The Merchant Guild for Antiques and Treasures is a venture, currently operating out of Asgarnia, that retrieves valuable objects and sells them to either private clients or in public auctions. The Guild aims to provide a service to private clients on a contractual basis, given that it sets out to sell items that are unobtainable elsewhere. Contracts are designated in three ways:
1) Clients commission the Guild for the sale of an object. If the object is not yet in its possession, a team is assigned to carry out its retrieval.

2) Guild members use the Guild to assist them in the retrieval of a valuable object that is speculated to be of great value. The Guild might assign an expert, guide, security team or otherwise that would aid in the expedition. The Guild then holds the assets in security until a suitable price offer is met, by which time members are then paid their share.

3) The executive board assigns Guild members a contract with promise of future payment when a suitable client is later found.

Guild Structure

The Director provides final approval for the assignment of expeditionary teams and chairs the executive board. The Director might also act as a spokesperson for the Guild in general circumstances, although specialist matters will be deferred to the relevant members.

The executive board manages the contract offers sent to the Guild, creating teams it deems best suited to its success. It accedes members and makes disciplinary decisions, as well as running the Guild in all other capacities.

The Treasurer ensures the fair distribution of payments between contracted Guild members, such that they receive a fair share for their work. As well as keeping record of the ingoing and outgoing transactions, the Treasurer relays with the Security Force ensuring the safe keeping of the Guild's assets.

The Chief of Security is the commanding officer of the Mercenary Force, and oversees all matters security.

The Mercenary Force is a unit that serves three primary functions. It may be assigned to an expeditionary team, providing security and the use of force where necessary for completion of contract. It aids Guild members in the safe delivery and trade of assets. Lastly, it coordinates with the Treasurer in circumstances where Guild holdings need to be secured, for example in repossession from clients defaulting on payments, or theft.

Guild members may come from diverse backgrounds. Some may be skilled merchants, able to operate a network of clientele, locating interest and selling products for a high price. Others may possess expertise in a field that makes them useful for expeditions, such as archaeology or navigation. Diversity in background is most welcome for the health of the Guild, in order to be able to cater for the various needs of as many clients as possible.

The Executive Board

Director - Oxtus Varrocken (Oxtus)

Treasurer - Julius Duponte (Liam the Big)

Chief of Security - Andrew Craven (Dan)

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