withdrawal from Gielinor. She's quickly attacked by his soldiers, although Valrisandra, a guardian of the Shadow Realm, appeared and protected her. She left after revealing an alliance between the two; his shadow army, under her command, were to march on Yokrad's city and his followers as his mercenaries had marched Ymgorffori. A great battle would later ensue on Yu'biusk between the two forces, with Valrisandra leading the vanguard against Yokrad's top lieutenant, Drok. It culminated with Rosaline taking on Yokrad single-handedly in a pocket dimension of his own design. She successfully slew him after a grueling battle by using an anima spear like those used against Tuska...but at great cost.

Believing herself to have ascended to divinity, Rosaline returned home to cope with the sudden emergence of her magical abilities. But Drok, the hobgoblin shaman of Yokrad's forces, led an attack on her home, intent on destroying her as she had destroyed Yokrad. In the process of retaliating, Rosaline lost all the pent-up divine energy inside her. It soon became apparent that she hadn't become a goddess after all, although the consequences of her powers were quite real. Demons poured from wounds in the earth and fled to parts unknown. Gephis'vros appeared, freed from his imprisonment by her actions and was among their demonic ranks, but left soon after taking a heavy beat-down.

After being caught by Drok's forces Rosaline was to be sacrificed to Amascut so her soul might face oblivion as Yokrad's had. She survived, however, and was rescued by allies both old and new, successfully escaping the Underworld with her soul mostly intact. That would not be the end of her trials, however, as the journey strained her body so that she would be unable to walk again without powerful magical means. Because of this she had researchers invent a method so she could walk again. In the end, despite her efforts, Rosaline agreed to undergo a magical transformation to restore her legs, at the cost of losing her humanity.

Since her transformation at the hands of the chthonian demon Vellus Tarelius Rosaline has pushed for a more interventionist approach by The Godless. Using the resources at her disposal, she plotted to assume control over The Godless as to further her own ambitions of introducing a new world order. This led to the death of the Mark, the first in command of The Godless, in single combat against Warmaster Bigfist, a goblin and leader of the Chosen Battalion. Due to the recent loss of her son to Gephis'vros who was acting under the orders of Mephiles Sol, Rosaline's succession was suspended and her subordinate given temporary leadership of the order.

Out of outrage, frustration, and grief, Rosaline made her move. By luring members of The Godless to the citadel and ambushing them with her army of animated armor, she stated her case and ranted about the futility of making the same mistakes their former leader had. She shared her vision of The Godless, receiving only concern and suspicion in return. Rosaline promised to help them understand her intentions and dismissed them. Things then became complicated when the spirit of Mark confronted her about her actions, leading to her confession and an attempt to seal his essence away. Mark escaped and informed the others, but by the time they returned Rosaline was gone.

Having sought asylum in the city of Lassaria near Ice Mountain, Rosaline turned her attention on the continued construction of her animated armor army for the future she envisioned. It was only a few days later when Rosaline's spies within The Godless broke the news to her about the decision of the order's highest officials to have her killed on sight. Undeterred by the threats, however, Rosaline used the opportunity of a Halloween party to approach The Godless in brazen defiance, where she assured the order was mistaken about her and also won a costume contest dressed as a penguin. She agreed to plead her case before The Godless Council following the resolution of the Bandosian conflict near Catherby.

In the aftermath of the Bandosian victory at Catherby Rosaline presented herself at the mercy of the council. She pleaded not guilty to the charges laid against her, highest of which being an accessory to Mark's murder. His state of mind had been compromised in the wake of his violent death, Rosaline argued, and the account he made of the events following it should be considered unreliable at best. Evidence both in her favor and otherwise were given to the council for evaluation. In the end, The Godless Council determined there wasn't enough evidence to convict nor release her and had Rosaline taken into custody to await future retrial.

Shortly after receiving several visitors from the order, Rosaline met her "great aunty"—the Mahjarrat Azulra in disguise. They agreed to an arrangement pact: Azulra would stage an incident where she'd claim to be working for Mephiles Sol, whom was trying to sow discord within The Godless by using Mark's spirit against them. In exchange, Rosaline would provide future Godless intelligence and leniency in regards to the relationship between Zarosians and the order.

The plan worked flawlessly...until Rosaline was administered a super truth serum and subjected to a memory wand at her retrial. It was then The Godless Council learned of her crimes against the order. She was found guilty of all charges and more. The council decided she was to be executed, but before her sentencing could be carried through, Rosaline used the Shadow Realm to escape the citadel.

In the weeks that followed her conviction Rosaline returned to Asgarnia and began rebuilding her life as best she could. Her spies in The Godless kept her informed of their latest attempts at hunting her down and their general activities abroad. By this time, however, it became clear that something was happening with Tiny Ptolemos; his absence during and after her retrial could nott be ignored. Rosaline was led to Freneskae where she witnessed the death of the elder god Mah and made the choice to spare Ptolemos a similar fate.

In the aftermath of the events on Freneskae, with the essence and memories of the Mahjarrat within her, Rosaline withdrew from the world and made contact with Magus Concendo so as to join those who would champion the legacy of the god V. She would volunteer to operate from within Varrock and prepare for Sliske's Endgame. However, during the events of the Mahjarrat's mad contest, Rosaline was kidnapped and held captive by Gephis'vros while the demon used her to play his own twisted distraction-and-diversion with The Godless.

In the end, thanks to the persistence and determination of Lyam and Aelfdene, The Godless found her Tickle Me Hero plush toy collection to win his game. The order was rewarded with plush toys of all the members as well as an unconscious Rosaline when Gephis'vros went to congratulate them, who was then slain by leading Exarch Franklin Dovino, Lyam, and Darkauro. She was taken into custody once more, and then sentenced to indefinite imprisonment for her past actions against the order, reversing the death warrant set on her by Biehn.

During Rosaline's incarceration several Godless members such as Lyam, Darkauro, Frank, and Aelfdene saw fit to visit her. Others such as Felix DeRosia, an outsider yet friend to the order, also spent time with her. She admitted to her past failures and mistakes, spoke somewhat openly about her history and actions, and displayed magical abilities otherwise unknown. Through such magic she plotted her escape, but by the time it was to be enacted, Rosaline was given her freedom and a position within The Godless once more, a secret to all but the highest ranking.

Leng, a world of the lower plane.

With her release and absolution, Rosaline leftTthe Godless Hall to continue establishing her organization with the use of her animation machines and newfound allies. However, in the weeks before the Mages Conclave was to be held, a change seemingly came over her. Having initially planned on giving a presentation before the magical community, Rosaline instead declined to attend on the day of the event. She remained in seclusion for the duration of the start to the War of the Magii, emerging only to accompany an expedition led by Darkauro of The Godless in search of a vault containing the secrets of Mephiles Sol's experiments.

It was only after the takeover and occupation of the Wizards' Tower by the forces of Coalition, led by Magus Concendo, that Rosaline joined the war as a supporter of his forces. She stayed with them to study Astromancy before disappearing in the aftermath of a battle that engulfed the Tower when the Ordo Magi attacked. Reappearing on a fallen citadel she had previously claimed as her own, Rosaline performed a ritual to animate the structure at the expense of losing her animated army. She, alongside the flying citadel, vanished without a trace.

Rosaline studying at the Grand Library in Menaphos.

Nolfinwë Telemmaitë, the exiled king of Camelot whose actions against the rebels of his domain made him infamous, sought out the former Exarch of The Godless and found her on Tuai Leit in the Wushanko Isles, studying among the natives at the island's centre of learning. They discuss their ambitions for the future and eventually agree to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Later, while on assignment in Kandarin, Rosaline became aware of the theft of the blueprints to her animation machines after Tyler Locke stole onto her flying citadel. She confronted and captured him after a brief battle, petrifying him so as to prevent further escape attempts.

Ultimately, Rosaline was made to unpetrify Tyler at the behest of Franklin. She disapproved and warned him that she would repeat her actions should Tyler meddle in her affairs again. In the end, despite her being in favor of laying him to rest, Rosaline petrified Tyler once more after he approached her citadel again and delivered his head to The Godless. She eventually agreed to release Tyler once she had the Star of Jaldraocht, a magical artifact that led to Mephiles Sol's secret vault. Later, Lyam approached her about the same subject, and they same price was made.

Over time, when neither Frank nor Lyam had met her for the exchange, Rosaline began plotting to steal anima from Tuska during an assault that would leave them disorganized. The Godless, through the intervention of Felix DeRosia, became aware of her intentions and began to prepare. Before the raid, Rosaline spoke with Franklin and begged him to evacuate Tuska, but the eventuality of her betrayal was too much and he refused. Rosaline then approached Argen Howe and Felix personally in an attempt to have them try and convince the order that she meant no harm and that abandoning Tuska was for their own safety.

