• disclaimer* The following page in under heavy construction as this is a draft of what will be The daughter of Kisbeth Arshen and Greyson Val. Her fathers absence has always haunted her in youth, daddy issues are strong in this one. Yes she is a mahjarrat. No there will be no funny business or rofling, but perhaps a tone of shenanigans. *



Red hair like her mother, stormy grey eyes like Greyson if she is a user of ice magic. Brown hair, dark skin like Grey, and amber eyes like Kisbeth.

Her true form still unknown.

From the Ground Up

Born of two notable blood lines; A tainted name and an honorable one a child came forth, three infact, whom carry on the sterling name of Val into a new age. A drop of river in the desert, fate was merciful when Astrid Arshen Val came to life in a cave under the surface of Gelinor. Far and few in between are the Mahjarrat women, Astrid was covetted as a street urchens rum was to him. 

A significant milestone of young Atsrid's childhood unfolded at the tender age of 9. Always she had a tender spot for cats. Her mother finally allowed her to adopt her very first kitten; She was a soft calicao with white socks on her little feet, her face was half red and the other black. Not realising her strength, one sunny afternoon, Astrid accidently broke the kittens right leg clean in half. The blubbering maiden took the kitten to her mother whom pated her on the head and said "Put the poor darling out of it's misery." Misinterpurting her instruction, with a broken heart Astrid tossed the kitten into a river. She could only stand motionless in her sorrow as the kitten meowed for help as the rushing water drug the panicked life under. Misery gripped young Astrid, who ran seeking her mothers comfort as melancholy tears streaked her flushed cheeks. Realising the error of her instruction Elizabeth hugged the gloomy child, who that day experienced the reality that would be her fate. Death would come to pass, she would see many ages shrivel up and turn to dust and from the ashes a new generation sprung to life. Her fate was sealed.

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