"Me Redbile, shaman of Mudsnout Tribe."
Shaman Redbile


Fox Goblin/"Vulpopulo"


21 (42 in goblin years)


Chaotic Neutral





Redbile is a shaman of his tribe, which he left with his Chieftan Steelsnout in a quest for adventure, supossedly given to him by Bandos himself, or so he believes.

Life Before Leaving

Before leaving his tribe for adventure, Rebile was born, raised, and venerated in the Mudsnout tribe of Kandarin. Being born in the ridgid and cruel goblin-like society of the "Vulpopulo", or "fox people" named by Zarosian researchers of the N.F.T.C., Redbile took quickly to the path of the shaman and became the apprentice of the current shaman, Blackpelt. Blackpelt died in a raid against a local town, causing Redbile to become the new religious leader of his tribe. As the shaman, he had a certain amount of power over the chieftan as the voice of Big High War God. He interpeted dreams, healed, and used his so-called "Holy Powers" to aid in battles, just like his late predecessor once did when he was alive. The things he learned from Blackpelt was the ability to

The Adventure

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