Why give them mercy? Rip them all limb from limb.


Na-kur Default look

An old outfit for Na'kur sicarius

, sometimes referred to as Nyx varying on how he introduced himself, is a demonic character played by the user known as Klaus. He is known for having a conflicting personalities that make him difficult to predict.



Na-kur Demon

An old design for his demon form outfit.

Na'Kur, when in his human form to those outside of the Sicarius Family, will often go by the name Nyx. In this form, he walks about covered in Illusion magic which provides him with his human guise. In this cover-up, his outfit often changes but one of the few things that always remain constant is his eye color, it is a distinctive green and yellow making it one of the few greatest flaws of his illusion.


Standing seven feet in height, his skin is as red as the blood of a human. His figure is also as slim as a human's; no distinct muscles visible at all. His face has a soft look to it, rather slim with no horns coming off of his head, and his eyes are a solid yellow with a thin slit of a black pupil in his eyes, much like that of a reptile.


Don't FUCK with a demon if you know what's good for ya'.

If there was ever an award for the most confusing personality, Na'Kur would definitely be in the running for it. His actions are split between two things: The first being his heart, which puts focus around his demonic traditions and actions related to his behavior. The latter of the split involves his mind, which puts focus around human qualities and traits that he has learned during his life, by living and hiding among them since the late Fourth Age. He often takes a combination of the two to really define himself as something that many find confusing, often causing him to stop for a moment and think about what course of action to take next.

After the time spent in the Wushanko Isles Na'kur began to stabilize his personality, he began to view things with his mind in a human stance acting on his instinct only when necessary, by doing this he has become more focused allowing him to make better sense of a situation then jumping the gun and going on instinct to kill everyone.

Towards the end of his life Na'kur grew violent once more, noting the fact that he was a monster, but one who crossed a thin veil that no one else had the pleasure of being able to move between. Taking this train of thought he used his own knowledge as a weapon to allow him to take on his greatest enemy and died with what he felt was honour instead of cowardness.


The Enlightened Crossbow

Crafted by a group of Zarosian sympathizers, the Enlightened Crossbow was a gift to the Temple of the forgotten God to aid strongly against attack from the four main combatants in the God Wars. From a Saradominist spell, to Zamorakian arms, to a bloody gem of Bandosian war, and a stock from wood crafted close to Armadyl's Sky, the crossbow is held together strongly in unity and treason, to oppose the traitors who threw away Zaros' power. It has a magically-aided winding mechanism, allowing only half the normal strength to be needed to wind. It can fire normal, stealthy bolts, or use special, enchanted spells. Currently the crossbow is in possession of Nathan Sicarius-Renderra  seeing as he does not trusts Na-kur with the power it has.

Special Effects

The Blood-stone in the Crossbow causes lightning to erupt from the fired bolt, if touched while firing. When Blood-wood is fired, with the lightning effect, it saps life from the foe, to further power the lightning. This is highly dangerous in combat. When blessed bolts are fired, the lightning fires from the tail end, making them fly much further and faster.

Na-Kur's Blade

Made from Sicarius razor steel, Na-Kur's Blade is honed to a degree of sharpness beyond existence for most common weapons. The blade itself has a ruby embedded along it, giving the blade an enchantment which increases its speed and accuracy to match with Na-Kur's when he fights. Essentially the blade is crafted to specifically meet the needs of a demon. During Na-kurs fight against Nathan along with his Primal Armour the blade has been shattered and no longer exists.

Throwing Weapons

Because of the role he played as the thief known as Nyx, he has taken a fancy to smaller weapons such as knives and throwing axes to allow more flexability and damage because of the factor they act as melee and ranged weapons. His personal preference is a throwing knife over a larger ranged weapon such as a crossbow or a long bow.

Sea Dirk

When he had taken up the role as the regent of Port Sarim under the name Liam Ra'neer, he had aquired a sea dirk made of a black metal, he took fancy to it and kept it with him as he returned to the sicarius, this became his Althame eventually and sat at a loyal place on his side.

The Praetor's Gift

A two handed crossbow given to Na-kur by the praetor, this is the second crossbow Na-kur has ever owned, this crossbow has a bayonette on the center point under the stock, curved spikes on either end of the limb to allow for hooking and pulling as well as extra stab points allowing it to work as a pick-axe styled weapon.


Light-weight Armour

Tempered iron that has been remelted twice over making it pure using excess ores to increase the strength and durability behind it, the legs are black leather skin tight to ensure form and prevent any short damage, slashing and stabbing still massive of course, but spells at the legs are reduced slightly in damage not hindering him as much.

Thieves outfit.

An easternlands styled outfit made from black cloth and dark kebbit fur to reduce the noise made while he walks, this outfit provides zero protection, in exchange though Na'kur has much more flexability and movement allowing him to act freely and have breathing room while he moves.

Demonic Armor V1

Black chain mail with demonic styling around the shoulders to provide protection, the pants loose black plates sewn onto cloth to allow the user movement while fighting and allowing them to keep better control.

Enslavement Armor

Primal plates with Sagittarian leather underneath to provide resistance against low to medium magical spells, while the armor provides the utmost protection against any attack. Na-Kur's speed is limited greatly because of how heavy the armor is, reducing his speed to that of a common humans. The armor does not exist anymore as Na-Kur was smitten by Nathan Sicarius while wearing this armor, shattering it into shards across the Poleslav ritual ground battle pit.

Merchant's Gear

Acquired after the murder of Liam Ra'neer, this is a upscale green & brown shirt with gold trim upon it, on the left shoulder rests a bear fur plate meant for decoration and also to provide support for anything he chooses to carry on his shoulder. His pants are standard clothing along with his gloves, this is merely for cosmetics and decoration since this set appears less threatening then past outfits.

Sicarii outfit

This is a ever changing outfit, there is only two things that ever will remain in common with it, those are the fact he will have his Sea Dirk, and the enchanted Shark's tooth amulet.


Birth of a Demon & God Wars

Na-Kur was born during the middle of the Third Age (The exact year has been forgotten because demons, being immortal, tend to lose track of age-related events, like birthdays. The player also wishes for it to be flexible enough for future plot development). Being a demon, he served with the other demons in Zamoraks army for the duration of the God Wars. His focus strayed often, as he watched and followed orders directly from some of the Elder Demons leading the fighting such as Lerepiel, Thammaron and Zepalon.

Close to the end of the God Wars, a troop of Lesser Demons and Implings that Na-Kur was escorting fell for an ambush from Bandos' Orcs and Giants. The attackers started raining rocks down upon them from above, eliminating and entrapping most of the entire team, leaving the squad of ten down to about three remaining members. Two Implings and a broken up Na-kur were all that was left. He was thoroughly frustrated that the Implings had abandoned him, after knowing far well he was still alive. This was the first time in his life that he did something he knew he shouldn't be doing. Despite all the hate and rage in his instincts telling him to slaughter these Implings, he let it go and just walked away leaving the entire war behind him.

