Ronyo Agar
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Light Brown

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His ritual, murder, abduction, the usual.

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He would stick to magic and keep his distance using allies to stall for time.


Dagon' Hai Robes, Though now he wears a disguise to avoid conflict


In the year 267 of the Second Age a portal from a different realm appeared in gielinor in what is now modern asgarnia. Through it came many humans all of which were robed in different colors. The portal when it appeared was very large and bright It was noticed as far west as the elf people and as far east as Hallowvale. Within a few days these “humans” began to unknowingly reveal their unnatural abilities such as controlling certain elements. Theses powers made the normal humans fear them. Though within a few weeks the special humans began to disperse in search of their own elements only a handful remained. One of the Gods at the time Zaros was one of many who noticed the lights coming from the portal however brief it was, he called to have some of his forces from the front lines to go investigate what could have been the cause knowing full well that this land was well within his territory and should be safe from other-godly interference. When his forces arrived to that area of Asgarnia it was two days too late, the dispersal had already happened, when they went and asked around they were happy to find out that some of the Special Folk had stayed behind they quickly began to capture them all. They also sent a man on horse back to Zaros to ask what they should do now since most of them were not here. Less that three days later the messenger returned to the forces with the order to pursue.

The Elemental users which we will follow as they pertain more to this story will be the the Fire Users or since I wrote this and it quickly got old the Fauras ((Fow-ruhs) Fire Auras not to be confused with the rank) During the dispersal the Special Folk went to regions that felt strongest with their elements. Many of the Fauras were fooled into the Khariddian Desert many of which were picked up by Zarosian men along the way, the ones who entered the desert most likely died out. Other Fauras during the dispersal felt a smaller presence in a landmass to the south. There they found an island covered with jungle with a mountain of fire in its' northern half.

The few who made it to this island prospered inside the mountain with the people made from rock and fire (or the Tzhaar) here over the next millenia they began to learn the art of fire. After which a few started learning all they could about fire and the Tzhaar. A few began leaving in search of new knowledge.

The third group to leave together is the one we will follow as again it pertains to this story. The group had seven members and they traveled to the mainland once more. The members of the group being extremely hard to distinguish by the Tzhaar as each person had tan skin and black hair, all earned the same name TzMej (Meaning Fire Mages) They also never used their powers to harm anyone or anything, they only divulged in their powers for creation. When the group had reached the mainland three days later a storm was stirring they quickly took for shelter inside a cave next to the coast and did their best to keep each other warm. The storm raged for thirteen horrible days two of their party perished by the time the storm had calmed enough so the Fauras would be able to leave. Two of the strongest left to retrieve food and drink. After a day of recuperating their strength they burned the bodies of their dead (the Tzhaar when they died just lost all heat in their bodies and were usually turned into tokkul though when one of the Fauras happened to by accidentally get killed the Tzhaar after a few days took the body and threw it into a large flame, the Fauras took up this as a funeral tradition). Then the group began to travel north then west eventually coming across another obstacle a large ice capped mountain in their way, knowing how useless their powers would be in that weather the Fauras decided against going through the mountain entrance up the mountain, instead they went north to get around it. After a days walk they arrived at yet another obstacle... a Zarosian blockade guarding the border of their gods' territory.

