Written By: The Echo

Illustrated By: Gerge'tlmn

Recipes Invented By: The Echo

While many cook books exist, all of them have been created by, and for, creatures that are considered not-monsters. As a result, all monsters have felt neglected in their quest to find the best recipes for making their favorite foods. This results in many variants that simply be compared. Until now, this has been a problem. But, as luck may have it, I have spent a good deal of time researching every recipe I have ever encountered, and so, I have compiled a list of relatively easy-to-follow instructions to create what in my opinion is, a masterpiece.

~The Echo

Edible By Humans


One of the most basic meals that I could possibly think of. With the assistance of culinaromancers and rune guardians, I have created a a dish composed of edible, flaming rune essence. The dust itself is not edible, until it is infused with magic. While not complete poison, humans will find it difficult to digest properly. Have a means of extinguishing fires nearby, and serve molten.

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