Rosaline opening a portal to the abyss.

In the week before the attack, Rosaline met with Lyam and Fynnien outside the memorial to Guthix where they traded words; the former made her intent known as the latter expressed their resignation and compliance respectively. Unbeknownst to her, she was given a replica of the Star of Jaldraocht while they received the petrified remains of Tyler Locke and his dog in turn. She also interrupted the search for the identity of her daughter's father by Dark and Lyam's daughter, Teagan, teleporting her away and warning them against speaking with her again.

The battle was over. The Godless still held Tuska, but not without casualties. Many were those who lost their lives in the defense of the World Devourer. However, for every death, many and more were the losses Rosaline suffered in the assault. The Godless realized the true nature of her raid: to siphon enough anima from Tuska and summon a portal to the abyss, and though she would be ultimately successful, they were able to steal upon her flying citadel and disrupt the ritual; a risky yet fruitful maneuver that would see her citadel rent in twain and split between dimensions.

In a final act of desperation and frustration, Rosaline invoked 'Daemonicas Abhoris' and summoned a tormented demon to kill those left in the abyss with her. The spell backfired, though, and her hands were consumed by the very same fire that ravaged the demon and kept it in a state of pure agony. The Godless abandoned her to the tormented demon for a very simple reason: In the abyss, no one can hear you scream...

But someone had hear Rosaline scream. Maedalaane Naeurione, by chance or by design, found her sundered tower and tried to remove the curse that plagued her. The pain subsided, but the damage was done. Still, Rosaline survived and began her journey through the cosmos; the mysteries of the universe lain bare before her.

Time passed. Rosaline often returned to Gielinor with newfound knowledge, power, and resources. Mazcab was not the first of her exploits. It was, however, her most lucrative; she began feeding on the anima that bled from the planet freely. Other worlds such as Zanaris, Leng, and Infernus were veritable founts of knowledge. Even greater, more ancient secrets were found in the Abyss, lost and forgotten for millennia. Yet despite her efforts, the answer Rosaline found was unfulfilling. Worse, it was one of many horrible truths.

Returning to Gielinor proper, Rosaline met some old friends while studying the Lost Grove, an island of immense power. One in particular, Tyler Locke, helped her come to terms with her discovery. She surrendered to The Godless, confessed to her crimes, and was immediately executed. Just as planned. Rosaline became a ghost, unable to pass on, and was free to pursue her goals in the incorporeal planes.

The Spirit Plane became the object of her immediate attention. Through an arcane ritual similar to those used by the monks of Aminishi, Rosaline merged her essence with the wonderous plane. She drew on the teachings of Ptolemos and her own experiences in the cosmos to gain power through faith and conviction. Chontal was made; a quasi-spirit born from the faith of her new followers and the essence of four elder spirits. Busy with this guise, Rosaline neglected her alliances and relationships to focus on creating a world espousing her own beliefs about the inner workings of the multiverse. This new world was Elysium, and it came at a cost.

Prior to her renewed interest in Gielinor, Rosaline had discovered the existence of parallel universes and realized that this dimension was not an original. It was a copy; an inaccurate facsimile like so many others. Her mind was further broken by the resurgence of the curse that had befallen her while casting the 'Daemonicas Abhoris' spell. Despite her best efforts, Rosaline couldn't remove the curse, which confirmed what she already knew: her death was approaching as foretold by visions of the future.

Not only had Rosaline researched transdimensional matters but prophecies and time travel as well. Ptolemos' endeavors in the latter was but a stepping stone from which she could begin her own experimentation. Having procured a celestial dragon egg from an earlier adventure, Rosaline became hellbent on hatching and curing it of the madness that plagued others of its kind. During the process to do just that, she saw the future through the dragon's eyes. Her death and what it would mean.

In an act borne out of desperation, love, and necessity, Rosaline Haines chose to accept her fate and allow the curse to consume her utterly. She severed her connection with Chontal, assuring the future of her world and providing hope to the people whose beliefs had given it life, and unlike her previous passings, didn't run from Death. The afterlife she had foreseen; the one that was so hellish and horrifying and necessary, welcomed her with open arms and a promise that the lies she thought were true—that eternal suffering and torment could have an end—were, in actuality, false.

The realm of the dead warps and distorts the passage of time. In the hell of her own creation, Rosaline underwent countless trials of tribulation set forth by her subconscious... and yet, within the recesses of her broken and scattered mind, she was content. Rosaline saw the future after all, and knew for a fact that a friend would come to take her away from this place. The day finally came, and after what felt like an eternity, Rosaline was made to face the truth about herself and came to terms with her troubled past. The afterlife that had gripped her for so long fell apart as she was taken far, far away.




Late Fifth- to early Sixth Age

Rosaline was born to a declining merchant family in Varrock. Her parents were oppressive and expected nothing short of what they wanted from her and her younger brother, Richard. As she grew older Rosaline got into more and more trouble with her parents until eventually she ran away from home to join a traveling troupe to spite of them.

She and the troupe traveled the world and put on performances where they could. She grew close to one of the members, but ultimately left him and the troupe altogether after their relationship turned sour. Rosaline later joined an emerging neo-Zamorakian order, one that advocated creativity and personal freedom over wanton destruction and chaos. She became one of the more prominent and faithful of the order in time.

Years later, when a self-proclaimed emissary of their god approached them, Rosaline eagerly agreed to have him lead the order. She received a vision a few weeks later, which revealed to her the emissary's true nature; that he was a Mahjarrat named Ptolemos. She saw his ambitions as well and was immediately captivated by him. She abandoned her faith and willingly served under him for several months, up until her death at the hands of the Dream of Mah Azulra. She was later resurrected by Ptolemos so she could continue to serve him.

Rosaline protecting the dragonkin portal.

Rosaline gathered an army for Ptolemos and led them until his apparent death during an incident in an ancient dragonkin site. Devastated, she left and rallied his surviving forces, and then went on to found an order called the Hand of Ptolemos. She led it while also searching for Ptolemos, whom she believed to be alive. Her efforts were for naught.

As her faith in Ptolemos waned, however, he returned. He revealed his presence to her and few others before taking over leadership of the order. Rosaline resumed her position as the leader of his forces, alongside Lothar aus Ronasil.

During the Battle of Lumbridge, Rosaline was injured and forced to return to the order's base. Once there, she discovered her master's memory. He informed her of how he had been killed by a dragonkin. Together, they left in order to find the beast and slay it. Along the way, she and her master discovered that Lashual, the dragonkin, was trying to corrupt the Anima Mundi. Rosaline, under Ptolemos' orders, sought out some of the Dreams of Mah and convinced them to help destroy the beast before it destroyed the world.

Rosaline witnessed Ptolemos' fall into an energy rift during their struggle against the dragonkin Lashual, but refused to believe he was gone from the world. She began to search for him once more. With the support of Steven Weaver and Alorah Taredi, she succeeded in finding him.


Early Sixth Age, circa year 1

"This was a mistake," Rosaline breathed, "I can't do this." She edged away from where she stood, noticed how dry her mouth felt; how her legs were threatening to buckle under her; how her mind raced, worrying over every little thing that could go wrong. She felt very much like turning tail and running away, but firm hands gripped her shoulders and held her steady.

"You can do this," Alorah insisted. "You've gone through with things much worse than this before." While her soothing words and encouraging tone did comfort Rosaline, doubt quickly crept back up and shook her resolve once more.

"Those were different times. I'm just not cut out for this." Alorah sighed. She gently turned Rosaline around to face her.

"You're going to do fine." Rosaline regarded her skeptically. How could she sound so sure, so... Suddenly, Rosaline felt her anxiety melt away. She blinked. Alorah returned her stare with a knowing smile while lightly squeezing her shoulder. She then stepped forward and made her face the mirror again.

"Now," Alorah spoke, "let's see how you look in that dress. After all, you have a big date tonight."

Despite her initial concerns, the date went rather swimmingly. In fact, Rosaline couldn't believe how well it went, and for the first time in a very long time she actually had fun. She and her date arranged to meet again in the future before both parting ways. Alorah congratulated her once she returned home.

"See, I told you. You had nothing to worry about," she said after Rosaline informed her of the evening's events. "Listen, why don't we go and have you a new dress made tomorrow? You do want to look your best for him, right?" Rosaline made no move to argue, and so they each retired to their respective rooms.

As she lay in her bed Rosaline couldn't help but feel excited for the future and what it held—for both of them.

