Revenge of the Ice King is a role-play storyline that takes place in the frozen North, at the once proud kingdom of Cadderoc, and revolves around the story of Mathus Arctus, the lich who has risen to take vengance upon the gods for the destruction of his homeland and subjects during the final years of the God Wars.


The storyline takes place in both the past and present of Gielinor, the past gives depth to the participating character's backstories and shows who they once were, and the present shows who they now have become; and the lust for revenge that they have for the damnation of their lives at the hands of the gods.

Current Event

Mathus has risen and has begun to plot his revenge. He has tasked some of his underlings to begin an expidition to the South in order to discover how the world has changed since last they walked it. (for more information, it is advisable to click the link above to his page in order to get the main focus of the role-play).

The Frozen Legion

The undead that the lich has raised to fight alongside him.

Sentient Undead

These undead are very unique among the ranks of the unliving. First off; the lich has granted them sentience, they have conscious thought beyond the will of their master, and can coherently speak and voice their own opinions. These are the men and women of the former kingdom of Cadderoc; who understand their leader's thirst for revenge, feeling his pain and hatred as he does, and are completely behind their ruler one-hundred percent. They do not look like typical undead, as the frozen North has incredibly preserved their bodies, and they look more akin to the draugr of the popular game Skyrim, very much like norse mummification. The magic that reanimates their bodies gives off an icy blue light from their eyes and mouth.


Identical in appearance to the sentient ones, these undead are as sentient as the former citizens but have no control over their own actions, and their numbers come from the dead of the enemies of Cadderoc; this is Mathus's punishment upon the followers of the gods: to be raised from death and trapped within your body, to see your own actions against your former gods and allies. This is done so that the enemies will suffer for their transgressions, and be filled with torment for the rest of their undying service. This is similar to how the Mahjarrat Zemouregal enslaved Arrav.

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