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Ahzoh, the only "known' Psynecerion on the plane of Gielinor.


supposedly what the head of a psynecerion sort of looks like

Psynecerion (pronounced sye-neh-sair-ee-an) are a race of extra-dimensional beings that can change between their natural form and a "mortal" form. There exists many, many psynecerion in their home-plane of Akrideas ("Abyssal Plane" in their native tongue). However, there are usually only very few of them in a dimension at a time. The only one know to inhabit the plane of Geilinor is the being known as Ahzoh.


The appearance of a psynecerion are not very complex. In their Natural Forms they look like ordinary humanoid creatures, with completely pitch black skin, a head that closely resembles a skull, and glowing eyes. Particulary strong ones will have glowing veins that often appear in the colours of the rainbow. They usually have large claws, that are often sharp enough to cut strong metals like a hot knife with butter. Another distinguishing feature is that some of them, particularly older ones, will have tusks. Many psynecerion break off these tusks as they are seen to hinder their ability to feed.

Psynecerion are also able to shapeshift, 

but they are limited to only humanoid forms. They generally prefer to look like a human since that is what they closely resemble.

Life Cycle and the Aging Process


Psynecerion do not grow physically very fast, as such they maybe be considered old beyond numerable years, but are considered by the race as a child. The exact rate of which a psynecerion grows has been estimated at 30,000 Mortal Years is equivalent to 1 Psynecerion Year. Some psynecerion are able to speed up their physical growth by using the Growth Crystal that they are born with by up to 10-20 Psynecerion Years.


While psynecerion have an incredibly long life span, they do die eventually, usually after a million or so Mortal Years, although some particularly powerful ones have gained biological immortality. The bodies of dead psynecerion do not rot away like most organisms but are rather converted into a metal in similar fashion to when Tzhaar turn into Tokkul, but rather than being used as currency, the resultant carcass of the psynecerion become the power source of the race. This material is called in mortal tongue as "The Augment". 

Creation, Religion, and Jzakar Uirahd(The Burden)

" I sense the sadistic faces of mankind, the evil intent of many beings. I feel the anguish of fallen men on the battle field, the pillages of villages, the assault and murder of women and children, the merciless slaying of kin and clan. These things, I feel it all, and I can't bleed it out!


The origins of the psynecerion are unknown, even to the race itself. However, many stories often told that the all present psynecerion were originated from the Original Six. They were three males and three females, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses, as well as their own colours(except green) of the rainbow. However according to the stories, while they had great power (assumed to have power that were god-like even), they were heavily burdened with it's own drawback known as Jzakar Uirahd(The Burden).

Ahzoh's Symbol

the Symbol of The Red One of the Original Six

The Original Six existed only to absorb the pains and evils of the living things around them. While The Burden seemed to have little effect on them, it eventually had gotten worse, because they could not figure out how to get rid of this evil and this pain that was slowly building up in them.

Today, however, many psynecerion hold this origin story as a great myth, but some do often wonder if it may indeed be true.

Jzakar Uirahd

A good percentage of the race, are cursed with this burden, but they are generally far more powerful than the ones who don't.

these Cursed are doomed to act like sponges, absorbing pain and the emotions associated with it, and they have not yet find a way to get rid of it all, except through death. Creatures who have the emotions and pain absorbed from them eventually become husks and numb.

most of the psynecerion burdened with Jzakar Uirahd often go mad from the experiences, while some become evil and cruel.

While most psynecerion try to get into as little conflict as possible and reduce suffering as much as they can, some go to the extent of completely annihilate entire races, believing that they can suffer the pain in the short-term so they don't have to suffer in the long-term.


Hjalo, hoth fyadm maed jzakar Gaaten qem Shaden, xek myr akzual ghamo zikr Ahzoh Aviansezr Gladyrius qem Kaahzolys


When the Red Six of the Original Six appeared, he had originated from a land in the north, a land that spoke a language known as Arkheo( pronounced ar-kay-oh). He taught the others his language so that they would speak it. this eventually become the universal language among all psynecerion and the variants.

examples of the language.

  • I - Ze
  • you  - kadh
  • he  - hre
  • she - shae
  • the - jzakar
  • qem - of
  • gaaten - creator(s) or lord

example phrases

  • Adr kadh svaken Arkheo? (do you speak Arkheo?)
  • Ze tan nehd svakena mhe kahd ( I was not speaking to you)

  • Quiddoch, ghuj rohn! (Cease speaking, little child!)

For more information on this language please go here:


Psynecerion are beings of shadow, and so they are able o control and manipulate shadows to near limitless potential. they are also able to perform magic of the elements with the same skill as humans, if not slightly more. they are however, unable cast magic of the light variety (e.g. lightning, holy magic, etc.)

They are able to take possession of things through open wounds, cuts, etc. entering their bloodstream and controlling that entity. However this is very hard to do, and the only benefit they gain from this is being able to withstand sunlight.

Psynecerion are very skilled with using their claws, which are sharp enough to cut through even mithril with ease. However, they are not very skilled  with using melee weapons or ranged weapons, both in their Mortal Form and their Natural Form, though some do fine with normal weapons.

Psynecerion are partially immaterial and therefore physical weapons are only slightly as effective on them.


While psynecerion can eat like most normal living organisms, they get most of their power and energy from consuming The Augment and the souls of the living things they hunt. While they often do hunt humans and eat them, they usually give the humans fair game and kill them as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Psynecerion Society and Class System

Much of their Society stems around the Augment, a large central power source in their plane, and it also stems from power gained from creating universes and collecting souls. psynecerion generally are respectful of each other, hold family in high regard, and can be friendly to other living things. Some however can be highly aggressive and sadistic. There are often duels between psynecerion, as when one is killed by another, the winner receives the power of the loser that died, thus increasing his social standing. The more Worlds created also increase that individuals social standing.


  • Many psynecerion do indeed carry Jzakar Uirahd with their existence, and so they often try to get into as little conflict as possible to avoid causing much suffering, and in turn their own suffering.
  • Due to being creatures of darkness, they cannot expose themselves to direct sunlight, much like a vampyre.
  • Some however can learn to withstand small amounts of sunlight and are able to only expose small amounts of their skin, most do this by taking possession of a human and then splitting themselves from that being (like cloning), though some can do this without possession.
  • They can only take possession of entities that are openly bleeding, as such, if they find a form they like, they will usually stab that thing enough so that it bleeds but isnt dead.
  • Holy objects associated with beings of Light (e.g. Saradomin) seem to have a great effect on psynecerion
  • They can only go into their Natural Form when they reach their Threshhold of Pain (the point with which the pain becomes unbearable, particularly sadistic and masochistic ones cannot go into this form at all) or when they are in their Home-Plane, Akrideas.
  • In Mortal Form and when they are in a dimension (such as Geilinor), their power is extremely limited, being only as strong or slightly stronger than most mortal humans.

Known Entities

  •  Ahzoh (played by Sevrok Vandr)


  • They cannot bleed, since they are partially immaterial, like ghosts
  • certain weapons can easily kill a psynecerion
  • This Race is ROLE-PLAYABLE
  • Ahzoh is rumored to have been one of the Original Six, but these are only rumors
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