Mugger is a warped human, resembling a crocodile, created by a twisted mage tampering with the Anima Mundi. Played by Raltin Avarr. This character was created in the early Summer of 2013.
Mutant croc

Mugger, in a slightly crouched position.


Poor Yet Happy

Mugger was not his original name, it was the name he took on after he escaped from Connan Vargus's apprentice (A mage whose life's work has been the study of life energies), who had split off from his teacher to conduct his own experiments. Mugger grew up in the poor district of Varrok, and was a hard working person, he eventually met his wife Anne and they were married at the Saradominist church in the city. They stayed as such for several years before they were taken.


Mugger and his wife were stolen from their home at night by mysterious black robed figures and taken down into the sewers of Varrok, where they were caged and experimented on by Connan's run-away apprentice. Using dragon blood as a template and mixing it with that of a crocodile, the apprentice injected it into Mugger and used his magics training to tamper with the Anima Mundi and warp the man. Mugger's wife followed soon after with a fish-blood mixture, though she was not as badly warped as he was, retaining much of her human features.

The experiment stripped them of much of their memory, Mugger retained enough to remember he and his wife were married and originally came from the world above. He managed to rally his fellow prisoners and they revolted, breaking free of their cages and killing the apprentice and his assistants. The mutants then fled deeper into the sewer system. In time, many of the experiments lost their sanity and turned feral, while the few who did not ended up being attacked by the corrupted. Mugger and Anne kept out of harm's way by taking refuge in the sewer system's water ways where the other creatures could not follow. Eventually Anne made a mistake and ended up being attacked by the corrupted experiments, Mugger arrived too late and killed the other creatures in hate-fueled revenge. It was when he was building his wife's funeral pyre out of stones and loose bits of vegetation that he was found by Alliance order members, tracking down rumors of creatures in Varrok Sewers.

He attacked them in a rage, thinking them to be more cohorts of the apprentice mage, but they managed to hold him off long enough for the noise to attract the corrupted experiments. Mugger forgot about the fight and ran to the sewer gate to pull a lever and close off the tunnel, but found the lever to be stuck. Putting aside his aggressiveness for the moment, he called for the Alliance member's aid to pull the lever down, and they helped; not wanting to be torn to shreds by the oncoming horde of monstrosities. After the gate fell shut and calm was restored, the members explained themselves and Mugger told his story as well as the other creatures. After finishing putting his wife to rest; the members offered Mugger sanctuary and a promise to help cure him, and so he followed them.


The group of Alliance members he followed eventually reached a small base on Karamja in a pocket plane, where Mugger decided to take up residence and did not venture outward from the base for some time. He later spoke with the owner of the pocket plane, a man who had been infused with a demon through infernal rituals. They spoke much on the topic of blood and the change in each others live's as a result of what they both had become. Mugger learned much from the man later regarding the higher powers of the world; such as gods and spirits, as Mugger had grown up as a peasant and never managed to learn much about such subjects. He also studied at great lengths in the order's libraries, learning what he could of the world and discovering many vast secrets about Gielinor.

Back to the World

It did not take long for the order that Mugger was being protected by to start to dissolve, and this was unexpected. Mugger was forced to leave before events proved unfavorable, and left the pocket plane to go out on his own. Having learned much from the order, he was ready to take on the challenges of life on his own, and had a standard knowledge about the majority of Gielinor. Discovering that Morytania was the land of monsters in his studies, he resolved to go there and discover what he might about its inhabitants, perhaps even try to fit in.


He took refuge in the swamps that dot the land throughout the fetid environment of Morytania, and snuck into Canifis under the natural shadows of the land, observing the bar patrons to aid in his study. He caught sight of a two women in the bar one night, one human and the other a mix of strange races. The human suffered from a terminal illness and the other offered to change her into what she was.

The human woman agreed and followed the other, unknown to them, Mugger followed them through the swamps. He watched as the human woman was turned into some sort of demonic creature, and as the first woman left, the newly changed woman stayed where she was for a moment. Mugger turned to leave, but stepped on a stick, making a noise that alerted the woman, and he was discovered. The woman told Mugger she would not harm him, though he did not believe her and fled, running for the waters and escaping her view.

Visit to the Academy of Heros

He decided to follow the scent of the original demonic woman, and ended up swimming down the river salve to a building he had never seen before. He used his claws to climb up the cliffs, and did the same to reach the roof. He crawled to the edge near the inner plaza and looked down, spotting the woman he had scented. It did not take long for him to be discovered by some of the academy members, who could sense auras and knew that something was on the roof.

Mugger became paranoid, and started to flee, sliding down the northern roof, but ended up being cornered. A mage began to cast a spell to trap him using sand, and Mugger began to be taken over by an animalistic fear, and thrashed about wildly to try and escape. Eventually he was pinned, and he yelled at his captors in fear, proving to them that he was a sentient creature, not just a monster. Without being given a chance to explain himself, he was told to leave, and that if he returned he would be killed. Feeling spurned and yet again cast out of any chances of socializing, he jumped off the cliffs and dove into the water, swimming back to Morytania.

Burgh De Rott

A few days previous to this event, Mugger had been unable to act while he saw a female human knight become captured by vampyres. He had observed this woman and grown partially attached to her slightly insane behavior by watching her through the windows of Canifis bar, and after her capture he took it upon himself to save her. Following her scent, he tracked her through the swamps of Mort Myre and to the small city of Burgh De Rott. He scented the air once more and found the woman he had been searching for to be directly on the other side of a large stone wall, and finding a large grate, he ripped it from the wall and began to dig away the bricks in order to make the hole large enough for him to squeeze through.

