... I can't help but notice that the possibility of this creeping towards the realm of darker magics, such as Necromancy, worries me. I will not allow this to become an issue.

– Miles's warning to himself, found in his journal.

Wizards' Tower banner MilesS2Wizards' Tower banner

Date of Birth:

Exact Date Unknown


  • Human: 27/32
  • Elf: 4/32 (Cadarn Clan)
  • Icyene: 1/32



Personal Details:

  • Age: Nineteen
  • Eye Color: Amber
  • Hair Colou: Dark Brown
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 165lb


Godlessness The Godless Symbol


Student and Scholar


The Wizard's Tower


Chaotic Neutral





Beyond his appearance and personality, little of this is public knowledge. Miles is not a well known figure.

Miles Mathias [/majlz məθajəs/], also known as Ryker, is a (mostly) human magician. He is role-played by Eirz.

Trained as an actor, Miles uses his talent to establish a persona, a wall between others and his true, shy self. However, he isn’t just a trained liar. At an early age, Miles discovered his other natural talent: magic theory and spellcraft. His gift became a trusted tool- one which allowed him to rise beyond the streets.

Unknown to Miles, he is the bastard son of Mordred Solsinn, a wealthy deposed noble, and Elizabeth Fyresong, a Moonclan witch and sister of Janus Fyresong. Nor does he know the power that lies dormant in his blood. After his uncle’s crime, Miles was dropped off at an orphanage in Varrock. He didn’t stay there long. He took to the streets and later to the Big Top Bonanza and Gypsy Caravans, where he learned the basics of magic.

Following years of living as a traveler, Miles realized that he has the potential to do more- be more. He enrolled as a student at The Wizard's Tower to further expand his abilities. Currently, Miles is researching how to tap into Anima beyond the boundaries of divination.


At first glance, Miles Mathias looks nothing like either of his parents. His sharp jaw and cheekbones do not fail to indicate his traces of Icyenic and Elvish blood. He bears a unique mixture of their features; on top of that, his tan gives him the rough, young and handsome features of a traveled Gypsy.

Despite his low standing, Miles holds himself in a way befitting of nobility: his straight posture utilizes his full height of six foot one, give an inch depending on his boots. Without his tan, Miles has taught, pale skin like both his mother and father betraying his northern origin. He boasts a rather narrow physique and is quite gaunt to match; his thin layer of densely packed muscles does little to correct the appearance that his clothing wears him and not the other way around. Miles prefers to wear a pair of form fitting tunic and pants with a looser, sleeveless overcoat. Overall, his choice of attire appears neat and semi-formal.

Slicked gently back over his scalp, is a thick, unkempt bush of dark brown- near black- hair. The forced neatness of Miles's hair is rarely consistent; his hair reaches down to the bottom of his eyes and is generally left unkempt, or quickly tamed with a center part. Like his frame, Miles's sharp features are evident: his angular features descend from high cheekbones to a narrow, sharp jawlines with a small chin. Overall, his skin is pulled quite taught, leaving Miles with quite pronounced hollow cheeks. In contrast, Miles's clear amber eyes appear quite stark. His irises appear as a gentle golden pool flowing with light around his black pupils. Without a doubt, the expression that "the eyes are the windows to the soul" applies to Miles. His eyes vividly bare each of his passing emotions without care of Miles's privacy.


One may have a tough time attempting to describe Miles's personality given that he doesn't know it himself. Behind his personas is a shy, hardworking young man- traits that Miles wouldn't pick for himself. He is hard on himself, focusing on his lesser qualities- being likely to call himself proud, vain, and distant. However, he is thoughtful and considerate- if he acknowledges those around him. Miles takes relationships very seriously and must trust someone completely before even calling anyone friend. However, those that he deems friends will find him reliable and trustworthy. If a friend is in a trouble, Miles will do anything to help them; should he fail, Miles will see his failure as a personal fault. He will not rest until he deems it remedied.

Miles prefers to portray himself as a rational, focused individual, who learns with ease. To some, this makes Miles appear haughty, uptight, and arrogant. His desire to appear educated doesn't help dispel this perception.