Rosaline met her date outside the Golden Prawn, a newly opened restaurant tucked away in the congested inner city streets of Varrock. He'd suggested it to her during their last encounter, noting its recent rise in popularity due to the wide selection of seafood it offered for a modest price, as well as a great review it received from the food critic Godin Belgo, a famous gnome chef and proprietor of the Royal Batta restaurant chain in the far reaches of the western lands. They entered together and were quickly ushered to their seats.

Only a few hours had passed, but to Rosaline those hours felt like a lifetime. They had spent their time eating, talking, and listening as a bard wove a marvelous tale filled with action and adventure. The seafood had smelled delicious and, as her date would put, the dessert was "simply to die for." Overall, Rosaline felt the date had gone well, completely dwarfing her expectations she had the previous night. And best of all, she now recalled what it was like to be normal again.

"That Ozan character sure knew how to tell a tale," her date remarked. They were walking together down a street after the carriage that was meant to deliver them to their destination suffered a broken wheel, forcing them to walk the rest of the way on foot. He had insisted on escorting her back to her apartment and wouldn't take no for an answer.

"It almost sounded too good to be true," Rosaline teased. He glanced over at her and grinned.

"Maybe, but I like to think it was true." As they drew closer to a house Rosaline signaled for him to stop. He looked it over. "Small place."

"It's bigger on the inside." They laughed. "I'm glad you suggested that restaurant. The seafood was unlike anything I've eaten before."

"It was good, wasn't it? Next time we'll have to try some gnome cuisine. I know just the place."

"I look forward to it."

"Good!" He held out his hand. "Until next time, Rosaline."

"Take care," she replied, while taking his hand, "Ptolemy."

Lingering Doubt

The following audio is taken from Rosaline Haines' magic recording device and regards her travels with Alorah Taredi:

1 Bennath, Year 1 of the Sixth Age

I nearly forgot about you. After everything I've been through recently, I didn't even think you'd still work. Guess we learn something new every day, huh? Right now I'm waiting for Alorah to return from the village with more supplies. I don't get her. We barely got away from Azulra and still she persists we keep heading to gods-know-where. Every time I ask she refuses to say where we're head. Some island or something. She says it it will help him remember who he is once we get him there.

I don't know why I'm still with her, especially after what she did to him. I keep asking myself if it's for his sake or my own that I don't just take him and run. But I can't go now. Ptolemy's condition is worsening. Alorah assures me that whatever she did to him was for his safety, but I don't buy it. When he fell overboard the other day, I thought... I don't want to lose him again. I can't.


Growing Concern

The following audio is taken from Rosaline Haines' magic recording device and regards her travels with Alorah Taredi:

9 Bennath, Year 1 of the Sixth Age

Finally, we're rid of the hobgoblin. Hopefully now we can lose any others who've followed us here. Alorah might trust Marethyu, but that doesn't mean I have to. Ptolemy is doing well, considering where we are. Freneskae... How could anyone live here? Ignoring those things that came after us earlier, there's always lava or freak lightning storms that will kill you if you're not careful. We're lucky to have Alorah here with us. If anything happened to her, I'm not sure if I could get us off this world alive.

Alorah led us to a cave on the other side of the valley. Turns out she'd been to this one before. A dead Mahjarrat lay within. Her handiwork, I think. It doesn't have any marks, though. She searched his body and pulled out an orb of some kind. "From my first visit," she said. It's supposed to take us to a place called the Sundered Sea. It's where Ptolemos was born. That must be where he'll remember who he is... She's signaling that it's time to go.

11 Bennath, Year 1 of the Sixth Age

We've run into more of those muspah things. Alorah had to fight them off by herself. She's... I don't think she's doing well. Our supply of crystals have run out and we haven't been able to find anymore since we entered this region. She's already taxed her strength by getting us this far, and with the constant threat of more attacks or freak weather... What will I do if she doesn't make it? No, don't think like that. We'll reach this place in a matter of hours, we'll get Ptolemos back, and then we'll find the World Gate or whatever and get back home.

Outright Rejection

Early Sixth Age, circa year 1

Rosaline didn't think Freneskae could look any more dead than it already was, but she discovered quickly that was not the case as they entered the Sundered Sea. It was a devastated region, far worse than anything she'd seen upon first arriving here. She couldn't comprehend how Ptolemos could have survived in a place like this. How could anything thrive in this environment, she wondered. Yet he had, as had his brother and who knows how many others as well. 

"Our destination lies just over this ridge," Alorah spoke from the head of the trio, her voice strained and weak. Rosaline knew she couldn't keep going on like this, but had long since given up trying to persuade her to cut their journey short and find the World Gate. Alorah insisted that they had to reach the Sundered Sea as soon as possible, but was staying tight-lipped as to why. And Ptolemy...

Rosaline had kept a close eye on Ptolemy ever since they entered the portal and found themselves here. Alorah maintained power over him still, but Rosaline could see her control slipping as she herself neared her limits. His movements were becoming energetic than they'd been in a long time and his eyes were growing more clearer by the hour. A few hours ago Rosaline even thought she'd heard him say something, but she was unable to make out what.

Their crystal supplies were all but gone. Only a handful remained now and they were all stuffed in Ptolemy's bag. Rosaline had no use for them due to her condition, while Alorah refused them, saying Ptolemy needed them more than her. The effects of Freneskae's deadly atmosphere had taken its toll on them by this point, and without more crystals they would all be in serious trouble. However, Rosaline wasn't blind to her blessings. They had finally lost the pack of muspahs that had been chasing them ever since they stepped into the region.

Rosaline turned her attention back on the present and was surprised to see how close they were coming to the edge of a crag. Alorah moved on, seemingly unaware of the staggering drop ahead. "Alorah!" she called out, hoping she hadn't lapsed into another of her fever-induced trances. Another step and she would plummet over the edge! Luckily, Alorah stopped. She looked over her shoulder at Rosaline, who took an involuntary step back.

"We've arrived."

"What?" Rosaline looked around her. "But there's nothing here."

"Not here. Below." Alorah looked out over the edge and pointed out something that Rosaline couldn't see. "My father's settlement was built against the wall of this crag." Rosaline hurried over and cautiously peered over the crag as well. She saw the outlines of something, but couldn't make out what it was from her angle. She backed away and turned to Alorah.

"Now what?" Rosaline asked. Her entire purpose traveling here had been to get Ptolemy to remember who he really was: Ptolemos. She didn't get how his birthplace would revive his buried memories when nothing else did.

"I wondered that myself many times," Alorah responded, "and then I realized I was asking the wrong question." Seeing Rosaline's confusion, she continued. "You see, it's by the will of the One True God that I brought you here. Through His visions I was guided and, in turn, I guided you."

"You and I both realize how special my father is. His mere existence is, by itself, a miracle. The One True God gave him life where none was to be found. I tried to show the others this, but none would believe me. But you, Rosaline... You believe me, don't you?" Alorah stared intently at Rosaline, a feverish glint in her eyes. Rosaline returned the look with her own bewildered expression.

"Alorah, are you feeling alright?" Either Alorah didn't hear her or chose to ignore her. She turned around and faced away from Rosaline.

"I hear Him, you know. He's been speaking to me, telling me what I must do—what we must do." Rosaline was fast becoming uncomfortable. Had the strain of the environment finally gotten to her?

"Here, Alorah," Rosaline began, "take this." She fetched one of the crystals from Ptolemy and offered it to Alorah. "And after, you and I can talk all you want about your one true god." Alorah didn't even spare her a glance.

"I made you a promise, Rosaline. That I would restore my father's memories." Rosaline perked up at this. "I still can, but you won't like it."

"What? How?" In her eagerness to hear out Alorah, Rosaline dropped the crystal. It fell over the edge of the crag and disappeared from view.

"The One True God says you must prove yourself to Him. Only through faith can Ptolemos be healed."

"Just tell me how and I'll do it."

"You have to kill him."

Rosaline froze, not quite sure she heard right. "I have to what?"

"Use the Mahjarratbane. He says it's the only way he'll be restored."

"So you want me to kill him? How does that even make sense?" Alorah's face began to show signs of agitation.

"His body is but a shell, a vessel of sorts. You must destroy it to release him. It's the only way, Rosaline. He says so."

"I don't believe you," Rosaline gasped, her hand thrown up in disbelief. "We bring us all the way out here and for what? So we can murder him?" She turned her back on Alorah and started off towards Ptolemy.

"Where are you going?" Alorah demanded.

"I'm leaving, and I'm taking Ptolemy with me."

"You'll never make it!" Alorah argued. "The World Gate is too far away." Rosaline ignored Alorah. She never should have listened to her in the first place. Taking Ptolemy by the hand, Rosaline started to lead him away. It didn't matter what Alorah said: she was going home, and so was he.

"Don't do this, Rosaline!" Her voice was desperate, pleading.

"I'm done, Alorah. We both are."

