Rena Ritel had been the Queen of Falador, having been involved with the East Faladian rebellion against Lord 'Vile.

Rena Ritel
Rena Ritel1


Serreignnah Ritel










Rena stands at a full 5'9, with her sandy brown hair falling a bit past her shoulders. She has jade green eyes, and a thin but strong build, much like any Elf. Her castle garb consists of blue and yellow dresses and capes, while her travel gear is, ironically, her rebellion gear; a tight black shirt and slit black skirt. 


Rena is very serious when it comes to war. Some may say she had been married to the Faladian war effort. Since the victory, she has opened up and revealed herself to be a fun-loving and joking person, as well as kind and convicted. She sees Asgarnia as a land of freedom and prosperity, and will fight until the end of her life to see this completed. 


Rena was born in the Elven lands to parents of little importance. She was trained from a young age the arts of the forest, including hunting and fletching. She decided to leave the Elven lands when she was 20, arriving six years later finally in Falador after traveling through Kandarin (and all respective territories) for the years between, where she met Garth Icycia. She loved the city, settling there and beginning a peaceful life for herself. When 'Vile took the throne, she waited a long time under his rule until others began to rise up. She rose with them against him, and with the help of Garth Icycia and Castigo, rose a rebellion that towered over all others with supplies and men. On the day of the attack, the rebels found that the castle had been abandoned. Rena was announced Queen and began her duties immediately. She was coronated the following day. 

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