"This is the story of Ptolemy Dean,
Protector of Varrock, he was not mean,
With courage, or honour, or kindness, or truth,
He's friendly, and clever, and nothing uncouth,

In Varrock Museum his heart does reside,
This great reliquary bears all his pride,
And within it he protects all the artefacts old,
And people also if the situation turns cold,

He risks his life, to save innocents,
Civilians survive wars purely from his defence,
His selfless compassion bolsters their spirit,
He truly is of quite endless merit!

Never forget our dear Ptolemy Dean,
A man of moral fibre seldom before seen,
So in this epic's tale, surely take stock, 
In the Great Historian, Protector of Varrock!"

Above is the ballad Protector of Varrock, written by Alexander Aerendyl in the year 169 in honour of Ptolemy Dean, the respected Curator of Varrock Museum. It was distributed to various bards, the writer's alias being "Raven Croft".

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