This alerted the Vampyres that now lorded over the former knight, which was none other than Talya and Rosemarie Foryx, and they rushed to see the damage of the wall after hearing the noise. Catching scent of them before they could spot him however, Mugger submerged into the waters and was out of sight as they rounded the bend. Thinking it was an average intruder, Rose ordered that Vyrewatch assume positions on the ballistae surrounding the wall. Mugger then submerged deep into the river, and began thinking of a way he could get in without being detected. A solution formed in his head, and he swam to the bottom of the wall and began digging at the mud below the stone structure. With this, he was in the water on the other side of the wall within moments. As this happened, the two Vampyres pushed the former knight into the water as punishment for some misdeed. It was this instant Rose had realized her mistake, as she detected Mugger's life aura underneath the water as he swam through the hole he had dug. Rose began to try and manipulate a water current to push the creature back out the hole, but Mugger was the master of his own element, and easily outswam the magic current.

As Talya began trying to help the enslaved knight out of the water, Mugger burst from the surface, jaws closing on one of the knight's feet and dragging her into the water all within the course of a blink of the eye. Rose used blood tendrils to grap ahold of one of her slave's wrists, just as Mugger neared the hole under the wall. This resulted in a very short game of tug-of-war, and as this began to happen; magic was used to begin to heat up the water to near boiling. Mugger weighed the consequences, he knew that if he continued to pull then the knight would be ripped apart or boiled alive by the hot water, of which Mugger knew he could withstand but she could not. He opened his steel-trap jaws, which unexpectedly sent the knight flying out of the water and into Rose, hitting her. Mugger then escaped out the hole in the wall at the base of the riverbed and fled into Mort Myre up the river, ashamed that he could not rescue the knight.


One night outside Canifis bar as Mugger was thinking of ways to free the woman knight from imprisonment, he was viewing the activities of the patrons from his usual hiding spot outside, when two patrons began arguing. The two patrons were Lark Mallavian and a human man. The nature of their discussion was one that greatly annoyed Mugger, and after the bickering had reached the climax; with yelling and near blows, Mugger grabbed a large log nearbye and with a savage roar, threw it through the wall. The roar alerted Lark, who mist-formed as the large log crashed through the wall, and the human dove out of the way as it sailed through the air toward him. The human left, not wanting to get involved in events further, while Lark decided to pursue her unknown assailant.

Lark exited the bar through the gaping hole, and observed the tracks of Mugger which lead to the water. She searched around the pond located behind the tavern and found a large boulder blocking the trapdoor that lead to the basement of the establishment. Breaking the boulder with magic, she went down the trapdoor and found to her astonishment that the filthy basement had been cleaned to a degree. She explored the basement which now had become Mugger's lair, and discovered two things: the pool of water in the basement was a water filled tunnel that Mugger used to get in and out, and Mugger's journal. Lark read the entirety of it, feeling both touched and saddened by the depressing tale contained within.

She spoke to herself then, stating her sympathy for the outcast monster, and decided to mark the letter M on the table with her own blood as a sign she had been there. Unknown to her however, the head of Mugger was just so slightly protruding from the water on the other end of the basement, and he had heard her claims of sympathy. Mugger then breathed deep, catching her scent and memorizing it so that he would be able to pick Lark out from the rest of her kin. As Lark left, Mugger resolved to follow her closely for a while, in order to make judgement on whether or not to reveal himself to her in time.

A Game After Dark

After following Lark for a time, Mugger decided to make things fun. After the woman drank one too many, he tapped on the side of the tavern, causing her inebriated mind to make her want to investigate. Lark walked outside to the side of the tavern and saw the water in the pond sloshing about, and she knew instantly who it was that was badgering her this night. She started speaking out loud to the pond, and this attracted the attention of one of her aquantences, who came to watch. The aquantance, who's name was Marie, started to think Lark was losing it. Meanwhile, Mugger started to taunt Lark using a catfish as a puppet, squeezing the head of the small fish he had caught to make its mouth move like a puppet.

The two Vampyres started arguing about Lark's mental health and drunkenness and Lark picked up a fist sized stone to throw into the water and prove her point. The stone came sailing out of the water not soon after, hitting a Werewolf citizen in the head, to which Lark took as the proving of her story. Marie, knowing now that the story was true, decided to play at Lark's inebriation, and claimed that her story was still false. Mugger then began to push bloodwine bottles he had stolen onto the shore, and Lark could not resist, and she began to drink even more, as well as using the bottles to prove that Mugger existed to Marie.

As Lark reached to grab a bottle floating in the water, she fell in, and Marie then came to grab her and haul her out of the water. Mugger grabbed one of Lark's legs however, forcing Marie to start pulling, and as the woman heaved heavily, Mugger let go, causing Marie to fall backwards and Lark to launch airborn slightly. Mugger let his snout out of the water to take a breath after this, and Marie took this to her advantage, and punched the protruding piece of Mugger's head. Mugger's explosive temper sparked at this, and his full head lifted out of the water, letting loose a deep gutteral growl, causing the air to vibrate nearbye. The noise rattled Marie's and Lark's bones and teeth, and Lark looked up from laying on her back, exclaiming while pointing at the Mugger's head that she was right. Lark fell back down onto the dirt, passing out from the drinks while Mugger submerged once more. Marie dragged her friend away from the pond and the rest of the night passed bye with little else occuring.

Making Amends

He decided to try and risk a return to the academy of heros one day, and resolved to give them a gift of some kind without exposing himself. He swam south down the River Salve, and ended up along the Eastern coast of the Kharidian Desert. He found a large oasis of teak trees, and decided to cut them down as a gift to the academy. What Mugger did not know however, is that teak trees are valuable, he didn't even know exactly what teak was, and his intent was to cut enough logs so that the academy could use them to burn and keep warm on cold desert nights.

