She's the shining sparkle of the family.

Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo, his thoughts about Rachel

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Setomus Clough

Rachel Anne Marie Elizabeth Gonzo-Clough was the first daughter of Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo and Alexys Gonzo, born on the 14th day of the Ire of Phyrrys, Year 169 of the Fifth Age. Rachel for a good majority of her life has always been Royalty, however she doesn't act like she's royalty. Rachel is Aztarwynian, however adds a twist to it with Saradominist beliefs, as she does not believe in a tortorous death or promotes the assault of another.

Rachel has faced an up and down life, especially due to rising tensions with her father in the end of her teenage years. She started out as the Princess of Asgarnia, as her father had been the King. After the end of the Gonzo reign in Asgarnia, she was relocated to the Gonzo Realm, where she was kept for a long time. She was also used for mind games against her mother and step-father as a child, however she came out unscathed. She was raised with no knowledge of her mother other than the fact she had existed.

Then came her teenage years. At the age of sixteen, she met the then-Princess of Falador, Emma Cross, who would become her best friend and eventually, mother in-law and step-mother. Emma's 17th birthday had been coming up, and the two were able to convince Aztarwyn to allow Rachel and Emma to go to Blakan Mansion for her birthday.

The trouble began to brew, and soon, the Gonzo Civil War started. Being a single battle, twenty Gonzo perished, all because of her. Bruce, her step-father, lost a good man and a good friend, and soon, after the defeat of Aztarwyn, she became engaged to him for the sole purpose of staying with him. They never had the marriage, however.

Rachel soon went to live back with Aztarwyn, in Hauptsitz Castle, and accepted the title of Prinzessin. For awhile she was against him, however the hostilities began to decrease and their father-daughter love began to shine once again. While on a few occasions there was a bit of trouble, the two managed to put them aside and she finally has forgiven him.

Now with all the differences aside, after a huge war broke out between Setomus and Aztarwyn, Rachel married Setomus, the son of Bruce. Before the marriage, Rachel had found out she was pregnant with Setomus' child. Months later, she gave birth to Samuel Gonzo-Clough. This was also the return of Aztarwyn, and he assumed his position as Kaiser once more in das Kaiserreich. After giving birth to Samuel, two weeks later, Aztarwyn offered Rachel the title of Queen of the Nashuko Isles, which she accepted.

Rachel ruled the Nashuko under the iron fist of Aztarwyn, fighting a civil war and became a cause for the dethronement of Azeroth, her uncle. At first, she struggled with the stressful life of a monarch or regent. However, she overcame the stress and prospered. She was soon given her rightful title of Kronprinzessin after Zephon had wished to pass it onto her. Afterwards, she had given birth to twins, Dorina Clough and Aztarwyn Gonzo III.

And so after the Imperial Cold War, Aztarwyn had stepped down from the throne. Rachel ascended to true matriarchy, becoming Kaiserin of all of Cruor. She had ruled the empire with a gentle hand over her fathers fist, ending a war and ushering in an era of growth. Her reign lasted for years, becoming the longest yet, before she had decided to abdicate to give Cruor a chance at fresh air.

After her abdication, she had taken residency in the Gonzo Manor, before having to move to Blakan Estate to ensure her safety from the guarding Gonzo Warriors. This was due to Setomus killing her father at long last. Despite going through a time of sorrow at the loss of her father, Rachel eventually recovered and could continue on with the only one she loved at this point. However, her brother Tetnaziwyn would make sure that Setomus did not go unpunished. Setomus was fatally wounded by Tetnaziwyn after an epic duel, and Setomus had died in Rachel's arms. Rachel had lost the will to continue on, refusing to drink potions as much as she has to keep her youth. After the deaths of Adolf and Arrondal, her depression continued to worsen and eventually, at the death of her oldest son Samuel, her will to live had finally sank to the point where she wanted to die. The day after the death of her son, Rachel finally gave into her crippled body and passed away in her sleep.

Rachel was role-played by the user Aztarwyn.


The history of Rachel.

Birth - Pre-Roleplaying History

Rachel Gonzo was born in Falador castle during the reign of King Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo of the Kingdom of Zamorak, her mother being Alexys Gonzo. Nothing truly interesting happened during her time as a baby to 17-18 years old. Later on after her birth, her mother got married to a man named Bruce  Clough, Bruce playing an important role in her life later on. She never met Bruce until she was 17 years old. Much controversy with her mother and Aztarwyn occurred shortly after the engagment. It eventually led up to Aztarwyn playing mind-games with Trace, and attempting to kill Rachel while still a baby. This failed, killing the wrong thing, and she was eventually returned to Aztarwyn, for him to raise. She's been told of her mother, Alexys, under the name of Trace, and her step-father, Bruce, though she's never really cared for them until present day. She went on with life, and nothing interesting happening ever since.

Insert Modern-day life here - Meeting Princess Emma Cross

During the Faladian and Kinshra war, Falador ruled by King Corvus Cross, Irano Forvetta, the General of the Faladian Army, was ordered by Aztarwyn, whom he took orders from, to bring Emma to the Gonzo Realm and she'd be safe up there until war was over. Such things was done, and Emma, yet again, came face to face with Aztarwyn himself. He had a house in the realm prepared for her, and Rachel was excited to finally have a friend.

Rachel and emma

Rachel meeting Princess Emma in the Gonzo Realm

Rachel met Emma in person when she was bringing food in for her. The two met, talked, and Emma brought up her birthday. Rachel was turning 17 as well soon, and Rachel was able to get her father to allow Emma to go to Blakan Estate, so long that Rachel spends the night over there and they return in the morning.

The birthday was fun. Emma received word that the Faladian and Kinshra war had ended, and Rachel still had to bring her to the Gonzo realm. Aztarwyn, finally tired of all the begging from the two children, allowed Emma to leave for good, so long she doesn't speak a word about the Realm. During this time, Rachel became a Princess, due to Aztarwyn seizing control of Camelot.

Return of Bruce, getting into some trouble

Bruce returned with his men from the original Vigilis Cruor, and the air-force had turned on Aztarwyn, helping Kandarin seize Camelot and Catherby. Aztarwyn wasn't a very happy man. Rachel was bored one day, so Aztarwyn told her to invite a friend up to the Realm. Considering Emma was Rachel's only friend, they got together and Rachel took her up. Though, Aztarwyn then attempted to kill Emma. Rachel tried to stop him, but she proved to be no good. Arrondal and Bruce then went up to the Realm, but this was Aztarwyn's place, and he was too strong.
Rachel and emma alkharid

Rachel talking to Emma while healing her injuries sustained by Aztarwyn.

He tortured Rachel, breaking both of her ankles, making her unable to walk for awhile, but Rachel was able to grab a hold of everybody and get out. Emma and Arrondal carried the unconcious Bruce and injured Rachel back to Al-Kharid Palace, where they received treatment.

Hiding for a bit - Aztarwyn finds them

Bruce and Rachel stayed at Al Kharid palace for a majority of their future here. Bruce, unconcious for awhile, and Rachel taking about a week or so to recover and regain the ability to walk, Arrondal kept Emma and Bruce up to date once Bruce woke up. As Aztarwyn had predicted, they were in Al-Kharid, and a camp of three Gonzo Mahjarrat was set up north of Al-Kharid. They were there for three days, until on the fourth day, they were gone.

Arrondal had made the call they began to move onwards to Al-Kharid, Bruce now ready to fight. Rachel was inside the palace for the battle a lot of the time. Emma had called the guards to escort the civillians of Al-Kharid to the Citherade Abbey east of the city, and Al-Kharid was empty soon. Then, the Gonzo Mahjarrat of Aztarwyn's struck, a female and male Mahjarrat entering the palace. Bruce got a very lucky shot and killed the female Mahjarrat, shooting her in the face, as the other retreated, while the third took form of a black dragon and sat himself on top of the palace, ready to crush it. Soon, it retreated, but this was just the start.

Rachel and emma alkharidbattle

Rachel standing next to Emma, as they watch the Gonzo Civil War unfold.

Rachel, Emma, and Bruce all stepped outside, as Arrondal had suddenly gone missing. They then stared into the face of a giant army - Aztarwyn leading it. It was a mix of his soldiers, and half of the entire Gonzo Family, an even proportion of Human and Mahjarrat. About five of the Mahjarrat flooded the skies as black dragons, and Aztarwyn prepared to destroy Al-Kharid for the second time in his life. Then, to save the day, the other half of the Gonzo Family, led by Arrondal, matching Aztarwyn's army, went head to head, while some Lionheart soldiers supporting Bruce also came to help, as well as the ten remaining Nekai's on Gielinor. The battle commenced. 