Miles has a one-track mind. If something catches his interest, he nearly forgets about everything else. He skips meals. He ignores others. His research, his friends, his self take precedence. Despite this, Miles tries to share his expertise and knowledge with anyone, as long as it does not end up inconveniencing him. On the whole, Miles is rather fond of taking chances.

To some extent, Miles is a pacifist. Outside of sparring, Miles does not go out of his way to pick fights and if he enters a disagreement, he'll try his best to talk his way out of it instead of relying upon violence.

It wouldn't be wrong to label Miles an introvert.


All blooded members of House Solsinn suffer a destructive personality flaw based upon the Seven deadly sins. The souls of this family are tainted with their sin, members must always be vigilant in preventing themselves from being consumed by their sin. A set of guiding rules were ingrained into the family regarding each sin:

  • Lust: To desire what is not amongst Solsinn possession is forbidden. What belongs to the Solsinn is more than enough for the family, and members shall work with what they have.
  • Gluttony: Overindulgence of Solsinn resources is forbidden. To waste the family's wealth is a sign of selfishness, and subsequent punishment will follow if discovered.
  • Greed: To seek possession of Solsinn resources for oneself is forbidden. All possessions are shared.
  • Sloth: To neglect the duties amongst Solsinn is a sign of betrayal; members are given duties for the good of the family, once accepted, a duty must be fulfilled.
  • Wrath: To harm another member without reason is the ultimate betrayal. Deliberately acting against the family in a harmful way is forbidden.
  • Envy: Positions in the family are given to those who have proven their worth. Failure to acknowledge what the worthy have earned is shameful. Respect your betters.
  • Pride: To divulge the secrets of Solsinn to untrustworthy parties is forbidden. All Solsinn must share and keep knowledge amongst the family. All individuals must obey the laws of the family, and seek to avoid anything that would prevent the progression of the family.

Unfortunately, these tenants are unknown to Miles and he struggles to curb his own sin. Unlike his father and uncle who suffered from Wrath, Miles sin is Pride.


Tales from Yesteryear

A Drunken Mistake

The story surrounding Miles's birth was not a happy one- there was no mirth, there was no celebration. He was a burden. Not all adults hold enough responsibility to birth a child, let alone raise one. Some women can not handle raising a passing stranger's child. Some men can not stand the thought of settling down. His is the story of sad circumstance:

Mordred Solsinn, a human man of noble birth and Icyenic descent, usually spent the better part of his day recovering from a hangover, while working as a woodcutter. He worked just enough to drink, night after night. For most of the fifth age, ending work was the highlight of Mordred's day.

For him the sight was familiar: a musty, old tavern well in need of repairs. Like most buildings, entering was a hassle for the tall man, requiring him to stoop and mind his head. Mordred's only concerns were with earthly pleasures, each night a different drink and a different woman.

Of course, he hated a few things about this tavern. Each step towards the bar proved an annoyance, his boots stuck lightly to the ale drenched floorboards, which squeaked in disapproval at each separate footfall. Other flaws combined with the barkeep, whose looks could only be compared to a muddy pig's rump, brought the establishment towards the peak of class. In other words, it was nothing more than a cheap dump.

Mordred shot a glare at the barkeep the moment he began to open his double chinned face. "Hell's teeth! Just get me a drink. Rigel, you should know by now, I hate talking to you," skipping the small talk wasn't entirely a bad decision. The place might serve decent drinks, but the gossip always proved out of date. He momentarily rapped the bar with his fingertips. A mistake, the table stuck just as much as the floor. The ale came and time seemed to pass much more quickly.

However, now was the apt time for conquest. Elizabeth Fyresong, a pale Moon Clan woman, sat alone in the corner, forcing herself to stomach a bowl of slop and stale bread. Like Mordred, the woman wasn't even close to being sober. The alcohol made it easy. Few words passed between them before the two of them slinked away to a private room.

By morning, Mordred was gone and Elizabeth was pregnant.

By the time Elizabeth awoke, the morning light had long since passed. She let her eyes adjust before looking around the room. She rolled off the messy bed, the sheets clinging to her sweat drenched skin. No traces of the man she had been with were to be found- Mordred was long gone. Elizabeth didn't waste any time looking further, quickly freshening up and tugging on her clothes. She felt used and hungover.

