Midwyn Meadowborn, born 34 Wintumber 149, Fifth Age is a human adventurer. She is played by Midwyn.


Fifth Age

Midwyn doesn't remember much from her early childhood. While still an infant, a witch spirited her away from her home and put a strange curse on her, turning her skin mossy green. The curse later spread and caused her to grow horns and develop spots of bark-like scales. For some reason, the witch didn't continue experimenting on her and left her in a meadow, where she was found by some peasants.

Her physical attributes made her the target of ridicule and discrimination, until she was taken in by the druids of Taverley and raised in the Guthixian faith. The druids saw her condition not as a curse, but as a blessing of nature. The original purpose of the witch's spell remains unknown as it hasn't shown any side effects, other than looking a bit odd.

Sixth Age

After Guthix was slain, she spent some time mourning and contemplating what to do with her life. She later decided to join the Godless, along with many other former Guthixians, in hopes of defending Gielinor from the tyranny and destruction brought by the returned Gods.

When she's not busy fighting religious zealots or yelling at people in the street about antitheism, she spends her time studying magic and looking for her parents.

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