The Demon, The Mahjarrat & A Pact

It was the middle of the Fourth Age, during Winter. Na-Kur stood in silence the iced-covered battlefield that remained from the end of the God Wars. Something he had abandoned after being left for dead by his underlings. This place is disgusting, but still contains treasure. Something I can make a profit off of, he thought. His three-toed feet dug into the snow as he walked over the dense ground, pausing from time to time, as he could feel the energies of battle, hatred, and magic, buried deep below the snow. I wonder. Drawing his right hand back, his four fingers closed into a tight fist before smashing it down into the snow-covered ground. The punch hit deep but did nothing, the chill was too deep, and the enchantment that had locked this place was beyond his own power.

Moving along, Na-kur began to stand up looking about, disappointingly trying to find something or any kind of remnant of the God Wars that he could call his own. His armor was abandoned and damaged beyond repair when he had left it. Behind Na-kur, the snow stirred. His punch had awoken something, but he was too caught up in his grief to even notice it.

A girl climbed over, her figure moving against the snow. A lovely black dress flowed from her body, hands covered in laced gloves. The young girl crawled out through the snow. She couldn't have been older than fifteen or sixteen. As she stood, no magical aura came from her, nothing to even make her detectable.

"Ah, Demon, I was wondering who had the nerve to bother me while I was sleeping." Naiome's voice spoke, sounding soft and sadistic, despite being at the bottom rung of the Mahjarrat and the weakest one of them all. She had the strongest ally, however, which was her sister. "Now, why don't you run along before I rip your heart to shreds." She waved her left hand in a sign of dismissal as she moved, turning back to the hole she had came out of. Na-kur stood, turned, and looked at her, only catching her hand sign dismissing him. Anger surged through his body as he noticed the fact that some child had the nerve to speak lowly of him like he was some Impling. Drawing his right hand back, he sprinted forward, the snow on the ground being torn up as he raced across it, going to drive his claws into the girl. Before he could, however, he was stopped in place by some unknown power. The girl looked at him disappointingly, and still, no magical aura could be felt from her. Whatever she did do to Na-Kur, however, was beyond the comprehension of any mere mortal.

"I'm disappointed, demon. I thought you knew better than to attack those on your own side." Naiome scolded the demon before simply shedding her guise, a female Mahjarrat stood there, in all her skeletal glory, with the black dress still hanging loosely about. It blew freely in the wind. "Now, demon, why don't you leave before I simply rip you clean in half?" Na-kur gasped as he felt himself able to move again. His body fell into the snowy plain as he landed on his hands and knees. As he regained his senses, he looked up at Naiome, and despite being one of the weakest Mahjarrat alive, the alliance she had with her sister meant nobody questioned her.

Na-kur stood firm, his mind racing as he sought a reason for why he should fight back. A Stern Judge that could clearly destroy him at his current strength meant that he was no match. Demons were considerably weak against these demi-god like creatures. "I request your help," He merely stated, watching an amused look on her face, one that cut deeper to his pride than anything else along those lines.

"Why would a proud demon want help from a Magi?" Her words were cruel as she spoke once more, clearly more amused than angered.

"I want to blend in among them," He stated, looking away from the ancient and dead battlefield, and his gaze shifted toward the growing human settlements of the Fourth Age.

"You wish to blend in with these scum instead of erase them? They are merely pawns and tools to be used and slaughtered like sheep," Naiome paused. A content look formed on her face, "Bind yourself to me demon, become mine 'till your purpose is served, and then you can learn my little tricks."

The look on Na-kur's face was one of grief. A binding was the lowest any demon could go. Giving one's true name to a human, elf, or anything that wasn't your fellow demon was considered lower then an Impling. The cost will be immense; the fact that it's a Stern Judge makes it feel like I'm binding myself directly to Saradomin. "I'm waiting." Naiome's cold voice cut the air like a dagger, snapping him back into focus as he nodded slowly.

"I will bind myself as your servant." His voice was slow as he spoke, regretting those words with every fiber of his being, but knowing he had little choice.

"Good boy, now come here and let me mark you."

Achievement Unlocked: Illusionist

Year Four; Season Summer.

It's been quiet since we parted ways, task after bothersome task being degraded to no degree just for Naiome's own amusement till she reached the point where she had him do everything she could wish, want and imagine leaving Na-kur frustrated, but skilled now in weaving the art of illusions, something ever constant to improve hiding now his only task left was to find a human who's life he could take over, something he would choose as his constant form for a while till he had it "die" and move along to the next pathway. Time moved consistently and rapidly, Na-kur had tracked a man to the city of Avarrocka, a bartender and a fence for thieves within the city and decided to take over his life as his own, so he waited and stalked the man learning his life and events often taking the guise of warriors he remembered from the battles during the third ages to keep close and learn as much as he could before it finally was time to reap his rewards.

Death for the man was silent, Na-kurs claws drew slowly over his throat causing him to bleed outwards covering the entire bed sheets in the candy red liquid, content with his kill he took his form, his body turning and shifting till it became that of the now dead bartender leaving one thing and one thing left of Na-kur, disposing the body. "And so it begins, a silent death for a man of drinks." He mused before moving, his motions quick as he ripped the lower part of the arm from the fresh corpses body and began to dig in and eat his meal.

A Sicarius night

By the Year 169 of the Fifth age, Na-Kur had gone through several lives - cutting them when he needed to, and in time taking up their skills with him. He had lived as a Bartender, Craftsman (although tricky, because he lacked the pinky finger to help guide a needle), Huntsman, Soldier, Blacksmith and ending it all as a thief. His guise was brought to an end when he decided to snap back towards a man claiming to have access to a blade that was fabled and not heard since the Early Fourth Age. Na-Kur's disgust showed through his guise as he found the man's smithing style unbearable because he was crafting his metal far too slim, practically weakening the sword to the point where even a solid slash would break it clean in half.

Arrogantly, he edged the man on till it got to the point of the two men initiating a sword fight outside of the forge (leading to a bit of destruction and ending with a fire-spell that crippled Na-Kur), leading the man to assume victory over him, subjecting him to his order as 'a bit of humility and respect', as the man called it.

It was then, that Na-Kur was inducted by Nathan Renderra to the Sicarius Family as a Servus.

A Sicarius life for me

Don't feed the servants

Fresh from his fight with Nathan, he was still hot blooded but remained calm for him being in the house of the Sicarius was like a Impling surrounded by Elder Demons, he could not act without something being at risk that being his life. Despite being a Servant to humans Na-kur was able to keep up his guise as Nyx just as long as he didn't have to fight or was pushed into a situation where he had to go beyond his limits.

As his time grew their became suspicion of his true nature from subtle things such as his eyes changing color between green and yellow, his extreme distaste for magic, and also his speed just that little extra push faster.