Clambering down the stairs, Elizabeth quickly aimed for the door, hoping the man payed for the room. Luckily enough for her, he had. Clack. Clack. Clack. Her footsteps announced her presence to the barkeep who seemed too busy rearranging the dust. Unfortunately for her, opening the door didn't only trigger a set of bells but a cascading ringing in her head, but she continued out the door to find an unpleasant surprise. She blinked rapidly- the whiteness was blinding. While she slept, the cold, hard ground appeared to have risen a foot.

"You've got to be-..." the rest of her grumblings were cut off by a long, exasperated sigh. Her angry glare couldn't clear a path through the snow. She faced a long trek across Seer's Village before reaching the carriage house. An hour later, she arrived at her destination. Spotting a grey haired man, she dissuaded him from his persistent warnings about the risks of traveling through the snow. Dropping several gold into the coachman's hand, Elizabeth alleviated the man's worry. She settled into the ox drawn carriage. It was a long trip to Varrock.

During the month-long trip, Elizabeth began suffering morning sickness. For awhile, she believed the symptoms to be flue-like, but once she realized what was actually going on, she was seething in anger. By the time she reached Varrock, she was cursing Mordred's name and damning him to hell.

Time passed, the days lengthening and shortening again.

Anyone that met Elizabeth could tell that she did not want this child, but she put up with it, finding in herself enough responsibility to bring the child to term. Elizabeth hated not being able to travel the most, spending her days part-timing at a general store more than happy to have an able Lunar Witch. She lived simply and idly. However, all the nights were the same. She spent the nights yelling at the walls. "I do not want this child!" The walls never did answer back. Nor did they answer her screams during the home birth.

After emotionlessly washing the child, Elizabeth quickly wrapped it in a thick blanket for despite it being early autumn, the weather had already begun to chill. This was the only motherly concern she ever gave to this child. Believing she had found a suitable caretaker, Elizabeth wound her way through the South-West Varrock slums to deliver her baby. Knocking the door once, she waits to be greated by an elderly woman. With a fireball in her hand, the witch threatens to melt the flesh off of an elderly woman's face if she does not take in the child. Frightened the woman quickly accepted.

Elizabeth departs soon after passing the baby off. She didn't look back. She didn't care. She was free!

The elderly woman didn't want the baby either. The next day she dropped him off at Varrock's main orphanage. The child's new home. Later, the caregivers found a small card hidden in the tightly wrapped blanket. It read: This child is named Miles, for the many travels he stole away from me.

–The Story of Miles' Birth

Endless Days of Youth

  • Varrock orphanage, original name unknown, so he was named Miles Mathias.
  • He stayed there for a few years, as a lad he was a natural leader. He was great at king of the hill. He scrounged around Varrock doing small jobs easy enough for a child to complete, earning a small savings. Jobs included shoe-shining, newspaper deliveries, et al. During this time, Miles taught himself how to read.
  • Life in the orphanage didn't change, and he departed at the age of 11.
  • Joined the Big Top. Basic magic.
  • Gypsies and magic training.

Aiming Bigger

First Days at Wizards' Tower

Wizard Tower

The Wizards' Tower

Over the years, several of Miles' mentors chided him for his waste of talent, repeatedly detailing the benefits of a Wizards' Tower education, but for the longest time, Miles wasn't too sure. Regardless, he had held onto an application. The vague descriptions of his parents inspired Miles to aim beyond life as a traveling carny- it gave him a purpose. His debate was over.

He sent in the application and joined The Wizards' Tower!

Unfortunately, Miles faced an overly adverse reaction from his mentors at the Big Top- they didn't want him to go. Miles was their future. They immaturely made it difficult for him to leave by seizing his runes; however, that did not deter Miles, only now he faced a long walk.

On his way to the tower, Miles bought his leather journal from a specialty store and gave it its enchantment.

His first few days at the tower were lackluster. As Miles suspected, there wasn't much of a meet and greet for new arrivals. Red Order's Ariel Angeletté gave him a quick tour- it didn't interest him too much. However, she did. Miles feigned disinterest towards the Grand Library in order to coax out Ariel's personality- no doubt, her focus was combat oriented. She wasn't Red Order for no reason.