As it may pertain to this story I will give an account of the fates of the other Auras (element users). There were only four types of elemental users that exited the portal so many centuries ago. Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. We will start in the order in which I typed them. The people that used water (the Wauras it may sound awkward but I must keep consistency) during the dispersal left mainly for nearby or large water sources. Sadly Zaros having captured the ones that stayed behind managed to trick them through their innocence and ignorance into revealing where the others would most likely go. Now knowing this information within a year Zarosian forces found the Wauras near the ocean shores, near lakes, and ponds capturing them. Within a year all the Wauras on the mainland had been captured. Only a few that had managed to learn the art of water travel escaped when they had become threatened. The Earth Users or Euras (Yoo-rus) though suffered even more misfortune. They all stayed very close to the dispersal point and Zaros knowing their love of earth found them in tunnels and caves. Two or three years only passed when every single Eura was captured or killed. The Air Users or Aoauras (ow-or-rus) were most fortunate having flight be one of their first abilities quickly dispersed to all points in Gielinor seldom did one get captured or killed. Zaros though knew not where the Fire users would be since there were not any lands of fire, he thought deeply doubting they would come to a man-made flame he began to think of areas of heat the first place that came to mind was the Khariddian Desert having to act quickly at this time knowing the large desert to the south east was not in his territories yet he sent his forces to intercept. It was a large success over half of those Fauras were captured and some more were killed with only a few escaping to their untimely fates in the desert. A millenia late though the Fauras began returning to the mainland in small parties. Zaros discovered this fact when his forces guarding the shores of his kingdom reported seeing small boats made from jungle wood made landfall the people on them started attacking anyone who approached using fire as their weapons. The wise god knowing this had been a lie about the violence and the only true part was that the Fire Users still lived. He made another order to capture anyone who could wield flames anyone doing so would be greatly rewarded.

Now approached the group of five north of the mountain at the blockade. As they closed the distance between themselves and the guards at the gate one of the party began to feel uneasy and began to voice her concerns to the others in the language of the Tzhaar. Awkwardly enough the many guards near the gate did not approach or do anything to arrest the few and watched in awe as the brown-skinned people came closer, they were wearing clothing made from obsidian and were jeweled in Onyx and other rare jewels. Were they kings and queens passing by? The guards probably thought. Or some sort of nobles? Maybe generals? And why were they here so close to the front? The encampment they walked towards had a large wooden wall with some steel reinforcements and an iron gate, next to this was a tent barracks with an extravagant and large tent sitting closest to the gate. When the party arrived at the border one of the guards got up the courage and asked their business. The female Faura of the group already being extremely tense up to this point was startled by the question in a foreign tongue sent a flash of fire at his face though extremely harmless it was proof enough as to what they were. The guards began to surround them, but not before they made a run for the gate which was a few hundred yards ahead. As the group ran a figure popped its' head out from the extravagant tent it walked out and once they were close enough to distinguish the features the female stopped in her tracks finally realizing what had made her uneasy she bolted back south toward the mountain entrance away from the gate. The other Fauras quickly followed, but one of them continued to run going straight for the figure as he got closer his confidence slowly waned but he sprinted toward the figure anyways. The figure was that of a Mahjarrat an extremely powerful being which at the time most or all followed Zaros. The Faura got to within a few yards and then used a heat-propelled jump to go several feet over him, the Mahjarrat though sort of expecting this jumped up and grabbed the Faura by the leg and threw him to the ground instantly killing him. The others for the first time in their lives began using fire not as a tool but as a weapon to burn through the few guards that had managed to close the gap to the south. They escaping with the Mahjarrat pursuing in the name of his lord. After many hours of using heat-propelled sprinting and jumping they had managed to put a few hours between themselves and the Mahjarrat. The Fauras now exhausted decided to find a quicker way onto the mountain, after a few minutes of deliberation they combined their own abilities into one large heat-propelled jump on the forty-foot ridge of the Ice-tipped mountain. Though when the Mahjarrat arrived five hours later saw that their tracks had stopped and knew where they had went, the powerful being began to climb the ridge. The Fauras when they reached the top of the ridge found a cut-out from the mountain and took shelter in it and slept. A few hours after they had stopped and slept one of the Male Fauras woke, he saw that the Female was missing unconcerned he waited lying awake for half an hour or so, now he became concerned he got up thinking she must have fallen in the snow somewhere began to follow her footprints she had left behind in the snow.