He eventually cut enough timber, and placed the large amount of wood into a very large burlap sack. He reached the cliffs at the base of the academy and used his large fists and claws to scrabble his way up, while holding onto the sack with his strong jaws. He reached the top and worked his way around the edges of the academy walls. He reached the front wall where the gates were and used his massive strength to throw the sack to the gate, and left shortly after. The sack was found by a few members of the academy, and once they emptied the sack they found a grimy cloth note written in charcoal. The short note read: "from a friend".

A Bite to Remember

Once more did Mugger venture out into the desert, and found a rock deposit containing some ore. Using his thick claws, he dug out a large amount and stuffed it into the sack, which he had recovered. He once more threw the sack towards the gates after he climbed the cliffs and reached the edge of the academy wall, and this attracted the attention of a girl named Ash, who was an archer at the academy and was there during the first time the sack was thrown when it contained teak logs. Ash ran after the source of the thrown sack, and could not find the owner, but did find the tracks in the sand. She followed the tracks to the Eastern cliffs, the edge of the academy that looks out to the ocean. She saw claw marks at the edge of the cliff and looked down, spying the heavily cloth-covered Mugger as he was about to drop into the water below.

She called out to get his attention, and so she did, but it broke his concentration as he was descending, and Mugger's grip slipped. As Mugger's grip slipped, it ripped out a section of the cliff wall, which caused the upper cliff above which ash was standing on to crumble. Ash did not pay attention to this and so she began to fall. Another person by the name of Devon happened along at this moment, having decided to follow Ash since she just walked away from a conversation earlier to pursue the secret persona who kept throwing a sack full of gifts to the academy gates. He ran to the edge of the cliff to investigate, and found that Ash just managed to grab a hand hold on her fall downwards, but this did not last long as the soft sandstone began to crumble once more, so she pushed off the cliff face and started to dive. She soon noticed why Mugger had climbed to the bottom before going into the water however, as the water below was noticably shallow for a dive.

She leveled her dive out as best she could, but ash still scraped her stomach on the sharp rocks on the bottom, causing her to start bleeding. Devon, who was an archer himself, readied two arrows with a rope attaching each other together, and plunged one into the dirt beside him while knocking one onto the bowstring. After he shot down the arrow, he noticed the dark shape of Mugger under the water farther off, and thought that the shape was a shark. He knocked an offensive arrow as Ash began swimming for the rope. As this happened, a real shark caught onto the scent of Ash's blood in the water, and its fin broke the surface as it began swimming for her.

Mugger caught sight of the shark, and began swimming to intercept it while still remaining under the water to stay concealed. Seeing two dark shapes; Devon knocked a second arrow. Ash was hurrying as quickly as she could, but was still not to safety as she started to climb the rope. Just as the shark was about to move its head out of the water to make a bite at Ash, Mugger intercepted it, and the two watchers just managed to see a blur of movement as a large green set of jaws slammed downwards on the neck of the shark.

Ash climbed very quickly after that, adrenaline surging through her system. As she reached the top she collapsed to take a breath, and the two looked down at the water. The water was soaked in blood and the decapitated head and body of the shark was floating on the surface, rimmed with teeth marks around the bite area. The two returned to the inside of the academy walls to mend Ash's scrape wounds from her unfortunate dive, and after this happened they once more heard the thump of a heavy object hitting the ground outside the academy gates.

Ash was the only one who bothered to investigate, and was treated with the sight of the large shark that had attempted to attack her; its disembodied head, along with the body itself, impaled on a long stick. She laughed at it for a moment, then noticed something large and white glinting from the neck of the shark. She walked over to it and pulled the object from the shredded meat, finding it to be a gleaming white tooth as long as her middle finger and of fair thickness. The tooth was not the shark's. She was somewhat amazed by the tooth and decided to pocket it, then she walked back into the academy to prepare for a healthy night's sleep.


Mugger returned to Morytania after his previous venture, and stayed in the South of the land in the snail trails to remain nearbye the cliffs on the other side of the Salve that bordered the trails. It was one night he was hunting for snails to eat that he caught the sound of wingbeats in the fog, and he knew vyres were on the way. He looked around in panic and could not find any deep water to hide in, and so formed an idea out of desperation. He ran to the nearest clump of reeds and rolled into a ball in order to resemble a rock. A group of vyres landed and began talking about the latest round up of humans. They saw a strange trail of footprints leading to Mugger's hiding place, which was the one thing Mugger had not anticipated.

They followed the tracks out of curiosity, and found what appeared to be a large mossy rock. The underling vyres were suggesting they poke it, at which the vyre captain named victor strided over, pushing them out of the way and used his claws to strike the "rock".

Mugger reared upwards in pain and roared, some blood flowing down his back. The vyres lunged at him, their instincts preparing them for combat. The four vyre underlings, after a struggle, managed to wrestle him to the ground. Mugger continued roaring, starting to hurt their ears, and yelled in a fury that he would crush them in his jaws. It was his furious words that likely saved his life, as the vyre captain who had been watching this whole time was preparing to kill him. At hearing Mugger's words, the vyre captain judged he had a measure of usefulness. A second group of vyres showed up, as the area they were in was an intended meeting place.

The captain named Victor thought that Mugger would do well as a heavy labor slave in the Daeyalt Ore Mines, and remarked on this. Mugger roared in fury, and stated he was not a slave. Victor told him to be quiet, and stated he looked like a creature who enjoyed meat, telling Mugger they would give him human flesh to keep him alive in the mines. Mugger was infuriated by this, and with fury in his voice; told the captain that he was not a monster like victor was, and that if he ever got out of the mines, he would find victor and kill him. Victor just laughed at this and used a blood spell in an attempt to knock Mugger out cold, but it did not do the job, and so he had to do so a second time; which finally made Mugger black out. He was later taken to the mines.