A bit later, Arrondal had gone back into the palace, they were desperately finding a way to win. Then, Nathan Nekai, the last Zarosian Mahjarrat who was a Nekai, and Arrondal's greatest foe, came to support Aztarwyn before deciding he should turn his back after taking back his family. However, Arrondal would not allow him to go without a final battle between the two, and so they went inside the palace, closing the doors, leaving Emma and Rachel to watch. This is the first battle between the Nekai and Gonzo's that Rachel has ever witnessed. In an evenly contested fight, Arrondal ended up as the victor, chopping off Nathan's head. 

The battle was still raging outside, though, not for long. A total of 20 Gonzo's had perished, leaving the overall count to be about 80 - 84 Gonzo's in the family. Along with this, one Nekai was left standing - Thomas Nekai the Second, now the true final living Nekai in Gielinor. Aztarwyn's forces had pulled back after Bruce, Henrik, and Thomas with three others pulled into the palace for cover. Though, just before Aztarwyn decided to retreat, Irano Forvetta was able to breach the palace, killing Henrik Harlowe. He then left once Aztarwyn screeched, and the palace doors were closed. Bruce took a knee by Henrik's side, and Rachel sat on the ground next to Henrik, on the other side from Bruce. After Henrik died, she comforted Bruce. Though, the battle was truly not over yet.

Best way to end a good battle - Freedom.

After Henrik Harlowe's death in Al-Kharid palace, the Gonzo's had finally come together and now under one family, follow Aztarwyn again, should Aztarwyn decide not to destroy Al-Kharid completely. Aztarwyn agreed to do so, and the Gonzo allowed him to go after Bruce and Rachel. Aztarwyn burst through the door, killing the three men standing guard, as well as Thomas Nekai the Second, ending the Nekai - Gonzo war. Bruce and Aztarwyn began to fight, though shortly, they took the fight upstairs, Rachel staying downstairs with Arrondal, who yet has to trust Aztarwyn and make sure he doesn't go off destroying Al-Kharid on his own. Soon, the battle took outside the palace, when Bruce and Aztarwyn fell off the roof. Aztarwyn had done his flying shenenigans, and they both landed safely. Though, Bruce was on top of Aztarwyn, and when Emma came back downstairs and out to see the outcome, Bruce was cutting a mimic of his scar onto Aztarwyn, as payback. Then he released Aztarwyn, Bruce the victor of the battle. Aztarwyn then demanded his daughter back, and Bruce refused. Aztarwyn though would not allow Bruce to adopt Rachel as his own daughter, so Bruce stated he would marry her if he had to. Rachel now had the choice to either marry Bruce, her step-father, or go home with her real father, Aztarwyn. As she walked towards Aztarwyn, she accepted the marriage, turned around, and gave Bruce a big-fat bearhug, which then came a kiss between the two. Aztarwyn left, walking away in shame, and Arrondal threw his helmet towards him, yelling "You Suck!" This wouldn't be the last Bruce and Rachel would see Aztarwyn.

Couple months, or years, later.

Rachel lived peacefully in Al-Kharid palace with her new husband, Bruce, and her friend Emma. Aztarwyn only made one appearance in the castle before utterly disappearing from it for ages, and that was to claim the body of Joeseph Bloikon. Rachel was asleep. It's also known she never had slept with Bruce, therefore remains a virgin.

Now fast foward, Rachel is still living peacefully with Bruce and Emma. Emma's grandfather, Path O. Genic, arrives, in attempt to take his family's land back from Emma(I assume). Shortly, a Mahjarrat arrives, cloaking himself with shadows, and attacks Path. Path fights as hard as he can, then Arrondal Gonzo arrives. Arrondal showing up to speak with Emma, being a Mahjarrat himself, he aids Path in taking down the Mahjarrat. Arrondal seeks for Bruce, and soon enough, Aztarwyn arrives. Emma is hit with a sleeping dart from Path, and Aztarwyn commences a twisted version of the Gonzo Ritual. Bruce's tattoo of the Gonzo Seal is skinned by Aztarwyn, as Aztarwyn told Bruce that he is now a member of the Gonzo, however he will not be receiving Aztarwyn's blood. Later, after Aztarwyn leaves, Rachel willingly cuts her arm to put blood in Bruce's wound, to finish the ritual. Emma awakes later, checking on Bruce. Bruce is unconcious, his head rested on Rachel's lap, with Rachel sitting up, tears falling from her eyes, and a dagger in her hand, the blood from her arm dripping elsewhere. Rachel is the first Gonzo ever to perform the ritual other than Aztarwyn or Arrondal. 

Soon enough, Bruce is put to work because another death threat is made to Rachel. Should Bruce not hunt down and kill Filis Aerendyl, Rachel would be killed. Bruce spends ages in the desert, somehow living, and Rachel moves to Blakan Estate with Emma, as Aztarwyn had gained control of Al-Kharid.

Rachel and emma blakanstuff

Rachel talking to Emma, remembering when she had performed the Gonzo Ritual on Bruce.

Later, Rachel is remembering the day he had to cut her arm open and perform the Gonzo Ritual. She pulls the Dagger of Gonzo, the dagger used to do the ritual, and just stares at it. Emma talks to her, then Rachel mentions she gave the location of the estate to Bruce. Bruce later arrives, with a plan to kill Aztarwyn. Rachel helps find the location of all of Aztarwyn's Phylactery, then they would destroy them, then kill him once and for all. Bruce and Emma would hide in Canifis while this operation goes down, with a fake marriage, so Rachel can return to Hauptsitz and live with Aztarwyn. Rachel goes to live with Aztarwyn, after meeting her step-mother Lily, returning the Dagger of Gonzo. Aztarwyn is pleased with the so called divorce, even though the marriage wasn't that much of a marriage. 

Phylactery found, caught red-handed

Rachel and Lily had grown a bond during the time that Rachel lived on Hauptsitz, as well as Rachel gaining two new siblings in this process. She loves her brother Zephon very much, as well as her sister Akiza, which for some reason has the same red eyes that Rachel does. 

Later on, Rachel is able to find a Phylatery of Aztarwyn's, one in his room. She hides under the bed, and commorb calls Bruce and Emma, which have been living in Canifis for three months. She informs the two of the phylactery, and perhaps another close by. However, the conversation is interrupted, as Aztarwyn had walked in the room and saw Rachel's foot under the bed, as well as her whispers. He grabbed her by the ankle and dragged her out of the bed, taking the commorb, laughing, then ending the call. Soon enough, he would've tracked Bruce and Emma's location, and as Bruce predicted, the L.C.S was there in a few hours. Bruce and Emma had hid in the river, as Aztarwyn himself showed up, outraged that they were not found, setting fire to the former house Bruce and Emma lived in. Rachel was placed in the torture room, where she was ignored for awhile.

Here comes Bruce and Emma!

Bruce and Emma had soon arrived to Hauptsitz, just after all the Gonzo's had rallied in the castle to hear from Arrondal. Rachel was able to hear, and it was unveiled that Arrondal Gonzo is the true father of Aztarwyn, now making it clear that Aztarwyn is not only Zack's brother by blood, he is also half Mahjarrat. Bruce had stormed the castle, throwing a smoke pellet, all the Gonzo's evacuating, Aztarwyn and Lily left in the room. When the smoke cleared, Bruce leapt from the roof down to Aztarwyn, after his brother Wayne's head was chopped off and insults from Aztarwyn fired at Bruce. Eventually, the fight was taken upstairs, and Rachel released. Bruce booked it for the room of Aztarwyn's, however Lily tackled him somehow. Soon enough, Lily was in Bruce's hands, and a sword to her throat. Aztarwyn mimiced such moves, with Emma and Rachel in his grasp, a sword to their throat. Soon, they agreed to leave the ladies out of it, and they threw each others cheer-leaders at them, both comforting the ladies, then back to fight. Rachel followed and watched the fight go outside, the Dagger of Gonzo with her. As it looked like Aztarwyn was about to finish Bruce, Rachel slid the dagger to Emma, and Emma stabbed Aztarwyn. Then, Emma and Bruce escaped, Rachel left in tears. Soon, Aztarwyn was treated, and normal life resumed on Hauptsitz.