Eventually it came to the point of his breakage where he went to far during a fight with another servant by the name of Eravvi, she a mage had been pushing him into a corner. Tired of the fact he couldn't take much more of her magical attacks two things had happened, his form flickered and he let his speed run rampant allowing him to move to something that was beyond the human eye allowing for a clean strike to her but also forcing the battle to end shortly after that.

Demon Child

Events after Na-kur was discovered, for his own safety he kept his name to himself acting with his own interest trying to keep more from his name being spread only sharing it with the one person he trusted who became his closest friend that being Eravvi. Unfortunately his trust with her sparked interest of others, a certain cult known as the Marcato and their magi discovered Na-kur's existence through the memory of Eravvi leading them to hunting him down, and using him as the Medium to get to Nathan with the temptation of power, and the threat of imprisonment if he didn't do their choice freely.

Na-kur caught with the dilemma headed back to the manor quietly, his existence to this Vasco lich fully aware, yet his strength no were near that of the lich. Quiet he was just waiting unsure of how to go about things before everything decided to hit the fan, the binding of Na-kur to the Marcato family, the only thing he hated. Nathan who had been watching him noticed the signs of him being bound and acted quickly, through swift measures and pleading with the Abbas to protect him, he promoted Na-kur from Servant to the ranks of the family the Mark acting as his defense against binding, yet providing him a bound man his true name known to each and every one of the members in the family.

Journal Entries during this time period:


Today, quiet as always Erravi Talked to me a bit... but she made me more confused than before, what am I? Human or demon? I have been living as one guise but born another... there is so much work to do and so much to figure out it hurts, despite meditation and what I feel I'm going to the local bar south of the manor... I need something to drink and time to think... Just watch the humans...

Elder Daemons

Weak! I am not weak that worthless Liche Magi SCUM! I will murder him, he is never going to be stronger than me... He is just some IMPURE SCUM! but... how... if I'm so much better... how did I loose, was it because of my name? my pride? what is it that cause my will to fight to stop as soon as he uttered my name...

It's getting harder, you believe your one thing for so long but your another... this is a cost I pay for living a dual life... Living as dual races but... I have to be better than this... surely I'm better than this?


Protection from being bound to that Liche Scum, or protect my true name... That is my cost, I sit here in the servants quarters I feel my time ebbing away as I know I have done the more Humane thing by informing Blade Magi about my events with him, I still haven't told him what he wants of me... No matter... I will take the sword myself and finish him... I will get the information he wanted and use it to empower myself...

This is a pride battle, not something that humans need to get involved with.


I went on instinct and nerve, it drove me to the deepest I could go a temple of an Elder demon that bore his mark and some kind of design, I need to get this back to Blade Magi, he will know what to do with it, this will progress to something great I just feel it... Now the only question, it was a demon temple, so why this torn piece of paper you would expect more right?


Blade Magi showed us some weird device; I fought Vasco again with it and died twice but came back to life, weird machine... Also I killed the one who came with me a few times just for amusement, I am really weak... even using my own strength I still lost... so far have I fallen... so much I need to regain...

Confused Hearts

I am demon, but I have been acting human more and more... what is wrong with me? Am I truly becoming like them... just as I was against so long ago? What is wrong with me? I need to think... I need to focus Legend Magi says he has acquired the next location; I will prepare to go out at once.

Holy Island

Had to send Eravvi to the holy Island, she recovered some sort of blessing. Can't figure out why an Elder demon temple would focus towards the holy Island... more so what is going on here... No matter, the blessing was recovered we can continue as normal.

Height of the birds:

Rose to the top of Eagles peak to recover the next section, had to fight cult worshipers to keep them distracted, I am slowing greatly... I wonder if how my actions are making me more or less demonic... I should try something soon to test that.


It was a massacre and it felt great, I destroyed the goblins and they didn't even have a chance to react, one just stood there preaching about their "Great high war god." I got so fed up with it I slaughtered a lot of them except for their priests I never felt more alive than now... Legend Magi said it was a stealth mission, but fuck him they were arrogant and couldn't learn anything proper, now the only downside is goblins hate me, the upside is that we have the blood gem... we have visited four locations and four symbols along with designs and Items have been taken from the locations... I wonder what I am to be lead to next...

From the belly of the beast:

In and out, south of the rangers guild is where the crossbow laid... the power that admitted from it was so lulling I grabbed it the thing shocked me. The crossbow has amazing power to it, I can't wait to see what it holds in its secrets.


Such an ugly thing, so much has passed since my last post... I am now sitting in the empty bunk room looking about, it's only me right now I have to finish moving these crates for Mya then I need to head back out to Sadia's base in the wilderness... This is a suicide missions and I can't take the crossbow with me... Fucking magi scum ruining my chances of survival... I already lost my tail because I got careless, I don't want to loose anything else.

*From this point on it turns to demonic writing.*

Five thousand years is a long time to live, humans... I see them come and go... I've watched lines of people I called friends come to hate me years later because I did something wrong to them... Demons, we were never meant to exist among humans, I thought I found peace when I could just sleep in the same bed as my bloodied angel and not have to worry about judgement... It appears I was wrong even in a place of peace some one will always be biased and harass you one way or another...

Shit on the pillow, judging me just because of what I am... I hope I find something powerful there, then I'll just crush them all... Destroy everything and leave this manor in ruins

*Back to common.*

There is no Demon word to express love... the closest we have is a devotion or a bond... I'm sorry I couldn't be Human, then maybe things might have been different... I wouldn't have to watch you suffer and age as I remained the same, It doesn't matter... I'm heading into the belly of the beast.

May my skills stay strong, my Heart firm and my will immortal...

*Demonic once more*

Common: [Eravvi.]

Demonic: [ I am yours bound to life and death, united I will stand as your shield and fight as your sword, Harm to you will return stronger to those who hurt you. A devoted partner I will be to you and only you as I hope you will be to me may our skills stay strong, our hearts firm and our wills immortal.]

- Na-Kur.

Puppet? I think so

The manor in ruins upon Na-kur's return, destroyed along with his mark and protection from the Marcato gone. His first thoughts the manor was attacked and destroyed while he was out exploring, nothing remained though the only thing left for him to do was to search the remains and go from their checking for possible loot and extensions of what could have happened. Three days of searching occurred before the Marcato forcibly summoned Na-kur, and bound him to the Marcato, especially Sadia, to be used freely as a pet and enslaved for control.

Month: I

Controlled, serving Sadia hand and foot had been taken to Polslaev camps along the wilderness near the trollheim and wilderness border, attack and scout plans are being made, nothing is clear yet.

Month: II

The Polslaev make their moves marching towards Daemonheim, Sadia speaks of great things from the castle of ruin power and objects to increase her power and strength. The worshipers are out on their campaign against Avarrocka, the dungeon is open for us to sneak entrance into it, we will claim what ever she needs and we will make haste with it.

