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A penguin.

Brief History

The history of the penguin race is obscure, with many blank areas filled with nothing but questions of what has been seen so far. It has been revealed that the penguins had once been the slaves of the polar bears, and soon after seeing this; the seals began to enslave penguins for themselves as well.

At some point in time; a group of penguins broke away from slavery, the majority favoring a communist life-style with plans for world domination in revenge to the rest of the world for the treatment that the penguins recieved, and a minority who did not wish to follow that path, which are not supporters of the KGP (Killer Gentoo Penguins).

Accepted Lore

  • Penguins originated from a land known as the Motherland, with its capital being Palingrad.
    • The penguin Motherland's location is on a continent far North of Rellekka named Acheron.
      • Acheron is an incredibly harsh land of bitter cold, nearly anything that did not originate from the continent would find it nearly impossible to survive in the extreme conditions.
    • The leader of the KGP penguins is referred to as the pescaling.
  • Penguins are skilled in the art of camouflage.
  • Penguins, though deceptively animal-like, are actually an intelligent race in RuneScape capable of sentient thought, natural language, militaristic organization, artistic expression, and technological advancement.
  • Much like gnomes, dwarves, and cave goblins, the isolation of penguin culture seems to have allowed this race to make technological advances giving them access to tools far more sophisticated than those of humans.
    • Like cave goblins, they seem to have created some form of electricity, flashing lights can be seen in the Iceberg Base.
  • Most if not all penguins found outside their base are generally spies. This includes the Penguins from the Ardougne zoo, Lumbridge sheep field and the ones from penguin Hide & Seek. This also may include the penguins found in Miscellania.

Debated Lore

  • Penguins have access to technology as advanced as submarines. This is clearly seen in-game, but the quest is openly recognized as a piece of humor content and many role-players believe it shouldn't be taken seriously or actually applied in character, because the notion would be absurd.

Common Mistakes

  • Penguins cannot fly.
  • Although most penguins seen in-game are extremists who plot world conquest and the subjugation of humans, the community infiltrated by the Adventurer is actually an extremist faction of penguin culture.
  • Not all of penguin-kind suffers from megalomania, two exceptions of common penguin behavior being musicians Ping and Pong.


  • The extremist branch of the penguin race seems to be a reference, along with the various Russian inspirations, to the Soviet Union.
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