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Queen of Ashes












Alive and has plan to go toward's Gielinor.

Godhood Tier


This page addresses information about the Queen of Ashes, her religion, and her followers as it applies to World 42 role-play. Any valuable contributors are welcome to contribute, especially as new content comes out in-game.

Brief History

The Queen of Ashes is a goddess first mentioned by V during the Hero's Welcome quest. V claims to have visited at least one world she was active on, and compares her to Bandos, Tuska and Xau-Tak. She took her title as the "Queen of Ashes" after ascending to glory, and most of her followers agree it suits her "radiant" power, even her enemies to an extent. Much like Tuska, the Queen of Ashes became aware of the planet Gielinor after Guthix's death and the shattering of the Edicts of Guthix.

Sometime during the Sixth Age, the Queen of Ashes became interested in the Lumbridge Crater, due to the Celebration of Fire event being held there. She had her pyradins use the fire energy generated by this event to send her herald, the Fallen Nihil, through the planes to emerge from the bonfire in the crater. The Queen of Ashes tasked the Fallen Nihil to spread word of her coming, and to bring back burning embers for study.

The Religion

Not much is known about the Queen of Ashes, only that she has followers who worship her, and deem her a redeemer, as she gather those like the Fallen Nihill and transform them into having a purpose. There are no temple or churches dedicated to her.

Followers and creatures

Debatable Lore

  • It is debated whether the Queen of Ash can actually be used as major religion in role-play; as little information is known of her, her philosophy, and history. Although, with V's history being said as stories, and the appearance of the Fallen Nihil, Which could spark the religion.
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