"You cannot run from me."










Chaotic Neutral


Adventurer, Godless supporter



John (also known as Nexus) is an adventurer/business owner who had began his travel in an early age. He is known to be Mark's hidden and unmentioned older brother, and is role-played by Adventurers


John had gone through a lot of different appearances, some are known to be improvements, while others are just plain normal changes to his fashion. His most recent outfit would be one that he has requested to be custom made, called the Nexus armor. The armor is made of three special parts, each commissioned from experts in Tetsu, Seasinger, and Death Lotus armor making. Then using these parts, John combined them to make the Nexus armor, which is made for well-rounded defense and intimidation. This hybrid set comes at one consequence is that it lacks any affinity to either defense or offense and is more for general defense.

Knowing how powerful his armor is, and the length of it's durability, John had augmented the armor thanks to invention, giving him a long lasting armor with perks such as, absorption and crystal shield, that allows the armor to absorb damages stronger than it is suppose to, as well as giving a temporary protective aura around him that prevents damage for a short amount of time.This, plus how the armor was made, it would be extremely durable. The two other perks are mobile and devoted, which gives better mobility towards the user of the armor by making its weight lighter allowing John to be faster, also. He also wears a custom made helmet, material's being the same as his armor, only combined to have the perks of the slayer helmet. The dark look of the helmet is made of dark glass which allows John to see somewhat clearly, but his face is completely hidden thanks to the glass. It is also tested arrow proof and can withstand some several hits from blades. It is also made to change his voice into a more demonic feature. The Armor's appearance and structure is made to intimidate some people, or make them feel uneasy with him. His armor is also made to counter the cold and heat by some degree. After achieving his goal to the Max Cape, John no longer wears his helmet all the time, but instead the hood that comes with said cape. He still keeps the voice filter which is a mask that covers his mouth and nose. This mask works as a slayer mask.

Some of John's weapons are bought, from either the Grand exchange, or a shop that sells them. He only ever smiths his weapons if they need to be repaired. Of course the exception of his own staff, which can be made into a magic and melee staff. John, after one of his previous adventure, now had a magical pouch that seems to fit an infinite amount of items in it. John also wears almost all of his weapons on him when travel, being wand/staff, swords, a shield and a bow/crossbow. Each of these item are all given gizmos and augmented, sharp to improve the weapons giving perks of crystal shield (shield), precise, glow (bow), crackling (right hand sword, maul, wand and magical book), biting (left hand sword). John also ensured that the boot of the nexus armor was made to also withstand the environments, such as climbing rocks, or ensuring he doesn't slip on ice. Just recently, he also infused the spiked gauntlet with his own.

Despite the weight of his armor and weapons, John is able to withstand the weight on him thanks to his years of training, strength and with the help of the mobile perk as well. Thanks to his training at the Wushanko Isles, John has learned how to move in them with more flexibility, as well as how to move with them without making so much noises. With the Death lotus material being part of the armor, John doesn't have to do much work with it. Though it should be noted that attempting to be stealthy with the armor sometime makes John a bit slower than needed.


John has black medium long hair and goatee. While this is not known to others, his face slightly resembles Mark, only looks a bit older, handsomer and has more scars. He'd be a somewhat paled skin man, as he barely takes his armor off. He's also good looking, being considered either cute, or handsome to some people. He also has BIG eyes.


John is a very healthy and built man, not having extreme muscles that is the size of a head, but it is enough for him to be a model (insert wink face here.) His muscles don't get in the way of his armor or fighting, as he managed to train enough to be flexible, and fast enough so that his own weight doesn't slow him down. John is also 5'10, being one of the tallest of his family.



Born in the year 134 in the fifth age, in Taverly under a druid family, John was given the custom druid blessing n the name of Guthix, and balance. During his childhood, John had always been different than his brother Mark. Unlike Mark, John thought that the teachings of Guthix were a bit odd, as well as how the druids study it. John had always questioned the druids' teachings, as he always wanted to try more forbidden things. Mark, despite being younger, was seen as the more skilled and intelligent of the two. Mark had always agreed with John, but never on his method in finding the answer. John has always been a child of many questions, never satisfied with the answer people gave him. As a druid he studied the skills of herblore and summoning, excelling in both. He surpassed his brother in summoning talent, and possesses a deeper knowledge of herblore.

John's relationship with Mark had drastically changed when the two found a dying puppy. Mark wanted to try and save the puppy, at least give it a chance to living. John comforted his brother, lying to him that he agrees. Once Mark handed the puppy to John, John snapped the puppies neck instantly killing it. Enraged, Mark asked why, wanting to know why his brother lied and killed the puppy. The answer shocked him, being that the puppy was to heavily injured, it would still suffer as it's bones were broken and with that fact, he'd probably wouldn't heal. Mark denied that logic, wanting to have tried saving it first. John soon spent time to also learn how to forge hand writings and signature. This gave him an advantage by purchasing materials under his father's signature.


In his teenage years, John had grown to be more of a serious and strict person. Despite losing his brother's trust John would always be there for his younger sibling. During this time John had grew tired of being a druid, having spent years studying within the order and being unsatisfied with the teaching, he decided to finally leave in the age of seventeen. His parents tried to convince him to stay, only to then be neglected and rejected by their son, as he denied everything the druid order had taught him and their beliefs. Mark did say his final farewell to John, hoping that on his adventure his brother would see a brighter side of solutions, unlike his action before. John started his adventure in Asgarnia, training in different skills and his combat abilities. This continued until he found a woman in need of help. Of course this wasn't much of an dangerous adventure, but he met an ally who could get him resources as she happened to be the daughter of a wealthy man in Falador. John continued to train in each skill during his travel, including doing slayer tasks to learn how to kill targets by getting their weaknesses. During his run to finish a slayer task he'd come across a very wealthy man. Seeing potential in John, he'd offer him a small task in aiding. John was tasked into guarding the man during his travel to Varrock. John agreed after he heard the amount of money he would receive. The man gave John better weapons and armor, of course this was the man just being cautious as he didn't want to die.