Month: III

We did not find it, Many bloody fights and Polslaev troops lost as we followed endless paths to get through to the bottom of Daemonheim, this area turned into maze upon maze forcing us through puzzles with strange materials gathered along the way, armor made of the first metal Sadia is referring to it as Primal, leather combined with it to protect from Magic it has been granted to me to ensure safety and keep her protection, while heavy we move strong the armor protecting me from most fatal blows nothing seems to dent these plates. Soon I am to be sacrificed for Lerepial, their numbers dwindle but their power grows. Their lord is needed once more, I am to be the vassal to rebirth him.

They Renderra'd me useless

After his recovery from the Marcarto he was kept within a guthixian blessed cage and holy silver to keep him from forcing his way out as he was left in protection from being used as a weapon against Nathan, after the Marcarto had been slain Nathan told Na-kur to leave the Renderra Islands and simply vanish, Na-kur more concerned for the status of his Bloodied angel he headed off in search of her.

Heading East!

After searching for a short time in despair he sought to make him self useful under his guise he headed east along with the other thousands of sailors who heard of the opening of the eastern lands, as of the moment he has landed among the Arc Islands where all those from the west meet those with the east and is taking refugee and building a new life among the islands.

Islands, islands everywhere and not a port in sight.

Journal Date: Ire of Phyrrys, 17

It was a long trip, but we finally made it the first boat out of that damned Renderra island and I'm almost glad to be free of them, though I long and I miss my dear Eravvi. No matters I will keep myself busy, they said that Tuai Leit is a place where the east and west meet, as for what I am no one suspects a thing, stowed away then when I had the chance just killed one of the merchants and became him, poor guy by the name of Liam Ra'neer. Interesting name, wonder if he lived here originally with a last name like that, this should be my final entry for a while they said we should reach the island in the next three days, I hope they are right.

Journal Date: Wintumber, 10

I've been in Waiko for a few weeks now, took another ship after I spent a few days in Tuai Leit, it reminded me much of the trading grounds in Varrock, people were everywhere so many sights and sounds I couldn't help but feel nervous. There is much talk about something happening to a woman named Quinn, I am not going to get involved with eastern affairs, my suspicions about the man's identity I took where right though, he seems to be well respected and recognized. I need to learn about him without giving to much away, I should head further into the islands, with the slave trade around me I am more then likely bound to kill one of the traders before I achieve any peace.

Journal Date: Wintumber, 36

I landed port in a fishing village called Echo Bay, the noise and smoke was unbearable, my senses were flooded completely I couldn't even leave my cabin and had to stay inside, each time I heard loud booms one after the next. This is completely new to me and frightening, I'm not sure this is how Liam would act but right now I don't care I want to get out of the Skull region and to the next area, if it wasn't for the lack of supplies I would have used this mans influence for us not to stop here.

Journal Date: Rintra, 7

We were suppose to stop in the bay of playful sirens today, though it was completely ruins as though a sea monster had destroyed it. Rather sad, we are running short on supplies and also we have to spend a few days in dock every time to get the map of the region and to the next region done is really bothersome in my opinion, though some of these sailors seem to not have been in the islands for a while, I hear more talk about the woman named Quinn she was what kept the east and the west separate, she sounds powerful like those who I had fallen subjected to back west, I must do a better job protecting my name this time.

Journal Date: Bennath, 26

We have taken refuge on the island "The Islands that reflect the moon." There has been a sea-battle about these last few weeks and the Khan of the island has refused to let any ships war or merchant leave the island for fear of being attacked, while the island is nice I have not learned much more about the man who I have become, I think they are starting to catch on, I can't afford to slaughter the entire crew that would be too much work, hopefully this war will end soon I really would like to continue my tour of the islands.

Journal Date: Raktuber, 2

The ships have finally ended their fighting, during this time I met an old friend of this merchant Liam, he holds a strong influence on the Khans in the region will be going to next, along with a strong influence on the other Khans which would explain why they are so nice to him, the only thing I'm still having a hard time with learned in the eastern tongue, my mouth just isn't shaped for it... I should keep at practice though.

Journal Date: Raktuber, 20

I have arrive at Liam's home, this is my last journal entry I hope I can learn more about this man and how to become him, with a ship like his the political influence of this man must be impressive. Soon I shall take power back and crush Nathan... Locking me in that cage and not letting me help was beyond degrading. I should have been fighting the demon with them, no matter unlike him I don't age and will never age his blood and his families blood will be mine.

Momma, I'm going home!

A year had passed since the last journal entry, during this time Na-kur learned more about Liam's history and past. Meanwhile he continued to practice his eastern. Fortunately because Liam's mother was from Catherby Na-kur was able to coax her into helping him practice his Eastern turning the choppy child-like version he had self taught into a more fluent version that he was able to use at the level of a standard adult. As he spent time with Liam's family he also worked back with the Khan, apparently Liam's initial ship that Na-kur had stowed aboard in the Renderra's ports was a Merchant vessel and was sent to examine outer ports of the west such as Al Kharid, Port Sarim, the Island of Karajama, the Renderra Islands.

Port Sarim

Journal Date: Fentuary 14

I have docked in port Sarim, Elron is the regent, I have been made a member of the Asgarnia trading company, this couldn't get any easier.

Journal Date: Fentuary 18

Elron has gone out sailing before I could introduce a few bits of merchandise to him, shame, hope he comes back soon said the trip would only be a few days.

Journal Date: Fentuary 25

No sign of him, sent a message to the Emperor in Falador to let him know, hopefully everything turns back to normal soon.

Journal Date: Fentuary 27

Emperor responded, offered his concerns and said he would be out to the Port soon. This should be interesting.

Journal Date: Fentuary 30th

The Emperor showed up, with no sign of Elron still he offered me the job as Regent. Talk about amusing, going from a simple "Merchant" to the regent of Port Sarim. Time to see how much support the Khans are willing to give me.

The Port of a Demon

After being assigned Regency Na'kur got to work on reshaping the port, during his short time as Regent he managed to bring in a burst in supplies from the eastern totaling to an estimated worth of two hundred thousand gold coins, though without it being sold it's worth was merely a joke and something that needed to be moved.

Also during this time, old faces showed back up in Port Sarim, some good such as someone he loved, others bad, and some just down right unexpected.

A dagger, the man, and his beast.

Novtumber 3rd

It was a quiet day, Na'kur was relaxing upon the docks when a voice of one told him not to move, assuming bandits Na'kur told them to go away before he called the riflemen to kill them. The man who was directing it said the one thing that caught him off guard and caused him to ease his tone completely, he called him a "Disloyal Sicarius." As he waited and listened to the man, he learned that the man who found him was the new Abbas, though unnamed Na'kur turned over all that was his to the Abbas allowing Port Sarim to shift hands from one man to control of his entire family that included the stocks and supplies in Port Sarim at the current time and date.

Who want's to talk about MURDERS!!!!!

After Na'kur surrendered the Ports to the Abbas everything fell short to hell, he was brought back into the family at the rank he had been when the mark had closed meaning he was still a child, he managed to convince Eravvi to join the family so she could stay with him. It went over smashing leading to what Na'kur had come to know leading to his own personal pleasure. Short after this war broke out leading to the Port being reclaimed by the Asgarnian Empire and leaving Na'kur disgusted as the fact the Abbas' port had been stolen from him.