18th Birthday

Soon, Rachel's 18th birthday arrived. Aztarwyn had a small party between her, himself, and Lily. She came into the room of Aztarwyn, where Aztarwyn actually handed Rachel a present. It was a necklace of gold, and the gem was a phylactery, however she still doesn't know it is. Rachel, loving the necklace, forgived her father pretty much for all the magical bullshit he's pulled, and gave him a great big fat hug. Then, Aztarwyn offered Rachel to get the Gonzo Seal tattoo'd. She decided to get it on her right shoulder, where Lily's was. Aztarwyn did the tattoo, then soon, Rachel left for bed. Afterward, the Phylactery in Gielinor was destroyed by Bruce and Emma, though Rachel didn't know until present-day. Rachel's 18th birthday was also when Bruce and Emma legitimately got engaged.

Fremennik Revolt

The day started out perfectly fine, Irano and Rachel were hanging around in the castle's lobby. Later on in the day, her father Aztarwyn had his wife Lily over his back, Lily acting dead. Rachel had a scare moment, tears in her eyes, before Lily acted up and scared Rachel even more. She stomped off, angry at the two for pranking her.

Then came the fun. Later on the day, cannons were fired, and the Fremennik somehow got into the armory and grabbed a lot of weapons, then revolted. The Cruor army surprisingly was getting their ass kicked, so Aztarwyn and many more Gonzo's had to go out to help end the revolt.

Sad, Rachel joined Lily above the lobby, waiting for Aztarwyn to show. Hours had passed, the war still raging on. It was mostly silent, however, the castle unguarded for some reason. Voices could be heard coming towards the castle, unfriendly voices. Rachel hid by the railing near the torture room, and Lily confronted the leader of the revolt, as well as his two guards. They confronted Lily, and after some fighting, the leader allowed a soldier to go after Lily. He got her to the ground and got in a position to defile her. Rachel, sending Nagi the Shadow Snake at a guys face, knocking him down the stairs, and attempting to get the man off of Lily. She was knock off, and as she began to crawl away, the revolt leader grabbed her by the ankle and dragged her right back, where she too wound up where Lily was. However, before the two could escalate the situation, Zack killed the one on top of Lily, then Aztarwyn had the revolt leader in the air by his throat. Throwing off the leader, Arrondal dragging him out, Aztarwyn went to comfort both Lily and Rachel, before the soldier bit in the face by Nagi came to Aztarwyn and stabbed him.

After the Fremenik warrior was killed, Rachel sat next to Lily with the wounded Aztarwyn's head rested upon Lily's lap. Then she watched her father die, for the first time in her life. Later on in the night, she stayed in Aztarwyn's room with Lily, then moved on the next day, as she knew due to his magical abilities he'd be alive within hours of the next day. She couldn't witness the unbearable sight that was The Execution of the Fremenniks, due to it's gory result.

Heart is Broken - Visiting an old friend

It was only a normal day in the castle of Hauptsitz, Rachel spending her time with Head General of das Kaiserreich's military, Irano Forvetta, as they always did. She was learning some more shadow magic, her father teaching her one of his own tricks, turning herself into shadow to fly, a skill almost all Gonzo Family members knew. Her father was gone for a few hours, her step-mother Lily standing at the top of the stairs, looking at the doors. A few minutes of this, and Aztarwyn had come through the doors, with blood on his chestplate and sword. Curious, Rachel approached him and asked where he's been. He stated Bruce and Emma's house, she asked how was the visit, he said "Good. I killed him." Rachel, at first, didn't believe what seemed impossible. Then, it finally hit her, it was true, Bruce had been killed. She cried in the lobby for a good few hours until she went to bed.

Rachel and emma cloughmanor

Rachel with Emma the day after Aztarwyn kills Bruce.

The next day or so, Rachel decided to visit the town colony of Lionheart and visit her best friend, Emma Genic-Clough. She arrived at the house, doors broken down, windows smashed, she could easily tell he was here. Emma greeted Rachel, a scar upon Emma's face. Rachel herself stated that the scar made her look more or less like Bruce. After talking, Rachel found out Emma and Bruce had a son, something Aztarwyn didn't know. Soon after, Rachel left, afraid that the Lionheart authorities would see her from her shadow-flying entrance.

Meeting Setomus Clough

It was only a year after the death of Bruce Clough that Rachel decided to pay another visit to her best friend Emma. Emma had told Rachel before-hand that she was moving into a cave. Rachel arrived, feeling a little light-headed, as if she was high. She greeted Emma, and her son Setomus, whom was holding the two-year old baby that Emma gave birth to. It wasn't too long before a guard of the cave came down and checked to see who came in. Rachel eventually ran down the cave and the guard caught up. Emma came out to see the guard dragging Rachel by her legs out of the cave. Arjol Flinthrope came down and had her released, and they all came to the agreement that Rachel was allowed to visit. They went back into the little shack. Rachel and Emma talked for awhile, and eventually they came up with the name for the baby to be Trace, recommended by Rachel. After the naming of the baby, Rachel soon had to leave. She'd be back.

Invasion of Hauptsitz

It was a normal day in a some-what normal life on Hauptsitz. Rachel was in the lobby of the castle, talking with Irano as usual, her brother and sister were somewhere, probably sleeping. Then suddenly, cannons had gone off, like the Fremennik Revolt, only gliders and a full army was headed towards Hauptsitz. It only took a full minute for Hauptsitz to undergo absolute hell. Rachel met with Lily and Arrondal, crying her eyes out. Arrondal had instructed her to gather her belongings and leave Hauptsitz, and go to Lionheart City to live with Emma. She only took a few minutes to collect her things, and then she flew off. She looked back to the castle one last time, as it could be the last time she did, and the room of Aztarwyn and Lily had completely fallen off the castle. She looked away, focusing on her path.

Living with Emma

Rachel arrived at night, hours after her departure from Hauptsitz. She knocked on the door, the tears from earlier still running. Emma greeted her, and simply asked her if Aztarwyn had kicked her out of the house. She stepped inside of the little shelter, and dropped to the ground, crying her eyes out. She explained through gasps on what happened, and the Invasion. Soon, Arjol Flinthrope arrived and informed Emma if the same exact situation. Rachel snapped, calling Arjol various names, and Arjol soon left at her rage. Emma agreed that Rachel could live with her until she could go back home if she wanted to. Rachel was able to get a hold of Arjol later on and she apologized for what she called him and for snapping at him.

Visit to Raldur

Rachel went with Emma, Trace, and Setomus to see Emma's father-in-law Raldur, who lived north of Falador and was well away from the war. Emma introduced Rachel to Raldur, not specifying on her last name, father, or family, simply she was a friend with the last name "Clough." Then in an awkward moment, she gave Blake and Raldur an erection from how pretty she was, a little too pretty, something she was good at. Blake went off into a different room with Setomus and Trace, then Emma and Rachel talked about why everyone gets an erection from her. They both agreed her breasts add to the effect.

During the middle of the night, Rachel was waken up from Emma's nightmare, she sat up with Emma and they talked about it. After Emma explained her nightmare, Rachel decided to share some information with Emma, Aztarwyn's dirty little secret, when Aztarwyn was killed by a Fremennik. Emma, taking in the story, then decided she was able to go back to bed. They both went back to bed, and returned home the next day.

Visit from Irano

A few months into the war, nearing the end of it, Irano Forvetta sought to see Rachel again before the Invasion of Lionheart. He took a few days off, and managed to reach the city. A guard was appointed to Emma when she went out and visited the Clough Memorial. However, the guard assigned to her never showed up, Irano did however. Irano played off as a guard for Emma, until he spoke later, Emma recongizing his voice. He simply asked her where Rachel was, and Emma told Irano under the circumstances that he doesn't tell Aztarwyn, which he agreed to. He later came to the shelter that night, meeting Rachel.

Rachel at first confused on who it was, as she had never seen Irano outside of his armor. It was until he spoke that she was in disbelief. She embraced him, asking multiple questions about the war, and being told information that Arjol had Emma try to keep from her. She decided to stay with Irano for his time in the city, a day. She went to bed with him, and in the morning, she wasn't a virgin.

Irano and Rachel visited the memorial, Rachel's first time seeing it. She didn't have an emotional breakdown over Bruce, him being dead and all. Later on in the night, Rachel and Irano returned to the inn, and had another fun night before Rachel was returned to Emma.

"What's sex?"

Rachel talked with Emma about her experience with Irano in the two nights she stayed with him, telling her that she had sex with him. Setomus, being the curious seven year old who was present, asked "What's sex?" Rachel gave a horrible explanation, trying to keep the details away from him so he could learn in the future. Rachel and Emma then planned for the next day to visit Hauptsitz.