This Faura is the one we will follow as the ones left behind do not pertain to this particular story. The Male Faura traveled through the snow for six days occasionally seeing a hint of her trail, he purposefully left deep tracks in hopes that the other two Fire Users would follow. He continued to follow her traces until he reached the other side of the mountain. Now the clues became seriously harder to spot, each only being found after weeks of searching. It reached the point where he would not find a place where she hand been at all, the Faura began to head in random directions occasionally sensing that her presence had passed through a location at some point in time. Months turned to years, he began learning the locals basic language asking in the common tongue led to more leads which most of led nowhere, years to decades. He began to doubt that he would ever be able to find her the last clue to her existence being found sixteen years ago now the time being the 1,347th year of the Second Age, decades to centuries. Only now not having found anything about her for over a hundred and fifty years did he begin to lose hope in her being alive. He had managed at this time to travel far enough west to find another mountain range. He stayed in this area for many more decades not wandering very far off.

One day the Male Faura fell asleep next to the very mountain which the last clue had been found, in the middle of the night he had awoken and realized that instead of heading home that day he had dozed off by the mountain. He decided that traveling at night would be too dangerous so he gathered some fire wood, lit a flame, and returned to sleep. The Faura slept for only two hours though because something bright began waking him up. He thought “Has the sun come up early? Was my fire too close to the tree-line and the forest has caught flame?” he opened his eyes and saw that neither of those thoughts were true. Instead the light was coming from behind him, he looked to see the side of the mountain with a large symbol burning on it. Though some of it was gone through wear due to age, he could clearly read the the character the Tzhaar used for hello. The Faura wept with joy as he knew who must have made the symbol. He also knew this must have meant that beyond this mountain was what he had been searching for. The Male Faura had heard stories of the elven people beyond this mountain and for a fact he'd seen the entrance to the Underground Tunnel which the elves used for travel and trade. He immediately headed north to his home he had built nearby and gathered his things and sprinted with a new found energy south for the Underground Tunnel. When he arrived he met elves that could speak the common tongue at its' entrance. Elves live extremely long lives and remembered all they saw, heard, or read. Fortunately when he asked they recalled seeing someone according to how he described her. Before they could completely recall her he tried to add that she probably had a worried and scared look about her but they went on later to deny that she looked like that at all, she actually seemed quite calm to some degree. The Male Faura was perplexed by this but did not linger too much on it, he asked if he could have passage though the mountain. They aloud him through and two days later he arrived on the other side.

On the other side only a few elves spoke the common tongue but the Faura persisted for weeks through the land eventually he found that she still wore much of the same jewels that he does sadly he had to sell some of his own to merchants at times when there was little food so that he would not starve. But now all he had to do was point at his amulet or bracelet for them to recognize what he was trying to say though they could not tell him where to go because he couldn't understand, they pointed instead. Humorously enough the female Faura had heard of his coming and with joy began following his tracks her knowing the elvish language allowed her to quickly catch up. While the male was in one of the elven stores he began pointing at the amulet and talking in very basic elvish trying to ask where she was. The elf in front of him began pointing behind him. He started over repeating the gestures and simple words and then pointed to his amulet. The elf though continued to persist and pointed behind him. The Male Faura relented and turned to walk out when suddenly a beautiful woman embraced him and began to cry. He lifted her face and looked at her and confirmed the features of the woman he remembered, her even toned tan skin , her fine black hair, her brown eyes which always made you ask a question. He stared into those tearful eyes after a moment he decided to wipe the tear on the edge of her left eye to look at it more clearly, but at that moment she jumped up softly and locked her lips with his own, he held her up by the waist to make sure she did not fall. She continued making the motions with her mouth which he then began to repeat after a few minutes. After this had finished she pulled back and looked at him while he stared at her, he was confused as to what just happened but happy nonetheless. She took him to her home and for many days stayed up and reminisced after that they slept. They took it in moderation from there everyday for months, taking pauses only to sleep, eat, or teach him the elven language. She had told him many things including she had earned a name from the elven people it was Ronyo meaning “fox” for the fact she was quite clever, knowledgeable, and other more suggestive reasons. He immediately took up calling her this, both of them lived together for hundreds of years her showing him new things along the way such as the grand elven library, and the serene landscape the elves lived in. he indulged in this new knowledge. After he had learned all he could he began to only indulge in Ronyo, finding all her likes and dislikes and pleasing her as much as he could. He had strong feelings for her as she did towards him the elves called this feeling “Mela” meaning love. The Elven kingdom remained at peace until the news of Zaros' death. This had much effect on the world of gielinor but little to the two Fauras them only knowing Zaros through stories. But then within a few years a being named Zamorak “returned” and initiated the God Wars.

