Orrak in Varrock
Orrak when he was last seen in Varrock.








143 lbs

Previous Affiliations:

See Katsu Ignis

Current Affiliation(s):


Orrak Nocte, a relatively unknown person. It would be easy to understand that he is unknown about because he just came into existence one day, the new name of quite a well known person. Katsu Ignis


Physical Appearance

Orrak stands at a height of 5'9", weighing about 143 lbs, he would have dark Kharidian skin, and a lean build, he would usually be found in light armour... A set of white metal shoulder armour, a white leather top with the lower half being a metal plate that goes all around.

His cloak would be made of as follows: Center layer chainmail, second layer on both sides, silk, outer layer regular cloth which makes the cloaks design. His matching hood would be made of the same.

He would carry with him a shortsword and a claw, on his belt would be three metal cylinders on each side, the bottom of each are relatively easy to slide open, in the cylinders would be hollowed, wooden cylinders filled with gunpowder, fuses coming from the top of them. They are in the metal cylinders to prevent accidental explosions or getting the gunpowder wet.

Besides that... there is not much to note about him.


Orrak is quite an interesting person... He is usually a very loud person, occasionally highly impulsive. He likes to travel and doesn't stay in one place for long. He gets bored very easily, and usually is not alone. Once he decides something, he tends to ignore any other options, even if his decision is just horrible, he'll rush in to do it before anyone can say otherwise.


Pre-Orrak History (See Katsu Ignis)


All stories begin somewhere, this one begins in a bar in Keldagrim.

While traveling with two others, Khione Nocte and Calder, the three stopped at a bar in Keldagrim to take a break. It is there that they met Edhrick, a man of many professions who just so happened to be a priest for a week at one point.

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