During their travel John had fought againts muggers, goblins and a small group of highway men. Of course the two made it to Varrock safe and sound. With another ally made, of course this ally would contact john every so often with a small job. During his travel through Misthalin, John had made it to Lumbridge, only to witness a group of goblin's trying to siege one side of it. John had assisted the guards there and continued to assist, until finally, they kept the goblins at bay. The Duke of Lumbrdige had rewarded the brave adventurer handsomely, and given him another quest. The duke revealed that he had hired a a small group adventurers to assist his guards in hunting down a necromancer that threatens the town. John accepted the quest, hoping to learn a bit more on the skill necromancer. He caught up to the group and continued with them towards the cave of Lumbridge. During their search there, they came across several undead. John bravely fought alongside the guards and the group, of course his combat skills was noted to need practice. After defeating the undead, the necromancer revealed himself and attacked the group. It was a dangerous challenge, as they lost several guards and an adventurer, John was the only one fighting, as the others were to tired and deeply wounded to continue. Thankfully the necromancer was tired as well, and had collapsed under a pile of cavern rocks due to one of his blasts being deflected. With the necromancer dead, his control over the undead was undone freeing Lumbridge from a potential threat. Of course John searched the corpse of the necromancer, finding a book of spells to summon the undead and some runes.

With the group, they reported the situation and the lost of men to the duke. He reward the group handsomely, thanking them for their help. John began to travel once again, heading towards Draynor through the woods. While camping he came across a Black Knight who was threatening the life of an elderly man. John saw that he was no match for a knight level opponent and just walked away from the opportunity to save an old man. Once he arrived to the village he began collecting resources to continue his travel and training. After a week of perpetration, John was confronted by the mayor of Draynor, who requested that John help slay a Vampyre. Of course there were three, with count draynor, one in the sewer that no one knows of, and one in the jail house that was terrorizing the town more frequently. John Accepted the quest in killing the vampyre, the mayor asks John not to reveal the situation or quest to the public, wanting to avoid a panic. While getting prepared, he found a vampyre hunter, who accepted to aid the young adventurer in slaying the creature. After getting the proper tools, they go in to confront the creature. Sadly it proved to powerful for the two, as it took the hunter by the throat, John used the stake and stabbed it at the heart of the vampyre. This helped John gain more experience in combat. The vampyre hunter thanked John, owing him. John returned to the mayor informing him of his deed. He thanked John, rewarding him with gold coins.

John continued his adventure heading towards the wizard tower this time. There he remained and studied under the wizards for several months. Finally turning eighteen. He gained the experienced on teleporting and other usage of some higher tier magic. He soon left the tower and continued his training, not before getting some information and knowledge from the demon they had sealed up. He gained some knowledge on demonology, which he dedicated to learn as well, along with necromancer. He then decided to return to Varrock after receiving contact that the wealthy man had a job for him. He teleported to the city thanks to his training with the wizards. He headed to the home of the man only to find that he was killed several days ago, realizing that the letter was sent before his death. John was allowed to investigate the scene due to the fact he and the man were somewhat "close" and the authorities needed help, as the man's servants were the only ones around. John looked around as he saw he was writing a will. While no one was looking. John went ahead and finished it, leaving everything the man owned, and his wealth to John. Thankfully John could forge prints and handwriting almost perfectly. John reported the founding to the guards and pointed the suspect. Pointing that the gardener was the one who murdered the man, as it said so in a note John found, as it read that the man had proof off the gardener's betrayal, and needed protection to him report to the authority.

John soon became owner of a wealthy house and learned that he was a business owner of several stores in Varrock, Falador, and Ardougne under a company known as the Union Shops. He also learned that he had stocks in the Grand Exchange market, which were skyrocketing. John took this advantage and started saving his wealth and invest it in training and improving his requirements and supplies. He left his new butler in charge of the business and house while he was away adventuring.


As five years has past John has gained a great amount of knowledge and power beyond what the druid would be willing to teach and normal humans struggle to get. He traveled across all of Gielinor gaining experience from various skills. During the year 156 John had gained basic knowledge in demonology, necromancer and modern magic. He also improved his combat and archery skill, being able to wield and use up to rune metallic. He was also recruited to the Champion's and Hero's guild as he proved himself worthy of such recruitment. He also gained extreme knowledge in running a business and organization, making more money than the old owner use to make. John took a break from adventuring and headed back to Taverly, wanting to see his younger brother and family once again. During this travel he'd bump into a lost young woman who was running away from a forced love affair. John tried his best to avoid the situation, but was forced to help either way. He decided to take her to Falador, so she can be protected by the authority there. Of course during this long travel, they encountered trouble, from her "soon to be" husband. The woman quickly fell in love with John when he prevented the group of mercenary to take her during their travel, John soon grew to have the same feeling. Once they arrived to Falador, John was confronted by her "fiance", who John managed to defeat and turn him into the authority. John soon left the woman without knowledge that he left, to save her the burden of his lifestyle and what he hd experienced.