The third age or the God Wars as it was now being called kept the elves on guard, the elves only stayed on the defensive though relying heavily on the mountains to their east for defense. They did not serve any of the warring gods and served mainly under Seren whom had led them to the land of Gielinor during the first age. There were occasional attacks at the underground pass though. There were three battles that our male Faura and Ronyo participated in. The first two battles helped the Male Faura earn his elven name that name was Draug (meaning “wolf”). The reason for this name was because of the way he fought he used a bow well but was best with a sword or halberd, he was a ferocious warrior strong like a wolf and he also was best when working with others to defeat an enemy. His main partner Ronyo who used two short swords which were enhanced by heat or fire just as Draug (what we will now call the male Faura) enhanced his own. As there is no real need to describe the first two battles we shall move onto the third and final battle which took place only decades before the battle that awoke Guthix and created the wilderness.

This battle began outside the underground pass and ended deep within the elven kingdom, Draug and Ronyo joined the fight when the elven forces were pushed through the underground pass. At this point in time the two Fauras had a deep and pure bond. Also their abilities to use fire as a weapon had reached its' peak. The two were at the shore enjoying the waves together as the summons came, they asked what it was about and were told that for the first time in history enemies had breached the pass. The two rushed to the battlefield. A few days later they arrived to see a crushed army of elves with very little remaining soldiers. The enemy were now found to be Zamorakians how they got so far behind their enemy lines no one is sure. But all Draug and Ronyo could see were hundreds of demons from left to right. Before the two could decide as to what they should do. The demons took notice of them and started attacking. The two Fauras fought for days holding the massive army back. Any wounds two sustained they quickly used fire to cauterize it themselves to continue the fight. By the fourth day Draug had suffered from a large stab wound from a demon and had many minor fractures around his body, Ronyo had only a broken left arm. The elven army seeing this window of time instead of sending quick unorganized forces were readying a large overwhelming army to destroy the demons. But by this time Ronyo and Draug had about 20-24 kills between the two of them and were barely holding their own against the mass of demons. Then came the final part of the battle.

Draug had just finished scorching a demon into ashes when the demon army stopped attacking. He looked to Ronyo asking her in Elvish ( { } = foreign language which we will label for sake of the story as Elvish) {Have we won?} {doubtful my beloved} Ronyo replied with a saddened look about her as she babied her broken left arm. Draug looked to the large Zamorakian army then heated his sword hoping he had enough time to cauterize yet another slash wound he had caught moments ago. He pressed the fiery blade against his leg clenching his teeth to endure the pain. The demon army began to part as a demon twice the size of them walked to the front it was wearing grand armor. A Zamorakian general most likely. It pointed to the two Fauras who looked like they could barely stand “where is this grand force of which had stalled my army for so long putting us behind schedule” the demon already knowing that it was only Fire Users left. “I shall have my commanders teach you to show some respect to the great Zamorak and those who follow him.” Out from behind the large demon popped two extremely powerful beings, both of them were Mahjarrat. Ronyo showed her fear of them as she took a few steps back even though they were already hundreds of feet away. The two Mahjarrat anyone could tell did not take orders from anyone but at this time they were already interested on fighting the Fauras. One of the Mahjarrat were female the other male, their names lost in time. The two Mahjarrat in their eagerness for a real fight started at a fast run to close the distance. Draug stepped in front of Ronyo to protect her seeing her fearful state. {Do not worry Ronyo I am here.} Draug said to comfort her, Ronyo did not respond with the Mahjarrat now only a few feet away. Draug immediately opened up with a flurry of fire to both distract and possibly harm the Mahjarrat, it succeeds with one of them but the other charged through the flames. Draug though exhausted jumped into the air sending a stream of fire at the one who charged which is the male, the female was in a veil of smoke left from the flames. The male Mahjarrat merely deflected the attack this time and leaped lunging toward him. Draug in mid-air could not do much to avoid the Mahjarrat knowing his probable fate he prepared himself for it closing his eyes. After several moments (which were really after a few seconds) he landed on the ground unscathed. He opened his eyes to see what had transpired and before him was Ronyo with the Mahjarrat's arm pierced through her chest. The Mahjarrat threw her body aside as Draug now sitting up felt something stab him through his back he did not need to look behind him as the female Mahjarrat's arm was sprouting from his sternum. The Mahjarrat pulled her arm out and kicked him down and walked away disappointed at the short fight. The Male quickly followed her equally disappointed. Draug then used all his strength to crawl to Ronyo's motionless body and turned her over. She was still alive. {I have something to say before I die here my love.} Ronyo murmured. {Save your strength} Draug replied as he put his finger to her lips. She moved his hand away {Remember that night on the mountain capped with ice?} Ronyo whispered