The visit to Hauptsitz was fun, sneaking past Zack, Aztarwyn not present in the castle, and Emma was able to meet Lily. The visit was short, given that Arrondal came and ordered the two to leave before Aztarwyn came back, which would be in 5 minutes. Rachel and Emma left, returning home to not being able to find Setomus. Trace said he went out to see the witch, and Rachel had something in mind, then Emma and Rachel left.

Rachel went to the inn and asked if there were any rooms free. The bartender stated all but one, and Rachel went upstairs with Emma. The door was locked, and Rachel knew what was inside. Using shadow magic her father had taught her, she blasted the door open. Emma made a comment on how she was like her father, and she walked in. Judging from the fact that a man was in bed with a slut that looked very much like Bruce and Emma, she was able to tell this was a 17 year old version of Setomus. She screeched at him, the slut leaving from her rage, and the two women unleashed their bitchiness at Setomus. Eventually, they all went home, Setomus doning on the clothes of Bruce.

Setomus had made a bed for himself, and Rachel decided, it being big enough for the both of them, she was going to share the bed with him. However, she made it very clear if he touched her anywhere he shouldn't touch her without her permission, he'd be sleeping on the floor. Rachel and Setomus were always found cuddling some-how in the morning. They lived like this until the end of the war.

End of the War

It was just an average day in the shelter they called home. Setomus was taking a nap, it was just after lunch, and Emma and Rachel were just talking about life. It then suddenly happened, when an archer team that looked much like the L.C.S. barged in and woke Setomus, asking questions if any enemy soldiers were in the shelter. Arjol soon came in and had everyone within the shelter to come outside, it would explain itself. Everyone went outside, and there were gliders in the sky, and smoke was rising from the city, the occasional cannon going off. Lionheart was being invaded. Soon, the Gonzo Seal was placed in the sky, with Aztarwyn offering Lionheart a chance to live should a sacrifice be given. Then, Aztarwyn's shadow creature had begun to destroy the city for every ten minutes they made him wait. Emma decided she'll be the one to die.

Emma made her goodbyes to all her family, Rachel obviously crying her eyes out, sad to see her friend finally fall to the hands of her father. Soon, Emma stepped into the tank, and that was the last Rachel ever saw of Emma Genic-Clough. For awhile, anyway.

Living with Setomus

Rachel and Setomus lived together and took care of Trace in Emma's stead. It was only two weeks after Emma's death that they had begun to experience changes in their normal lives.

"I want to kill him"

It was only two weeks after the end of the war that Setomus had come up with a master plan to exact his vengence on Aztarwyn. Knowing he didn't know how to fight, he would join the Gonzo Family and take training from Aztarwyn himself, in the mean-time destroying his phylactery should he have found them. Then, after he feels he is ready, he would kill Aztarwyn. Rachel was against this idea at first, not for the fact he wanted to kill her father, for the fact he would likely die in the process, however she allowed him to. Rachel took Setomus to Hauptsitz and Aztarwyn made Setomus a Gonzo, without being told that Setomus' father was Bruce.


After Setomus had his first experience with hunting, Rachel wanted to move out of the mining shaft, and Setomus denied this. Although Trace supported moving, Setomus was completely against it, and said no. The two had an argument, which led to Rachel slapping Setomus in the face. Rachel took Trace and left Setomus, finding a house that Arjol decided to pay for. Their things were moved in, and Setomus later came in the night, with the rest of their belongings. He apologized and decided to live with them in the new home.

"What in the bloody hell was that? Cannons?"

A month or so after Setomus had begun his training, the sounds of what sounded like cannons went off in Lionheart city and the family was scared. Rachel had gotten dressed and went out to see what was going on. When she came back, she explained how it was a celebration for the annual celebration of Aztarwyn's victory in World War II. Life resumed normally.

Friends with Benefits

Setomus had come home after a long day of training, and crashed onto the couch, into Rachel's lap. She allowed him to lay there, just watching the fire from their fireplace in nothing but her night-time outfit. After Trace went to bed, the two eventually kissed, a long kiss, full of passion. It almost led to them sleeping together, however she quickly denied him of this when she felt him getting a bit too excited. They went to bed, and in the morning, they decided to be friends with benefits, otherwise, boyfriend and girlfriend.

Visit to the Clough Memorial

Rachel decided to take Setomus and Trace on a family trip to the Clough Memorial. It was an enjoyable experience, however Rachel made absolute sure the two did not learn how Bruce died, as it was his wish for them not to know of it. She covered up the part where it stated Aztarwyn came to Lionheart and killed Bruce, and eventually was able to interest Trace in something else. This was the closest call of the two learning how he died yet.

The Truth Leaked

Rachel and Trace were home alone on what would be any other night at home. In the shed outback, Aztarwyn decided to use the Gonzo Seal that was there to teleport into the shed, approaching the door of the house. Trace answered, and Aztarwyn was welcomed in, Rachel not knowing of him being there, given he faked a new voice. Aztarwyn saw a portrait of Emma and Bruce above the fireplace, and soon came to the conclusion Trace was the daughter of Bruce. Trace was asked if she had any other siblings, and she told him Setomus was her older brother. This is when Aztarwyn learned of Setomus being Bruce's son. Rachel came into the room with dinner, and she dropped the plate as soon as she saw him. Aztarwyn took Rachel and Trace, tying their feet and hands behind their own backs at Hauptitz.

Setomus arrived at Hauptsitz, asking Aztarwyn of what happened to Rachel and Trace, then seeing them in the lobby. Setomus was struck by a shadow ball of Aztarwyn's, and Aztarwyn soon exposed the truth he had killed Bruce. Aztarwyn then gave him what is known as the Scar of Clough now, which is the scar he gave Bruce after killing his parents. The two fought, with Setomus eventually able to get the better of him, and freeing Rachel and Trace. The group was able to escape after Setomus got an ass-kicking, and Rachel dismissed the Gonzo Seal in the shed. She currently still owns the shard that was used to create it.

Birth of the Dark Lion

Rachel and trace

Rachel talking with Trace in their home, discussing having Trace aged ten years.

Rachel was confronted by Trace and Trace wished to be aged ten years so she live through dangerous encounters with the likes of Aztarwyn. Rachel allowed her to, however, she was to be careful coming home. Setomus was out doing something.

Rachel had decided to go outback into the shed to find something when the dirt beneath her fell, she landed on some steps. She decided to travel down these steps to find a cave, with a lair. She found Trace, who was now 14, and unmasked the man who was with her, which happened to be Setomus. She then was told how Setomus saved Trace from being assaulted by a gang in an alleyway. She decided to allow Setomus be this new hero of Lionheart.

Life with the Dark Lion

The next year was an average life for Rachel, even though she was still considered Prinzessin of Das Kaiserreich. The city grew to love the Dark Lion, as Rachel's love for him grew as well.

It was only a week before a tragic ending that Setomus wanted to sleep with Rachel. She constantly said no to him, and he came close to assaulting her. Setomus begged her and begged her, and she gave in. She removed her clothes, and as Setomus was about to begin, he bailed out of it. She used reverse psychology, as Setomus would feel like he would betray his mother and father for engaging in relations with Rachel. They both went to bed after getting their clothes back on.

"See you soon"

While Rachel was sleeping, Setomus and Trace were listening to recorded songs left by Emma on the record player(Whatever it's name is.) Setomus then found a record left by Bruce, labelled "Operation Rebirth." Rachel woke up to listen to this, however Setomus and Trace were not aware of her being awake. On the record, Bruce explained a chamber that was to be built in the city of Lionheart, that would house either his own body or Emma's body, should Emma die. Should Setomus and Trace need either of their parents after they both have died, and should Setomus be skilled enough in combat, they were given the option to resurrect whoever was in the chamber, in-cased in ice. Setomus and Trace talked about this, and how Rachel could acquire some sort of necromancy stuff from Hauptsitz. She instantly rejected the idea.

However, after a lot of begging from both Trace and Setomus, Rachel finally agreed to see if she could get what brought both Bruce and Aztarwyn back to life before. She got dressed, and went out.

It was only about maybe four or six hours later she returned home, night-time, with the amulet enchanted with some necromancy stuff, such as the one used by Katsu to revive Aztarwyn. She tossed the amulet to Setomus, heading into the kitchen. She felt sad, crying silently, before Setomus came to comfort her. She stated there were too many close calls of her being spotted while she was in Hauptsitz. She decided it was time for her to return home, and save the risk of the two from being killed. She packed her things, and said her goodbyes.

