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Alive and ruling

Rabican Leroux is the current King of Ardougne, played by R Leroux.


Early Life

Rabican is the second child of Lorraine Leroux and the first child of Lothair Leroux. He was born in Ardougne to two minor Ardougne nobles. He has an illegitimate half borther named Marcos Leroux. Marcos was a frequent with the local Armsmen. So Rabican often stayed in the library studying, rarely leaving the house. His parents were very loving towards him which resulted in his kind demeanor, however he was also spoiled which he has never grown out of.


As he aged Rabican began to venture out of the Leroux estate. As he walked the streets of Ardougne he saw the effects the Vekonic rule had on the people, and still worse he heard the stories of Vectis's rule abroad. Rabican would often try to help the many poor and unemployed of Ardougne, but rarely could for his parents were not as charitable as he was; Lorraine and Lothar's stinginess eventually rubbing off on Rabican and hardening his coin pouch as well.

Rise to the Throne and Rule

Kandarin was in turmoil. Crime was rampant, the kingdom poor, and there being mass exodus away from the Kingdom. He met Violet Vekon shortly after she returned to her faultering kingdom, a friendship soon blossomed, and eventually they married making Rabican Leroux into King Rabican de uxoris. Shortly after the marriage Violet disappeared in a magical accident; making Rabican the sole ruler of Kandarin. With this he immediatly set to removing all traces of the Vekon's from the kingdom. Occupying the castle with the Iron Guard, replacing the Armsmen with the Men-at-Arms, changing his old family mansion into a public school, building a lecture hall, enforcing immigration policies, and many more reforms. In the early days of his reign he allowed the Duchy of Paixholm to sucede without violence and didn't chase the Duchy of Yanille when they went to continue their independence. Axel Vekon came into his court and demanded he step down, keeping a serious face for the meeting he humbly declined the offer before having a good laugh with his brother Marcos over the whole situation. He continues to reign to this day, with his reforms hitting Ardougne full force the future looks bright for the kingdom.


  • Rabican Leroux has a heavy Ardougnian accent
  • Rabican is a very skilled fencer
  • On top of Common, Rabican also knows Kharidian
  • He can also understand and read Gnomish and Elvish
  • Even though he has brought much reformation to Ardougne, he is still best known for his moustache.
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