During his travel to Taverly, he encountered a group of raiding goblins, ready to raid Falador of its supplies. John managed to defeat them and looted their bodies for gold and useful supplies, only to find a map that lead somewhere interesting. John held onto the map and went to visit his family. After several days of catching up, and a great deal of arguement, John finally decided to travel to the kingdom Kandarin following the map he collected. After going through the dangerous path of White Wolf Mountain. John made it to Catherby, where he stayed for several days to collect resources he had lost from his travel through the mountain. Afterwards he traveled to Seer's village and collected the treasure he found within the lake north of the village. There he learned about their abilities to see into the future partly. While in the bar, John was asked by one of the Seers to aid him, as he predicted an attack from the north. John agreed to help, and went to investigate on the Fremenniks, to see if they had indeed set up a raid team. Shockingly they didn't, which concerned John about the man's prediction. As he traveled back, the man was surprised that John made it back alive. John confirmed he didn't interact with them, only checked from long distant and waited to see if anything happened, which was nothing. The seers then confirmed that maybe what he predicted was something years from now, or maybe the raid are from another group. John decided to help the man figure out his prediction. The two then realized that it was a group of nomads who were planning the raids.

To avoid a battling the entire tribe, John challenged their leader to a duel, if they win, they can raid the city, if he win they must leave. The battle was fairly easy due to their leader not being that strong and smart, he was easily outsmarted. John was thanked and rewarded for his help. The man also gave John his experience in magic and prayer, hoping that John could use it wisely. After a long travel, John makes it to Ardougne. While walking around the market place, John took his time to train his thieving. Of course he was caught and almost captured by the citiy's guard. After several days of regaining supplies John overheard of a demon being summoned east of the city. John rushed to the location and confronted the demon summoners. This was a worthy action that gave John notice to the legends' guild. They invited him inside recruiting him into the guild as he did defeat a black demon. John accepted the offer and managed to buy new supplies and weapons from this guild. John continued his travel, giving him more knowledge in skill as he trains, as well as other things. He managed to hire a ship to take him to the eastern isle, Wushanko where he spent most of his time training. There he was taught the Wushanko warrior fighting style, a method that allows the person to fight better in hand to hand combat, swordplay, also making him more flexible and have faster reflexes. This fighting style also helped John in handling his weapon better, aim better for archery, and focus better for magic. He also had help creating a new armor, combined with parts to create the Tetsu, Seasinger, and Death Lotus armor, calling it the Nexus armor. While training he wore his armor to help him overcome the weight of the armor while fighting, learning to move better, faster, and be more flexible in the armor. After years of his intense training, John traveled back to the west to continue more of his adventure there. John had tested the durability of the armor, being able to withstand powerful blows and weapons, being able to withstand powerful and powerfully forged weapons. It can also withstand powerful arrows and magical attacks. Through this armor, John soon had gotten unwanted attention due to his reputation as not only a owner of a business but being a well known adventurer. His house was attacked by gang members who wanted revenge on John. Thankfully John handled the situation with less bloodshed, and managed to force the gang leader to leave him alone. After this day, John had spread word that he, and the adventurer known as Nexus are not the same people, but do work together due to their relationship. After word got around, John was no longer targeted by gang leaders, or mobsters, Now his other persona was.

On one of his travel with his newly forged armor to test it in his adventure, John had encountered a crying boy. John asked if the boy was lost, or in trouble, in respond the boy informed John that his sister was kidnapped by three witches John knew this wasn't going to be a rewarding adventure, but he did want to help the kid, as his last adventure he had allowed two to die. After information on directions John headed out looking for the witches. Heading towards an abandoned house in Rimmington John had encountered the house's first trap, a giant log came from the ceiling heading towards John, who moved to his left to avoid massive injury from the log. John continued to investigate the house, finding information about the witches, using a sort of ritual, which makes them young by killing youthful people. After more investigation John has located the witches, who had summoned imps to locate the boy for them, this was interfered by John who swiftly killed the imps with ease. The witches attempted to negotiate with John, trying to explain to the adventure on that they are trying to live forever, avoiding a sickness they have. John showed no concern in hearing their plea, killing one of the three sisters.

Out of rage they attempted to kill John for revenge, but were forced to retreat instead after realizing that John was much mre powerful than they assumed. John released the young girl who was very grateful, informing John that they had special items hidden away, telling him where to look. John investigated further looking for the items. John found soon found a trap door and followed the ladder to a storage room that contained a powerful wand and book. John had decided to keep the two items as his own reward and looted the room for whatever he can sell. After that John had return home to take a few weeks off to relax from his many travel and catch up on the business. During this time John kept studying on other skills, pushing his limit on his strength, speed, endurance and knowledge. After a year of studying and training, he finally went out adventuring once again. During his travel he encountered a woman who requested his help, her village was about to be attacked by a giant, who they had angered accidently. John agreed to help knowing this might not only help with his experience, but an angered giant who the village fed might have some treasure. Once they arrived to the village John soon realized that the giant was worshipped to be a protector of the village from an unknown threat. Assuming the giant was lying, he informed the villagers of this theory and informed them they he would help. Several days of peperation, John had fallen for someone new, where the two had stayed together for the night. Finally the day came where John and the giant fought on the outskirt of the village. John triumpt over the giant, but not without injuries. Headingg back to the village to get medical attention, John's theory was debunked by a roar within distant, realizing the Giant was telling the truth. As he returned to the village, he informed everyone to leave, with his current injury, he wouldn't guarantee victory over this new threat.