Something suddenly seized Rosaline, forcing her to a halt. Ptolemy, too, froze where he stood. She'd felt this sensation before, somewhere... And then it clicked.

"You don't get it, do you?" Alorah appeared in her periphery vision. She was using her powers on her as she was Ptolemy. But they were having a toll on her, as shown by her hunched posture and pained expression. "The One True God is offering you redemption. How can you turn your back on Him?" Rosaline was unable to respond, her jaw firmly shut. She struggled to regain control over her own body, and was frightened to see her right hand moving by itself.

"I wanted you to believe me, for this to be your choice. But you've left me without an alternative." Rosaline's hand closed over the Mahjarratbane hanging around her neck and tore it from its chains. "A promise is a promise. You'll understand soon enough."

It was over before she knew it. The Mahjarratbane, guided by Alorah, pierced Ptolemy's rigid frame. Alorah released him from her control, and he fell without a cry. Rosaline watched, horrifed, the bloodstained Mahjarratbane shard still held in her hand. Something in her snapped.

"It's done. Now," Alorah began, turning from Ptolemy to face Rosaline. She was, however, interrupted as Rosaline raked the Mahjarratbane across her eyes. Caught by surprise, she staggered away, crying out in pain. Rosaline, while trying to follow through with her attack, got caught by blast of magical energy released instinctively by Alorah, and was thrown backward. She skidded across the ground, but quickly jumped back up and onto her feet.

Alorah, blinded from the attack, tried to retreat from Rosaline who, blinded with rage, charged her. They collided, the Mahjarratbane digging into Alorah's shoulder. She lost her footing and was sent over the side of the crag, Rosaline with her.

Present Gielinor

Promise Unkept

Early Sixth Age, circa year 2

"Richie..." I muttered, struggling to keep my eyes level with his. I could see he already knew. "I'm so sorry." He was trying to stay strong, but I could see the pain in his eyes. I couldn't bear it. This wasn't fair; Richie didn't deserve this. Looking down, I gently took my brother's hand and placed Don's ring on his palm. He drew his fingers over it. Richie didn't need to see through his tears to know what it was. Clearing his throat, he spoke.

"I guess I always knew," Richie confessed, his voice quiet and composed. It sent another pang through my heart. Seeing my little brother like this hurt me worse than any physical wound. All because I couldn't keep a promise. "I'd prayed that he'd gotten away when the vampyres first showed up, but I guess..." He stopped and turned his back to me.

"I'm sorry," he began, regaining control of his emotions. "It's just...Don was always going on about how much he hated wearing this ring. He'd get so angry sometimes about the stupidest things. I'm glad to know he was wearing it when he..." His knees suddenly buckled beneath him. I moved quickly and caught him, drawing him into an tight embrace.

"Did he... did he suffer?" Richie was pale, his voice barely above a whisper. I looked him in the eye and shook my head.

"No, Richie. He didn't." He gave a shaky sigh of relief.

"Thank you, Roz... Thank you." I squeezed his shoulder and offered a few words of encouragement. I didn't dare tell him the truth.

My mind slipped back to that moment in the slums, when I found Don. But it wasn't really him. Not anymore. He'd been...changed. He was one of them now; a vampyre. I barely recognized him. But then I saw the ring around his swollen finger and I knew... How could I tell my little brother his husband was now a monster? I couldn't, so I did what I had to. But even that wasn't enough.

I only managed to get the ring before they were on me. I ran. If they caught me, I was dead, or worse. Getting out of that place was the easy part. Lying to Richie, telling him Don was dead? That took more strength than I thought I had in me. At least he would have peace this way. My little brother deserves that much.

Fresh Start

The following audio is taken from Rosaline Haines' magic recording device and regards her search for a new purpose and meeting the Godless Faction:

11 Fentuary, Year 2 of the Sixth Age

Ptolemy woke up today, finally. I wasn't sure if... I was sitting beside him when he saw me. He suddenly started to ramble madly while reaching for my sword. His eyes were... I think he wanted to kill himself. Gods... I knocked him out before he could do it. This is just too much for me right now. I don't know what I'm going to do with him. I can't just leave him here, not with Ptolemos in the condition he is in now. I wanted Arachnea to erase his memories at first, make it so he wouldn't remember what we went through... but that would mean he wouldn't remember me... and I don't want that. For now I'll keep watch over him, at least until I can figure out what to do.

As for Ptolemos, he's still in the cabinet I locked him in, screaming and beating the walls. I don't know whether he's trying to tell me something or if he's just trying to kill me. I still can't hear anything out of my right ear since the last time he acted like this. Whatever language he's using is just too dangerous.

I just need time to think. Everything's been happening so fast lately. I hope Richie's doing okay.

13 Fentuary, Year 2 of the Sixth Age

Ptolemy's... gone. I left him under the care of a place called St. Elspeth's Hospital, some kind of dingy asylum for the sick and elderly in the backwoods of Asgarnia. I don't like it, but it's better this way, for both of us. No one will think to look for him there and the monks will take of him. Meanwhile I'll keep looking for a way to fix this. Still... I'll make sure to write him. It's the least I can do. Hopefully he'll understand why I did this.

I haven't checked on Ptolemos since we left. Part of me wants to leave him there... but no, I can't do that. I owe him that much, don't I? Even if that thing in there isn't really him, not entirely...

16 Fentuary, Year 2 of the Sixth Age

It's settled, then. I met with someone from The Godless, a lady named Sera. I'm one of them now. Strange, saying that... I've never worked well with others in the past, but isn't this what he wanted: a world without gods? Although he always spoke of The Godless, I never did see him work with them... Besides, I can't do it alone. I don't want to... not anymore.

2 Septober, Year 2 of the Sixth Age

Gods, I never thought being godless could be so boring. Ever since joining I've done nothing but hide, just as the First Commander ordered. We're to "remain out of sight" and not "engage the enemy." I told them myself we accomplished nothing by hiding, but did they listen? Of course not! Tch... I've probably had more experience fighting the gods than any of them. At least I tried to make a difference. Not like these fools...

3 Septober, Year 2 of the Sixth Age

It's happening again. I didn't want to believe it at first, not after last time, but I can't ignore it anymore. It's been too many weeks and I...

Demonic Encounters


Early Sixth Age, circa year 2

Gephis'vros was drifting aimlessly with the Abyssal tides, reflecting as he always did on the past and counting the ebbs and flows of the currents when he felt it: a summons. It started out as an itch he couldn't quite scratch at first, so he dismissed it as his imagination... but then it grew, and with it came an acute tugging sensation somewhere deep within his bowels. It'd been many centuries since he'd last felt such a call—yet there it was—and with it... power.

He shifted his weight and concentrated, allowing his inner eye to see through the folds of magic and into the evocation itself; woven crudely but acceptable enough to be understood, was a terse message. Its purpose was clear enough; even had it been incomprehensible Gephis'vros would still have heeded it, consequences be damned. Only by way of external means would he escape this abyssal prison, and considering this was the first and only invitation he'd received in centuries, refusal was not an option.

I accept. It was only two words, but in that moment they were the only things that mattered. By accepting the summons Gephis'vros was agreeing with whatever terms and conditions his summoner had laid out for him on the other side. Yet even so, any demon worth his sulfur knew that everything had a loophole—it was only a matter of finding and exploiting it. In the Abyss time behaved differently; it would take a few minutes for the connection to be made between their worlds.

Just enough time for Gephis'vros to make a few... adjustments.

Loss of Innocence

Early Sixth Age, circa year 3

It all began shortly after her escape from the Chosen Battalion's slave pens: Rosaline, heavy with children, retired to Al Kharid to direct the actions of Gephis'vros, an ancient lesser demon she had previously rescued from the deepest reaches of the Abyss. By working together she and her demonic minion successfully captured the attention of a desert lordling whose status and riches they could both potential exploit. It was thus, then, that Rosaline became the latest concubine of Kudret Tezri.

Meanwhile, Gephis'vros began mass-producing a dangerously volatile substance dubbed demonsbreath under his master's wary eye. Rosaline, employing Kudret's underground connections, conducted and regulated the trafficking of said magical concoction to acquire the funds necessary for the restoration of her family estate in Misthalin with Gephis'vros, who began stockpiling large quantities of demonsbreath below its foundation.

Between micromanaging the production of demonsbreath and caring for her twins, Linold and Joanne, Rosaline also began juggling with the responsibilities of an estate, following the death of her younger brother Richard in a violent protest between church and state, and her own personal research into sacred clay, a miracle substance said to be the building material of the gods themselves. Seeking out the clay proved to be a time-consuming and expensive process; in the meantime, Gephis'vros encouraged the circulation of rumors suggesting Rosaline's intent: a complete restoration of the late Ptolemos in order to bind him to her will.