{Yes of course, but it does not matter right not let us get you back to the elves they will heal you} Draug answered.

{It does...}

as Draug's eyes begin to dim he could barely see the world around him, he began to cry {Please save your strength you'll be fine I promise you.} he felt her right hand touch his face. {On that night I sensed a Mahjarrat and awoke... I made an evil decision for my own survival I left you all to die to save myself, had I known we were so close to the border of Zaros' empire I would have... I would have.} she burst into tears. {You have done many countless good deeds in your life, the ones you left behind would forgive you, I forgive you!...} Draug let more tears pour down his cheeks while grasping her hand. {save your strength} {...if only I could forgive myself... my love, do me one last deed that I never thought I deserved from anyone} she pulled herself up towards him. He moved his head closer to her and even in the darkness that was his or her's sight they put their lips together. They kept them that way for the longest time then Ronyo's grasp on Draug's hand went limp. Draug now overcome with grief let her down and whispered to her “Mela” he stood up surprising the demon army. “Mahjarrat!” he yelled in the common tongue at the top of his lungs. Both of the Mahjarrat stopped. It is unclear what happened directly after this but all that was written was that the Zamorakian forces retreat and the Mahjarrat survived but were both wounded severely. Draug lived through this as well, Though Ronyo left this world sadly.

The God Wars ended, Draug now alone in this world kept to himself isolated in his house deep in the forest which he and Ronyo used to share. He stayed like this for many decades only going out for food and occasionally letting others in to chat. In the 169th year of the Fourth Age, Draug went to the house of the Elves Wisest mage at the time. This mage having seen Draug's suffering offered to wipe all of his memories completely and have him be “Reborn” into this world. (though not literally just in the sense he would become a new person) {Do it} Draug said. {Follow me} the mage responded. But as he turned Draug grabbed his arm {I have a few conditions though.}

The Mage with a comforting smile {anything for a dear old friend.}

Draug explained {Wipe everything about her... but keep any other knowledge or I’ll be too vulnerable, nothing about elves though... take away all of my “unique” abilities} The mage asked { Have you come up with a new name for yourself?}

{Ronyo... Ronyo Agarwaen} ((Rown-yoh-Ah-Gah-Wen) meaning “Blood-Stained Fox”) Draug followed the mage deep underground.

Now you can choose to accept the prelude to Ronyo Agar or you may call it lore-break however miniscule it was, Ronyo will never remember his old self, he will never regain his old overpowered abilities and it is very doubtful he will meet up with the Mahjarrat or any long living being who might remember him again. But now for his bio after the wipe, completely lore-break free.

