Rhyme dressed in his usual clothes

Rhyme is an active Sliske devoted thief character owned by the user Azure Pheonix.


Not much is known about this mysterious man, his deeds, or his motives. Often he denies following Sliske to those who hate him, yet he wears a mask and often treats other followers like brothers. His name comes from the fact that he only speaks in rhymes, and that no-one has reported knowing this man by any name.


Rhymes age is unknown at this point but he is speculated to be in his 20's, he is rather thin, pale, and average hight. his hair is on the shorter side, grey, and spikey, though the constant wearing of his mask keeps the front of his hair flat. Since he has never been seen with his mask off, no-one knows what color his eyes are, or what his face looks like, though his lower jaw is reported to be rather thin, with white stubble, and his voice is sharp as the crack of a whip.


Rhyme is seen dressed in a slightly baggy black pair of pants and a shirt, with what appears to be some sort of animal hide strapped onto his upper legs, torso, wrists, and ankles. He wears an odd looking pendet of onyx and emerald, and carrys a long steel knife that is of no particular value. Allways without fail, Rhyme wears a black trajedy mask in public, the mask is built with a few straps and crafted a certain way so Rhyme can remove the lower jaw of his mask, allowing him to eat and drink while keeping his face hidden.


Rhyme has a fear of being beheaded, often making referances to some-one being killed by an axe to the head

Rhyme only ever wears one set of clothes, weather he has more or not is unknown.

The pendent around his neck is tied to his past!

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