With anger ripe in his blood the Abbas on those docks on the port that was taken while he was there, the Abbas had also declared war on the Asgarnian empire, as the skirmishes broken out Na'kur spotted the Emperor, Joseph Adalhard at the end of the docks where he had been advancing to support Felix by chasing on an archer who had slipped onto the docks.

Did I say Murders? I meant puppies.

Na'kur would have taken advantage of this leaving the Praetor and Felix under fire, he would move taking into full sprint, his Sea Dirk drawn as he would be ready to slay the Emperor, but alas the Praetor gave the call for everyone to teleport the fuck out of there. Disappointed, Na'kur left his target having escaped leaving him hungry for blood.

Who wants to play the waiting game?

The Abbas recalled all Sicarius to the Abbey and ordered them to stay in the walls and prepare and begin to train, during this time Na'kur received the Praetor's crossbow and furthered his training just building and improving this time as they stood in wait for the Agarnian empire to attack.

The Empire strikes back!

Time passed slowly, training session after training session eventually lead to the moment all had been desired and waiting for, the final assault, the Abbas had ordered four different teams off to the pass point to prepare, Na'kur had been assigned to the stealth and rear assault unit. While waiting in silence the Abbas gave orders through telepathy directing and controlling his family till it let to the Asgarnian empire being trapped to a single location with Sicarius surrounding them, because of lack of preparation on their part they were outnumbered three to one allowing for quick negotiations and ending of this silly war.

Leveled up!

After the negotiations and other jollies had finished the Abbas ordered everyone back to the Abbey for one of the few final times they would need to be there, during this time several of the family got ranked from Child to Elder, the life in the Sicarius returned back to normal allowing for preparation for their move from the abbey to their old fortress in the deep wilderness once more.

The Rabbit Hole

Act One

Note: QueenArasene has written up the following event of act one on the Sicarius Shivtr page, the following is her work copied Sic.

It was yet another cloudy day in the Sicarius Keep as Na'Kur called his group of fellow Sicarii together to journey into the Rabbit Hole. For some, it would be their second time to visit, a scouting team having taken a peek at the surroundings the day before. Now the disguised demon gazed over the ranks of his assembled helpers.

"All right, so we'll open the portal and you will go in. Melody first, then green-skin..." A slight pause occurred as everyone turned to Anye, the only one with green skin in the group."Then Eravvi, Miranda and Urie. Me and Xilen will follow."

A few decisive steps later, and a series of bangs as each person stepped through the demonic entrance, the group found themselves on a vast plain containing nothing but a large rock and a tower.

Concern knitted the brows of the scouting team; this was not where they left off the last time. The confusion was voiced, and silenced with an order.

"Miranda, go take a look at the rock. Green-skin, run around the tower and look for entrances." As the two Servii started on their assigned tasks, the blooded members farther behind silently discussed. Anye returned, having found no entrance, while Miranda had found a riddle carved into the rock.

Give me fire and I shall live, give me water and I will die

Argumentation between the assembled group ensued, discussing whether they wanted a rock to die or live, and whether it was a good idea to have a living rock around. Soon though, the arguments settled and fire was chosen and cast at the rock. The rock tumbled away, revealing an opening to the inside. Carefully, the companions climbed down into the unknown. They found themselves in a room with two doors; each embedded with a riddle.

You always need me for I am in your core and sit at your center


Your blood runs my veins, your mind my core, your soul my heart and within this temple we are aligned until the temple is claimed"

Xilen, after being proven unsuccessful with a soul rune on the Core door, managed to break in with the clever usage of a mind rune. The team was immediately engulfed in a stream of marbles, causing many of them to slip and Miranda to start a domino effect with Na'Kur and Urie, toppling all three of them. 

After the Marble Fall had calmed, Eravvi carefully opened the other riddle door. Spotting two baby black dragons inside, she quickly, but silently and decisively shut the door again.Gathering themselves, the group first advanced on the room beyond Xilen's door, the room with the marbles. The door they encountered at the end of it proved ticklish at each touch, complaining loudly about the group disturbing it's rest and how they should stop grabbing its nose (the door handle).

Upon inquiry from a member of the former scout team as to how the door had changed its location, it answered that only the tunnels had changed while it, the door, had remained firmly in place.

Then, it gave the group an ultimatum, informing them that only five of the seven present members may pass through. 

Na'Kur quickly ended any disagreements about who should go what way by taking Eravvi and heading to the door with the sleeping dragons, while the rest of the group (Melody, Urie, Xilen, Miranda and Anye) carefully advanced through the talkative door.

They found themselves in a corridor that, on closer notice, was slowly getting thinner, soon to crush them. Setting aside worry for traps and obstacles, the five rushed to the door on the other end, only to find it locked. In a frenzy, a number of means to open it were found and just as quickly discharged as useless. With only seconds to spare, Melody brought forth a lockpick and started one last, desperate attempt to get the door open. 

Meanwhile, Na'Kur and Eravvi were silently moving to dispatch the hatchling dragons before they woke, as suddenly an alarm went off. Wasting no time, they crushed the poor, innocent dragons' heads, leaving them dead and broken on the floor. They descended further into the tunnel maze, now prepared for anything the road might throw at them.Everything, except this.

Melody was straining, her hurried movements making the lockpick in her shaking fingers so much less effective. behind her, Urie, Miranda and Anye strained against the walls that were closing in, producing as much uphold as a sandcastle against a tsunami.

Three seconds until they were crushed. Urie gathered all his strength, pushing against the walls as hard as he could. Nothing.Two seconds left. Miranda and Anye's shoulders bruising as the push against the walls. Again, nothing.

One second left. Xilen is closing her eyes, praying to whatever god she believes in as Melody gives her lockpick one last, hopeful turn..... 


For a moment, everything was still. The walls stopped moving, and everyone between them held their breath, waiting for the imminent crushing. As it fails to come, they let out a breath of relief and then, as one, move out of the narrow corridor as fast as they can, only to run into gigantic, sticky spider webs.

After only a few strokes from Melody's cutlass, the angered inhabitants of this room emerged. Spiders, by the dozen, and each of them the size of a small dog. "Back up!" the foremost group members called, as they tried to move away from the angry horde, slashing at any arachnid coming too close. 

The fight was not long, but brutal. At one point, Melody was dragged away by the spiders, so the four remaining had to venture into the mass of spiders to rescue her.

The result: All spiders dead.

Casualties: Three party members bitten, poisoned by the spiders. 

The spider venom proved to have a rather strange effect, as Melody, Xilen and Anye quickly discovered. They quickly grew hot in their armor, greatly bothered by anything touching their skin. Xilen and Melody noticed at once, and Xilen cured the two of them with the use of lunar magic, even as Anye started to undress to get rid of the heat and the bother of her clothes.After a curious moment, where Miranda had to cover her eyes from facing toward Anye and Urie had cast an uninterested look at her, Xilen remembered to cure the Servus too, leaving her blushing far beyond her ears as she quickly put her armor back on.