It seemed that Ariel liked to test the new arrivals, and she didn't hold back. Although Miles dislikes fighting, in this case, he decided it to be an apt test of his abilities. For awhile, Miles put up a good fight; he tried to control the flow from the start by simultaneously casting three earth spells, one at her, the others to her immediate right and left. Of course, these spells were only a ruse, driving her into binding spells. Unfortunately, the trap did not work. Ariel made quick work of the vines and sent a pebble straight through Miles' right shoulder.

For Miles, the duel went downhill from there. Ariel quickly managed to push him back and off the cliff. However, Miles was not quite done. He propelled himself upward with a water-spout to regain his footing, unfortunately that was not enough. Ariel grounded him with her own bind spell, sending a fire-spell right into his chest, burning away only his shirt. He had lost the duel and a good shirt.

Exhibiting Curiosity

  • Memphis Byrma instructed Miles's first lesson. Questions asked by his peers inspired his current project.
  • While reading an advanced tome on Anima, other people come down to mingle. He meets Thaddeus Erinn, current Archmage of Kandarin, Cullem West, Blue Order apprentice, and students Adeline Vernet and Lilly Black. Talk about his project, he gets references to Amara Elysian and Elise Le'gaunt. After an awkward conversation with Lilly, he departs to eat in Draynor.

As I remember, here is how my lesson on healing with Elise Olivriar went:

Elise: "So, what are you studying at the tower?"

Miles: "Currently, I don't have much focus. I study whatever interests me; right now, it's healing. All I can say, I'm not too interested in combative magic, but the elements have their uses beyond combat, and others spells have their uses in combat.

Elise: "Well said. Have you made any progress with the healing arts?"

Miles: "It seems I'm a natural at it. Memphis's lesson was quite educational. At my current level, I can heal my own broken bones with not too much difficulty, it was numb for quite awhile though."

Elise: "And how about healing others?"

Miles: "I don't know entirely. He gave us bruised fruit to heal, I didn't have any problem with it. I'm glad the class wasn't using their healing magic on one another, some made the fruit explode or catch fire."

Elise: "Did they know what 'healing' meant? Fire's pretty counterproductive."

Miles: "The thing is, after the fire went out, the fruit was perfectly healed.

Elise: "I guess it could have been some sort of... cleaning-... Holy fire?"

Miles: "Mmm...- whatever it was, I know I wouldn't want to be healed by it."

Elise: "If you're really interested in healing, I can teach you what I know."

Miles: "I'd really appreciate that."

Elise: "Alright, let's start immediately!"

Miles: "Here?"

Elise: "Unless there's someplace you'd rather do it."

Miles: "I guess it doesn't really matter. What do you want me to do?"

Elise: "Explain to me how healing works."

Miles: "It differs. What branch of healing are we talking about? Lunar healing can be more of a transferal of wounds than a permanent solution, while other magics offer a much slower remedy, healing the wound by starting with the exterior."

Elise: "Mm. In a way, you're correct. But at its foundations, all healing functions in very much the same way. In fact you could say all magic in general has the same source. Do you know what the source is?"

Miles: "Our very life force. What we call the soul is made from a fraction of Gielinor's own life force- the Anima Mundi. We use runestones as a catalyst to use this energy inside of us."

Elise: "I could not have said it better. That's exactly the answer that I was looking for. Then you understand the process of healing involves lending your anima to another person? Lending you very soul?"

Miles: "Yes. I envision the process as two circles. My own, perfect, with not faults, while the other's has ridges and deformations. I use my anima to help smooth out these faults."

Elise: "You're going to be a great wizard. But, I'd argue that your 'circle' isn't perfectly smooth because your healthy. Regardless, go ahead and lend me your soul."

Miles: "Of course not. It's only a metaphor."

Elise: "Very good. Before we continue, though, I want you to make sure you have an understanding of a what a soul truly is. You sait it was but a fraction of the Anima Mundi. Elaborate if you could?"

Miles: "While individuals may create a new being, they provide the building blocks but not the spark of life. The fraction of Anima Mundi with us all is but energy that returns to its source upon our death. The experiences we have in our lives shapes this energy from just that to our soul.

Elise: "So the difference between a soul and simple anima would be...?"

Miles: "A soul is alive. Simple anima, for the most part, is just energy."

