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Quinn Eriador
"The world is your Sandbox, have fun."


Seers Village, Kandarin








Lawful Good

Religious Affiliation

Saradominist Saradomin star




High Prince of Yanille

Physical Description

Blue eyes, Dark Brown Hair, Well-Muscled, 6'1", 180


Alive, in Yanile


Mercy Eriador

Quinn Brayden Eriador is a young, Warrior Prince and socialite. Born the son of two of Yanille's Social Elite, Quinn is the younger brother of Helena Eriador, the now Queen of Yanille. Quinn is a fearsome, tall presence, though he remains friendly and charismatic wherever he goes. Born into privilege, he has been given the resources and skills to train to the best of his abilities. As a strong supporter of his sisters rule, Quinn staunchly seeks out her supporters, and seeks to quell talk of rebellion. A Lion in his own right, Quinn is also a gentle lover, and has had many affairs with blonde severing girls in the past; despite this, it has not stopped his loyalty to his wife, Yanille's Court-Mage, Mercy. The two have a child, Winston.

Quinn was created and role-played by Matt.


Early Life

Quinn was born the elder middle child of four, and the son of Alferon and Vera Eriador, with one older sister, Helena and two younger sisters, Heather and Melanie. Quinn, growing up, had a fascination with the Ogres as a whole. Eventually, an Ogre attack would leave the fascination staggered, and despite losing friends in the Ogre attack, Quinn didn't have any hatred for the Ogres, and he saw that some had some form of civilization. With age, his fascination with Ogres faded, and so came his fascination with exploration of all sorts.

After his travels had finally come to a close, Quinn returned to Yanille, and resided there, meeting many women along the way. Soon enough, his older sister, Helena, was close to being crowned. This was finally the point where Quinn approached the woman that caught his eye, after a long few years of chastity, Mercy Temperance. He asked her for a drink, and after expressing his attraction for her, he kissed her. Soon enough, they found themselves in the Inn's bedrooms, and Quinn expressed his feelings for her and things went on from there.

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