The territory of Orandir

Orandir is a governed body of land included in the kingdom of Kandarin which is located north-west of Hemenster. It spans from the edge of the fishing guild up to, but not including, the barbarian and gnomish lands.

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The history of the location of Orandir itself spans deep, all the way to the fourth age, when King Baxtorian and Queen Glarial ruled over it, when elves still lived in the East. However, Orandir itself is a very new, budding community created by the elves Haldiren and Cameron, both of Lletya. It occupies their ancestral area, with a few buildings and a lot of forest. The most important part, to them, is Glarials Tomb, a holy place for those who live there. While, in OoC terms, the area is not densely forested, in character, there are far more trees and the area between the goblins and Glarial's tomb is far greater.

Places of Interest


Haldiren and Cameron at Glarial's tomb, Cameron is on guard duty as Haldiren is offering a prayer to Seren.

Glarial's Tomb

The most revered and sacred place in Orandir, Glarial's tomb is constantly guarded. Ceremonies are held there, as well as any praying to Seren. Nobody is allowed to venture inside, and  no weapons are to be drawn when in the circle of flowers.

Meeting Forum

Deep in the forest, there is a temple dedicated to Seren where the higher-ranking elves will meet amongst themselves, or meet with other nobles and diplomats. It is very secluded, and very peaceful. IC, it is a landscaled Temple of Armadyl, which, OoC, is located near the Ranging Guild. IC, the warrior statues would be statues or idols to Seren, and the fountain would be much more ornate. 

Haldiren visiting the forum, deep in the forests

The Forest of Pelsari


The forest of Pelsari

The forest of Pelsari is notorious for it's mist as well as it's many inhabitants. The forest itself serves for protection, and resources for the elves. High up in some of the trees in Pelsari are small posts which usually house two Orandir archers. Many trespassers who venture into this forest unprepared and seeking to do harm to its inhabitants do not make it out.

Goblin tower of Stonecrush

Goblin tower of Stonecrush

Goblin tower of Stonecrush

The Goblin tower of Stonecrush is named after the current warchief in charge of the tower, General Stonecrush. A savage and ruthless goblin, he will do anything to try to keep all of the surrounding land his, including attempting raids on Orandir. It is a never ending war in Pelsari between Stonecrush's goblin hordes and the Orandir elves.

Baxtorian Falls

Baxtorian falls 2

Baxtorian Falls

Baxtorian falls has been the place of many tragedies, none worse then the suicide of the elven king, Baxtorian for who the falls are named after. This large expanse of water provides many resources for the Orandir elves, and the elves adore it's endless beauty.
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