John would help the village evacuate, promising his lover that he would find her after he can atleast distract the creature enough for them to escape. John waited for realizing it was a dragon, formly was a three headed dragon. John would note the wounds and dead missing two head of the dragon to tell it wanted revenge. John tried his hardest to distract the dragon, avoiding it's flame, claws and aiming for it's wounds and injuries. The dragon would have the upper hand, and with it's claw, it grabbed John and lifted him into the air wanting to drop him from the sky. Lucky for John, he managed to shoot several arrows through both wings as quickly as he can, falling with the beast. John landing on the dragon saved him from death's grip, but the dragon was still alive, enough to burn the village to the ground. John looked in shock hoping everyone escaped on time including his new lover. With his remaining strength, John stabbed the dragon in the neck, collaspsing.

John soon woke up in a medical room within Lumbridge, thanks to the ring of life he had on him, he was saved from bleeding out. After being treated from his injuries, John had decided to leave the town to find the villagers, who he hopes are safe. Still injured from his battle, John spent most of his travel avoiding fights and sharpening other skills, such as summoning, herblore and farming. with several years of desperately looking, he gave up his search and assumed they were dead, or fate is hiding them from him. John returned home to fully recover and continue his adventuring career.

Once year 169 arrived, John had gained items that are rare and requires experience to gain, to which he either keeps as a trophy or used it. He also bought duplicate items such as a God sword and several copies of unique items. He managed to have them set up all over his house to show off, at times he does grab one of these trophies and use it, other times he just leaves it there to collect dust. Despite his wealth, he'd still be limited to the amount of items he can buy, an example is a full armor of one of the most expensive and rarest armor known in Gielinor. John took a vacation from adventuring so he could gain more money out of the business he and his butler runs. During this year he managed to pass the Fremenniks' trail, and gain the trust of the Void knights. John also had gained knowledge that most would consider as masters in most skills, only keeps the capes in his house as trophies. He joined an organization known as the Balance Guardian, a group of guthixian humans who worked in the shadows and assassinated targets that they deemed a threat to the natural flow of balance. He aided the group through financial need and in missions. During this time he continued to travel, purchasing and finding items for his collection and usage. During his adventurer there were times he aided the balance guardians, this only lasted, as the news of Guthix's, and the leader's death had arrived. John was devastated to learn that the god he followed, was killed and was against worship. He soon met up with Mark, once again catching up in each other's life, as well as the current situation of Gielinor. Mark informed John that he became a member of the Godless, and one of it's highest rank. John agreed to align himself, but not as a member, but as a supporter. Mark agreed to that, hoping John has changed much in the past years. Of course John spent his time studying and training on his skills, wanting to go further, as he now understand the danger Gielinor is in.

Present Day

During the first year of the sixth age, John had traveled to Lumbridge to study the portal that had just appeared. As he arrived, he began to notice the growth of the portal and how it was damaging the area slowly. He'd learned that the portal was a God's portal, from a portal expert. John wanted to deny it, but he questioned who was coming. Of course he'd ignore the situation seeing no use for his presence. After leaving the woods he'd travel to Port Sarim to escort an order made in the Arc. As John traveled to the Arc, he was greeted by a shop owner wanting to make business with him, wanting western goods as well. John agreed, offering supplies he brought on the ship. John requested the rare materials that makes Testsu, Seasinger, and Death lotus. As he found out the material of the items, he'd ask several people who are experts on creating the armor, wanting them to fuse the material of said armors together, making his own hybrid armor. As this happened he would remain in the arc training himself to gain better knowledge than what he knows. After the armor was complete, John went back to Port Sarim, where he changed the appearance of the armor making it more intimidating. Thanks to the material he collected from the east, John had also made a hybrid helmet as well, making it intimidating by adding a voice filter to make his voice sound deeply demonic.

After reaching Draynor, and taking the road to Lumbridge, he notices a giant blue man, fighting a demonic like creature. He soon realized that it was Saradomin fighting against Zamorak. John choose to stay out of the conflict, despite being aligned to the Godless as he noticed there was enough members dealing with the situation. He returned to his home in Varrock as he noticed that his business was skyrocketing due to the damage the gods' battle was causing. He'd gather up some of his workers and send shipments of supplies to Lumbridge to aid them on their refugee needs. After hearing that the battle has ended after several weeks, John had gathered up some donation money and sent it to the town to aid it in it's need of supplies and resources.

John went into travel once again, as he gotten a request from the hero's guild to help a new member finish a mission he was tasked, which was to rescue some kidnapped humans from the Order of Ascension. John agreed as it was seen as a quest, and slayer task overall. The two began to travel towards the Monastery of Ascension. As they arrive, John has learned there was a lodestone near it, and went into activating it for himself. As they spoke to the guardian of Guthix, they entered the dungeon and started to fight their way to find the hostages. They soon went into hiding and stealth their way through the dungeon, only to find a Legiones torturing one of the hostage by inserting crystal into them. the new member decided to jump out and challenge the legiones into battle. Expecting John's help, the rookie would notice John would not be by him and was instantly killed by the creature's powerful attack. John sniped the legiones from an hiding spot and rescued the hostage, killing the tortured one before he turned. John soon returned to the hero's guild and informed them of the rookie's death, being rewarded only what he now considered, small rewards. Of course it was a good thing he looted the legiones before leaving, giving him better items to sell and profit from. Soon John began to train divination, learning it's concept and understanding of the Anima Mundi.