Ronyo Agar believed he was born into this world as a higher being who had found the magic that led to the perpetual Fountain of Youth. He also was born with the ability to control fire to a degree without runes or staves. He only considered himself a gifted fire mage though. He thought that he was blessed to be born without feelings or what the humans called a “heart” though he had one in the physical sense he was devoid of a conscience. Knowledge was what he considered his drug as he followed it to the ends of Gielinor. Everywhere he stayed he would learn all about the populace and the environment that surrounded them. After traveling most of Gielinor Ronyo became bored with the peaceful Fourth Age and its' inhabitants. By the 1372nd year of the Fourth Age Ronyo Agar began to delve into the dark arts, since he had learned all about the good of Gielinor he wanted to learn about its' evils as well. By the year 2000 of the Fourth Age Ronyo Agar managed to summon his first demon. A horrible failure but the danger excited him and he was glad he could fail at something and began to experiment. It was now the 100th year of the the Fifth Age Ronyo Agar started the tests for the Tritonic Ritual, all failures. He added another phase making it the Quadronic Phase Ritual in the 169th of the Fifth Age, that very same year he added the final phase almost perfecting the it and he renamed it the Pentonic Phase Ritual.

I left Ronyo Agar's Bio as open for later additions as possible for many reasons such as I did not want to make you guys wait forever and there is not too many events in the fourth age that were particularly interesting.

Ronyo Agar awoke in a lush green field, the sun already setting in the west. He stayed laying there for the longest time hearing himself breathe, after seeing the sky grow darker still he decided to sit up and look around to get a better view of his surroundings. A jolt of pain went up his back, how long had he been sleeping for his spine to ache so? Even with this though in his mind he proceeded to look to his right and then his left, ignoring the pain in his back as he did so, saying softly to himself “familiar... yet I don not...” He'd stop mid-sentence, immediately standing up with another shock of pain that almost sent him reeling. Then he would look around again ~where am I?~ he would think, in an instant almost as if a floodgate to a mammoth river have been opened thousands of questions began to flow into his head. ~What happened?~{Nothing}~Who am I?!~{Ronyo Agar}~What am I?~{...} Ronyo Agar not even realizing his questions were being answered got on the ground and started to wretch, nothing was coming up though. For three night and two days Ronyo Agar sat there vomiting nothing from his empty bowels, finally he gave into exhaustion and fell into unconsciousness.

This time Ronyo Agar would wake on something much softer, the air around him much warmer. His eyes opened, before him was the inside of a brick home, a lit fireplace, a man sleeping in a chair, and a... Bookcase. {Books! Pieces of parchment bound together with writing in them} the voice saying this inside his head. Before he knew it he was standing next to the bookcase a book already in his hand on page thirty-six. Had he already read this far? Or did he just happen to flip to this page? The thought left his mind as soon as it had come and he began to read. By the time he reached probably the one-hundredth page, as the pages stopped being numbered after fifty-two, he noticed movement in the room catching his eye, he closed the book titled “To Grow A Large Pumpkin, A Day-By-Day Experience” remembering the page he was on. Before him was an old man dressed in modest brown robes with a yellow star embroidered on the chest of it. “I see you have helped yourself to my book collection” the man saying to Ronyo in a sort of jolly tone. Ronyo Agar studied the man for a moment seeing that he was quite fat and at least the age of fifty ~was this his home?~ “Yes I think I have...” Ronyo Agar would begin, quickly realizing he was talking in a language that even he could barely recognize.. “Yes I think I have....” again yet another language different from the first though, but still unable to be understood by either of them... the old man started to look concerned. “y..y..YES! I think I...H..h...HAVE!” Ronyo saying as if choking on the words. After saying this Ronyo Agar noticed the man no longer paying attention to his face but looking at his gut, Ronyo Agar didn't understand at first until he began to hear his stomach's almost continuous growl, he had not heard or felt this before now he was too focused on the book, almost like everything else became unnecessary and was filtered out. “Ya hungry ma'boy?” the not even needing confirmation as he walked to the larder in the corner of his one-room home. “Absolutely famished sir...” {Tzhaar} (the first language Ronyo Agar was ever fluent in) “Absolutely...” Ronyo started but now checking to see if he was speaking a foreign tongue, he was. {…} (this one was elvish) “Famished Sir!” This time in the common. “Come help yourself lad” The old man taking out a carrot and a potato from the larder “I kept the fire going through the night and left some stew in the pot over it, though now it may be a bit strong from being overcooked, but some vegetables ought to dull the taste”. The old man now chopping the potato and carrot into the pot accompanied by splashing noises as the pieces fell in. Ronyo as he watched the stew cook the fresh pieces of vegetables started to become ravenous as he realized how hungry he had really been. The old man waited at least a quarter of an hour before deciding to take a hand rag and grab the handle of the pot, he placed it on the table somewhat clumsily as he was not expecting the heat to seep through the rag so quickly. Then Ronyo would quietly take a seat a bowl already in front of him, the old man was now grabbing a ladle and putting into the stew doing on quick stir he would then grab a large portion of it and poured it into Ronyo's bowl. “There you are” the man smiling warmly “ Eat up.”

