From the dig site at Senntisten to the grand library of Menaphos, texts have been found recounting a young blood drinker whom enchanted armor and weapons for the zarosian army in exchange for a daily meal. More script tell of the same woman heading into battle with an icy ambition and a calculated head. Such misfortune, for this womans name was forgotten and only remembered in the moist, swampy, damp and green airs of Morytania with a heavy malcontentness to those that betrayed Zaros on his throne.

Even the name she was given isn't what she now calls herself. Instead, she named herself Ovilum, living her life in seclusion and away from Darkmeyer on the fringes of Morytanian society. Comfort was found beside her friend and ally Alucard and her sisters family, the Skalovs.

She is quite peculiar, choosing learning in-place of emotion and romance, treating most everyone she meets as someone she will never see again. One can see her as an extreme prude if she were to speak her mind and on occasion. she does just that, speak.

Most of her titles of the fifth age as so on have been in order; Ambassador for Morytania, Right Hand of the Draculea, Archmage and Schoolmaster of the Mort'ton Academy of Magic, Justice, and Treasurer of Misthalin.


Humanoid: Gaudy and thin, Ovilum dresses to both impress and for work, making sure that her purple gowns do not clash. Her mortal guise is a good 6'4" feet tall, purple and cold tanzanite eyes in her sockets as her angular features constantly make her seem angry.

Full Vyre Form: Much as the human form however at the height of 6'8", her left wing having cyan splotches on it.

Magical Ability

For the many years that she has lived and for the many years she has learned, she has considered magic to be her art of choice rather than stabbing things with spears and swords. Below will be a list of magic that she excels at from best to worst.

Enchanting: Most of her life she has been enchanting objects. With the absence of runes in Morytania, she was forced to use alternative methods for her beloved craft

Cryomancy: Instead of shadow, Ovilum makes use of ice magic, which very much compliments her personality.

Aquamancy: Ovilum has trained extensively with water magic.

Blood magic: Blood magic is something Ovilum only uses as a means to acquire sustenance, stretching her arms out to halt a mortal from moving with her own will, manipulating their own blood in order to paralyze them.

Lightning: She has an understanding of Lightning and was inspired to try and develop her own way to cast lightning based magic, causing many an accident all of while, hurting herself quite a bit during the learning process.

Shadow Magic: To those close to her, they would know she absolutely abhors everything about shadow magic, seeing it as a 'cheaters' magic.

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