While Melody, Xilen and Anye were recovering from their experience with the rather embarrassing poison, Urie and Miranda cleared the room of spiderwebs as much as possible.They found two doors, after minutes of slashing through thick, sticky strands, and a spiral staircase, leading to god knew where. 

Upon examining the doors, they were found to read respectively "Na'Kur" and "Eravvi", neither of which was present. Taking this into account in a short conference, the stairs were chosen as the appropriate way to take. Xilen went first, to explore, while the others waited at the bottom, Miranda busying herself with an attempt to remove the remains of spiderwebs off her, a task as time-consuming as it was futile. 

After an eternity of waiting, Xilen called down that she saw a light. In short order, the group trooped up the stairs, starting on a ten-minute walk upwards. By the time they arrived at the top of the stairs, Xilen was rather annoyed, having had to wait for their arrival so long. 

The five huddled together, wondering what this strange place would throw at them next. In the adjacent room, they spotted a dining table with benches, and an unidentified persona. He was sitting with his back to them. As they carefully advanced, Melody in front, he finally spoke.

"Take one more step and you can join your friends bound and gagged!" The five companions stopped, unsure how serious this threat was. Melody silently slipped a throwing knife out of its holster, flinging it toward the figure's head. Just before it struck, the knife disappeared. Urie, who was the farthest behind, let out a groan as the knife embedded itself in his bottom. 

The cloaked figure started to interrogate the group, claiming they had invaded his home and boasting how he knew everything that happened in his realm, as well as how the five had no chance of defeating him. Some of the five attempted to reason with him, the others snuck around the room, finding the door to the adjoining throne room. Here, they were met with the sight of Eravvi and Na'Kur, unconscious, bound and gagged in a magical cage.

Meanwhile, Miranda was skeptical to this figure's power. He made a sincere attempt to prove it, handing her the same fate as Eravvi and Na'Kur as she suddenly found herself in the cage with the two, bound and gagged as effectively as they were. 

Now, everyone moved to the throne room. The cloaked figure was growing agitated at their prolonged presence, and cast his spell to throw them all into the cage, trapped together. The only ones escaping this fate were Xilen and Melody, as Xilen had cast a teleportation block on the two, preventing the figure from throwing them into the cage. The married, female couple advanced to fight the cloaked stranger, while the new inhabitants of the magical cage devoted their attention to escaping. With the use of a sharp pendant, they managed to cut their bonds, finally freed of the restrictive ropes. 

Melody and Xilen were hardly in a tight spot. They seemed to enjoy themselves as they fought the hooded stranger, impaling him through the chest after mere minutes. 

As the hooded man died, the group found themselves in a strange place. It was not the throne room; it was not even the blasted plain over the Rabbit Hole where they had come from. Disregarding this for the moment, they apprehended the corpse of the hooded stranger, finding on it a number of magically imbued rings and a small bag of golden coins. 

While Melody, Xilen and Eravvi argued about their three-way marriage and how Eravvi had thrown away her ring, Miranda answered yes to Anye's invitation to a drink sometime, before the two Servii left to not disturb the blooded females any longer. Na'Kur had left the scene almost at once, having no interest in the loot. Urie took his share and departed, seeing no point in listening to the three housewives arguing.

Act Two

To slay a mage we took a peek through the archers scope, the arrow pierced the heart separating the man from power, the soul from it's temple.

There has been talk of a small red Impling flying through the jungle of Karajama terrorizing the folks, the natives call it a hell spawn, something even more evil then the jungle spirits them selves, this path is simple, we find and remove the Impling.

–From the Noticeboard

Na'kur smiled with delight as he pulled back from the notice board, his message set upon it ready and waiting for those who had worked with him in the past to sign up again, he knew this would lead to something great, the jungle always had treasures hidden within it.

A few days passed and his fellow Sicarii signed up for the task, he told them that it was a simple mission, one not to worry about, he told the team of four before sending them off, he himself hanging back to do research plotting something else, something to restore parts of his memory that had faded.

The group descended off to Karamja as Na'kur remained in his tent, checking in from time to time on them finding out updates before the final update hit him, the small stone the villagers had? It could possibly be Dragon Metal. Na'kur freaked at the chance, he ordered to kill everyone and retrieve the stone. Sadly, this did not end as it should have, Melody took the baby sized ball of dragon metal and kept it to herself, throwing a red stone from the side of the volcano into the lava, her claim, something this powerful isn't worth the risk, and by that she drew the wrath of a demon onto her path.

Act Three: The Demon's Requiem

Yeah, I was made a fool of by your family. I have accepted the fact I'm going to die, but know this: I am taking you with me.


Note: Some parts may contain high levels of graphic language and violence

Scene one: The Ripper

It was a quiet afternoon in Al Kharid. Na'kur and a few other servants, as well as fellow Elder Eravvi, were in Al Kharid's palace, minding their own business sitting by the pool-side. Standing, Na'kur turned, getting ready to leave when from above came flying in a Ripper Demon. It landed, its impact striking Na'kur clean through his chest and flooring him to the ground. The servants scrambled, pulling to their feet almost instantly. Na'kur, already two steps ahead, had Eravvi get them and the Emir to safety, leaving him to tussle with the demon for a short bit before she returned, giving him the upper hand needed to remove the ripper demon, get it off him and send it down to the main court yard of the palace from the second floor.

Following after the ripper, Ichor pouring from his chest, Na'kur jumped down after it. He landed on top of the Ripper as it was getting up, his left hand making it's clean mark going through the Ripper's head ending its life instantly. The ripper collapsed into ash mixed with its clothing. Na'kur ordered to the servants who just showed up into the court yard to burn the remains and make sure the ashes were scattered. When the ashes of the Ripper were scattered they formed the words "Wicca Demon." Irritated at this, Na'kur just let out a roar of frustration before there was a loud explosion in the far off distance showing a cloud of abyssal black smoke spiraling up through the air.

Na'kur, not wasting any time, moved to investigate the explosion at once. He was clearly angry after being attacked and wasn't going to stand for any of the bullshit, especially being attacked. He gave the servants a quick chance to gear up while Eravvi closed up the wounds on his chest, stopping the flow of Ichor.

Once the servants were ready they set off through the city of Al Kharid, heading to where the black smoke rose from the city. Along the path out, they were attacked by a member of the cult of Lerepiel, an Elder Daemon that Na'kur had dealt with in the past. The servants quickly disposed of him, leaving the body on the ground. Na'kur took his necklace and stared at it, knowing that the Marcato where behind this. Something he thought that had been wiped out by the Legend during their skirmish in the past. Not wasting time, Na'kur, Eravvi and the servants headed towards the gates.