Elise: "But they're both energy concerning life itself, correct? So what makes that anima become "alive" and form your soul?"

Miles: "I don't know, miss."

Elise: "From my observations, the key difference is the ability to make decisions. You can do what makes you happy, you can decide to harm others, you can destroy your environment, or protect it, you can rule over with with an iron fist or help those less fortunate. Consciousness in essence."

Elise: "When the energy shapes itself into a construct that can interact with other similar constructs,for no true reason other than their own enjoyment. To put it simply-... A key is nothing but metal. But you can't force a bar of brass into a lock and expect it to work. It needs shaping, it needs a purpose, before it can interact with the door."

Miles: "I understand. And the shaping that we do on the Anima gives us an infinite array of possibilites for its use?"

Elise: "Mhm. And what anima do we have better control over our own? And how horrendous would it be if someone were to change who you were, and rip your life away, by manipulating your very soul?"

Miles: "That would be horrifying, someone would have a greater access of energy without any risk to themselves. Damning the other's soul."

Elise: "But, not all of the anima in us makes up our soul. We also have simple anima in our bodies. What you need to do, as a healer, is to be careful with your soul, and with the soul you're healing, to tell the difference between who they are, and what their life energy is. And of course, if you can harness /their/ anima... would you want to? In what situation would you want to forgo your morality and do it? But, it's very useful in a battle, and you can always drain the anima of plantlife instead of another person."

Miles: "Mmm. Yes. That's the basics isn't it? Wizards use the replenishable supply of Anima within their bodies to cast magic, but if they go to far, they begin to whittle away at their own soul, shortening their own lifespan."

Elise: "Exactly. Perfect. And to take your healing even further, so you can /both/ smoothen your circles, in your words, you don't /have/ to use your own anima. The world around you is teeming with life, smaller than you can see, and plants are overflowing with energy. So to avoid damage, draw your power from those sources. Do you understand?"

Miles: "Of course. The world's anima should only take more concentration to use, as it is less familar than one's own."

Elise: "It's not a well-known technique, and it'd be good to keep it that way, and it does take practice, and an understanding of the world above all. And you /definately/ have what it takes, and I'd love to help you learn how to perform this art.

Miles: "No point in avoiding it now, I certainly was considering the other method of using another's soul. Perhaps efficient in battle, but it what it would mean is truly horrifying."

Elise: "But it's certainly powerful. A soul is a better source of energy than an entire field of grass. The only situtation I'd ever advice it in is if the soul is too twisted, too demented to make its way to the afterlife, and you have no other choice. Take into considering the difficulty of harnessing the soul of someone who is unwilling, though. However, if the 'victim' is on the verge of death, you can siphon the remaining fragments of their soul to further empower yourself. It's very efficient on the battlefield, with hundreds of men dying around you. The rest of their soul will make it to the afterlife, it isn't so horrible to take small portions that they discard upon death. With all that being said... Heal me again. Try to use as little of your own anima as you can. The world around you is brimming with life. The very floor has tiny little living creatures to draw upon."

Elise: "Well done, Miles! Keep practicing and you'll grow exponentially better. Remember that you can use this technique for magic other than healing. Don't go hurting yourself just to practice!

Miles: "Mmm. I learned that after breaking my finger for practice. Thank you for your guidance."

Elise: "Of course. And be careful with whom you share this information. If it fell into the wrong hands-... it wouldn't be good, put simply."

Miles: "I realized that soon after I mentioned the preliminary concept to Memphis. He seemed...- well it doesn't matter about other people's reactions. I know not to discuss it now."

Elise: "Alright. I'll let you-- Well take all of this in. I've got some work to do."

–Verbatim. I plan to cut this down for both a journal entry and history.

  • Lilly, introduction of Arno, introduction of Elise (above).
  • Lilly, Arno, Elise and Dawn.

Recent Events

  • Currently none. Trying to keep this up to date.

Skills and Abilities


Miles is not much of a combatant and doesn't know the first thing about holding a weapon, let alone using one. Despite his complete inability to fight, Miles tries to keep himself quite fit by running daily and lifting light weights. His lean appearance and gaunt face suggests that he doesn't do enough of it. In part, Miles owes his agile frame to his own laziness.

