Nature's Touch is a exclusive privately-owned Inn and Spa ran by Zayaed Es'ir.

Located in a densely forested pocket realm outside of main Gielinor, access to this realm is governed by the varying random portals known to spring up and around the world at infrequent times. Access can be more easily accessed through the use of selective seed pods which open a temporary portal to the Inn.

The Inn consists of various large oak and yew trees spun and weaved into a large hollow-cavern with various lounges and bedrooms leading from the main room. It is located at the centre of the forested pocket realm, within a blooming meadow.

The staff of Nature's Touch are almost always nymphs or dryads, summoned by Zayaed himself.

Getting There

Due to the secretive nature of the inn, it is difficult for newcomers to gain access, without knowing someone first. The main ways in are:

  • Word of mouth - Rumours or talk of the existence of such an inn, perhaps by patrons themselves, and how to gain entry
  • Acquaintance/Friendship - As Zayaed and the nymphs are known to travel for enjoyment, it is unlikely one may stumble upon them. Forming a friendship or striking up comversation which leads to revelation and invitation to Nature's Touch is an option.
  • Random chance - Due to the sporadic nature of the portals, appearing and disappearing frequently, one may well simply stumble into it and find themselves in the pocket realm where the Inn is.


As mentioned previously, the portals established around Gielinor have a tendency to spawn at infrequent times and disappear just as quickly. Near invisible to the naked eye, these portals are viewed only as slight ripples in the air. It isn't until one steps through that the area shifts around them and they find themselves within the forested realm, with the Inn a short walk ahead.

Seed Pods

Grown by the very trees which make up the Inn, these pods are sold/given to patrons, to allow their return to the Inn easier than relying on the portal system.

The pods are about the size of a walnut and are thrown into the air in front of a person, where they'll burst, releasing contained portal magic, and opening a 10 second portal to Nature's Touch.

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