During one of his adventure in Relleka, John was informed of spirits of the dead not leaving their bodies John tried his best to investigate it. He interrogated several necromancers who had no knowledge about the situation, until he found one who believed that maybe it is because death was missing. John was confused on the matter, only to rely on the World Guardian to solve the problem. Thankfully the situation was solved before things got out of hands. As John took another break on adventuring, he'd soon hear about Sliske's contest, and would hear of Armadyl and Bandos fighting each other in Asgarnia. John stayed out of this battle only aiding the Godless in supplies, and in stopping the gods faction from gaining a camp at Varrock mostly. At the end of the event, John was told of Bandos' death, and the fact that the battle had slightly damaged the business stocks. This didn't bother him much as he knew how to fix it thanks to his years of being the owner of the company. This is to say, that he soon heard of a potential threat towards the city of Varrock coming from across the Salves John prepared himself, knowing the potential threat of rouge vampyre and other deadly creature. As John entered Morytania he was told by a priest, who was standing outside of the temple, that someone has been traveling to the slayer tower recently, and they noticed the portal on the top of the tower acting up. John went to investigate only to see a portal wizard attempting to channel the abyssal portal and use it for his own benefit. John managed to trap the wizard in a demon pact called Viniculum Juris, forcing the wizards to withdraw from his plan and remain working for him until he is satisfied with the wizard's work, which is to give him proper materials and knowledge of portal magic.

The Wizard had no choice but to accept these terms, or be destroyed. John informed the wizards that he will send him a list of things he will need, and hopes he doesn't fail him. With months passing, and overhearing of another god battle, John decided to check for himself on the two gods battling. John was shocked to see Brassica Prime going against Marimbo with the Godless acting as third party. At first John joined in, only to give up and leave after seeing how it was all just a party for the gods. Traveling back to Al Kharid John overhears of a Amascut priest threatening the city. John rushed towards the desert with supplies to withstand the heat. Lucky for him the priest wasn't so far. The two engaged in battle, with John having to chase after the retreating priest. John soon caught up with the priest pointing an arrow towards the priest, who had two children hostage. He explained that he will kill the kids if he did not comply to his orders. John would be stuck in a situation where he must either let the kids live and risk Al Kharid, or let them die and save Al Kharid. John did not hesitate and sacrificed the kids in order to save the city. John left the desert, not collecting his reward, or giving others know he saved them, as it was something they forgotten in time.

He'd soon started to hear rumors about a Mahjarrat in Edgeville. He went to investigate, before the Godless could, due to it being a Zarosian Mahjarrat the rumor claimed. John headed towards the dungeon within Edgeville, where he investigated the dungeon finding a Mahjarrat who was supposedly sealed. As he investigated the seal, he notices Zarosian symbols, where he assumed it is either a neutral or a Zamorakian Mahjarrat, as the symbols were used for the seal. John decided to undo the seal. He'd investigate the room to see if he could find a way to undo the seal, only to have found books of the Mahjarrat's research and studies. John found a section in the book explaining the seal, how to undo it. After reading further he decided to see if the Mahjarrat would accept help. Telepathically speaking to John, he offer John an award if he promises to set a timer on the seal, as he wishes to remain sealed for awhile longer. John agreed, to help with the Mahjarrat passing knowledge on how to set up a timer. After this John had gain knowledge over some ancient magic. Of course he left after looting some stuff from the dungeon without the Mahjarrat being aware of it.

As time passed, with his wealth, collection, skills and abilities growing, John, with the rest of Gielinor had sensed a strange presence, follow by an echo of roar and the world shaking slightly. John investigated on the situation, only to witness rocks falling from the sky. He investigated on the boulder only to witness a giant flea emerging from it, following it across the world, finding the Airuts he had once slayed chanting "Tu-ska" as the flea arrived to their location. John visited Priffdinas and tried to study on Tuska, but was surprised that they had no records of the beast, or at least mentioning at all. Then it hit him, the Guthixian butterfly had given those who captured one memories of Guthix's past, remembering the boar like creature Guthix's memory explained. John informed Mark, who confirmed the information being true, as the other factions' leader are aiming to band together to fight against the beast. As it got closer, and with the ability for Gielinor's fighters to finally reach her. John noticed that the Godless was being represented by a "Scopulus", who informs John, and Mark who had arrived shortly after, that Vorago is representing the Godless. After asking questions, John had decided to visit Vorago, only to witness other adventurers challenging it. John decided to join them, only to soon realize that Vorago was too powerful for him. During this training, John with several other survivors managed to overwhelm Vorago enough for them to flee. John surrendered only admitting he wanted to talk to the it. Vorago allowed the surrender and let John return back to where his head is. After some information John was more than surprised that Gielinor's Anima Mundi is willing to align with the Godless to stop Tuska and the other gods from gaining power. John showed little trust in the creature, as he believes that it might be a threat, but ignored his gut and returned to the surface to aid the Godless against Tuska.

After the battle, John remained at Varrock, as there wasn't much to go on about until he heard of a ancient location found, which attracted Serenist, Sliske's followers, Zamorakian and Zarosians. He traveled towards the location, helping train the rookie adventurers. After the dungeon was ready to enter, John went in with the rest of the rookies, only to see a good number of them die. He'd investigated on the representative voices of each army, as well as talking to the bounty hunter. He gathered enough information, and decided to head back home. John laid off the adventuring for awhile, not hearing from his brother, only for a few month later to hear that Mark had died. John was devastated by the loss of his younger brother, only even more when he found out that all his belongings were given to an elf woman. John took a vacation from adventuring trying to get over the death of his younger sibling. During this time he visits Falador for a business meeting. He went to the bar afterwards and was recruited for an adventure. He followed the group towards a hideout that belong to a group of bandits. After battling the bandits they returned to a bar known as the philosopher stone. There the adventurers got rewarded and were given a new adventure from one who was still in it. John joined in fighting through pirate and ice hounds. The group entered a cave full of crystals and treasures. John made sure to collect enough to fit his treasure pouch. Soon the group encountered elves who were protecting the temple from raiders. After a long and hard battle, the group retreated and returned to their normal lives. John had sold most of his founding in the temple, with some crystal kept as trophies.