The Gift of Blood

Mugger was taken to the mines, and was rolled in on the tracks in a large metal cage. During this he was slightly drugged, and was not entirely alert. Two juvinate guards opened his cage, prodding him with metal rods to make him step out. As he stepped out, his pupils narrowed and his eyes turned red, and he began attacking the juvinates. His jaws clamped over the male juvinate's upper body and he lifted his head upwards, shaking the juvinate like a terrier shakes a rat, which caused the vampyre's spine to break. The female juvinate grabbed a chain attached to a shackle locked on Mugger's right wrist, and attempted some restraint while calling for vyrewatch. Mugger yanked his arm, and the juvinate foolishly did not let go of the chain. She was flung through the air and was impaled by a stalagmite. Several vyrewatch showed up after that and restrained him, forcing more sedatives into him. After this, the vyres attached his chains to a very large iron ball so as to slow Mugger's movements and make him easier to deal with in the mines.

While all this happened, a recently enslaved miner named Andrea was watching. After Mugger was successfully re-drugged, the vyres set him to work, and he used his claws to scrape away at the Daeyalt ore. As his skin made contact with the ore, it glowed brighter than usual; responding to some hidden cue that Mugger did not care about at the time, due to his sedating. The slave named Andrea walked over cautiously after the vyrewatch left, and approached slowly; not sure if Mugger was dangerous. She tried talking to him, but she could not get a response from his drug-addled mind. Andrea went back to digging, and eventually the sedatives began to wear off on him. He looked over and observed Andrea struggling to fill a quota placed on her by the vyres, then looked down to the massive amounts of ore he easily scraped from the walls.

Mugger grabbed a large handful and tossed over the ore, causing it to land in the pile Andrea had dug. She looked over in surprise at the big lizard, and started walking over. She saw the chains and attempted to break them with her pickaxe, but to no avail. As this happened, Mugger's head shot towards her direction in order to look at her, this caused her to stumble back in fright and land on her hind end. She stuttered and whispered in fear, exclaiming she only wanted to help. Mugger, still fighting off the sedatives, whispered a simple "thanks" to her. It was not long after that event that the mining day was up, and both their quotas filled. Mugger found a patch of flat rock and layed down for the night, and Andrea did as well but at a distance. The other slaves stayed far away from Mugger, keeping in seperate tunnels while Andrea was the only one who remained close.

It did not take him long to begin to dream. He started to dream of his past life, short snippets of it floating by; a brief glimpse at his wedding and the simple life in Varrok after the marriage. It quickly turned to a nightmare however, as memories of the experiments from the sewers flooded back. As this happened; he became distressed in his dreaming state, and the ore on the cavern walls around him began to glow more brightly. Mugger awoke with a start, and a brilliant white and blue flash of magic flickered for a brief moment across the mines, and faded as quickly as it had begun. After this; the glowing from the ore ceased. Andrea was woke by the sound Mugger was making and the lights coming off the ore, but oddly the blue flash did not register with her. She looked over at mugger, who once more layed down, but did not attempt sleep, as he was too troubled to try.

Andrea got up and walked over, then stuttered while asking if she could lay down next to him. Mugger nodded and Andrea cuddled up to the large frame, shuddering at the warmth he provided from the cold stones and damp air of the mines. It did not take long for conversation to start. Andrea revealed that she had came from Ardougne originally, but a demon had kidnapped her from her home in the night; then teleported her to Meiyerditch for a vampyre who had summoned it for the express purpose of taking citizens from cities across the Salve. Mugger told her about his short history, mainly about why he was the strange monster she now saw. She reassured him and hugged him slightly, telling him he was not a monster; him having helped her fill her ore quota and killed the two juvinate guards, thanking him for sharing his words with her. Mugger was happy at this, as he had finally made a human friend. Eventually the topic of food came up, and Andrea offered him some bread, at which Mugger refused; saying he could go weeks without food after a good meal (his metabolism being very slow), telling her she should save what she finds for herself. They later fell asleep.

Three weeks passed and Mugger's condition remained somewhat healthy, while Andrea's did not. She was beginning to feel the pains of hard labor, and Mugger helped out as much as he could; helping her fill her quota. It was during these few weeks that Mugger payed the most attention to the strange effects he was having on the ore, and tried to discern the connection but could find none. Two months passed and Mugger was beginning to feel the strain himself, while Andrea was starting to rapidly deteriorate. From time to time a vyre would enter and throw a drained corpse at Mugger for food, but he refused to eat these, instead burrying them as the people deserved. His burrying of the dead did attract rats however, and he used this to his advantage; him and Andrea using the rats as a food source. It reached the point that the vyres were impressed with how long Andrea had survived, while they did not care so much about Mugger.

Three more months passed, and at the end they were beginning to die of starvation and exhaustion. Mugger and Andrea laid in a heap on the floor, both looking like skeletons with how thin they had gotten. It was then that two vyrewatch came to look upon the collapsed frames. One began to drag Andrea away so she could be used for drink in her last moments of life. Andrea noticed the key to Mugger's chains on the vyre's belt and weakly managed to unlatch it with a finger, the key landed on the soft dirt with little to no sound. She whispered to Mugger to not forget her, and at that moment; something in him broke. Energy that had been building up in him and attempting to break loose for the entirety of his time in the mines suddenly broke free. The Daeyalt ore, a product of the Stone of Jas while it was under Morytania, was synced to the energies of the dragon blood inside mugger, and the energies finally made union with each other; unlocking a hidden gift that laid dormant inside him.

