Petrovila Haemoris is a strange, ancient blood-borne disease seemingly found in members of the Petrova Family.


Due to it only being contracted via contact of another's blood, it is extremely difficult for an individual to contract Petrovila Haemoris.

When the blood of an infected ends up in the blood stream of another, the disease slowly begins to take effect after 24 hours.

After the 24 hours, the blood has contaminated and spread through the veins and body of the infected, where the effects of it slowly begin to occur:

  • Slowly the infected begins to lose pigmentation as their skin turns to a pale-grey.
  • Their canine teeth elongate and sharpen greatly.
  • Wounds, scars and ailments present on the infected are healed as the blood courses through their system.
  • Finally, of their eyes, the pupils seem to dilate partially, with the iris taking on an orange-red hue.

Rumour tells of an inner circle within the Petrova line of a kind of a ritual which takes place. This ritual is known to act as both a ceremony of initiating one into the family, and to "exploit" the disease, allowing the effects of it to increase in those infected.


As with nearly all members of the Petrova family, it seems that Petrovila Haemoris all shows near the same symptoms on the individual infected.

  • Pale, grey-ish skin. The skin seeming to have suffered a loss in pigmentation, being the result of a lack of blood in the system.
  • The eye colour of the infected seems to change hue to either a cyan/blue or an orange-red hue.
  • Infected appear to have a natural aversion to sunlight; reports and claims that it causes them to feel weak and nauseous after prolonged exposure.
  • Un-aging. The process appears to alter the genetic structure of the infected's cells allowing them to never age from the time they became infected.
  • Retractable canine teeth. The infected appear to be able to, at will, cause their canine teeth to retract and lengthen.
  • Blood Consumption. Though able to consume ordinary foods, it seems the infected must regularly consume blood, from a source, in order to sustain themselves. Consumption of blood also restores pigment and tone to the skin; the more blood, the darker the skin tone. This only increases complexion to the point of their original tone.


  • Those with cyan eyes, appear to be gifted in a specific magical element. The element in question is down to a combination of personality and previous magical experience.
  • Those with cyan eyes are also able to "control" those with orange-red eyes, or at least some form of mental suggestion.



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