During his travel, John had bumped into several Godless member who requested his aid, knowing he was a very skilled adventurer. After aiding them he'd return home and look through the necromancers research. During his research he was confronted by a Al Kharidian man who requested aid. The man gave John information on how a tomb is curing the desert, bringing in more sandstorms. The man explains it was once a relic belonging to a pharaoh who passed away during the gods war. John was told it was going to be auctioned, and needed someone to steal it back. John accepted the mission only finding out further that the auction is a crime family party, and that Misthalin was going to be framed and at war with Al Kharid if it is not returned. John hired a group of professional thieves to aid him in stealing the relic, and replacing it with one he created. John attends the auction thanks to his sources with the two gang in Varrock. His plan is to distract the auction enough to avoid the relic to be placed, giving the thieves enough time to steal it. The heist was a success, with John leaving once the copy of the relic was brought out. He met up with the thieves paying them handsomely for their hard work, and extra to keep their mouths shut.

John then went to visit the blue moon, studying the relic a bit, only to be interrupted by a young woman named Sophia. She tried to start an conversation with the man only to be given short words. As John was about to leave Sophia asked to tag along, wanting to have some adventure as well. John denied her request, only for the girl to beg wanting to learn from another adventurer. John accepted her request, but made a deal with her, if she was to ever get in his way, she will get hurt or killed, which she understood and followed John. They traveled to Lumbridge first, as John had earlier accepted a quest from the priest in the city, informing the adventurer of a necromancer in Lumbridge swamp. After two days of traveling the duo adventurer made it to the town. After several storm of snow and rain, the two continued heading towards the swamp, where they'd notice corpse of zombies and rookie guards. As they follow the trail of dead bodies, they reach their target who is casting a spell through a ritual. About ten zombies had rose from the ground charging towards the two, Sophie went ahead and attacked the zombies with her summoning familiar while John attack's the necromancer, who had a barrier set up to protect him. Once it shattered Sophie attacked the necromancer pinning him to the ground, with John stabbing the said wizard through the skull.

With some disagreement with the two on letting the wizard live for information or not. John looted the wizard and traveled back to Lumbridge, informing the church that the necromancer was dealt with. After resting at an abandoned house east of Lumbridge, the duo head towards the Kharidian desert to return the relic. Once they reached the desert, they noticed how hot it was, being hotter than it normally was. This made John question if the curse was real or not. Soon they arrived to the temple where they returned the relic, but were soon confronted by a group of guards, with a man John recognized at the auction. The man threaten the duo, wanting "his" relic back. John caste the ice barrage spell, freezing the warriors on the and killing each of them with his bow launching three arrows at a time. The crime boss was shock as John's display of swift killing, charging towards the crime boss. Sophia attempted to stop John only to be backhanded out of his way, injuring the man and destroying any chance of the man's attempt to breed a child. After collecting their reward from the Kharidian man, John heads back home with Sophia, who now lives with John until the she can find a place to live.

During their stay at Falador, John and Sophia would hear about an attack from an army of undead. The two aided the southern gate team into fighting against a demon and it's army of Zombies. John had help defeat the undead and demon, being rewarded for his help, as well as Sophia. After heading home and waiting several days to rest up, John headed over to Relleka to investigate some weird sightings of undead. Only to bomb into a dimension counterpart of Cloud. John took note of it not being the kid, as the counterpart acted different, and the fact that the two had met before. After questioning each other John had decided to attack Storm and kill him before he causes trouble towards Gielinor. The battle only begun, but ended quickly as Gielinor soon was engulfed in darkness. The lunar eclipse had arrived. John forced Storm away, telling the man that the battle is over, as the time has come for the Gods to return, as Armadyl made his search for justice. John teleported away to Varrock, preparing for whatever comes next. John then went off to speak with the Godless in person, to see their plan towards this. He met up with Darkauro the taxiarch of the Godless. John decided to officially join the Godless instead of being just an aligned adventurer. Dark assigned him to take a scroll toward's Tuska, to inform the troops there that more numbers will arrive. John also informed Dark of the new so called threat he encountered, Storm. After agreeing to investigate on Storm the two departed to continue their work.

With the Godless, John was surprised with the outcome of Sliske's game. Of course not everything was beautiful just yet, as not only were the gods still around, but John and Sophia were targeted by a group of mercenary. John managed to easily defeat the group with only a few scratches on his armor. Of course he finds out who sent the group thanks to their leader spilling the name. The man was an trader who sells illegal items as well as being a slave owner. John traveled to Waiko after gathering enough information to where the man had gone. Of course with Sophia John managed to locate the trader's ship, filled with workers of course, and surviving members of the group that had attacked John. John has picked to wait to see if the trader was returning or not. After an hour of waiting Sophia had decided to check by herself. Sadly this attempt had led her to be captured. Luckily before being bonded she sent a familiar to John informing him that she needed help. Displeased with her action, John had decided to ask them himself now seeing she isn't going to be patient. John walked onto the ship and used ice barrage on the workers and mercs that were on the ship, freezing them on the spot, being powerful enough to also kill them. John soon kicked a door down that she was held in, with seven of the workers pointing their crossbows at John, minus one who was pointing his at Sophia's head. John started walking to the group to get close enough, already intimidating all but the one holding Sophia. This cockyness soon changed when John killed two of the worker's swiftly and effortlessly, forcing the remaining four to drop their swords and run in fear, leaving that one worker alone. John did not hesitate to get closer, with the man threatening to shoot Sophia. John offered the man one last chance, to tell him where his boss was, and leave, John would act as if their encounter never happened. Of course the worker in fear revealed everything he knew and ran away,

After freeing Sophia John would look for the man once again finding him in Tuai Leit. John soon put the man into submission and warned him, that he doesn't care about the man's business, or salivary, and if he finds out that the man puts another hunt for him, John will find him again and make the man regret it. After several agreement with the leader of the mercs, who arrived out of nowhere, John offered the man a huge amount of coins if he pretends he never met John, and denies any work related business that includes John, not out of fear, but John doesn't want to waste time on mercenaries. John soon returned to the main land and headed towards Varrock to relax from a long week of adventuring.