The blue light flashed once more, but did not stop after one second, it continued throughout the mines and spread like light from a torch in a dark room. Mugger stood up, grabbed the key, and unlocked his bindings. He looked around weakly at the world, which was now shrouded in a strange hue of blue. He hurried as quickly as he could after Andrea and the vyres, not knowing the purpose of the magic that was eminating from him which was being sustained by the glowing ore across the mines. He reached Andrea and the vyres, but stopped as he saw nothing was happening. He quickly figured out why; as they were unmoving, frozen in time as time refused to move, with the fangs of one of the vyres frozen just inches from Andrea's neck. He moved forward, and with a feeling of ironic justice, he bit down on the head of the defenseless vyre and jerked with his jaws; snapping the vyre's neck. He dispatched the other vyre in a similar manner. He then picked up Andrea and began walking up the stairs that lead out of the mine.

As he broke to the surface, he found all of Meiyerditch under the spell, the massive energies being sustained by the countless ore rocks beneath the ghettos. He shuffled along, not bothering to dispatch any other vyres, for he did not have the strength to multitask at the moment. He found the crumbling Western wall of the city and with what little strength he had left; broke through the brick, causing him and Andrea to slide down the slopes and towards the Barrows. As Mugger left Meiyerditch behind, the spell broke and the city snapped back into real time. Mugger began a weak walk across the swamps, desperate to find something to help Andrea and himself. Andrea, who passed out when the vyre was about to bite her, woke up in that instant. She weakly asked if she was dead, and he told her to hold on. Mugger quickly reached an area he recognized as the Snail Trails, and found an abundance of the creatures sliding around. He quickly killed a few and fed one to Andrea to keep her alive, and ate some himself. It was then that vyrewatch started flying towards the Trails from Meiyerditch, and Mugger knew they had to leave.

Mugger walked quickly, Andrea passing out again, he reached the edge of the River Salve and waded across. They were finally safe and out of Morytania. Mugger had one final task to complete, and he began walking South, soon finding his feet touching sand. He reached the Duel Arena under the cover of night, and as he stepped foot near the Arena, his nose caught the scent of blood and medical supplies at one tent. Keeping concealed in the shadows behind the canvas of the tent, he placed the unconscious Andrea into the light from the torches at the opening of medical center. It only took a few moments for the Kharidian healers to see her, and came rushing. Mugger turned away in the distance, beginning to walk to the North. It was as he was out of hearing range that Andrea snapped awake, and weakly called his name, the healers of the tent, however, thought she was having delusions about a thug attempting to mug her. As Mugger walked away, he hoped he would meet Andrea again some day, and thanks to him; she had a second chance at life.

A Tense Reunion

Mugger decided it was time to return to Morytania, perhaps for the last time, to recover his journal. As he made his way through the swamps, he reached Canifis bar and was about to go down into the cellar when the scent of vampyres caught his nose. He growled with anger and decided to investigate, crawling for the shadows of the side of the building in order to look inside the windows like he always used to do. As he looked in, he sighted a few vampyres, but one he was familiar with was once more Lark Mallavian. He growled in discontent and left to enter the cellar. Lark heard something and decided to investigate. She left the table and her fellows without a word and headed for the cellar as well.

Lark entered the cellar and was greeted by the sight of the large frame facing in the opposite direction, picking up a book left there a long time ago. Mugger caught her scent and growled in his deep-voiced way, then turned, his tail smashing the table his journal and a blood mark that Lark had placed in the past had been on. The ten foot figure loomed over the somewhat short vampyre, and Lark greeted him in a wary way; stating that they finally met at last. Mugger instantly voiced his newfound hatred for vampyres, telling her he has no love for her kind. Lark sneered at this, replying that he should not be so quick to judge. Mugger, with great hatred in his voice, shortly told her about the torment placed upon him and the humans in the Daeyalt Ore Mines, how he had slaved for six months before nearly wasting away to nothing. Lark was filled with contempt about this, stating she had nothing to do with those mines, and that they worked good sources of food to the death in them, which disgusted her.

Mugger told Lark that even though she was not involved, this could not atone for the misdeeds she has no doubt done in her life as a vampyre, and the cruelty her race shows as a whole. Lark told him that she was more like him than he realized, for she had been changed into a monster without her own consent as well, that she was forced to live the way she did, that he should not blame her for the faults of the rest of her kind. Mugger walked strait to her after she said this, and lowered his head so he could gaze her right in the eyes. At that moment, he told her this;

I /will/ have justice for what was done... but it will not be on your head. Let it be known that from this day on; the brood of Drakan will suffer in my jaws. You can either be my ally, or my enemy, it is entirely your decision, but be careful which you choose...

Mugger then walked past her after saying this, walking into the water tunnel he had dug for quick escapes in the past, but did not leave yet, glancing back to look at her. After hearing Mugger's words, Lark pointed to the smashed table which she had placed the blood mark upon, telling Mugger that her decision was made a long time ago. Mugger then told her that the next time they met, he hoped it would be under more favorable circumstances. At this they both left, Lark up the ladder and Mugger through his tunnel.

The Desert

It did not take long for Mugger to realize he would need resources and allies for his revenge against the vyres, and so he thought long and hard about how he could win such a prize, seeming as he could find no trace of myreque to contact and join. He eventually remembered his lessons on gods and geography during his time in the order before it crumbled, and his thoughts turned to the goddess Crondis of the menaphite pantheon. He thought that this would be as good a ruse as any to introduce himself into any sort of society, and planned to reveal himself as an emissary to the desert goddess of modesty. Although he only planned this to get into society, he decided the teachings of Crondis were indeed good values to be had, and made the decision to follow her as his god for the time being, deciding to see where it could take him.

