Romanus Skaelgar


Human (Region unknown)/Guthixian




None. Presently a Worshipper fugitive in Daemonheim.


Admiral's Valluta Blade, Admiral's Defender


Augmented Elite White Void gear, the Skaelgar family helm.

Previous positions held

Gladitorre, Druidic Pupil, Void Knight (Knight, Captain, Commodore, Admiral), Adventurer, Mercenary (Dayspring Mercenaries)



Known Relatives

Pyr Skaelgar (Ancestor, deceased), Angel Skaelgar (Sister, deceased)

Romanus is the slave name given to a young man with an impressive history despite his relatively short life. Though the earliest years of his life remain an enigma to all but one, his lineage and life from slavery onward has been well documented and speculated by a number of philosopher-warriors and other understudies of Romanus' approach to combat.

Despite his extroardinary history and rabid ascension in whatever matters he applies himself to, Romanus has historically stayed out of politics and other public matters. He is a man of resigned virtue, who acts when he believes it is necesarry and when he believes that nobody else will.



Romanus himself has no recollection of his life prior to the age of 7 and waking up with his other and sister in the Kharidian slave mines. It is unknown if this was due to magic, injury, or some psychological trauma. What is known is that his mother and daughter were separated to him when they were put in caravans sent to the black markets on then-shady Al-Kharid. He would never reunite with his mother, only to learn she died on the journey. His sister would be met on unfamiliar circumstances at a much, much later date.

Slavery and Escape

At only 7 years old Romanus, then an unnamed slave boy with no recollection of his life beyond the mines, was sold into the servitude of a rich Kharidian nobleman to train to become a Kharidian Gladiator, which were also known as Gladitorre. He endured a rigorous routine day by day until the age of 17. After a decade's investment the Kharidian nobleman released him and his comrades into the Kharidian Duel Arenas, which were widely renowned for the barbaric sport of man-vs-man combat to the death.

Romanus was to receive the name by which he continued to be known as after his first victory- if he survived. Fortune smiled with Romanus, however: having been bought at 7 years old he received nearly twice the training the average slave child did. War-philosophers often argue the Kharidian nobleman, whose name was lost with his life shortly after Romanus' escape, had great insight into the capabilities of the young child.

The youthful warrior soon became a crowd favorite, constantly prevailing in battle with such persistence that he soon became known as "The Deathless" after the Fremminik wonder, Koschii. Romanus was a troubled if silent spirit at this time; he knew not how to properly speak Common Tongue nor write at all.

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