Hair: Long, golden, down just to her ribs. Usually had flowers in it.

Clothing: Usually something with natural colours, and usually also a dress, just above her knees.

Build and height: Slender, and stood at 5'4.


The Big Picture

Natura was a baby when she was found by her adoptive parents in the woods. As her father was a woodcutter and her mother a mage, she grew up alongside the forest. When Natura was 16, she bid them farewell and travelled to Baxtorian Falls, where she called home. At this place she found the two most important people in her life; Ashley and Syph. After Ella returned, Natura left, knowing that her adventure must continue. She went on a ship and went to an unknown land. She occasionally kept in touch with her friends, mostly Syph.

Her Death

Natura was married and gave birth to two daughters and a son: Anitha, Rosana and Keril. Natura died at the age of 53, of natural causes. Her eldest daughter, Anitha, is now 20, Rosana is 18 and Keril 15. Their father, Jerid, takes care of them.


  • Natura's favorite food is pizza.
  • Natura used elemental magic.
  • Natura despised fish but loved lobsters.
  • Natura was allergic to cats.
  • Natura usually tutted when she dissaproved of something.
  • Natura adored the colour green.
  • Natura's natural hair colour was actually dark blonde.
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