A Clever Ruse

Mugger eventually aquired a desert style weapon and shield in methods he was not exactly proud of, but it did the trick. He then swam along the coast in order to reach Menaphos, and did eventually achieve his goal. He marched into the city, the guards kneeled as he walked by, maintaining an appearance that suggested he had a purpose in being there rather than looking sheepish and out of place, thinking him to be the divine aspect of Crondis. He then walked to the palace of the pharaoh, the guards continueing to make way for him. He stopped in her throne room and drew his weapon and shield.

He kneeled immediately after doing so, and stated his intentions to become an emissary of Crondis at the temple of lesser deities in Sophanem. The pharaoh, not at all phased by Mugger's sudden appearance, was instantly wary, she having a paranoia of plots schemed by Amascut the devourer. Debate over this was issued forth between Mugger and the pharaoh, which ended in her still being suspicious; but allowing him to inhabit the temple in Sophanem on the condition that he did not yet begin his teachings of Crondis.

On the inside, Mugger was overjoyed at being able to walk among civilized people again, but he stayed calm on the outside and thanked the pharaoh for her time. He told the onlookers in the room that he would enjoy their company at the temple if they deemed him worthy enough to speak to, and he looked forward to getting to know them all. He then left for the temple in Sophanem. On his way there, it suddenly occured to him that he would have to think of a menaphite name for himself, and felt idiotic that he did not go into the palace prepared for the event if any of them had asked him his name. He eventually decided to choose the name Sobehc. Upon reaching Sophanem, Mugger began to task himself on helping the inflicted of the plagues, with little success, but his efforts were appreciated.

The Pretender

Mugger walked to the palace in Menaphos one day to search the archives of the building for any sacred texts about Crondis. When he arrived, he caught the scent of something horribly familiar, and turned his head to the right to look at the disturbance in close by the garden path. He caught the scent of a man, which was the cause of his distress, and a woman who was speaking to him in the garden. Mugger, after issuing a short call to the woman that she should be cautious, left the two and went to retrieve the books he had come for.

After finding his books, he read them for a while and left the archives. He once more smelled the man's scent and pursued, intent on keeping an eye on him. He took a round about path and eventually found another door leading back into the archives, where he found the woman, who turned out to be named Isis, and the man, who's name was Volechek. Mugger walked past them, and volechek, while Isis was turned around and searching a shelf, remembered the creature from the garden.

Volechek stepped near Mugger to unsettle him, and in an instinctive defensive move, Mugger snapped his jaws as a warning. Volechek, with inhuman speed, rushed forth to grab at a section of Mugger's thick neck that heavily covered his jugular. As if on instinct, the blue flash Mugger experienced in Morytania returned for but a second, as he hurried backwards to get away from the grip that Volechek was attempting, but once again finding everyone frozen in time. As quickly as it had come, the magic disappeared, having only lasted about a second.

Volechek was left confused as to how Mugger evaded him, as just a second ago he had been right in front of him, now a few feet away. Isis had turned on hearing the previous snapping sound of Mugger's jaws, but not to quickly to see Volechek's movement to grab at Mugger's throat. She saw Mugger standing away from Volechek with an expression in his eyes that held a mixture of anger and waryness, and with the previous noise dictating her choice, she quickly told a man named Jabari to arrest Mugger.

Jabari refused, saying he would have to arrest them both if she wanted to arrest one, and Isis dropped the subject. Volechek turned around, saying it was quite alright, looking back at Mugger and saying "no harm done, effendi". Of course Mugger was still as paranoid as ever, and turned and whispered to Jabari that he needed to speak to him in another room. Jabari simply scoffed, not wanting to entertain Mugger's words, and turned, walking out the door. While many of the lower class were happy about Mugger's arival to Sophanem and Menaphos, the upper class was not, since he had come as an emissary of Crondis. Crondis being the goddess of modesty and limitation on luxuries, they viewed Mugger as a threat to their cushy lifestyles. Jabari was no different from the rest.

Mugger was left in the room, worriedly pacing about, his thick claws on his large back feet clacking against the polished marble. Eventually Volechek left, leaving Isis alone in the other room. Mugger came in to speak to her, the expression in his eyes containing an urgent look. Isis heard his footsteps from behind and turned. Upon seeing him she pressed herself against a bookcase in fear, thinking he had come to bite her head off. Mugger spoke quickly and quietly, keeping a respectable distance from her, saying this:

Listen! whatever prejudices you have against me, put them aside for but these few moments! That man... that thing... I have smelled his kind before, though I do not know what he or they are; he /is not human/. I have had an encounter with his kind before and it did not end well. Be wary, be ever vigilant, look behind you often, and always keep a dagger on your person. Do not trust him, or events will take a turn for the worst.

With that, he turned to leave, and Isis tried to reply but was at a loss for words. Mugger left the palace to head back to Sophanem, and could not sleep that night; his mind too full of worry and fear of events to come.

The Unseen Foe

It was one day that Mugger was in the temple of lesser dieties in Sophanem that a nearly dead soldier from an outlying settlement of the Menaphites came staggering in: ranting about an attack as if he were mad, his words making little sense. The man fell dead to the ground from heat exhaustion, and Mugger was left to wonder what it was all about. Mugger began to prepare at once, aiming to journey to the village the man had come from. It was as Mugger was gathering supplies that a young man named Sabek came into the temple.

The two talked for a short while, and after Mugger told Sabek of his mission to the settlement; Sabek decided to come and help. The two set out into the desert together after Mugger alerted some Sophanem guards to organize a party to join them later. After a walk across the dunes, Sabek and Mugger arrived at the Settlement.