It was an emotional goodbye for her, given Trace called her "mom" during this. She cried her heart out as she made her way to Hauptsitz.

The Boring Princess Life again


Rachel reading a book.

Rachel returned to Hauptsitz and her life as Prinzessin of Das Kaiserreich, however she wasn't too fond of it. In-fact, she only stayed for 6 months. During this boring duration of 6 months, she finally met her mother, Alexys, who she knew as Trace. She also met a past friend of Aztarwyn's, Draka Blaen, and he was given the rank of Field Marshal. 

The boring Princess life was ended on the day of Zephon's proposal to her, for he was given the throne of Das Kaiserreich and needed a wife to accompany him, and given she was older and deserved the throne, he proposed to her. She politely denied Zephon. Zephon persued to beg her to marry him, and she attempted to get away. It was so bad that eventually he was on his knees with his arms wrapped around one of her legs, trying to keep her there. She kept denying him, and eventually he released her.

She then told her father of during the Cruor-Lionheart War, she had slept with Irano. He was actually fine with this, however she stated she wanted to marry Setomus. Now Aztarwyn did not like this. He simply said no, and she packed her things and left, deciding to search Yanille first for him. Zack Gonzo was sent to follow her, until she found Setomus.


Rachel was wondering the streets of Yanille when she came across Setomus, who had decided to go to the bar and had just walked out of the door of his house. She ran towards him, tears falling from her eyes, and she jumped into his arms, which he spun around with her as they embraced, finally able to see each other again. After the two talked a little bit, Setomus asked her to marry him, and she shouted yes ten times. Emma, who was alive now, decided she would go to the market to grab a few things and they were left to their own thing. Setomus took Rachel on a "tour" of his house, and she ended up in his bed. She woke up when Emma was playing loud music around the house, and the two had a discussion as the proud Setomus slept next to Rachel. They finally did "it."

The Hunt

Two weeks had passed since the couples engagment and quite a few sexual encounters, and life was just fine. Blake had decided to visit his family, greeting Setomus and Rachel, as Emma and Trace had been at the Ardougne Zoo. They all had a conversation, and how Blake became married to a friend of his. Setomus then took Blake hunting in the woods, introducing the sport to him.

An hour or so later, there was smoke rising from the forest. Blake came into the house carrying Setomus, who had burns and his skin was red from the heat, also a few black marks, and was coughing from the smoke he inhaled. He was set on the bed, and Rachel gave Blake a big hug. Blake surely had begun to get an erection, however she released him before she could feel it. Arrondal later came, Rachel screeching at him to get out, however her efforts were useless. Arrondal had come to tell Setomus that in a few weeks, Aztarwyn would be coming to Yanille to face him in a duel. Setomus accepted this, and Arrondal took his leave after healing Setomus and giving them a cow that Blake had killed. They ate dinner, and later on in the night Rachel and Setomus went to the bar. They came home drunk while Emma was writing her biography, and later they went upstairs for a fun night. They were getting use to this new sport.

"I'm pregnant"

Rachel and alyssa yanille

Rachel about to tell Emma the news

Rachel and Setomus were in their room, the night before the battle with Aztarwyn. Rachel had been missing periods, having morning sickness, and all other types of early symptoms of pregnancy. Emma decided to join them in the room, as Setomus had his head in her lap as they came to the decision, realizing how much was on the line in the battle. Emma, questioning why they had such a serious look, was then told. Rachel simply stated, "I'm pregnant." Emma then talked to Setomus, who was having doubts about going into the battle, giving his motivation. She then left, and Setomus left afterward, Rachel left alone to sleep.

Battle for Rachel

Rachel woke early in the next morning, with her window open. She sat upright in her bed, thinking of every possibility of what could happen during the battle and it's outcome. She was very well aware that the battle was for her, and who got her at the end of the day. Trace woke later in the morning, and knocked on her door, she was allowed in. She was there to talk to Setomus and wish him luck, and she had to tell her that he wasn't there. Setomus had taken all of his weaponry when he left. Rachel later got up to have breakfast, and wait for the dreaded moment of Arrondal arriving to collect her and the rest of their family that was spectating. Holly, Emma's mother, Blake's wife Cassie, and Verde all had come to spectate. Arrondal came and collected all the spectators and took them north, into the burnt forest north of Yanille.

The spectators on the side of Setomus took their place right of where the battle would occur, and the immediate family of Aztarwyn soon arrived. This included Lily, his wife, then-Kaiser Zephon und then-Kaiserin Akiza, Rachel's brother and sister, Irano had come to spectate, Zack and Arrondal were to make sure there was no interference, and two archers were sent to guard Zephon. 

Then the clouds began to gather and roar in thunder, lightning scattered across the darkend sky. He surely was ready for the fight. After a minute or so of the thunder-storm, Aztarwyn then flew down to the hellish world, looking around. He had his legendary sword and his customized shield. Rachel did her best to stray away from her family during the battle.

Aztarwyn, after declaring his wonder for Setomus not being at the scene, was then caught off guard. A guard of Zephon's was killed, and soon, a second, the shadows flying from tree to tree. Setomus then flew over the head of Aztarwyn, performing a backflip and landing facing him. He had all of his combat equipment, including his crossbow, and a steel sword he acquired. The combatants were set.

Aztarwyn then laid the Gonzo seal below them, stretching big enough so the two had room to fight and the spectators weren't inside. The two then began to battle. In a summary, the battle lasted over an hour, the two beating the living hell out of each other. They fought mostly with their swords, however also entered in hand-to-hand combat, such as fist fighting or wrestling. During mid-battle, Aztarwyn lifted the seal to give him a little bit of strength. Setomus was stabbed and slashed a few times, however Setomus managed to keep Aztarwyn at bay by shooting him in the leg and arm with his crossbow, then stabbing him in the stomach. The two collapsed for a little bit, only to get up, punch each other, and fall again. The battle was over.

Rachel and the spectators that cheered on Setomus tried to reach him, mostly Rachel, however Arrondal and Zack kept any spectators away, and the same for Aztarwyn's side. Eventually, the two were separated and they were returned to their fans, Rachel breaking out in heart-break for being the reason why both men could potentially die. The battle was declared to be a draw.

Now with no victor in sight, it was un-decisive on what happened to Rachel as the prize was her. She felt sorrow for Aztarwyn, even though over the years he's done countless of evil acts towards her, however they still expressed their love for each other, a strong father-daughter relationship. Lily was caring for Aztarwyn, acting as Rachel was, crying for her wounded lover. Aztarwyn was then able to speak, after coughing up blood to clear his throat.

He complimented on how well Setomus fought against him, and he allowed him to marry Rachel for his drive to win, stating he was much like his father. Rachel ran towards him to embrace him, apoligizing for everything she's done in the past from hating him to being against him. He then told her to go, which she went back to Setomus. He and his family made their departure, and that was the last she saw of him. For awhile anyway.

Emma was tending to Setomus' wounds, making sure he wouldn't die later on. After awhile of talking, Holly decided to take Trace off of Emma's hands to give her a formal education. They left, riding on the sleeping Verde to go to Holly's house. Blake and Cassie then left, going to their home north of Falador. Rachel, Emma, and the broken Setomus were then left to themselves in the burnt woods. They soon went home too, everyone leaving off into the sunset.


Rachel and Setomus slept on the couch on the night after the battle had occured, Setomus not able to get up the ladder. In the morning, they were cuddling of course. Something they always did.

Rachel and alyssa

Rachel convincing Emma to marry her in the name of Aztarwyn.

Emma and Rachel talked of Emma's biography, and Rachel was able to convince her to make it less anti-Aztarwyn. They then talked of her wedding, and Rachel was also able to convince Emma to preach the wedding under Aztarwyn. She then tried on a wedding outfit she's had since she was 17, still able to fit her as she was physically 18. It was tighter, but it still made her look good and she went with it. Setomus woke later, staying on the couch for most of the day, probably a horrible mistake on his part. They made the wedding preparations for Mudskippers Point, where Bruce and Emma got engaged.

Until Aztarwyn do us part

After weeks of preparations, the wedding ceremony was finally going to happen. The reception planned to be in Blakan Castle, everyone gathered at Mudskippers Point. The guests were primarily made up of a majority of the spectators of the Battle; Holly, Trace, Blake, Cassie, Zephon, and Akiza. Arrondal and Zack also attended, in Aztarwyn's stead, as he wasn't able to attend due to, well, ehrm, death.


"Alyssa" marrying Rachel to Setomus.

Emma, under the alias of Alyssa Luxon, married Rachel and Setomus in the name of Aztarwyn, married until he do them part. 