Once they reached the gates, they saw where the smoke was coming from: The Duel Arena. As soon as they arrived at the scene, they were ambushed, more Marcato appearing, demanding that Na'kur go with them and no one would be hurt. Eravvi, already pissed enough, had an Air surge that had been held in charge for well over the entire walk from the palace to the gates, released it, shattering their bodies leaving an over-glorified bloody mess, limbs torn clean off, dark red rich blood staining the sands instantly, clothing ripped from their bodies leaving nothing but a mess.

The servants growing frustrated at the events wanted answers so Na'kur decided to allow them one question that he would give them a complete answer to, they asked "What is going on that makes them want to kill him?" Na'kur told them that it was his history coming back to haunt him, the old sect he was in before coming to this current sect had dealt with the Marcato in the past and they should have been wiped out, how this remained had even him stumped.

After giving them what he felt was a needed response, he moved to the direct location of the smoke which was just a man laying there. He was alive, but was of no use until it was revealed he was just a cover for the ripper demon hiding under the ground, after the servants rounded up and ended with one riding the bucking ripper demon like a bull it ended with a servant who had a blessed axe cleaving the ripper through the skull ending his life instantly. Na'kur, beyond frustrated, ordered a full withdrawal to move everyone back to the Sicarius keep. He wanted to get as far away from the desert as possible, he had much work to do now, to change his plans entirely.

Scene Two: Enter Victore
I require those who seek to help me come and speak to me. This is of grave importance, it involves no reward or treasure hunt this time, but the removal of a problem... A major one.

–The Noticeboard

Na'kur knew he couldn't take the Marcato down alone, he learned from this mistake long in his past, he rallied the help of his family this time to do so, after making the post he decided to leave the keep through the portal connecting it to the south of Falador after leaving through the gate he was ambushed by Vasco's remaining child Victore, the two just stood at the west side near the dark wizards tower going back and forth, bitching at each other and throwing insults around before it got to the point where they where each insisting the other make the first move in the fight, after growing frustrated Na'kur just threw his Sea-Dirk at the lich's knee, this did absolutely nothing but frustrate the Lich who expected better from a demon, Na'kur just told him he couldn't be bothered and he had better things to do so could they kinda hurry it up, Victore gladly obliged by releasing some unmortal godly roar that baked Na'kur clean through with Third degree burns from head to foot, leaving the demon completely unable to move from the burns alone.

Victore then took his war axe, the thing radiated with unholy power, something that was on a level no mortal creature would be able to hold without fear of corruption. Looking down to Na'kur's left arm he asked Na'kur if he enjoyed having his limbs. Na'kur, unable to respond, just laid there as the Lich brought the unholy weapon up and cleaved off his left fore-arm, Ichor streamed from the wound like wild fire as the lich stepped back, his eyes fixed down at Na'kur's stomach.

"Do you enjoy having your genitalia?" Victore asked once again Na'kur was unable to respond because of being fully burned the liche brought the war axe up before cleaving away his genitalia, this caused Na'kur to let out a loud mental scream causing Dante, Julia and Felix to come rushing up to his rescue. Na'kur was bleeding bad by the time the trio showed up, Dante and Felix attacked Victore as Julia started to tend to Na'kur trying to at least stop the bleeding on his body.

As Dante and Felix fought, the lich had little problem overpowering them and eventually bringing them into the same state as Na'kur forcing Julia to teleport all three back away to the keep before fleeing herself.

Scene Three: Confessions

After recovering in the medical tent Na'kur sought straight to work learning of where the Marcato base lay, seeking a clear vengeance his mind was set for one thing properly now, war. Using what little strength he had, he made his way through the supply tent and began checking through older journals of his, the notes to make sure everything was accurate and clean slated.

Once he had found what he needed he called on Thea to come help him prepare for war, he had a few questions for her and some requests as well. His requests were simple, First, to take hold of his journal to use to convey his thoughts and feelings after he had died, Second, carve the runes for a seal of binding into his body so he could ensure that the Lich would go down with him to ensure that they both died and finally to confirm why they kept calling him a Wicca demon, She did all that leaving Na'kur at a state of peace, his body mutilated by the Lich his spirit strong as he knew that war was coming, that death was to be expected.

Scene Four: The War
Demons run when good men go to war. There are no good men here, so I ain't running!


The final attack, Na'kur had located the Marcato base that stood in the wilderness, the infamous castle that Lereprial had been slain at years before, he gathered his team, mages and those he had faith in to ensure this mission would carry through. Xilen, Melody, Ellie and Julia.

Upon reaching the palace the five man team was greeted by a Marcato lich, the lich focused all attacks on Na'kur allowing the girls to make short and quick work upon it causing them to segway forward into the castle where a group of Abdul-Qadir had taken over laying siege to take back the castle also. This caused Na'kur to think that they where possibly on the same side, after talking back and forth hoping that this would work it ended with him getting called a heretic by the Zarosians as they cast their spells creating chaos and then charging in after drawing scimitars from sheaths at their waist, Julia was injured during this with a cut across her chest, the off-sect was disposed of quickly by Ellie and Na'kur.

After slaying the cultists, a Mortupice rose from the fountain attacking the group, as they drew back Ellie and Xilen teamed up casting ice spells at the "tar fucker" eventually freezing it solid allowing it to be shattered and the group to move further into the castle.

As they entered the castle entrance, a young, six year old girl was asking where her father was. As Na'Kur ignored her, telling the others to do the same, her form flickered, fire dancing about the room.  She took the form of an eight foot tall Demoness. The Demoness was slain with ease, quickly dispatched through the use of a nail bomb and magic, turning to ash after Ellie shot a bolt for its brain. 

The group moved up the stairs that where on the far side of the room, Victore himself was killing the last of a group of Abdul-Qadir that climbed up before. After slaying the last mage he noticed the Sicarius, taunting Na'Kur with knowledge of Na'Kur being Wiccae, and of how his sister treated him during his service bound to them. Na'Kur growing irritated dismissed his illusion revealing the runes on his chest, Demonic markings to bind the two in destiny to die. 

The two fought, the fight was quick, but worth while, Na'kur had the upper hand for the most part of the fight till he was hit with a fire spell knocking him off the lich's body, as the lich stood over him, the unholy war axe in one hand he uttered the words, "What is dead can never die." Before swinging his war axe down cleaving Na'kur clean in half.

As Na'Kur died, a barrage of spells and a bolt, flew for the lich, rendering him immobile across the room. His eyes glowed again...  As he reveals he was already dead, so the runes were powerless against him.  Melody charged him, as well as many other attacks on his body, before he released the fire he had building in his lungs in a single, piercing scream of pure, unrelenting chaos. The group all moved to dodge it. They saw what it had done to Na'Kur, Dante, and Felix the night before.

A door on the far side of the room opened, and a figure in all black, another with a mime mask and little armor charged out. The Figure in black yelled the same words the lich did, green flames spiraling from his lungs towards the Lich. The spell made the Lich's armor, all unholy based, burn away into ashes. His phylactery was revealed to be under his armor, which Melody proceeded to break.