The man asked Ronyo Agar many questions throughout that day, many of which Ronyo had already asked himself. The funny thing was Ronyo knew the answers to most of the questions. “what is your name young man?” ~{Ronyo Agar}~ “My name is Ronyo Agar” he was getting the hang of speaking only common now, “ Well Ronyo Agar my name is William Pickett, may I ask why you were out in a field starving not four-hundred paces in any direction to civilization?” {…} “I don't... know” Ronyo tried to think hard on how he had arrived there. William now looking at the book Ronyo had been holding the whole time “you like gardening?” “Hm?” Ronyo genuinely confused at the question. “the book in your hands, it's about pumpkins, I wrote it a few years back... gets lonely being a monk” William began to taper off to other topics of conversation, after a few minutes Ronyo interrupted “Do you mind if I live with you?” The old man stopped and looked absolutely dumbstruck, “Of course you can! I'd be happy to have some company, it gets lonely out-” “yes... I know” Ronyo cut in.

Ronyo Agar stayed with William Pickett the Saradominist monk for thirty-four years until William finally passed due to old age, during the time he shared with William he learned thousands of things about chivalry, justice, order and other ways of Saradomin even a few things about Zamorak though the monk rarely spoke of The God of Chaos. It was not the 203rd year of the Fourth age (he had apparently been asleep for an extremely long time or the spell to erase memories took a long time to work) Ronyo left and traveled in search of other places of civilization he had already explored the large settlement to the south plenty on his daily trips to the market during William's old age, so now he decided on a whim to travel east and within only a few days discovered a village filled with those who followed Guthix they were peculiar folk almost like Ronyo but not in age but in intelligence they were quite different. Here he stayed for several hundred years learning vastly more things. He probably would have stayed there but sadly the humans there started to shun him for claiming to also be a human though he never aged. Ronyo Agar though could not explain why and only claimed human-hood because he looked it. When he finally decided to leave during the 423rd year of the fourth age he turned to the north. He only had been able to stay in the northern lands for a few weeks before rumors of him began to reach their ears too he left this time to the south looking for a port he had heard of. He was in search of a distant island full of people that would accept his “special trait” like William did when he realized it----


Ronyo is usually seen wearing his Dagon'Hai Top, Bottoms, and Hat, though Ronyo does not follow Zamorak he likes to appear to as it draws to him people who have his current interests, plus it is comfy! Along with the robes he wears soft red cloth gloves, red boots with a spike protruding from the tip mostly ornamental, an Onyx amulet he says nowadays it is because it looks nice but it holds some history to him, He almost always carries with him his decorative looking wooden staff with a dragon head carved at its' tip though of course the head is for decoration it adds some of a fear factor to go along with his fire spells, then his red cloak which is prone to catching fire, and finally his book he carries with him containing the names of those whom have participated in the rituals or have joined his cult.

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