Millina, or 'Millie', is the adoptive daughter of Lyra Wolfbyn and later Theron Yew. She has a tendency to drink milk, in large quantities, at bars, even though she could pass off as an adult to anyone.


Millie was an orphan who lived on the streets of Varrock, along with her older sister, Catherine. Her parents have been deceased for as long as she can remember, and she was raised by Catherine. One day, on a particularly cold Autumn night, she hadn't been able to eat in days, and was literally starving to death. She managed to overcome her ailment with her sister's help, but as her sister came back with a sizable piece of meat (more than Millie or Catherine were ever used to), stray dogs formed a pack and began to attack her. Millie could only watch as Catherine was mauled to death and torn to shreds by half a dozen of the normally tame creatures. After they had finished with Catherine, they began to go after poor Millie. She ran for a while, before the dogs finally cornered her in an alley. She looked around for a method of escape, crying hysterically and fearing for her life, when she saw the thing that would change her life. There, against the side door of a home, was an obscenely large iron sword, with a ruby set in the center. 


Millie's Keenblade.

She struggled to move the sword before a sudden burst of strength and courage flowed through her. She let out an animalistic scream, raising and swinging the blade like she had already trained for at least a year with it. She slaughtered two of the wolves, and the others ran off before she could follow. Without even questioning whom the blade originally belonged to, she took this as confirmation of ownership and took the blade over her back. She slowly trudged over to where her sister still lay, weighed down heavily by the sword that weighed just as much as she did. Once there, she confronted the sight of her sister's almost unrecognizable body. Millie wailed uncontrollably for several hours, before finally taking her sister's possessions as her way of remembering her. She received her sister's white beret, and a strip of her ripped top, which she made into a scarf.

Recent Times

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