They found a ghost town, not one person was left in the buildings or the streets. There was neither corpses, tracks in the dirt, or blood to be found, and they searched the buildings to find food and drink untouched as if the villagers had suddenly left in the middle of dinner. While searching, Mugger was constantly bothered by an odd scent that only his sensitive nose could catch and Sabek's human sense of smell could not detect. They continued through the buildings, finding nothing. It was later that Mugger finally caught another scent from the empty buildings, and beckoned Sabek to follow him to the source.

They arrived at a building on the outer edge of the settlement, and found a bedroom barricaded off from the rest of the house. Mugger and Sabek ripped away the barricaded door to be greeted by the sight of a young dwarf, huddling in the corner, rocking back and forth while quickly whispering to himself. The dwarf was traumatized, and was ranting in a similar manner as the soldier who had run to Sophanem to seek help. Mugger and Sabek could not get much information from the poor soul, and decided to take him back to Sophanem for healing and rest. It was as they were leaving the village that Mugger was hit by sudden realization: the scent that permeated the village was that of insects.

On the journey back, Mugger quickly ruled out scabarites and kalphites, the scent was completely different from that of both groups, and he was left to wonder what the culprit really was. A day later Mugger went to the palace in Menaphos to report the events of the previous day to the pharaoh. After relating his tale to her and explaining all the details; Mugger and the pharaoh argued about the seriousness of the threat, and in the end the pharaoh refused to pour resources into investigating insects. Mugger, with anger in his heart, replied with this:

Do not underestimate a threat just because it seems to be a small one, it has been the downfall of many. There may come a day when this small threat is beyond you or I, and regret will come upon those who did not take action when it was necessary. Right now; there are innocent men, women, and children in those villages who are in danger while you refuse to do anything about it. I will help them even if you choose not to, those people need protection, and if I am the only one who is willing to aid them in their time of need; then so be it.

Mugger turned and walked out of the throne room without waiting for reply from the pharaoh. The chief captain of the guard who was standing beside Khaji's throne voiced his admiration for the fire in Mugger's heart, and helped convince the pharaoh to send a small investigation team into the dunes to figure out what was going on after Mugger had left. Mugger returned to the temple of lesser dieties in order to plan out his coming actions against this unknown enemy.

Sabek's Investment

Mugger was in the temple of lesser dieties when Sabek came in, holding a large round object. Sabek spotted Mugger on the other side of the temple reading a book on a table and decided to quickly cover what he was holding; a kalphite soldier egg. Mugger caught the scent of his friend and turned his head to be greeted by the sight of Sabek trying to get an object up the ladder.

Mugger asked Sabek what he was up to and Sabek told him that it was a gift for the priestess of Scabaras so that he could woo her. Mugger stated it smelled of kalphites, and Sabek told him it was the headdress of the priestess's father, who died fighting kalphites. Mugger turned back to his books after telling Sabek he could help him if he wanted him to, but Sabek turned down Mugger's assistance. Mugger was soon interupted from his reading by the clammer of a large object being pussed up the ladder.

After Sabek came back down from the second floor, Mugger told him it sounded a little heavy for a headdress, Sabek replied poorly that the priestess's father was a large man. Mugger, not believing Sabek, told him that honesty was a virtue. Sabek and Mugger debated in a shrewed way for a short few moments, and finally Mugger strode to the middle of the room and went on his tiptoes to look out the second story window; and was greeted by the sight of the kalphite egg.

Mugger returned to his normal height and looked at Sabek with concern. Sabek told Mugger the truth and that he planned to train the kalphite that hatched from the egg to act as a battle companion. Mugger relented, telling Sabek that as long as the egg did not hatch into a queen or a royal guardian that he would allow him to hatch the egg in the temple. As Sabek was about to leave; Mugger told him he should put the egg in the basement where the sun would not fry it, and Sabek did so. They both soon went back to their usual activities, Sabek leaving and Mugger returning to his books.

Wisdom of a Sage

One day while Mugger was reading in the temple, a very old man walked through the doors. Suprised by the large frame of the head priest of Crondis, the man made several quiet remarks to himself. Mugger turned his head and spoke to the old man shortly, still standing at his book table.

The old man was revealed to have elven and human blood, sniffed out by Mugger. It was after Mugger commented on this that the two really began speaking at length to eachother. The man said his name was Roh, and Mugger told him that his name was Sobehc, not revealing his experiment name. At first conversation began with Roh asking questions about the faith of Crondis, and Mugger's religious views on werewolves. It was the topic of werewolves that started the discussions about eachother's pasts.

Mugger invited Roh to sit down with him in quiet corner of the temple which was slightly removed from the rest of the building, where there was a seat that he had made for himself that was large enough for his size. They sat down and Mugger poured water for them both, Roh sitting down in another chair next to the short table they were sitting by. The two hit off quite well, Mugger revealing small bits of his history from Morytania and Roh likewise his past.

Towards end, the talk became more philosophical, and quiet views about the world were exchanged between the two. Mugger eventually had to return to his studies, and excused himself. He told Roh that he was welcome back at the temple anytime, and he would welcome more talks with him in the future. Roh left soon afterwards, telling Mugger he would keep in contact with him.

The Hierophant

Mugger was once more in the temple, tending to the aclove where the shrine to Crondis sat. The newly appointed hierophant (a polytheistic priest that is a jack of all trades when it comes to all the gods of the religion and acts as the median between all the other sections of the clergy) walked in from the street, and was surprised to see the ten foot tall crocodile standing in the temple. The hierophant, named Wadjet, quickly exclaimed her disbelief that Mugger's form had been twisted in the way it had been, as she could tell he was warped, and that he was not a natural being through her studies of magic.