During that week John was invited to Camelot for an annual wintumber ball. With Sophia as his date, John had enjoyed himself a bit until having to threw Cloud out of a door for being annoying. After this John returned to Varrock, of course being given an anonymous task lift on his doorstep. John went at it alone meeting the anonymous user at the most ruined part of the city, John was given his job; he needs to break into the Zamorakian church that is south east of the city, and destroy an ancient relic they had stolen from the dig site. John found this task odd, but didn't deny it, if the anonymous user was upto something, John needed to find out and stop him. John succeeded to sneak into the old church only to realize that they are going to use a hero's blood to revive a ancient and terrifying demon.Thankfully John knew how the ritual worked, and managed to sabotage it without being caught. Of course the stealth was all for nothing as he was called out by the same person who gave him the task. He was the demon they were trying to "revive" and restore his strength. Thanks to John's knowledge of demonology, he managed to counter the ritual and place the demon in a Vinculum Juris. The demon must not cause havoc towards Varrock or Gielinor, in return he would do him one favor that doesn't involve his life. The demon agreed to this, already want the exchange, wanting to have John's cooperation on his attempt to gain power over a certain demon he is after. John agreed adding that he must not cause any more trouble, and need to stay with it, Or John will end him personally. John was somewhat rewarded, not through items or coins, but knowledge of demonic \ magic.

John soon found more information on Storm, a man he'd been targeting for awhile now. He was soon confronted by Cloud, and a young godless adventurer named Owen, who idolized John after seeing the amount of trophy from his past adventures and achievements. They all traveled across Gielinor via teleportation, finding Storm in Rellekka. John then managed to trick Storm into believing that he was looking for him because he was interested in the man's offer. Casting an illusion spell to set Cloud in a magical, but not physically harming fire, and knowing Owen out. This lead Sophia into leaving John house, to avoid Storm from finding out about John's plan. John now is looking for the target Storm sent him after, who is part of the Godless.

John soon took a break and decided to enter in a Slayer competition, hosted by a former slayer master. John decided to be part of the event, as he might find some benefit into this. After meeting with the host of the contest, John traveled to one of his storage house in Ardougne, in order to restock. Seeing he has a week before the contest begins, John rushed himself to exercise, study, and train to be in shape, and prepared to fight what ever creatures John must face. There's a cave under Taverly that contains large amounts of a slimy, gelatinous creatures. A few have managed to get to the surface and are in a grain mill, and they need to be dealt with. John was given that task. John prepared himself by wearing his spiked gauntlets, something needed to grab and destroy the creature's hearts. John drew his augmented bow, of course he'd first count the amount of creatures he'd be facing. After counting John instantly broke in and started killing each creatures by ripping their hearts out. Within four minuted or less, John had completed his assignment as the surviving creatures ran away in fear of John. Now he waits for a new task.

John's next task was to kill at least four to five mutated crustacean (giant super soldiers crabs). Before heading to the said location, John had first contacted his old friend from the Wizard tower, in hope he'd help him in creating a aquamancer water breathing spell tablet so that John can travel underwater with his armor, and not needing any special equipment for it. With the stone tablet made, John traveled to the resource dungeon of the rum making island and entered it after crushing the tablet. As he entered he prepared his spear and started to fight the crabs. After killing several of them, a hulked up crab would appear charging at John, after several strikes and a weak point located, John would rip the face off the crab and start ripping it's shell, and chunks, wanting to shred it into piece. John would then start to leave the dungeon, with the slayer master informing John of his next task. This task has given John a new trophy, the brackish blade, something he will use if a task like this comes in again.

After several days of waiting John received his new task. In the woods of Kandarin, near the world gate a Nihil was seen and claiming the area as a property. John is tasked to deal with the creature. John has had several tasks to deal with Nihil before, knowing they are fast and skilled, John prepared himself with several potions, traps and weapons to deal with the creature. Heading towards the location he soon receives another task that requires teamwork, something John might consider doing if he see any benefit in it.

After several months gone by John had decided to complete Storm's tasks into killing the Godless member Silver. After finding where he lives, John informs Silver about the taks, which he'd like to help silver out of. The two agreed to fake his death, and put him (Silver) into hiding. John soon left fake clues to prove that the death is "real." Cloud was not happy about the news and went off into looking for John. The two fought, with John overwhelming Cloud quickly into retreating.

The citizens of Rimmington have been expressing concern over the sinkhole that appeared near the farm. These concerns only grew once cattle and farmhands started disappearing with telltale signs leading to the sinkhole. The local guard had advised both locals and travelers to steer clear of the hole until further notice and a bounty for brave volunteers to investigate the sinkhole was put up. The arrival of two women claiming to be from the White Knights only seem to raise more questions than answers. During this time John had arrived in his Nexus persona, volunteering to help the town in their dire need of help. After making a good number of people uneasy, he'd head towards the sinkhole with several others to investigate the cave and bring back status of the missing citizens.

