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Seers' Village Tasks Nik Blackthorn Guthix Symbol


Hemenster, Kandarin


Human(Seer); Kharidian/Seer






Neutral Good

Religious Affiliation

Nature Worship, Spiritualism, Guthixian Ideals Guthix Symbol


Apprentice Warlock


Prince of Al Kharid

Physcal Description

Coal Black Hair, Cerulean eyes, 5'10", Lean


Alive and active

 Niklaus William 'Nik' Blackthorn (Vahar, in Al Kharid) is a wandering young warlock and a current member of the royal family of Al Kharid. 

As opposed to most of his maternal family whom hail from Al Kharid, Niklaus was born and raised in Hemenster to a pair of  prominent witches, Samyriana Vahar and William Blackthorn. Niklaus inherited a rare curse which meant he was unable to perform magic without siphoning the magic and anima from other sources. Usually considered an abomination, Wiliam and Samyriana taught Niklaus how to overcome this obstacle and use magic to the best of his ability, receiving an equal teaching from both parents and their respective covens. As per tradition of the Vahar, upon turning fifteen, Niklaus has left home to begin learning his own magic and place in the world.

Niklaus is played by Jim.


Facial Appearance

With a rounded tanned face, near free from the immaturity of boyhood, Niklaus is starting to show a developed jawline which accentuate his somewhat pointed chin. With a uniformly straight nose, pale thin lips and hollowed cheeks, the highlight of his appearance is cerulean eyes framed by narrow coal black brows matching the short spiked crop of hair atop his head.

Bodily Appearance

Stil in the midst of adolescence, Niklaus currently reaches 5'10" with a wiry and slender build. His shoulders have started to broaden and muscle starting to develop slowly on his form as he matures.

Niklaus tends to don neutral colours at times with displays of greens or blues depending on his personal mood and the fitting setting. Around his neck and wrists hang various pendants, charms and amulets  though the most prominent one of these is the Blackthorn amulet, one of a dragon and wolf in duelling position with slots for gems to be placed.


Skills and Abilities




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