Mugger turned to her, unsure of how to respond to her exclamation, and asked her if he could help her with anything. Wadjet asked him about his past, to which he was hesitant to speak about. Eventually her poking and prodding questions forced him to reveal a bit more, and he gave vague allusions to what has happened in his life rather than detailed descriptions. Along with this, he looked her over, judging her character through her physical condition. He saw she was fit and healthy, and did not squander her body on needless indulgences. After speaking with her regarding this, he stated that Crondis would be proud of her moderation, and that she had his full support for her position as hierophant.

She thanked him on this, and soon more questions came up which made him reveal a bit more about himself. He told her about the pains of his solitude, of how wretched his life had been when he was on his own and the personal grievances he had suffered; little beyond pain and grief, chief among them his slavery at the hands of the vampyres, though he did not reveal that the vampyres were the ones responsible. Wadjet told him that he must have found something meaningful about himself during his long period of loneliness. Mugger responded with this:

I found fortitude and endurance, a will to carry on until I found something better, and so I have.

Wadjet smiled, happy that Mugger had realized that at least realized that something good came out of it. Mugger in return offered his own smile, and told Wadjet that she should continue her walk across the city to meet the other clergy, who would be eager to meet her. Wadjet thanked him, and told him if there was anything she could do for him he should let her know. He responded that he might need her help on a coming journey he planned, and left it at that. She bode him farewell and exited the temple, leaving Mugger to his duties at the shrine.

Pieces of the Past

Nearly a year since the strange abductions in the desert ceased, Mugger decided it was time to go after something that was left in his old house in Varrock. -More later.


He looks like a bipedal crocodile with large muscle mass, his eyes are usually yellowish green but turn red when angered. He stands nearly ten feet tall and is around five feet in shoulder width.


His thick scales act as an incredibly strong natural armor, and his thick muscles help turn his arms into living weapons. The claws may be used as blade like weapons, having enough weight behind them to pierce into some of the strongest metals, while blows with his thick fists can dent what his claws cannot pierce. His thick and sharp claws on both his hands and feet, with enough force behind them, can pierce into stone or other structures, allowing him to climb on certain structures that would otherwise be considered impossible to traverse. His jaws are incredibly powerful, and no one would want to be gripped by them. Though the muscles that close the jaws are strong, the ones that open them are very weak; as a consequence of this, it does not take much strength to hold the mouth shut. His large tail can act as an even stronger blunt weapon, able to batter down some of the most fortified barriers.


An incredibly rare phenomenon in the world of magic, very few beings are known to be able to manipulate the flow of time (few in-game examples are Gypsy Aris and the Qbd). Recent events have triggered the magic potential locked away in the dragon portion that now makes up his blood, but on the initial finding of this gift he has found it incredibly hard to access it again and can only do so in short bursts. He will need to go through a long period of training in order to understand and use this rare gift with any real control over it.


He believes in justice and at heart is a simple person, accepting his fate and leaving it at that. Though he was raised as a peasant and was not knowledgeable, he is eager to learn most things and absorbs information at an amazing rate, able to understand complex situations after only a short time of it being explained to him. Though once quiet and not much of a talker, his time spent in the public of the Menaphites has boosted his confidence, and he is much more outgoing than he used to be.


Mugger has many different names, a consequence of him forgetting his original name due to the experiments which made him what he is.

  • Experiment 48: this was the experiment number he was, being the 48th human to be subjected to the cruel tests of the apprentice. This is a label more than a name, and Mugger does not like to ackowledge it.
  • Mugger: this is the name of the genus of crocodile the blood sample had came from, which was adopted by Mugger as a better name than Experiment 48.
  • Sobehc: an alias name he uses in the Southern Desert, where he managed to fit into society as an emissary to the goddess Crondis.

Other information

  • He knows a little about blood magic, flesh sculpture, and the Anima Mundi from returning to the ruins of the experiment lab and reading the notes left by the apprentice, but not enough to really do anything with the information.
  • Due to the animal he resembles both physically and somewhat mentally, he has an explosive temper and can sometimes be set off quite easily, but he has taken exercises to help him cope; with positive results.
  • The funeral pyre he built for his wife may hint at him having Fremennik ancestry.
  • Due to his thick skin; the only places he can really feel anything are around his mouth, on the palms of his hands, and the undersides of his feet.
  • He is able to lose old damaged teeth and regrow them quickly, much like a real crocodile.
  • He has an incredible immune system, bacteria and other microbes nearly unable to bother him, poison though can be harmful but he handles it better than most.
  • He can swallow large chunks of food whole, and his stomach acid is strong enough to melt down bone.
  • He loves music of nearly any kind, finding appreciation for each note of an instrument or tone of voice.
  • From recent events, he has grown to hate vampyres to a level that it is almost instinctual, the mere scent of one is enough to anger him.


  • His name is a breed crocodile.
  • Some inspiration for this character and its exclusion from humanity is derived from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.
  • His ability to manipulate time comes from the connection Jas (the Elder goddess sand and progression, who seems to have some link to time) has to the dragonkin, which used their blood to create the dragons. It is speculated that the dragonkin are able to manipulate time, as the first dragon, the Qbd, can do so. Dragons cannot use magic to any great extent, as their bestial body shape and savage nature inhibit whatever gifts their blood may have given them, and the Queen can only cast magic with the aid of trapped souls. Mugger, with his humanoid body shape and intelligence, can access these magical gifts, but must learn to do so.
  • The menaphite name he gave himself is a reference to the Egyptian crocodile-headed god Sobek.


Crocodilian sounds

Crocodilian sounds

The animalistic sounds he is capable of making.

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