Nakoma Ventress
Nakoma riding an unidentified creature

Full Name:

Nakoma du Lac Ventress





Birth date:

35th of the Ire of Phyrrys, year 1900 of the fourth age


Follower of Icthlarin

Nakoma du Lac Ventress, Born on the 35th day of the Ire of phyrrys in the year 1900 of the fourth age is a vampyre living in the morytania region. She is the only child of Horia and Nadezhda Ventress two vampyres who immigrated from vampyrium.


Nakoma was born  In Darkmeyer in the year 1900 of fourth age. She is the child of Horia and Nadezhda two immigrants from Vampyrium. Her parents came over as merchants capitalizing on the need for goods. Eventually earning enough to retire as wealthy upper class citizens. During the fourth age they decided to have a child and thus Nakoma was born. By the age of 20 she left to explore the entirety of Morytania.


Nakoma's face (humanoid form)

Early life

Nakoma spent her early life traveling from place to place within Morytania learning from the various inhabitants. She studied the cultures and practices of the people and learned the secrets of the land. She adventured around with a werewolf named Dilgear who taut her combat tactics and fighting styles he learned from the west.


Nakoma's Vyre form.

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