"Overheads" is the word that roleplayers use to refer to protect from/deflect and similar prayers that display over a character's head when in use. This kind of prayer is of note because they are widely and loudly discouraged against use in public roleplay. There are many arguments against using this variety of prayer in public roleplay, but they all circulate around the key point that it is exceedingly difficult to find an agreeable way to translate them into fair roleplaying combat. Often, applications of overheads in roleplay are, on the whole, overpowered.

List of Overhead Prayers

  • Protect from Magic
  • Protect from Missiles
  • Protect from Melee
  • Protect from Summoning
  • Deflect Magic
  • Deflect Missiles
  • Deflect Melee
  • Deflect summoning
  • Retribution
  • Redemption
  • Smite
  • Wrath
  • Soul Split


While these prayers are treated with a great deal of trepidation in public roleplay, that does not mean that they cannot be used in roleplay at all. Sandbox and private roleplaying scenarios regularly benefit from transgressions into storytelling and growth that would be viewed skeptically in a public scenario. In addition, most things in RuneScape public roleplay that are viewed with great trepidation are viewed that way because they have been widely mistreated in the past; approaching the subject with a thoughtful and considerate eye, particularly with attention given to the issues that were caused in the original problems, can often open doors back up in public roleplay for experienced players.

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