This page lists the in-character poetry written by the character Nathaniel Nourom.

Rose's Might

As a man walks afar

By the Inn he starts his walk

But before he finishes his stride

He is stopped for a small talk,

A beautiful rose, poised with thorns ready

He raised his hands up high.

an accidental bump apast,

one guard, that started the alarm

with swords and bows at their ready.

All weaponry was at their arms.

The man stood so very still

With arms aloft into the sky.

He was questioned by the rose,

He had a big lack of own power.

She studied him with her petals,

Just as if she were a beautiful flower.

He posed, arms high, nodding.

admiring her, but fearing of her thorns


A shout, from the palace,

called her back to sudden vigour,

The rose walked away with her thorns

and the man returned back to normal figure.

The procession walked away.

and the man, left amazed and enchanted,

Contemplated the Rose's might.

A poem Nathaniel wrote after an encounter with the Emira of Al-Kharid and her personal guard.

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