The wedding reception was quite the party. Rachel only had about three drinks maybe, Setomus only having two glasses, while Setomus' side of the family drank non-alcoholic drinks. Rachel was able to convince Alyssa to have a glass or two of beer. Arrondal and Zack were down-right smashed, and the two grabbed four kegs of beer, going outside. Arrondal and Zack then engaged in a chugging contest, both only drinking one keg, making a giant mess. Setomus joined the contest and chugged two kegs at once, declared the victor. 

And after a night of wild partying, it was time to go home. Setomus, Rachel, and Emma teleported to Yanille, and Rachel was carried by her new husband until they reached home. They thought about another fun night, however came to the decision that perhaps they should just go to sleep. They went to bed, and entered their prolougned journey to their child.

The Child

Rachel had a normal pregnant life leading up to the birth of her child. Her and Setomus only engaged in intercourse a few times during this period before stopping entirely, one such occasion being interrupted by Emma.

Emma had just completed her biography, and the pregnant Rachel was sitting on the couch. The two were talking about the events in the months that she had been waiting to give birth. After awhile, she went into labor, a bit early for pregnancy, however the baby would have been developed enough to survive outside of her. Setomus had just come home on time, due to a random thunder-storm, and he carried her upstairs, as a loud noise could be heard outside, followed by a giant roar of thunder. He arrived.

Rachel in labor'

Rachel about to give birth.

Aztarwyn was waiting at the door, and Emma had welcomed him in. He soon went upstairs, in his casual clothing, and sat next to Rachel, with Setomus on the other side. Aztarwyn and Setomus begun their interesting father-son-in-law during the delivery of the baby, arguing time and time. Aztarwyn usually came out the victor in their exchange of words, though one occasion Rachel ended an argument after the baby was born. It was a healthy boy, and it was agreed he would go by both the Gonzo and Clough name. Aztarwyn, soon after the birth, took his leave to let Rachel and Setomus tend to their child, promising he would visit. Later on in the week, he was named Samuel Gonzo-Clough.

Queen of the Nashuko Isles

Rachel queen white

Rachel in her first outfit as Queen of the Nashuko Isles

Two weeks after the birth of Samuel, Blake and Cassie decided to make a visit to their home in Yanille. Cassie has been having morning sickness, missing periods, the early symptoms of pregnancy. Blake brought along a girl who looked like Emma, when Emma had blonde hair, was the age of 14 and went by the name Elizabeth. She believed that Emma was her mother, and Emma had a daughter named Elizabeth who was supposedly killed. Emma, after questioning her and doing a finger-print test, she confirmed that this was Elizabeth. Then, the thunder crackled, he said he'd promise to visit them. Aztarwyn was allowed in the house, however his visit was brief. He informed Rachel of the government reform, and offered her the position of Queen of the Nashuko Isles. Rachel only accepted this if "Alyssa" was her advisor and if Elizabeth could live with them. Aztarwyn let her do what she wished, and Rachel accepted. Blake and Cassie slept over, and left the next day, where

Rachel with her best friend, Emma, in Nashuko Palace

Emma, Setomus, Rachel, and now Elizabeth, continued their journey and teleported to Hauptsitz, soon to be escorted to Nashuko Palace.

Rachel has so far done an amazingly well job as Queen. She had King Setomus manage the military for her, as well as allowing Emma to open the Nashuko Saradominist Church.


Rachel attending a session with the Nashuko Saradominist Church

In short, her life during this time had been probably the happiest time of her life. She had a family of her own now, one she loved dearly. While she faced struggles of taking care of the child on her own, coming up with decisions that would please her father, and arguements with Setomus, she's found happiness out of the life of true royalty. That is, until it seemed like it was all about to end.

Der Bürgerkrieg des Kaiserreichs von Cruor

Attack from Azeroth
Warning: The following section may or may not contain implications and/or graphic material that is not necessarily safe for use. If you are squeamish in any way, it is suggested you skip ahead to the next section.

On any other normal day, Nashuko City was found to be under attack. Rachel and Setomus stood on top of the roof of Nashuko Palace and watched the smoke rise from the city, the trees blocking a majority of the view. Emma had come up the stairs to see what was going on, and they had speculated that perhaps Bruce came back from the dead and attempted to invade Aztarwyn's Empire, which in Bruce's defence, Rachel had said he wouldn't do that. They decided to go to Hauptsitz and see what was up, Setomus stating he would be there shortly.

Rachel and Emma had gone to the palace to find soldiers dressed such as Das Kaiserreich soldiers, however they wore a red star on their chest instead of a Gonzo Seal normally. Looking over the main lobby from the second floor was Zack, who was wearing his full armor. Rachel had asked him if he knew what was going on, and he told her how he is leading the rebellion, and his true name being Azeroth. The soldiers loyal to Azeroth then surrounded the two women, Azeroth allowing them to do what they wanted to them. Emma provided a suggestion of assaulting the soldiers, however Rachel quickly denied that.

Then, Setomus had brought a small squad of ten L.C.S. to Hauptsitz and the battle erupted. However, Azeroth's forces made short work of the forces Setomus had brought. When Rachel and Emma tried to make a run for it, Rachel had tripped on a rock that was laying around, and Emma helped her up. However, a soldier was able to grab onto Rachel, and she elbowed him in the face, which he stumbled back and fell, bringing her with him. As she crawled away, the soldier grabbed one of her ankles, and she pulled against it, then presuming to kick him. Soon, he was able to control her legs, and dragged her back to the center, as Setomus was forced to the ground. Emma was as well, in the center, with a soldier holding her.

Azeroth then gave Setomus a minute to decide who was to be defiled; Emma, or Rachel. The two did not want the other to receive this punishment, and they had an argument over who should be the one Setomus chose. It was rather funny, and the two almost started giggling. Setomus then, before Azeroth ordered them both to be sexually assaulted, had said Rachel, not exactly thinking about his real decision. After Azeroth had said a sly comment, Setomus then stated he wanted Rachel to be spared. She was taken to Setomus, as she cried and screeched, watching her best friend be assaulted by a rebel soldier.

After he had finished his business, Azeroth then commanded for Rachel to have a turn. She was dragged back to the center, however, before anything occurred, Azeroth ordered the soldier to lay off, and he would do the honors. Azeroth then came down the stairs, and barked orders at Rachel to remove her skirt and underwear. She did, after being hesitant, and he proceeded to molest her on the spot. As it seemed he was going to take the molesting to the next level, the thunder cracked in the sky. He came to save them.

Aztarwyn destroyed the entire eastern wall to enter the castle, and tackled Azeroth, which gave Rachel time to pull up her underwear and skirt and run to Emma and Setomus, as the soldiers scattered off. Azeroth and Aztarwyn then dueled, which ended in Aztarwyn being tossed aside and Azeroth going up the stairs. Azeroth returned with Lily in his clutches, a sword to her throat, and stated one more step towards him and she would die. Aztarwyn stood, reluctant to the threat made towards Lily, and Rachel stopped him by teleporting them all to a bunker she knew of located on the border of Ubalkzaun.

The Bunker

The bunker was a military fortress on the border of Ubalkzaun, near the center, and a small section of the fort was given to the royal family and high ranking officers to use. Rachel, Emma, Setomus, and Aztarwyn all arrived first, soon following Zephon, Akiza, Arrondal, and Xetron. Head General Irano Forvetta already had arrived, and Setomus, Zephon, and Arrondal joined in him planning a counter-strike. Akiza embraced Rachel and told her of how Azeroth ordered for her too to be assaulted, and Rachel shared her experience. Akiza then left, and Rachel and Emma noticed that Aztarwyn was no-where to be found. She found an iron door left ajar, and her and Emma then entered it to find something different.

Aztarwyn was there, yes, he was sitting on the ground. His armor was off to the side, as he was in his casual attire, and he held the Legendary Sword of Gonzo in his hands, looking at the blade, with his face blocked by his long black hair. The way he had slumped himself on the wall told Rachel that something wasn't right. After trying to talk to him for a bit, his lower half of his face was exposed, showing what appeared to be a tear running down his cheek. She teared up as well, as she couldn't believe she saw her father do this. After Emma spoke without her fake accent, he told her to get out. She didn't see him for awhile.

Soon, Emma came out of the room to meet Rachel again. She had gone to Nashuko Palace to dye her hair and gather a few of her prized possessions, and returned to the bunker. There, Rachel was talking with Setomus, then Emma joined the conversation. Rachel had asked her to stay with Aztarwyn for a few nights for her, otherwise Rachel would go spend the night with him. She went to change into her night-time clothing, and when she came back, Emma had left. She assumed that Emma was going to stay with him.

