Onyx Varkham was born in the year 130 of the Fifth Age. He was born to Nessa Culnamo and Finderato Varkham. From an early age, he knew he wasn't going to be your average merchant, or fisherman. His father joined the Yanillian guardsmen just a few months after Onyx was born. When the young man reached the age of seven, his father taught him fisticuffs. 


Onyx was born to a medium class family in Yanille 50 years ago, in 130 of the Fifth Age. As a child, he often asked his mother why his father was gone, to which she would reply, "To keep the baddies away". He didn't think of it much other then just as that, until the day came when he was seven, where his father taught him to fight. Onyx's father believed in tough love, and often his training ended with bloodshed, but Onyx learned despite this. He trained for several years until he was ten, and at this time was when his sister Jade was born. He set aside his training with his father to look after his sister whenever his parent's could not, and he found himself spending most of his time with his new baby sister.  


Onyx has grown to be a serious type of man. He's very loyal when it comes to his alliances, and he hasn't gone back on one. He's always been compassionate, but whenever he needed to be, he would be stern and firm, and show that he is more then what his kindness gives off. He also can sttep up and be a leader when he needs to be, but he prefers it when he is taking the command, but not giving them. 


Onyx stands at 6'3, and over the years of fighting with his father and his countless fights on the battlefield, Onyx has earned himself a good portion of scars. It is possible to distinguish him in a crowd, from one scar. Going down his right eye, through the eyebrow, over the eyelid, and down onto his cheek is a long scar that was carved into his face from a battleaxe. He also has a decent size build, being a man of war and fighting throughout his life, but it was counteracted with his growing age. Despite his slow muscle loss, Onyx can still swing quite a hard punch, and swing a sword at a deadly speed.



  • Onyx's original name was Toey.

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