Petra Kipling is a currently un-dead character played by EllenEagle on World 42.

A former Kinshra Knight, she was a magical user who was very strong in wards and teleports; and was rather abruptly killed by a crossbow bolt through the neck while unconscious and wounded during a skirmish with the Commonwealth of Gielinor, which at the time ruled Falador.

Charged with the protection of the deposed King Ehrick Elderon of Varrock, she remained as tortured spirit, watching as he nearly died before being saved in time by healers. Furious now, and despondent at her fate and being unable to help the person that she had grown to fall in love with, she was prepared to take any offer to help her situation; a true terror of the void, along with cowardice, preventing her from achieving peace.

Needless to say, when Petra was offered a chance to be made a shade; be given a form that, while unable to feel or have a physical form, was able to have the power to give her the revenge she wished, she took it without question; not stopping to question the intentions of the being.

By the time that she was able to control her form and focus her intentions on vengeance, it was too late. The leaders of the Commonwealth had been killed; and she once again found herself without a purpose. Time moves differently when you realise you have all of it in the world; and she spent an unknown amount of it wandering without reasons; occasionally sparking legends of a ghost amongst smaller towns in the population.

Petra preferred solitude; and on one of the days that she spent alone on the shore of the eastern Kharidian desert, she was approached by a strange figure known as the "Moonlight-Eyed Man"; who promised her a corporeal form. She accepted the offer; and when she awoke, she was able to feel stale air around her...- And not move.

Petra can currently be found bound to a statue in an unknown cavern under Al-Kharid.

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