Rachel had spent two days in the bunker with everyone else. On the next day, she flipped and wanted to get her baby, but couldn't. The rest of the day was boring, and she spent the next day in the bunker too. Aztarwyn came out, however only two people saw him when he came out, then he left. Emma talked with Rachel about him, and some other stuff. 

Later, Aztarwyn, Zephon, Setomus, Arrondal, and Irano were all planning their attack on Hauptsitz. Aztarwyn just said to Irano it would be beneficial for the four of them to go instead of a military attack. Later, while Rachel was hugging Setomus, she saw Emma and Aztarwyn hugging, a "friendly" kiss was shared. Rachel jokingly harrassed her about this for a little bit. In a half hour, she was bored, and was worried what was happening. Her and Emma decided to go to the castle to see what was going on.

Blood Brothers

Emma and Rachel teleported in front of the doors of the castle, with the battle raging in the north. They had peeked inside the castle to see women who belonged to rich and powerful families being defiled and slaughtered inside, with Azeroth looking down upon them. Next up, was Lily.

Lily was tossed into the middle of the lobby, where Azeroth began his descent down to the floor. As he walked next to her, the three kings and dem Kaiser attacked. Aztarwyn pulled Lily to the side, making sure she's alright. Rachel and Emma went to her and they then spectated the battle.

Rachel was forced to manuever away from Lily at points, as the battle was intense. Two more fake Phylactery of Aztarwyn's were destroyed during this entire battle, and Emma was able to grab one. Rachel didn't know the gem on the necklace of hers was one of these fake Phylactery, however she kept it safe as she assumed it was.

Setomus took an arm injury after slamming Azeroth, and she went to him. Soon, the battle ended, after Aztarwyn acquired the power of gods, and defeated Azeroth. He had his runite shield given to Rachel and Setomus after he took the Legendary Shield of Gonzo. Then, Lily was stabbed, with the assailant being incinerated.

Everyone was teleported to the bunker, where the last night was spent. Lily had passed, and Rachel was with Setomus as his broken arm was getting treated. Later, Akiza came to say goodbye to her, and soon her and Zephon left. Rachel spent the night with Aztarwyn, and Emma spent the night with Setomus. Rachel woke up next to Setomus, and they stayed only a little bit before the trio left, returning to Nashuko.

The Council of Gonzo

On the 7th of Wintumber, eight days after the fighting had ended, Rachel, Emma, and Setomus were invited among with many other for a meeting that would end the war officially and talk of the future of the provinces. Rachel signed the treaty of Cruor, ending the civil war officially. She then took part in a vote to keep the provinces or unite them all once again, voting to keep them. The vote ended in a 4-3 decision for keeping them. The Council of Gonzo was then established.

Kronprinzessin of Das Kaiserreich

After the war had ended, Rachel returned to Nashuko Palace to continue her duties. She wanted more children, and soon was impregnated, however she wouldn't find out until near the end of Rintra.

The Offer

On a nice snowy day in the middle of Rintra, Rachel was wearing a blue dress and she had decided to take Samuel outside and play in the snow. She had decided to go in, a little wet and snowflakes in her hair, she took Samuel with her and went to see Emma, where Aztarwyn was. He was there for Rachel, and had made the offer to her of the position of Kronprinzessin, as Zephon wished to pass it to her. She accepted, however she decided instead of going by the title, she'd continue to go by the title of queen of the Nashuko Isles. Later, she attended a ceremony that led to the burning of a painting of Filis Aerendyl, the fire started by Emma.

Celebrating Dad's birthday

Rachel, on the 26th of Rintra, was outside on another snowy day and came across a wolf. Instead of going to go wish her father a happy 90th birthday, she decided to take the wolf inside. Emma came downstairs to see what she was doing, as her and the wolf played around on her bed. Rachel introduced the wolf to Emma, and soon, the wolf turned into Aztarwyn's human form. He decided to make a visit, shocking the women. They then talked about things in das Kaiserreich, and Rachel believing she had gotten pregnant. Aztarwyn soon left in a few hours.

Lily's Funeral

On the 13th of Moeyvng, Lily, Rachel's step-mother, had passed due to complications with her revival. Rachel was indeed upset, pouring her heart out for almost the entire day, as she had grown to love Lily. The funeral was set to be a few hours into the next day, as her body was prepared for burial.

Rachel, Emma, and Setomus arrived at Hauptsitz shortly after Zephon and Akiza had. Akiza was surely pregnant, as was Rachel, seeing as her stomach seemed to be getting larger. Rachel wore her normal attire in black, her skirt a little see-through(Don't get excited boys), without any of her royal attire. Then, they all walked with a casket carried by two men, with Lily inside of it. She could be seen with a necklace wrapped around her closed hands that held each other, the necklace made for her by Aztarwyn. They all shared their final words with her, and then allowed her to rest in peace.

Emma's Illegitimate Baby

Emma had been pregnant for five months now since her assault, the baby from her defiler. Emma suddenly went into labor while in a conversation, which was unexpected as the baby hadn't been developed enough yet to live outside of the uterus. A doctor from downstairs of the palace came up and delivered the baby for them, the undeveloped baby being a boy. Emma had named him Kyle, however Rachel continued to refer to him as "Emma's R*** Baby."

Soon, Kyle, aka Emma's R*** Baby, the next day had passed due to being under-developed to the point where he cannot live outside the uterus. While Rachel wasn't very fond of him, she was still sad at the loss, mourning with Emma. She decided not to talk about him in respect for Emma.

Dealing with Her Own Pregnancy

Rachel was about five months pregnant as well, and her situation continued to worsen. Her pregnancy was special, however nobody knew why. She hoped for a baby girl from this pregnancy.

Rachel decided to take time off as Queen, allowing Setomus to step in and do many of her duties for her while she was pregnant. While she was pregnant as well, Emma had begun a relationship with Aztarwyn. She was also sad she couldn't use her golden pole in her room while she was pregnant.

The Twins

So then the day came when Rachel was going to give birth. Unexpected, of course, she went into labor during a conversation with Setomus and Emma, mostly talking about Emma and Aztarwyn, and she went forward to give birth. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl within six minutes of labor, and they were all astonished. But she wasn't done.

To the surprise of all three of them, she kept pushing. The girl wasn't the only thing in there. Taking much longer, Rachel continued to try and try to push the other baby out, about to give up. Tears in her eyes from the pain, she looked up to pray to Him. Then, she managed to find the strength to push that baby out, a beautiful twin baby boy.

Now with all the birth taken care of, Rachel and Setomus held their twins together. She held the baby boy, instantly in love with him. They named the girl Dorina, however Rachel was still pondering what to name the boy. While Setomus and Emma were flying names around, she only noticed the boys ice blue eyes, such as Glaiwyn's, her grandmother. It was there she wanted to name him Aztarwyn Gonzo the Third.

Setomus instantly rejected it. Although he had grown a nice father-son in-law relationship with Aztarwyn, he still had not forgotten the past and dreaded naming his child after the man who killed his father. Rachel made a threat of her own, then. She threatened to name the child Azeroth Gonzo the Second should he not be named Aztarwyn. Setomus caved in, as he didn't want his child to be named after a sick Mahjarrat either. So then the boy was named Aztarwyn III.

Rachel later took a beauty nap with her children put in a crib, looked after by servants for her. It was going to be a hell of a ride with the twins.

A Day of Sorrow is a Day of Happiness

It was a little while after the birth of her beloved twins that Rachel had to say goodbye to someone she dearly loved. Emma had been invited by Aztarwyn to live with him, and she accepted his offer. She came to pack up her things and spend time with Rachel, Setomus, and Samuel, who were walking around the perimeter of the palace, before her departure.

However, with sorrow there must be happiness. Samuel was walking with the help of his mother and father, and Rachel had decided to let him take the chance to take his first steps on his own. Capable of standing, Samuel looked out onto the palace floor, then took five steps forward on his own before falling to his bum. The room erupted in cheer and applaud, Rachel's eyes with tears of joy, proud of her son. She knew he was growing up.

And so a challenge was issued after the accomplishment of Samuel. Emma and Rachel would have a pole-dancing contest with the golden pole installed into Rachel's bedroom. The two had quite the fun, and Setomus gave Rachel the win for her performance. With Aztarwyn spectating the show in his wolf form, he appeared as not too happy to see his daughter acting as a prostitute, which he only said because he's suppose to be a good father and deep down inside he found it hot to see his girlfriend dancing on a pole.

