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General Graardor

General Graardor, the Ourg leader of Bandos' army in the Temple of Lost Ancients.

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A Brief History

The Ourg are a race of gigantic ogre-like creatures and are one of the most powerful races known to be bred by the god Bandos. Ourgs played a major part in Bandos' armies during the God Wars and numerous members of their race such as Graardor, Blorgak and Yokrad served as Generals and other high ranking members of Bandos' army.

Due to the devastation of the God Wars, the Ourg race has been driven to near extinction and after the Edicts of Guthix were put in place, only General Graardor and Zarador are confirmed to still survive in the world of Gielinor.

Accepted Lore

  • Ourgs are an endangered species. Only two are known to be alive in-game, them being General Graardor who resides in Gielinor and Chief Engineer Zarador who now resides in Yu'biusk
  • Ourgs tribes are known to have a custom ritual of challenging the leader of their tribe to a single combat, with the winner becoming or remaining the leader depending on the fights results.
  • Ourgs are known to be very big, bulky creatures, often standing well over 10 ft at the very least.
  • Ourgs are known to be able to withstand certain normal attacks, that could be fatal to a human or similar humanoid creatures.
  • It is known that a single Ourg, provided they are very gifted fighters, can hold their own against entire armies, though, this does not necessarily make them unbeatable, as single talented fighter could well bring one down.
  • Ourgs often use their bare hands in combat, though they are able to use weapons if they choose.

Debated Lore

  • Graardor and Zarador are the only two known Ourgs still alive, this is likely as they are the only Ourgs confirmed to exist and there has been no mention of any other Ourgs active in Gielinor. However according to Zarador he has been active on Gielinor for many years, which makes it possible there might be others that have yet to come forward.

Common Mistakes

  • Ourgs may be one of Bandos most powerful mix-breed creations, but it does not mean they are invincible, a skilled human could with some effort bring an Ourg down.
  • Ourgs are not mindless monsters. They can think at a similar or advanced level to most other Bandosian races.
  • World Event 2 has not made Ourgs more common in the world in the same way it has the Aviansie; so far Graardor and Zarador remain the only two Ourgs confirmed still alive.
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