The Pimpshra (pimp-sh-ra) is a seemingly Mythical creature of legends and lore of the White Knights.


The Pimpshra in his natural Habitat

His tale is that a White Knight scout once went into a Kinshra base, to be discovered by this infamous 'pimpshra.' He did not murder the young scout on the spot though, instead, he kept up a charade that he was not a Kinshra, and that indeed, was not a Kinshra base. Instead, he said that it was actually a party of sorts, and the guests were dressed as Kinshra. His tale was so believable that the scout ended up giving in, and leaving with a delicious pie. When she returned to her regiment, her Marshall asked where she got the pie, knowing he would not approved, she lied, and said a stranger gave it to her. Later that night though, she told a friend, who was not much of a really good friend, 'cause his dumb ass went off and said that she was in a Kinshra base, getting pie, infront of their Marshall. In that remark, she retorted with giving all the reasons he could not be a Kinshra. These facts were:

  • He had a Mohawk.
  • He wore bright purple, Kinshra do no wear purple.
  • He gave her pie.

All of these were legit reasonings to why he couldn't be a Kinshra. Her friend, now agreeing that he was indeed not a Kinshra, said "That doesn't sound like a sounds more like a Pimp-...Shra!" And so he was given his name as the mythical being of the Kinshra who gave out pies to unsuspecting young scout girls, and wore bright purple. She then learned the Pimpshras true name, which shall always go down in history as Choir Bolter.

This is an account made by Lysia Elysian on a piece of drawing paper. It's for when the Pimpshra is admitted to be a true being, and so that in the future, all will know the story of the Pimpshra.

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