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Is fairly slim/average, grayish white hair.


Having calmed down and quietly greatly he is now mostly a slightly irritable elder man, generally preferring to stay back until people need healing or aggravate him to much.




  • Back ground is old (Very, very old.) but still works.*

Renthgar was born to a fairly wealthy family in the town of Lumbridge with a single brother. His father was an alchemist and his mother mostly stayed at home. Always being interested in magic and nature, he had trained in magic being taught some by his father. At the age of seventeen he had traveled out to Taverley hearing that the druids were mighty nature mages hopping they would take him and teach him. For years he trained in druidic magic and alchemy. Renthgar was a talented healer and alchemist learning both quickly, having a fair bit of background knowledge in alchemy from his father however. Due to him being a good alchemist he would sell some of his successful creations making almost all of his money from the potions. Not wanting to ever put anyone in danger he would always test his own experiment potions and spells on himself. After testing a series of potions to make one much tougher he had thought he had finally perfected it as he was testing the finished product. As he took a drink of the potion he had froze up losing all feeling in his body going into a coma for months. When he had finally awoke he could not longer feel much in his body, the potion had killed multiple nerve endings in his body making a few portions of his body feel almost nothing. It had also affected his brain causing him to go mad and forget almost all of his magical combat training. Remembering only some of his magic he had carried on with his druid training forgetting almost all of his alchemical skills due to the injury. He started to study nature even more so after the injury, for the most part flowers. After a few more years of re-learning what magic he had forgotten and more that he did not know, he would set out after developing a strange magic focused around the summoning and power of flowers. He would set out to the dreary town Draynor to spread the mighty happiness and power of flowers. When he would get there he would find out of the dye maker and have her make him a pink dye dying his druid robes pink. After growing tired of Draynor Renthgar would set to adventure and travel across the land still practicing alchemy trying to relearn it still profiting off of it.

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