Soon, due to neglect, Rosaline lost sight of Gephis'vros' activities, whose efforts to accumulate, cultivate and establish a business from the sale of souls, began to run contrary to her own efforts. Gephis'vros, misleading Rosaline with false information and lies, provoked a war between her and Arachnea, who held the remains of Ptolemos in her possession. He was charged with recruiting mercenaries for their future engagement as she procured the sacred clay through illegal channels.

Rosaline led the mercenaries, consisting of Serafino, Jhaktos, and Strabach, during their confrontation with Arachnea where she demanded Ptolemos be turned over to her. But when given the choice between him and her children, who had been unknowingly kidnapped by Arachnea, Rosaline chose them over her former master. She stood by, watching as the containment field crushed his remains, before ordering her men to attack Arachnea regardless of their agreement.

In the chaos of the battle Rosaline and her children were thought consumed by caches of demonsbreath meant for the enemy but it was not so. By speaking an incantation she and her children were whisked away to the safety of Ptolemos' hidden lair. Beset with rage, Rosaline meant to return and finish their fight; however, she chose otherwise after discovering Ptolemy Dean's letter to her. Prompted by it, she realized the folly of her actions, as well as Gephis'vros' deception. Spurred by her desire for vengeance and Ptolemy's words, Rosaline intended on correcting past mistakes and making rights from her many wrongs.

Rosaline in a clandestine meeting.

By pushing her supposed demise, Rosaline kept off the radar, making use of past connections to establish a network of spies which she used to watch Gephis'vros' movements. Later, she contacted Serafino and revealed the demon's treachery, convincing him they needed to put an end to him since their souls were at risk of being taken by Gephis'vros.

Launching an investigation of her own, Rosaline uncovered Gephis'vros' operation and sought a way to terminate them completely. She quickly attempted to contact Yokrad, a god who had business with Gephis'vros, to unveil the latter's betrayal but was caught and interrogated by the demon.

Rosaline was held captive by Gephis'vros until he confronted Serafino about his involvement in her conspiracy to depose him. She played a minor role in the conflict that ensued between three parties—Gephis'vros and Ptolemos, Serafino, and Yokrad—before convincing Yokrad to imprison Gephis'vros in the Void. She chose to not interfere in the false Ptolemos' fate. Afterwards, Rosaline heeded Ptolemy's instructions and settled with her children in Prifddinas, where she resumed contact with the Godless faction.

Tuska Oddity

Early Sixth Age, circa year 3

So it begins, the battle against Tuska. For Rosaline, however, it was more than just a fight for survival; the campaign against the goddess would serve as a show of force by mortals and for them...but the struggle was real.

Tuska viewed from afar.

Tuska proved stronger than initially thought. By collecting residual anima from the broken debris of dead worlds in orbit around the goddess, fighters from the coalition between four factions—Armadyl, Saradomin, Zamorak, and The Godless—could wound her via precision strikes with a mighty spear...yet it was not enough.

Despite their best efforts The Godless, along with the other factions, were unable to damage Tuska enough to successfully reduce the barrier around her. Becoming increasingly frustrated and suspicious regarding the intentions of both Vorago and the other factions, Rosaline began to design her own weapon to strike at the god-beast. Her efforts, though, were beset by distractions and diversions.

Not only was Rosaline just recovering from withstanding Mahjarrat's siege, she also had to deal with her own allies' endeavors. Between that, her promotion to administrator of The Godless Hall, and her recurring infirmnity, she struggled to work with Steven Weaver, an experienced diviner, and a cave goblin engineer to produce a divine bomb capable of inflicting massive damage to Tuska. Her work was interrupted a final time when a denizen of the Shadow Realm took notice of her and attempted to make her a warrior in his shadow army. His plan was thwarted, but by the time Rosaline recovered Tuska had been defeated through the combined efforts of the coalition's efforts and the emergence of a new method of wounding her.

Following Tuska's subsequent collision just offshore the Kharidian Desert, Rosaline stood with The Godless on the dead god-beast's corpse and knew victory—if only for a moment. Afterwards, with the erecting of an encampment on her, she and many other godless maintained watch over Tuska to investigate the mysterious portal manifesting from residual divine energy. Rosaline, aching to return to her home and see her children, stayed under orders until given leave by the First Commander after refusing to aid in the liberation of Mazcab from the airut menace.

Attack on New Yok

Early Sixth Age, circa year 3

New Yok... Rosaline Haines knew the city well, almost as much as her hometown of Varrock. She'd spent many days wandering its streets as a "guest" recovering from injuries sustained following an infiltration mission gone awry. It was the heart of Yokrad's operations, where the god and his followers survived despite the odds, and it was here she was going to tear Yokrad down and expose the core of his humanity for all his believers to see.

Rosaline in agony after slaying Yokrad.

Rosaline gave the order for Valrisandra to launch his assault on Yokrad's city from afar, masked within the Shadow Realm. She stayed behind with his reserves as he personally led the first charge, smashing into Yokrad's army in the streets. Despite their overall numbers, Valrisandra's shadows were pushed back by Yokrad and his shamans. Valrisandra called for a retreat, but  chose to stay and fight the god. Instead, he faced Drok, one of Yokrad's commanders.

Shadow and hobgoblin clashed until the latter became Dank Drok, who quickly joined forces with Valrisandra. However, Yokrad cast Valrisandra aside easily with his magic, but only then saw the reason for the shadows' withdrawal: Another army had surrounded the city and charged with Rosaline leading them. She had the shadows push through the city, renewing their attack on Yokrad's spent forces, before taking the fight directly to the god herself.

Bestride a shadowy griffin and armed with an anima spear, Rosaline challenged Yokrad. She soared past him several times, attacking with blasts of magical energy, before Yokrad could tear her down from the sky. She landed not in New Yok, but in a pocket dimension of Yokrad's creation, Once there the two fought in single combat until Rosaline got the better of Yokrad with his own magical attacks and delivered a mortal wound to the god. Yokrad succumbed to his injuries, his power leaking from him...and into Rosaline.

Beneath the retching, convulsions, and overwhelming discomfort of being suffused with a god's power, something stirred within her It was an alien presence, utterly foreign yet somehow familiar. Old memories surged by her, impressions left in their wake: Of Ptolemos, his need to correct perceived wrongs; of Yokrad, a drive to inspire his people. She saw herself, exotic and terrible, with the power to destroy her enemies and bring about her most deepest desires. She felt exhilaration flow through her even as the tears strung her eyes.

Was this what it meant to be a god?

Recent Events

The following events are listed chronologically, meaning they have already transpired and may have been elaborated upon in earlier sections:

Year 169 of the Fifth Age

  • Rosaline outside Aspera Tower.

    Upon learning of the Emissary's captor from Aspertina Feu, Rosaline launchs a rescue mission. Joined by a handful of chaos monks, she travels to Aspera Tower and tries to force Leila Kala Aren to release her master, but only narrowly managed to escape with her life when things turned sour.
  • Rosaline meets with Kemses, an ally of her master and barters a trade for a large quantity of bane ore. She refuses to divulge the reason why her master requires so much of the ore as she leaves him.
  • Following Ptolemos' creation of Mahjarratbane, Azulra confronts Rosaline at the Forinthry Ossuary with an army of demons. Azulra's forces slaughter the monks before capturing Rosaline, but not before she is able to send a message to her master. She's taken away to be tortured and is later sacrificed to fuel a resurrection ritual.
  • Ptolemos summons and binds Rosaline's soul into her dead body so she may continue to serve him even in death.
  • Rosaline gathers followers for Ptolemos' army and the necessary components he requires to construct a portal to send him back in time.

Year 1 of the Sixth Age

  • Yoral, Ptolemos' uncle, confronts Rosaline and his nephew. They clash and manage to force Yoral to withdraw.
  • Rosaline inflicts a fatal wound to Fykeric Bliem before later witnessing the destruction of the ancient dragonkin site and its portal. She believes Ptolemos to still be alive despite his defeat at the hands of Arachnea, Yoral, and Domino. She founds the Hand of Ptolemos and searches for him, although she loses hope when her investigates come up empty.
  • Once Ptolemos reveals his presence, Rosaline co-leads the Hand of Ptolemos forces in the Battle of Lumbridge. She takes an injury in the battle and withdraws to the Forinthry Ossuary. She then discovers her master's lingering memories and helps him on his quest to slay the dragonkin who murdered him.
  • In the North, Rosaline watches as Ptolemos and the dragonkin Lashual plummet into an energy rift. She refuses to believe her master is gone and again searches for him. She enlists the aid of a druid named Steven Weaver, a member of the Hand of Ptolemos, to find him. In the cave containing the energy rift, she and Steven learn Ptolemos' fate. She then meets Alorah, who accompanies her to Varrock to help her watch over Ptolemos.
  • Arachnea discovers Rosaline, who she then questions about the whereabouts of her master. She divulges his identity and location before demanding that she leave them be. Arachnea acquiesces, deciding to leave the two alone for now.
  • Rosaline has a close encounter with Domino, one of Azulra's minion, in a marketplace in Varrock. She leaves before the latter can confront her, fearing her master was watching from the shadows.
  • Strabach, Ptolemos' brother, confronts Rosaline while she works in the museum. He urges her to treat Arachnea well and to take care of his brother before leaving just as mysteriously as he appeared.