In addition, Miles is an apt outdoorsman and experienced traveler. If his life depended on it, Miles can fish, hunt, and start a fire to keep warm.


Redoing this section. It looks spare in places, and dense in others.

Modern Magic

Lunar Magic

Other Magic

  • Currently, Miles does not have a very extensive knowledge of magic.

Other Abilities

Solsinn Awakening

The Solsinn awakening is when an individual Solsinn awakens an inherent sixth sense that was imbued into their being long ago. This action only occurs when the individual has experienced a severe amount of trauma ranging from physical to emotional. Upon awakening, the eyes turn an amber-gold in color, and their senses become heightened beyond the average human level for the duration the state of awakening is activated. The drawback of awakening is the aftermath, where the individual becomes incredibly fatigued after releasing the state. The longer the awakened state is active, the worse the aftermath will be.

After being attacked by a mugger, Miles triggered this state and used it to escape. However, he is unable to aptly use this ability. Without the tutelage of one such as Damion Solsinn, Miles keeps his power suppressed, otherwise his awakening activates randomly and without control.

Personal Effects


  • Splitbark Rings: Miles wears matched rings on his right and left index finger. The rings are made from Hollow Bark, which has been bent into shape by steam. The rings have small jade gemstones embedded in them- currently, the stones do not hold any enchantments. He uses them as a magical conduit in place of a wand or a staff. His use of these rings is mostly non-combative.


  • Student Wizard Tower Ring: A brass ring, holding a simple and minor enchantment to help one concentrate, especially while under pressure. Also allows for teleportation to the front of the Tower building. Strung with a thin leather strip, Miles wears this as an amulet.


  • Leather Journal: Bought by Miles on his way to The Wizard's Tower. It contains Miles's daily thoughts and magical theories. The journal has a thick leather cover with a reinforced binding- it's meant for rough travel. A metal latch clasps the front and back covers shut with a key lock. The journal contains three-hundred pages; chapters are devoted to passing thoughts, opinions on his acquaintances, and magical theory. Finally, Miles enchanted the journal to combust should the lock ever become compromised.
  • Medium Runepouch: Miles's runepouch is tied to his belt. It is generally full due to his easy access to free runes provided by The Wizards' Tower supply. While traveling, Miles watches this pouch diligently.
  • Herb Pouch: Made out of leather, the pouch pulls shut with a draw string. Miles has this tied to his belt.
    • Empty
  • Coinpurse: Values are recorded with the Tibby system. Like his other pouches, Miles keeps his coinpurse tied to his belt. Generally, Miles carries around ten copper coins for small purchases.
    • Gold: (x001); Silver: (x021); Copper: (x259)
  • Waxed Leather Rucksack: Bought by Miles shortly after leaving the big top, finely tailored it is undoubtedly Miles's most expensive possession. He uses this rucksack to easily carry his effects while keeping them dry. The pack is made from cow leather, which has been waxed to make it water resilient. Currently, the pack is gathering dust in his dorm's corner. If Miles packs it carefully, it can hold more than 28 items!
    • Bedroll: The exterior of Miles's bedroll has also been waxed to keep him dry when sleeping.
    • Compass: A battered, brass compass- it's needle still points true.
    • Map of Gielinor: Miles's tattered map has markings indicating where he has traveled.
    • Steel Hatchet, Tinderbox, and Whetstone: Miles purchased these at a general store. His use of these is reserved to when he is conserving runes. The tinderbox contains steel, flint, and tinder.


The Family Tree

  • Miles's Paternal Family Tree
  • Miles's Maternal Family Tree
Currently, Miles does not know any of his blood relatives. Considering the size of Miles's family tree, it has been broken down into its two halves: (1) Miles's paternal family is House Solsinn, and (2) his maternal family belongs to the Fyresong tribe. Below are some notable relatives.

House Solsinn:

  • Mordred Solsinn- Father
  • Irathion Merayne- Paternal Uncle
  • Damion Solsinn- Paternal Second Uncle
  • Marius Solsinn- Paternal Second Cousin

Fyresong Tribe:


Currently, Miles hold anyone in high or low esteem. To him, people are but passing acquaintances.

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  • Miles's favorite colors are violet, grey, and teal.
  • Miles scored a 17 on the Mary Sue test.
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