Personal articles, in the context of the RuneScape Roleplay Wiki, are articles on subjects about which a very limited number of people (often less than five) have substantial knowledge. Personal articles can often only be populated with content by these select few individuals with insight and typically have some unofficial amount of article authorship. Most often, character profiles are personal articles, but the term can also refer to pages about plots, custom roleplaying content, special equipment, and other such pages about subjects that heavily rely on inventive authorship by one or few players. While not enforced by any official Runescape Roleplay Wiki policies, it is often considered polite to ask the knowledgeable editor(s) for approval before making any major content changes to a personal article.

Related Policies

Typical wikia articles can be created and gradually developed over time by a large number of contributors, starting with as little as a title and a few sentences of summary and hopefully growing into a complete review of relevant information. Because of the special nature of the personal article and how these articles have major limits on the number of capable editors who can expand on and refine the contained content, there are special regulations in place to prevent issues that commonly occur, like permanently undeveloped character profiles that are authored by editors who have since left the wiki.

  • Personal articles are not to be created until the editor has intent to produce content; "reserving" personal articles to be filled at a later date is not permitted and will be treated as spam.
  • Personal articles that are left undeveloped for extended periods of time after creation may be deleted without warning. Typically articles are given a grace period of about one month for blank articles, or three months for partially started ones.


"Authors," also sometimes referred to as "owners," or "creators," are the individuals who have enough knowledge about a personal article's subject to effectively populate it with content. These authors are typically, in the case of character profiles, the players who created and/or control a character in-game. In the case of content like plots, equipment, storylines, etc, it typically refers to editors who first introduced the content into gameplay or have interacted very closely with that content for a substantial length of time. 

While authorship of personal articles is commonly recognized on the RuneScape Roleplay Wiki, it is important to note that no authorship is official or enforced by administrative policies. While editors are expected to respect the integrity and validity of an article, no restrictions on constructive, accurate, or otherwise positive development of any article will be enforced by the administration regardless of the article's subject matter or the original creator of the article.

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