Year 2 of the Sixth Age

  • At Alorah's behest, Rosaline travels to the Forinthry Ossuary with Skelkesh, her griffin, to see how her order was faring. She is attacked upon arriving. Skelkesh is killed, while Rosaline manages to evade capture by pretending to be dead. She later discovers a dying Sacheverell, who she mercy kills. She's then captured, only to escape with the help of Steven Weaver.
Afterwards, Rosaline travels to Al Kharid to reunite with Alorah and Ptolemy. She stays with them until noticing members of the Hand of Ptolemos outside the city. She and the others flee the city and head to a coastal village nearby. There they steal a fishing vessel and continue their journey by sea.
After several weeks at sea, they are confronted by Azulra and a crew of her minions. Azulra demands Rosaline's surrender but is refused. Despite attempts to convince her otherwise, Azulra launches an attack against their ship. They are forced to abandon ship to escape.
Upon reaching dry land, Rosaline, Alorah, and Ptolemy travel to Kemses' fortress, hoping he will help them reach reach Dragontooth Island. Rosaline reveals the location of her master's remaining treasury in return for his aid. Once there they are met by Marethyu and Drok. Alorah convinces him to allow them use of his portal to Freneskae, but only under the condition that Drok travel with them. He teleports the four to the portal, which they use to travel to Freneskae.
She travels with Alorah and Drok through Freneskae, mainly acting as caretaker to the dazed and unaware Ptolemy. She narrowly escapes a pack of muspah with the others and is there to meet Akrenos, whom she believes was sent by Marethyu to spy on them. She convinces Alorah to leave behind Drok, saying she doesn't trust him, and is teleported away with her and Ptolemy to the Sundered Sea.
  • Upon learning of the vampyre occupation in Varrock, Rosaline immediately travels to the kingdom in search of her brother. She finds him in Edgeville. He tells her how he was rescued and evacuated by a resistance group in the city, and then informs her that his partner is missing after never having returned home. She promises to find and rescue him, and leaves for the lumber yard where he worked before the siege took place.
Rosaline travels to the lumber yard, using the weather to help avoid detection, and comes across an old house which she takes refuge in. A vampyre later lands outside and enters the home, discovering Rosaline inside. The resulting fight went both ways until Rosaline was able to overcome the vampyre. She asks it questions and learns of the Foryx Coven's involvement. She then demands to be taken to Lothorian, but the vampyre escapes.
Rosaline returns to Edgeville and seeks out the resistance group using what information her brother told her; her intention being to use them to gain access to the city. She finds Menia Concendo and convinces her to take her to their headquarters. After a few days there Rosaline learns of the the vampyres' activities: herding the population of Varrock to a central location. She quickly disguises herself and surrenders to them. She's herded along with the rest of the subdued humans to a large, open area in the city.
The vampyres quickly put on a show. They herd the humans into carts and fly them off to Morytania. Knowing that her brother's partner, Don, has likely been caught and taken there, Rosaline offers little resistance. She and the humans are then dumped in Meiyerditch. Left to her own devices to survive, Rosaline joins up with two other humans and together they seek out the Myreque. She later leaves the two to search the city for Don. She eventually learns of his fate and makes a difficult decision that concludes her quest.
  • Rosaline has an encounter with the hobgoblin Fulgrash and narrowly evades being taken captive by him while traveling through Asgarnia.
  • Ptolemos becomes ill and falls into a coma for no apparent reason. Later, after Rosaline delivers him to the hidden chamber where he stores his most precious belongings, she finds his notes and instructions for her to contact his daughter, which she does. Once Alorah receives the letter both she and Arachnea show up at the agreed meeting place. Rosaline is at first hesitant to trust the two, but eventually agrees to take them both to Ptolemos since he was the reason why she contacted Alorah in the first place. Trusting her master, Rosaline reveals the magical phrase that takes them to him.
Arriving in the original chamber where Ptolemos was imprisoned in long ago, Rosaline reveals her master's state. Both Alorah and Arachnea investigate with the latter discovering his two consciousnesses, Ptolemos and Ptolemy, are vying for control of his human body. Ptolemos then wakes and expresses confusion to her presence, but soon loses his mind to past events and then to Ptolemy's own. Arachnea reveals how she might be able to cure him via a ritual but requires certain items. Rosaline and Alorah agree to fetch a power source and a conductor respectively while Arachnea prepares a vessel. They then leave to do as tasked.
In her quest to find a suitable power source, Rosaline travels to Peakstone, a town she had rescued during her stint as the Seeker of the Hand of Ptolemos. She had heard of the rumors after the town was abandoned, spurning her to make reaching the town her first priority. If the Peakstone was as powerful as it was said to be, then it is exactly what Rosaline needs. But instead of the Peakstone, she finds a dead town full of restless spirits. Luckily for her, two adventurers just happen to come investigating and find her. Wo Dao and Serafino, together with Rosaline, march onward to recover the Peakstone, each for their own secret agendas.
Rosaline, Wo Dao, and Serafino try to lift what is said to be the mystical Peakstone located atop the central hill that the town is built around. None have any luck, however; the Peakstone just won't budge. Upon closer inspection, Wo Dao disovers the monument it is built on extends farther down than initially thought. Serafino, now impatient with the others and the Peakstone, uses his tremendous strength and magical abilities to try and remove it from the earth. It doesn't work as he expects, however; the ground them collapses, sending them all falling down into a flooded chamber located deep within the hill.
With the only exit way above them, Rosaline, Wo Dao, and Serafino have no choice but to explore the area around them. They found a way leading down and enter into a hallway where they find more ghosts and aggressive skeletons. After defeating them, they press forward and find two bodies of adventurers who had come to Peakstone to investigate the rumors of ghosts. They help themselves to their equipment before continuing onward.
They enter a much larger chamber through a secret entrance and find treasure, as well as a powerful skeletal sorceror. Once they defeat it, Rosaline realizes the real Peakstone is on its staff, so she takes it for herself before the others can. Serafino helps himself to the treasure before they take a staircase leading up, with a skeleton horde in pursuit of them. They reach the top, only to find the exit blocked. Two other adventurers who had accompanied the other two had tried to flee, but found the tunnel had collapsed on them. They warn the trio of the skeleton horde as it enters the room.
Instead of being torn to shreds, the group are surprised to find themselves unharmed as the horde halts. They soon discover that those who wield the Peakstone control the undead there. Rosaline suggests they leave while they can, but Rivan and Setra refuse, insisting the Peakstone is returned to its resting place so the dead may rest. Serafino and Wo Dao try to reason with Rosaline, but end up taking the staff from her by force. They then travel to the heart of the hill and replace it, returning the dead to their rest, while Rosaline is watched by the skeletons with the other two.
Returning to the top chamber, Serafino and Wo Dao discover Rivan wounded and Rosaline gone. Setra informs them of her escape, how she attacked Rivan once the skeletons were banished. They quickly return to the Peakstone's resting chamber, only to find it empty. Wo Dao is assigned to watch over Rivan while Serafino waits with the Peakstone. Rosaline appears and the two struggle, eventually ending with Serafino knocking her out. He takes her to the others, but the delay costs Rivan his life. The survivors are transported to Varrock with Serafino's magic where they head their separate ways. An unconscious Rosaline is taken into custody after Setra informs the guards of a dangerous woman on the streets.
Rosaline, once recovered, contacts her brother Richard and has him bail her out. With no one else to turn to, she asks him for help. He provides her some of his money to buy what she needs. Rosaline then leaves, promising him an explanation in the future. She returns to Ptolemos and performs the spell with Arachnea that transferred his memories to a construct provided by Arachnea.

Rosaline as a Chosen Battalion slave.