So then it was after the contest that she said goodbye to Emma, and she carried on her royal and family life with Setomus and her children. Nothing interesting had happened since Emma left, and soon she carried on with her royal duties.

Nearly Dead

Rachel did nothing in particular in the next few years. She raised her growing children, giving advice to her friend and step-aunt, Blaire. Then came the day that would change her life.

One day, she was told she had a visitor while she was tending to her children and Setomus was at a military camp. Her visitor was allowed to come in and it was Azeroth. She screamed, trying to get him to go away and he soon knocked her out cold, taking her from the castle to an island east of Hauptsitz.

Azeroth held her for hours as he sent out a notification to Aztarwyn and Emma. They soon came to join and the two brothers had a verbal fight. Azeroth was in his lich form, and Rachel was held by him. She had thought things were going to go down as they had back during the civil war while she was held captive, until Azeroth pulled out a dagger and an unexpected twist was added.

He stabbed Rachel in the stomach.

Rachel was thrown to the ground after she had been stabbed and the brothers began to fight, and she was taken away from Emma. Emma managed to get her onto a ship that was nearby and they sailed away from the island, where Setomus was found. Setomus and Emma both tended to Rachel as medical assistance swarmed her and tried to stop the bleeding, which she had bled quite a bit already.

And just when she thought her own life was over, the blood stopped coming out of her and her condition was going to improve. She was left on the ship while Emma and Setomus went back to the self-destructing island. Soon, Rachel was taken to Hauptsitz where she spent the night and the next day went back to Nashuko, where she could live in harmony again.

Another Daughter... But not hers?

It was just only a day since Azeroth had stabbed Rachel and she lived. She was in her room, and Blaire had come to see her, bringing Cortana along. Blaire tried to blame herself for Azeroth's actions and Rachel tried to convince her otherwise, however she was not successful. Eventually, Blaire went out to the balcony and Cortana was crying, so Rachel took care of her. After Samuel had gone back outside to see Blaire, she was gone.

After eyeing the area for a bit, given Samuel told her, Rachel decided it wasn't worth it anymore. Blaire wanted to be irresponsible of her own child, so Rachel decided to take Cortana in. Of course, she hasn't considered adopting her yet, however she will think on it when she needs to.

Becoming Kaiserin

Time had passed on after Blaire ditched Cortana at Nashuko. Cortana was an annoyance at times, wanting her mother, however Rachel continued to love her dearly and care for her in Blaire's absence. Cortana was a nice addition to the family, however it was a hope her being in it was temporary.

Though, as time had passed, das Kaiserreich began to prosper. The nation delved itself into business within the mainland and the war was beginning to shift to their favor. The empire had become a super-power in political affairs and on the mainland. Rachel had been preparing herself for disaster if it struck the nation, given that the fleet of Lionheart ships was still sailing towards Nashuko, and disaster struck.

When news had been released that King Corvus of Anglia had killed Kaiser Aztarwyn, Rachel had been in disbelief. However, she took up regency in the absence of the ruler and propoganda posters were put up by Aztarwyn in Falador. All forces on the mainland left as a result, returning home to Cruor or off to war in Nazshaar. And so, with all the chaos ensuing, Aztarwyn did what he thought was best.

He gave Rachel his spot on the throne.

Rachel on throne

Rachel sitting upon her throne.

Rachel had ascended to ruler of a super-power, she had ascended to Kaiserin von Cruor. Emma gave her a call on the commorb and by midnight, Rachel came to her castle in Hauptsitz. Bringing her three children and Cortana, her clothes, possessions, and husband, Rachel's room in Hauptsitz was filled while she spent time with the rest of the family. She eventually found her father and spent time with him before she went to bed, where the next day her duties as Kaiserin would begin. She wouldn't be officially crowned Kaiserin until a few weeks after the throne had been passed down.

Kaiserin von Cruor

Rachel started off as Kaiserin with a giant issue to deal with; Anglia. Anglia had presented their entire naval fleet to Hauptsitz, with intentions to attack. After the Gonzo had destroyed the entire fleet, Rachel did not want war and decided the destruction of the fleet was enough.



Rachel's hair is usually tied into a pony-tail, hanging over her shoulder. Her hair is black, and her eyes are crimson red, like her mother. She looks like her mother quite a bit, no resemblence of Aztarwyn at all. Her body overall is what most men would consider "sexy," usually enhanced by her clothes. She wears a skirt that's crimson red, that being her favorite color. She cares about her looks, and hourly checks to see how she looks, and makes the nessecary adjustments. At night, Rachel pulls her hair out of the pony-tail look, letting her hair just hang down, and usually wears a see-through silk robe, crimson red. Her clothes under were white instead of red.

Her wedding outfit was almost exactly her usual outfit, with a few changes. It was white, instead of red, contrasting with her black hair. The dress was bought a few years before her actual marriage, so it was a little shorter and tighter on her, a really short mini-skirt if you will, ultimately making her body pop out more. She and her friend Emma had agreed that she looked great in this.

She also wears many more outfits, including her wedding outfit and original outfit, with her tiara and imperial cloak after becoming Queen of the Nashuko Isles. She gained multiple dresses, all being like her first two outfits, however different colors. These include shades of blue, green, purple, black, yellow, orange, and her original two, red and white.

After becoming Kaiserin von Cruor, Rachel had completely changed what she would wear. She now wears thigh-high boots with a short skirt and sash, and a halter neck with a crown made of pure gold and a small diamond with the Gonzo seal imprinted on it. 


Rachel is nice, finds things funny. Average girl teenager, perhaps. She cares for her friends, and is emotionally hurt easily when it comes to them.

Rachel is also much unlike the other Gonzo, in the aspect she is not a complete follower of the Aztarwynian religion. She aligns herself with Aztarwyn, to be safe from the shun and the possible attempts at her life, however she mixes Saradominist beliefs with Aztarwynianism. She is not a fan that people should have to die a long and painful death, however if the person who supposedly deserves his death is willing to change, then he should be forgiven.

She loves chicken. She thinks this is because of her father, Aztarwyn, due to the fact he as well enjoys the bird.


Rachel is a member of the Gonzo family, as being Aztarwyn's daughter, and is also married into the Clough and Genic families. She is the daughter of Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo and Alexys Gonzo, as well as the niece of Azeroth Gonzo and step-niece of Blaire Gonzo. She is also the granddaughter of Arrondal Gonzo and Glaiwyn Gonzo.

Rachel is the daughter-in-law of Bruce Clough and Emma Marie Genic, wife of Setomus Clough, mother of Samuel Gonzo-CloughDorina Clough and Aztarwyn Gonzo III, aunt of Mikayla Gonzo, sister of Thomas Gonzo, Aztarwyn II, Zephon Altus Gonzo, Akiza Gonzo, AdriAnne Gonzo and Adolf Gonzo, step-sister of Blake Bloikon, Elizabeth Genic, and Trace Clough, and cousin of Cortana Gonzo.

Rachel is the last female in the family of her generation that is able to cast some sort of magic, however she is not a feminine warrior. After Rachel, excluding Zephon, is where Aztarwyn's line of Gonzo Warriors ends, for now at least.

Gonzo family

Rachel's family tree in the Gonzo family.


All titles that Rachel has held

Current title: Seiner Kaiserliche Majestät, Kaiserin Rachel Gonzo von Cruor

  • Princess of Falador/Princess of the Kingdom of Zamorak - 1 Year
  • Princess of the Kingdom of Lionheart - Not long
  • Prinzessin of Das Kaiserreich der Cruor - 15 Years
  • Queen of the Nashuko Isles - 1 Year
  • Kronprinzessin of Das Kaiserreich der Cruor - Four years
  • Kaiserin of das Kaiserreich der Cruor - Current



  • Aztarwyn, for making the character and providing information
  • Howdia, for helping in character development
  • Queeny, for the bootiful picture


  • Rachel is the only Gonzo character in which throughout her entire history she has always been a protagonist.
  • Rachel is a lot of different from the Gonzos in general, such as being the only other one to perform the Gonzo ritual, only differently.
  • Rachel is the first female character of the user Aztarwyn, and for quite awhile was the only one until others were introduced.
  • Rachel isn't a complete follower of the Gonzo Religion, and is more Saradominist apart from the family.
  • Though she loves her father like any other daughter would, she despises how he thinks and acts.
  • Rachel is obsessed with chicken, she finds it very delicious, becoming her favorite food.
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