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Unknown, likely middle-aged


Unknown, most likely human




Leader of The Order of Jas


Chaotic Neutral

Rolyat26 was an assassin and leader of the Order of Jas, a short lived order that fought a series of skirmishes in 2012 against the The Order of St. Rimmington's Saroithic Church.  Rolyat goes by his screen name as it is the only verifible name attributed to him and he has used many aliases in the past including but not limited to "The Lonely One", "BlackJack" and "Exial". The Order initially sought to assassinate Dion Magnan.  However after Magnan escaped multiple assassination attempts.  The Order of Jas began targeting lower ranking members of That Saradomin group for several months in 2012 inflicting several casualties and causing many in his order to desert.  Eventually, when there were only a few members of Dions Order left, Rolyat and his clan began to disband believing that Dion's clan would never recover.  Rolyat has only been sighted a few times since he disappeared in 2012.

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