  • Rosaline witnesses a clash between Saradominist and Zamorakian followers while in Varrock. Disgusted by the spectacle she later meets with some members of The Godless to share what she saw. Once there she openly mocks those who died and her loathing of those who fought for their deities. The words of one of them, however, convinces her that perhaps it's not all as black and white as she believes. The other then reveals surprising news that makes Rosaline think of her own future and who it might include.
  • Rosaline encounters the hobgoblin Fulgrash once again and is captured by him. She's taken to Goblin Village and is introduced to the slave pens. Twigfingers, a friendly goblin and fellow slave, informs her of the dangers of being a slave, the local insurgence, and the Night Watchman, a figure of hope for the slaves in their darkest times. He also describes a few members of the Chosen Battalion, such as the one-handed Tallnose, the more recent addition, Mudbrain, and the Kyzaj Tournament. Later, when Fulgrash returns to check on her, she calls him "Ourgslayer" for his victory against such in the tournament. He leaves Rosaline to her work.

Year 3 of the Sixth Age

  • Rosaline convinces her partner, Kudret Tezri, to invite a member of a noble house for a tour of Misca and the Tezri estate. In secret, she directs Gephis'vros, her demonic slave, to deliver the invitations to Serafino Velare and Oof the Fist, two very strange people, in a bid to irritate Kudret, and possibly spread word of her supply of demonsbreath. It went swimmingly—or so she thought anyway—as both Serafino and Oof caused no end of trouble and annoyance to Kudret. By the time they had left, her partner had been robbed blind and left with a severe headache.
  • Rosaline attends a soiree of sorts; involved are those with connections to the black market. She goes with the intention of learning more—and perhaps even acquire a sample—of the mysterious substance known as sacred clay. Once there she barters with a man for a cursed gold ring to give to her partner, and then later negotiates with a man named Ghestil and his partner, Jeff, to deliver sacred clay to her for gold.
  • Rosaline is approached by Jhaktos, a Mahjarrat acquaintance of Ptolemos. Claiming to be the desert god, Scabaras, Jhaktos demands to see Ptolemos. In the ensuing conversation, Rosaline reveals Ptolemos' fate and reveals her intentions of restoring Ptolemos by using sacred clay. Jhaktos then explains how it might be easier to restore him using the ritual of enervation, a process by which Mahjarrat like him give birth to young of their own. When Rosaline points out they'll need the token Arachnea has in her possession first, Jeff comes in and delivers her sacred clay before disappearing just as fast. Afterwards, Rosaline asks for his assistance. He agrees and leaves her as he found her: tending to her children.
  • Rosaline travels to Kemses' fortress in an effort to acquire Kemses' cooperation in retrieving the token from Arachnea. Before getting inside though, she suffers through an increasingly frustrating process of identifying herself to Leonard, the commander of Kemses' forces. It takes several tries, but Rosaline eventually gains access to Kemses, albeit through a commorb. She explains her reasoning for being there, and then agrees to his terms. Meanwhile, temple knights, using a snowstorm for cover, attacks the fortress. They are beaten by the combined effort of Kemses' commander, a soldier named Gourdon, and Rosaline. Afterwards, Rosaline is given a prisoner and men to escort her back safely.
  • Rosaline, once again cooperating with The Godless, is given an assignment by First Commander Mark: Investigate the creatures north of Eagles' Peak. She and Mamoru, another Godless agent, venture there after she questions elves in Prifddinas concerning the beasts. They discover the "airut" are aggressive purple monstrosities, capable of great feats of strength and launching acidic projectiles from their maws alone. They narrowly escape detection, witnessing only moments before an adventurer get slain by one. Rosaline reports what they found to Mark, who divulges what he knows about their connection with a goddess named "Tuska." She's then dismissed, but not without a word of preparation.
  • Rosaline, during a respite between her travels, is attacked by two assassins working for Kemses. She narrowly avoids death thanks to the efforts of a few good samaritans who nurse her back to health. She leaves them before they can glean more information from her about the two men. Aftewards, during more godless activities, she hires one of the same assassins, whose name is Joe Barbaria, and persuades him to leave Kemses' services for her own in exchange for gold.
  • Rosaline confronts Wenkaurg, a hobgoblin from the Chosen Battalion, outside a small developing community beneath Prifddinas, where an elf corpse lay at his feet. Suspecting foul play and desiring to avoid a diplomatic incident, she demands he surrender to her custody to await elven authorities. Wenkaurg refuses and the two clash; he disarms Rosaline but not fast enough to escape a herd of elven out-riders alerted by the town's bell tower. However, before they can surround Wenkaurg, he produces a stone tablet and uses it to summon a horde of goblin archers and a golem capable of disrupting the elves' crystal magic.
As the weaponless out-riders charge the Bandosian forces, Rosaline retreats and performs a blood ritual to summon a pyrefiend. She's kept safe from Wenkaurg's attacks by a mysterious boy-in-orange who uses his own magic to combat the goblins. Despite their strength the out-riders are mostly slaughtered and withdraw. Rosaline and the boy-in-orange retreat, their efforts putting an end to many goblins, but not the golem itself, who collects the fallen elves' crystals. Wenkaurg and Rosaline debate over the outcome of the battle and what's to come for the elves before he, the golem, and the remaining goblins teleport away.
  • Rosaline gradually demonstrates her loyalty to the Godless faction by undertaking several missions, such as rescuing a captured agent and leading and participating in multiple guerrilla strikes against the antagonistic Order of Ascension; meanwhile, struggling with the responsibilities of being a single mother and her duties as the surviving matriarch of house Haines, Rosaline turns to alcohol to cope. She later shares poignant drunk talk with Pakkapux, a druid, the enigmatic Jeff, and Serafino the green giant, the last of which helps her with a delicate magical matter beneath her family's estate.
  • Following another failed assassination attempt by an unknown shape-shifter, Rosaline becomes a paraplegic; however, her troubles only continue to rise when Kemses, a former ally of Ptolemos, assaults her home. She narrowly defends it through the use of dark magic. In a bid to thwart further attacks she smuggles demonsbreath into his fortress and detonates it. This only provokes Kemses who leads a siege on her estate to destroy her entirely. Her attempts at calling a ceasefire are ignored, though, which lead to Kemses' total and utter annilhation and his army's retreat, ending the siege prematurely.
  • Joe arranges a get-together at the Haines' estate for Rosaline's return from Prifddinas. Several people attend: Serafino, Joe and his friends, a doctor of questionable rapport, many of Rosaline's friends and employees, Yokrad and his crew, and many more. It is a droll affair, confusing, angering, and distressing Rosaline once a minstrel performs an intimate ballad of her childhood. It soon ends after she discovers Joe refurbished her house with pink furniture.
  • Rosaline, following up on a lead about her mysterious would-be assassin, infiltrates the Kinsra as a cleric of Zamorak by using the connections and knowledge acquired from her time with the Followers of Zamorak's Opus to successfully answer their questions and obtain a position in one of their fortresses. She learns from one of her fellow clerics that the knife used by her attacker is a weapon employed by certain members of a Kinshra branch who served under the Mahjarrat Lucien. Sometime later, while eavesdropping on a conversation between a high-ranking black knight and one of Kemses' soldiers, she also learns about an imminent attack on her estate, but is then very nearly caught. She evades suspicion through the cooperation of another black knight and her quicking thinking.
Warned by Rosaline, the estate's staff evacuates except for Steven Weaver, who is ordered to stay behind by Rosaline. As the black knights and Kemses' army destroy the estate's magical defenses and siege the manor, they discover him in the lower levels next to a rigged divine bomb. Steven threatens to detonate it, having been led to believe the knights wouldn't attack. The knights' leader refuses to back down unless Kemses is given over and orders his men to charge. Suddenly, Yokrad appears and detonates the bomb, destroying the estate and killing many of the attackers while shielding himself and Steven from the worst of the blast.
Afterwards, while anxiously awaiting news from Steven, Rosaline is visited in her chamber by Yokrad. He delivers word of the estate's destruction, blaming the knights for setting off the bomb and claiming to have only just survived despite his best attempts at saving Steven and himself. Although skeptical, Rosaline receives summons to provide medical attention to the surviving attackers of her estate and asks Yokrad to leave, lest her cover be blown. She then goes and aids the wounded, but when the soldier from Kemses' army reveals Yokrad's actions in the estate, as well as her true identity, Rosaline accuses him of being an agent of the White Knights. She volunteers to be interrogated alongside the soldier and both are taken to the dungeons. She refuses to confess even after undergoing torture.
Yokrad, scrying on the proceedings, eventually teleports inside and rescues Rosaline, ignoring her attempts to convince the knights that she wasn't truly a godless agent. He takes her to Yu'biusk where Steven lies dying and allows them to share words. Rosaline listens to his last words and accusations, blaming her for the deaths of him and his friends before finally succumbing to his wounds. She asks Yokrad to take Steven's remains back to Gielinor so he could be lain to rest and grudgingly accepts his offer to stay on Yu'biusk and heal.