The figure in black, meanwhile, undid his cowl...  Revealing it was Nathan. Nathan spoke to the group present for a moment, before the Marshall and Blade Tyrael rushed in, trying to figure out what had happened, blades drawn towards Nathan and the other figure, presumably Luna. Nathan just casually stood there, exchanging words politely with Marshall and Tyrael.

Eventually, everyone began to leave. Nathan let the Marshall take the Lich's Halberd, Marshall warned Nathan that the Abbas didn't like runaways, to which Nathan replied, "He doesn't like Wiccae either."

Journal Entries

In blood and fire, you were brought into the fold. In blood and fire, you now leave it.


Note: The following journal entries may or may not contain strong language. You have been warned.

Entry One

Dream a soft and simple dream, your memories are yours even when they are forgotten, you are a creature of power and strength, they told you this every day as time passed, you are something for people to fear because of your power, this is what makes you superior to a human. Superior to human? this mark... I don't know if it rises me above them or brings me down to their level, we all hold the same mark, I am suppose to be superior to them, but this mark puts me at their level... I could kill my self and just go back to the Abyss... Deal with the mark having a hard time being connected... But then they would be able to summon me back... I could get my self killed by a holy item... that would remove me for good... What do I do? where do I belong?

Entry Two

I am able to sleep more, my body seems to be breaking away from my mind. These memories what ever they are seem to just be drawing me back to that missing time and place among them... No matter... I have finished tracking some possible locations of ores, if so we will be able to make new weapons if there is enough, I hope for my sake their are.

Entry Three

Take initiative... I'm a friend but she loves me? Bah... Humans are beyond confusing, ... I'm going to make a new shield for her, maybe something nice out of it, she wants me to prove myself? Challenge fucking accepted! I will prove myself to you!

Entry Four

*The following was scribbled in Demonic runes, unless you actually know them then you could understand it.*

I am drawing between this word and the home plane again, my use of the runes and what I have always known have put me at risk, we are out of supplies and I cannot make more weapons to be used for now, I wait and read the treasure book, the mark of the mage has bee found, the prize was interesting, rings, I was disappointed though I was hoping it something more worthy... No matter, I begin the next gate, we chase the arrow now.

Entry Five

The metal war burns, the Marshall is missing, I wonder what shall happen next.

*The rest would be a drawing of an area, it looks like it was a heavily jungle terrain area, there would be several question marks show through out the map.*

Entry Six

*The entire page would be demonic runes, so good luck translating.*

Rebirth/Healing -> Anger -> Name = Re summoning / A full and complete heal.

Rebirth/Healing = Just a heal of the location on the body where the rune has been drawn.

Clarity -> Power -> Binds = Hellish barbed wire chains dripping Ichor from the chains emerge from the ground trapping the target within it, Undead and unholy being are immune to it.

Travel -> Gate -> Bond -> Barrier -> Barrier = A demonic portal connecting to another pre-made gated location, often requires two to use this.

Bond -> Binds -> Ichor -> Power ->Anger ->Banished = A joint chain forms between a target and the user, when one dies the other goes with them.

Entry Seven

I stand before you in defense of the Marshall, this man has done many things, many great, and many foolish. This man you see before you is the strength of the Sicarius in combat, he has proven himself time and time again to be the warlord, the title of Marshall!

Now a man must know his enemies, yes his searching for the Althae has been far fetched and unneeded disruption to the family, but still, as the saying goes, you know your enemies as well as you know your friends.

Entry Eight


Copper ore x 150

Tin ore x 150

Iron ore x 400

Coal x 2000

Mithril ore x 100

Adamant Ore x 20

Rune Ore - In contact with The Fence

Entry Nine


I was hoping the rumor was true, it was true, Gideon stirred me in the right path, the dragon metal was ours we had it but that **** fucked it up, if I give her a fast death it is more then she has ever earned. Death is coming for her, it is coming for her wrapped in the strength of a demon's rage.

The Demon's Requiem

I bid the world my final song, this fight and mission I do not seek to return from alive, everything that is mine will go to the Abbas, he decides what to do with it from there... When fighting something that is unholy I do what is human, what is right, When I fight to gain power I show my demon and what I truly am... I am a beast who walked between two worlds, I cannot be accepted in either for I have fallen so far in power, so far to something I cannot reach again any time soon with this is my last journal entry, I bid strength to those that find it, and heart to those that use it to learn... I am not a man or a monster, I am simply a stone, standing throughout time.

The Praetor's apology

I seeing as we never spoke face to face about this want it in writing, something something that should have been done face to face but just can't be done anymore. I want to formally apologize for accusing you of being the cause of Pol's death to the Abbas, I'm glad he dismissed my accusation as insanity, it would only make it worse if you had fallen, I was beyond wrong to accuse someone just because of one faint image I could have sworn I saw. I write this expecting death to come to me soon, I only wish I could be there saying this do your face, taking the punishment instead of being gone.

The Infernal Plane

Na'kur blinked, his death had been quick or so he thought, not knowing what had happened, his body was his again, freed of all curses and pains, moving he stood up slowly, his body one and complete, a thin smile on his lips as he looked down from arm to arm, no sign of the mark on either limb, It worked. He told himself, the smile vanished though as he turned looking about the endless plane of flames, the fires hot and welcoming, their heat something he had not truly felt or had the pleasure of enjoying in ages, this cooked into his skin warming his body with the desire to fight and the blood of the humans that he had shead ages ago, all this coming back to him just from the warmth of a single flame. "Now I am home, now I am free." The only words that escaped his lips before he started walking slow steps back along the lenght of the infernal plane, only one other thought was on his mind now. Eravvi, my bloodied angel, I hope you stay strong and forgive me.

A return home

"Where am I?" The thought rang through the demons mind, he felt his body shaking slightly as he looked around him, hundred of demons had been summoned with him. His eyes turned upwards as he knew only one thing that had power to summon demons in such large numbers. The area around him was a war camp, and high above stood Zamorak, the sound of war rang in his ears as he knew that there was fighting going on and he was part of the thousands of demons that were being thrown into the fray.

A slight pause as he looked around, he didn't reconize the area or the landscape. The only thing that was across the way from him that he could see was a massive figure matching Zamorak in his power as they fought in full strenght. Na'kur knew, it was a god war and the chaos was begining.

Slowly he turned seeing some strange woman ordering the demons around, he looked at her she didn't look familiar to him. She was something strange, something about her didn't smell right. Dismissing the thought to the noise of the fighting because he knew if he was going to get out of this, he had to fight and he had to win...

Armor Images


  • Na'kur was originally created as an human infused with a demon inside of him.
  • Na'kur loves to change his outfits with his illusions, he really doesn't wear clothing or armor to often.
  • Na'kur refuses to use anything that's over a foot long because he feels he is more likely to harm someone who isn't his target.
  • Na'kur hates the following things: Magic, Dragons, and heavy accents.
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