Papyrus with his club.

Papyrus is a Troll played by Gorbuk, he was first made as a character to be sent into Wars and battles (seeing as my Ourg Gorbuk could be seen as a tad overpowered if he were used in every battle) He also serves as a sort of storyteller for the Batallion documenting all of their greatest battles and victories.


Papyrus is larger than your average troll, with similar bright green eyes and stone-like skin. He has a large burn on his elbow where he was hit with Mage-Fire and he is also missing his left forefinger.


Papyrus is a brutal and valiant warrior, he cares more about battle and bloodshed then he does about anyones life, even his own! He also loves stories and is proud to be the one to share these stories.

Papyrus is also rather intelligent for one of his kind, being one of the few Trolls able to read.


Baby Papyrus

Papyrus as a baby

Papyrus was born and raised in the Troll Stronghold by his parents Barrel and Farmer. He fit in well and was popular like his family throughout the Stronghold for his bloodthirst and his strength.

In some of his younger years a scholar from the Wizards Tower made a camp on Trollheim to research the Trolls. Papyrus and his parents found the man and killed him, Papyrus also went and ate all of his work which was written on papyrus (hence his name).

Later in his life, the Adventurer came to the Troll Stronghold, having defeated Dad, Arrg and a few Troll Generals (one of which was his father Barrel) he started to feel that the Trolls had become weak. With Trolls being pushed around by humans and begging for mercy at the hands of this Adventurer.

One day whilst hunting in Trollweiss he came across Gorbuk and his Battalion having just left the God Wars Dungeon and he saw them as a truly powerful fighting force. Thus he abandoned his people and joined the Chosen Battalion.
Papyrus Child

Papyrus when he earns his name.

Papyrus took part in many important conflicts involving the Chosen Battalion including the Flooding of Lumbridge, the Kinshra Skirmish, the Siege of Goblin Village and the Battle for the Chaos Temple. It is whilst fighting in the Battle of the Chaos Temple that he was awarded a Zamorakian Monk called Quintis as a slave. He used Quintis to write down all of the battles the Battalion took part in, so that future generations could remember the Battalions greatest battles!

Papyrus Pack

Papyrus leading a pack of Gorbuk's Elite Horde.

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