After going in deep enough, killing several grotworms and flying leeches creatures. The group had requested to stop as it has been hours, and it was getting late. John however continued on only to confirm that the citizens might have actually been eaten by the worms, or were sacrificed. John, after several weeks from his last adventure with the group had arrived once again to help the town. He went with a group of four adventures/volunteers, one being a former partner during their first travel. After some travel, going further within the cave, it was once again a dead end, but with suggestions in making the cave useful to Asgarnia. He did

John was soon called by Storm to help one of the members of his organization, Lustris, and keep an eye on him. As Nexus, he agreed over the fact that he did not trust Lustris at all for his recent actions against Storm's organization. After encountering Lustris the two travel, only for John to get annoyed by the game he was playing. This made John put him in a sleeper hold, despite Lustris special skill to make his target's area gravity ten times heavier, Nexus could feel the ability happen, only to force his way to a tighter grip, actually forcing Lustris to cooperate. Of course Lustris tricked him and forced the gravity around his area to be heavy, that would make any normal warrior, even a skilled one fall flat to the ground, or on their knees completely. But on John's case, this only made his squat a bit, and bend over a bit as if he was carrying something. With each effort he had to push himself up, the gravity would get stronger. Finally his augmented shield would activate, as a crystal like aura formed around the shield absorbing all of the magical ability's damage, which helped John into feeling normal once again. This had made the two fight a fair fight, where Nexus had managed to leave a fatal wound in Lustris leg, where he would, if he was a human like creature, would bleed out and die in matter of seconds. Of course Lustris would be unfazed by the damage, which concerned John a bit, as a normal human wouldn't be able to resist the amount of pain. Of course as the battled continued, Storm had jumped in to intervene, only to realize that John was the first to actually wound Lustris, to what looks like a fatal injury that could have killed him by now. John had already left the area.

John had applied to a tournament, and a hiring group for adventurers, ready for more action in his life, believing himself in his prime. He then returned home working on his self made workbench, to where he is now working on a way to improve his armor. Soon he found a flier, requesting aid from other adventurers for a quest, where he applied, despite probably not getting any reward from it. He went off and traveled with the others, heading towards their destination.

After several of his adventure, Johnsoon recruited a child named Owen as a student adventurer. During one of their travel in Al Kharid, they came across a notice board, giving an notification from the Emir himself, requesting aid from adventurers of Gielinor, hoping that they'd escort the son of the Emir, and representative to Menaphos, in hope that a peaceful negotiation can be worked out. After After finally being able to get in the golden city of Menaphos, the young prince was soon kidnapped, what was discovered to be a member of a cult worshiping Amascut. Menaphos higher ranks would not allow the envoy to chase for the prince through their tomb, causing the group to investigate on their own, and take matters into their own hands. Nexus had provided enough information, and helped scout the city to locate the prince, while Owen stayed behind to guard the embassy. After search for the prince, rescue, and mystery solved on the cult, Nexus, with those representing Al Kharid had met with the Pharaoh, sadly Nexus stay was short, as he soon gotten a message, being needed else where.

John started to learn about an ancient temple now guarded by these Abyssal Knights. Offering to help these knights, Nexus went into the portal of the abyss, only to come out two weeks later in dire need of medical attention and repair. After awhile in his travel to increase his experience in a lot of skills, Nexus has bumped into an un-rested ghost, who failed to help a friend when he was alive, resulting in his wife death. Nexus had traveled across Gielinor for almost a month to make sure the ghost was put to rest by helping his friend locate the treasure left behind for him.

During one of his many adventure, John was rewarded a magical pouch that allows John to put, what seems to be, unlimited amount of items in it. John studied the pouch, concluding that the limit in it would depend on the size and the number it can hold is about a hundred. During his look into the pouch he noticed a map in it, with it's translation being ancient Icyene tongue, it took him a long time to decipher the words and took Owen, his student, with him to locate the treasure.

After completing the treasure hunt. John soon stopped adventuring on his own and looks into a hub, The Quest Collective. A caravan that holds quests for adventurers to do.


John's personality is all a secret, but to himself. Outside of his armor, he is kind, gentle and understanding, different to his personality within the armor. John's kindness outside of his armor is only to show himself as a public figure to make his business known even further, but his true personality is the one within the armor. John is a cold hearten uncaring person, who only does things that only benefits him in some way. John doesn't care for others unless they are children, or are of use to him. John shows no interest in love affairs unless one proves to him, but even there John would still be has he is, a person who prefers getting things done.

Despite his cold personality, John can, and does have regrets on his actions, from the past or now and depending on the outcome of them he would change his method, or continue it.


  • This character is a very old character, it was left to collect dust and only used for small adventuring role-play, until it was brought back as a main character.
  • Just because this character uses the G.E, it should be noted that in-game, the Grand Exchange is known as a market place over all, and there is such thing as duplicate items.
  • This character, is master of most skills, but this doesn't mean he is not to have flaws in them, it just means he has vast knowledge towards the said skill, just like a master chef.
  • John's goal is to achieve the Max cape.
  • John's house is full of trophies, from heads of monsters he slayed, to items he had found or bought, including skill capes..
  • The Wushanko warrior fighting style is a word for martial art and different style of ancient japanese/chinese fighting style.
    • That being said, John would have expertise in a lot of real life's fighting style.
  • John's least favorite skill is summoning, despite having great expertise in it, he hates having to collect certain items to summon creatures.
  • John is able to speak and read multiple languages: common tongue, gnome, elven, demonic and ancient guthixian.
  • Nexus has scored a 26 in the Mary Sue Test
  • When he isn't home, Joseph, his butler, would take the name John, until the actual person returns.
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