Rosaline with her family and friends.

  • Following her recovery, Rosaline returns to Prifddinas to visit her children. Yokrad, aware of this, inexplicably hires mercenaries to attack Ymgorffori and capture her and her family alive. Dressing as a tribe from the Eastern Lands, the mercenaries are taken to Prifddinas via Yokrad's magic and lay siege to the village. Despite Rosaline's attempts, Ymgorffori is sacked; she along with the rest of the villagers are taken captive, although she is able to hide her children away before the fighting begins in earnest.
Still shaken and upset by Steven's death, Rosaline aggressively challenges the mercenaries and their leaders, but is beaten down each time and eventually locked away. She ultimately refuses to try and summon Yokrad, his involvement in the destruction of her family's estate still fresh on her mind. In the end, however, Yokrad arrives anyway and confesses to having masterminded the attack and her capture. Furious beyond reckoning and now free of the mercenaries' magical bindings, Rosaline uses magic adapted from Ptolemos' notes to leave the scene without a single word or snide utterance.
  • Rosaline is greeted by a mysterious Mahjarrat who claims to be a cousin of Ptolemos. She asks for information about her former master's enemies and allies in preparation for the upcoming rejuvenation ritual. Rosaline agrees to her terms in exchange for a large sum of gold and runestones.
Later, after restoring Ptolemos as a bobblehead, Rosaline is confronted by the same Mahjarrat. She questions Rosaline about her decision and warns her to be careful not to spread the knowledge of his condition to the other Mahjarrat before leaving.
  • Rosaline approaches one of Yokrad's encampments on Gielinor bearing a white flag. She demands an audience with him, although his guards deny her request. Yokrad eventually reveals himself but refuses to speak with her in a private setting. As such, Rosaline addresses his followers openly, trying to besmirch his image before issuing an ultimatum: Yokrad must leave Gielinor and never return.
Yokrad refuses, and when Rosaline tries to leave one of his soldiers attacks her. She's saved by Valrisandra, who she introduces as an Orstrythesean. Once Yokrad attacks they both escape into the Shadow Realm. Meanwhile, on Yu'biusk, Valrisandra's shadow army marches on Yokrad's city of New Yok.
  • Rosaline, imbued with great magical powers, returns to her home in Ymgorffori. She feels strange and is appalled at the idea of being a goddess despite her friends' attempts at comforting her. Soon, however, memories of Yokrad, Bandos, and Ptolemos cloud her mind. In time she learns to use her new powers and goes on several journeys, such as stealing pineapples, making a bobblehead of Ptolemos, and searching for her lost partner. She invests little time with The Godless, participating briefly in the Invasion of Falador, before her supposed divinity and past actions draws the ire of her enemies.
Drok leads an assault on Ymgorffori, attacking with a golem designed as an anima superweapon, with Attila and a lady named Melissa. It doesn't take long for the town to fall to their soldiers and weapons. Rosaline, afraid for her family, exhausts her power summoning demons and attacking the golem. She loses consciousness as Gephis'vros makes his appearance, freed by her actions. He attempts to dissuade the attackers from killing her outright, instead advocating for a slow and humiliating death. They ignore him and leave with her despite his best attempts at stopping them. Her friends vow to rescue her. They leave the defeated Gephis'vros behind.

Rosaline escaping the Underworld.

Once back on Yu'biusk, Drok has Rosaline imprisoned until he can prepare a ritual to sacrifice her to the desert goddess Amascut. He and his companions—Forge the cyclops, Attila, and Melissa, whom escapes from Tiny Ptolemos' custody—take her to Yokrad's tomb. It is there Drok begins his ritual; summoning a rift to the Underworld and its soul devourers, Drok ignores Rosaline's begs for mercy as one of devourers emerges and drags her through—just as the rescue party led by Tiny Ptolemos arrive. Alongside Lyric, Joe, Strabach and loyal soldiers of Kemses' army, Ptolemos attempts to reach the rift but ultimately fails to do so and orders a retreat, abandoning Rosaline to the Underworld.
Regrouping, Tiny Ptolemos prepares a host of individuals to break into the Underworld and rescue Rosaline, assuming she lives. With Serafino, Joe, the Candy Man, the cute creature Lyric and his brother Strabach, Ptolemos outlines a plan to survive the soul devourers while giving Rosaline an opportunity to find them for a quick extraction. However, Joe grows agitated and enters the Underworld alone despite having little knowledge of magic and the like. The others are forced to pursue him as his actions might endanger their plan and risk Rosaline's soul as well as their own.
Ptolemos uses old Lunar magic to transport the souls of the "lesser mortals" into the realm of the dead without killing them, where they take up positions along the bank of the river Noumenon and prepare themselves to fight off waves of soul devourers until they're forced to retreat. Ptolemos casts a spell and signals for Rosaline, although this also draws the devourers to them. Soon the group are attacked, but the mysterious arrival of Joe gives them a brief respite. Unfortunately, Joe attacks them and reveals his identity as an agent of the deceased god Yokrad. They clash against each other and soul devourers even as a large herd of the beasts led by a wild Rosaline threaten to overwhelm them.
Using the herd as a distraction, Ptolemos, Strabach, Serafino and the Candy Man, as well as the manifestation of Ptolemy Dean and other latent spirits familiar to Rosaline, were able to rescue her from the Underworld and return to the land of the living. Upon their return though, they discover Lyric, Joe's friends, and Rosaline's children are gone, kidnapped by Yokrad's agent. They are then rescued by an unknown party, who kidnaps Rosaline, her friends, and a few Bandosians and subjects them to nightmarish scenes and cruel japes. They discover that the individual behind their kidnapping is none other than Kemses, who dies after a confrontation with his would-be victims. Her children are taken again, but this time by a mysterious masked stranger.
Rosaline tracks down the masked man to a forest in the Wilderness. Followed by the Candy Man and Melissa, and later Pakkapux, she attempts to track down her children and eventually finds them. However, she is trapped along with Pakkapux after trying to rescue her kids from their magical prison. They are later rescued by the combined efforts of Candy Man and Melissa and escape the strange forest. Joanne, her daughter, loses an arm although they are able to retrieve a large supply of witchwood.


Rosaline is a wiry woman of average height and ruddy complexion, her skin waxy and rough to the touch. Her blonde hair is styled in accordance with her ever-changing moods. She has prominent eyes a shade of light blue, a straight nose and round jaw. On her right shoulder is a tattoo of Comedy and Tragedy, and criss-crossing her pear-shaped figure is a collection of scars and blemishes including a brand of Zamorak's symbol on the nape of her neck and flagellation scars across her back.


Rosaline is a fierce, stubborn, and prideful woman. She displays loyalty, ruthlessness, is prone to arbitrariness, and believes the end justifies the means. These traits make her very difficult to work with, coming across as untempered convictions that can be very off-putting. She's driven by impulse and can be easily provoked; her short temper is matched only by her low tolerance for foolishness. Because of her distaste for any physical and perceived weakness as well as contempt for both lethargy and apathy, Rosaline maintains a workaholic mindset and will never sit idly by while events unfold around her.


Because of her privileged upbringing, Rosaline has knowledge of the world greater than that of most common people. She was taught reading, writing, and arithmetic as well as the history of Gielinor and the etiquette required for a woman of her station during her youth. She grew fond of art, particularly the performing arts, and studied dance and music under the tutelage of a master. It was during her stint with a circus troupe that she became familiar with the art of deception; through the use of cosmetics, skill, and guile, Rosaline deceives, entices, and captivates.

In her years spent as a chaos monk, Rosaline discovered the power of faith, underwent combat training, and expanded upon her grasp of herblore and the performing arts.

Rosaline's tenure with the Mahjarrat Ptolemos left her with a repository of esoteric knowledge and a certain appreciation of the world's affairs. She has since pored over his findings in an effort to increase her own understanding of magic as to gain further power, as with her demonology research, and to gain deeper insight into the mysteries of Gielinor.

Since meeting Vellus Tarelius, a Chthonian demon, and undergoing metamorphosis, Rosaline gained the ability to absorb the knowledge and power of other creatures through the act of consuming of their essence. It was after Rosaline devoured her former master that she finally grasped the power of the demonic taint within her. She began delving through Ptolemos' memories in order to understand the power she now wields and to use that knowledge for her own purposes.

Death became a necessary step in Rosaline's pursuit of power. She shed her mortal flesh for the ethereality of an untethered soul, granting her greater power over life, death, and in-between.

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  • Rosaline is an experienced lyrist, composer, and vocalist.
  • Rosaline is a practicing demonologist.
  • Rosaline has a collection of Tickle Me Hero plush toys (i.e., heroes and heroines like Moia, Kara-Meir, etc.).
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